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  1. This is the ChatSpike channel for the popular and ancient role-playing game of Werewolf, also known by a variant called Mafia.
  2. Type "wolfbot: start" to start a game and "wolfbot: join" to join it. In the channel, all commands must begin with "wolfbot:". You can also query (PM) the bot, in which case you will not need to prefix commands with it, and can be a bit more sneaky. You may delete yourself from a game with "wolfbot: del <nick>", check the status of the game with "wolfbot: stats|status" and check current votes with "wolfbot: votes".
  4. Premise:
  5. Two sides. Werewolves and possessed vs. the villagers. Players are told their roles in query by the wolfbot. During the day, all players have two minutes to vote for lynching someone. When someone is lynched by a majority vote, their role is exposed and the day is over. During the two-minute night, the werewolves can kill a player off. When day comes the victim will be announced, along with their role. The side with the last players standing will win. If there are as many wolves as villagers left, the wolves will win. The possessed count as villagers for this purpose, meaning you can be on the last day with one wolf, one possessed and one villager. The possessed will then naturally not vote and let the wolf kill someone during the night to win.
  7. Roles:
  8. Villager. Can only vote to lynch. Will want to try to get rid of the possessed and the wolves by lynching.
  10. Seer. Can have visions during the night which tell them the role of the one they "saw". Will want to find the possessed and wolves and get them lynched without revealing their role too soon. Night will not pass until they have used their ability, or until two minutes have passed.
  12. Possessed. Essentially a normal villager on the side of the wolves. That means they can only vote to lynch, but they win if the wolves win.
  14. Harlot. Can sleep with players during the night to inform them that they are a harlot. Dangerous if you happen to sleep with the wolf, since harlots can be very useful in covertly informing players which side they are on, themselves. Night will pass even if they do not sleep with anyone.
  16. Fool. This player is told he is the Seer by wolfbot and can "see" players just like the seer. However, fools receive random information. This means they can get a correct vision as well, though the chance is small. An amusing role, as it incites some chaos. Night will not pass until they have used their ability, or until two minutes have passed.
  18. Saint. If lynched, will kill the first one that voted for them. Very fun when the wolf does so.
  20. Wolf. The werewolves that plague this once peaceful village. More wolves than one can be added once the game gets a high enough number of players. Wolves can kill during the night once they have all agreed on one victim. They all have to agree on one; majority vote is not enough. Would do well to try to figure out who the possessed are, so they won't accidently kill them off.
  22. Items (will be assigned randomly to players upon start):
  23. Bullet. A silver bullet which will kill a werewolf if shot with it. Naturally everyone owns a gun in a village such as this, but silver bullets are expensive. Can be used during the day on any player. If used on a non-wolf, that player will not be able to vote for the duration of that day, and the fact that they are not the wolf will be announced. Will only appear in games with five players or more. Can be used effectively by the wolf to win the game when there are only three players left. It is often best to use this as soon as possible, lest you die with it unused.
  25. Torch. Can be used during the night to skip the night phase completely, stopping everyone from being able to use their ability during the night and going straight to the next day. Can also be used to prolong the day by two additional minutes.
  27. People who don't mind being highlighted for joining purposes: Cartis^, Xhu, Sarikitty, Harold, Drake, botdotter, Michaelson, LoopyDood, BillyShakes, Sakura.
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