Pirates IRC AUGUST'19 Changelog

mruno Sep 1st, 2019 18 Never
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  1. Pirates IRC -
  2. August 2019 Changelog
  4. Changes:
  5. Added YOLO event
  6. Minimum # of pirates in Battle-Royale is now 3
  7. Bot may help in Zonbi outbreaks, fires, n' monster attacks
  8. Decreased difficulty in bomb minigame
  9. Increased charver stamina and power payouts
  10. Increased daily top awards for ship that has most active pirates, chat, and perform the most commands
  11. Added sabotage to !P Ship Stats (started counting on Aug 9)
  12. Bot will now auto-trigger a treasure guardian a short while after the ship moors at a location with one
  13. If ship teleports during a storm, kraken attack, or epic monster attack, the event will end
  14. Added 'fullness' for pirates who eat fruit all day. Ye will recover being full 1 point per 10mins. Fullness reached at 10 points with fruit being worth +2 points each
  15. Players knocked out of the battle royale will be priv msged
  16. Players who are out of the battle are shown in !P Battle-Royale Top
  17. Added !P Battle-Royale Info, !P Battle-Royale Status
  18. Decreased time between winner message and next round message in battle royale
  19. Added options for how to sabotage other ship: Attack: hurts crew, Damage: damages the ship, Loot: steals booty, Random: random sabotage, Tar: slows sailin' speed
  20. Ships moored at same port can be sabotaged every 30mins
  21. Added today's stats to !P Ship Stats
  22. Capn vs Capn duels will be cancelled if a battle royale starts
  23. Players with mental states above normal may receive scrambled priv msgs
  24. Increased Battle-Royale winner reward
  25. Added additional Battle-Royale messages: power up msg for player about to battle and msg all players who won
  26. You can now Davy Jones pirates on other ships (and not have to be moored with them) !P DJ <pirate> <ship name>
  27. The Revenge (bot ship) will 'Davy Jones' players on other ships
  28. Added !P Ship Top
  29. Added daily rewards for the ship with the most: awake players, chat, and commands
  30. Use !P BR for help, tips, etc
  31. Battle Royale event is now live and will occur when all ships are moored at the same location. This can occur when a certain number of pirates are active on each ship and is also scheduled to occur on Fridays 8pm, Saturdays 5pm and 8pm, Sundays 5pm
  33. Fixes:
  34. mutiny with overboard mate event rules out possibility to rescue mate fallen
  35. Loot sabotage results in 0 doubloons
  36. Bot ship Captains only having 1 doubloon
  37. Yolo event outcomes
  38. Battle Royale not showing winner/loser power in some instances
  39. Battle royale not starting in some instances
  40. Player finds his/her own stash during !P Dig
  41. Missing error messages during battle royales
  42. Capn vs Capn duel during a raid
  43. Inability to Capn vs Capn duel when docked at a cell
  44. A weather entity moving to a cell in which weather is already there
  45. Speed in !P SHIP STATUS
  46. !P Crew command task
  47. !P Port <faction>
  48. !P options tutorial
  49. End of the day, daily ship bonus messages
  50. In rare circumstances, !P Rob PIRATE has the pirate robbing themselves
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