A Prideful Pony (NSFW, Twilight)

Sep 14th, 2016
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  1. >It was another quiet day in sleepy little Ponyville
  2. >The air outside was hot, and just muggy enough to make it a chore to go outside
  3. >Even though ponies had been complaining for days about it the local weather team had refused to do anything about the heat wave
  4. >They might have said that it was because of some convoluted seasonal scheduling but you all knew that they just didn't want to do the extra work
  5. >Stupid unions...
  6. >Still, miserable weather or not, there was work to be done for many of the town's inhabitants
  7. >The smell of heat was in the air, as was the smell of sweat and fruit and melting chocolate
  8. >The sounds of birds chirping could be heard in the background as ponies milled around the marketplace
  9. >Merchants could be heard peddling their wares to passers-by while they used everything from fans to leaves to hunks of wood to fan themselves
  10. >There was a quiet, ever-present murmur amongst the crowd as it moved and swayed and expanded and condensed
  11. >Gossip, laughter, hurled insults; it all blurred together until it was nothing more than a jumbled mess
  12. >Hooves slid and stomped and dragged against the dirt
  13. >Every minute or so the sound of a cleaver slamming against a wooden cutter would rise above the noise
  14. "A-Are you sure that you still w-want to do this?"
  15. >"Hey, I'm the one waiting on you."
  16. "I know, but I j-just want to make sure that you're a hundred percent okay with this."
  17. >"Hon, I let you drag me all the way out here in this fucking awful heat. If that doesn't show how okay I am with this than nothing will."
  18. "I-I know but--"
  19. >"But nothing. Now, are we gonna do this or are we just going to sit here and sweat?"
  20. >You are Twilight Sparkle, Element of Harmony, Princess of Friendship, and three-time yu-gi-poh regional champion
  21. > It's time to d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-duel
  22. >Both you and your husband Incognito were sitting on an old wooden bench that was smack dab in the middle of the entire market
  24. >The bench, a sagging, paint-chipped, uncomfortable thing that had probably been built a decade before you were born, was seated under an old maple tree
  25. >The old maple's leaves were slightly wilted-- it had been a good week or two since there had been a good rain-- but even so it provided the two of you with a pleasant amount of shade
  26. >It did absolutely nothing for the humidity, but it did keep the sun off the both of you
  27. >Which was really nice...
  28. >"Good morning Princess!"
  29. >"Hiya, Twilight! Incognito!"
  30. >"M'lady, m'sir!"
  31. >You waved and smiled as ponies, laden with goods and wares, walked past
  32. >It was a painted-on smile though, and your wave felt jerky and unnatural
  33. >You were nervous
  34. >No matter how hard you tried, you just couldn't hold still
  35. >Your heart was pounding in your chest
  36. >Fear, indecision, eagerness were making your stomach do flips
  37. >Your breathing felt shallow, and with each breath your mouth felt drier and drier
  38. >Underneath that smile and that wave you were a mare that was about to do something that she had never done before
  39. >Something that was VERY inappropriate and VERY stupid to do in public
  40. >"Are you sure that there's not going to be any kids running around when we do this? I'm all for checking off another thing on the fetish bucket list, but I'm not about to fuck a kid up."
  41. "S-School won't be out for a few h-hours, and Cheerilee isn't going to take them anywhere in t-this heat. I did the math last night; we have an eight-five point three-two-seven-six percent chance of no filly or colt under the age of eighteen seeing... us. We'll be fine."
  42. >Pride made a mare do some crazy things
  43. >Wars had been waged, whole families and clans had perished, cities had been destroyed, all in the name of pride
  44. >You were a shameless history buff; time and time and time again you had read what it did to the ponies of the past
  45. >You knew what to do to keep it pride from being your downfall
  47. >But here you were, sitting on this uncomfortable bench with your hubby, about to do something VERY stupid in the name of pride
  48. >It had all started a few days ago
  49. >You and the girls were sitting around chatting at Applejack's place
  50. >It was a mare's night; just the six of you sitting around a campfire and burning things while you all drank far too much
  51. >You know, like all marely mares did whenever they had free time
  52. >And, as it always did whenever Applejack let you dip into her private reserve of Apple family hard cider, your chatter quickly turned to more intimate subjects
  53. >The girls talked about the stallions that they were with or were talking to or had "seen" lately
  54. >Most of it was relatively harmless; some kissing, groping, waking up to find a stallion underneath the covers
  55. >One or two of you decided to be bold and set the scene of a three-way and even an orgy or two with expressive hoof-waves and descriptive, if slightly slurred, language
  56. >A lot of it was a load of horse apples; you all knew it, there's no way that most of it couldn't be anything other than fantasy, but you all enjoyed listening to it
  57. >In fact, you all went out of your way to congratulate the other on their obvious lie while thinking up a tale that would blow theirs out of the water
  58. >It was fun talk, the kind of talk that young, hot-to-trot mares did whenever liquor warmed their bellies
  59. >That was until it was your turn to start telling stories
  60. >You, being the only married mare-- a HAPPILY married mare, thank you very much-- of the group, were always the one that the girls called horse apples on
  61. >There's no way that you or your husband would rut on the countertop!
  62. >Incognito wouldn't do something like that!
  63. >He couldn't step outside without wearing enough clothes to cover every part of his body!
  64. >He was a prude! Conservative!
  65. >If you were lucky you'd be able to hold his hoof at night after the two of you locked the door and closed the blinds!
  67. >The girls, Rainbow and Applejack especially, would make sure to nudge you, giggling and grinning as your stories, which WERE true, were brushed off as nothing more than nonsense
  68. >Yeah...
  69. >As if half of the male Wonderbolts had flown all the way from Cloudsdale to Rainbow's house for an all-night orgy!
  70. >That happened, but making love to your husband on your balcony underneath the stars was LUDICROUS!
  71. >You knew that they were just twisting your teats
  72. >They didn't mean anything by it, and you always made sure to give as good as you got where the teasing was concerned, but it was beginning to drive you NUTS!
  73. >Just because you were married didn't mean that you and your husband were a couple of old fuddy-duddies!
  74. >The two of you got down and dirty!
  75. >You bucked like rabbits!
  76. >You've had the privilege of seeing Cogy walk to your bathroom bow-legged after you had your way with him!
  77. >You've ridden his cock while he sat on your throne!
  78. >Cogy has licked your entire body clean after you've poured honey all over yourself!
  79. >The two of had been working your way through the TENTH edition of the Pony Sutra for crying out loud!
  80. >But no
  81. >Innocent little Twilight and her big, too-pure-for-this-world stallion only eskimo kissed when they went to bed
  82. >You had tried to ignore it, but it went on for weeks and weeks, then months and months, until you were SICK OF IT!
  83. >So sick, in fact, that you finally decided to do something that would shut them the BUCK UP for good
  84. >A plan
  85. >A perfect, lewd plan that was perfectly lewd
  86. >A plan that would show your friends just who had the biggest teats in town!
  87. >For weeks you had been getting everything ready
  88. >Checking every law in Equestria, talking to the local guard, having a nice chat with the mayor
  89. >Cogy had been easy to persuade
  90. >All you had needed to do was assure him that there weren't going to be any little ones running around and neither of you were going to get in trouble
  92. >Mayor Mare, with a human husband of her own, had gotten a kick out of your plan when you had told her, and had even gone out of her way to tell you when the market was busiest during the week
  93. >You were a princess, so neither the law nor the guards were REALLY going to get in your way
  94. >The citizens of Ponyville were another story, but if push came to shove you were sure everything would be alright
  95. >Probably
  96. >Maybe
  97. >Definitely
  98. >You were good, in the clear, ready for take-off
  99. >Now all you needed to do was just buck up and DO it
  100. >...
  101. >You just needed to d-do it...
  102. >Resting your hooves in your lap, you looked over at your husband and smiled as best as your frazzled nerves would let you
  103. >Due to the heat, Incognito had decided to dress lightly today
  104. >A pair of grey khaki shorts covered his lower body and a white muscle shirt covered his top
  105. >Your husband, to get you worked up most likely, had made sure that the articles of clothing were two sizes too small for his large frame
  106. >Because of the heat, they almost seemed to cling to his sweat-soaked form, hugging every curve in the best of ways
  107. >You took a minute to let your gaze wander his body
  108. >His broad shoulders, his thick chest, flat stomach, strong, mouth-wateringly thick legs
  109. >You wetted your lips with your tongue when your eyes settled between his legs, where a very visible bulge could be seen in his pants
  110. >Whoo...
  111. >Whoo momma...
  112. >You fanned yourself with a wing and bit your lip
  113. >You could smell the sweat and the rich, thick musk that seemed to come off your Cogy in waves
  114. >You could also detect the faint scent of his deodorant, the soap that he had used to clean himself off last night, his shampoo, the chewing tobacco that he liked to partake on occasion
  115. >He smelled smoky and clean, sweet but salty
  116. >No other pony, gryphon, minotaur, or even human smelled like him
  117. >Your breathed in deeply, savoring your husband's one-of-a-kind scent
  119. >When your lungs were filled to the brim you held the breath for a few moments before exhaling
  120. >You did this again, and again, and once more
  121. >With each breath you could feel all of your fears and anxieties drain away
  122. >The townsponies, your friends, your neighbors, your subjects, began to fade away
  123. >There was just you, Incognito, and his scent
  124. >A smile came to your face as you leaned against your Cogy and closed your eyes
  125. >You rubbed your hind legs together, biting your lip when you began to feel a wetness that most certainly wasn't sweat begin to accumulate
  126. "Hmm~"
  127. >Your wing slipped around your husband's back, pulling him closer toward you
  128. >You could hear him sniffing the air
  129. >Though a human's nose was nowhere near as powerful as a pony's, you swear to Celestia that your husband was part blood hound
  130. >Nine times out of ten he could tell if you were... excited; sometimes even before you knew
  131. >It didn't matter how hard you tried to hide it, flapped your wings to blow away the smell, tucked your tail between your legs, even used magic to try to mask the scent, he'd know
  132. >He'd know, and then he'd smile that smile that always made your legs turn to jelly and your heart ache in the best way
  133. >"Somebody's already excited huh?" he muttered out of the corner of his mouth, leaning into you
  134. >You giggled breathlessly, nuzzling his chest, bathing yourself in his scent
  135. "I'm sitting next to the most beautiful stallion in the world. How can't I be excited?" you chirped
  136. >You could feel the vibrations in your husband's chest as he chuckled a moment later
  137. >"Flattery isn't going to get you anywhere, Mrs. Sparkle."
  138. >You cracked open an eye to look up at him
  139. "Then why are you smiling, Mr. Sparkle?"
  140. >Cogy's grin just widened
  141. >Now the ponies in the market were gone
  142. >There were no birds singing
  143. >The air didn't even feel as humid
  144. >There was just you and him
  145. >Your wing slipped from Cogy's back to his head
  147. >With a little tug you got him to lean down just as you leaned up
  148. >His hand found your chin just as you puckered your lips, humming as you did so
  149. >His lips looked so full, so lovely in this light
  150. >You wanted to taste those lips, feel them against yours
  151. >So you leaned up a little more and did just that
  152. >In another world away, you could hear ponies playfully calling out to you, teasing and joking
  153. >The corner of Cogy's lips twitched as he leaned into the kiss, tickling your neck and jaw with his fingers
  154. >You giggled, rubbing your nose against his without breaking the kiss
  155. >Cogy's blue eyes seemed to be shining as you stared into them
  156. >They were breathtaking eyes; the kind of eyes that a mare could get lost in
  157. >They were eyes full of love and mischief and joy and affection
  158. >They were the eyes of Incognito Sparkle; your husband; the love of your life
  159. >Your tongue darted out of your mouth as you hummed again
  160. >You teased your husband's lips, and without hesitation he parted them and allowed your wet muscle to slip in inside
  161. >"Hmm~"
  162. >Cogy was never an aggressive kisser
  163. >You never had to wage a war with your tongue to stay in his mouth
  164. >He liked to let you lead the kiss, to explore, while his smaller, thinner tongue teased yours so that every few moments you have to stop your exploring and tease back
  165. >Your hooves slipped around his neck as the fingers on his other hand danced across the small of your back
  166. "Mmpth~"
  167. >You began to put more into the kiss, using your tongue to guide Cogy's into your mouth
  168. >Your husband let out a quiet groan as his fingers dug into your chin
  169. >His eyes began to cloud as they slowly slipped closed
  170. >The teasing and joking had gone silent, you noticed
  171. >Ponies were no doubt looking away uncomfortably at your "little" display at affection
  172. >Some were probably red-faced, others were might have been making a conscious effort to look everywhere but where you were sitting
  174. >Cogy's tongue began to explore your mouth just as a bead of your drool, mixed with his, began to slide down your chin
  175. >Small and thin his tongue might be, but even so you found yourself shivering as it traced the edges of your teeth
  176. >Somepony gasped as you let out another groan, flapping your wings
  177. >This was not how a princess was supposed to act in public, the gasper was no doubt thinking
  178. >A kiss like that was something meant for a more private setting, not out here were all these ponies could see!
  179. >And what was that smell?
  180. >Was the princess AROUSED?
  181. >What was wrong with her?
  182. >Didn't she know that ponies were looking right at her?!
  183. >Suddenly, a gentle breeze swept through the market
  184. >It washed over you, causing your mane to sway and tickling your feathers
  185. >You let out another, not-so-quiet groan, rubbing your back legs together a little more firmly
  186. >This was happening
  187. >You were going to do this with your husband, in front of all of these ponies
  188. >And, at that moment, you couldn't help but find yourself getting excited
  189. >Very. Excited.
  190. >Breaking the kiss with a gasp, you held your husband at hoof's length
  191. >The two of you were breathing hard
  192. >Your face felt warm and you could see a bright blush on Incognito's face
  193. >Looking down between his legs, you could also see that his shorts were now straining to hold back the beast hidden in them
  194. >Leaning toward it, you breathed in deep through your nose
  195. >There was that smell of sweat, but along with it the heady, very distinct scent of an aroused human
  196. >It was an otherworldly smell; a smell that could, and had, on multiple occasions, leave an entire roomful of mares feeling hot and VERY bothered
  197. >You pulled your wings back up to your sides
  198. >A growl escaped your throat as you looked back up at your husband
  199. "Legs. Spread'em."
  200. >You hopped off the bench while Cogy did as you said, spreading his legs nice and wide
  201. >His cock throbbed through his pants
  202. >The sight of it sent a jolt of need through your body
  204. >"What the buck are they doing...?"
  205. >"They can't be doing what I think they're doing, are they...?"
  206. >"Don't they know that ponies are watching...?"
  207. >"In all of my years I've never seen a member of royalty act like this!"
  208. >"WHOO! Tear it up, Sparklebutt!"
  209. >Leaning down, letting yourself be swept up in Cogy's scent, you unbuttoned his pants with your mouth
  210. "Hmm~ You smell so good, hon," you murmured, pressing your nose against his bulge and taking a long sniff
  211. >Cogy twitched, but said nothing as you began to pull his pants down
  212. "Come on... stupid pants.. get off..."
  213. >Your husband, ever the helpful stallion, made your job easier by lifting his butt into the air and wiggling his hips
  214. >With some aggressive, impatient pulling, you eventually managed to yank his khakis down and toss them away, leaving your husband in nothing but his underwear
  215. >At the tip of his length you could see a wet spot on the underwear
  216. >You chuckled at the sight, your tail flicking as you nosed his whole length
  217. >His breath caught in his throat, and the quietest of moans could be heard escaping his lips
  218. >You chuckled under your breath, nostrils flaring
  219. >It looked like your hubby was enjoying this just as much as you
  220. "Yes, yes, yes..."
  221. >Cogy let out a groan, rolling his hips as you tugged at the bottoms of his undergarments
  222. >You could taste the sweat soaking them; that salty, delicious flavor that always tickled your tastebuds
  223. >You took your time tugging the boxers down, enjoying the inch after inch of flesh that was exposed to not only you but half of Ponyville
  224. >Just like with the rest of his body, Cogy's groin was shiny with sweat
  225. >It glistened off the sun as you tugged those boxers lower and lower
  226. >The skin was pristine, most of it perfectly smooth except a small patch of hair that your husband liked to keep
  228. Some mares liked it when their stallions, human stallions especially, get things completely shaved down there, but you liked a bit of hair on your man
  229. >It made you feel like you were rutting a stallion, not some colt that just got his cutiemark
  230. >...
  231. >And speaking of cutiemarks...
  232. "Did you really cut out my cutiemark into your pubes?" you asked, looking up at your husband
  233. >Cogy just grinned at you
  234. >"Hey, it was either that or an arrow, and I think that the star thingy looks better," he told you
  235. >You snorted and shook your head, but smiled all the same
  236. >If you really thought about it, it was REALLY flattering that he'd do something like that for you
  237. >But you were spending too much time enjoying the scenery
  238. >Time to get to the main course...
  239. >Cogy groaned again as your cheek brushed against his cloth-covered length
  240. >You could feel his cock throb against your fur as he rolled his hips again with a little more force
  241. >"Stop messing and tug those fuckers down, Twi," he groaned, covering his face with a hand. "I swear to god if you keep teasing I'm going to kick your purpl--"
  242. >With one last hard tug, Cogy's underwear fell down to his legs
  243. >His cock, freed from its VERY cramped prison, slapped against your jaw
  244. >Cogy's breathing hitched and it throbbed again, sending it bouncing against the tip of your nose, coating it with a bead of pre cum before it settled, its tip pointed up toward the sky
  245. "Hmm~"
  246. >His length was a long, thick, swollen thing
  247. >Long, fat veins traveled up and down the length
  248. >At the tip was a fat mushroom-like purplish head
  249. >Below were a pair of mouth-wateringly large, cum-filled balls
  250. >From where you were it looked larger than life, massive; the kind of cock that your friends only bragged about in their wildest dreams
  251. >And. It. Was. Yours.
  252. >"What is she doing to that poor colt?!"
  253. >"Somepony should say something!"
  254. >"Where's the guard?! Shouldn't they be trying to stop this?"
  255. >"Oh my... Out here like this..."
  256. "There's my big boy," you cooed
  258. >Your wing extended slowly
  259. >Cogy was staring at it through his fingers
  260. >For a moment, as your wing drew closer, his body tensed up, before he took a deep, shaky breath and he relaxed
  261. >You winked up at him
  262. "I know how much you love my wings, hon," you cooed. "So why don't we have a little fun with them before we REALLY give these ponies a show~?"
  263. >Cogy opened his mouth to say something just as your wing wrapped around his length
  264. >His eyes widened, and his body jerked in surprise
  265. >"thejbrkeje!"
  266. >With a simple squeeze, his entire length was smothered in your feathers
  267. >As you did that, you leaned down and began to clean his sack with your tongue
  268. >"OhfuckingChrist!"
  269. >The muscles in Cogy's legs and stomach rippled as he gasped
  270. >His cock jumped in your wing, coating it with a healthy dollop of pre
  271. "Do you like that, hon?" you asked, your voice husky. "Does that feel good? Do you like feeling my feathers on your b-big, fat c-cock?"
  272. >You began to slowly stroke him
  273. >Extending your other wing, you also began to tickle his tip
  274. >Your BIG, human jerked again, a high-pitched mewl escaping his throat
  275. >"F-Fuck..."
  276. >As your wings worked his cock, your mouth was also busy
  277. >Salt danced across your tongue with each lick, each kiss
  278. >Cogy's scent, his musk, was most potent down here
  279. >You could practically TASTE the pheromones that were quickly turning your brain to mush
  280. >They left you panting, hot, and wanting more and more and more
  281. >You began to roughly lap at his sack with long, broad strokes, not caring who would see or how much noise you made
  282. "Are my feathers soft? Does my mouth feel good?" you asked, breathing hard. "Does my Cogy want to shoot his warm, thick c-cum all over my f-feathers?"
  283. >You began to quicken your strokes, twisting and tightening your wing around him
  284. >The tip of your other wing was still focused on his leaking cockhead
  285. >Cogy's hands open and closed as he whined again
  287. >You continued to lap at his sack, even though it every inch of it was already coated with your spit
  288. >You couldn't stop
  289. >His taste was too much
  290. >You couldn't get enough of it
  291. >Cogy tried to reach down, to grab your head, but with a spell you forced his arms against the back of the bench
  292. "Ah, ah," you chided, licking your lips. "None of that. You just let your Twilight take care of you~"
  293. >You looked up at your wings to see that they absolutely coated in cum
  294. >The pearly white substance contrasted sharply with your purple
  295. >It was going to be a pain to get out of your feathers, you knew
  296. >Your husband was a very virile, healthy stallion
  297. >Every single time that you made love with him, be it with your mouth, your wings, your hooves, or your marehood, he'd cum bucket loads
  298. >And by looking at how your wings were already coated, it looked like you were going to receive an especially large load today
  299. >Not that there was ANYTHING wrong with that
  300. >"Y-Yeah, hon," Cogy gasped. "Just l-like that... Just like t-th--ohgod!"
  301. >You were going to have to spend hours cleaning every feather, nevertheless
  302. >Popping them into your mouth, licking them until the salty-sweet taste of your husband's essence was gone
  303. "Oh Celestia..."
  304. >Nostrils flaring, you pressed your muzzle against his base and groaned
  305. >Cogy's cock throbbed against your feathers in response, coating them in a fresh coat of seed
  306. >It felt so warm...
  307. >So sticky...
  308. >Pulling the wing that had been teasing his cockhead away, you brought a cum-coated primary to your lips and popped it into your mouth
  309. >Hmmm...
  310. >Sweet like always...
  311. >You could feel your husband's eyes on you as you licked your feather clean, so you decided to tease him a bit
  312. >"Hmwaaaaa~"
  313. >Your tongue slide around the primary, slowly lapping at it, teasing it, before slipping it into your mouth once more and gently suckling
  314. >A shiver ran up Cogy's body and a very quiet, need-filled whimper escaped his lips
  315. >You couldn't help but smile
  317. >Though you never considered yourself all that good-looking your husband always had a knack of making you feel like the sexiest mare in the world
  318. >The way that he responded to your touch, the look in his eyes when the two of you kissed, the noises that he made whenever you were riding him
  319. >To him you weren't some dork that had gotten lucky and managed to become a princess
  320. >You were pretty, beautiful
  321. >You were the best, most interesting, greatest mare in the world
  322. >A warmed filled your chest as you gave your Cogy's cock a series of quick pumps
  323. >"I love you, hon," you murmured, more to yourself than to him. "I love you so much..."
  324. >Your wing was a blur as you began to stroke as quickly as you could
  325. >Your husband's cock was throbbing wildly now
  326. >He couldn't hold still
  327. >His hands were opening and closing desperately as he tried to pull them away from the bench
  328. >His head was rolling
  329. >His face was soaked with sweat and his eyes were half-lidded and it sounded like he was mumbling to himself
  330. >After all of the evenings exploring your Cogy's body, seeing what he liked, seeing what turned him on and made him whimper, you knew what that meant
  331. >He was going to come soon
  332. >It was only a matter of time
  333. >Just a minute more, maybe two, and he--
  334. "INCOGNITO! What the buck is the princess doing to you?!"
  335. >In any other instance, you would have jumped, spun around in a panic and started babbling to whoever the buck was shouting in your ear
  336. >But you were too focused on the task in front of you, and any sensible, rational part of your brain had been thoroughly soaking in Cogy's smell for a while now
  337. >So you continued to not only stroke your husband's length, but you also began to rub your saliva-coated muzzle against the base of his shaft, where his balls and cock met
  338. >Above you, Cogy gasped
  339. >His cock throbbed hard, and his back arched
  340. >"Holyfuckingshitdon'tstophon!" he wheezed, panting hard
  341. >You said nothing, simply twisting your wing along his shaft, much to his delight
  343. >Come on...
  344. >Give it to momma
  345. >Shoot out that sticky--
  346. >"Stop that! You stop raping that stallion right now! You could--"
  347. >Your husband loudly gulped as you began kissing his shaft
  348. >"C-Caramel! I sw-EAR! to GOD if you don't p-ISS! off I'm go-NNA! ruin your d-AY!"
  349. >Cogy's knees tapped against the sides of your head
  350. >You hummed, using your hooves to spread them back open
  351. >"Is she making you do this, Incognito? Is she forcing--"
  352. >"Fu-CK! your d-AY! up. I s-WEAR! that-- just like that h-hon-- I'll get up a-ND! fuck y-OU up."
  353. >Cogy hissed as his cock throbbed again
  354. >"B-But just THINK about what ponies are going to s-say--"
  355. >"FUCK'EM!"
  356. >Your husband bucked his hips hard
  357. >You felt his length slide up your wing, throbbing and almost burning hot
  358. >"Twi," he growled. "Twi!"
  359. >In an instant you pulled away your wing to reveal Cogy's pulsing, leaking, cum-covered manhood
  360. >"Twi!"
  361. >You shot forward, grabbing his length with both of your hooves and pulling it toward your mouth
  362. >You opened wide, nearly salivating, and popped it into your mouth
  363. >The second that his cockhead passed your lips your husband threw back his head and roared like a dying Manticore
  364. >His hips jerked, forcing a few more inches of his length into your maw
  365. >You took the mouthful happily, swirling your tongue around his sensitive crown even as you sucked him long and hard
  366. >"TwitwitwitwiTWITWITWI!"
  367. >Cogy tried to buck his hips again but you pressed your weight down on his hips keeping him pinned to the bench
  368. >You could taste the sweat on his length, along with the flowery shampoo that you had used on your wings the night before
  369. >And the cum...
  370. >Sweet, but slightly salty...
  371. >Thick, like honey...
  372. >Alien, yet so familiar
  373. >So... wonderful
  374. >So... addicting
  375. "Hmmmmm..."
  376. >Each time your tongue managed to gather up another tablespoon of the stuff the pleasure center of your brain receives a jolt
  377. >You found yourself groaning as you rubbed your back legs together
  379. >Your eyes slipped shut as you took more and more of him into your mouth
  380. "Gulp...gulp...gwulp..."
  381. >His length stretched your jaw, forced you to take deep breaths through your nose, further overwhelming your senses with his musk, his stink
  382. >"Fuuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkkkk..."
  383. >He pulsed in your mouth as you took half of his length and held it there, teasing the underside of his length with the tip of your tongue
  384. >The pony behind you was being awfully quiet as you fellated your husband to orgasm
  385. >You could hear them shuffling, as if they were trying to leave without drawing notice to themselves
  386. >Unfortunately for them your husband, even as he was on the brink of cumming, was still as eagle-eyed as ever
  387. >"CARA-mel! You st-AY! right there!"
  388. >"Inco--"
  389. >"Lo-OK me IN! the e-YE! when I CUM! you FUCK!"
  390. >A ripple ran through your husband's body
  391. >He curled into himself, nearly driving your horn into his gut
  392. >His breathing was coming in short spurts and you could see his legs shaking, but still he held eye contact with the pony behind you
  393. >His cock twitched hard, giving you a fresh batch of cum
  394. >You hummed happily, forcing another few inches into your mouth
  395. >He hissed again, his toes curling
  396. >"Look. At. Meeeeeeee..."
  397. >He pulsed hard again, and, knowing what was about to happen, you quickly pulled backward until just his tip was in your mouth
  398. >You attacked his tip with your tongue, humming and sucking like he was a lollypop
  399. >"C-CU-CUMMING!"
  400. >Your husband jerked hard, gnashing his teeth
  401. >His cock throbbed so powerfully that it tapped against the roof of your mouth
  402. >You were quick to grab it in between your hooves, to keep it leaving your mouth
  403. >As you did that the first spurt of cum came
  404. >Salty, pearly white, and wonderful, it coated the tip of your tongue
  405. >There was so much of it
  406. >It coated your tongue, the roof of your mouth, your cheeks
  407. "Hmph~!"
  409. >Your eyes widened and you quickly swallowed as another load, even bigger than the first, fired from your husband's tip as he groaned
  410. >"Look. At. Me. Caramelllllll...." you heard him say before another load forced a bit of cum to spurt out of the corners of your mouth
  411. >Your eyes quickly slipped closed
  412. >One of your hooves began to fondle his balls, coaxing even more of that delicious substance from his tip
  413. >You swallowed again and again and again, until your lungs were burning, your head was spinning, and cum was running down your cheeks and neck
  414. >Finally, after what felt like an eternity, your husband's orgasm seemed to sputter out
  415. >A few throbs the flow of cum ceased, allowing you to get a handle on the mouthful that you were already struggling with
  416. "Mwph~"
  417. >You could feel your horn tapping against your husband's belly
  418. >He was breathing hard, with sweat dripping from his arms, face, and neck
  419. >Though you couldn't see it, there was a blissful, happy look in his eyes and a smile that was a mile wide on his face
  420. >"Fucking... It's been a... while since I've... cum that hard..."
  421. >Your horn sputtered as you groaned through your mouthful, releasing your grip on Cogy's hands
  422. They flopped to the bench below as you swallowed
  423. >Feeling his length start to soften in your mouth, you began to bob your head once more
  424. >Hey, hey...
  425. >None of THAT mister!
  426. >It's not over yet!
  427. >We're not FINISHED YET!
  428. >Cogy's body jerked as you gave his length a hard suck, quickly bobbing your up and down and taking as much as you could comfortably
  429. "Gluk... gulk... gulp..."
  430. >He groaned, picking up a trembling hand and placing it on your head
  431. >You hummed as you felt him running his fingers through your mane as you began to twist your head to and fro
  432. >"FUCK... somebody really wants it BAD..."
  433. >For the next minute or two you continued to tent to your husband, sucking and licking and drooling all over his length
  435. >His cock once again began to harden under your tender care, thickening and elongating with each kiss and suck
  436. >As soon as you felt his cock stretching your jaw, you pulled back with a pop
  437. >Cogy's cock wobbled in the open air, slick with your spit and cum
  438. >It throbbed, bouncing off his belly before it bounded back and hit your lips
  439. >As it jerked away you saw a thin trail of saliva connect the tip of the cock to your lips
  440. >Your tongue darted out, cutting the connection, as you struggled to catch your breath
  441. >The once bustling market was dead silent, you realized after a few moments
  442. >You could feel a hundred eyes staring at the back of your head
  443. >You also noticed a tension in the air, as if the ponies watching you didn't know whether to hurl insults or start stomping their hooves
  444. >But none of that concerned you
  445. >It didn't even concern you a little bit
  446. >Was DID concern you, however, was the heat under your tail
  447. >Your hindlegs, your rump, your tail; all of it was soaked
  448. >Every time that you moved a jolt of pleasure raced up your body as your puffy lips rubbed against each other
  449. >A whine escaped your throat as you looked up at your husband and nuzzled his cock
  450. "Incognito... Honey. Are you... ready to go... another round?" you asked, not particularly caring how desperate you sounded. "I NEED... something inside of... me. Please..."
  451. >Your husband's fingers danced across your scalp as he looked down at you
  452. >Gone was the mischievous, loving look in his eyes
  453. >Gone was the small smile on his face
  454. >There was hunger in those eyes now; an ancient, animalistic need that sent shivers down your body
  455. >He said nothing as he stared at you, but you felt his fingers grab a handful of your mane
  456. >He tugged, and you gasped, taking a step away from him
  457. "Aha~"
  458. >You could feel your tail flagging, showing anypony that cared to look your soaked cunt
  459. >He tugged a little harder, climbing to his feet as you took another step back
  461. >His cock was pointing to the sky, and leaking as if he hadn't just cummed enough to put any stallion to shame a million times over
  462. >When he stood to his full height, towering over you, he thrust his hips, slapping his cock wetly against his belly
  463. >"Turn," he growled, giving your mane another tug
  464. >You winced, groaning as your cum-covered wings gave a helpless flap
  465. >You could feel your legs shaking
  466. >Your head was spinning, sweat soaked your fur, you couldn't seen to catch your breath
  467. >You needed something inside of you...
  468. >You needed HIM inside of you...
  469. "Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease..."
  470. >Your husband jerked your head to the left forcing you to turn
  471. >He jerked again, and again, not even pretending to be gentle, until your rump was pointed at his crotch
  472. >You could see them all; the ponies that had stopped what they were doing to watch you and your husband
  473. >There must have been a hundred of them standing around you
  474. >Not a single one of them were trying to be tactful about their staring
  475. >No, they were staring at you with wide-eyes and opened mouths
  476. >Many of them were squirming uncomfortably, cocks slapping against their bellies and juices running down their legs
  477. >As a whole their faces were red and sweaty; and not because of the heat
  478. >Their faces wore a wide range of emotions
  479. >Disbelief, outrage, envy, shock, desire
  480. >None of them could believe that their princess would act in such a way
  481. >They couldn't believe that you'd do this
  482. >That you'd suck your coltfriend's dick out in public as if it were your right
  483. >"H-Hmm~"
  484. >You bit your lip as a pang of pleasure ran up your body
  485. >You let your gaze sweep over the crowd, mentally listing the names of every mare and stallion you knew, until you saw some ponies that really made your smile
  486. >There, standing statue-still with their mouths hanging to the floor, were Rarity, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash
  487. >They had laughed at you the other day
  488. >Ruffled your mane and teased you about hoof-holding
  489. >But who was laughing NOW?!
  491. >Who had the biggest teats in the room NOW?!
  492. >YOU! That's who!
  493. >You were about to call over to them, say something witty and clever and totally cool, when somepony standing next to Rainbow Dash caught your eye
  494. >They were a rather large pony, with a massive set of wings, and a long, white spiraled hor--
  495. >...
  496. >...
  497. >...
  498. "Oh buck..."
  499. >Princess Celestia, your old teacher, was standing amongst local populace with a small, almost proud smile on her face
  500. >Unlike everypony else she looked completely calm, like what she was witnessing was an everyday occurrence
  501. >She even appeared to be humming to herself...
  502. >You stiffened as your husband placed his hands on your haunches
  503. >Ohmybuckingshit!
  504. >ThePrincesswasrightthere!
  505. >ShewasrightthereandsheprobablysaweverythingthatyoudidtoAnon!
  506. >Feeling your gaze upon her, Celestia gave you a smile
  507. >"Hello, my old student," she called with a little wave. "I see that you're doing well."
  508. >You tried to step away from Cogy but he pulled you back toward him, his fingers digging into your fur
  509. "W-What are you d-doing here, Princess?" you asked, too terrified to do anything other than just stand there
  510. >The princess looked over your shoulder at your husband
  511. >"Oh, I assure you that nothing serious is going on," she said with a wave of the hoof. "I just had the day off and I wished to see how you were doing."
  512. "O-Oh, well--EEP!"
  513. >Your wings flapped as you felt your husband roughly rub his cockhead against your lower lips
  514. >A bolt of pleasure raced up and down your body, which nearly sent you to the ground
  515. >You could feel your back arching as he then leaned down and roughly bit your ear
  516. "B-Buck~"
  517. >"But it seems that you are busy at the moment, my dear student. So I shall wait my turn. Do give us a good show, will you?"
  518. "H-Hah... Cogy, we--"
  519. >Incognito's hips slammed against your rump, sending his length sliding down your lower lips and nearly making you fall flat on your face
  521. >"I'm gonna fuck the purple off you," he growled, just loud enough for the crowd to hear
  522. "T-That's impossible. F-For something like t-that to--"
  523. >"Shut up and hold onto your butt. I'm gonna put a baby into you with all of these ponies watching."
  524. >As you whimpered, partly in fear and partly in excitement, you saw Celestia gave you a wink as she slowly, sensually licked her lips
  525. >...
  526. "O-Okay..."
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