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  12. [align=center][size=large][font=Cinzel]David Hale | Liberty Navy (ret.)[/font][/size]
  13. [font=Agency FB]Asset Type: [u]Intel[/u][/font]
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  22. [b]Full Name:[/b] David Franklin Hale
  23. [b]DOB:[/b]  08/07/779 A.S.
  24. [b]POB:[/b] Southside District, San Mateo, Planet Los Angeles, California
  25. [b]Citizenship:[/b] Libertonian
  26. [b]Association(s):[/b] Liberty Navy
  27. [b]Occupation:[/b] Liberty Navy Fleet Admiral (ret.)
  28. [b]Known Associates:[/b] Christina Robinson, Sarah Willows, Ryan MacTavish, John Talon, Jack Malrone, Lucia Defmir
  30. [b]Related Data:[/b] David Franklin Hale was born to a military family, his father reached the rank of Captain after 34 years of service. David followed his footsteps, alongside his siblings. The eldest of the three (David, Daniel and Lily), started his school life at San Mateo Primary Academy a few miles from the Southside District family home. His teachers found him a talented if distracted student. He progressed through his school years without event, with good, yet not exceptional grades. After school he attended West Point Military Academy for three years, then immediately entered active service at the rank of Captain. He scored highly not only in strategic and tactical theory, but also in gunnery and fighter piloting. In 817, Hale, ranked Vice Admiral at the time, was instrumental in the negotiation of the Treaty of Curacao between Bretonia and the Republic of Liberty. This wide ranging treaty allowed much greater co-operation between the Liberty Navy and the Bretonian Armed Forces, and as such he was awarded an MBE by the Bretonian Crown 'For services to Inter-House Diplomacy'.
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  32. Hale's career and significant achievements have earnt him the respect of his fellow officers. Many however have called him reckless and leveled accusations of favoritism with regards to his choice of high command officers. The tabloid papers have repeatedly implied the possibility of relationships between him and the female members of his high command, although no conclusive evidence has been provided for this. Hale always has allowed a slightly less formal and more personal method of command to prevail within the Liberty Navy, and some have called this unprofessional. Hale himself however countered this with the claim that "A happy force is an effective force".
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