Fluffy Pony Vet and Rehab Center - 1

Feb 23rd, 2020
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  1. Vanner, April 10, 2012 / PB 164615
  2. =======================================================================================================================================
  3. >own fluffy pony vet and rehab center
  4. >get lots of abused fluffy ponies
  5. >lots of amputees too
  6. >Amputee fluffies get tiny skateboards to push themselves around on
  7. >they crash a lot, but they're not fast, so it's okay
  8. >burned fluffies get fluff transplants
  9. >most don't make it though
  10. >feral fluffies get neutered and reintegrated into fluffy society
  11. >"smawty fwiends" get quietly removed and humanely put down before they can start trouble
  12. >worst are the psychologically abused fluffies
  13. >entire wing full of fluffies saying "wan die" every time someone walks past their cage
  14. >rehab by having happy fluffies give "huggies" and "pway" them till they're normal again
  15. >offset cost of fluffy pony rehab by selling fluffy pony brand fertilizer
  16. >everyone says your job is a waste of time, and you should be bashing them with a shovel
  17. >you don't have a shovel though
  18. >you have fluffy ponies to take care of
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