Love Baked Muffin

Jul 28th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. A twist of the knob, to 425°F. The heat begins rising within the trusty oven.
  3. Three-fourths of a cup of water, one-fourth of a cup of vegetable oil, and two eggs are thrown together into a medium bowl with premade muffin mix. It's all stirred just until blended.
  5. The batter is divided among cups within the muffin pan, care taken to make sure there is about one-fourth cup of mix in the muffin cups each.
  7. Within twenty minutes, the muffins are baked. Now they wait to cool for five minutes, while the baker waits for six.
  9. Because after six minutes, comes the ring of the doorbell.
  11. ***
  13. "Hey Triss! You're here right on time." Alexander Wiggins, the baker of the mentioned muffins stated as he opened his apartment door.
  15. "That was the plan. I do not want to eat cold muffins like yesterday." Triss said as she walked in freely.
  17. "What did happen yesterday anyway? I've never seen you come that late."
  19. "We have something big planned and the entire company has had to contribute to the workload, my team most of all."
  21. Triss was a hard worker, at least that's what Alexander has gathered from the multiple chats they had while eating muffins. Of course, eating delicious muffins doesn't leave much time for talking, and neither does Triss's early work start. Their conversations have never been as deep as Triss's love for the divine-ness of freshly baked chocolate chip muffins.
  23. Speaking of the divine, one thing that has always astonished Alexander is that Triss is an angel. Specifically, Triss is a Cupid. Apparently, Cupid is a species and not a baby with a bow and heart arrows. Instead, Cupid is an amazingly beautiful woman with a bow and heart arrows.
  25. Alexander couldn't believe his luck to see such a worldly treasure living right next to him, and now she eats the muffins he bakes out of a box every morning.
  27. "I don't think you've ever mentioned what exactly your work is other than shooting love arrows at people." Alexander smiled at the humor of the statement as he bit into his muffin.
  29. "It is fairly much just that. Only on an occasion do we commence an operation not focused on that type of job." Triss says as she takes another muffin.
  31. "Anyway, you mentioned something big was happening, mind telling me what it is? Must be big if it got you working to the point of needing extra sleep yesterday."
  33. "There is no need to talk about it now."
  35. "Oh right, you do need to be going soon." Alexander said almost like it was a shame, as he looked towards the clock. It was the time around when Triss usually left... except...
  37. "Not today. Do you mind if I pour myself a glass of milk?"
  39. "Sure go ahead, but what do you mean not today."
  41. "The operation should be happening today. Especially somewhere around here, you should be able to witness it from your balcony." Triss then took a bite from a freshly acquired muffin, then a sip from her glass.
  43. As Alexander walked to his balcony and wondered where exactly this big event could happen from. His apartment was situated in quite the place; a road and sidewalks, along with a rather open park right across.
  45. As he pondered what exactly kind of "operation" this was, it happened. An honest to god giant portal opened out of nowhere, right smack dab in the middle of the park. Then, things began walking out. From what he could see, it was variously dressed up women. At least, he thought it was dressed up women until some began flying.
  47. "I would prefer it if you would come back inside, and close your balcony window door please." Alexander didn't see her say it but thought it best to listen to her. Good thing too, as he closed the window door a flying woman with wings for arms came from the sky and began flapping at him.
  49. "Hey guy! C'mon let me in, we'll have fun. Lot's of it! Every day!" The attractive bird woman yelled as she floated against the window door.
  51. She was going to say more Alexander guessed until a scared look appeared on her face. She quickly flew away after that.
  53. Before he could even guess what happened, Alexander felt a sting on his butt and then felt nothing more except a warm feeling and the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip muffins as he was tossed into the abyss of ecstasy.
  55. ***
  57. "Oohhh..." Everything felt sore to Alexander as if he slept hard on his arm except the feeling encompassed his entire body. Looking around, he saw he was in his bedroom. Then he smelled something almost like the muffins he usually makes, with another subtle smell.
  59. Wait, what would be making that muffin smell if he didn't remember making muffins...
  61. He got his answer as a blushing Triss walked in with a plate of muffins. Setting down the plate on the table beside the bed, Triss began to pet the hairs out of his eyes.
  63. "Hey Triss... What happened?" Alexander asked.
  65. "I stabbed you in the butt with an arrow filled with my love."
  67. "Uh, what exactly happened after that." The smile that adorned her face was quite possibly sweeter than the chocolate chip chocolate muffins Alexander tried making once. The same muffins could never be as warm as his heart was now as he looked upon her delicate face.
  69. "We made love together."
  71. "Oh. Great." It really was great. Part of why he always made muffins in the morning was for Triss, so it was so nice to have that work out.
  73. "Would you like a muffin?"
  75. "Yes please."
  77. Thank god for allowing him to see Triss and the creator of the muffin itself.
  79. Mmh. Taking a bite of the offered muffin, his mouth exploded in a flavor richer than the normal muffin. The feeling within his heart helped.
  81. "I love muffins."
  83. "And I love you."
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