(Super short) Phone Sex at School/Masturbation

DeliciousKara Jul 19th, 2019 74 Never
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  1. Script - Girlfriend on Phone
  3. "I'm so horny today baby, so horny thinking about it." (pause, hands sliding into panties) "yesss...this is what I need. I don't get done with class until later today...but I'm so horny, my pussy is so wet and hot I found an empty classroom and am..." (loud gasp, followed by a long sigh) "taking care of it...of my naughty pussy"
  5. (rubbing sounds, wet)
  7. "I can't stop thinking about it, thinking of your thick....cock inside me." (moaning) "Thinking of your full balls slapping against me, full of cum that is" (gasping, rubbing sounds)
  9. "Goddddddd! I wish you were here so bad..." (whimpering softly) "...I need you to cum in my horny little pussy."
  11. "Do whatever you want to me, just cum in me..." (panting, loud fapping sounds) "please, cum inside me!...paint my insides with your cum"
  13. "I want to feel your cock twitch and shoot that hot cum deep, deep in me. knock me up! (gasping, loud moans, harder panting) Fuck a baby into me, please...cum...cum for me!"
  15. "Cum in my cunt! (frantic masturbating now) Cum in my cunt! Please, cum...(moaning really loud) cunt!" (loud moans, whimpers, cumming hard)
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