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Ultimate Accessories

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  1. Griseous Orb
  2. On Giratina: Ghost/Dragon Plate (shifts to match type if typeshifted, Roseus Orb is Fairy/Dragon), +1 Accuracy/Evasion, grant Origin Forme.
  3. On Melanie:
  4. Accessory
  5. Ghost/Glitch Plate
  6. Painful Expression: You may apply Diffuse Pain to all Single Target Status class Moves you know that apply a detrimental effect to another target (Debuff Dances, Glitch Bender moves besides Metronome, etc)
  7. Curses!: Once per round, you may expend 2 Drain STocks as a free action to give one of your Pokemon with Haunting Curse bound a Curse Token.
  8. Aether Drain: Trigger: You use an Arcanist Manipulation - Effect: You gain a number of Drain stocks equal to the rank of the Manipulation used.
  10. Raijin's Drums
  11. Accessory slot, Mako only
  12. Water/Electric Plate
  13. Rush of Battle - When you activate Adrenaline Rush, gain the ability White Flame for the rest of the Scene.  Also, from that point on, you may apply your Lessons in Rage and Pain bonus to all non-Berserker moves you have, and X is now equal to (Intimidate Rank + 2*number of Injuries).
  14. Relentless Dynamo - You and your pokemon no longer take damage from Overload.
  15. Conduction - Free Action - Trigger: You use an Electric move on a target after having previously used a Water move on them on your last Standard Action. - Effect: Treat the Electric move as one more step effective than usual. This does not apply to struggle attacks from Dream Super Combo.
  17. Ka'ulua, Queen of Heaven (a little star-shaped meteorite, it faintly glows white)
  18. Accessory Slot, Mayuri only
  19. Normal/Fairy Plate
  20. Blinding Light - At-Will, Free Action - Trigger: You hit with a damaging attack that deals Normal or Fairy damage (using Refrigerate or similar disqualifies this ability from activating). Effect: The move also inflicts a stack of Dazzled.  Additionally, the move gains a 18+ effect range that, when triggered, inflicts an additional stack of Dazzled (Arcanist's base effect applies to this effect range on weapon moves).
  21. Sparkling Guide - At-Will, Free Action - Trigger: Your Fairy Type Pokemon hits with a Fairy or Melee attack on a target with Dazzled. Effect: Your Pokemon automatically gains a single Fairy Light.  Special: Your Pokemon may use their choice of Attack or Special Attack on a Fairy Wind from a Fairy Light.  This still deals Special Damage.
  22. Radiant Fashion - At-Will, Free Action - Trigger: Your Pokemon with Dashing Makeover bound uses a Dance Move, or is targeted by a Dance move from an ally's Passing Waltz.  Effect: The Pokemon gains +1 Combat Stage in a stat not raised by the Dance move.  This may stack with Power Pirouette, but the bonus of Power Pirouette and Radiant Fashion cannot be for the same stat.
  24. Dazzled: For every stack of Dazzled you possess, you get a -1 Penalty to Evasion and Accuracy.  You may clear 1 stack of Dazzled with a Shift Action, 3 with a Shift+Swift or Standard, and all with a full action.  Dazzled caps at 6 stacks.
  26. Knoxite
  27. Poison/Grass Plate
  28. Mega Evolution - Daily - Swift Action - When there is at least one Grass and at least one Poison type on the field, you may Mega Evolve.  This counts against your 1 mega evolution per scene limit.  While Mega Evolved, you gain a variety of bonuses:
  29. -Your base stats increase to the bigger of your Human bases (the Lv. 1 base stats, plus the 2 +1 all stats you've received) or that of a Vileplume with a nature of your choice (once this choice is made, it cannot be taken back).  
  30. -You gain the abilities Hay Fever and Dust Cloud.
  31. -You gain a Pokemon movelist, of 6 moves from Vileplume's movelist, in addition to Poison Powder from Dust Cloud.  Once these 6 moves are picked, they cannot be changed.  You may choose any egg moves you like, and must follow the usual restrictions on number of TM/Tutor moves.
  32. -You gain the Poison and Grass types, and all bonuses and penalties associated.  If you already have type expertise in these types, do an additional +5 damage in them (on top of the Plate bonus).
  33. Non-Mega-Evolution abilities:
  34. Relentless Toxin - Static - All your Status moves with an AC may have the Powder keyword if you wish.  Poison Touch applies to all your status moves now. Your status moves also have all their ACs reduced by 2 (minimum 2).
  35. Rapid Corruption - Scenex3, Free Action - You may use a Swift Action.  This may only be used once per turn.
  36. Fight as One - Trigger: You land an Attack on a target you Tagged - Your Pokemon gain 1 Momentum.
  38. Merit Award
  39. Accessory slot, Mack only
  40. Fighting/Flying plate
  41. Center of Attention - At-Will, Free Action - Trigger: You hit one or more enemies with a move - The enemy is Enthralled by you.  For the next full round, you gain X DR against attacks from them, where X is equal to your Charm rank, and if they attack another target, they lose 1 CS in any stat of your choosing (besides Accuracy or Evasion).  This may only be activated by one attack per turn.
  42. Coming Through! - At-Will, Free Action - Trigger: You make a pass attack. - Target: An Ally in the Pass effect with an empty space next to them. - Effect: The ally is not hit with the attack, and you do not roll an accuracy check on them, and instead push them 1m in any direction so long as it is into a free space.  This riles them up, giving them the Pumped effect from Focus Energy.
  43. Showoff - At-Will, Free Action - Trigger: You hit an enemy with a Social Move. - Target: An Ally within 3m. - Effect: The ally gains 1 Contest Boon from Coordinator Template #1 of your choice.  You may only use this effect on a given ally once per scene.
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