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  2. 7cozg8,0,0.36,[deleted],1510596763,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:12,,,11/13/2017 10:13,1,Potentially entering a bearish market.
  3. 7cozod,25,0.76,MoneroNewb,1510596818,btc,11/13/17 18:13,,,11/13/2017 10:13,0,R/Bitcoin: Òi transferred $2 to my friend's new wallet. just to show him how it works. I got $10 in fees.... I didn't tell him.Ó
  4. 7cozq4,1,0.57,arganam,1510596833,btc,11/13/17 18:13,,,11/13/2017 10:13,0,Do you expect something big to happen as soon as EDA activates?
  5. 7cozt9,169,0.76,lotterythrowaway123,1510596850,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:14,,,11/13/2017 10:14,0,WeÕre at war gentlemen...
  6. 7cozup,0,0.5,[deleted],1510596862,btc,11/13/17 18:14,,,11/13/2017 10:14,1,Bitcoin Cash supporters get vocal following the hard fork being called off
  7. 7cp06o,4,0.66,tawdykik,1510596936,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:15,,,11/13/2017 10:15,0,This is how fiat money is created out of thin air.
  8. 7cp0fa,7,0.7,TNoD,1510596985,btc,11/13/17 18:16,,,11/13/2017 10:16,0,Responding to a thread about how core has no real scaling plan gets me shadow banned.
  9. 7cp0i9,7,0.58,[deleted],1510597004,btc,11/13/17 18:16,,,11/13/2017 10:16,0,BTC Dropping Fast - Day #5 of Flippening
  10. 7cp0kr,4,0.64,thenewmanintown,1510597020,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:17,,,11/13/2017 10:17,0,Absurd orders on Coinbase
  11. 7cp0sd,1,1,PrimalFrog,1510597068,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:17,not,,\N,1,Lurking in r/btc
  12. 7cp0vi,4,0.66,purast54,1510597085,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:18,,,11/13/2017 10:18,0,Woke up to this text from my jaxx - seems like BTC under attack yet again !
  13. 7cp129,5,0.62,gdoyle971,1510597127,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:18,,,11/13/2017 10:24,0,A dip in bitcoin tells me two things:
  14. 7cp14n,8,0.75,rohitkukreja,1510597143,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:19,,,11/13/2017 10:24,0,40 Chinese and EU Companies Applied For Bitcoin Mining in Russia -
  15. 7cp1ag,0,0.45,Astrolias,1510597182,btc,11/13/17 18:19,,,11/13/2017 10:30,0,Check out my video where we discuss the future role of Bitcoin!
  16. 7cp1el,6,0.72,CryptoGods,1510597211,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:20,,,11/13/2017 10:24,0,Why an ETF Will Launch Bitcoin to New Highs
  17. 7cp1et,7,0.89,b4llarn,1510597212,btc,11/13/17 18:20,,,11/13/2017 10:30,0,Best way to buy Bitcoin Cash in Sweden
  18. 7cp1gj,1,0.55,CryptoGods,1510597220,btc,11/13/17 18:20,,,11/13/2017 10:30,0,Why an ETF Will Launch Bitcoin to New Highs
  19. 7cp1gl,2,0.6,the_bookmaster,1510597220,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:20,,,11/13/2017 10:24,0,Looking for web hosts that Use Coinbase for payments
  20. 7cp1jp,1018,0.93,agent9747,1510597243,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:20,,,11/13/2017 10:24,0,My Cryptocurrency app is starting to look good :D It will be available soon-ish
  21. 7cp1t8,3,0.8,fudmartng,1510597302,btc,11/13/17 18:21,,,11/13/2017 10:30,0,Vintage Knight Templar's Ring: Pay with Bitcoin Cash and enjoy FREE Shipping to your location
  22. 7cp1y4,3,0.6,jacoby34,1510597333,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:22,,,11/13/2017 10:24,0,Coinbase network fees
  23. 7cp28m,2,0.58,[deleted],1510597400,btc,11/13/17 18:23,,,11/13/2017 10:30,1,BCH about to burst
  24. 7cp2cd,71,0.89,JamesMadison2,1510597422,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:23,,,11/13/2017 10:24,0,CME Group CEO Expects Bitcoin Futures Contracts by Mid December 2017
  25. 7cp2m6,14,0.77,TulipTradingSatoshi,1510597483,btc,11/13/17 18:24,,,11/13/2017 10:30,0,Some last thoughts
  26. 7cp2qz,56,0.71,Selfkey,1510597513,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:25,,,11/13/2017 10:27,0,Bend the Knee in front of the true and only...!
  27. 7cp2uv,4,0.62,techwhack,1510597535,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:25,,,11/13/2017 10:27,0,What is happening With Bitcoin..
  28. 7cp2yd,2,0.62,Jleftync,1510597559,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:25,,,11/13/2017 10:27,0,I am a newb and I want to help fight the attack. I want to request plan assistance.
  29. 7cp34p,3,0.66,joeyshamoon,1510597593,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:26,,,11/13/2017 10:27,0,Barber Shop accepting Bitcoin - whatÕs the best way
  30. 7cp35i,8,0.68,dhemauro,1510597597,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:26,,,11/13/2017 10:27,0,"After this weekend drama, I re-subscribed ""there"" and it only lasted few hours until I unsubscribed again."
  31. 7cp35r,0,0.5,[deleted],1510597599,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:26,,,11/13/2017 10:27,1,Quit celebrating every time there's a minor change in price
  32. 7cp3b8,5,0.78,PastPresentsFuture,1510597633,btc,11/13/17 18:27,,,11/13/2017 10:30,0,Why so salty? #saltening
  33. 7cp3ib,0,0.18,benstilo,1510597679,btc,11/13/17 18:27,,,11/13/2017 10:30,0,Why Bcash ?
  34. 7cp3jp,5,0.65,mx_js_reddit,1510597688,btc,11/13/17 18:28,,,11/13/2017 10:30,0,ITS HAPPENNING!!
  35. 7cp3k4,7,0.68,uMCCCS,1510597690,btc,11/13/17 18:28,,,11/13/2017 10:30,0,45 mins until the fork. Value: 1500 US dollars
  36. 7cp3n6,0,0.33,PrimalFrog,1510597711,btc,11/13/17 18:28,,,11/13/2017 10:30,1,This is a r/bitcoin claim. you are alleged fools **** don't shoot the messenger.
  37. 7cp3op,1,1,dsmid,1510597721,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:28,not,,\N,1,Slushpool Overtakes AntPool to Become the Largest Bitcoin Mining Pool
  38. 7cp3pu,2,0.58,Archimedes_an_Owl,1510597729,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:28,,,11/13/2017 10:29,0,So whats the dealeo?
  39. 7cp3r4,2,0.6,el_kraken6,1510597736,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:28,,,11/13/2017 10:29,0,Coinbase and other exchange after hours
  40. 7cp3yc,1,1,[deleted],1510597788,btc,11/13/17 18:29,,,11/13/2017 10:30,1,Bitcoin Cash supporters get vocal following the B2X hard fork being called off
  41. 7cp3zm,6,0.57,2002bmw2002,1510597799,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:29,,,11/13/2017 10:34,0,Bitcoin ad spotted in San Francisco
  42. 7cp40t,2,0.63,[deleted],1510597806,btc,11/13/17 18:30,,,11/13/2017 10:30,0,"Confused about transaction fee, help greatly needed."
  43. 7cp4ia,14,0.85,purast54,1510597901,btc,11/13/17 18:31,,,11/13/2017 10:44,0,Woke up to this msg on my jaxx !
  44. 7cp4jy,3,0.67,lawmaster10,1510597912,btc,11/13/17 18:31,,,11/13/2017 10:44,0,Bitcoin Cash supporters get vocal following the B2X hard fork being called off
  45. 7cp4p9,25,0.71,carrudi,1510597948,btc,11/13/17 18:32,,,11/13/2017 10:44,0,Core Bitcoin is an altcoin now. It is working on experimental technology and currently simply does not work for users. Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin.
  46. 7cp4v0,2,0.5,[deleted],1510597989,btc,11/13/17 18:33,,,11/13/2017 10:44,1,BUY BITCOIN CASH RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! YOURE GONNA REGRET IT IF YOU DONT DO IT NOW!!
  47. 7cp52y,6,0.99,Hakametal,1510598035,btc,11/13/17 18:33,,,11/13/2017 10:44,0,Anyone else super excited and nervous at the same time?
  48. 7cp53a,8,0.75,davegoldblatt,1510598038,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:33,,,11/13/2017 10:34,0,Just a reminder that Bitcoin is up ~800% since last year
  49. 7cp54t,18,0.85,readish,1510598049,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:34,,,11/13/2017 10:34,0,"Coinbase, this would be the best PR move you could ever do:"
  50. 7cp54v,2,0.67,[deleted],1510598050,btc,11/13/17 18:34,,,11/13/2017 10:44,1,BTC futures bit on CNBC just now
  51. 7cp555,24,0.84,leiloca,1510598051,btc,11/13/17 18:34,,,11/13/2017 10:44,0,The guys over r/Bitcoin found the Bitcoin Cash ads a user from r/btc spread over San Francisco.
  52. 7cp55n,0,0.36,Escarietcsgo,1510598054,btc,11/13/17 18:34,,,11/13/2017 10:44,0,"Buy the hype , sell the news?"
  53. 7cp597,1,0.56,kektothebone,1510598076,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:34,,,11/13/2017 10:34,0,Fees for sending coinbase funds to a paper wallet
  54. 7cp5bi,1,1,DazBoob,1510598092,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:34,not,,\N,1,To those who lost/are continuing to lose money on BCH - it's really hard to feel bad for you
  55. 7cp5cs,2,0.66,el_bentzo,1510598103,btc,11/13/17 18:35,,,11/13/2017 10:44,0,Does anyone have that Simpsons clip where Homer unveils the Movementarian flying saucer?
  56. 7cp5rc,0,0.5,Crypto556,1510598190,btc,11/13/17 18:36,,,11/13/2017 10:44,0,Why Bitcoin Cash has gone parabolic
  57. 7cp5rv,1,1,xByteme,1510598193,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:36,not,,\N,0,"?? The Bitcoin Cash Conspiracy, what do you think?"
  58. 7cp60p,6,0.72,slacker-77,1510598244,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:37,,,11/13/2017 10:38,0,Bitcoin Continues Usage Acceptance Especially in Australia
  59. 7cp6lh,3,0.67,Chazarice,1510598376,btc,11/13/17 18:39,,,11/13/2017 10:44,0,Shapeshift and changelly
  60. 7cp6qr,2,0.67,archaeal,1510598405,btc,11/13/17 18:40,,,11/13/2017 10:44,0,Your prediction of the BCH price at one hour after the fork
  61. 7cp6vz,0,0.3,BTCBCCBCH,1510598436,btc,11/13/17 18:40,,,11/13/2017 10:44,0,What Block Number Does Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Happen?
  62. 7cp6xe,5,0.69,meta96,1510598444,btc,11/13/17 18:40,,,11/13/2017 10:44,0,Strange thing about fees is: They are socially unjust ...
  63. 7cp6y8,461,0.95,CryptoAi,1510598451,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:40,Not targeted,,11/13/2017 10:44,0,CME CEO says futures exchange for bitcoin will be ready 2nd week of December
  64. 7cp6yd,49,0.87,AireaGellantara,1510598452,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:40,,,11/13/2017 10:44,0,CME CEO says futures exchange for bitcoin will be ready 2nd week of December
  65. 7cp6zr,0,0.27,Acrimony01,1510598461,btc,11/13/17 18:41,,,11/13/2017 10:44,0,Why is this sub called /r/BTC when it's clearly /r/BCH?
  66. 7cp74g,0,0.37,dontthrowbtc,1510598488,btc,11/13/17 18:41,,,11/13/2017 10:44,0,I cant believe the amount of effort Big blockers go through to deny reality. Cryptocurrencies dont scale on-chain and fee pressure is important. They still havent accepted this.
  67. 7cp78a,0,0.5,ilocosboy,1510598516,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:41,,,11/13/2017 10:44,0,6435 usd per btc 11/14/2017
  68. 7cp79f,1,0.54,CrazyFactz,1510598525,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:42,,,11/13/2017 10:44,0,How could the Bitcoin protocol be changed?
  69. 7cp7ix,2,0.56,vindico_silenti,1510598591,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:43,,,11/13/2017 10:44,0,Can someone clarify?
  70. 7cp7o8,4,0.67,DeathToAllLife,1510598631,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:43,,,11/13/2017 10:44,0,Are futures bitcoin contracts good for the value of bitcoin in the future?
  71. 7cp7pw,15,0.72,[deleted],1510598642,btc,11/13/17 18:44,,,11/13/2017 10:44,0,"Even with a 10% processing power boost due to mining swings, Bitcoin has barely touched 200-220 satoshi/byte transactions."
  72. 7cp7zj,2,0.6,benstilo,1510598699,btc,11/13/17 18:44,,,11/13/2017 10:56,0,Why Bitcoin Cash?
  73. 7cp82k,0,0.42,AnujMofficial,1510598716,btc,11/13/17 18:45,,,11/13/2017 10:56,0,Is BCC being forked into another coin? Or will it be the same one.
  74. 7cp857,6,0.74,CosmicHemorroid,1510598735,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:45,,,11/13/2017 10:48,0,"BlackRock - Bitcoin ""is tiny in the scheme of financial markets,"" Fink said. Overall, ""there's too much focus on bitcoin,"" Fink said. ""I don't know why it has so much fascination for the press."""
  75. 7cp86h,10,0.66,DazBoob,1510598740,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:45,,,11/13/2017 10:48,0,To those who lost or are continuing to lose money in this mess - it's hard to feel bad for you.
  76. 7cp86j,2,0.6,[deleted],1510598741,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:45,,,11/13/2017 10:48,1,YoBit support blatantly ignoring
  77. 7cp88c,11,0.8,myhaxdontwork,1510598752,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:45,,,11/13/2017 10:48,0,GDAX Seller - Attempted Manipulation
  78. 7cp8f7,0,0.3,[deleted],1510598791,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:46,,,11/13/2017 10:48,0,5 Secrets You Will Not Want To Know About Bitcoin
  79. 7cp8fi,1,1,[deleted],1510598794,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:46,not,,\N,1,HODL
  80. 7cp8i6,0,0.43,postmeeuw,1510598810,btc,11/13/17 18:46,,,11/13/2017 10:56,0,have not recieved my bitcoin cash over 60 hours already
  81. 7cp8jq,0,0.43,Idtotallytapthat,1510598822,btc,11/13/17 18:47,,,11/13/2017 10:56,0,"/r/bitcoin claims that many fake, extremely low fee transactions were conducted to clog up the mempool, knowing they wouldnt be filled. Rebuttal?"
  82. 7cp8lf,7,0.7,StuntHacks,1510598832,btc,11/13/17 18:47,,,11/13/2017 10:56,0,What's the difference between /r/btc and /r/bitcoin?
  83. 7cp8ve,2,0.56,Gregory_Maxwell,1510598893,btc,11/13/17 18:48,,,11/13/2017 10:56,0,Asian sources: BTC whales are artificially keeping BCH's price low so they can sneak into BCH with the best price.
  84. 7cp93n,5,0.7,Bitkojn,1510598939,btc,11/13/17 18:48,,,11/13/2017 10:56,0,How do i retrieve a stuck BTC transaction?
  85. 7cp961,2,0.56,Yoghertz,1510598953,btc,11/13/17 18:49,,,11/13/2017 10:56,0,"Serious question from someone in the middle: is BCH literally 'attacking' bitcoin, and is it the best way to proceed?"
  86. 7cp97e,0,0.5,[deleted],1510598960,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:49,,,11/13/2017 10:52,1,Segwit2x Post Mortem: Divorce of Crypto-Austrians and Crypto-Keynesians
  87. 7cp9qk,0,0.27,benjamindees,1510599074,btc,11/13/17 18:51,,,11/13/2017 10:56,0,Is Bitcoin Cash going to seize the momentum of disgruntled Core users and announce real Lightning support?
  88. 7cp9rm,0,0.24,afrocolt,1510599079,btc,11/13/17 18:51,,,11/13/2017 10:56,1,Bitcon Gold Wallet?
  89. 7cpa0c,1,0.56,hardfork_com,1510599133,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:52,,,11/13/2017 10:52,0,trading for BTC
  90. 7cpa71,1,1,Bulbasaur_King,1510599174,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:52,not,,\N,1,Where to find the difficulty for BTC and BCC to compare them?
  91. 7cpaoe,1,1,Gatchalian23,1510599287,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:54,not,,\N,1,Palm Beach just recommended BCH w/ no stop loss..
  92. 7cpaqa,11,0.77,achow101,1510599299,btc,11/13/17 18:54,,,11/13/2017 10:56,0,Bitcoin Cash Fork Monitor
  93. 7cpat0,6,0.63,reluctantfred,1510599315,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:55,,,11/13/2017 10:56,0,As someone who dabbles in Cryptocurrency once a week - That came out of nowhere
  94. 7cpavl,1,0.6,[deleted],1510599331,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:55,,,11/13/2017 10:56,1,What are the tips you would give to a beginner investor?
  95. 7cpaw6,0,0.31,AnujMofficial,1510599334,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:55,,,11/13/2017 10:56,1,"I decided to purchase bitcoin trash, at 1400 in order to sell it at a higher price. I hope I made the right call."
  96. 7cpawk,7,0.74,CosmicHemorroid,1510599337,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:55,,,11/13/2017 10:56,0,CME CEO says futures exchange for bitcoin will be ready 2nd week of December
  97. 7cpazm,0,0.5,fffff888908,1510599353,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:55,,,11/13/2017 10:56,0,Support for segwit in bitcoin core is delayed again to version 0.16.0 scheduled for 2018-05-01
  98. 7cpb1o,7,0.66,warlenhu,1510599366,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:56,,,11/13/2017 10:56,0,Reality check for day traders
  99. 7cpbbz,1,1,StuntHacks,1510599430,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:57,not,,\N,1,What's the difference between/r/bitcoin and /r/btc?
  100. 7cpbfk,1,1,bechamel2000,1510599451,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:57,not,,\N,1,Lightning Network ... when?!
  101. 7cpbpm,4,0.6,ChronosCrypto,1510599515,btc,11/13/17 18:58,,,11/13/2017 11:17,0,Bitcoin Cash Upgrade Livestream with Chronos
  102. 7cpbra,4,0.67,Fluffywiggle,1510599521,btc,11/13/17 18:58,,,11/13/2017 11:17,0,Happy Hardfork Upgrade Day! Introducing the Fearless and Indestructible Bitcoin Cash Honey Badger!
  103. 7cpbsa,0,0.46,lbalan79,1510599527,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:58,,,11/13/2017 11:03,0,A 20% drop in shares of any bank would be Game Over
  104. 7cpbxa,0,0.31,[deleted],1510599561,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:59,,,11/13/2017 11:03,0,Bitcoin is outdated
  105. 7cpbxr,2,0.58,amorpisseur,1510599565,Bitcoin,11/13/17 18:59,,,11/13/2017 11:03,0,Never Forget
  106. 7cpcio,0,0.36,CryptoHog,1510599673,btc,11/13/17 19:01,,,11/13/2017 11:17,1,"Bitcoin faucets are a great way to earn bitcoin for just a few clicks of your time. Here is info on my favorite Bitcoin faucets, check it out if you haven't seen it before."
  107. 7cpcq7,0,0.38,phansenz,1510599712,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:01,,,11/13/2017 11:03,0,Bitcoin wealth inequality
  108. 7cpctq,1,0.56,maxisreed,1510599730,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:02,,,11/13/2017 11:03,0,Cool bitcoin snapback I bought
  109. 7cpd56,5,0.62,twisted_f----_sister,1510599794,btc,11/13/17 19:03,,,11/13/2017 11:17,0,Waiting for a ban @ /r/Bitcoin ;-)
  110. 7cpd6s,2,0.62,TheMastermind131,1510599801,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:03,,,11/13/2017 11:11,0,How long should a transaction take?
  111. 7cpd7i,1,0.57,Bulbasaur_King,1510599805,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:03,,,11/13/2017 11:11,0,Difficulty adjustments
  112. 7cpd8h,18,0.74,gubatron,1510599810,btc,11/13/17 19:03,,,11/13/2017 11:17,0,So tell me again how long is it taking you to open/close that Lightning Network payment channel with those 1Mb/Segwit blocks? (116k unconfirmed transactions)
  113. 7cpdfn,0,0.5,Sipperz,1510599849,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:04,,,11/13/2017 11:11,0,We can all help make sure this doesn't cause the end of bitcoin
  114. 7cpdgz,1,1,riptide747,1510599855,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:04,not,,\N,1,Obvious vote manipulation happening on post telling people to buy BCH
  115. 7cpdqc,1,1,level_5_Metapod,1510599899,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:04,not,,\N,1,I was skeptical about censorship by downvote on r/btc but here is me getting 55 downvotes in 5 minutes. That's all motivation I needed to get my btc out of cold storage to sell my bch
  116. 7cpdu2,0,0.33,Bulbasaur_King,1510599920,btc,11/13/17 19:05,,,11/13/2017 11:17,0,Difficulty adjustment
  117. 7cpdzu,217,0.93,slacker-77,1510599950,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:05,,,11/13/2017 11:11,0,CME CEO: Bitcoin Futures Could Begin Trading As Soon As December
  118. 7cpe4o,103,0.79,level_5_Metapod,1510599976,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:06,,,11/13/2017 11:44,0,I was skeptical about censorship by downvote on the other sub but here is me getting 55 downvotes in 5 minutes. That's all motivation I needed to get my btc out of cold storage to sell my bcash
  119. 7cpe5y,4,0.64,Shrushru22,1510599982,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:06,,,11/13/2017 11:11,0,Gatekeeping
  120. 7cpe6k,19,0.9,Bitcoin_Bug,1510599987,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:06,,,11/13/2017 11:11,1,CME CEO: Bitcoin Futures Could Begin Trading As Soon As December
  121. 7cpe77,1,0.56,GeogiaArthur,1510599990,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:06,,,\N,1,Bitcoin Halts Decline That Wiped $38 Billion From Market Value
  122. 7cpe7t,178,0.78,Not_Pictured,1510599994,btc,11/13/17 19:06,,,11/13/2017 11:17,0,Mass vote botting taking place right now.
  123. 7cpe83,10,0.73,moresourdough,1510599996,btc,11/13/17 19:06,,,11/13/2017 11:17,0,"An explanation for why the price is not really going down, despite extreme fees: It's easier for exchanges to send Segwitcoins to users, than for users to send them back to the exchange."
  124. 7cpe92,2,0.6,focus_dota2,1510600003,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:06,,,11/13/2017 11:11,0,I want to invest in bitcoin
  125. 7cpebf,9,0.71,readish,1510600023,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:07,,,11/13/2017 11:11,0,The DAA Hard Fork just happened
  126. 7cpefc,87,0.73,thepaip,1510600046,btc,11/13/17 19:07,,,11/13/2017 11:17,0,The HF is successfully done!
  127. 7cpehq,0,0.33,sharethek,1510600061,btc,11/13/17 19:07,,,11/13/2017 11:17,0,Do we need one last EDA before fork?
  128. 7cpelh,1,1,fffff888908,1510600084,btc,11/13/17 19:08,,,\N,1,Support for segwit in bitcoin core is delayed again to version 0.16.0 scheduled for 2018-05-01
  129. 7cpeo2,0,0.5,technifocal,1510600098,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:08,,,11/13/2017 11:11,0,"Lighting - ""Payment Route Failure"""
  130. 7cpepe,0,0.43,Escarietcsgo,1510600108,btc,11/13/17 19:08,,,11/13/2017 11:17,0,Selling the news just started!
  131. 7cpes1,3,0.71,ioviner,1510600129,btc,11/13/17 19:08,,,11/13/2017 11:17,0,Who told you guys that BTC wasn't on ATH??
  132. 7cpf5p,12,0.72,MrJkub,1510600215,btc,11/13/17 19:10,,,11/13/2017 11:17,0,"International Royalties were deposited today, and every red cent of this is buying Bitcoin Cash TODAY. Also, I was recently banned from r/bitcoin for being ""Yet Another Sock Puppet Account"". We don't hate Bitcoin. We hate what has happened to it, and who is responsible for it. Fools."
  133. 7cpfl5,1,0.57,shittyneighbours,1510600314,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:11,,,11/13/2017 11:17,0,BTC in Canada!?
  134. 7cpfwf,21,0.84,cloudwarmer,1510600393,btc,11/13/17 19:13,,,11/13/2017 11:17,0,6 blocks to go
  135. 7cpg0w,12,0.93,[deleted],1510600419,btc,11/13/17 19:13,,,11/13/2017 11:17,1,Bitcoin Cash hard fork upgrade goes live at bloch 504 031
  136. 7cpg8g,0,0.42,Gatchalian23,1510600467,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:14,,,11/13/2017 11:17,1,btc to the moon...
  137. 7cpgek,32,0.7,GreenOlivesAreTasty,1510600510,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:15,,,11/13/2017 11:17,0,/r/btc openly pumping. Market manipulation that doesn't represent real demand - beware!
  138. 7cpgie,0,0.45,Funyug,1510600535,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:15,,,11/13/2017 11:17,0,Why Bitcoin Is So Expensive And Its Drawbacks | Blockchaind.Net
  139. 7cpgoc,5,0.73,doramas89,1510600571,btc,11/13/17 19:16,,,11/13/2017 11:17,0,Anyone can link to a block countdown for the fork?
  140. 7cpgwa,0,0.43,tpmd911,1510600621,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:17,,,11/13/2017 11:17,0,Transactions
  141. 7cph4m,1,0.6,MarmaladeBandit,1510600675,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:17,,,11/13/2017 11:22,0,Supporting Bitcoin with Nodes & Resources
  142. 7cph6l,0,0.42,ShwiftyBoi,1510600689,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:18,,,11/13/2017 11:22,0,"Inherited $100k, considering investing large portion into bitcoin. Need advice!!"
  143. 7cphas,1,0.53,[deleted],1510600711,btc,11/13/17 19:18,,,11/13/2017 11:29,1,"My challenge to you: If you can crash BitcoinCash down to $99, I'll eat my own dick on national television. I bet you can't crash it... because we'll be buying it if you try to crash it. We buy & hold over here."
  144. 7cphd7,0,0.47,tailsuser606,1510600726,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:18,,,11/13/2017 11:22,0,I think changing PoW is essential for Bitcoin.
  145. 7cphkn,9,0.72,gggddd333,1510600773,btc,11/13/17 19:19,,,11/13/2017 11:29,0,"Jan 1st, 2018: BCH goes MOON"
  146. 7cphki,13,0.72,madd_honey,1510600791,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:19,,,11/13/2017 11:22,0,A short message to whoever keeps faking these big sell walls
  147. 7cphov,1,0.57,[deleted],1510600800,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:20,,,11/13/2017 11:22,0,Where can I purchase designer accessories with BTC? | $10 Reward
  148. 7cpht3,8,0.73,kplusd216,1510600826,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:20,,,11/13/2017 11:22,0,Redemption...had to make it right!
  149. 7cphui,2,1,talleyho1,1510600835,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:20,not,,\N,1,"all aboard bitcoin train, leaving the station now, BCH, your short bus will be here to pick you up real soon??"
  150. 7cpi1z,44,0.78,doramas89,1510600881,btc,11/13/17 19:21,,,11/13/2017 11:29,0,Be prepared for mass media to hate on cryptocurrency after BTC's fall
  151. 7cpiap,14,0.85,ZackSerah1,1510600933,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:22,,,11/13/2017 11:26,0,My first month in crypto - thoughts for fellow noobs.
  152. 7cpibo,116,0.53,FluxSeer,1510600938,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:22,,,11/13/2017 11:26,0,"ASICBoost, the reason why Bitmain created BCash."
  153. 7cpip8,9,0.57,spacemonkeey,1510601016,btc,11/13/17 19:23,,,11/13/2017 11:29,0,BCH has surpassed BTC in number of transactions
  154. 7cpirl,12,0.81,ayanamirs,1510601031,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:23,,,11/13/2017 11:38,0,4 projects happening
  155. 7cpix6,1,1,deuteronpsi,1510601063,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:24,not,,\N,1,"Summary of events, Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash"
  156. 7cpj24,8,0.75,Fitcryptoguyin,1510601093,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:24,,,11/13/2017 11:26,0,CME CEO: Bitcoin Futures Could Begin Trading As Soon As December
  157. 7cpj3h,0,0.5,UntreatedDispenser,1510601104,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:25,,,11/13/2017 11:26,0,"I bought 1000$ worth at 3 different prices, 6100, 6320, and 6340"
  158. 7cpjbl,1,1,darkflamestudios,1510601158,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:25,not,,\N,1,HODL
  159. 7cpje7,11,0.79,[deleted],1510601172,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:26,,,11/13/2017 11:26,0,"Roger Ver, Jihan Wu & Co got delusional after watching Mr.Robot"
  160. 7cpjgc,9,0.72,jam-hay,1510601184,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:26,,,11/13/2017 11:29,0,"10,000 Bitcoins ($65m) Auctioned for $50 but no one bought them as $50 was deemed too expensive"
  161. 7cpjh6,0,0.42,SkinnyCheapDog,1510601189,btc,11/13/17 19:26,,,11/13/2017 11:29,0,just saw this
  162. 7cpjrm,2,0.57,btcBandit,1510601254,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:27,,,11/13/2017 11:29,0,Wonder if these guys wished they had kept their coins?
  163. 7cpjz5,2,0.62,FieldBet,1510601307,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:28,,,11/13/2017 11:29,0,Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake?
  164. 7cpjzg,2,0.62,CJB74,1510601308,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:28,,,11/13/2017 11:29,0,Realistic expectation for confirmation?
  165. 7cpk4i,5,0.77,WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW1,1510601341,btc,11/13/17 19:29,,,11/13/2017 11:29,0,Live hashrate?
  166. 7cpk6l,128,0.79,2ManyHarddrives,1510601357,btc,11/13/17 19:29,,,11/13/2017 11:29,0,BTC.TOP just mined a BCH block and voted for the NYA! Lol.
  167. 7cpk87,34,0.73,AstroVan94,1510601368,btc,11/13/17 19:29,,,11/13/2017 11:29,0,"New to Crypto, big fan of Bitcoin Cash!"
  168. 7cpkbp,6,0.72,d341d,1510601391,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:29,,,11/13/2017 11:38,0,What's truly amazing is Bitcoin's resilience through all this.
  169. 7cpkd9,7,0.7,bolharr2250,1510601404,btc,11/13/17 19:30,,,11/13/2017 11:40,0,Best places to purchase or exchange BCH?
  170. 7cpkf8,1,0.66,crypto_profi,1510601414,btc,11/13/17 19:30,,,\N,1,HODL your wallets! BTG is available for exchange!
  171. 7cpkfm,2,0.54,CollinsBrownIV,1510601417,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:30,,,11/13/2017 11:36,0,"this mining situation has to get worked out. I just transferred ~$190 into BTC and was charged over $20 in fees, and the transaction is taking over an hour"
  172. 7cpkx5,0,0.38,block_the_tx_stream,1510601528,btc,11/13/17 19:32,,,11/13/2017 11:40,0,me_irl
  173. 7cplfl,0,0.43,gozaamaya,1510601640,btc,11/13/17 19:34,,,11/13/2017 11:40,0,Where should you keep your coins during a hard fork?
  174. 7cplh5,1,0.6,affordable-zest,1510601650,btc,11/13/17 19:34,,,11/13/2017 11:40,0,Best Exchange (most coins) w/ Mobile App that supports send/withdraw & analysis
  175. 7cplmq,12,0.71,PoopIsYum,1510601682,btc,11/13/17 19:34,,,11/13/2017 11:40,0,"Don't upvote, just a quick question in the comments."
  176. 7cplv2,4,0.63,NeedMoreHints,1510601730,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:35,,,11/13/2017 11:36,0,Me riding these dips like
  177. 7cplyq,0,0.25,[deleted],1510601752,btc,11/13/17 19:35,,,11/13/2017 11:40,1,Would merged mining be possible on BCH and BTC?
  178. 7cpm07,1,0.57,unk1911,1510601761,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:36,,,11/13/2017 11:36,0,Transaction with a very small fee stuck in mempool
  179. 7cpm87,0,0.34,[deleted],1510601806,btc,11/13/17 19:36,,,11/13/2017 11:40,0,"Confused, does this sound like Satoshi? I thought BCH was supposed to be the real BTC?"
  180. 7cpm9e,2,0.6,SpellingMistache,1510601814,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:36,,,11/13/2017 11:38,0,Does anyone else wish they could code and contribute to Bitcoin's development?
  181. 7cpmio,1,1,CryptoHog,1510601876,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:37,not,,\N,1,"Bitcoin faucets are a great way to earn bitcoin for just a few clicks of your time. Here is info on my favorite Bitcoin faucets, check it out if you haven't seen it before."
  182. 7cpml6,2,0.62,Juro_,1510601893,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:38,,,11/13/2017 11:40,0,CME CEO: ''Bitcoin Futures Could Begin Trading As Soon As December''
  183. 7cpmo3,12,0.63,Dainathon,1510601911,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:38,,,11/13/2017 11:40,0,Not everyone who voices concerns with the BTC network are shills
  184. 7cpmvs,0,0.5,[deleted],1510601962,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:39,,,11/13/2017 11:40,0,BTC is untameable. UNTAMEABLE I TELL THEE!!
  185. 7cpmwu,0,0.33,1BitcoinJackpot,1510601967,btc,11/13/17 19:39,,,11/13/2017 11:40,0,[ANNOUNCE] A Bitcoin Jackpot game (winner verifiably deterministically chosen)
  186. 7cpmyk,2,0.57,idontlose_crypto,1510601976,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:39,,,11/13/2017 11:40,0,Bitcoin network needs YOU now!
  187. 7cpn4y,1,0.54,prazy13,1510602012,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:40,,,11/13/2017 11:40,0,Uncomfirm transaction
  188. 7cpn5w,27,0.85,Mythoranium,1510602016,btc,11/13/17 19:40,,,11/13/2017 11:40,0,"Second block after DAA timestamp mined by, only 12 minutes after the first one"
  189. 7cpn6b,4,0.7,PapiPoseidon,1510602019,btc,11/13/17 19:40,,,11/13/2017 11:40,0,he Bitcoin Cash network upgrade will go live as soon as 5 more blocks have been mined.
  190. 7cpn6j,1,0.57,kalvinandhobbes8,1510602020,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:40,,,11/13/2017 11:44,0,Recommended wallet/exchange?
  191. 7cpnes,10,0.85,headoFluff,1510602071,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:41,,,11/13/2017 11:44,0,I? follow ONE bitcoin Instagram and...
  192. 7cpnl5,30,0.76,jessquit,1510602103,btc,11/13/17 19:41,,,11/13/2017 11:53,0,"stay tuned for some BS announcement about a ""BCH coin split"" with some jerkoffs trying to mine and sell ""BCH Classic"" with the old EDA"
  193. 7cpno3,1,0.57,Shrushru22,1510602126,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:42,,,11/13/2017 11:44,0,Cost Averaging?
  194. 7cpnwk,0,0.38,doramas89,1510602179,btc,11/13/17 19:42,,,11/13/2017 11:53,0,"Offtopic fun: I feel renaming bitcoin cash to Satoshicoin (STN) or similar would be such a tribute to the genius, whoever he is"
  195. 7cpnyq,0,0.5,susosusosuso,1510602191,btc,11/13/17 19:43,,,11/13/2017 11:53,0,Just traded all my BTC to USDT... I need to estabilize the value I invested in BTC for years...
  196. 7cpo3g,2,0.62,crazy_santa,1510602216,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:43,,,11/13/2017 11:44,0,CME CEO: Bitcoin Futures Could Begin Trading As Soon As December
  197. 7cpo54,1,1,Cryptoknowledge,1510602229,btc,11/13/17 19:43,,,\N,1,"Bitcoin Soars, Erases Weekend Losses As 'Cash' Gets Cut In Half"
  198. 7cpo61,10,0.66,Quantumbtc,1510602237,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:43,,,11/13/2017 11:44,0,Unconfirmed Transactions slowly rising?
  199. 7cpocl,0,0.18,dikkehiv,1510602280,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:44,,,11/13/2017 11:47,1,[BTC Lottery] Join the lottery!
  200. 7cpofb,955,0.82,block_the_tx_stream,1510602295,btc,11/13/17 19:44,,,11/13/2017 11:53,0,"Mempool breaks resistance trend, strong support at ~87500. Super bullish!"
  201. 7cpofs,0,0.5,meowlus,1510602299,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:44,,,11/13/2017 11:47,0,Current transaction fee rates - ELI5?
  202. 7cpol1,0,0.44,[deleted],1510602334,btc,11/13/17 19:45,,,\N,1,PSA: Bitcoin Cash hardfork upgrade now complete!
  203. 7cpos0,0,0.27,[deleted],1510602381,btc,11/13/17 19:46,,,11/13/2017 11:53,1,"Two girls, one Bitcoin cup ¥ r/CryptoCurrency"
  204. 7cpow6,8,0.76,MeGASpaWn,1510602405,btc,11/13/17 19:46,,,11/13/2017 11:53,0,Anyone knows where to buy BCH in India?
  205. 7cpozg,0,0.5,CountinCrypto,1510602422,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:47,,,11/13/2017 11:47,0,Attacks on Bitcoin
  206. 7cpp1s,5,0.73,Gaditonecy,1510602432,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:47,,,11/13/2017 11:47,0,"Now that (hopefully most) of the s2x drama is behind us, any news on whether Bitcoin Black Friday is happening this year?"
  207. 7cpp2r,0,0.25,[deleted],1510602437,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:47,,,11/13/2017 11:47,1,BTC Hash rate is dropping!
  208. 7cpp9f,0,0.45,Cahcielo,1510602481,btc,11/13/17 19:48,,,11/13/2017 11:53,0,Remember when big blocks were blocked by Chinese miners behind the bandwidth-limited Great Firewall? Now it's because Chinese miners don't want SegWit?
  209. 7cppku,0,0.47,johnso21,1510602551,btc,11/13/17 19:49,,,11/13/2017 11:53,0,Bitcoin Cash transaction taking forever...
  210. 7cppky,2,0.56,BTCBCCBCH,1510602552,btc,11/13/17 19:49,,,11/13/2017 11:53,0,CME CEO: Bitcoin Futures Could Begin Trading As Soon As December
  211. 7cppr7,0,0.38,unpaid_shill666,1510602591,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:49,,,11/13/2017 11:53,0,To everyone who sodl the dip...
  212. 7cppvk,0,0.33,[deleted],1510602621,btc,11/13/17 19:50,,,11/13/2017 11:53,1, - trading for BTC
  213. 7cpqf6,1,0.55,Skank_cunt_42,1510602746,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:52,,,11/13/2017 11:53,0,Will Coinbase ever reduce there transfer fees?
  214. 7cpqj8,1,0.57,tattedhoncho,1510602773,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:52,,,11/13/2017 12:01,0,Ledger Nano S Or Trezor wallet? Looking for the best overall wallet and not sure which one should I choose.. Which one supports Monero and is the best overall?
  215. 7cpqo7,0,0.45,michiemaster1987,1510602802,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:53,,,11/13/2017 11:53,0,"Bitcoin, money of the future?"
  216. 7cpqr1,2,0.6,Alshad,1510602820,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:53,,,11/13/2017 11:53,0,Mining BTC... where to start?
  217. 7cpqu5,1,0.66,DrGarbinsky,1510602840,btc,11/13/17 19:54,,,11/13/2017 12:03,0,Coin Dance offline?
  218. 7cpr3f,3,0.71,chalbersma,1510602890,btc,11/13/17 19:54,,,11/13/2017 12:03,0,"Recovery In Doubt? Bitcoin (Legacy) Price May Not Sustain Above $6,500"
  219. 7cpr4g,6,0.63,mc_kingjames,1510602898,btc,11/13/17 19:54,,,11/13/2017 12:03,0,This subreddit right now
  220. 7cpr9j,5,0.85,3even,1510602923,btc,11/13/17 19:55,,,11/13/2017 12:03,0,This video aged well.
  221. 7cprc4,1,0.52,ep1939,1510602940,btc,11/13/17 19:55,,,11/13/2017 12:03,0,"I'll be honest. I can't fully trust Bitcoin Cash if the people promoting it themselves do not support it economically,"
  222. 7cprjf,15,0.81,chalbersma,1510602987,btc,11/13/17 19:56,,,11/13/2017 12:03,0,Average Bitcoin (Legacy) Transaction Fee Jumps to $13
  223. 7cprjb,1,1,rrdrummer,1510602987,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:56,not,,\N,0,"As someone semi-new to this sphere, the impression I've gotten from you all of bitcoin cash..."
  224. 7cprjj,2,0.66,space58,1510602988,btc,11/13/17 19:56,,,11/13/2017 12:03,0,Does anyone else think the DAA fix was timed to happen early in the morning in Asia?
  225. 7cprmr,6,0.79,slardybartfast8,1510603008,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:56,,,11/13/2017 11:57,0,Can someone help explain Trezor to me?
  226. 7cprsk,14,0.82,PrimesAreMyFavorite,1510603043,btc,11/13/17 19:57,,,11/13/2017 12:03,0,BTC mempool is now rising again despite majority hashpower
  227. 7cprsp,10,0.99,turkeyjerkey23,1510603045,btc,11/13/17 19:57,,,11/13/2017 12:03,0,"Back to basics: why is using Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash better than venmo, paypal, or credit card?"
  228. 7cprun,16,0.72,ieatdurt,1510603059,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:57,,,11/13/2017 11:57,0,"In the future, when Hollywood makes the movie about the attempted Bitcoin coup in 2017, who will play Roger Ver, Jihan Wu, John McAfee, etc.?"
  229. 7cps0y,1,1,CryptoKirby,1510603102,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:58,not,,\N,1,?? BITCOIN WILL DUMP... THEN PUMP TO NEW ALL TIME HIGHS !!!
  230. 7cps4l,2,0.75,chalbersma,1510603122,btc,11/13/17 19:58,,,11/13/2017 12:03,0,Rollercoaster Weekend: Bitcoin Cash Fluctuates as Major Upgrade Approaches
  231. 7cpsch,1,0.57,mrsotkogaming,1510603174,Bitcoin,11/13/17 19:59,,,11/13/2017 12:01,1,Day Trading Bitcoin: For Beginners
  232. 7cpsco,11,0.83,TripperBets,1510603175,btc,11/13/17 19:59,,,11/13/2017 12:03,0,Three more blocks
  233. 7cpsry,5,0.72,bonezone2020,1510603266,btc,11/13/17 20:01,,,11/13/2017 12:03,0,3 blocks mined 3 to go
  234. 7cpt0m,7,0.82,aokylian,1510603320,btc,11/13/17 20:02,,,11/13/2017 12:03,0,Round 2
  235. 7cptah,0,0.33,hardfork_com,1510603382,btc,11/13/17 20:03,,,11/13/2017 12:03,0, - trading for BTC
  236. 7cptfx,5,0.73,bearjewpacabra,1510603407,btc,11/13/17 20:03,,,11/13/2017 12:03,0,3 BLOCKS LEFT
  237. 7cpthn,57,0.79,CoreSkeptic,1510603419,btc,11/13/17 20:03,,,11/13/2017 12:03,0,Bitcoin Cash wouldn't have made it this far without it
  238. 7cptnm,4,0.59,Tonio_CH,1510603459,btc,11/13/17 20:04,,,11/13/2017 12:16,0,"Crosspost from you know where: Bitcoin(dot)com (which supports a BCash altcoin) is now #1 result on google when you search for the term ""bitcoin""."
  239. 7cptr6,1,0.57,jfarn96,1510603479,btc,11/13/17 20:04,,,11/13/2017 12:16,0,Thoughts on BTC and BCH scaling issues
  240. 7cpu4p,1,1,miguelguti,1510603575,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:06,not,,\N,1,CHEERS TO THOSE WHO BOUGHT THE DIP!
  241. 7cpu9w,3,0.63,9500,1510603616,btc,11/13/17 20:06,,,11/13/2017 12:16,0,"Anyone else noticed that Bitfinex refered to Bitcoin Cash as Bitcoin Cash, not Bcash?"
  242. 7cpug9,5,0.61,op-return,1510603646,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:07,,,11/13/2017 12:08,0,Don't be like Lincoln
  243. 7cpuiq,1,1,arganam,1510603661,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:07,not,,\N,1, says it's 2.6 times more profitable to mine bitcoin right now
  244. 7cpumg,0,0.5,arganam,1510603686,btc,11/13/17 20:08,,,11/13/2017 12:16,0, says it's 2.6 times more profitable to mine bitcoin right now
  245. 7cpuqo,12,0.77,hunk_quark,1510603707,btc,11/13/17 20:08,,,11/13/2017 12:16,0,"The r/bitcoin troll army is here, 6000 people online."
  246. 7cpur0,0,0.48,NicholasAmbrosini,1510603709,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:08,,,11/13/2017 12:08,0,WANNA STABILIZE BITCOIN? Use it as f@&$ing money!
  247. 7cputd,3,0.61,solid12345,1510603727,btc,11/13/17 20:08,,,11/13/2017 12:16,0,My theory...Segwit2x was a fakeout
  248. 7cpuv4,2,0.58,moresourdough,1510603739,btc,11/13/17 20:08,,,11/13/2017 12:16,0,"Satire or Poe's law in action? ""Things you can do to defend bitcoin"" ""Direct mining power to bitcoin even at a loss"" ""don't do any transactions this week"""
  249. 7cpuwi,22,0.77,TripperBets,1510603748,btc,11/13/17 20:09,,,11/13/2017 12:16,0,TWO. MORE.
  250. 7cpuxc,7,0.82,arganam,1510603754,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:09,,,11/13/2017 12:14,0,Bitcoin is currently 2.6 times more profitable to mine according to
  251. 7cpv2l,4,0.64,po00on,1510603789,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:09,,,11/13/2017 12:14,0,Full blockchain file size a potential point of failure?
  252. 7cpv3d,1,0.57,DetroitGardens,1510603796,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:09,,,11/13/2017 12:39,0,Should Bitcoin Care About this Weekends Events?
  253. 7cpvfi,12,0.73,bearjewpacabra,1510603866,btc,11/13/17 20:11,,,11/13/2017 12:16,0,Things that make you go HMMMMMMMMM :D
  254. 7cpvgl,1,0.55,MDonovan287,1510603873,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:11,,,11/13/2017 12:14,0,Merchant locator or directory?
  255. 7cpvh4,1,0.6,morinonaka,1510603875,btc,11/13/17 20:11,,,11/13/2017 12:16,0,Beyond Blockchain: Simple Scalable Cryptocurrencies
  256. 7cpvlv,2,0.55,baikydog,1510603905,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:11,,,11/13/2017 12:14,0,Bitcoin id GOLD
  257. 7cpvng,4,0.62,Escarietcsgo,1510603918,btc,11/13/17 20:11,,,11/13/2017 12:16,0,Honest question.
  258. 7cpw42,5,0.64,red_carpet_magic,1510604019,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:13,,,11/13/2017 12:14,0,What do you think is about to unfold?
  259. 7cpw7c,17,0.69,TripperBets,1510604038,btc,11/13/17 20:13,,,11/13/2017 12:16,0,ONE MORE
  260. 7cpwew,6,0.72,[deleted],1510604081,btc,11/13/17 20:14,,,11/13/2017 12:16,1,Hashpower leaving BTC chain in dramatic fashion as BCH's new DAA activates
  261. 7cpwfe,4,0.61,stjulians,1510604085,btc,11/13/17 20:14,,,11/13/2017 12:16,0,Attention Shills: Yes there is a pump and dump. People are dumping BTC and their buying is pumping BCH.
  262. 7cpwik,1,0.53,baseddingus,1510604103,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:15,,,11/13/2017 12:16,0,HODL we are stronger than this
  263. 7cpwk9,0,0.33,YoungShibe,1510604117,btc,11/13/17 20:15,,,11/13/2017 12:16,0,Why not to merge mine both coins?
  264. 7cpwun,5,0.74,mellowlucy,1510604188,btc,11/13/17 20:16,,,11/13/2017 12:16,0,Moved over to BCH from BTC. How long will it take for the 6 blocks to be completed for BCH?
  265. 7cpwz6,2,0.62,C0balt7,1510604215,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:16,,,11/13/2017 12:20,0,Trading on Coinbase
  266. 7cpx21,22,0.76,cashening,1510604233,btc,11/13/17 20:17,,,11/13/2017 12:28,0,Bitcoin Wikipedia page needs an update. It is heavily biased toward Core philosophy and references the deceitful website.
  267. 7cpx75,4,0.74,hellaskates,1510604264,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:17,,,11/13/2017 12:20,0,Coinbase to (any) wallet fee?
  268. 7cpxdh,16,0.81,taipalag,1510604302,btc,11/13/17 20:18,,,11/13/2017 12:28,0,"One More Block To Go Guys, The We Have a New DAA!"
  269. 7cpxhs,3,1,[deleted],1510604330,btc,11/13/17 20:18,,,\N,1,sent bitcoin cash to bittrex. 10 confirmations of my bitcoin cash but on bittrex it says 5?
  270. 7cpxkw,800,0.8,coinnoob,1510604350,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:19,,,11/13/2017 12:20,1,"Bitcoin. Upvote this and will remain the first result for ""Bitcoin"" on google."
  271. 7cpxmm,56,0.76,jumpingmario,1510604358,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:19,,,11/13/2017 12:20,0,It is still 153% more profitable to mine the original chain. #No2FUD
  272. 7cpxnw,9,0.67,bbld,1510604367,btc,11/13/17 20:19,,,11/13/2017 12:28,0,Proof of BCH centralized mining?
  273. 7cpxpb,5,0.73,sidhmalhotra,1510604375,btc,11/13/17 20:19,,,11/13/2017 12:28,0," - The only exchange where you can buy BCH/INR twin had so big volumes in last 2-3days, they had to upgrade there servers multiple times over the weekend"
  274. 7cpxyj,16,0.81,lcvella,1510604432,btc,11/13/17 20:20,,,11/13/2017 12:28,0,The only thing forbidding fractional reserve in Bitcoin is its capacity for on-chain transactions
  275. 7cpxyi,0,0.45,[deleted],1510604432,btc,11/13/17 20:20,,,11/13/2017 12:28,0,Can we have an unbiased discussion regarding recent events?
  276. 7cpxyr,6,0.74,Rich68n1,1510604433,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:20,,,11/13/2017 12:20,0,"Cheddur app, a new app with people providing info on all news related to cryptocurrencys."
  277. 7cpxzk,13,0.57,0t15_f1r3fly_1000,1510604439,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:20,,,11/13/2017 12:20,0,Why does this subreddit delete posts about the MASSIVE transaction fees and problems with BTC?
  278. 7cpy0q,7,0.81,ilikerocketsandshiz,1510604445,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:20,,,11/13/2017 12:20,0,Kraken are withholding my withdrawal funds and have now stopped communication.
  279. 7cpyrf,0,0.4,Egon_1,1510604621,btc,11/13/17 20:23,,,11/13/2017 12:28,0,"Unocoin (India): ""We just need layer 2 / 3 solution for BTC. Else even a 256 MB block size is insufficient for a successful crypto."""
  280. 7cpyxb,1,1,[deleted],1510604659,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:24,not,,\N,1,BCC network upgrade in 1 block!
  281. 7cpz06,9,0.84,dd32x,1510604675,btc,11/13/17 20:24,,,11/13/2017 12:28,0,In shock
  282. 7cpz1c,0,0.5,doramas89,1510604679,btc,11/13/17 20:24,,,11/13/2017 12:28,0,"Does anyone know what BTC.TOP miners ""voting"" for NYC (segwit2x) mean? I'm not liking what I'm seeing (link)"
  283. 7cpz32,3,0.72,knight222,1510604691,btc,11/13/17 20:24,,,11/13/2017 12:28,0,Should I invest in BTC block space?
  284. 7cpz5m,37,0.82,lumenium,1510604709,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:25,,,11/13/2017 12:25,0,"The rootstock sidechain launching Dec 4th will have ~100 TPS (not including their future Lumino lightning network). The ""other"" forkedcoin currently has only 8 X 3.5 or 28 TP/s assuming a normal subsidy rate"
  285. 7cpz7k,0,0.21,[deleted],1510604721,btc,11/13/17 20:25,,,\N,1,"why do people call Bitcoin cash the ""real bitcoin"" when its a copy"
  286. 7cpz8u,2,0.75,Ccboy01,1510604732,btc,11/13/17 20:25,,,11/13/2017 12:28,0,My thoughts on Effect of new difficulty algorithm
  287. 7cpz9e,67,0.78,GANGVBKLNKZ,1510604736,btc,11/13/17 20:25,,,11/13/2017 12:28,0,"Nobody is being forced, lured, paid or in any way manipulated into supporting Bitcoin Cash."
  288. 7cpzn9,0,0.19,ct9092,1510604831,btc,11/13/17 20:27,,,11/13/2017 12:28,0,Another rally?
  289. 7cpzqw,9,0.76,Gregory_Maxwell,1510604852,btc,11/13/17 20:27,,,11/13/2017 12:28,0,"Quote of the day: ""Jesus' third arrival is going to come before the Lightning Network is functional."" - Rick Falkvinge"
  290. 7cpzqz,13,0.75,alwaysAn0n,1510604853,btc,11/13/17 20:27,,,11/13/2017 12:28,0,BCH is 1337
  291. 7cpzzi,12,0.83,Crypto556,1510604909,btc,11/13/17 20:28,,,11/13/2017 12:28,0,"Can anyone explain if the whole "" transaction spam"" is a real thing?"
  292. 7cq07u,12,0.87,Mythoranium,1510604962,btc,11/13/17 20:29,,,11/13/2017 12:39,0,Are miners moving to BCH?
  293. 7cq08o,4,0.66,nofishme,1510604968,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:29,,,11/13/2017 12:34,0,Fujitsu new quantum-inspired CPU with 17 000 times faster combinatorial problem solving
  294. 7cq0su,5,0.66,feroun_,1510605095,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:31,,,11/13/2017 12:34,0,"Contact your exchange, wallet provider etc. and ask for Segwit implementation."
  295. 7cq0us,1,0.66,crypto_profi,1510605104,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:31,,,\N,1,HODL your wallets! BTG is available for exchange!
  296. 7cq0w6,13,0.77,MobTwo,1510605113,btc,11/13/17 20:31,,,11/13/2017 12:39,0,A note to the sudden uptick of trolls in this subreddit trying to spread lies and disruptions
  297. 7cq0yc,4,0.63,alfonumeric,1510605127,btc,11/13/17 20:32,,,11/13/2017 12:39,0,"what's in a brand name ? .... a lot of branding .... and definition of an ""altcoin"""
  298. 7cq123,51,0.81,DontJoinTheMilitary,1510605151,btc,11/13/17 20:32,,,11/13/2017 12:39,0,"Response to high fees is... ""HODL""? Goodbye BTC."
  299. 7cq156,18,0.79,jonald_fyookball,1510605174,btc,11/13/17 20:32,,,11/13/2017 12:39,0,another thing I noticed about r/bitcoin...
  300. 7cq1bh,0,0.26,3Amigos,1510605211,btc,11/13/17 20:33,,,11/13/2017 12:39,0,Letter to Roger Ver and Yohan Wu
  301. 7cq1e4,1,0.54,ur8moms,1510605228,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:33,,,11/13/2017 12:34,0,decrease in hashrate?
  302. 7cq1f8,5,0.85,DarkSpace-Harbinger,1510605235,btc,11/13/17 20:33,,,11/13/2017 12:39,0,One block away from Hard Fork going live!
  303. 7cq1gl,2,0.66,Danielfrompluto,1510605246,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:34,,,11/13/2017 12:34,1,Easy choice
  304. 7cq1h6,1,0.56,krogothnyc,1510605249,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:34,,,11/13/2017 12:34,0,Mycelium Entropy
  305. 7cq1j4,14,0.76,Jasun721,1510605256,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:34,,,11/13/2017 12:36,0,Bitcoin being accepted slowly by mainstream for real estate transactions in Miami.
  306. 7cq1o3,4,0.75,_mawe_,1510605286,btc,11/13/17 20:34,,,11/13/2017 12:39,0,Looking forward to the day where cash gets mentioned on bloomberg
  307. 7cq1p7,0,0.23,bchftw,1510605294,btc,11/13/17 20:34,,,11/13/2017 12:39,0,Luke Dashjr has praised BCH. LetÕs get him on board to help complete SatoshÕs vision!
  308. 7cq1vr,63,0.89,knight222,1510605331,btc,11/13/17 20:35,,,11/13/2017 12:39,0,WOW! Over $10 000 has been transferred with the Bitcoin Cash tippr bot!
  309. 7cq1y2,17,0.66,FiendCoin,1510605345,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:35,,,11/13/2017 12:36,0,ItÕs funny that the miners and businesses that are crying for a blocksize increase are the very people who are causing all the congestion and high fees on the Bitcoin network.
  310. 7cq1z6,2,0.75,alex_the_pretty_good,1510605351,btc,11/13/17 20:35,,,11/13/2017 12:39,0,Could someone give me a quickstart guide to buying 1 bitcoin cash as a Canadian (ideally with a credit card)?
  311. 7cq21a,15,0.8,andyyu90,1510605363,btc,11/13/17 20:36,,,11/13/2017 12:39,0,The suspense is killing me
  312. 7cq245,4,0.7,cmoffat,1510605381,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:36,,,11/13/2017 12:36,0,Not sure if this website is telling the truth or broken. When I just checked it stated Zero Bcash nodes are up & running.
  313. 7cq28o,7,0.67,feiba93,1510605405,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:36,,,11/13/2017 12:39,0,Can anybody tell me how to buy bitcoin future after CME launch it tomorrow? Many thanks
  314. 7cq28x,1,0.57,dson321,1510605408,btc,11/13/17 20:36,,,11/13/2017 12:39,0,Why won't Coinbase credit customers BCH?
  315. 7cq2b4,5,0.54,IS_SUBTLY_IRRELEVANT,1510605423,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:37,,,11/13/2017 12:39,0,"As a noob, the transaction fees and slow transactions have made me lose faith in BTC after a few months. This seems like a fundamental problem. Am I wrong?"
  316. 7cq2jn,0,0.48,MiguelLancaster,1510605477,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:37,,,11/13/2017 12:39,0,The right time to sell?
  317. 7cq2kz,0,0.45,yvanehtnioj92,1510605487,btc,11/13/17 20:38,,,11/13/2017 12:39,0,Honest question: why BCH and not Litecoin?
  318. 7cq35u,0,0.33,[deleted],1510605618,btc,11/13/17 20:40,,,11/13/2017 13:01,1,And HERE we GOOOO !
  319. 7cq3bp,41,0.71,disneythrowaway66666,1510605651,btc,11/13/17 20:40,,,11/13/2017 13:01,0,Why Bitcoin Cash will become the dominant Bitcoin in the next month.
  320. 7cq3oj,2,0.58,PerfectShambles88,1510605730,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:42,,,11/13/2017 12:43,0,"I just bought more Bitcoin on Coinbase, was that a bad idea?"
  321. 7cq43m,0,0.23,NoneObstacle7,1510605818,btc,11/13/17 20:43,,,\N,1,Better And Far Safer Then BitConnect?
  322. 7cq44z,6,0.62,AuOrPb,1510605826,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:43,,,11/13/2017 12:55,0,IÕm sick of this post-truth world (alt-coin fear talk)
  323. 7cq45i,2,0.55,[deleted],1510605829,btc,11/13/17 20:43,,,\N,1,Bitcoin Cash has Surpassed Bitcoin in global hashrate
  324. 7cq4fb,1,1,Cryptoknowledge,1510605889,btc,11/13/17 20:44,,,\N,1,One metric is far more important to bitcoin users than its price
  325. 7cq4g1,8,0.76,kdot25,1510605895,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:44,,,11/13/2017 12:55,0,"For any digital currency to survive as a SOV, decentralization has to be at its core"
  326. 7cq4vk,6,0.74,FormerlyEarlyAdopter,1510605988,btc,11/13/17 20:46,,,11/13/2017 13:01,0,One of the features of Bitcoin is adaptability
  327. 7cq4xp,35,0.85,ashishnitinpatil,1510606002,btc,11/13/17 20:46,,,11/13/2017 13:01,0,Come on block no. 6!!!
  328. 7cq5jt,1,1,j9m3s,1510606139,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:48,not,,\N,1,GET OUT NOW.
  329. 7cq5kn,14,0.84,aaronspurr,1510606144,btc,11/13/17 20:49,,,11/13/2017 13:01,0,stuck transaction
  330. 7cq5l5,20,0.75,TripperBets,1510606146,btc,11/13/17 20:49,,,11/13/2017 13:01,0,The variance on block no.6 is exactly why the Hardfork is being implemented
  331. 7cq5tb,2,0.62,SpellingMistache,1510606194,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:49,,,11/13/2017 12:55,0,How do you all secure your passphrases?
  332. 7cq611,0,0.5,[deleted],1510606244,btc,11/13/17 20:50,,,11/13/2017 13:01,1,Btc shill challenge.
  333. 7cq69x,44,0.57,deathye,1510606302,btc,11/13/17 20:51,,,11/13/2017 13:01,0,? ? ?_? ?? Bitcoin Cash take my energy ? ? ?_? ??
  334. 7cq6ix,0,0.42,Bitcoinmathers,1510606365,btc,11/13/17 20:52,,,11/13/2017 13:01,0,Bitcoin GoldÕs Confusing Mainnet Launch Has a Rough Start
  335. 7cq6ld,2,0.58,nomad_delta,1510606385,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:53,,,11/13/2017 12:55,0,Would it help if we all use NiceHash to buy BTC mining power during the next attack?
  336. 7cq6lk,1,0.52,practicalguy,1510606386,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:53,,,11/13/2017 12:55,0,To all those who did not HODL
  337. 7cq6pg,5,0.73,[deleted],1510606407,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:53,,,11/13/2017 12:55,1,"May or may not have over 200 bitcoins, need help"
  338. 7cq7bk,0,0.44,DRGG4,1510606554,btc,11/13/17 20:55,,,11/13/2017 13:01,0,"Now that the hark fork is completed, Can I safely transfer bch in my wallet?"
  339. 7cq7eu,16,0.74,space58,1510606574,btc,11/13/17 20:56,,,11/13/2017 13:01,0,Lost: BCH block #504031. Reward of 12.5 BCH offered!
  340. 7cq7h9,175,0.82,Rodrigorazor,1510606588,btc,11/13/17 20:56,,,11/13/2017 13:01,0,"People on r/bitcoin claiming that BCH devs and whatnot spammed the network to clog the mempol. If your network can be spammed to the point of becoming unusable, you should fix the network not start hating the spammers."
  341. 7cq7vz,0,0.23,ireallywannaknowwhy,1510606682,btc,11/13/17 20:58,,,11/13/2017 13:01,0,This whole process is being gamed so much it is plain to see the centralisation.
  342. 7cq7zk,0,0.5,InBloom995,1510606701,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:58,,,11/13/2017 13:01,0,How do I test if my wallet is working correctly?
  343. 7cq80q,0,0.45,IAMSTUCKATWORK,1510606707,btc,11/13/17 20:58,,,11/13/2017 13:01,0,Where does GBTC fall in the midst of this?
  344. 7cq85b,1,0.57,Druxo,1510606734,btc,11/13/17 20:58,,,11/13/2017 13:01,0,What is after 8MB blocks?
  345. 7cq864,0,0.45,cronnelle,1510606740,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:59,,,11/13/2017 13:01,0,I lost $250 because of panic selling.
  346. 7cq87y,506,0.89,degif,1510606750,btc,11/13/17 20:59,,,11/13/2017 13:01,0,Bitcoin Cash network upgrade is confirmed and live with the block #504031
  347. 7cq88g,3,0.6,Dwashelle,1510606753,Bitcoin,11/13/17 20:59,,,11/13/2017 13:01,0,Crazy high Coinbase fees?
  348. 7cq8am,63,0.81,podrock,1510606765,btc,11/13/17 20:59,,,11/13/2017 13:01,0,Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork 'DAA' successful! Already seeing ~10 min blocks!
  349. 7cq8g7,435,0.87,[deleted],1510606798,btc,11/13/17 20:59,,,11/13/2017 13:01,0,Today the Bitcoin Cash Network did it's first successful Hard Fork!!!
  350. 7cq8j7,40,0.85,sgasgdsgbdsg,1510606816,btc,11/13/17 21:00,,,11/13/2017 13:01,0,The DAA is activated.
  351. 7cq8jw,120,0.8,TripperBets,1510606820,btc,11/13/17 21:00,,,11/13/2017 13:01,0,New BCH DAA officially live after 6th block has been mined.
  352. 7cq8ko,78,0.84,Habanos_ashe,1510606824,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:00,,,11/13/2017 13:01,0,Kraken server
  353. 7cq8n7,186,0.82,bearjewpacabra,1510606839,btc,11/13/17 21:00,,,11/13/2017 13:01,0,HAPPY FORK!!!!!!!!!
  354. 7cq8nv,9,0.7,rauchtopaz,1510606844,btc,11/13/17 21:00,,,11/13/2017 13:01,0,They claimed 'btc dead' so many times that finally it came true: someone from core team 1 or 2 years from now
  355. 7cq8r0,28,0.76,doramas89,1510606862,btc,11/13/17 21:01,,,11/13/2017 13:01,0,"It's live. This marks the beginning of true free market: together, we and the miners will decide."
  356. 7cq8tu,29,0.79,0t15_f1r3fly_1000,1510606873,btc,11/13/17 21:01,,,11/13/2017 13:01,0,Banned for honest debate. R/bitcoin is pure propaganda!!!!
  357. 7cq8v4,5,0.66,vmenge,1510606879,btc,11/13/17 21:01,,,11/13/2017 13:12,0,"Noob here, with a few questions"
  358. 7cq919,51,0.83,PapiPoseidon,1510606907,btc,11/13/17 21:01,,,11/13/2017 13:12,0,The Bitcoin Cash network has now been upgraded to support the new difficulty adjustment algorithm!
  359. 7cq99z,1,1,shahmeerch,1510606951,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:02,not,,\N,1,"BitConnect made a music video to promote their ""investment opportunity""."
  360. 7cq9a6,28,0.81,revanyo,1510606953,btc,11/13/17 21:02,,,11/13/2017 13:12,0,The Bitcoin Cash network has now been upgraded to support the new difficulty adjustment algorithm!
  361. 7cq9b1,1,0.54,GangsterWisdom,1510606960,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:02,,,11/13/2017 13:07,0,The Proper tl;dr Of The Segwit2x Hard Fork - November 2017
  362. 7cq9e7,2,0.56,1E+20,1510606982,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:03,,,11/13/2017 13:07,0,Remember to buy War Bonds! The life you save may be your own!
  363. 7cq9rz,5,0.6,PipingHotGravy,1510607055,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:04,,,11/13/2017 13:07,1,Screw that pump and dump. I'll *gladly* pay $25 fees to keep this network secure!
  364. 7cq9wc,0,0.25,compula,1510607079,btc,11/13/17 21:04,,,11/13/2017 13:12,0,DUUUUUUUUUUUUMP!!
  365. 7cq9yz,0,0.32,BitcoinKong,1510607097,btc,11/13/17 21:04,,,11/13/2017 13:12,0,Why is the BCH price dropping?
  366. 7cqa3p,0,0.29,Tergi,1510607124,btc,11/13/17 21:05,,,11/13/2017 13:12,0,did changelly remove BCH?
  367. 7cqa46,21,0.69,paulajohnson,1510607127,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:05,,,11/13/2017 13:07,0,The mempool is increasing again
  368. 7cqa7z,1,0.6,ashishnitinpatil,1510607149,btc,11/13/17 21:05,,,11/13/2017 13:12,0,The difficulty updates after block no.6 or block no. 7?
  369. 7cqa8s,29,0.84,OlavOlsm,1510607154,btc,11/13/17 21:05,,,11/13/2017 13:12,0,Bitcoin Cash upgrade completed!
  370. 7cqaac,11,0.91,derp47,1510607166,btc,11/13/17 21:06,,,11/13/2017 13:12,0,Did the DAA kick in? Whats the new difficulty?
  371. 7cqac1,17,0.83,snow_ninja,1510607174,btc,11/13/17 21:06,,,11/13/2017 13:12,0,9300 online?
  372. 7cqag4,10,0.7,baud2bits,1510607203,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:06,,,11/13/2017 13:07,0,Appears a balanced view of Bitcoin vs Bitcash
  373. 7cqaho,1,0.54,garchmodel,1510607216,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:06,,,11/13/2017 13:07,0,If bitcoin's future was ever jeopardieSe
  374. 7cqaqp,10,0.6,Gasolinerus,1510607272,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:07,,,11/13/2017 13:09,0,It has been 48h now that I have been unable to dump these shitty B*H for BTC.
  375. 7cqary,24,0.87,viners,1510607279,btc,11/13/17 21:07,,,11/13/2017 13:12,0,New difficulty after fork almost 3x lower. Profitability coming back!
  376. 7cqb0c,0,0.24,[deleted],1510607329,btc,11/13/17 21:08,,,11/13/2017 13:12,1,Keeping the EDA?
  377. 7cqb2l,14,0.78,doramas89,1510607344,btc,11/13/17 21:09,,,11/13/2017 13:12,0,After new DAA: BTC mining profitability went from +159% to +9.8% instantly.
  378. 7cqb3p,24,0.78,Coolhandcanuck,1510607351,btc,11/13/17 21:09,,,11/13/2017 13:12,0,Bitcoin cash network successfully upgraded
  379. 7cqb7w,0,0.33,YoungShibe,1510607377,btc,11/13/17 21:09,,,11/13/2017 13:12,0,Fork pumping the other coin?
  380. 7cqb8s,15,0.69,increaseblocks,1510607381,btc,11/13/17 21:09,,,11/13/2017 13:12,0,"Bitstamp will be adding support for BCH trading as well. The following pairs will be available: BCH/BTC, BCH/USD and BCH/EUR."
  381. 7cqb9j,1,1,hexabot88,1510607387,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:09,not,,\N,0,"Just made 20% profit from hexabot. Have proof to show its no scam. Choose from 3 different bots, scalp, technical or swing. Each make a different percent daily. I guarantee you will make money."
  382. 7cqbbu,21,0.82,[deleted],1510607402,btc,11/13/17 21:10,,,11/13/2017 13:12,1,I'm an old BTC holder from 2010 and got out of the game in 2011. Now I'm risking a bunch (of course not all) on BCH.
  383. 7cqbfj,16,0.77,Inferknite,1510607429,btc,11/13/17 21:10,,,11/13/2017 13:12,0,First new block since DAA kicked in was mined in 10 minutes. Exactly as Intended!
  384. 7cqbjg,39,0.83,kaczan3,1510607460,btc,11/13/17 21:11,,,11/13/2017 13:12,0,BCH gaining hashpower FAST
  385. 7cqbrf,153,0.58,SoonToBeAsked,1510607514,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:11,,,11/13/2017 13:12,0,Another Raspberry Pi Full Node Up And Running!
  386. 7cqbs6,40,0.79,imaginary_username,1510607519,btc,11/13/17 21:11,,,11/13/2017 13:12,0,"Block #1 was ""Genesis"" and #478559 was ""Exodus"", the first hardforking from fiat and second hardforking from malicious devs. I propose we name #504032 ""Canaan""."
  387. 7cqbwq,0,0.47,Fthwrlddntskmfrsht,1510607551,btc,11/13/17 21:12,,,11/13/2017 13:12,0,Kept up with coindance until the moment the DDA fork went live.
  388. 7cqbwv,0,0.28,hpeywtf,1510607552,btc,11/13/17 21:12,,,11/13/2017 13:12,1,The truth about BCH
  389. 7cqbyc,1,0.6,[deleted],1510607561,btc,11/13/17 21:12,,,\N,1,wut. miners piling into BCH.
  390. 7cqc8v,232,0.78,increaseblocks,1510607630,btc,11/13/17 21:13,,,11/13/2017 13:26,0,Reminder - Bitcoin Core has a troll army called Dragons Den that comes here and tries to destroy this sub any chance they get so they can help push their 1mb crippled blockchain narrative
  391. 7cqccf,1,0.54,ThatCyrptoGuy,1510607656,btc,11/13/17 21:14,,,11/13/2017 13:26,0,Scailing solutions outside of block increase.
  392. 7cqcml,3,0.67,Griffie93,1510607720,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:15,,,11/13/2017 13:16,0,How to tell at what value bitcoin came into your account on Coinbase.
  393. 7cqcsa,146,0.81,Meeseeks-Answers,1510607757,btc,11/13/17 21:15,,,11/13/2017 13:26,0,BCH 2.0 celebration tipping post!
  394. 7cqcv6,201,0.81,ForkiusMaximus,1510607777,btc,11/13/17 21:16,,,11/13/2017 13:26,0,SOLVED: The Mystery of the Spam Attack - turns out the spammer was the 1MB blocksize cap coupled with variance in blockfinding time due to randomness and competition
  395. 7cqcv8,4,0.53,derp47,1510607778,btc,11/13/17 21:16,,,11/13/2017 13:26,0,Anyone here wants to sell all their btc and bth and take a vacation?
  396. 7cqd18,2,0.58,GonadusTwistus,1510607810,btc,11/13/17 21:16,,,11/13/2017 13:26,0,Crypto Portfolio Optimization Strategies (x-post from /r/CryptoCurrencies)
  397. 7cqdgh,0,0.5,DerNalia,1510607903,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:18,,,11/13/2017 13:22,0,Is the fee over going to go down?
  398. 7cqdmr,58,0.75,[deleted],1510607947,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:19,,,11/13/2017 13:22,1,The new 'Bitcoin Jesus'
  399. 7cqdzv,8,0.7,TheRebelOfBabylon,1510608030,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:20,,,11/13/2017 13:22,0,Just a Reminder that Roger VerÕs Bcash shilling is relatively new. He used to love Bitcoin Unlimited
  400. 7cqe20,0,0.43,deewhykay,1510608044,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:20,,,11/13/2017 13:22,0,WhatÕs the deal?
  401. 7cqe5t,2,0.6,FamousM1,1510608070,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:21,,,11/13/2017 13:22,0,What are the reasons for believing the Ledger and Trezor devices will still operate in 10+ years and that there is no backdoor code to steal the coins?
  402. 7cqegw,0,0.42,MDPROBIFE,1510608139,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:22,,,11/13/2017 13:22,0,"I am new to bitcoin, what is happening right now?"
  403. 7cqeqf,3,0.63,juniorsysadmin1,1510608196,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:23,,,11/13/2017 13:26,0,coinbase and tax confusion.
  404. 7cqeqd,0,0.3,doramas89,1510608196,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:23,,,11/13/2017 13:26,0,Read and decide for yourself about the attack. Don't accept spoon fed opinions - be free.
  405. 7cqevq,260,0.83,bitcoyn,1510608230,btc,11/13/17 21:23,,,11/13/2017 13:26,0,MMA Fighter Rory MacDonald (217k followers) just retweeted about the Bitcoin Cash upgrade.
  406. 7cqexy,1,1,businessJedi,1510608247,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:24,not,,\N,1,This Week In Bitcoin
  407. 7cqf3u,4,0.74,1948Orwell1984,1510608290,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:24,,,11/13/2017 13:26,0,Should I backup the all the private keys in my wallet or just the 24 word seed?
  408. 7cqf6m,2,0.67,sleepersleeper,1510608309,btc,11/13/17 21:25,,,11/13/2017 13:26,0,Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash vs. Bitcoin Gold: Can someone help me understand?
  409. 7cqf8r,1,0.52,Emmanuel_Garzon,1510608324,btc,11/13/17 21:25,,,11/13/2017 13:26,0,I've noticed allot of bickering on all btc and bch subreddits let's remember to keep it civil guys and gals. In addition I've noticed an augmented amount of bch vs btc conversation just remember both currency's can succeed. Both can win Ps. Good luck and keep the good vibes rollin guys and gals :)
  410. 7cqf9b,1,0.57,LD2K,1510608329,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:25,,,11/13/2017 13:26,0,"Hi everyone, IÕve been reading about bitcoin for 2 months now but I still donÕt know how to buy bitcoin effectively. I downloaded coinbase on my phone but the fee is too high and they limit the amount weekly. Can anyone suggest any way to trade bitcoin instantly with low fee? Thank you"
  411. 7cqfao,0,0.5,[deleted],1510608336,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:25,,,11/13/2017 13:26,1,Conspiracy of the week
  412. 7cqfhm,223,0.87,realistbtc,1510608381,btc,11/13/17 21:26,,,11/13/2017 13:26,0,"so in the last month 2 blockchains worth about 50B$ combined hardforked without any issue - it's almost like the whole "" hard forks are dangerous "" story is complete crap , isn't it ?"
  413. 7cqfkw,2,0.62,ayanamirs,1510608409,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:26,,,11/13/2017 13:26,0,Brazilian Discord to talk about Bitcoins (if you don't speak Portuguese you can talk in English)
  414. 7cqg4c,3,0.71,CoinCentral,1510608534,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:28,,,11/13/2017 13:32,0,Four Anonymous Bitcoin Wallets Reviewed
  415. 7cqg88,18,0.79,rawb0t,1510608559,btc,11/13/17 21:29,,,11/13/2017 13:38,0,"Maybe we should stop with ""alt coins"""
  416. 7cqgf5,0,0.5,Ccboy01,1510608608,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:30,,,\N,1,"Hey guys, I heard there was censorship happening in this subreddit?"
  417. 7cqghm,31,0.81,indetronable,1510608624,btc,11/13/17 21:30,,,11/13/2017 13:38,0,"2 hours after the Hard Fork, BTC and BCH are already equally profitable to mine."
  418. 7cqgj0,3,0.6,ur8moms,1510608633,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:30,,,11/13/2017 13:32,0,lower profitability :(
  419. 7cqgxe,12,0.81,BitcoinXio,1510608726,btc,11/13/17 21:32,,,11/13/2017 13:38,0,Reddit has Two Factor Authentication (2FA) as an account security option. It is highly recommended that you turn it on.
  420. 7cqh1y,18,0.78,webacademy,1510608751,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:32,,,11/13/2017 13:32,0,My Bitcoin transactions get confirmed in less than 30min. Why yours are taking time to get confirmed?
  421. 7cqh6h,0,0.31,AnotherSad0,1510608786,btc,11/13/17 21:33,,,11/13/2017 13:38,0,Let's have some fun in this uncensored subreddit ;-)
  422. 7cqhd0,35,0.84,tralxz,1510608821,btc,11/13/17 21:33,,,11/13/2017 13:38,0,Hash increasing rapidly. From 7% to 21%.
  423. 7cqhlj,2,0.58,Fightingtofit,1510608872,btc,11/13/17 21:34,,,11/13/2017 13:38,0,Why would someone delay dumping BTC? Or are the transactions stuck?
  424. 7cqi4v,0,0.42,H1ghrider,1510608984,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:36,,,11/13/2017 13:37,0,Is there still a backlog?
  425. 7cqi61,0,0.23,[deleted],1510608992,btc,11/13/17 21:36,,,11/13/2017 13:38,1,"Many bcash people claim they want larger blocks for low transactions but also want second and third layer solutions. Many claim that they want on chain scaling because they think off chain goes against what Bitcoin was supposed to be. You can't have both, so which is it?"
  426. 7cqi8l,373,0.65,wolfwolfz,1510609010,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:36,,,11/13/2017 13:37,0,Newbies who bought bitcoin at $5500 be like...
  427. 7cqicj,0,0.45,pkerman437,1510609038,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:37,,,11/13/2017 13:37,0,[Question] How does/would Bitcoin handle debt and credit?
  428. 7cqie6,2,0.67,doramas89,1510609048,btc,11/13/17 21:37,,,11/13/2017 13:38,0,Posted an article explaining what's coming on r/bitcoin. Got called.....
  429. 7cqief,2,0.62,Crypto-Cousins,1510609048,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:37,,,11/13/2017 13:37,0,Interview with Trace Mayer About Segwit2X
  430. 7cqixq,2,0.6,ayanamirs,1510609169,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:39,,,11/13/2017 13:43,0,UBF Ñ Episode 004: Getting Off Coinbase to Breadwallet or a Paperwallet
  431. 7cqj9u,4,0.7,logiq,1510609240,btc,11/13/17 21:40,,,11/13/2017 13:49,0,Reasons for today's huge price drop and recovery?
  432. 7cqjb6,1,0.56,Derkovish,1510609250,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:40,,,11/13/2017 13:43,0,What wallet should I use?
  433. 7cqjbk,0,0.5,crispy-creme,1510609253,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:40,,,11/13/2017 13:43,0,Didn't get my bitcoin from a transaction completed days ago
  434. 7cqjjr,2,0.56,Abell68,1510609306,btc,11/13/17 21:41,,,11/13/2017 13:49,0,What can i do with bch apart from trading?
  435. 7cqjo4,1,1,dragondenfulltime,1510609334,btc,11/13/17 21:42,,,\N,1,Why do you support bitcoin cash?
  436. 7cqjrg,1,1,practicalguy,1510609352,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:42,not,,\N,1,Say what you want about Poloniex but i've come to see them as smooth wise players in this game of recent...
  437. 7cqjsc,234,0.76,Zatline,1510609357,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:42,,,11/13/2017 13:43,0,"BTC mempool would be bone dry if bad actors wouldn't spam the mempool with fake txs. It's the classic ""Create a problem, sell a solution"" sheme."
  438. 7cqjv2,8,0.89,petaeraugustus,1510609374,btc,11/13/17 21:42,,,11/13/2017 13:49,0,Bitcoin Cash Nov. 13 Hard Fork: Making Block Times Faster
  439. 7cqjvf,3,0.61,pilledblack,1510609376,btc,11/13/17 21:42,,,11/13/2017 13:49,0,Kraken has locked my account because I tried to withdraw my funds!
  440. 7cqjye,24,0.73,btcnewsupdates,1510609391,btc,11/13/17 21:43,,,11/13/2017 13:49,0,"Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork - Thank you guys, you are the best!"
  441. 7cqjym,1,0.54,craftors,1510609392,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:43,,,11/13/2017 13:43,0,So i received my Ledger Nano S today but something is missing
  442. 7cqk5o,1,1,Cryptoknowledge,1510609433,btc,11/13/17 21:43,,,\N,1,$700 Million in Bitcoin Trapped in Unconfirmed Transactions
  443. 7cqk6z,0,0.33,zz3434,1510609445,btc,11/13/17 21:44,,,11/13/2017 13:49,0,How does a ETF increase in value ?
  444. 7cqkax,13,0.88,newhampshire22,1510609466,btc,11/13/17 21:44,,,11/13/2017 13:49,0,"In honor of the second bitcoin hard fork, .001 BCH to anyone who can comment what the best block size is. Replies not considered. At least 20 given away."
  445. 7cqkcd,4,0.74,tablepennywad,1510609475,btc,11/13/17 21:44,,,11/13/2017 13:49,0,Whatever happened to Japan accepting bitcoin at most stores.
  446. 7cqkvl,87,0.55,Madcapslaugh,1510609598,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:46,,,11/13/2017 13:49,0,At the New York stock exchange for a press release today
  447. 7cqkvs,0,0.5,[deleted],1510609598,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:46,,,11/13/2017 13:49,1,Whats the deal with the HIGH fees with Bitcoin?
  448. 7cql9f,12,0.68,TripperBets,1510609684,btc,11/13/17 21:48,,,11/13/2017 13:49,0,BCH is 1.04x more profitable to mine than BTC
  449. 7cqlbw,8,0.71,btelqsm,1510609700,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:48,,,11/13/2017 13:49,0,"Excellent UC Berkeley video on Scaling Blockchain, and why bigger blocks are not the answer to scaling"
  450. 7cqlgx,1,0.54,Logical007,1510609734,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:48,,,11/13/2017 13:49,0,Both of the two main ASIC chains are equally profitable to mine. It should be interesting to watch this play out.
  451. 7cqlha,18,0.82,huntingisland,1510609737,btc,11/13/17 21:48,,,11/13/2017 13:49,0,"You can't make this up. How to defend Bitcoin from ""attacks"". #3 - Don't use Bitcoin!"
  452. 7cqllx,1,0.6,Splius,1510609766,btc,11/13/17 21:49,,,11/13/2017 14:00,0,"Now that BCH has forked, what do I need to do with my wallet?"
  453. 7cqlsh,2,0.62,TheFireKnight,1510609806,btc,11/13/17 21:50,,,11/13/2017 14:00,0,Safe to transact?
  454. 7cqm5m,1,0.55,Lycurgan,1510609882,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:51,,,11/13/2017 13:55,0,When to Use Protocol Tokens Ð Ryan Shea (Blockstack)
  455. 7cqm8t,17,0.83,biffnipples,1510609902,btc,11/13/17 21:51,,,11/13/2017 14:00,0,"Although this time it is Bitcoin ABCÕs proposal that is being put forth to the miners, we are confident that in time, other development teams will also see their ideas implemented as we move forward together as a united community."
  456. 7cqmcy,1,1,vroomDotClub,1510609930,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:52,not,,\N,1,"A call to arms / keyboards. Ask not what bitcoin can do for you, but what you can do for your bitcoin."
  457. 7cqmdm,18,0.74,void_magic,1510609933,btc,11/13/17 21:52,,,11/13/2017 14:00,0,Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash
  458. 7cqmgv,1,0.54,Swoz,1510609953,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:52,,,11/13/2017 13:55,0,How is Coinbase's/Bitcoin network fee so high?
  459. 7cqmi9,2,0.62,Rockytana,1510609961,btc,11/13/17 21:52,,,11/13/2017 14:00,0,How do I buy BCH?
  460. 7cqmkt,5,0.77,Zain0,1510609977,btc,11/13/17 21:52,,,11/13/2017 14:00,0,Can we put the places that accept bitcoin cash either stickied or in the side bar?
  461. 7cqmun,1,1,jfarn96,1510610037,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:53,not,,\N,1,Thoughts on BTC vs BCH scaling issue
  462. 7cqn70,0,0.42,Bobby2310,1510610114,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:55,,,11/13/2017 13:55,1,Deleting system 32
  463. 7cqn7u,0,0.5,PoentaEFormajo,1510610117,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:55,,,11/13/2017 13:55,0,Do you think 2MB Segwit block is an enough big blocksize for the present and the future?
  464. 7cqnfv,0,0.5,bearjewpacabra,1510610171,btc,11/13/17 21:56,,,11/13/2017 14:00,0,Hashrate just EXPLODED
  465. 7cqnpe,5,0.63,PercMastaFTW,1510610229,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:57,,,11/13/2017 13:57,0,Bitcoin isn't profitable...
  466. 7cqnqa,987,0.7,GreenOlivesAreTasty,1510610233,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:57,,,11/13/2017 13:57,0,Forbes: Bitcoin Core's chosen approach is the best approach
  467. 7cqnya,0,0.27,chastenruin,1510610281,btc,11/13/17 21:58,,,11/13/2017 14:00,0,"Based on the content and vitriol in here, maybe this subreddit should be changed to /R/BCH"
  468. 7cqoa4,19,0.76,Kas_per,1510610362,btc,11/13/17 21:59,,,11/13/2017 14:00,0,"The Bitcoin Cash - Flippening v0.42 | fresh stats, and mobile-friendliness as per request. Popcorn not included."
  469. 7cqoby,0,0.29,dtrump2504,1510610374,btc,11/13/17 21:59,,,11/13/2017 14:00,0,R/bitcoin is inaccessible???
  470. 7cqodo,0,0.5,tim246,1510610385,Bitcoin,11/13/17 21:59,,,11/13/2017 14:00,0,Short Selling
  471. 7cqoen,4,0.83,Farkeman,1510610392,btc,11/13/17 21:59,,,11/13/2017 14:00,0,So what are upcoming BCH features to look forward to?
  472. 7cqojm,0,0.32,wisestaccount,1510610431,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:00,,,11/13/2017 14:04,0,Bcash are apparently not satisfied with peaceful coexistance. What can we do to destroy them and their financial database?
  473. 7cqojo,0,0.35,digoryk,1510610432,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:00,,,11/13/2017 14:04,0,"please accept that you are Bitcoin core, that you are not the only Bitcoin, and then let the market decide! May the best Bitcoin win!"
  474. 7cqolj,1,0.54,Sarah_Rodriguez,1510610454,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:00,,,11/13/2017 14:04,0,Will bitcoin be the future of the modern economy?
  475. 7cqooy,0,0.31,[deleted],1510610468,btc,11/13/17 22:01,,,11/13/2017 14:11,1,Reverse psychology experiment on /r/bitcoin :)
  476. 7cqoug,0,0.5,flowtnarg,1510610495,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:01,,,11/13/2017 14:04,0,Is there incentive for investing in mining?
  477. 7cqovb,3,0.63,Mycryptmail,1510610500,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:01,,,11/13/2017 14:04,0,Kraken took my 45k last week and no response
  478. 7cqp17,0,0.3,Jackbbn_,1510610534,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:02,,,11/13/2017 14:04,1,[h] paypal [w] btc
  479. 7cqp6x,0,0.47,zz3434,1510610569,btc,11/13/17 22:02,,,11/13/2017 14:11,0,This subreddit should add the word Bitcoin to its name.
  480. 7cqp9t,35,0.86,toldjahP,1510610590,btc,11/13/17 22:03,,,11/13/2017 14:11,0,BCH 24% Hashrate (Last 3h)
  481. 7cqp9p,1,0.53,GenghisKhanSpermShot,1510610590,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:03,,,11/13/2017 14:04,0,Big......Blocks....Only......
  482. 7cqph8,2,0.59,RobotsCantBePeople,1510610638,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:03,,,11/13/2017 14:04,0,"As bandwidth goes up, transaction fees go down?"
  483. 7cqpmb,4,0.64,juansgalt,1510610673,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:04,,,11/13/2017 14:04,0,"Why are 6 mining pools still signaling intent to #B2X fork #Bitcoin on the 16th? @BitClubNetworke @bitcoincompool Bixin @btccom_official @YourBTCC BW pool. I thought this was a non contentious 'Upgrade' attempt. Your devs quit. Are they going for a 51% attack now, anyways?"
  484. 7cqpw2,10,0.8,KabooseBf,1510610733,btc,11/13/17 22:05,,,11/13/2017 14:11,0,Can someone explain how this new BCH DAA algorithm works?
  485. 7cqpy5,0,0.4,SpellingMistache,1510610745,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:05,,,11/13/2017 14:08,0,Where's the next drop?
  486. 7cqq16,7,1,[deleted],1510610763,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:06,not,,11/13/2017 14:08,1,Buying the dip after you lose it all.
  487. 7cqq3q,23,0.79,DacyonIV,1510610781,btc,11/13/17 22:06,,,11/13/2017 14:11,0,It's on again!
  488. 7cqq3l,1,0.57,raizen991,1510610781,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:06,,,11/13/2017 14:08,0,"Missing apw3++ Power supplies from bitmain shipments... (Don't judge the source, it is just a tought)"
  489. 7cqq4g,61,0.73,Idtotallytapthat,1510610786,btc,11/13/17 22:06,,,11/13/2017 14:11,0,Please down vote the shitposts
  490. 7cqq8m,2,1,[deleted],1510610807,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:06,not,,11/13/2017 14:08,1,Coinbase now does same day ACH
  491. 7cqqbq,1,1,pachohortega,1510610829,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:07,not,,\N,0,Bitcoin Cash is one big joke.
  492. 7cqqbz,0,0.4,Nemya_Nation,1510610830,btc,11/13/17 22:07,,,11/13/2017 14:11,0,Will dance for some satoshis!
  493. 7cqqhw,1,1,hexabot88,1510610868,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:07,not,,\N,1,"Check out this automated trading bot system. Deposit your $BTC, $LTC or $DASH and watch it grow, just choose one of three bots, scalp, technical or swing depending on the percentage you want to make. I made 20% profit and just got paid, and I have proof to show. Message me for my referral link."
  494. 7cqqsf,54,0.82,[deleted],1510610936,btc,11/13/17 22:08,,,11/13/2017 14:11,1,At the current block Bitcoin Cash is 1.17x more profitable to mine!
  495. 7cqr5c,1,0.55,Wiltify,1510611022,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:10,,,11/13/2017 14:11,0,Bumpy Ride
  496. 7cqr7d,1,0.54,healthytits,1510611035,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:10,,,11/13/2017 14:11,0,Does anyone know when BCash will be available to trade on Bittrex?
  497. 7cqr99,1,0.57,ghostinjar,1510611048,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:10,,,11/13/2017 14:11,0,But we are already up credit: (finance_god)
  498. 7cqri5,0,0.5,nrth89,1510611110,btc,11/13/17 22:11,,,11/13/2017 14:25,0,How to withdraw a tip?
  499. 7cqrli,1,1,[deleted],1510611133,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:12,not,,\N,1,Dumb question maybe
  500. 7cqrwg,85,0.81,cloudwarmer,1510611204,btc,11/13/17 22:13,,,11/13/2017 14:25,0,"REPOST : Holy shit! The *real* goal of the people who support limited blocksize and Lighting Network is to bring back fractional reserve, debt-backed promissory notes, and counterparty risk - ie, the whole crappy fiat system that Bitcoin was designed to avoid! (interviewing /u/JustusRanvier) ¥ r/btc"
  501. 7cqrzj,1,0.67,[deleted],1510611222,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:13,,,11/13/2017 14:14,1,We build the best digital currency in the universe with code
  502. 7cqs1y,41,0.73,dhemauro,1510611235,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:13,,,11/13/2017 14:14,0,I URGE ... (I am speechless)
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  504. 7cqs8d,0,0.5,ur8moms,1510611274,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:14,,,11/13/2017 14:20,0,ELI5: Emergent Consensus
  505. 7cqsbf,0,0.16,Svensis,1510611293,btc,11/13/17 22:14,,,\N,1,if you buy bch you are manipulated
  506. 7cqsjd,1,0.54,itogo,1510611349,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:15,,,11/13/2017 14:20,0,New Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm (DAA) at the Fork Coin is actually good thing. Why BTC doesn't do the same?
  507. 7cqt0z,0,0.5,BitcoinKong,1510611453,btc,11/13/17 22:17,,,11/13/2017 14:25,0,Is someone suppressing the price of BCH?
  508. 7cqt7q,85,0.91,gonzobon,1510611495,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:18,Not targeted,,11/13/2017 14:20,0,Michael Novogratz bought $15-$20M of bitcoin during weekend price dip
  509. 7cqtij,19,0.88,kevinstaufyy,1510611556,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:19,,,11/13/2017 14:20,0,Just bought my first antminer s7 wish me luck!
  510. 7cqtkg,10,0.7,BTCBCCBCH,1510611570,btc,11/13/17 22:19,,,11/13/2017 14:25,0,Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash: A Story Of Prioritization AND A Healthy Competition In Money
  511. 7cqtl2,6,0.66,Cahcielo,1510611573,btc,11/13/17 22:19,,,11/13/2017 14:25,0,How the adoption curve maps to Bitcoin's features:
  512. 7cqtmi,0,0.38,derp47,1510611582,btc,11/13/17 22:19,,,11/13/2017 14:25,0,Can you pump buy buying your own coins?
  513. 7cqtp2,2,0.62,CPlusConcepts,1510611595,btc,11/13/17 22:19,,,11/13/2017 14:25,0,If you keep getting the 'cant view this community' error....
  514. 7cqtro,0,0.5,bitfalls,1510611609,btc,11/13/17 22:20,,,11/13/2017 14:25,0,Luke Dashjr doesn't seem to understand how the Lightning Network works. Help me gather more objective technical facts for an explainer piece on my site.
  515. 7cqts6,1,1,vroomDotClub,1510611613,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:20,not,,\N,1,Wan't to Actively Help Bitcoin Now? Today? Here is how.
  516. 7cqtvf,0,0.33,marcelv6312,1510611638,btc,11/13/17 22:20,,,11/13/2017 14:25,0,He grows.
  517. 7cqu10,1,1,Fywq,1510611672,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:21,not,,\N,1,My 190Sat/B TX just went through after 72 hours
  518. 7cqu75,2,0.59,JustinMorales,1510611708,btc,11/13/17 22:21,,,11/13/2017 14:25,0,Nanotechnology and the Future of BTC Mining
  519. 7cqueq,0,0.5,[deleted],1510611754,btc,11/13/17 22:22,,,11/13/2017 14:25,1,"Ask /R/BTC: Will CME BF cover BTC, BCH, or both?"
  520. 7cqufk,0,0.46,1x00001,1510611760,btc,11/13/17 22:22,,,11/13/2017 14:25,0,What would happen if we had a block time of 1 second?
  521. 7cqupy,4,0.69,Garandhero,1510611826,btc,11/13/17 22:23,,,11/13/2017 14:25,0,Bittrex....and Fork
  522. 7cqv2r,1,1,[deleted],1510611913,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:25,not,,\N,1,Bitcoin Hoodie - I work in a printing company. Would these be of interest to people? Approx 0.01 BTC + Shipping?
  523. 7cqv97,4,0.7,barnbarns,1510611961,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:26,,,11/13/2017 14:29,0,Help Bitcoin Rise 1 month into bitcoin guide
  524. 7cqvgi,65,0.83,StrawmanGatlingGun,1510612008,btc,11/13/17 22:26,,,11/13/2017 14:34,0,Bitcoin Gold Scam Developers caught with putting hidden fees in mining pool code - refuse to remove it ¥ r/CryptoCurrency
  525. 7cqvoc,0,0.15,healthytits,1510612060,btc,11/13/17 22:27,,,11/13/2017 14:34,0,Does anyone know when BCash will be available to trade on Bittrex?
  526. 7cqvy1,185,0.87,binarygold,1510612121,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:28,,,11/13/2017 14:29,0,"New ATH transactions in a block: 4,342!"
  527. 7cqw4v,480,0.86,fapthepolice,1510612168,btc,11/13/17 22:29,,,11/13/2017 14:34,0,I can currently run a BCH node on my Raspberry Pi. Not a BTC node though - I don't have enough memory to store the mempool...
  528. 7cqw5o,1,1,Droplet_coin,1510612175,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:29,not,,\N,1,"BitcoinCash volume falling fast, Bitcoin is Bitcoin not cash."
  529. 7cqw7d,2,0.58,[deleted],1510612186,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:29,,,11/13/2017 14:31,0,Looking for some legit sites to earn BTC
  530. 7cqw8s,0,0.5,lonelycatcarrot,1510612196,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:29,,,11/13/2017 14:31,0,Are Kraken professional criminals?
  531. 7cqway,19,0.81,sperrydaowg,1510612209,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:30,,,11/13/2017 14:31,0,Me at thanksgiving dinner after losing everything.
  532. 7cqwns,3,0.71,throwaway929892988,1510612286,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:31,,,11/13/2017 15:10,0,"Help with a summary of the recent attack / pump and dump in ""plainish"" words"
  533. 7cqwxo,67,0.85,Gregory_Maxwell,1510612349,btc,11/13/17 22:32,,,11/13/2017 14:34,0,[WARNING] Bitcoin Gold developer stealing fee into his own wallet with hidden code
  534. 7cqxee,19,0.76,doramas89,1510612467,btc,11/13/17 22:34,,,11/13/2017 14:34,0,Article explaining how BTC can suffer a chain death spiral - objective technological viewpoint (although a bit old)
  535. 7cqxs9,3,0.57,c3p0s,1510612559,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:35,,,11/13/2017 14:40,0,Bitcoin holders survey
  536. 7cqxy2,0,0.5,[deleted],1510612597,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:36,,,11/13/2017 14:40,1,Why does Bitmain require you to link your phone? That's a little odd to me.
  537. 7cqy1f,0,0.23,derp47,1510612619,btc,11/13/17 22:36,,,11/13/2017 14:48,0,BITCOIN CASH IS A SCAM. I AM GLAD I SOLD OUT OF IT. WAS ONLY SHILLING SO I CAN SELL MY COINS FOR BETTER PRICE
  538. 7cqy33,6,0.6,jdavidson96,1510612633,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:37,,,11/13/2017 14:40,0,"Bitcoin Hoodie - I work in a printing company. Would something like these be of interest to people? Approx $32.00, £25 GBP - 0.00466932 BTC + Shipping? Other designs depending on peoples thoughts"
  539. 7cqyho,0,0.27,humbl3servant,1510612727,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:38,,,11/13/2017 14:40,1,Is bitcoin dead?
  540. 7cqyjw,7,0.89,jeffrexsave,1510612745,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:39,,,11/13/2017 14:40,0,Gary V bought Bitcoin in 2014
  541. 7cqyp3,1,1,dragondenfulltime,1510612780,btc,11/13/17 22:39,,,\N,1,Why do you support Bitcoin Cash?
  542. 7cqypo,1,1,severact,1510612785,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:39,not,,\N,1,Does Bitcoin need to upgrade the difficulty adjustment (DA) algorithm?
  543. 7cqyww,35,0.79,karljt,1510612833,btc,11/13/17 22:40,,,11/13/2017 14:48,0,"Genesis Block says ""chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks"" yet /r/bitcoin thought they could introduce a banker backed profit seeking company and nobody would see a problem with that."
  544. 7cqz64,0,0.48,Ce_ne,1510612894,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:41,,,11/13/2017 14:45,0,Shit just got real for Bcrash pumpers...
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  549. 7cr0ey,51,0.83,Annapurna317,1510613193,btc,11/13/17 22:46,,,11/13/2017 14:48,0,A hard fork is a clean upgrade. Bitcoin Cash just got upgraded.
  550. 7cr0gn,1,0.57,DailyShawarma,1510613207,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:46,,,11/14/2017 15:24,0,Some thoughts about this subreddit
  551. 7cr0kr,2,1,myluxurybed,1510613232,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:47,not,,\N,1,Will Bitcoin Cash Stay Strong? - Or is this just market manipulation followed by an inevitable crash?
  552. 7cr0wz,30,0.86,cryptopicker,1510613313,btc,11/13/17 22:48,,,11/13/2017 15:05,0,I would like to buy PIzza with Bitcoin Cash
  553. 7cr115,0,0.5,btc_cryptos_research,1510613345,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:49,,,11/13/2017 14:51,1,Paid Research Interview for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies
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  555. 7cr13y,0,0.26,Ce_ne,1510613360,btc,11/13/17 22:49,,,11/13/2017 15:05,0,This is how people end up when messing with Frauds by Roger Ver
  556. 7cr16k,308,0.88,SpellingMistache,1510613376,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:49,,,11/13/2017 14:51,0,"The Bitcoin Sherpa - ""I am only a guide on this trek, I am not a leader"""
  557. 7cr1ct,0,0.5,[deleted],1510613422,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:50,,,11/13/2017 14:51,0,Any way to tell when wallets will be back online?
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  560. 7cr1yo,14,0.79,1cryptodude,1510613570,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:52,,,11/13/2017 14:58,0,"Institutional investors close to adopting bitcoin, says ex-Fortress executive Novogratz"
  561. 7cr232,4,0.75,tropyc_crypto,1510613604,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:53,,,11/13/2017 14:58,0,[EDU] Under the hood of bitcoin for new comers
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  563. 7cr2fk,0,0.4,throwaway23576,1510613689,btc,11/13/17 22:54,,,11/13/2017 15:05,0,Did something dumb....
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  566. 7cr2xb,1,0.55,rickki6,1510613809,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:56,,,11/13/2017 14:58,0,confirmations....
  567. 7cr37s,0,0.5,throwaway1025187,1510613878,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:57,,,11/13/2017 14:58,0,Will Bitcoin last 30 years? 4chan was replaced by Reddit. Fiat currency may be replaced by peer to peer currency. But this vulnerable peer to peer currency may be replaced altogether by something more exploit-hardened.
  568. 7cr38w,16,0.78,hodlharder,1510613884,btc,11/13/17 22:58,,,11/13/2017 15:05,0,It is now more profitable to mine Bitcoin Cash instead of Bitcoin Core
  569. 7cr3a8,3,0.67,drmrpaul5,1510613893,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:58,,,11/13/2017 15:19,0,Advice for a noob
  570. 7cr3da,1,0.6,fuxoft,1510613916,Bitcoin,11/13/17 22:58,,,11/13/2017 14:58,0,Are the big miners dynamically switching between mining BTC and BCH to keep the mining profitability equal?
  571. 7cr3j3,21,0.75,Sveets_drops,1510613959,btc,11/13/17 22:59,,,11/13/2017 15:05,0,1.49x !
  572. 7cr3k3,2,0.75,jimukgb,1510613965,btc,11/13/17 22:59,,,11/13/2017 15:05,0,Does anyone else have problems with syncing BitPay after the hard fork?
  573. 7cr41i,1,1,chilebob,1510614063,Bitcoin,11/13/17 23:01,not,,\N,1,"So long, and thanks for all the fish."
  574. 7cr4j0,5,0.67,Diabolicus666,1510614166,Bitcoin,11/13/17 23:02,,,11/13/2017 15:04,0,Reminder: cold storage - do it now!
  575. 7cr4ji,4,0.7,PabloW92,1510614169,Bitcoin,11/13/17 23:02,,,11/13/2017 15:04,0,"Deepbit mining pool, once the biggest BTC pool"
  576. 7cr4kl,14,0.89,keanbrah,1510614176,btc,11/13/17 23:02,,,11/13/2017 15:05,0,21 Billion Bitcoin!! Australian newspaper article I read claiming Òonly 21 billion bitcoinsÓ can be mined. The whole article was littered with mistakes.
  577. 7cr4kx,7,0.87,jonathannen,1510614178,btc,11/13/17 23:02,,,11/13/2017 15:05,0,What's up with this BTC block? 1 Tx and zero fees?
  578. 7cr4mn,3,0.63,marcelchuo1,1510614187,Bitcoin,11/13/17 23:03,,,11/13/2017 15:04,0,CME Bitcoin Futures
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  581. 7cr5ak,2,0.54,[deleted],1510614348,btc,11/13/17 23:05,,,11/13/2017 15:15,1,"18 left. Come one guys, you requested it. LetÕs get them out. I want to ship all 25 by Friday. The more of us wearing these hats, the more awareness is raised. Bitcoin Cash accepted. Thank you for the support."
  582. 7cr5on,6,0.71,lapinkflamingo,1510614446,Bitcoin,11/13/17 23:07,,,11/13/2017 15:10,0,Coinbase Likely to Lose Battle to Protect Users from IRS Bitcoin Tax Probe
  583. 7cr63b,6,0.62,kashmirbtc,1510614540,Bitcoin,11/13/17 23:09,,,11/13/2017 15:10,0,Wtf?
  584. 7cr7c3,17,0.89,upekha,1510614850,btc,11/13/17 23:14,,,11/13/2017 15:15,0,"Showerthought: If half of the miners mine empty blocks, that's equivalent to a 50% decrease in hashpower."
  585. 7cr7f4,0,0.5,don_wonton_,1510614862,btc,11/13/17 23:14,,,11/13/2017 15:15,0,BCH transaction stuck
  586. 7cr7i0,29,0.83,ForkiusMaximus,1510614879,btc,11/13/17 23:14,,,11/13/2017 15:15,0,"Bitcrust Dev, Tomas van der Wansem: ""The arguments against on-chain scaling are just as flawed as they were in 2010."""
  587. 7cr7k0,3,0.64,FinancialBro,1510614891,Bitcoin,11/13/17 23:14,,,11/13/2017 15:15,0,HitBTC Ripped off B2X Holders
  588. 7cr7my,0,0.47,leiloca,1510614910,btc,11/13/17 23:15,,,11/13/2017 15:15,0,1337
  589. 7cr7vy,3,0.53,backtofiat,1510614957,Bitcoin,11/13/17 23:15,,,11/13/2017 15:19,0,Banned from /r/btc for insulting Vitalik
  591. 7cr86w,6,0.8,[deleted],1510615027,Bitcoin,11/13/17 23:17,,,11/13/2017 15:19,1,Was this a scammer selling a Casascius coin for $1000 buy it now on ebay?
  592. 7cr8dv,2,0.6,KateDass,1510615070,Bitcoin,11/13/17 23:17,,,11/13/2017 15:19,0,How much Bitcoins would you like to buy and for what?
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  595. 7cr8x8,4,0.64,AnthonyBanks,1510615203,btc,11/13/17 23:20,,,11/13/2017 15:28,0,Is a 2x fork black swan still a consideration?
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  598. 7cr9s3,1,1,flat_bitcoin,1510615423,Bitcoin,11/13/17 23:23,not,,\N,1,Bitcoin Cash FUD
  599. 7cr9yc,3,0.6,AdvocateLLC,1510615465,Bitcoin,11/13/17 23:24,,,11/13/2017 15:25,0,Dude owned 5%of bitcoins at one time! His find and winklevoss twins at one point owned 6% of bitcoins outstanding!
  600. 7crab5,1,1,dragondenfulltime,1510615558,btc,11/13/17 23:25,,,\N,1,why do you support Bitcoin Cash?
  601. 7crawl,31,0.78,n00bie_n00b,1510615713,Bitcoin,11/13/17 23:28,,,11/13/2017 15:31,0,Had my mouse over the sell button....but you know what...
  602. 7crbx3,8,0.58,jonald_fyookball,1510615942,btc,11/13/17 23:32,,,11/13/2017 15:37,0,The HF was a bit rushed
  603. 7crckf,1,0.57,[deleted],1510616113,Bitcoin,11/13/17 23:35,,,11/13/2017 15:36,1,Bitcoin Q&A: The Internet will eat your business[The Potential of Lightning Network]
  604. 7crctp,40,0.83,idiotdidntdoit,1510616178,Bitcoin,11/13/17 23:36,,,11/13/2017 15:36,0,I'm doing my part. I'm running a node right now.
  605. 7crczu,7,0.71,thekevin,1510616223,Bitcoin,11/13/17 23:37,,,11/13/2017 15:40,0,"Podcast interview with Andreas Antonopolous ""Bitcoin's true potential"""
  606. 7crd3w,1,1,leafac1,1510616246,Bitcoin,11/13/17 23:37,not,,\N,1,The individual or team who uncovers/whistleblows BCH insider manipulation evidence will have thousands of $ sent to their BTC address.
  607. 7crdel,1,0.6,DarkSpace-Harbinger,1510616313,btc,11/13/17 23:38,,,11/13/2017 15:48,0,An idea
  608. 7crdjr,4,0.69,tralxz,1510616349,btc,11/13/17 23:39,,,11/13/2017 15:48,0,DAA and Majority Hash
  609. 7crdm9,0,0.47,[deleted],1510616367,Bitcoin,11/13/17 23:39,,,11/13/2017 15:40,1,me when hearing that the attack is not over yet
  610. 7crdnb,21,0.69,cazter,1510616374,Bitcoin,11/13/17 23:39,,,11/13/2017 15:40,0,My annual Facebook Bitcoin post since 2013
  611. 7cre0f,16,0.67,BitcoinCashHoarder,1510616465,btc,11/13/17 23:41,,,11/13/2017 15:48,0,Shorted humongous BTC position at $6600. Looking good! Go BCH!!
  612. 7cre5t,26,0.74,OGMAGNUM,1510616496,Bitcoin,11/13/17 23:41,,,11/13/2017 15:46,0,The truth.
  613. 7cre5y,9,0.8,VV3T,1510616496,btc,11/13/17 23:41,,,11/13/2017 15:48,0,"Bitcoin Cash has been more profitable to mine for the last 2 hours, so why aren't the miners switching over?"
  614. 7crejb,200,0.78,doctorjay_,1510616593,Bitcoin,11/13/17 23:43,,,11/13/2017 15:46,0,People with BTC last few days.... [X-post]
  615. 7crep5,1,1,Cryptoknowledge,1510616634,btc,11/13/17 23:43,,,\N,1,Bitcoin halts decline that wiped $38bn from market value
  616. 7crep9,9,0.69,cruelenemies,1510616635,btc,11/13/17 23:43,,,11/13/2017 15:48,0,Is Bitcoin a Bubble if you can't spend the value you have stored? (How important are transactions for Bitcoin.)
  617. 7creq7,0,0.46,Neutral_User_Name,1510616643,btc,11/13/17 23:44,,,11/13/2017 15:48,0,"So... why are the miners still ""raping"" BCH... anyone can comment?"
  618. 7crerb,15,0.64,Djampa,1510616650,Bitcoin,11/13/17 23:44,,,11/13/2017 15:46,0,Bitcoin Clashic repo is live guys... ;)
  619. 7crexq,7,0.64,Egon_1,1510616712,btc,11/13/17 23:45,,,11/13/2017 15:48,0,Remix Version of Bitcoin Cash by MC Jihan Wu ??
  620. 7crfvk,86,0.66,JerichoBTC,1510616918,Bitcoin,11/13/17 23:48,,,11/13/2017 15:48,0,What the FUCK is this shit? IÕve always been with Bitcoin. IÕll never go over to VerCoin. But seriously. This needs to be fixed - ASAP! Highest fee IÕve seen since I got into Bitcoin 4 years ago! (High at 22$)
  621. 7crg62,0,0.33,Twoehy,1510616999,btc,11/13/17 23:49,,,11/13/2017 15:49,1,How to Access/Sell Bitcoin Gold?
  622. 7crgg8,1,1,Fthwrlddntskmfrsht,1510617066,Bitcoin,11/13/17 23:51,not,,\N,1,What am I missing? Honest question about tx fees?
  623. 7crhga,115,0.76,texasrob,1510617320,btc,11/13/17 23:55,,,11/13/2017 15:55,0,Now is the most dangerous time to hold BitcoinSegwit
  624. 7crhtd,1,1,altcoinspot,1510617420,Bitcoin,11/13/17 23:57,not,,\N,1,Bitcoin Gold Trading on CoinSpot
  625. 7cri17,45,0.84,Pink-Fish,1510617473,btc,11/13/17 23:57,,,11/13/2017 15:57,0,I've been sending messages to r/bitcoin peeps
  626. 7cri2g,4,0.61,Cryptooutfit,1510617485,Bitcoin,11/13/17 23:58,,,11/13/2017 15:58,0,"Opened a Cryptocurrency themed store , would like to know what people think. More designs and clothing coming soon."
  627. 7cri75,8,0.65,HavocMMA,1510617517,Bitcoin,11/13/17 23:58,,,11/13/2017 15:58,0,Couldn't make this up if I tried
  628. 7cricg,48,0.52,andrewbitcoin,1510617558,Bitcoin,11/13/17 23:59,,,11/13/2017 15:59,0,Shitcash supporters hate us for this one simple trick.
  629. 7crie7,1,0.55,jdavidson96,1510617571,Bitcoin,11/13/17 23:59,,,11/13/2017 15:59,0,Best IOS app for crypto markets? I have coin cap but donÕt think itÕs that great ?
  630. 7crif8,1,1,KenSoft,1510617577,Bitcoin,11/13/17 23:59,not,,\N,1,Got scammed by FreeWallet Please Help!!!
  631. 7crit3,0,0.5,Artheususer,1510617667,btc,11/14/17 0:01,,,11/13/2017 16:01,0,Blockchain us useful to prevent food illnesses
  632. 7critp,22,0.86,afs_alex,1510617669,btc,11/14/17 0:01,,,11/13/2017 16:01,0,"Kim Dotcom should use BCH | ""If Developers Fixed Scaling Limitations, Bitcache Would Love to Operate On-Chain"""
  633. 7crj5s,5,0.73,Sherlockcoin,1510617770,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:02,,,11/13/2017 16:02,0,What's wrong with Jeff Berwick ($ Vigilante)? Is he a big blocker now?
  634. 7crja9,10,0.84,ForkiusMaximus,1510617805,btc,11/14/17 0:03,,,11/13/2017 16:03,0,The sidebar links could sure use an update
  635. 7crjgq,16,0.83,grzegorzszczecin,1510617855,btc,11/14/17 0:04,,,11/13/2017 16:04,0,Mining profitability quickly converging to parity between BTC and BCH with the new DAA
  636. 7crjju,3,0.56,fullspeedornothing-,1510617879,btc,11/14/17 0:04,,,11/13/2017 16:04,0,This man predicted Bitcoin Cash's parabolic rise and fall. 2 months ago.
  637. 7crjrs,1,1,1k288dj47fgj4823jd92,1510617940,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:05,not,,\N,1,Bitcoin has been getting attacked for a while... will Bitcoin ever attack back?
  638. 7crjs1,0,0.41,[deleted],1510617942,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:05,,,11/13/2017 16:11,1,Dear BTC
  639. 7crk1i,0,0.5,terr547,1510618015,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:06,,,\N,1,Report for false advertising by following this link. Everyone should do this to stop them swindling newbies into buying the other coin!
  640. 7crk24,389,0.81,MemoryDealers,1510618020,btc,11/14/17 0:07,,,11/13/2017 16:15,0," is currently being DDOSed. (When civilized people don't like a website, they just don't visit it)"
  641. 7crk36,2,0.62,350365879,1510618029,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:07,,,11/13/2017 16:11,0,Any p2p-crypto-market?
  642. 7crk3q,11,0.73,viners,1510618033,btc,11/14/17 0:07,,,11/13/2017 16:15,0,WeAreChange drops the truth
  643. 7crk3n,1,1,skenlrc,1510618033,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:07,not,,\N,1,How to deal with trolls and spammers?
  644. 7crk4x,1,1,zomgitsduke,1510618042,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:07,not,,\N,1,I've been observing something interesting and wanted to share
  645. 7crka0,0,0.45,bionicballer,1510618082,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:08,,,11/13/2017 16:11,1,Top 3 Ways to Earn Bitcoin in 2017
  646. 7crl7u,1,0.55,Ceffone,1510618272,btc,11/14/17 0:11,,,11/13/2017 16:15,0,Where to invest?
  647. 7crlbu,5,0.65,seleneum,1510618292,btc,11/14/17 0:11,,,11/13/2017 16:15,0,"It looks like BCH block are mined once every 5 min rather than intended 10 min, but the difficulty does not adjust significantly"
  648. 7crljk,6,0.73,PapiPoseidon,1510618343,btc,11/14/17 0:12,,,11/13/2017 16:15,0,can you guys still trade?
  649. 7crlko,5,0.72,dmp1ce,1510618349,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:12,,,11/13/2017 16:15,0,Let's Talk Bitcoin! #348 The Firedrill and the Flame
  650. 7crlr2,0,0.44,Ds720,1510618393,btc,11/14/17 0:13,,,11/13/2017 16:15,0,Taint Analysis on Bitcoin Stolen from Kraken and Donated to Bitcoin Unlimited Last Year - Can I get my coins back?
  651. 7crm55,5,0.6,doramas89,1510618486,btc,11/14/17 0:14,,,11/13/2017 16:15,0,"Current hastrate (live) graph of BTC and BCH, and how it is indicative of the upcoming future"
  652. 7crm6w,2,0.62,IIAddonexusII,1510618498,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:14,,,11/13/2017 16:15,0,Pending Transaction on Coinbase?
  653. 7crm7q,2,0.59,charleybinet,1510618503,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:15,,,11/13/2017 16:15,0,Investing in mining
  654. 7crmnw,1,0.55,hpeywtf,1510618603,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:16,,,11/13/2017 16:20,1,Who is posting all this BS on r/btc? Are they really believing that??
  655. 7crmpu,1,1,dragondenfulltime,1510618615,btc,11/14/17 0:16,,,\N,1,why do you support Bitcoin Cash?
  656. 7crmv4,28,0.86,increaseblocks,1510618643,btc,11/14/17 0:17,,,11/13/2017 16:29,0,Bitcoin Cash is back in supply on Shapeshift. Yeaaaaaah BCH!
  657. 7crmwp,4,0.7,bitwork,1510618659,btc,11/14/17 0:17,,,11/13/2017 16:29,0,"I know the DAA has been exciting stuff, ...."
  658. 7crn4s,2,0.66,BitcoinToUranus,1510618716,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:18,,,11/13/2017 16:20,0,What is the safest way to escrow BTC?
  659. 7crnmz,3,0.59,seleneum,1510618853,btc,11/14/17 0:20,,,11/13/2017 16:29,0,"It looks like B2X futures are still being trading pretty high (for a useless asset). Some miners are still signaling. Is 2X fork still going to happen, albeit with a lower miner support?"
  660. 7crnnc,0,0.25,bionicballer,1510618856,btc,11/14/17 0:20,,,\N,1,Top 3 Ways to Earn Bitcoin in 2017
  661. 7crnsh,1,1,Dainathon,1510618889,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:21,not,,\N,1,"BCC is Bitconnect Coin, BCH is Bitcoin Cash"
  662. 7crntg,3,0.63,BlackIce967,1510618897,btc,11/14/17 0:21,,,11/13/2017 16:29,0,How can I take my coinbase btc and get bch?
  663. 7crnv4,4,0.66,erikmaxwell,1510618911,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:21,,,11/13/2017 16:26,0,How can you buy bitcoin instantly with a reasonable fee on coinbase given the massive transaction backlog?
  664. 7crnww,18,0.71,MakeTotalDestr0i,1510618925,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:22,,,11/13/2017 16:26,0,"The Transaction Capacity Of Bitcoin Isn't Even Saturated Yet, YOU JUST NEED TO USE SEGWIT COMPATIBLE WALLETS TO GET TO 1.7MB EQUIVALENT BLOCKS."
  665. 7cro73,0,0.43,lwillnat,1510618997,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:23,,,11/13/2017 16:26,0,[App] Bitcoin Clicker - Free Satoshis
  666. 7crobw,45,0.87,flibbrMarketplace,1510619027,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:23,,,11/13/2017 16:26,0,"During the latest pullback over the weekend though, Novogratz said he bought $15 million to $20 million worth of bitcoins."
  667. 7crocq,1,0.52,williewest,1510619032,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:23,,,11/13/2017 16:26,0,Any clue on when these high fees are going to end?!
  668. 7cromf,5,0.66,abefantasticsmactisc,1510619105,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:25,,,11/14/2017 0:41,0,Should /r/Bitcoin charge a micro fee to post comments in order to fight the troll bots?
  669. 7crowd,0,0.38,kn0p0w,1510619170,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:26,,,11/13/2017 16:26,0,Satan himself is probably what's behind the high coinbase fees.
  670. 7crpgi,2,0.6,Otipuh,1510619309,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:28,,,11/13/2017 16:29,0,"Can someone explain like I am 5, how to replace a bitcoin transaction with a higher fee?"
  671. 7crpiz,0,0.44,chenith,1510619326,btc,11/14/17 0:28,,,11/13/2017 16:29,0,Cashing out
  672. 7crq70,2,0.54,dhemauro,1510619491,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:31,,,11/13/2017 16:32,0,"BitCH: ""I URGE you to surrender and let us mine moar... """
  673. 7crq74,3,0.8,flamingboard,1510619492,btc,11/14/17 0:31,,,11/13/2017 16:46,0,FYI - Armory works fine with bitcoin cash nodes.
  674. 7crq9f,4,0.66,LedByReason,1510619506,btc,11/14/17 0:31,,,11/13/2017 16:46,0,"Okay, which one of you is this? Our thoughts are pretty much right in line..."
  675. 7crqj2,7,0.65,DieCommieScum,1510619579,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:32,,,11/13/2017 16:34,0,Pro-Tip: You can de-shit this sub with RES filters.
  676. 7crqqc,25,0.9,cccmikey,1510619632,btc,11/14/17 0:33,,,11/13/2017 16:46,0,"Watch ""Bitcoin War Begins Ð Bitcoin Cash Rises 50% While Bitcoin Drops $1,000 In 24 Hours"" on YouTube"
  677. 7crqu3,2,0.74,ThailandRealEstate,1510619654,btc,11/14/17 0:34,,,11/13/2017 16:46,0,Local Bitcoins Price Bot (API)
  678. 7crqug,1,1,skippy65,1510619656,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:34,not,,\N,1,Bittrex automatic verification rant
  679. 7crqwm,0,0.37,__R_r_,1510619674,btc,11/14/17 0:34,,,11/13/2017 16:46,0,BCH Classic?
  680. 7crqyr,22,0.86,Erumara,1510619692,btc,11/14/17 0:34,,,11/13/2017 16:46,0,Nearly 1EH has voluntarily switched to BCH after VIABTC disables profit-switching
  681. 7crr6i,104,0.93,gdoumanian,1510619752,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:35,,,11/13/2017 16:46,0,Fidelity Could Help Create 26 Million New Bitcoin Investors
  682. 7crr82,5,0.77,SpellingMistache,1510619763,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:36,,,11/13/2017 16:46,0,The Mariana Trench
  683. 7crrhw,1,1,johnso21,1510619826,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:37,not,,\N,1,Death Spiral? I'm stuck between BTC and BCH and just trying to understand both sides. Is this 'death spiral' something that really is unlikely? Is it even possible?
  684. 7crrmz,30,0.85,AireaGellantara,1510619860,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:37,,,11/13/2017 16:46,0,Mysterious Bitcoin Dip-Buyer Identified
  685. 7crrnf,7,0.81,dontuseliqui,1510619863,btc,11/14/17 0:37,,,11/13/2017 16:46,0,BCH Merchant support
  686. 7crrok,1,1,doramas89,1510619874,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:37,not,,\N,1,How the current hashrate graph (live) shows a possible scenario in the next 12 days
  687. 7crrxv,15,0.71,ycir,1510619949,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:39,,,11/13/2017 16:46,0,When you donÕt catch the btc dip...
  688. 7crs11,2,0.62,mrbitman,1510619973,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:39,,,11/13/2017 16:46,0,BTCUSD D1 Technical Analysis 13-11-2017
  689. 7crs2b,19,0.84,JonyRotten,1510619983,btc,11/14/17 0:39,,,11/13/2017 16:46,0,Bitcoin Cash Network Completes a Successful Hard Fork
  690. 7crs8t,0,0.11,[deleted],1510620029,btc,11/14/17 0:40,,,11/13/2017 16:46,1,???( Fitecoin )
  691. 7crsev,1,0.56,BignutzisBack,1510620073,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:41,,,11/13/2017 16:46,0,Noob question about Bitsamp and depositing money as a US citizen
  692. 7crshn,3,0.64,johnwick3,1510620088,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:41,,,11/13/2017 16:46,0,How do these two Bitcoin songs have so few views?
  693. 7crsrg,0,0.5,pudgymennonite,1510620154,btc,11/14/17 0:42,,,11/13/2017 16:46,0,Why wonÕt you die!?! -from Austin Powers. Feels like the sentiment on both sides of the feud.
  694. 7crsxh,79,0.9,WintheGym,1510620197,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:43,,,11/13/2017 16:46,0,"I've built a crypto Airbnb to marry P2P currency with P2P travel, after a few weeks of hustling I now have around 250 listings all over the world"
  695. 7crsxq,5,0.69,ubeyou,1510620198,btc,11/14/17 0:43,,,11/13/2017 16:46,0,"With new DDA, does that mean BTC mempool is going to ATH until the next difficulty adjustment?"
  696. 7crt1n,2,0.57,freedombit,1510620219,btc,11/14/17 0:43,,,11/13/2017 16:46,0,Oh No! Bitcoin Trending to Zero!!! (troll post)
  697. 7crt31,1,1,Cryptoknowledge,1510620235,btc,11/14/17 0:43,,,\N,1,Bitcoin vs. Forex: Which Investment Makes Most Sense in Nigeria and Overall?
  698. 7crtdf,0,0.5,[deleted],1510620313,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:45,,,11/13/2017 16:46,1,PSA: Don't be on the bad side of history...
  699. 7crtoz,1,0.54,hedgecoins,1510620389,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:46,,,11/13/2017 16:46,0,Bitcoin: The SegWit2x Conspiracy
  700. 7crtpk,0,0.5,[deleted],1510620393,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:46,,,11/13/2017 16:46,1,I made him eat his (or my) words
  701. 7crudo,58,0.83,Rdzavi,1510620573,btc,11/14/17 0:49,,,11/13/2017 17:04,0,One of most influential crypto anarchist is on our side!
  702. 7crupl,0,0.5,doramas89,1510620659,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:50,,,11/13/2017 16:52,0,Is this true?
  703. 7cruw6,33,0.79,jamckp,1510620710,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:51,,,11/13/2017 16:52,0,Mempool backlog drops below 100k
  704. 7crv64,17,0.71,dexter-99,1510620793,btc,11/14/17 0:53,,,11/13/2017 17:04,0,"Please refer BTC ticker coin as ""Bitcoin Core"""
  705. 7crv6b,1,0.54,86753q9,1510620794,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:53,,,11/13/2017 16:58,0,Can we mine more bitcoin from asteroids?
  706. 7crv9r,0,0.27,juansgalt,1510620822,btc,11/14/17 0:53,,,11/13/2017 17:04,0,Is the difficulty algo a consensus rule?
  707. 7crvbc,1,1,juansgalt,1510620835,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:53,not,,\N,1,"BitcoinCash had to change the difficulty algorithm of the #Bitcoin Satoshi created. Isn't it a consensus rule and if so, doesn't that mean that Bitcoin Cash is not actually the original Bitcoin? ??"
  708. 7crvbp,1,0.54,CoinsBrasil,1510620838,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:53,,,11/13/2017 16:58,0,New Slack Coins Brasil
  709. 7crvc0,25,0.87,solitudeisunderrated,1510620841,btc,11/14/17 0:54,,,11/13/2017 17:04,0,Censorship in r/bitcoin is appalling!
  710. 7crvjr,3,0.63,pecuniology,1510620896,btc,11/14/17 0:54,,,11/13/2017 17:04,0,Zero Hedge: Mysterious Bitcoin Dip-Buyer Identified
  711. 7crvqg,54,0.87,DarkSpace-Harbinger,1510620945,btc,11/14/17 0:55,,,11/13/2017 17:04,0,AirVPN Plans on Accepting Bitcoin Cash Soon
  712. 7crvtx,7,0.99,[deleted],1510620973,btc,11/14/17 0:56,,,11/13/2017 17:04,0,Bithumb server news
  713. 7crw0y,2,0.58,AnythingIsBad,1510621024,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:57,,,11/13/2017 16:58,0,Daily Bitcoin Update (11/13/17) + Technical Analysis:
  714. 7crw3m,0,0.5,[deleted],1510621040,btc,11/14/17 0:57,,,\N,1,Hashrate quickly and steadily switching to BTC (3 hour average and absolute)
  715. 7crw6i,2,0.6,hedgecoins,1510621061,btc,11/14/17 0:57,,,11/13/2017 17:04,0,Bitcoin: The SegWit2x Conspiracy
  716. 7crw6x,1,1,bitcointoner,1510621064,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:57,not,,\N,0,START MAKING MONEY WITH BITCONNECT TODAY.
  717. 7crw71,0,0.32,Deathtobitcoin2,1510621064,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:57,,,11/13/2017 16:58,1,Welcome to Bitcoin where they tell you to hodl because you canÕt spend it anyway ?? Hodl Get Gains and lose 75% of it to insane fees and slow transactions. People saying itÕs a store of value and not a currency..Explain that to AA who speaks so highly about what bitcoin can do for countries
  718. 7crwcb,5,0.64,ChrissMejia,1510621102,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:58,,,11/13/2017 16:58,0,Why I don't trust Coinapult? (From ex employee)
  719. 7crwia,0,0.18,DanDarden,1510621149,btc,11/14/17 0:59,,,11/13/2017 17:04,0,What will be the BCH Classic ticker?
  720. 7crwin,1,1,Athator,1510621152,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:59,not,,11/13/2017 22:27,0,Bitcoin Network Congestion vs Remittance & MTOs
  721. 7crwou,10,0.57,rlly_not_a_shill,1510621194,Bitcoin,11/14/17 0:59,,,11/13/2017 17:03,0,PSA: Don't be on the wrong side of history...
  722. 7crwrr,0,0.5,[deleted],1510621210,Bitcoin,11/14/17 1:00,,,11/13/2017 17:03,1,Can someone please explain why is it less profitable to mine BTC? Link:
  723. 7crx5a,16,0.77,HODL_BTC,1510621301,Bitcoin,11/14/17 1:01,,,11/13/2017 17:03,0,"Those that bought the dip this weekend, you Bought Low. Now, Big Money is coming to Buy High!"
  724. 7crx9a,1,0.55,__Vet__,1510621326,Bitcoin,11/14/17 1:02,,,11/13/2017 17:03,0,Mainstream article: IÕm Bullish On Gold Royalty Plays And Bitcoin
  725. 7crxdg,1,1,nyeko_92,1510621356,Bitcoin,11/14/17 1:02,not,,\N,1,Don't sleep on Bitcoin Cash. Remember it was the consensus opinion that Trump was going to lose.
  726. 7crxmn,2,0.59,tommyr3ddit,1510621419,Bitcoin,11/14/17 1:03,,,11/13/2017 17:03,0,Problem with transaction fee. Please help
  727. 7crxob,5,0.73,jonald_fyookball,1510621435,btc,11/14/17 1:03,,,11/13/2017 17:04,0,BTC/USD Technical analysis
  728. 7crxsw,6,0.7,Ploppy50,1510621469,Bitcoin,11/14/17 1:04,,,11/13/2017 17:09,0,At what point do you draw the line? (fees)
  729. 7crxvp,31,0.77,peptocurrency,1510621490,btc,11/14/17 1:04,,,11/13/2017 17:14,0,"In a nutshell: Bitcoin (BTC) was hijacked by a counterfeit banker-inspired Altcoin protocol, forcing Bitcoin to be salvaged, re-named and re-established as Bitcoin Cash (BCH)."
  730. 7crxws,2,0.75,german_bitcoiner,1510621502,btc,11/14/17 1:05,,,11/13/2017 17:14,0,The Satoshi Revolution
  731. 7crxz2,3,0.67,PhelpstheMelps,1510621520,Bitcoin,11/14/17 1:05,,,11/13/2017 17:09,0,Just a few questions from a beginner.
  732. 7cry9f,54,0.88,upekha,1510621593,btc,11/14/17 1:06,,,11/13/2017 17:14,0,Luke [WeAreChange] & Jeff Berwick drop truth bombs to 500k subscribers about Bitcoin Cash
  733. 7crye4,5,0.99,sdczen,1510621628,btc,11/14/17 1:07,,,11/13/2017 17:14,0,Segwit2X Post Mortem - Response to Jimmy Song
  734. 7cryk9,4,0.74,jackster24212,1510621678,btc,11/14/17 1:07,,,11/13/2017 17:14,0,Why the drop?
  735. 7cryx2,4,0.61,wallyjo3,1510621769,Bitcoin,11/14/17 1:09,,,11/13/2017 17:09,0,"Calling off 2X showed how powerful we are. Either we keep wining or we win and get free cryptodividends. ""You're gonna win so much you're going to get tired of winning"""
  736. 7cryz1,0,0.36,AnujMofficial,1510621784,btc,11/14/17 1:09,,,11/13/2017 17:14,0,How many of you people are paid? I guess I won't get an honest answer.
  737. 7crz77,39,0.86,lightrider44,1510621841,btc,11/14/17 1:10,,,11/13/2017 17:14,0,Bitcoin went from anti censorship to censorship dependent
  738. 7crz9a,2,0.56,thattechie,1510621856,Bitcoin,11/14/17 1:10,,,11/13/2017 17:11,0,What fees are you guys talking about?
  739. 7crzdh,1,1,DeucesCracked,1510621881,Bitcoin,11/14/17 1:11,not,,\N,1,Can we call the BCH manipulation Cryptexit?
  740. 7crzf3,3,0.71,DarthVR6,1510621893,btc,11/14/17 1:11,,,11/13/2017 17:14,0,Help - BCH sent to BTC Wallet :(
  741. 7crzfg,6,0.59,ucandoitBFX,1510621896,Bitcoin,11/14/17 1:11,,,11/13/2017 17:14,0,would not surprise me if roger is paying people off to promote bcash. their goal is to kill bitcoin after all. disgusting.
  742. 7crzmh,2,0.6,jackattack825,1510621952,Bitcoin,11/14/17 1:12,,,11/13/2017 17:14,0,How to buy btc with a prepaid debit card
  743. 7crzrg,9,0.8,chronicwastage,1510621989,btc,11/14/17 1:13,,,11/13/2017 17:14,0,Bitcoin Cash Onramps
  744. 7cs09e,82,0.87,johnnyhonda,1510622106,Bitcoin,11/14/17 1:15,,,11/13/2017 17:17,0,This sums up whats going on right now.
  745. 7cs0m9,1,0.51,RAJANAKIN619,1510622197,Bitcoin,11/14/17 1:16,,,11/13/2017 17:17,0,Just dumped s truckload of shiitcash....let's put last nails on its coffin.
  746. 7cs1mo,0,0.35,tim246,1510622476,Bitcoin,11/14/17 1:21,,,11/13/2017 17:21,0,Does anyone else feel with the coming short selling
  747. 7cs1o0,0,0.34,VinnieFalco,1510622489,Bitcoin,11/14/17 1:21,,,11/13/2017 17:21,0,BCH Accomplished in TWO WEEKS what took Core over TWO YEARS!!
  748. 7cs1o4,2,0.6,[deleted],1510622490,btc,11/14/17 1:21,,,11/13/2017 17:21,0,Bithumb prevents flippening?
  749. 7cs1v4,3,0.64,Coolhandcanuck,1510622542,btc,11/14/17 1:22,,,11/13/2017 17:34,0,Bitcoin cash hash rate/price
  750. 7cs1zc,246,0.95,nullc,1510622574,Bitcoin,11/14/17 1:22,Not targeted,,11/13/2017 17:24,0,"Bulletproofs, a radical improvement in the space/bandwidth efficiency of confidential transactions."
  751. 7cs295,6,0.8,luciamehta,1510622645,btc,11/14/17 1:24,,,11/13/2017 17:34,0,"Congratulations to all you BCH Hodlers, one day when I get my shit straight, I will invest myself :)"
  752. 7cs2bh,1,0.54,nbourbon,1510622660,btc,11/14/17 1:24,,,11/13/2017 17:34,0,Almost 20blocks in an hour after fork?. ShouldnÕt the algorithm stabilize blocks every 10 mins?
  753. 7cs2cj,9,0.8,KingOfNiFe,1510622670,btc,11/14/17 1:24,,,11/13/2017 17:34,0,Should I buy 1 Bitcoin Cash
  754. 7cs2fe,8,0.67,aaronspurr,1510622695,Bitcoin,11/14/17 1:24,,,11/13/2017 17:27,0,noob question - slow transaction
  755. 7cs2ke,2,0.62,WalterRothbard,1510622731,btc,11/14/17 1:25,,,11/13/2017 17:34,0,Comments about the different difficulty adjustment proposals
  756. 7cs2pc,3,0.6,keygen4ever,1510622767,btc,11/14/17 1:26,,,11/13/2017 17:34,0,The Big Bitcoin Drama Show
  757. 7cs2qn,31,0.57,new-warrior,1510622776,btc,11/14/17 1:26,,,11/13/2017 17:34,0,Fuck bitcoin cash
  758. 7cs2x5,0,0.49,RAJANAKIN619,1510622821,Bitcoin,11/14/17 1:27,,,11/13/2017 17:27,0,Bitcoin profitability will outdo shiitcash for good forever.
  759. 7cs3a2,4,0.83,Zyoman,1510622914,btc,11/14/17 1:28,,,11/13/2017 17:34,0,"[Question] My BCH full node is connected to some BTC clients, do we broadcast each other transactions and rejecting them all day long?"
  760. 7cs3i6,0,0.32,yunginvest,1510622975,btc,11/14/17 1:29,,,11/13/2017 17:34,0,"Congrats guys! BTC is back and we're going all the way up to the moon again, get ready for all the people who still haven't bought back into BTC to panic and FOMO and push us to 10k!"
  761. 7cs3ms,2,0.55,twisted636,1510623011,btc,11/14/17 1:30,,,11/13/2017 17:34,0,Operation Dragon Slayer
  762. 7cs3pl,0,0.29,DarkestChaos,1510623030,btc,11/14/17 1:30,,,11/13/2017 17:34,0,Bitcoin Cash Sell Off / Brian Armstrong Tweets / Bank Mining / BCH is not BTC / BCH Posters / More!
  763. 7cs3rc,5,0.65,TCr0wn,1510623043,btc,11/14/17 1:30,,,11/13/2017 17:34,0,"What is ASICBoost? Not trolling, i started my crypto journey here. I bought btc to trade into BCH based on these forums. Id like to hear both sides."
  764. 7cs3tv,12,0.72,Epipow,1510623057,btc,11/14/17 1:30,,,11/13/2017 17:34,0,"Another BS/Core narrative busted: ""Hard forks are contentious""."
  765. 7cs3y7,1,0.67,[deleted],1510623087,btc,11/14/17 1:31,,,11/13/2017 17:34,1,Is BTC running on fumes? No new users? No new money?
  766. 7cs418,0,0.5,chronicwastage,1510623112,btc,11/14/17 1:31,,,11/13/2017 17:34,0,What if Bitcoin Cash is unable to obtain the BTC ticker?
  767. 7cs42c,185,0.78,webitcoiners,1510623117,btc,11/14/17 1:31,,,11/13/2017 17:34,0,"To avoid confusion among users, it's better to label the two chains as 'Bitcoin Core' and 'Bitcoin Cash'"
  768. 7cs4eb,0,0.37,keygen4ever,1510623211,Bitcoin,11/14/17 1:33,,,11/13/2017 17:33,0,The Big Bitcoin Drama Show
  769. 7cs4ed,9,0.75,dougusa,1510623212,Bitcoin,11/14/17 1:33,,,11/13/2017 17:33,0,Why Bitcoin?
  770. 7cs4ep,0,0.5,buescher,1510623214,Bitcoin,11/14/17 1:33,,,11/13/2017 17:33,0,Blockchain + Cryptocurrency utilization in the real world! How the blockchain can advance the construction industry.
  771. 7cs4xf,3,0.61,rodyncolo,1510623359,btc,11/14/17 1:35,,,11/13/2017 17:46,0,What could the outcome have been if the weekend pump happened after the recent forks/daa changes?
  772. 7cs52o,1,0.6,[deleted],1510623393,btc,11/14/17 1:36,,,\N,1,"Is BTC running on fumes? No New Users, No New Money? (Google Trends)"
  773. 7cs5bf,20,0.83,RPJames2,1510623452,Bitcoin,11/14/17 1:37,,,11/13/2017 17:38,0,"Bulletproofs: Efficient Range Proofs for Confidential Transactions"" On-chain scaling for privacy!"
  774. 7cs5ee,42,0.74,AGameDeveloper,1510623474,btc,11/14/17 1:37,,,11/13/2017 17:46,0,"Alright, this is too much... Forbes is now defending BTC on r/bitcoin"
  775. 7cs5nd,0,0.12,[deleted],1510623541,btc,11/14/17 1:39,,,11/13/2017 17:46,1,Bitcoin Cash Plus - Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash
  776. 7cs67o,54,0.82,mcfrankline,1510623694,btc,11/14/17 1:41,,,11/13/2017 17:46,0,"Bitcoin Cash achieves greater mining power, that eliminates the argument that ""high fees mean better security"". Experiment is in play. Already happened briefly."
  777. 7cs6am,38,0.78,GratefulTony,1510623720,Bitcoin,11/14/17 1:42,,,11/13/2017 17:46,0,There is almost enough hashrate on slushpool alone to 51% BCH
  778. 7cs6fn,9,0.77,#NAME?,1510623761,Bitcoin,11/14/17 1:42,,,11/13/2017 17:46,0,Coinbase have had this message for the last three updates. Might want to change that guys.
  779. 7cs6hf,1,1,UndyingSYL,1510623772,btc,11/14/17 1:42,,,\N,1,"I'm new to crypto, but what does BTC even do better than BCH?"
  780. 7cs6kp,0,0.42,[deleted],1510623795,btc,11/14/17 1:43,,,11/13/2017 17:46,0,Anyone in this community feeling generous?
  781. 7cs6rb,1,0.54,eladio19,1510623850,Bitcoin,11/14/17 1:44,,,11/13/2017 17:46,0,Can someone explain me this transaction?
  782. 7cs6sc,3,0.61,[deleted],1510623855,btc,11/14/17 1:44,,,11/13/2017 17:46,0,Whenever I see an Ad for Visa/Mastercard/Western Union
  783. 7cs78e,4,0.75,Warm_Soup,1510623975,btc,11/14/17 1:46,,,11/13/2017 17:58,0,[Mining] Is it worth it for the average enthusiast?
  784. 7cs78u,5,0.66,Ansible411,1510623978,Bitcoin,11/14/17 1:46,,,11/13/2017 17:52,0,I found an old email I emailed myself
  785. 7cs7vu,4,0.59,ur8moms,1510624147,Bitcoin,11/14/17 1:49,,,11/13/2017 17:52,0,Demand is btc's strength! Spread the word
  786. 7cs7xk,0,0.31,Ubuntu_Swirl,1510624155,btc,11/14/17 1:49,,,11/13/2017 17:58,1,4CHAN Analysys.
  787. 7cs7yd,3,0.6,forealboreal,1510624161,btc,11/14/17 1:49,,,11/13/2017 17:58,0,Fork.LOL question: Does the profitability take for account the huge backlog of transactions and the massive fees currently?
  788. 7cs8ql,2,0.56,7blink,1510624379,Bitcoin,11/14/17 1:52,,,11/13/2017 17:55,0,Idea for emergency hashrate
  789. 7cs8x6,2,0.62,WeaponizedMath,1510624426,btc,11/14/17 1:53,,,11/13/2017 17:58,0,What are the biggest Legacy Bitcoin companies against Bitcoin Cash?
  790. 7cs960,35,0.8,stunvn,1510624488,Bitcoin,11/14/17 1:54,,,11/13/2017 17:55,0,I buy some games on Steam today and see that they accepted Bitcoin!
  791. 7cs9b2,24,0.79,chronicwastage,1510624526,btc,11/14/17 1:55,,,11/13/2017 17:58,0,Know What? Ima buy a couple BCH back
  792. 7cs9bj,8,0.65,omgitsmalaa,1510624529,btc,11/14/17 1:55,,,11/13/2017 17:58,0,[serious] Explain why you love BCH
  793. 7cs9nj,2,0.57,2-bit-tipper,1510624618,Bitcoin,11/14/17 1:56,,,11/13/2017 17:58,0,"Bitcoin is a market for criminals and millennials, Dennis Gartman says"
  794. 7cs9qb,11,0.91,[deleted],1510624637,btc,11/14/17 1:57,,,11/13/2017 17:58,1,We are now at 29% hashrate
  795. 7cs9tz,7,0.73,heartOfTheBards,1510624662,Bitcoin,11/14/17 1:57,,,11/13/2017 17:58,0,Confidential Transactions optimized to functional sizes. 3x current single output transaction size and roughly equivalent size to multi-output/CoinJoin transactions!
  796. 7csa2e,1,0.56,[deleted],1510624726,Bitcoin,11/14/17 1:58,,,11/13/2017 18:02,1,Crypto total market cap rose from 130B to 200B during BTC recent run. It stayed at 200B during the BTH pump.
  797. 7csaky,18,0.79,Inferknite,1510624862,btc,11/14/17 2:01,,,11/13/2017 18:12,0,29% of hashing power has moved to BCH ( 3 hour average)
  798. 7csaog,399,0.58,Wheresthekaboom_,1510624886,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:01,,,11/13/2017 18:02,0,Cleaning up litter in San Francisco
  799. 7csaw2,8,0.72,ameanbitcoiner,1510624941,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:02,,,11/13/2017 18:02,0,When Will Lightning Strike?
  800. 7csb2k,4,0.64,CiPHER_PB,1510624984,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:03,,,11/13/2017 18:05,0,Could anyone provide an ELI5 for what happened over the last week or so (with BTH)
  801. 7csb5p,2,1,agottem,1510625004,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:03,not,,\N,1,New Bitcoin Cash DAA mining at a rate of 20 blocks an hour. To the moon!
  802. 7csb9z,2,0.62,altcoinspot,1510625031,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:03,,,11/13/2017 18:05,0,Bitcoin trading on CoinSpot
  803. 7csben,0,0.13,[deleted],1510625063,btc,11/14/17 2:04,,,\N,1,I want to be a paid poster!! Whoo go bch!!
  804. 7csbfl,1,1,[deleted],1510625070,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:04,not,,11/13/2017 18:05,1,When BTC price increased by 42% it took 90days and the total crypto market cap increased by 35%. When BTH price increased by over 100% it took two days and total crypto market cap increased by 0%.
  805. 7csbhd,3,0.61,Rockytana,1510625084,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:04,,,11/13/2017 18:05,0,"If hadnÕt checked BTC prices, none of this would have happened"
  806. 7csbnf,0,0.4,CryptoRando,1510625129,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:05,,,11/13/2017 18:11,0,Bitcoin Bender
  807. 7csbw0,3,0.64,2.1E+19,1510625193,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:06,,,11/13/2017 18:11,0,This might be a dumb question but...
  808. 7csbvy,1,1,[deleted],1510625193,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:06,not,,\N,1,When BTC price increased by 42% it took 90days and the total crypto market cap increased by 35%. When BCH price increased by over 100% it took two days and total crypto market cap increased by 0%.
  809. 7csc5n,1,0.6,[deleted],1510625266,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:07,,,\N,1,When will the high transaction fees turn over?
  810. 7csced,1,0.54,Blockchainico,1510625333,btc,11/14/17 2:08,,,11/13/2017 18:12,0,"IN ""THE BIG BANG THEORY"" THERE WILL BE A WHOLE EPISODE ABOUT BITCOIN"
  811. 7cscmm,1,1,malexander777,1510625397,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:09,not,,\N,1,Easy way to trade BCH shitcoins?
  812. 7csd4v,14,0.73,15chrisJ,1510625536,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:12,,,11/13/2017 18:17,0,"Just bet $50 with my friend that bitcoin will hit $8,500 before NYE"
  813. 7csd73,2,0.55,Cis_White_Harambe,1510625554,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:12,,,11/13/2017 18:17,0,"What is wrong with using 2MB blocks for awhile, then going back to 1MB or lower when great scaling options are here?"
  814. 7csdbw,8,0.7,ducksauce88,1510625595,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:13,,,11/13/2017 18:17,0,This is the exact reason why we need to stay vigilant. This guy sold all his BTC for Bcash at the high and tried to transfer it to it to sell it at a higher price on a different exchange.
  815. 7csdhd,3,0.56,byrokowu,1510625637,btc,11/14/17 2:13,,,11/13/2017 18:29,0,We need to get off Reddit
  816. 7csdiw,0,0.29,agottem,1510625647,btc,11/14/17 2:14,,,11/13/2017 18:29,0,New Bitcoin Cash DAA mining at a rate of 20 blocks an hour. To the moon!
  817. 7csdiz,28,0.83,phanpp,1510625648,btc,11/14/17 2:14,,,11/13/2017 18:29,0,"The Flippening, BTC to BCH The Last Mile"
  818. 7csdvd,3,0.61,jonathannen,1510625736,btc,11/14/17 2:15,,,11/13/2017 18:29,0,Genesis trading to auction off 20k BCH - any views?
  819. 7cse1h,6,0.69,Libertygrid,1510625782,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:16,,,11/13/2017 18:17,0,"Buy it, Hodl it, Take it off the Market (Repeat) = My Precious"
  820. 7cse6z,9,0.71,yungluk3,1510625829,btc,11/14/17 2:17,,,11/13/2017 18:29,0,"For those who bought at the top of the wave, now I know how it feels."
  821. 7cse84,1,0.57,DarkSpace-Harbinger,1510625837,btc,11/14/17 2:17,,,11/13/2017 18:29,1,Donation Competition: BCH Will Save the Doggos!
  822. 7cseid,0,0.5,kuldeepdhoot,1510625916,btc,11/14/17 2:18,,,11/13/2017 18:29,0,Irrogance of r/bitcoin
  823. 7csew4,1,0.57,stwbitcoin,1510626022,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:20,,,11/13/2017 18:29,0,Bittrex is broken.
  824. 7csez7,1,1,EpicSource,1510626044,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:20,not,,\N,1,Did Roger and Jihan forgot the dump part of the pump?!?!?
  825. 7csf1q,7,0.74,CleverTiger,1510626064,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:21,,,11/13/2017 18:29,0,Simple electrum question don't upvote
  826. 7csf20,0,0.38,ChaoticCrypto,1510626066,btc,11/14/17 2:21,,,11/13/2017 18:29,0,Just want to know......
  827. 7csfb6,1,0.54,[deleted],1510626132,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:22,,,11/13/2017 18:29,0,Excellent Background on Bitcoin's Most Influential Characters
  828. 7csfbp,11,0.66,anothertimewaster,1510626136,btc,11/14/17 2:22,,,11/13/2017 18:29,0,Core is killing BTC on purpose. I have proof.
  829. 7csfwe,0,0.32,[deleted],1510626294,btc,11/14/17 2:24,,,11/13/2017 18:29,1,Bitcoin cash sum up
  830. 7csfyr,1,0.57,CYMF,1510626315,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:25,,,11/13/2017 18:29,0,Opening account at coinhako
  831. 7csg8m,18,0.77,thescientificindian,1510626389,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:26,,,11/13/2017 18:29,0,We're back guys!
  832. 7csgay,2,0.56,freetem,1510626408,btc,11/14/17 2:26,,,11/13/2017 18:29,0,New DAA doesnt make blocks out 10min regularly?
  833. 7csgdf,3,0.67,SpellingMistache,1510626431,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:27,,,11/13/2017 18:29,0,BTC price has been unexpectedly stable tonight
  834. 7csgev,0,0.39,rodev91,1510626442,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:27,,,11/13/2017 18:29,1,New evidence to support that Satoshi Nakamoto may have Haitian roots
  835. 7csgtp,3,0.58,malexander777,1510626569,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:29,,,11/13/2017 18:35,0,Best exchange to trade shitcoins for bitcoin
  836. 7csh1i,1,0.57,[deleted],1510626633,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:30,,,11/13/2017 18:35,1,Can I sign a transaction with my private key offline via electrum to an exchange address?
  837. 7csh8m,4,0.59,EpicSource,1510626683,btc,11/14/17 2:31,,,11/13/2017 18:46,0,Did Roger and Jihan forgot the dump part of the pump?!?!? Initially tried to post on r/Bitcon
  838. 7cshdb,0,0.5,[deleted],1510626723,btc,11/14/17 2:32,,,11/13/2017 18:46,1,Just being nostalgic
  839. 7cshlq,426,0.89,hunk_quark,1510626786,btc,11/14/17 2:33,,,11/13/2017 18:46,0,"Despite core's censorship, propaganda and astroturfing, segwit adoption is dropping and is now < 10%"
  840. 7csi8j,10,0.67,kuldeepdhoot,1510626949,btc,11/14/17 2:35,,,11/13/2017 18:46,0,Bitcoin is going to be useless within 1 week. The bubble is gonna explode.
  841. 7csid1,9,0.63,GeogiaArthur,1510626983,btc,11/14/17 2:36,,,\N,1,Palm Beach Confidential Leaked November Report
  842. 7csiia,0,0.5,[deleted],1510627027,btc,11/14/17 2:37,,,\N,1,25 will be made. Only 17 left. You requested it. Bitcoin Cash Beanies will be professionally embroidered. Bitcoin Cash accepted! Thank you guys.
  843. 7csii8,2,0.62,r3kl355,1510627027,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:37,,,11/13/2017 18:40,0,"Coinbase withdrew from an bank account that no longer exists...and I, umm"
  844. 7csitr,0,0.45,pigletsdaughter,1510627117,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:38,,,11/13/2017 18:40,0,Sent BTC to Coinbase 3 days ago...STILL hasn't processed. WTF is going on?
  845. 7csj0g,3,0.61,Thecoinsignal,1510627177,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:39,,,11/13/2017 18:40,0,"Bitcoin's Wild Ride Continues as Prices Recover Near $6,400"
  846. 7csjdc,0,0.42,juansgalt,1510627272,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:41,,,11/13/2017 18:46,0,Did a Bunch of Ancap Leaders Just Exit Bitcoin?
  847. 7csjqr,14,0.64,[deleted],1510627388,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:43,,,11/13/2017 18:46,1,"Before yesterday, every attempt at discussing yesterdays exact scenario was shot down as altcoin talk. Thanks a lot mods, real good work."
  848. 7csjxp,1,1,Cryptoknowledge,1510627434,btc,11/14/17 2:43,,,\N,1,Quantum Computing Can Disrupt Bitcoin
  849. 7csjzv,0,0.5,jake_lindberg,1510627451,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:44,,,11/13/2017 18:46,0,Did coinreum stop paying everyone or is it just me.
  850. 7cskg5,0,0.4,jonathanflower_,1510627574,btc,11/14/17 2:46,,,11/13/2017 18:46,0,Let me teach you how to day trade in these markets
  851. 7csl0u,0,0.5,[deleted],1510627738,btc,11/14/17 2:48,,,11/13/2017 18:56,1,What do I have to do to get tipped? :/ I'll literally do anything.
  852. 7csl1a,6,0.72,MemeDealer305,1510627743,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:49,,,11/13/2017 18:51,0,"Hi guys, I was wondering why is it that when I buy crypto on Coinbase im always buying it at a higher price than whats on the market. And whenever im selling it, it sells on a lower price than whats on the market. Am I missing something here or is Coinbase just scamming me?"
  853. 7csl46,1,1,bitbody2,1510627767,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:49,not,,\N,1,How can spam tx attack work with fees being so high?
  854. 7csl4h,10,0.85,[deleted],1510627770,btc,11/14/17 2:49,,,11/13/2017 18:56,1,The shape of things to come.. [ INCOMING HASH RATE ]
  855. 7cslsg,20,0.8,DankLard,1510627961,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:52,,,11/13/2017 18:53,0,Coinbase saved me $900
  856. 7csly2,3,0.71,jarede312,1510628009,btc,11/14/17 2:53,,,11/13/2017 18:56,0,I have a serious question.
  857. 7csm1x,3,0.6,kurokame,1510628042,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:54,,,11/13/2017 18:56,0,"Just got my Ledger Nano S, but fees are too high to test."
  858. 7csm5b,0,0.5,ChosunOne,1510628061,btc,11/14/17 2:54,,,11/13/2017 18:56,0,Question about the new DAA
  859. 7csm7l,2,0.62,jake63vw,1510628082,btc,11/14/17 2:54,,,11/13/2017 18:56,0,"BCH - 20% of the Hash, equal Profitability to BTC"
  860. 7csm90,1,1,romromyeah,1510628093,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:54,not,,\N,1,"New spin, Bitcoin is Bitcoin legacy"
  861. 7csmej,0,0.5,HostFat,1510628137,btc,11/14/17 2:55,,,11/13/2017 18:56,0,It seems that even BCOIN will have its Bitcoin Cash version
  862. 7csmey,7,0.77,peptocurrency,1510628141,btc,11/14/17 2:55,,,11/13/2017 18:56,0,So... maybe keep an eye out for this sketchy altcoin BCH ripoff.
  863. 7csmq8,1,1,4DGames,1510628230,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:57,not,,\N,1,I have earned a badge of honor this day
  864. 7csmvq,0,0.46,Ds720,1510628269,btc,11/14/17 2:57,,,11/13/2017 19:07,0,Evidence showing funds from my Kraken account were donated to Bitcoin Unlimited
  865. 7csmzc,3,0.66,Jyontaitaa,1510628296,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:58,,,11/13/2017 18:59,0,Bitcoin price estimation
  866. 7csmza,0,0.25,[deleted],1510628296,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:58,,,\N,1,Who wants to pay $92 to transact with Bitcoin? I bet the ÒhodlersÓ do. ???????? You guys are better off using western union to help Venezuela like Andreas Antronopolos said Bitcoin could be used to do. I feel sorry for Zimbabwe. Thank AA and Core. Stick to the white paper and then you can help.
  867. 7csn2i,58,0.9,Ds720,1510628320,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:58,,,11/13/2017 18:59,0,Evidence showing funds from my Kraken account were donated to Bitcoin Unlimited
  868. 7csn7o,62,0.88,grzegorzszczecin,1510628360,Bitcoin,11/14/17 2:59,,,11/13/2017 18:59,0,Backlogs are clearing... now at 180-200 sat/byte level.
  869. 7csnff,4,0.7,whyam-i-onreddit,1510628418,btc,11/14/17 3:00,,,11/13/2017 19:07,0,What upgrade should we be looking at next for Bitcoin Cash?
  870. 7csnph,8,0.75,technicoloursquirrel,1510628481,btc,11/14/17 3:01,,,11/13/2017 19:07,0,The difficult of BCH is clearly going to oscillate a few times.
  871. 7cso1r,29,0.84,Inferknite,1510628561,btc,11/14/17 3:02,,,11/13/2017 19:07,0,People at r/bitcoin are waking up.
  872. 7cso3r,5,0.99,gozaamaya,1510628580,btc,11/14/17 3:03,,,11/13/2017 19:07,0,What happens when it is more profitable to mine BCH?
  873. 7cso78,1,1,morph1ne,1510628608,Bitcoin,11/14/17 3:03,not,,\N,1,A massive conspiracy by Bitmain syndicate and Roger Ver since 2017 July NYA.
  874. 7csolk,3,0.71,Anenome5,1510628725,btc,11/14/17 3:05,,,11/13/2017 19:07,0,How it's made... toilet paper ;)
  875. 7csoxe,687,0.82,NachoKong,1510628807,btc,11/14/17 3:06,,,11/13/2017 19:07,0,Confessions of a Core Supporter
  876. 7csoyb,14,0.7,nybe,1510628815,Bitcoin,11/14/17 3:06,,,11/13/2017 19:10,0,...roger vers sell wall ... didnt stand a chance.
  877. 7csp4y,1,0.67,[deleted],1510628864,Bitcoin,11/14/17 3:07,,,11/13/2017 19:10,1,Once upon a time people used sea shells as currency...
  878. 7csp64,1,0.57,Blockchainico,1510628873,btc,11/14/17 3:07,,,11/13/2017 19:17,0,GE's patent application reveals the role of blockchain in aviation management
  879. 7cspcb,6,0.99,Crispyanity,1510628918,btc,11/14/17 3:08,,,11/13/2017 19:17,0,"Alright, how do I buy in Canada?"
  880. 7csph0,66,0.83,qwerty_mahadev,1510628958,btc,11/14/17 3:09,,,11/13/2017 19:17,0,Sold my last BTC today
  881. 7cspmm,0,0.29,nastyfaceyo,1510629006,btc,11/14/17 3:10,,,11/13/2017 19:17,0,Why BCH? It's meh
  882. 7cspol,25,0.81,2.1E+19,1510629019,Bitcoin,11/14/17 3:10,,,11/13/2017 19:10,0,The last 72 hours of Bitcoin summed up.
  883. 7cspqa,5,0.69,mariataylo,1510629031,Bitcoin,11/14/17 3:10,,,11/13/2017 19:10,0,Attention bitcoin bears: You'll be able to bet against the digital currency in one month
  884. 7cspxx,1,0.55,elfof4sky,1510629094,Bitcoin,11/14/17 3:11,,,11/13/2017 19:13,0,Still waiting on money to transfer to exchange since Thursday. Can someone please attack bitcoin again. Wait til the mempool clears though. K thnx
  885. 7cspys,0,0.38,Deathtobitcoin2,1510629102,Bitcoin,11/14/17 3:11,,,11/13/2017 19:13,1,"DidnÕt they say Bitcoin can help countries with hyper inflation? How? How? ThatÕs impossible. How can a person send money to Venezuela or Zimbabwe without $100 fee? Western union would be a better fit. Oh, but then again thereÕs B>C>H"
  886. 7cspzu,2,0.6,yzydog,1510629107,Bitcoin,11/14/17 3:11,,,11/13/2017 19:13,0,Hey I have I budget of $2000 and rig below any god?
  887. 7csq5u,8,0.73,Ccboy01,1510629160,btc,11/14/17 3:12,,,11/13/2017 19:17,0,"When you realize your bch gains as a coffee purchase or back to usd, is it a ton of work to record it in your tax return? What about semi frequent tipping as low as 50¢ to redditors?"
  888. 7csqax,15,0.78,MartinGandhiKennedy,1510629202,btc,11/14/17 3:13,,,11/13/2017 19:17,0,"Bitcoin Cash, BTC, and Roger Ver"
  889. 7csqmg,0,0.31,DailyShawarma,1510629285,btc,11/14/17 3:14,,,11/13/2017 19:17,0,"This guy sold his BTC for BCH, tried to sell but transfer didn't get throw"
  890. 7csqop,1,0.6,[deleted],1510629306,btc,11/14/17 3:15,,,11/13/2017 19:17,0,Why didn't total crypto market cap go up during our run?
  891. 7csqtf,29,0.84,kingscrown69,1510629344,btc,11/14/17 3:15,,,11/13/2017 19:17,0,If you get tipped BCH remember to upvote tipper and the bot!
  892. 7csr7p,2,0.54,Wizzam101,1510629456,Bitcoin,11/14/17 3:17,,,11/13/2017 23:36,0,Why is there so much nonsensical censorship in this sub?
  893. 7csr8w,1,0.57,_mawe_,1510629465,Bitcoin,11/14/17 3:17,,,11/13/2017 19:21,0,is the segwit part of btc also processed decentralized?
  894. 7csrmk,63,0.51,stos313,1510629579,Bitcoin,11/14/17 3:19,,,11/13/2017 19:21,0,"A ""Most Wanted"" money launder, a pathological liar, and convicted explosives dealer walk into a bar...."
  895. 7csryg,4,0.66,steverogen,1510629669,btc,11/14/17 3:21,,,11/13/2017 19:30,0,Bitcoin's value rose $10 billion in just 12 hours after a dramatic weekend sell-off
  896. 7csrzh,0,0.33,[deleted],1510629677,Bitcoin,11/14/17 3:21,,,11/13/2017 19:21,1,Make Money trading online
  897. 7css17,0,0.29,AnujMofficial,1510629691,btc,11/14/17 3:21,,,11/13/2017 19:30,0,One of us! One of us! One of us!
  898. 7cssm6,3,0.62,Littlelen44,1510629856,Bitcoin,11/14/17 3:24,,,11/13/2017 19:25,0,Do the Winklevoss twins own the 2nd most bitcoin (behind Satoshi)?
  899. 7cssvv,0,0.27,nastyfaceyo,1510629941,btc,11/14/17 3:25,,,11/13/2017 19:30,0,Can we get a tippr for a decent coin?
  900. 7cstm7,12,0.87,Elidan456,1510630151,btc,11/14/17 3:29,,,11/13/2017 19:30,0,1200$ support
  901. 7cstr6,51,0.81,Shadowpasta,1510630188,btc,11/14/17 3:29,,,11/13/2017 19:30,0,"I'm part of an important business that really NEEDS to switch to BCH, please help."
  902. 7cstyl,7,0.77,DarkSpace-Harbinger,1510630239,btc,11/14/17 3:30,,,11/13/2017 19:30,0,So when's Reddit going to take Bitcoin Cash for Reddit Gold?
  903. 7csu6t,7,0.77,bUbUsHeD,1510630299,btc,11/14/17 3:31,,,11/13/2017 19:44,0,Redundancy vs Decentralization - a fundamental misunderstanding at the heart of the scaling debate
  904. 7csu8m,364,0.85,jonathannen,1510630315,btc,11/14/17 3:31,,,11/13/2017 19:44,0,Vitalik - I consider BCH a legitimate contender for the bitcoin name...
  905. 7csuft,0,0.43,xanga_17,1510630374,Bitcoin,11/14/17 3:32,,,11/13/2017 19:36,0,Segwit2x
  906. 7csuma,181,0.8,BitttBurger,1510630422,btc,11/14/17 3:33,,,11/13/2017 19:44,0,"Yes, bitcoin is under attack. From high fees, slow transactions, and an unwilling dev team. Finding a solution to that isnÕt an ÒattackÓ."
  907. 7csuse,13,0.75,Scott_WWS,1510630475,btc,11/14/17 3:34,,,11/13/2017 19:44,0,Forbes: Bitcoin Core's chosen approach is the best approach (banker magazine shilling the banker coin) [r/bitcoin crosspost]
  908. 7csuv3,3,0.71,cryptoeric,1510630499,btc,11/14/17 3:34,,,11/13/2017 19:44,0,I have BTC in old Electrum wallet from BEFORE the fork. Can I still get my BCH?
  909. 7csuv8,2,0.62,JustAnotherHodler,1510630500,Bitcoin,11/14/17 3:35,,,11/13/2017 19:36,0,Would You Like a No Fee Automated Investing/DCA App?
  910. 7csuzt,0,0.33,[deleted],1510630538,Bitcoin,11/14/17 3:35,,,11/13/2017 19:36,1,why does it cost $11 to send $10 on coinbase right now?
  911. 7csv6i,1,0.57,cs021093,1510630593,Bitcoin,11/14/17 3:36,,,11/13/2017 19:38,0,Need to buy Bitcoins without SSN.!
  912. 7csvge,0,0.43,nomad_delta,1510630675,btc,11/14/17 3:37,,,11/13/2017 19:44,0,I don't get it... why isn't BCH price going up after the hard fork?
  913. 7csvko,1,1,HenryK81,1510630708,Bitcoin,11/14/17 3:38,not,,\N,1,What future developments are the BCH developers working on now?
  914. 7csvmx,0,0.38,drdixie,1510630731,btc,11/14/17 3:38,,,11/13/2017 19:44,0,Where can I use BCH
  915. 7csvn8,5,0.72,HenryK81,1510630734,btc,11/14/17 3:38,,,11/13/2017 19:44,0,What future developments are the BCH developers working on now?
  916. 7csvzt,1,1,jonathanlin04,1510630833,Bitcoin,11/14/17 3:40,not,,\N,1,How to easily obtain bitcoin cash because bitmain is only accepting bitcoin cash
  917. 7csw7p,1,0.99,HagensHouse12,1510630907,Bitcoin,11/14/17 3:41,,,\N,1,Question for the day traders
  918. 7csw8z,5,0.77,ulros,1510630919,Bitcoin,11/14/17 3:41,,,11/13/2017 19:44,0,Which existing wallet is the best for a new cold wallet?
  919. 7cswd2,0,0.33,[deleted],1510630951,btc,11/14/17 3:42,,,11/13/2017 19:44,1,HereÕs why BCH will have issues taking over BTC..even with its benefits
  920. 7cswn6,1,1,Cryptoknowledge,1510631033,btc,11/14/17 3:43,,,\N,1,Bitcoin gold is sliding fast
  921. 7csxir,0,0.41,johnVanDijk,1510631275,Bitcoin,11/14/17 3:47,,,11/13/2017 19:51,0,Shitcoin mining profitability again up to 1.11x BTC after the shitcoin fork.
  922. 7csxxh,7,0.68,TaterNeck,1510631411,Bitcoin,11/14/17 3:50,,,11/13/2017 19:51,0,I am the catalyst for the now steady path to a new ATH because I sold to buy another overnight dip.
  923. 7csy08,0,0.5,norulers,1510631429,btc,11/14/17 3:50,,,11/13/2017 19:53,0,"Where (if anywhere) is my BCH? Started with BTC on Coinbase early this year. Moved it to Ledger Nano S in September. Now (as usual), I'm confused."
  924. 7csy1i,1,0.53,hardward123,1510631440,Bitcoin,11/14/17 3:50,,,11/13/2017 19:51,0,How long will it take for fees to go back down under $1?
  925. 7csy2n,0,0.4,PhantomParrot,1510631450,Bitcoin,11/14/17 3:50,,,11/13/2017 19:51,1,Have you ever known CoinEgg?
  926. 7csy4l,6,0.66,dwalsh87,1510631467,Bitcoin,11/14/17 3:51,,,11/13/2017 19:51,0,How to convert bitcoin to Cash?
  927. 7csy8e,2,0.67,Rageuk,1510631494,btc,11/14/17 3:51,,,11/13/2017 19:53,0,Does any one have a link to the site that shows how the mining percentage between the chains?
  928. 7csy8w,2,0.57,[deleted],1510631499,Bitcoin,11/14/17 3:51,,,11/13/2017 19:53,1,There is a bug in the Ledger S nano. **Devs** need to fix that ASAP. Coins will not be lost but can be **locked**!
  929. 7csygn,1,1,ChartsAndTrends,1510631570,Bitcoin,11/14/17 3:52,not,,\N,1,RIPPLE should be ripping higher and outperform Bitcoin
  930. 7csyk4,42,0.87,DesignerAccount,1510631600,Bitcoin,11/14/17 3:53,,,11/13/2017 20:19,0,"People who like big blocks have Bitcoin Cash and people who like Layer-2 Networks, Compact Binary Transactions, UDP FEC Global LEO SAT coverage, encrypted TCP channels, experimenting and etc have Bitcoin."
  931. 7csylb,0,0.5,Iambannedfromrbitcoi,1510631612,Bitcoin,11/14/17 3:53,,,11/13/2017 19:53,0,Let's say someone invented a 2nd-layer scaling solution that scaled Bitcoin by 1 million times?
  932. 7csyr8,0,0.41,[deleted],1510631665,btc,11/14/17 3:54,,,11/13/2017 20:06,1,17 left. Bitcoin Cash Accepted! Thank you guys.
  933. 7csytx,17,0.75,hydtech,1510631688,btc,11/14/17 3:54,,,11/13/2017 20:06,0,Palm Beach confidential picks BCH?
  934. 7csz8j,8,0.79,MannyLectro,1510631807,Bitcoin,11/14/17 3:56,,,11/13/2017 20:02,0,"Quick exchange question, don't upvote !"
  935. 7csz8n,9,0.71,Kooonur---,1510631808,btc,11/14/17 3:56,,,11/13/2017 20:06,0,Spread the word of BCH. (Posters)
  936. 7csz9y,0,0.44,soutiefied,1510631819,Bitcoin,11/14/17 3:56,,,11/13/2017 20:02,0,SO 2 Days and not one confirmation.
  937. 7cszg4,26,0.86,jonald_fyookball,1510631869,btc,11/14/17 3:57,,,11/13/2017 20:06,0,Did anyone notice this: mystery miner blocks are only a small portion of the network now.
  938. 7cszob,0,0.29,[deleted],1510631940,Bitcoin,11/14/17 3:59,,,11/13/2017 20:02,1,ShitcoinAss mempool is a joke
  939. 7cszsa,2,0.62,-_mu_-,1510631969,Bitcoin,11/14/17 3:59,,,11/13/2017 20:02,0,"How far will the IRS go to gain information from every user on coinbase? As we all witnessed back in July 2017 the IRS probed coinbase users with transactions over 20,000$ dating from 2013-2015. What should we expect this tax season? The IRS only knows what coinbase shows them. Do we all file 1099"
  940. 7cszzk,1,1,ASUjames,1510632023,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:00,not,,\N,1,"Seriously, what the f*ck is up with r/bitcoincash"
  941. 7ct08d,7,0.81,catfartzzz,1510632088,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:01,,,11/13/2017 20:02,0,"First time buying BTC - transaction got stuck with all the rest. Once it clears, will it reflect the change in market value that occurred since making my purchase?"
  942. 7ct0ap,2,0.62,Brodie183,1510632106,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:01,,,11/13/2017 20:02,0,BTC not in blockchain?
  943. 7ct0gg,1,1,[deleted],1510632153,btc,11/14/17 4:02,,,\N,1,r/bitcoin here...
  944. 7ct0h2,2,0.56,cc_ya,1510632158,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:02,,,11/13/2017 20:02,0,I successfully got more coins at this dip!
  945. 7ct0lj,1,0.66,[deleted],1510632191,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:03,,,11/13/2017 20:06,1,Explaining Bitcoin Proof of Work Difficulty
  946. 7ct0nq,15,0.89,RussianHacker1011101,1510632211,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:03,,,11/13/2017 20:06,0,Amdahl's Law and Depreciating Improvements Increasing Blocksize
  947. 7ct0tg,15,0.86,mrtest001,1510632262,btc,11/14/17 4:04,,,11/13/2017 20:06,0,Why is BCH block generation still so fast? Does it need to flush out the pre-fork blocks in the 144-block window to adjust 10-minute blocktime difficulty more visibly?
  948. 7ct0u6,4,0.55,PastPresentsFuture,1510632267,btc,11/14/17 4:04,,,11/13/2017 20:06,0,The people who blindly follow Core propaganda are the same people who think Bitcoin is a scam or fake money. It's the same personality type. Normies.
  949. 7ct0xa,14,0.99,stri8ed,1510632294,btc,11/14/17 4:04,,,11/13/2017 20:06,0,Interesting discussion between Gavin Andresen and Peter Todd (2014)
  950. 7ct11y,2,0.66,jonathanlin04,1510632327,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:05,,,11/13/2017 20:06,0,Reddit or Forums?
  951. 7ct16x,240,0.8,Mo9731,1510632369,btc,11/14/17 4:06,,,11/13/2017 20:06,0,Vitalik Buterin considers BCH a legitimate contender for the bitcoin name!
  952. 7ct1e1,0,0.31,SyrianArabArmy,1510632429,btc,11/14/17 4:07,,,11/13/2017 20:20,0,How do I make my money bigger?
  953. 7ct1hj,1,0.54,tattedhoncho,1510632454,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:07,,,11/13/2017 20:11,0,My wallet only shows how much BTC I have now and not the total in CAD currency anymore.. Anyone know why and why isnÕt the total showing up anymore?
  954. 7ct1n3,1,0.52,romromyeah,1510632496,btc,11/14/17 4:08,,,11/13/2017 20:20,0,"Serious Discussion Only Please: Was ASICBOOST one of the main drivers behind the HF, and even the push for 2x"
  955. 7ct21n,2,0.62,hamsumboshi,1510632610,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:10,,,11/13/2017 20:11,0,Another reason why banks cannot be trusted.
  956. 7ct29k,90,0.92,AEonCIpher,1510632668,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:11,,,11/13/2017 20:11,0,Someone from the boulder bitcoin meetup gave me this homemade sterling silver Bitcoin!
  957. 7ct2ax,2,0.6,studstur,1510632679,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:11,,,11/13/2017 20:11,0,Quick question about a transaction.
  958. 7ct2rd,34,0.8,[deleted],1510632810,btc,11/14/17 4:13,,,11/13/2017 20:20,1,Ethereum Founder: Bitcoin Cash is a legitimate contender for the Bitcoin name
  959. 7ct2rm,1,0.55,BloodSnail,1510632812,btc,11/14/17 4:13,,,11/13/2017 20:20,0,What's the best place to buy BCH?
  960. 7ct31k,30,0.9,TruthReasonOrLies,1510632894,btc,11/14/17 4:14,,,11/13/2017 20:20,0,Coinbase and BitPay need to enable Bitcoin Cash.
  961. 7ct36l,2,0.59,rm-rfmcc,1510632940,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:15,,,11/13/2017 20:16,0,BTC Threat Model
  962. 7ct377,3,0.64,nocturnalworkshop,1510632945,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:15,,,11/13/2017 20:16,0,best crypto exchanges?
  963. 7ct3ik,5,0.77,svcvac,1510633028,btc,11/14/17 4:17,,,11/13/2017 20:20,0,Where to buy BCH using fiat in US
  964. 7ct3k8,0,0.5,archaeal,1510633046,btc,11/14/17 4:17,,,11/13/2017 20:20,0,Automatic crypto price updates in Personal Capital
  965. 7ct3mz,4,0.61,HLDING,1510633072,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:17,,,11/13/2017 20:19,0,Waiting to receive Bitcoin (for 72+ hours) fees 100 sat/B ... anything I can do or just sit tight?
  966. 7ct3n9,7,0.81,bonamseshu,1510633075,btc,11/14/17 4:17,,,11/13/2017 20:20,0,Miners are going to influence the next few weeks of BCH price. So far their vision is clearly evident BCH>BTC
  967. 7ct3pj,8,0.65,djdduty,1510633094,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:18,,,11/13/2017 20:19,0,Should I take this as a bad sign?
  968. 7ct3v7,13,0.75,kharsus,1510633136,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:18,,,11/13/2017 20:19,0,To the crimson moon.
  969. 7ct40q,1,0.56,revanyo,1510633179,btc,11/14/17 4:19,,,11/13/2017 20:20,0,"What prevents BCH from experiencing the ""death spiral"""
  970. 7ct432,46,0.89,jaimewarlock,1510633200,btc,11/14/17 4:20,,,11/13/2017 20:20,0,The ability of a system to retain homeostasis during stress is a sign of good health.
  971. 7ct4bb,1,1,irish_coffee1,1510633267,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:21,not,,\N,0,What is dangerous about BCH? (I am a BTC owner since july and just curious)
  972. 7ct4gy,1,1,zinke89,1510633317,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:21,not,,\N,1,Bitcoin Fork Question
  973. 7ct4sa,8,0.62,[deleted],1510633410,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:23,,,11/13/2017 20:25,0,"How is Bitcoin a ""decentralized"" currency, if there are only a handful of mines doing most of the hashing?"
  974. 7ct4s5,5,0.69,archaeal,1510633410,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:23,,,11/13/2017 20:25,0,Automatic crypto price updates in Personal Capital
  975. 7ct500,4,0.61,Sevenisit,1510633483,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:24,,,11/13/2017 20:25,0,Wallstreet be like BTC is the devil
  976. 7ct51j,1,0.57,dmsandwich,1510633498,btc,11/14/17 4:24,,,11/13/2017 20:35,0,What exchange best serves a (very) small investment fund?
  977. 7ct58u,1,0.57,maff1989,1510633564,btc,11/14/17 4:26,,,11/13/2017 20:35,0,"Network hashrate increases, but difficulty drops?"
  978. 7ct5b4,1,0.54,mattyjward,1510633583,btc,11/14/17 4:26,,,11/13/2017 20:35,0,Poll: Political affiliation married with block size. End result will be telling.
  979. 7ct5f9,5,0.68,Atajar07,1510633627,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:27,,,11/13/2017 20:30,0,The Crypto Civil War
  980. 7ct5pr,0,0.3,ReasonOz,1510633714,btc,11/14/17 4:28,,,11/13/2017 20:35,0,Etherium Founder: Possession of child porn does not pose risk to others.
  981. 7ct5ug,124,0.82,hunk_quark,1510633756,btc,11/14/17 4:29,,,11/13/2017 20:35,0,Vitalik challenges segwitcoin's claim to bitcoin brand-name
  982. 7ct5yg,23,0.74,beelzebubby,1510633792,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:29,,,11/13/2017 20:30,0,Bitcoin Price Fluctuation be like
  983. 7ct646,4,0.63,cronus256,1510633835,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:30,,,11/13/2017 20:30,0,BTC has been devilish lately
  984. 7ct66g,3,0.67,[deleted],1510633854,btc,11/14/17 4:30,,,11/13/2017 20:35,1,anybody else bored?
  985. 7ct673,0,0.47,riley12200,1510633861,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:31,,,11/13/2017 20:35,0,Buying Bitcoin
  986. 7ct6ah,0,0.36,vroomDotClub,1510633886,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:31,,,11/13/2017 20:35,1,What every bitcoiner needs to watch.. This guy is satoshi if i remember correctly.
  987. 7ct6b9,0,0.43,Supersatoshi69,1510633891,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:31,,,11/13/2017 20:35,1,"So, why is a post that suggested that Roger Ver should be in jail banned while something suggesting the same thing with an info graphic is cool?"
  988. 7ct6bg,16,0.89,SILENTSAM69,1510633892,btc,11/14/17 4:31,,,11/13/2017 20:35,0,Minor idea to spread BCH awareness
  989. 7ct6k6,1,0.53,[deleted],1510633965,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:32,,,11/13/2017 20:35,1,Hope everyone bought the dip!
  990. 7ct6o7,0,0.5,zinke89,1510633998,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:33,,,11/13/2017 20:35,0,Bitcoin Fork Question
  991. 7ct6u5,2,0.54,ivR3ddit,1510634051,btc,11/14/17 4:34,,,11/13/2017 20:35,0,Why BCH/BCC when ETH already exists for cheap & fast tx?
  992. 7ct76n,0,0.5,ironmaskman,1510634145,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:35,,,11/13/2017 20:38,1,Bcash criminals forcing my grandma to eat cat food
  993. 7ct7hz,14,0.7,mehrlich24,1510634239,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:37,,,11/13/2017 20:38,0,Quick Exchange Fee Question - DONT UPVOTE
  994. 7ct7rz,1,0.54,heyrhett,1510634318,btc,11/14/17 4:38,,,11/13/2017 20:44,0,"If you can't agree with someone on this question about BTC vs BCH, there is no point in having further discussion"
  995. 7ct7rv,0,0.5,l_ft,1510634318,btc,11/14/17 4:38,,,11/13/2017 20:44,0,Can someone emote Roger Ver as a whale real quick?
  996. 7ct811,0,0.41,tattedhoncho,1510634397,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:39,,,11/13/2017 20:41,1,Anyone use wallet? Is it secure and safe? Only comment if you use the wallet please! ????????
  997. 7ct839,0,0.4,edit_my_book_,1510634413,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:40,,,11/13/2017 20:41,0,"Thank you to those who have and will view my writing of intro to crypto. Here is the second part if you want to view, trash, edit, or share it."
  998. 7ct87a,0,0.5,[deleted],1510634453,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:40,,,11/13/2017 20:41,1,"As Cryptocurrency Market is surging, here are Top 5 Stocks to watch out for."
  999. 7ct88m,0,0.21,skandale,1510634466,btc,11/14/17 4:41,,,11/13/2017 20:44,0,"If you plan on purchasing Bch, read this. Bitcoin Cash is _not_ a de-centralized network."
  1000. 7ct8r5,1,1,Cryptoknowledge,1510634632,btc,11/14/17 4:43,,,\N,1,Bitcoin rises 14%: Where next for the cryptocurrency?
  1001. 7ct8zd,9,0.73,archaeal,1510634696,btc,11/14/17 4:44,,,11/13/2017 20:56,0,"In about 10 blocks (around 504147), difficulty will start to increase faster"
  1002. 7ct925,7,0.8,CP70,1510634720,btc,11/14/17 4:45,,,11/13/2017 20:56,0,Craig Wright at the 2017 Future of Bitcoin Conference
  1003. 7ct96d,37,0.81,fudmartng,1510634757,btc,11/14/17 4:45,,,11/13/2017 20:56,0,Pay with BitcoinCash and Dash instead of Bitcoin
  1004. 7ct98u,9,0.76,Shewnn,1510634776,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:46,,,11/13/2017 20:47,0,CME futures. Negative or positive
  1005. 7ct9ej,0,0.28,elyziancs,1510634825,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:47,,,11/13/2017 20:47,0,This csgo twitch streamer has 7000+ bitcoins?
  1006. 7ct9fu,0,0.5,Supersatoshi69,1510634835,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:47,,,\N,1,Wh0 keeps censoring my posts. I have more bitcoin than you. I have a better job than you and have called shit for years. FUCK YOU.
  1007. 7ct9ix,0,0.5,kingofhammers,1510634860,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:47,,,11/13/2017 20:51,1,Tip Bot
  1008. 7ct9js,23,0.78,silverjustice,1510634868,btc,11/14/17 4:47,,,11/13/2017 20:56,0,"Roger Ver on Bitcoin Cash, BTC, Core'n'more."
  1009. 7ct9v9,1,0.55,hohungyi,1510634974,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:49,,,11/13/2017 20:51,0,"HODL now, but whatÕs your que to sell?"
  1010. 7ct9wi,27,0.78,Lynxz_,1510634989,btc,11/14/17 4:49,,,11/13/2017 20:56,0,Bitcoin is dead. Long live Bitcoin.
  1011. 7ctaa7,2,0.66,matein30,1510635107,btc,11/14/17 4:51,,,11/13/2017 20:56,0,Since blocktimes will be averagely equal this will be my cashining chart.
  1012. 7ctakh,20,0.77,chubbernugget,1510635200,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:53,,,11/13/2017 21:18,0,What I have learned from /r/bitcoin
  1013. 7ctalz,0,0.33,thatrnbguy,1510635216,btc,11/14/17 4:53,,,11/13/2017 20:56,0,Bitcoin on its way back
  1014. 7ctam2,204,0.91,grzegorzszczecin,1510635217,Bitcoin,11/14/17 4:53,,,11/13/2017 20:56,0,Please double-check your wallet's fee settings! You may be overpaying.
  1015. 7ctby9,5,0.58,EmptyPalace,1510635636,Bitcoin,11/14/17 5:00,,,11/13/2017 21:00,0,Will BTC hit 10K within the next few months?
  1016. 7ctc6s,12,0.92,Papa_Lazarou66,1510635710,btc,11/14/17 5:01,,,11/13/2017 21:07,0,To quote Christopher Hitchens..
  1017. 7ctclw,1,1,RealityCrusher,1510635851,Bitcoin,11/14/17 5:04,not,,\N,1,Why do we not use BCH as the 2nd layer solution of BTC?
  1018. 7ctd0b,169,0.55,Riiume,1510635970,Bitcoin,11/14/17 5:06,,,11/13/2017 21:07,1,wtf Vitalik defending CP?? O_O
  1019. 7ctdki,0,0.32,phredatox,1510636153,btc,11/14/17 5:09,,,11/13/2017 21:16,0,Why do you keep sharing this personÕs brain farts?
  1020. 7cte8a,3,0.66,Bitcoin_Error_Log,1510636374,Bitcoin,11/14/17 5:12,,,11/13/2017 21:14,0,"?? Bit by Bit, Episode 2: Big Block Bonanza! ??"
  1021. 7ctea4,7,0.71,cloudwarmer,1510636389,btc,11/14/17 5:13,,,11/13/2017 21:16,0,Bitcoin. AXA. Blockstream. Bilderberg. Ready to take a redpill straight in the anus? Who's behind it? Henri de Castries.
  1022. 7cteda,3,0.71,[deleted],1510636412,Bitcoin,11/14/17 5:13,,,11/13/2017 21:14,1,Here is one of the whales that got Roger coins
  1023. 7ctedh,53,0.82,vdogg89,1510636413,btc,11/14/17 5:13,,,11/13/2017 21:16,0,Pretty soon /r/bitcoin will have banned their entire community
  1024. 7ctefj,1,0.55,Dwigt_Rortugal,1510636433,Bitcoin,11/14/17 5:13,,,11/13/2017 21:14,0,Coinbase double charged me!
  1025. 7ctes6,3,0.6,yodawasevil,1510636530,Bitcoin,11/14/17 5:15,,,11/13/2017 21:16,0,Coinbase WTF
  1026. 7ctewh,65,0.92,loolwut,1510636565,Bitcoin,11/14/17 5:16,,,11/13/2017 21:16,0,"The IRS Is Puzzled: Why Out Of 500,000 Coinbase Users, Only 900 Reported Gains Or Losses"
  1027. 7ctf06,4,0.64,RollieMe,1510636587,btc,11/14/17 5:16,,,11/13/2017 21:23,0,The revolution will not be centralized! Unless
  1028. 7ctf65,5,0.77,aballbag,1510636642,Bitcoin,11/14/17 5:17,,,11/13/2017 21:39,0,Market economics of bitcoin forks
  1029. 7ctfdi,2,1,CP70,1510636708,Bitcoin,11/14/17 5:18,not,,11/13/2017 21:18,1,Craig Wright at the 2017 Future of Bitcoin Conference
  1030. 7ctfrg,34,0.9,BeijingBitcoins,1510636826,btc,11/14/17 5:20,,,11/13/2017 21:23,0,Tipping Tuesday! Get your feet wet with some free Bitcoin!
  1031. 7ctfu4,58,0.95,101111,1510636853,Bitcoin,11/14/17 5:20,Probably not?,,11/13/2017 21:20,0,"Institutional investors close to adopting bitcoin, says ex-Fortress executive Novogratz"
  1032. 7ctfub,12,0.84,SegWitFailed,1510636856,btc,11/14/17 5:20,,,11/13/2017 21:23,0,Is there an up to date list of merchants accepting BCH?
  1033. 7ctfwt,0,0.48,andrewbitcoin,1510636874,Bitcoin,11/14/17 5:21,,,11/13/2017 21:23,0,Shitcash holders during the dip be like...
  1034. 7ctg9v,2,0.58,[deleted],1510636988,Bitcoin,11/14/17 5:23,,,11/13/2017 21:23,1,Bitcoin is obviously the devil.
  1035. 7ctghp,13,0.66,yonoid818,1510637055,Bitcoin,11/14/17 5:24,,,11/13/2017 21:27,1,Vitalik Tweeted Something He Quickly Regretted...
  1036. 7ctgkz,7,0.7,zatakazz,1510637079,Bitcoin,11/14/17 5:24,,,11/13/2017 21:27,0,CoinbaseÕs latest iOS update seems to imply the B2X fork is still happening.
  1037. 7ctgnj,33,0.76,_el_psy_congroo_,1510637103,btc,11/14/17 5:25,,,11/13/2017 21:34,0,How to facilitate the 'Death Spiral'' even FASTER!
  1038. 7ctgnt,0,0.43,RealityCrusher,1510637107,btc,11/14/17 5:25,,,11/13/2017 21:34,0,Why do we not use BCH as the 2nd layer solution of BTC?
  1039. 7ctgnz,7,0.69,Macias77,1510637108,Bitcoin,11/14/17 5:25,,,11/13/2017 21:27,1,Trading212 HUGE SCAM!!!
  1040. 7ctgvw,43,0.84,iteamcomet,1510637177,Bitcoin,11/14/17 5:26,,,11/13/2017 21:27,0,"Everyone hates bank fees for fiat, while Coinbase makes those fees look like a bargain."
  1041. 7cth3q,19,0.8,cloudwarmer,1510637255,btc,11/14/17 5:27,,,11/13/2017 21:34,0,The truth about who is behind Blockstream and Segwit. As the saying goes follow the money. Ñ Steemit
  1042. 7cthcf,2,0.57,TsengBang,1510637330,btc,11/14/17 5:28,,,11/13/2017 21:34,0,Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash: A Story Of Prioritization & Healthy Competition In Money
  1043. 7cthks,2,0.6,Soggy_Stargazer,1510637404,Bitcoin,11/14/17 5:30,,,11/13/2017 21:30,0,Lets talk RBF for a second.
  1044. 7cthl4,2,0.62,tim246,1510637407,Bitcoin,11/14/17 5:30,,,11/13/2017 21:30,0,Is bitcoin code
  1045. 7cthv7,3,0.67,moonlightminer,1510637492,btc,11/14/17 5:31,,,11/13/2017 21:34,0,My pool payout is taking so long tonight I _________*(fill in the blank)*
  1046. 7cthxo,3,0.63,Everluck8,1510637512,btc,11/14/17 5:31,,,11/13/2017 21:34,0,What's preventing BTC from doing an emergency Hard Fork in case of death spiral?
  1047. 7cti3g,4,0.67,uaf-userfriendlyact,1510637562,btc,11/14/17 5:32,,,11/13/2017 21:34,0,The toddler has been very tame recently. Has he taken some advice from here?
  1048. 7cticd,3,0.81,moosenoodle,1510637649,Bitcoin,11/14/17 5:34,,,\N,1,Confessions of a Bitcoin Core supporter
  1049. 7ctiqy,435,0.73,revcback,1510637778,btc,11/14/17 5:36,,,11/13/2017 21:49,0,"Hi! My name is Varun, I'm 15, and I gave a TEDx talk about Bitcoin and the blockchain. I had around 50 people come up to me to learn more about Bitcoin in the following week! #spreadtheword"
  1050. 7ctiw6,3,0.71,LORD_HODLEMORT,1510637821,Bitcoin,11/14/17 5:37,,,11/13/2017 21:39,1,?uy The Fucking Dip
  1051. 7ctixk,0,0.5,[deleted],1510637831,Bitcoin,11/14/17 5:37,,,11/13/2017 21:39,1,"Post to pastebin on July 30th, 2017 describing the attack on bitcoin that is currently happening."
  1052. 7ctixv,2,0.6,tshong,1510637834,Bitcoin,11/14/17 5:37,,,11/13/2017 21:39,0,Lower Denomination
  1053. 7ctj5q,0,0.5,dr219391283,1510637912,Bitcoin,11/14/17 5:38,,,11/13/2017 21:39,0,It's really cool how Segwit allows developers to customize bitcoin code without reliance on miners. Our devs can finally do what they want
  1054. 7ctj7b,1,0.54,randompikachu,1510637927,Bitcoin,11/14/17 5:38,,,11/13/2017 21:44,0,Changes to the computer security landscape could have devastating consequences to the current cryptocurrencies.
  1055. 7ctjn6,1,1,felpssantos6,1510638083,Bitcoin,11/14/17 5:41,not,,\N,1,
  1056. 7ctjsl,13,0.7,Crypt0life,1510638137,btc,11/14/17 5:42,,,11/13/2017 21:49,0,"Bitcoin cash, the revolution within a revolution ;)"
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  1058. 7ctk38,1,1,Cryptoknowledge,1510638234,btc,11/14/17 5:43,,,\N,1,Research: 66% of Americans have Heard of Bitcoin but Just 13% of Have Used It
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  1060. 7ctkqe,10,0.81,constitution1787,1510638447,Bitcoin,11/14/17 5:47,,,11/13/2017 21:49,0,"Individuals cannot initiate coordinated capital-shifting/capital flow attacks, but you CAN participate and chip away at the whales starting them as well as their altcoin followers."
  1061. 7ctkuv,3,0.67,GMAC965,1510638491,Bitcoin,11/14/17 5:48,,,11/13/2017 21:49,0,Question regarding the use of the same address to spend bitcoin (more than once).
  1062. 7ctl4y,1,0.67,NachoKong,1510638587,Bitcoin,11/14/17 5:49,,,\N,1,Confessions of a Core Supporter
  1063. 7ctlci,32,0.78,SurferGal95,1510638656,btc,11/14/17 5:50,,,11/13/2017 22:00,0,Why Cancelling SegWit2x Could Be (Really) Bad for Bitcoin
  1064. 7ctlg7,1,1,[deleted],1510638688,btc,11/14/17 5:51,,,11/13/2017 22:00,1,Looking for a good message to send noobies over in r/bitcoin about bitcoin cash and the non censored r/btc
  1065. 7ctlk6,1,0.55,FishyHands,1510638720,Bitcoin,11/14/17 5:52,,,11/13/2017 21:55,0,I think this explains the block size issue pretty well
  1066. 7ctls6,32,0.85,youarelovedSOmuch,1510638800,btc,11/14/17 5:53,,,11/13/2017 22:00,0,First ever Bitcoin Cash purchase arrived! Looks like I will be doing all my Christmas shopping from them this year!
  1067. 7ctm2j,4,0.62,FrankVillain,1510638894,btc,11/14/17 5:54,,,11/13/2017 22:00,0,Can we have a list of important peoples supporting BCH?
  1068. 7ctmh5,9,0.65,lightrider44,1510639030,btc,11/14/17 5:57,,,11/13/2017 22:00,0,Core devs are coming up with incredible new technologies...
  1069. 7ctmpp,3,0.63,hroman324,1510639113,Bitcoin,11/14/17 5:58,,,11/13/2017 21:59,0,Bitcoin in google trends plummeted. Anyone knows why????
  1070. 7ctmti,43,0.77,dawarriortheycallneo,1510639150,btc,11/14/17 5:59,,,11/13/2017 22:00,0,"If Bitcoin Cash Was a PnD, It Would Of Been At 600 By Now, Instead the Price Has Stabilized... More to Come"
  1071. 7ctn3j,15,0.88,tattedhoncho,1510639238,btc,11/14/17 6:00,,,11/13/2017 22:11,0,Finally received my Bitcoin transaction over the weekend.. Took me 54 hours to receive it! So glad. That being said if I do a transaction right now do you think itÕll take that long again? Debating if I should buy in on BCH to make some gains
  1072. 7ctnfe,2,0.67,101111,1510639348,Bitcoin,11/14/17 6:02,,,11/13/2017 22:02,0,Kitko goldbugs desperate: corrective move in bitcoin could bring some attention back to gold lol
  1073. 7ctnmn,2,0.62,101111,1510639413,Bitcoin,11/14/17 6:03,,,11/13/2017 22:10,0,The Forks and Fights Behind Bitcoin's Turbulence
  1074. 7ctnog,179,0.78,sou-ght,1510639436,btc,11/14/17 6:03,,,11/13/2017 22:11,0,"Reminder: many of the bitcoin core developers are employed by Blockstream, who is owned by AXA, whose CEO is Henri de Castries, who is also the Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Group, a group of world elites with ""control of the worldÕs resources and its money"""
  1075. 7ctnoz,11,0.74,linux-sucks,1510639441,btc,11/14/17 6:04,,,11/13/2017 22:11,0,"the more forks, the better for decentralisation - /u/luke-jr"
  1076. 7ctoc6,26,0.84,Covfefe-1,1510639665,Bitcoin,11/14/17 6:07,,,11/13/2017 22:10,0,Kevin Rose podcast with Andreas Antonopoulos
  1077. 7ctoeq,2,0.6,MeepJingles,1510639687,btc,11/14/17 6:08,,,11/13/2017 22:11,0,Question on taxes.
  1078. 7ctokp,24,0.76,UndyingSYL,1510639750,btc,11/14/17 6:09,,,11/13/2017 22:11,0,"I'm new to crypto, but why do people even support BTC?"
  1079. 7ctosd,5,0.61,stwbitcoin,1510639815,btc,11/14/17 6:10,,,11/13/2017 22:11,0,Tribe Mentality and Bitcoin
  1080. 7ctotr,2,0.75,HisyamSudarsana,1510639827,Bitcoin,11/14/17 6:10,,,11/13/2017 22:11,1,AppCoins by Aptoide
  1081. 7ctovx,0,0.43,[deleted],1510639848,Bitcoin,11/14/17 6:10,,,11/13/2017 22:11,1,Cash is still king
  1082. 7ctozl,0,0.37,cryptobaseline,1510639882,btc,11/14/17 6:11,,,11/13/2017 22:22,0,Segwit hardfork
  1083. 7ctp7v,3,0.63,DanGrillo,1510639966,Bitcoin,11/14/17 6:12,,,11/13/2017 22:15,0,Bitcoin
  1084. 7ctpcs,2,0.62,rohitkukreja,1510640003,Bitcoin,11/14/17 6:13,,,11/13/2017 22:15,0,Bitcoin Adoption Increases in Australia
  1085. 7ctpkx,3,0.67,Gurd2411,1510640074,Bitcoin,11/14/17 6:14,,,11/13/2017 22:15,0,Hi everyone. Newbie here looking for advice.
  1086. 7ctpu5,1,1,thesatoshiway,1510640155,btc,11/14/17 6:15,,,\N,1,Bitcoin cash misunderstood and underestimated
  1087. 7ctq64,13,0.82,drdixie,1510640276,Bitcoin,11/14/17 6:17,,,11/13/2017 22:18,0,Finally under 100k unconfirmed transactions.
  1088. 7ctqd5,4,0.7,Ti-Value,1510640342,Bitcoin,11/14/17 6:19,,,11/13/2017 22:22,0,Bitcoin rises: Where next for the cryptocurrency?
  1089. 7ctqeu,1,0.6,NachoKong,1510640358,Bitcoin,11/14/17 6:19,,,\N,1,Confessions of a Core Supporter
  1090. 7ctqfg,1,0.52,randomlykevin,1510640361,btc,11/14/17 6:19,,,11/13/2017 22:22,0,Is this the core sub or the BCH sub?
  1091. 7ctqks,6,0.69,DrifterJam,1510640416,Bitcoin,11/14/17 6:20,,,11/13/2017 22:22,0,"My Nana wants to invest with me, should I do it?"
  1092. 7ctqx0,42,0.82,VV3T,1510640529,btc,11/14/17 6:22,,,11/13/2017 22:22,0,North Corean gets triggered by Bitcoin Cash poster in San Francisco. Proceeds to censor said Bitcoin Cash poster.
  1093. 7ctr91,11,0.7,djezer,1510640657,Bitcoin,11/14/17 6:24,,,11/13/2017 22:27,0,Does anyone know why Satoshi chose 21 million as the total quantity of Bitcoins?
  1094. 7ctrg4,9,0.84,Macias77,1510640731,btc,11/14/17 6:25,,,11/13/2017 22:36,0,TRADING 212 HUGE SCAM!!!
  1095. 7ctrhx,1,0.54,windsok,1510640749,Bitcoin,11/14/17 6:25,,,11/13/2017 22:27,0,"[Block Digest #56] Monkey See, Monkey Do"
  1096. 7ctrli,7,0.74,Shopawl,1510640780,Bitcoin,11/14/17 6:26,,,11/13/2017 22:27,0,Peer To Peer Bitcoin Shopping - Introducing Shopawl 2.0
  1097. 7ctrn5,0,0.36,windsok,1510640798,btc,11/14/17 6:26,,,11/13/2017 22:36,0,"[Block Digest #56] Monkey See, Monkey Do"
  1098. 7ctrnw,3,1,steele404,1510640808,Bitcoin,11/14/17 6:26,not,,11/13/2017 22:27,1,"ZCOIN was the most expensive coin in history for a brief moment ... that is why you don't panic buy at Market Price at $30,000 per coin that is actually worth $15."
  1099. 7ctrp4,0,0.5,xoqhd1212,1510640821,Bitcoin,11/14/17 6:27,,,11/13/2017 22:27,1,Cryptocurrency Pumping Group
  1100. 7ctrz6,1,1,[deleted],1510640924,Bitcoin,11/14/17 6:28,not,,11/13/2017 22:30,1,The Battle And Future Of Bitcoin
  1101. 7ctsig,22,0.81,eerfmod,1510641092,btc,11/14/17 6:31,,,11/13/2017 22:36,0,I am sure you have already seen this but for new users here is some actual data on btc being manipulated by large money interest including Goldman Sachs.
  1102. 7ctsod,0,0.5,anyanwupaul,1510641157,Bitcoin,11/14/17 6:32,,,11/13/2017 22:36,0,"Bitcoin market is for criminals,even if it predicted to moon I will not invest in this another Jamie Simon statement?"
  1103. 7ctspv,16,0.84,mike4001,1510641171,btc,11/14/17 6:32,,,11/13/2017 22:36,0,34 blocks in the last 3 hours - shouldn't this be fixed?
  1104. 7cttbt,30,0.84,EUDT,1510641398,Bitcoin,11/14/17 6:36,,,11/13/2017 22:42,0,Have hope. This was taken by me at a gas station in Las Vegas. Just have faith. ????
  1105. 7cttei,0,0.46,MeepJingles,1510641431,btc,11/14/17 6:37,,,11/13/2017 22:48,0,So what caused bitcoin cash to rally the other day?
  1106. 7cttnt,0,0.5,phantomPl0x,1510641518,Bitcoin,11/14/17 6:38,,,11/13/2017 22:42,0,0.01 BTC fee to send 0.007BTC with Jaxx!?!
  1107. 7cttoi,1,0.57,tomicherie,1510641524,Bitcoin,11/14/17 6:38,,,11/13/2017 22:42,0,new to bitcoin!
  1108. 7cttue,5,0.62,FromBitcoinWithLove,1510641591,Bitcoin,11/14/17 6:39,,,11/13/2017 22:42,0,Bitcoin will prevail not matter what
  1109. 7cttx8,4,0.62,Melonhead52,1510641619,Bitcoin,11/14/17 6:40,,,11/13/2017 22:42,0,Bitcoin bubble - Very interesting article
  1110. 7ctuhf,2,0.57,jbtmorgan,1510641839,Bitcoin,11/14/17 6:43,,,11/13/2017 22:45,0,How to sell Bitcoin for Paypal? (Canada)
  1111. 7ctuj7,1,1,Cryptoknowledge,1510641854,btc,11/14/17 6:44,,,\N,1,Mysterious Bitcoin Dip-Buyer Identified
  1112. 7ctuzy,0,0.34,crypto-hodler,1510642018,Bitcoin,11/14/17 6:46,,,11/13/2017 22:48,0,Thank you everyone. I didn't make a lot of money but Bitcoin and this beautiful community keeps me sane.
  1113. 7ctvgb,0,0.31,official_bitbybit,1510642179,Bitcoin,11/14/17 6:49,,,11/13/2017 22:59,0,The Genius Behind Bitcoin
  1114. 7ctvv5,363,0.92,Dentuam,1510642314,btc,11/14/17 6:51,,,11/13/2017 23:15,0,Recievd an Email from gourl: Bitcoin Unconfirmed transactions - use Bitcoin Cash [BCH] as second payment method!
  1115. 7ctwq5,7,0.65,nb1100564,1510642616,btc,11/14/17 6:56,,,11/13/2017 23:15,0,[PSA] A necessary warning about ongoing shilling and propaganda in midst of the 'civil war'
  1116. 7ctx23,48,0.79,Majoby,1510642744,btc,11/14/17 6:59,,,11/13/2017 23:15,0,"Vitalik on Twitter: ""I think the community needs to go through *a lot* of healing, and the firebrands on all sides that are *so sure* that their side is righteous and the other evil deeply worry me."""
  1117. 7ctx5p,3,0.63,Great_Crazy_Idea,1510642780,Bitcoin,11/14/17 6:59,,,11/13/2017 23:11,0,Cryptocurrency Lottery/Smart contract
  1118. 7ctxrn,1,1,Ephinem,1510642999,Bitcoin,11/14/17 7:03,not,,\N,1,I? canÕt wait for for the next attack by BCH to buy more BTC ~5k
  1119. 7cty0y,1,1,eerfmod,1510643105,Bitcoin,11/14/17 7:05,not,,\N,1,"New Bitcoin user here, just looking for some information regarding some contentious subject matter"
  1120. 7cty6j,7,0.77,2ManyHarddrives,1510643162,btc,11/14/17 7:06,,,11/13/2017 23:15,0,A link to monitor the difficulty changes as the blocks come in
  1121. 7ctybv,9,0.84,UnocoinTeam,1510643220,Bitcoin,11/14/17 7:07,,,11/13/2017 23:11,0,Read Bitcoins vs Stocks Markets: A Comparative Study
  1122. 7ctyeb,9,0.76,outbackdude,1510643243,btc,11/14/17 7:07,,,11/13/2017 23:15,0,MasterCards official take on Bitcoin. 2014 before investing with Barry Silbert
  1123. 7ctyhg,2,0.55,Bitcoinunlimited4evr,1510643282,btc,11/14/17 7:08,,,11/13/2017 23:15,0,"Bitcoin War Begins Ð Bitcoin Cash Rises 50% While Bitcoin Drops $1,000 In 24 Hours"
  1124. 7ctyqf,1,0.54,Julian3223,1510643375,Bitcoin,11/14/17 7:09,,,11/13/2017 23:11,0,Gary V at Complex Con 2017 Gets Asked If He Invested in Bitcoin (52m27s)
  1125. 7ctz2y,1,1,nomad_delta,1510643501,Bitcoin,11/14/17 7:11,not,,\N,1,Bitcoin (BTC) currently 15.8% more profitable to mine than BCH per their own website -- looks like their new DAA isn't saving them after all.
  1126. 7ctzcz,2,0.6,[deleted],1510643607,Bitcoin,11/14/17 7:13,,,11/13/2017 23:15,1,When can we expect fees to go back to normal???
  1127. 7ctznh,27,0.84,Lynxz_,1510643721,Bitcoin,11/14/17 7:15,,,11/13/2017 23:15,0,On hardware and paper wallets.
  1128. 7ctzxd,0,0.33,arpagik,1510643819,Bitcoin,11/14/17 7:16,,,\N,1,Please help
  1129. 7cu0i2,0,0.5,anh9862663,1510644039,Bitcoin,11/14/17 7:20,,,11/13/2017 23:21,1,Bigo Live No Bra - Girl Korea Live Show #1
  1130. 7cu0ik,3,0.67,Defiant-Photographer,1510644043,Bitcoin,11/14/17 7:20,,,11/13/2017 23:21,0,Question about withdrawing from GDAX
  1131. 7cu0ix,3,0.63,storiqa,1510644048,Bitcoin,11/14/17 7:20,,,11/13/2017 23:21,0,The charitable organizations address to the Blockchain and BTC
  1132. 7cu0lm,1,0.53,affliction7,1510644074,Bitcoin,11/14/17 7:21,,,11/13/2017 23:21,0,"If you had $75,000, buy $55,000 or more in BTC? I wouldn't be completely fucked if I lost it all"
  1133. 7cu14n,3,0.64,omnifecint,1510644260,Bitcoin,11/14/17 7:24,,,11/13/2017 23:24,0,True or False: people who complain about high fees...
  1134. 7cu17c,6,0.58,dashrandom,1510644291,btc,11/14/17 7:24,,,11/13/2017 23:30,0,Please remember that BCH and BTC can coexist
  1135. 7cu1h1,266,0.84,the_S1lence,1510644406,btc,11/14/17 7:26,,,11/13/2017 23:30,0,New to Bitcoin. I read the Whitepaper today. Bitcoin was supposed to be a P2P cash system with no intermediaries. Doesn't the Lightning Network go against that idea?
  1136. 7cu1i1,1,1,XVA-Coin,1510644418,Bitcoin,11/14/17 7:26,not,,\N,1,Bitcoin Cash network upgrade is confirmed live with block #504031. We suspend Bitcoin Cash in our pre-ICO starting Nov. 30th. 2017
  1137. 7cu1je,2,0.62,Blockchainico,1510644430,btc,11/14/17 7:27,,,11/13/2017 23:30,0,Should Overstock be transformed into a blockchain company?
  1138. 7cu1mo,0,0.5,gr8ful4,1510644473,btc,11/14/17 7:27,,,11/13/2017 23:30,0,"A network upgrade gone wrong will become a fork, which is essentially a conflict resolution mechanism, that either leads to permanent division or re-unification. Everything else is just that: an upgrade!"
  1139. 7cu1pi,4,0.66,heilla,1510644502,Bitcoin,11/14/17 7:28,,,11/13/2017 23:30,0,"I just got my first couple of hunderd euro's worth of bitcoin, I'm so excited. Newbie owner tips?"
  1140. 7cu1th,0,0.36,[deleted],1510644548,btc,11/14/17 7:29,,,11/13/2017 23:30,0,
  1141. 7cu27d,0,0.33,anh9862663,1510644687,Bitcoin,11/14/17 7:31,,,\N,1,Bigo Live No Bra - Girl Korea Live Show #2
  1142. 7cu2e6,0,0.33,ilocosboy,1510644758,btc,11/14/17 7:32,,,11/13/2017 23:41,0,Bitcoin price 6435
  1143. 7cu2je,1,1,monkyyy0,1510644804,Bitcoin,11/14/17 7:33,not,,\N,1,Starting a new sub with 3 of the 5 rules banning politics and approval only submissions. r/bitcoin_tech
  1144. 7cu2lr,0,0.44,andrewbitcoin,1510644831,Bitcoin,11/14/17 7:33,,,11/13/2017 23:36,0,Unsure about BTC? AMA
  1145. 7cu2u3,2,0.75,[deleted],1510644928,Bitcoin,11/14/17 7:35,,,11/14/2017 1:54,1,How is BTC going to survive 2018?
  1146. 7cu35t,3,0.58,dawio,1510645081,Bitcoin,11/14/17 7:38,,,11/13/2017 23:39,0,5 days and still no confirmation
  1147. 7cu3as,1,1,[deleted],1510645134,Bitcoin,11/14/17 7:38,not,,\N,1,BCH hodlers slowly getting nervous ??
  1148. 7cu3ml,0,0.29,iamagreatfan,1510645259,Bitcoin,11/14/17 7:40,,,11/13/2017 23:41,1,i made 6 figures from ads on my websites. i provided nothing technologically significant. is it possible to do that in crpyto? i find trading and investing too risky
  1149. 7cu3vr,0,0.44,CuriousGeorgekilzCat,1510645358,Bitcoin,11/14/17 7:42,,,11/13/2017 23:45,0,Homeless outpost in FL hodl too?
  1150. 7cu405,0,0.46,monkyyy0,1510645406,btc,11/14/17 7:43,,,11/13/2017 23:51,0,Starting a new sub with 3 of the 5 rules banning politics and approval only submissions. r/bitcoin_tech
  1151. 7cu41o,1,1,Cryptoknowledge,1510645432,btc,11/14/17 7:43,,,\N,1,"Breakfast Briefing: Kalanick's Truce, GE Tanks and Bitcoin Bounces Back"
  1152. 7cu44z,2,0.67,I-am-ocean,1510645475,Bitcoin,11/14/17 7:44,,,11/13/2017 23:45,0,Total traded value of bitcoin by year?
  1153. 7cu475,10,0.78,Shock_The_Stream,1510645498,btc,11/14/17 7:44,,,11/13/2017 23:51,0,A censored Segregated Witcoin will NOT need bigger blocks anymore - it will simply scale into Bitcoin
  1154. 7cu4dd,1,1,mgbyrnc,1510645563,Bitcoin,11/14/17 7:46,not,,\N,1,conversation i just read on rbtc
  1155. 7cu4gs,4,0.67,Kupsi,1510645607,Bitcoin,11/14/17 7:46,,,11/13/2017 23:48,0,LedgerX sat a new record with 110 bitcoins traded yesterday
  1156. 7cu4ne,0,0.5,mgbyrnc,1510645697,Bitcoin,11/14/17 7:48,,,11/13/2017 23:48,0,conversation i just read on rbtc
  1157. 7cu4qo,3,0.72,[deleted],1510645741,Bitcoin,11/14/17 7:49,,,11/13/2017 23:51,0,Buying bitcoin without id verification
  1158. 7cu4uk,1,0.57,Eksander,1510645784,Bitcoin,11/14/17 7:49,,,11/13/2017 23:51,0,"As a newbie that jumped on the rollercoaster halfway up, and joined again at the bottom.."
  1159. 7cu4un,1,0.57,crypto-dada,1510645786,Bitcoin,11/14/17 7:49,,,11/13/2017 23:51,0,Unable to sell on coinbase
  1160. 7cu4xa,303,0.93,BitcoinBoffin,1510645814,Bitcoin,11/14/17 7:50,,,11/13/2017 23:51,0,CME CEO says bitcoin futures will list second week in December!
  1161. 7cu516,7,0.72,archaeal,1510645850,btc,11/14/17 7:50,,,11/13/2017 23:51,0,Interesting future side-effect of BCH chain height
  1162. 7cu53y,0,0.43,faeyn,1510645882,Bitcoin,11/14/17 7:51,,,11/13/2017 23:51,0,Don't trade a ponzi
  1163. 7cu59u,4,0.61,042Silencer,1510645954,Bitcoin,11/14/17 7:52,,,11/13/2017 23:58,0,Bitcoin halts dip after the weekend Saga
  1164. 7cu5iv,0,0.29,[deleted],1510646048,btc,11/14/17 7:54,,,11/14/2017 0:04,1,Bitcoin Cash Plus - Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash
  1165. 7cu5qw,0,0.25,anh9862663,1510646137,Bitcoin,11/14/17 7:55,,,11/13/2017 23:58,1,Bigo Live No Bra - Girl Korea Live Show #4
  1166. 7cu5s2,115,0.79,Windowly,1510646154,btc,11/14/17 7:55,,,11/14/2017 0:04,0,24% of BTC coins in existence were moved in the last 24 hours. Are these people wanting to multiply their coins by trading for the upgraded Bitcoin Cash?
  1167. 7cu5xj,28,0.83,Devar0,1510646222,btc,11/14/17 7:57,,,11/14/2017 0:04,0,The 2017 forks of bitcoin - updated
  1168. 7cu5yn,1,1,tazmanrising,1510646233,Bitcoin,11/14/17 7:57,not,,\N,1,Finally sold my shitcoins to increase my BTC holdings
  1169. 7cu62t,17,0.7,windsok,1510646292,Bitcoin,11/14/17 7:58,,,11/14/2017 0:01,0,"If you fall for the FUD, you're gonna get rekt."
  1170. 7cu6cl,1,0.57,crypto-dada,1510646415,Bitcoin,11/14/17 8:00,,,11/14/2017 0:01,0,"Unable to sell on Coinbase,, can anybody help me?"
  1171. 7cu6eb,0,0.42,[deleted],1510646433,btc,11/14/17 8:00,,,11/14/2017 0:04,1,?? The ÒotherÓ guys relying on Asia like...
  1172. 7cu74v,0,0.38,[deleted],1510646728,Bitcoin,11/14/17 8:05,,,11/14/2017 0:08,1,I asked the bartender today if she accepted bitcoin
  1173. 7cu78x,1,0.57,ConalR,1510646782,btc,11/14/17 8:06,,,11/14/2017 0:17,0,Post fork wallet issues
  1174. 7cu7jz,7,0.81,flamingboard,1510646909,btc,11/14/17 8:08,,,11/14/2017 0:17,0,Bitcoin gold is getting torn apart on Slashdot.
  1175. 7cu7qf,3,0.6,NosillaWilla,1510646985,Bitcoin,11/14/17 8:09,,,11/14/2017 0:11,0,"The transaction queue is below 100,000."
  1176. 7cu86i,12,0.71,andrewa040,1510647174,Bitcoin,11/14/17 8:12,,,11/14/2017 0:17,0,The ÒotherÓ guys relying on Asia like....
  1177. 7cu889,27,0.83,GANGVBKLNKZ,1510647200,btc,11/14/17 8:13,,,11/14/2017 0:17,0,Core supporter starts to realize he's been duped (read full chain of comments)
  1178. 7cu8g9,0,0.43,kaichen314,1510647305,Bitcoin,11/14/17 8:15,,,11/14/2017 0:17,1,??????????
  1179. 7cu8n6,4,0.62,yellowbloodil,1510647378,Bitcoin,11/14/17 8:16,,,11/14/2017 0:17,0,Don't miners already control Bitcoin with spam?
  1180. 7cu8y0,0,0.44,sharkrazor,1510647494,Bitcoin,11/14/17 8:18,,,11/14/2017 0:23,0,Charlie Lee excited on Confidential Transactions(CT)
  1181. 7cu9a0,1,1,evisiced,1510647621,Bitcoin,11/14/17 8:20,not,,\N,1,...
  1182. 7cu9tn,0,0.35,windsok,1510647855,Bitcoin,11/14/17 8:24,,,11/14/2017 0:25,0,Roger Ver: From Bitcoin Jesus to Bitcoin Antichrist [November 2016]
  1183. 7cu9yg,0,0.38,[deleted],1510647922,btc,11/14/17 8:25,,,11/14/2017 0:27,1,"buy eth, they are doing the flippening instead!"
  1184. 7cua4t,8,0.75,ValiumMm,1510648005,btc,11/14/17 8:26,,,11/14/2017 0:27,0,This just feels so relevant with the current situation of BTC
  1185. 7cua5c,1,0.53,Coline_Legacy,1510648010,Bitcoin,11/14/17 8:26,,,11/14/2017 0:27,0,Transfer your bitcoins after your death
  1186. 7cuabj,0,0.24,gr8ful4,1510648092,btc,11/14/17 8:28,,,11/14/2017 0:44,0,Game theory 101: Don't give up your BTC SELLING power in the very early days of the crypto revolution.
  1187. 7cuaqe,10,0.82,Diannao_Heike,1510648286,btc,11/14/17 8:31,,,11/14/2017 0:44,0,What is Bitcoin Cash? A quickstart guide for newcomers! ¥ r/CryptoCurrencies
  1188. 7cuat7,1,1,[deleted],1510648320,btc,11/14/17 8:32,,,\N,1,...
  1189. 7cuav2,1,0.57,mattisb,1510648341,Bitcoin,11/14/17 8:32,,,11/14/2017 0:35,0,Death spiral. Fact or FUD?
  1190. 7cub29,5,0.69,xByteme,1510648433,Bitcoin,11/14/17 8:33,,,11/14/2017 0:35,0,CME: Bitcoin Futures As Early As Second Week in December
  1191. 7cub62,0,0.43,fanglerrr,1510648487,Bitcoin,11/14/17 8:34,,,11/14/2017 0:35,1,Why Start Playing Baccarat with Bitcoin? Learn here!
  1192. 7cubzs,23,0.8,Jinner,1510648858,btc,11/14/17 8:40,,,11/14/2017 0:44,0,"3,000 customers of Bithumb, South Korea's largest cryptocurrency exchange, are preparing to file a lawsuit against the company for its server outage that disabled #bitcoin Cash trading for hours."
  1193. 7cuc1p,6,0.65,zooitjezooitje,1510648882,Bitcoin,11/14/17 8:41,,,11/14/2017 0:44,0,"What Jihan and Roger are doing makes sense, from a business perspective"
  1194. 7cucaa,0,0.33,anh9862663,1510648992,Bitcoin,11/14/17 8:43,,,11/14/2017 0:44,1,Bigo Live No Bra - Girl Korea Live Show #11
  1195. 7cucao,0,0.45,Thejohnroony,1510648994,Bitcoin,11/14/17 8:43,,,11/14/2017 0:44,0,How the Current Bitcoin Encryption Technology Will become Useless by 2027
  1196. 7cuccy,1,0.57,EliranGooner,1510649021,btc,11/14/17 8:43,,,11/14/2017 0:44,0,Can somebody explain market cap?
  1197. 7cuckz,2,0.6,adangert,1510649121,btc,11/14/17 8:45,,,11/14/2017 0:59,1,You can now sell your forked Bitcoin Gold if you have any.
  1198. 7cucpv,0,0.5,Cointelegraph_news,1510649174,Bitcoin,11/14/17 8:46,,,\N,1,SegWit2xÕs Failure Confirms BitcoinÕs Status As Digital Gold
  1199. 7cucs6,0,0.42,zackwong97,1510649202,Bitcoin,11/14/17 8:46,,,11/14/2017 0:49,0,$15 Transaction Fee. Great job guys...
  1200. 7cucsp,1,1,adangert,1510649208,Bitcoin,11/14/17 8:46,not,,\N,1,You can now sell your forked Bitcoin Gold if you have any.
  1201. 7cucu6,0,0.28,Cointelegraph_news,1510649226,btc,11/14/17 8:47,,,11/14/2017 0:59,0,SegWit2xÕs Failure Confirms BitcoinÕs Status As Digital Gold
  1202. 7cucyn,0,0.5,AliBongo88,1510649284,Bitcoin,11/14/17 8:48,,,11/14/2017 0:49,0,Are we really okay with Mt. Gox?! | BitBiteCoin
  1203. 7cud5j,1,0.54,seenitor,1510649372,Bitcoin,11/14/17 8:49,,,11/14/2017 0:49,0,"If we WANT to have a ""healthy fee market"" why do we also want companies to adopt Segwit as fast as possible to help with transaction congestion?"
  1204. 7cud6o,13,0.59,jonbristow,1510649391,Bitcoin,11/14/17 8:49,,,11/14/2017 0:54,0,If one person (Roger Ver) can crash the price of bitcoin and clog the mempool (as this sub believes) than you dont want to invest in such a fragile asset.
  1205. 7cudmg,11,0.77,blockonomics_co,1510649582,Bitcoin,11/14/17 8:53,,,11/14/2017 0:54,0,Why death spiral will never happen
  1206. 7cue16,0,0.38,BTCBCCBCH,1510649763,btc,11/14/17 8:56,,,11/14/2017 0:59,1,Ledger Support added for Bitcoin Gold: BTG supported by Ledger Nano S -
  1207. 7cueaw,0,0.5,anh9862663,1510649889,Bitcoin,11/14/17 8:58,,,11/14/2017 0:59,1,Bigo Live No Bra Girl Korea Live Show #13
  1208. 7cuebm,0,0.48,micalithic,1510649897,Bitcoin,11/14/17 8:58,,,11/14/2017 0:59,0,Clever trick to drop BTC to $1300
  1209. 7cuewz,1,1,mrbitcointv,1510650154,Bitcoin,11/14/17 9:02,not,,\N,1,"Brief intro into mining Bitcoin Gold , My new Crypto investments"
  1210. 7cuf07,4,0.64,nitelight7,1510650193,btc,11/14/17 9:03,,,11/14/2017 1:17,0,Bitcoin Core really is similar to gold in one way ...
  1211. 7cuf23,0,0.43,[deleted],1510650212,Bitcoin,11/14/17 9:03,,,11/14/2017 1:05,1,SherylÕs story: I ÇexposedÈ my husbandÕs Bitcoin-transaction
  1212. 7cufgx,1,1,eddyramblor,1510650386,Bitcoin,11/14/17 9:06,not,,\N,1,Mining Difficulty.
  1213. 7cufkg,2,1,[deleted],1510650437,Bitcoin,11/14/17 9:07,not,,\N,0,Bitcoin unconfirmed?
  1214. 7cufqm,0,0.33,iamagreatfan,1510650502,Bitcoin,11/14/17 9:08,,,11/14/2017 1:11,0,i was hoping for a discussion. what's up with the attitude of this community?
  1215. 7cufyp,5,0.72,UndyingSYL,1510650600,btc,11/14/17 9:10,,,11/14/2017 1:17,0,You're always overpaying though
  1216. 7cug3f,1,0.57,Lukovka,1510650654,Bitcoin,11/14/17 9:10,,,11/14/2017 1:11,0,CMEÕs Bitcoin Futures Market Could Give Teeth to Bitcoin Bears
  1217. 7cug94,0,0.44,admin______,1510650708,Bitcoin,11/14/17 9:11,,,11/14/2017 1:17,0,"What research exists on the ""optimal"" block size (not scaling)"
  1218. 7cugcg,1,0.56,Lukovka,1510650745,Bitcoin,11/14/17 9:12,,,11/14/2017 1:17,0,"2x or No 2x, That Was the Question"
  1219. 7cugir,3,0.67,Lukovka,1510650810,Bitcoin,11/14/17 9:13,,,11/14/2017 1:17,0,Bitcoin Continues Usage Acceptance Especially in Australia
  1220. 7cugrd,4,0.76,[deleted],1510650896,Bitcoin,11/14/17 9:14,,,11/14/2017 1:17,1,Many people appear to be learning completely the wrong lessons from the SegWit2x failure
  1221. 7cugtm,5,0.72,Lukovka,1510650924,Bitcoin,11/14/17 9:15,,,11/14/2017 1:17,0,Pirate Mining Moving onto Android Phones?
  1222. 7cugxi,2,0.62,chiamalogio,1510650966,Bitcoin,11/14/17 9:16,,,11/14/2017 1:17,0,YoB2X (Virtual Token) balances (1:1 btc) will be added in 24 hrs
  1223. 7cuh1v,3,0.66,2ManyHarddrives,1510651008,btc,11/14/17 9:16,,,11/14/2017 1:17,0,Blocks 504151 - 504171 Difficulty Changes
  1224. 7cuh38,2,1,fapthepolice,1510651028,Bitcoin,11/14/17 9:17,not,,\N,1,Why is it easier to run a BCH node on a Raspberry PI than a BTC one? And what settings do you use?
  1225. 7cuh53,1,0.54,flat_bitcoin,1510651044,Bitcoin,11/14/17 9:17,,,11/14/2017 1:17,0,Death spiral?
  1226. 7cuh6c,21,0.86,Imanrkngel,1510651063,btc,11/14/17 9:17,,,11/14/2017 1:28,0,Some quick post-HF statistics
  1227. 7cuhme,5,0.69,fapthepolice,1510651244,btc,11/14/17 9:20,,,11/14/2017 1:28,0,Definitely the saltiest automod message I've seen.
  1228. 7cuhy9,5,0.69,MeepJingles,1510651377,btc,11/14/17 9:22,,,11/14/2017 1:28,0,How does the new difficulty block algorithm work? Bitcoin Core's profitability keeps increasing.
  1229. 7cui1k,6,0.75,TheHerndog,1510651408,Bitcoin,11/14/17 9:23,,,11/14/2017 1:26,0,Can anyone explain to me what Bitcoin Futures is and how will it benefit Bitcoin?
  1230. 7cui5a,2,0.62,fanatseal,1510651457,Bitcoin,11/14/17 9:24,,,11/14/2017 1:26,0,CME Group announces the possible Bitcoin futures launch date
  1231. 7cui57,0,0.5,AlessKa,1510651457,btc,11/14/17 9:24,,,11/14/2017 1:28,0,How the microstate of Liberland is organized?
  1232. 7cuicv,22,0.8,Victor_sueca,1510651540,Bitcoin,11/14/17 9:25,,,11/14/2017 1:26,0,Seems like someone forseen Jihan and his VerCash crew back in 2012...
  1233. 7cuiif,5,0.62,cryptokids,1510651617,btc,11/14/17 9:26,,,11/14/2017 1:28,0,"Vitalik Buterin speaks on btc versus, just wow!"
  1234. 7cuij6,0,0.5,borzee,1510651627,Bitcoin,11/14/17 9:27,,,11/14/2017 1:28,0,Business Insider: Bitcoin Price Bubble In 4 Charts
  1235. 7cuisg,15,0.83,Lukovka,1510651748,Bitcoin,11/14/17 9:29,,,11/14/2017 1:31,0,Ex-CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton: Bitcoin Isn't a Scam
  1236. 7cuiu1,2,0.57,andrewa040,1510651763,btc,11/14/17 9:29,,,11/14/2017 1:37,0,BCH profitability continually dropping even after new algorithm?
  1237. 7cuj6p,0,0.25,hotzenfotz,1510651893,btc,11/14/17 9:31,,,11/14/2017 1:37,0,Okayyy? ??
  1238. 7cujew,1,0.57,ApexAsylum,1510651997,Bitcoin,11/14/17 9:33,,,11/14/2017 1:34,0,Couple questions from a newbie
  1239. 7cujfb,1,1,CBDoctor,1510652000,Bitcoin,11/14/17 9:33,not,,\N,1,@LTCFoundation: We are looking forward to sponsoring both Litecoin and Bitcoin developers to fulfill our mission.
  1240. 7cujgc,0,0.4,ZwartApps,1510652015,Bitcoin,11/14/17 9:33,,,11/14/2017 1:34,0,Blockchain info wallet is SCAM
  1241. 7cujkz,1,0.55,iamagreatfan,1510652068,Bitcoin,11/14/17 9:34,,,11/14/2017 1:37,0,Is there place on the internet where I can have a discussion with people who knows about building profitable products related to crypto?
  1242. 7cujm0,0,0.5,[deleted],1510652078,Bitcoin,11/14/17 9:34,,,\N,1,SherylÕs story: I ÇexposedÈ my husbandÕs Bitcoin-transaction
  1243. 7cuju2,2,0.62,davidcwilliams,1510652174,Bitcoin,11/14/17 9:36,,,11/14/2017 1:37,0,Eli5: CME providing a way for investors to ÔbetÕ on Bitcoin helps Bitcoin... how?
  1244. 7cuk14,0,0.43,itsgremlin,1510652259,btc,11/14/17 9:37,,,11/14/2017 1:48,0,See the BDD tab for days destroyed. It's only by month. Quite a lot in the last three months.
  1245. 7cuk4a,3,0.71,Lukovka,1510652302,Bitcoin,11/14/17 9:38,,,11/14/2017 1:40,0,Coinbase Likely to Lose Battle to Protect Users from IRS Bitcoin Tax Probe
  1246. 7cuk6x,2,0.62,bigparao,1510652341,Bitcoin,11/14/17 9:39,,,11/14/2017 1:40,0,What an epic historical post.
  1247. 7cukar,6,0.74,haha_supadupa,1510652389,btc,11/14/17 9:39,,,11/14/2017 1:48,0,Meanwhile in Kiev
  1248. 7cukeq,1,1,[deleted],1510652434,Bitcoin,11/14/17 9:40,not,,11/14/2017 1:40,1,Jihan BCash Remix
  1249. 7cukuq,0,0.27,BTCBCCBCH,1510652628,btc,11/14/17 9:43,,,11/14/2017 1:48,1,How to Mine Bitcoin Gold on YOUR Computer
  1250. 7cul00,1,0.6,Enterprof,1510652697,Bitcoin,11/14/17 9:44,,,11/14/2017 1:45,0,Interesting conversation - do you think Bitcoin is future proof? - Notes on New Technologies
  1251. 7culf1,4,0.63,slvbtc,1510652878,Bitcoin,11/14/17 9:47,,,11/14/2017 1:48,0,2 years is long damn time in crypto-world
  1252. 7culhg,5,0.69,keycomsol,1510652906,Bitcoin,11/14/17 9:48,,,11/14/2017 1:54,0,"Bitcoin spiked $10,000,000,000É in 12 hours."
  1253. 7culns,1,0.57,HazyCausation,1510652976,Bitcoin,11/14/17 9:49,,,11/14/2017 1:54,0,"Will CME Bitcoin futures allow people to bet on crypto without buying actual coins. - Won't this reduce demand and liquidity, and drive prices down?"
  1254. 7culot,10,0.66,ZWENTNER,1510652996,Bitcoin,11/14/17 9:49,,,11/14/2017 1:54,0,"Me, waiting for the Dip..."
  1255. 7culrh,6,0.67,3eyedravens,1510653035,btc,11/14/17 9:50,,,11/14/2017 2:02,0,$30 free transaction has taken 2 days with 0 conf? WTF : CryptoCurrency
  1256. 7culrx,1,0.57,Crypto_Daily,1510653041,btc,11/14/17 9:50,,,11/14/2017 2:02,0,A big weekend for Bitcoin Cash
  1257. 7cum2p,2,0.6,Lukovka,1510653162,Bitcoin,11/14/17 9:52,,,11/14/2017 1:54,0,"As bitcoin soars, financial advisors urge caution for all but the wealthiest"
  1258. 7cum4p,6,0.74,Playboy_BTC,1510653186,Bitcoin,11/14/17 9:53,,,11/14/2017 1:54,0, - Just another Fraud/Scam/Phishing site
  1259. 7cum7o,1,0.6,Playboy_BTC,1510653213,btc,11/14/17 9:53,,,11/14/2017 2:02,0, - Just another Fraud/Scam/Phishing site
  1260. 7cumhy,4,0.58,Dentuam,1510653367,btc,11/14/17 9:56,,,11/14/2017 2:02,0,Some Idiot Guy post this on /r/bitcoin - only stupid and ignorant people there. i think we would never do this for Bitcoin!
  1261. 7cumni,3,0.6,Thorwawayne,1510653406,btc,11/14/17 9:56,,,11/14/2017 2:02,0,Ideologies
  1262. 7cumxt,0,0.5,420BladeZzIt,1510653524,Bitcoin,11/14/17 9:58,,,11/14/2017 2:02,0,Okay so im still new to this. Is the idea that in a sideways market im best to be trading btc and altcoins to gain btc. Then hodl on the rise?
  1263. 7cumz1,4,0.66,tonytoppin,1510653539,Bitcoin,11/14/17 9:58,,,11/14/2017 2:02,0,A security warning on android
  1264. 7cunon,10,0.75,decrypt-how,1510653796,btc,11/14/17 10:03,,,11/14/2017 2:12,0,The Most Eventful Day in Bitcoin History
  1265. 7cunre,2,0.62,Lukovka,1510653823,Bitcoin,11/14/17 10:03,,,11/14/2017 2:06,0,Bitcoin Bankruptcy Wasn't Really a Bust
  1266. 7cunt1,1,0.57,dr219391283,1510653837,btc,11/14/17 10:03,,,11/14/2017 2:12,0,How does SegWit allow for developers to change bitcoin protocol without consensus or miner support. Can somebody explain that ELI15
  1267. 7cunue,0,0.3,pjrib,1510653856,Bitcoin,11/14/17 10:04,KnownHit,,11/14/2017 2:06,0,Mysterious Bitcoin Dip-Buyer Identified | Zero Hedge
  1268. 7cunv1,3,0.67,DecompositionalHoe,1510653863,Bitcoin,11/14/17 10:04,,,11/14/2017 2:06,0,There are some challenges involved in how to define bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies economic value. TheyÕve done a pretty good job explaining it in this post on medium
  1269. 7cunvb,3,0.71,Lukovka,1510653867,btc,11/14/17 10:04,,,11/14/2017 2:12,0,Bitcoin Bankruptcy Wasn't Really a Bust
  1270. 7cuny3,77,0.9,in3rsha,1510653903,Bitcoin,11/14/17 10:05,,,11/14/2017 2:06,0,"How Bitcoin Mining works, for beginners."
  1271. 7cuo03,0,0.4,The_human_meshnet,1510653923,Bitcoin,11/14/17 10:05,,,11/14/2017 2:06,0,This is what I saw today on google trends. WHAT IS GOING ON????
  1272. 7cuo83,4,0.62,ajvhan,1510654016,btc,11/14/17 10:06,,,11/14/2017 2:12,0,"My ""conspiracy theory"" and how you can capitalize on it... or why there will be no significant segwit adoption.. never!"
  1273. 7cuoc3,0,0.2,53r0coo1,1510654053,btc,11/14/17 10:07,,,11/14/2017 2:12,0,Bitcoin (BTC) Forecast Ð 14 November 2017É
  1274. 7cuocp,1,0.67,RG_PankO,1510654059,Bitcoin,11/14/17 10:07,,,11/14/2017 2:08,1,Is freedom of speech dead? AmI forbidden from asking questions?
  1275. 7cuozb,0,0.33,[deleted],1510654321,Bitcoin,11/14/17 10:12,,,11/14/2017 2:12,1,SherylÕs story: I ÇexposedÈ my husbandÕs Bitcoin-transaction
  1276. 7cup7r,3,0.67,Biithoven,1510654422,Bitcoin,11/14/17 10:13,,,11/14/2017 2:16,0,Looking for advise on how to transfer money between countries with bitcoin
  1277. 7cupc5,8,0.76,Finasko,1510654485,Bitcoin,11/14/17 10:14,,,11/14/2017 2:16,0,It's About Fundamentals - List of Companies Where You Can Buy Products or Services With Bitcoin
  1278. 7cupt0,71,0.86,Mo9731,1510654677,btc,11/14/17 10:17,,,11/14/2017 2:22,0,Insane excitement of Koreans for bitcoin Cash (BCH) caused Bithumb to crash
  1279. 7cupwz,3,0.61,W0rthl3ssP4ncakE,1510654719,Bitcoin,11/14/17 10:18,,,11/14/2017 2:18,0,"Almost in the 0.1 club boiz, I'm so lucky to be able to watch BTC and all it's forks grow over almost the whole of my life!"
  1280. 7cuq46,3,0.67,cryptocurrencypeople,1510654813,Bitcoin,11/14/17 10:20,,,11/14/2017 2:36,0,Saving your Coins...
  1281. 7cuq7h,1,0.57,bitbody2,1510654848,Bitcoin,11/14/17 10:20,,,11/14/2017 2:22,0,help me understand a few points on transaction backlog and spam tx
  1282. 7cuq85,1,1,Zurbinjo,1510654860,Bitcoin,11/14/17 10:21,not,,\N,1,Buy a small amount of BCH?
  1283. 7cuqcl,2,0.63,[deleted],1510654902,Bitcoin,11/14/17 10:21,,,11/14/2017 2:22,1,Best way for under 18 to buy?
  1284. 7cuqk7,1,0.55,Victor_sueca,1510655001,btc,11/14/17 10:23,,,11/14/2017 2:36,0,Someone may have forseen the recent BTC price drop back in 2012...
  1285. 7cur0g,3,0.66,tooke93,1510655212,Bitcoin,11/14/17 10:26,,,11/14/2017 2:28,0,"CME group gives more information about Bitcoin Futures, starting in December 2017"
  1286. 7cur10,11,0.92,s1ckpig,1510655225,btc,11/14/17 10:27,,,11/14/2017 2:36,0,Bitcoin ABC Ubuntu repo has been updated to serve 0.16.1
  1287. 7cur9q,0,0.43,monero_rs,1510655330,btc,11/14/17 10:28,,,11/14/2017 2:36,0,"Jihan Wu, ViaBTC, McAfee mining both chains."
  1288. 7curpw,0,0.16,[deleted],1510655529,Bitcoin,11/14/17 10:32,,,11/14/2017 2:34,0,r/bitcoin has more 'users here' than r/worldnews
  1289. 7cursc,9,0.77,Wezz,1510655557,btc,11/14/17 10:32,,,11/14/2017 2:36,0,We have added r/BitcoinMarkets to r/Noncensored_Bitcoin! Now supporting 4 subreddits.
  1290. 7cusiy,222,0.85,Playboy_BTC,1510655877,btc,11/14/17 10:37,,,11/14/2017 2:55,0,Things have changed... a lot since 2013-2014
  1291. 7cusnx,102,0.81,[deleted],1510655933,Bitcoin,11/14/17 10:38,,,11/14/2017 2:41,1,To the people still doubting that this congestion in Mempool is not caused by bad actors. The mempool is filled with 60%(60MB of 108MB) super low fees transactions[<10sat/byte].
  1292. 7cusrx,0,0.5,kindessissupreme,1510655986,Bitcoin,11/14/17 10:39,,,11/14/2017 2:41,0,Anyone usually leaves their Bitcoins in localbitcoin?
  1293. 7cust9,0,0.25,LucianE11,1510656004,btc,11/14/17 10:40,,,11/14/2017 2:55,0,"Time to get in , in case of you sleeping! Moooon!"
  1294. 7cusw0,1,0.57,eviade8btc,1510656037,Bitcoin,11/14/17 10:40,,,11/14/2017 2:41,0,NIFA Warning: Risks of Foreign Exchange Speculation and Rampant Futures | NEWS.8BTC.COM
  1295. 7cuswz,0,0.35,priuspilot,1510656047,btc,11/14/17 10:40,,,11/14/2017 2:55,0,ItÕs been 65 minutes since BCH has been mined
  1296. 7cusy6,210,0.77,Gregory_Maxwell,1510656064,btc,11/14/17 10:41,,,11/14/2017 2:55,0,Blockstream Core voting bots at work: New shill reply in 1 day old discussion instantly up voted to the top.
  1297. 7cutcj,3,0.67,TrippinOnCheese,1510656242,Bitcoin,11/14/17 10:44,,,11/14/2017 2:49,0,Need help understanding the way exchanges store their bitcoins
  1298. 7cutlh,0,0.41,RampantSaiyan,1510656344,Bitcoin,11/14/17 10:45,,,11/14/2017 2:49,0,Do you think we'll see bitcoin go high as 500'000 in our lifetimes or is that too unrealistic?
  1299. 7cutp3,2,0.56,Elom8,1510656376,btc,11/14/17 10:46,,,11/14/2017 2:55,0,Transaction times
  1300. 7cuu2b,1,0.56,IamVivekVV,1510656534,btc,11/14/17 10:48,,,11/14/2017 2:55,0,Noob here: is this a good time to transfer my btc to wallet?
  1301. 7cuu9p,3,0.66,wertu1,1510656616,Bitcoin,11/14/17 10:50,,,11/14/2017 2:55,0,What is better for Bitcoin? Fucking miners from China or fucking traders from Wall Street?
  1302. 7cuupc,0,0.29,Epochhhhh,1510656794,btc,11/14/17 10:53,,,11/14/2017 2:55,1,Can we discuss these claims?
  1303. 7cuute,1,0.57,AthleticInvestor,1510656838,Bitcoin,11/14/17 10:53,,,11/14/2017 2:55,0,Downstream when it hits mainstream
  1304. 7cuv48,0,0.42,asl2dwncb29dakjn3daj,1510656961,btc,11/14/17 10:56,,,11/14/2017 3:03,0,Why did R/BTC become a Bitcoin Cash forum instead of an opponent to the censorship happening at R/Bitcoin?
  1305. 7cuv47,0,0.17,[deleted],1510656961,Bitcoin,11/14/17 10:56,,,11/14/2017 2:58,0,It seems that yesterday's DAA hard-fork backfired. Real Bitcoin's profitability to mine keeps increasing.
  1306. 7cuv80,0,0.38,dontuseliqui,1510657000,btc,11/14/17 10:56,,,11/14/2017 3:03,0,4chan did it again!
  1307. 7cuv8v,1,0.54,JesC929,1510657008,Bitcoin,11/14/17 10:56,,,11/14/2017 2:58,0,Bitcoin and retiring on the future passive income opportunities
  1308. 7cuv9y,1,0.54,SteveOpsy,1510657022,btc,11/14/17 10:57,,,11/14/2017 3:03,0,Where did the 4 Exa-hashes go?
  1309. 7cuvd4,3,0.63,hoffepoffe,1510657058,Bitcoin,11/14/17 10:57,,,11/14/2017 4:43,0,Why Bitcoin Cash and other altcoins will die Ð Medium
  1310. 7cuvoe,1,0.6,IamVivekVV,1510657189,btc,11/14/17 10:59,,,11/14/2017 3:03,0,How to receive multiple crypto and segregate in Electrum portable wallet?
  1311. 7cuvt4,12,0.8,woahxd,1510657232,btc,11/14/17 11:00,,,11/14/2017 3:03,0,That wall..
  1312. 7cuw9s,0,0.4,wolfgangederer,1510657413,btc,11/14/17 11:03,,,11/14/2017 3:03,0,Where can i check for unconfirmed BCH transactions?
  1313. 7cuwbk,0,0.4,rauchtopaz,1510657439,btc,11/14/17 11:03,,,11/14/2017 3:19,0,Why many excited about upcoming CME futures? Isn't it just a surrogate?
  1314. 7cuwhf,10,0.68,xrpcgfvravcj250c,1510657510,Bitcoin,11/14/17 11:05,,,11/14/2017 3:08,0,"Seeing continuous 0.00000150 BTC transactions (about $0.01) every second, noticed around 2:30AM Pacific Time on GDAX"
  1315. 7cuwhh,33,0.73,Bitcoin_Bug,1510657511,Bitcoin,11/14/17 11:05,,,11/14/2017 3:08,0,"Jihan is quite right. You can't just go around calling it whatever you like; it doesn't belong to you, it belongs to him. When you're at a friend's house you don't call their dog some made up name, you call it what they call it. ?? -BCash-"
  1316. 7cuwly,0,0.35,soda-popper,1510657559,btc,11/14/17 11:05,,,11/14/2017 3:19,1,The Birth of Bitcoin Cash? Opinions?
  1317. 7cuwq5,7,0.72,SpacePirateM,1510657600,btc,11/14/17 11:06,,,11/14/2017 3:19,0,So I started educating the social club committee @ work about Bitcoin Cash..
  1318. 7cuwyx,912,0.84,Gregory_Maxwell,1510657700,btc,11/14/17 11:08,,,11/14/2017 3:19,0,Reminder: Core developers used to support 8-100MB blocks before they work for the bankers
  1319. 7cux1s,1,0.55,Bitcoin_Bug,1510657734,Bitcoin,11/14/17 11:08,,,11/14/2017 3:17,0,Video: Dennis Gartman and @RiskReversal mix it up over #bitcoin. Who is right?
  1320. 7cux4y,0,0.35,hoffepoffe,1510657763,btc,11/14/17 11:09,,,11/14/2017 3:19,0,Why Bitcoin Cash and other altcoins will die Ð Medium
  1321. 7cuxen,0,0.34,gemeinsam,1510657874,Bitcoin,11/14/17 11:11,,,11/14/2017 3:17,0,Please stop spamming the mempool with small unnecessary TX. Keep it clean for high priority TXs
  1322. 7cuxmi,0,0.47,ROFLQuad,1510657962,btc,11/14/17 11:12,,,11/14/2017 3:19,0,The elephant in the room...
  1323. 7cuxtt,5,0.68,SeABeaF,1510658036,Bitcoin,11/14/17 11:13,,,11/14/2017 3:17,0,Is there any expected dips in the near future?
  1324. 7cuxys,1,1,lowkey702399339,1510658097,Bitcoin,11/14/17 11:14,not,,\N,1,Is Bitcoin a medium of exchange or a store value?
  1325. 7cuy1a,6,0.72,Meeseeks-Answers,1510658123,btc,11/14/17 11:15,,,11/14/2017 3:19,0,"4.5 megabytes of data in 62,500 punched cards, USA, 1955"
  1326. 7cuy5k,5,0.57,cryptartica,1510658167,btc,11/14/17 11:16,,,11/14/2017 3:19,0,"The Honey Badger series is here! Bitcoin Cash Accepted. Get your t-shirts, mugs, and drawstring bags today."
  1327. 7cuyfc,163,0.76,BitcoinCashMaybe,1510658286,btc,11/14/17 11:18,,,11/14/2017 3:19,0,r/bitcoin here..
  1328. 7cuyga,5,0.68,lowkey702399339,1510658296,Bitcoin,11/14/17 11:18,,,11/14/2017 4:43,0,Is Bitcoin a medium of exchange or a store value?
  1329. 7cuyuf,3,0.63,bonamseshu,1510658454,btc,11/14/17 11:20,,,11/14/2017 3:33,0,mastercard + blockstream = bitcoin takeover. BCH TO THE RESCUE GUYS
  1330. 7cuyv0,3,0.63,forealboreal,1510658461,btc,11/14/17 11:21,,,11/14/2017 3:33,0,Shower thought.
  1331. 7cuz03,3,0.67,Bitcoin_Bug,1510658520,Bitcoin,11/14/17 11:22,,,11/14/2017 3:23,0,It is possible to implement a universal opt-in replay protection that will still be effective even if only one side of a given fork will respect its rules.
  1332. 7cuz0g,1,0.57,humoropedia,1510658523,Bitcoin,11/14/17 11:22,,,11/14/2017 3:23,0,Which of these two methods makes bitcoin transactions more anonymous than the other?
  1333. 7cuzfy,40,0.76,windsok,1510658700,btc,11/14/17 11:25,,,11/14/2017 3:33,0,Andreas Antonpoulos on scaling and how the? obvious solution to scaling is not always the right one
  1334. 7cuzvt,0,0.25,BTCBCCBCH,1510658893,btc,11/14/17 11:28,,,11/14/2017 3:33,1,Trezor Wallet Will Integrate Bitcoin Gold
  1335. 7cuzz2,30,0.89,dick_mayo,1510658928,Bitcoin,11/14/17 11:28,,,11/14/2017 3:32,0,What I learnt from the great crash of 2014
  1336. 7cv05b,0,0.5,Crypto_Daily,1510659001,btc,11/14/17 11:30,,,11/14/2017 3:33,0,What's causing Bitcoin volatility?
  1337. 7cv05j,8,0.66,Motoko-Kusanagi,1510659003,btc,11/14/17 11:30,,,11/14/2017 3:33,0,"/r/bitcoin 'supporter' here, would be great to hear some opinions from /r/btc on the following to further my understanding of both sides..."
  1338. 7cv0ad,0,0.3,j9m3s,1510659064,Bitcoin,11/14/17 11:31,,,11/14/2017 3:32,0,Send help!!! Sell!!!
  1339. 7cv0g8,0,0.5,itsgremlin,1510659122,btc,11/14/17 11:32,,,11/14/2017 3:33,0,Help me understand the meaning of this... question in comments.
  1340. 7cv0p4,54,0.76,CryptoAi,1510659229,Bitcoin,11/14/17 11:33,,,11/14/2017 3:37,0,Has china just banned mining? can someone offer a good translation ?
  1341. 7cv0wb,1,0.56,agotasaidwhat,1510659311,Bitcoin,11/14/17 11:35,,,11/14/2017 3:37,0,Best bitcoin success stories on Reddit?
  1342. 7cv10d,0,0.5,somedeadbitcoinguy,1510659346,Bitcoin,11/14/17 11:35,,,\N,1,Those censoring bastards over at r/btc...
  1343. 7cv10l,1,0.54,perfectperformance,1510659349,Bitcoin,11/14/17 11:35,,,11/14/2017 3:37,0,Buying large amounts of Bitcoin..
  1344. 7cv11v,0,0.46,JRNK,1510659366,Bitcoin,11/14/17 11:36,,,11/14/2017 3:37,0,Lightning Network
  1345. 7cv141,2,0.67,anonradditor,1510659382,btc,11/14/17 11:36,,,11/14/2017 3:44,0,How can I open a wallet on another device is the seed is a different number of words?
  1346. 7cv17k,1,1,stefanovic92,1510659419,Bitcoin,11/14/17 11:36,not,,\N,1,How is Bitcoin going to survive 2018?
  1347. 7cv197,5,0.69,deadalnix,1510659436,btc,11/14/17 11:37,,,11/14/2017 3:44,0,"r/bitcoin commited to free speach, and shows it in meatspace."
  1348. 7cv1c1,0,0.36,chierighini,1510659470,Bitcoin,11/14/17 11:37,,,11/14/2017 3:40,0,Lightning Network
  1349. 7cv1g9,1,1,[deleted],1510659513,btc,11/14/17 11:38,,,\N,1,Difference between btc and bch?
  1350. 7cv1gq,4,0.57,Battle78,1510659518,Bitcoin,11/14/17 11:38,,,11/14/2017 3:40,0,Bitcoin is History - Mike Maloney
  1351. 7cv1m4,1,1,ROFLQuad,1510659581,Bitcoin,11/14/17 11:39,not,,\N,1,Jesus the r/BTC sub has PTSD now guys. What did you do?!?!
  1352. 7cv1nf,640,0.81,4rr0ws,1510659596,Bitcoin,11/14/17 11:39,,,11/14/2017 3:40,1,Bitcoin. Upvote this to make the real Bitcoin informative website the top result in google searches for Bitcoin.
  1353. 7cv2b8,1,1,Cryptoknowledge,1510659859,btc,11/14/17 11:44,,,\N,1,"WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Retirement, Bitcoin, Adviser Voice"
  1354. 7cv2e9,1049,0.89,windsok,1510659889,Bitcoin,11/14/17 11:44,,,11/14/2017 3:47,0,Bitcoin mining crackdown in China. Might be the reason why Jihan and BW Pool representative were absent at mining panel today.
  1355. 7cv2p5,4,0.75,flat_bitcoin,1510660005,btc,11/14/17 11:46,,,11/14/2017 3:52,0,Bitcoin Mempool
  1356. 7cv2tl,0,0.37,rohitkukreja,1510660053,Bitcoin,11/14/17 11:47,KnownHit,,11/14/2017 3:47,0,Japan walks the Pro-Bitcoin road for others to follow. Western countries can learn from Japan for Bitcoins.
  1357. 7cv36h,50,0.86,DarkSpace-Harbinger,1510660196,btc,11/14/17 11:49,,,11/14/2017 3:52,0,Bytesized-Hosting now accepts payments via Bitcoin Cash
  1358. 7cv389,1,1,morph1ne,1510660217,Bitcoin,11/14/17 11:50,not,,\N,1,PSA: A prepared attack on BTC since NYA
  1359. 7cv3dh,27,0.65,bonamseshu,1510660272,btc,11/14/17 11:51,,,11/14/2017 3:52,0,"Craig Wright says ""Not long to wait"" - in reply to ""But until then, hedging on both horses"""
  1360. 7cv3hv,8,0.88,JParzival,1510660320,Bitcoin,11/14/17 11:52,,,11/14/2017 3:52,0,CryptoCurrencies Discord Server
  1361. 7cv3st,3,0.71,Crypt0life,1510660430,btc,11/14/17 11:53,,,11/14/2017 4:05,0,Can someone help? Im looking for a good trustworthy exchange to buy and trade on.
  1362. 7cv3ww,0,0.25,[deleted],1510660477,Bitcoin,11/14/17 11:54,,,11/14/2017 3:56,1,"CNN: ""Bitcoin surges $900 in 14 hours. What's going on?"""
  1363. 7cv429,5,0.67,DarkSpace-Harbinger,1510660538,btc,11/14/17 11:55,,,11/14/2017 4:05,0,The DAA Fork Will Not Save Us from Miner Swaps
  1364. 7cv442,0,0.44,fanatseal,1510660562,Bitcoin,11/14/17 11:56,,,11/14/2017 3:56,0,Irani Central Bank thinks Bitcoin is too risky
  1365. 7cv44f,0,0.5,[deleted],1510660566,Bitcoin,11/14/17 11:56,,,11/14/2017 3:56,1,Bitcoin is Making History - Mike Maloney
  1366. 7cv48z,33,0.82,majorpaynei86,1510660612,btc,11/14/17 11:56,,,11/14/2017 4:05,0,Bitcoin Cash Roadmap Megathread
  1367. 7cv4k7,2,0.62,noplacetosit,1510660738,btc,11/14/17 11:58,,,11/14/2017 4:05,0,Leaked video of Bitcoin Gold meeting /s
  1368. 7cv4la,0,0.34,mcnicoll,1510660746,btc,11/14/17 11:59,,,11/14/2017 4:05,0,China ???? is banning mining ... BCH just lost mining advantage
  1369. 7cv4nm,2,0.6,NetTecture,1510660764,Bitcoin,11/14/17 11:59,,,11/14/2017 4:00,0,Segwit Adption Stalling?
  1370. 7cv5dw,0,0.3,tattedhoncho,1510660987,Bitcoin,11/14/17 12:03,,,11/14/2017 4:04,1,About to convert my BTC to B*CH on shapeshift. IÕm using wallet and changing my fees to either priority or urgent. How expensive do you think either or will be? I just want my transaction to be completed and confirmed smoothly and ASAP
  1371. 7cv5tm,6,0.59,[deleted],1510661146,btc,11/14/17 12:05,,,11/14/2017 4:18,1,"Incredible : today, using BTC costs $200 per transaction and takes hours! It get worse everyday and all these naive investors still value each unit it at $6500"
  1372. 7cv5uc,0,0.5,CharlieTMike,1510661157,Bitcoin,11/14/17 12:05,,,11/14/2017 4:10,0,Telegram groups?
  1373. 7cv61v,3,0.55,Bootrear,1510661242,btc,11/14/17 12:07,,,11/14/2017 4:18,0,Loss of flippening momentum
  1374. 7cv6ho,634,0.81,dontuseliqui,1510661398,btc,11/14/17 12:09,,,11/14/2017 4:18,0,The only reason why Bitcoin Core is still #1
  1375. 7cv6k2,2,0.57,HappyManny1986,1510661416,Bitcoin,11/14/17 12:10,,,11/14/2017 4:10,0,What to do about a stuck transaction?
  1376. 7cv6so,1,0.57,supared,1510661493,Bitcoin,11/14/17 12:11,,,11/14/2017 4:15,0,is there any place where i can buy muticrypto index or basket of cryptos from once?
  1377. 7cv6y8,0,0.25,Davidflynn21,1510661543,Bitcoin,11/14/17 12:12,,,11/14/2017 4:15,1,We are about crash!!
  1378. 7cv75p,3,0.64,myluxurybed,1510661615,Bitcoin,11/14/17 12:13,,,11/14/2017 4:15,0,Rise Of The Cryptofunds - Cryptocurrency Investment Funds up 264% in 2017
  1379. 7cv7cj,246,0.82,Nemya_Nation,1510661680,btc,11/14/17 12:14,,,11/14/2017 4:18,0,Vitalik on censorship of /r/bitcoin
  1380. 7cv7im,0,0.5,Limping-Zebra,1510661737,Bitcoin,11/14/17 12:15,,,11/14/2017 4:18,0,"Huge drop in Bitcoin trading volumes as of 2017 - is this graph accurate, and if so how can it be explained? Website:"
  1381. 7cv7m3,0,0.32,eidam87,1510661770,Bitcoin,11/14/17 12:16,,,11/14/2017 4:18,0,6200 and going down!!!! HOLD FFS
  1382. 7cv7ux,0,0.26,JKNoir,1510661847,Bitcoin,11/14/17 12:17,Probably Hit,,11/14/2017 4:18,1,Free Money
  1383. 7cv7yv,16,0.81,MeepJingles,1510661886,btc,11/14/17 12:18,,,11/14/2017 4:18,0,Tinfoil hat time.
  1384. 7cv8be,1,1,Diannao_Heike,1510662006,Bitcoin,11/14/17 12:20,not,,\N,1,What the f*ck is Bitcoin Cash and why is using Bitcoin in the name? Somebody can bring me some light on this?
  1385. 7cv8dx,5,0.67,OLIVIERLDN,1510662028,Bitcoin,11/14/17 12:20,,,11/14/2017 4:22,0,Tattoos for Btc 20%off !
  1386. 7cv8uj,4,0.59,pacemandt,1510662199,btc,11/14/17 12:23,,,11/14/2017 4:32,0,"conspiracy theory: miners are pushing btc hash power to run up the next difficulty, then jettison it out to sea"
  1387. 7cv937,1,1,duderino88,1510662278,Bitcoin,11/14/17 12:24,not,,\N,1,Whats going on with Bithump trading??
  1388. 7cv9bj,382,0.86,Egon_1,1510662366,btc,11/14/17 12:26,,,11/14/2017 4:32,0,Christmas is coming ??... Send warm wishes to your loved ones ??
  1389. 7cv9h4,1,1,MrSolomons,1510662414,Bitcoin,11/14/17 12:26,not,,\N,1,Noob asking
  1390. 7cv9hj,2,0.62,cubap3t3,1510662417,Bitcoin,11/14/17 12:26,,,11/14/2017 4:32,0,Tx no longer found at Insight but can be found at blockexplorer?
  1391. 7cv9mc,0,0.5,besnadlesen,1510662462,Bitcoin,11/14/17 12:27,,,11/14/2017 4:32,0,Where in Europe could one buy a Tesla or BMW i3 with Bitcoin?
  1392. 7cv9rq,13,0.82,Thejohnroony,1510662518,btc,11/14/17 12:28,,,11/14/2017 4:32,0,Bitcoin Cash Successfully Finishes another Hard Fork
  1393. 7cv9xz,1,0.66,Fibonacci2x,1510662580,Bitcoin,11/14/17 12:29,,,\N,1,On a technical standpoint what makes Bitcoin Cash so bad and not viable as a means of transaction and storage of wealth?
  1394. 7cva12,0,0.5,Diannao_Heike,1510662613,Bitcoin,11/14/17 12:30,,,11/14/2017 4:32,1,What the heck is Bitcoin Crash and why is using Bitcoin in the name? Somebody can bring me some light on this?
  1395. 7cva4x,5,0.67,love_eggs_and_bacon,1510662647,Bitcoin,11/14/17 12:30,,,11/14/2017 4:32,0,It seems ECB is not the only one unable to restrain themselves from printing more EUR
  1396. 7cva5s,7,0.77,markovcd,1510662654,Bitcoin,11/14/17 12:30,,,11/14/2017 4:32,0,PSA: instead if selling you can spend your bits! Here are some useful sites
  1397. 7cva7c,0,0.33,leiloca,1510662670,btc,11/14/17 12:31,,,11/14/2017 4:32,0,1337
  1398. 7cvaam,6,0.68,ask4ska,1510662696,Bitcoin,11/14/17 12:31,,,11/14/2017 4:32,0,Why bitcoin does not reward the nodes
  1399. 7cvatq,5,0.56,[deleted],1510662879,btc,11/14/17 12:34,,,11/14/2017 4:44,0,Day #2 Humongous Short From BTC $6600 Looking Good!
  1400. 7cvax9,1,0.54,12mgray,1510662917,Bitcoin,11/14/17 12:35,,,11/14/2017 4:36,0,Bitcoin battles the Barbarians at the gate
  1401. 7cvb50,8,0.72,Nemya_Nation,1510662988,btc,11/14/17 12:36,,,11/14/2017 4:44,0,Had a dream last night..
  1402. 7cvb9i,7,0.58,Sveets_drops,1510663036,btc,11/14/17 12:37,,,11/14/2017 4:44,0,Not a good sign? 6hr average looking bad?
  1403. 7cvb9f,1,1,fitwear,1510663036,Bitcoin,11/14/17 12:37,not,,\N,1,BTC Missing - During BCH Pump -
  1404. 7cvbdq,454,0.86,jimukgb,1510663080,btc,11/14/17 12:38,,,11/14/2017 4:44,0,You can now buy Bitcoin Cash on Bittylicious
  1405. 7cvbfs,0,0.41,MrSolomons,1510663098,Bitcoin,11/14/17 12:38,,,11/14/2017 4:39,0,Fees are fucking insane!
  1406. 7cvbhb,2,0.62,Ploxxx69,1510663111,Bitcoin,11/14/17 12:38,,,11/14/2017 4:39,0,Can you keep your deposits on GDAX?
  1407. 7cvbhn,0,0.47,melanch0liccc,1510663114,Bitcoin,11/14/17 12:38,,,11/14/2017 4:39,0,BTC still fucked up or am I just unlucky?
  1408. 7cvce5,34,0.78,dementperson,1510663425,btc,11/14/17 12:43,,,11/14/2017 4:44,0,DDoS of Bithumb and Bitcoins clogged up network is what saved bitcoin two days ago.
  1409. 7cvckx,1,1,Cryptoknowledge,1510663499,btc,11/14/17 12:44,,,\N,1,Bitcoin's Roger Ver and Mate Tokay Join NAGA Board of Advisors
  1410. 7cvcmc,0,0.29,francoju10,1510663515,Bitcoin,11/14/17 12:45,,,11/14/2017 4:48,1,The best bitcoin passive program out there!
  1411. 7cvcwc,142,0.82,bonamseshu,1510663597,btc,11/14/17 12:46,,,11/14/2017 4:56,0,I see where BTC is going. Forbes trying to convince people that fast payments must be enabled by third parties like paypal instead of bitcoin technology itself. The recent mastercard blckchain patent proves the act these shills are putting together
  1412. 7cvd0c,0,0.3,azooo,1510663639,Bitcoin,11/14/17 12:47,,,11/14/2017 4:48,0,A quote from Tesla that relevant to Bitcoin
  1413. 7cvd4v,88,0.56,balango,1510663685,Bitcoin,11/14/17 12:48,,,11/14/2017 4:48,0,Billionaire investor bought the Bitcoin dip over the weekend
  1414. 7cvdcr,16,0.77,rorrr,1510663754,btc,11/14/17 12:49,,,11/14/2017 4:56,0,They are spreading anti-BCH propaganda on youtube too
  1415. 7cvdtj,5,0.73,Chinafreak,1510663895,Bitcoin,11/14/17 12:51,,,11/14/2017 4:52,0,Whats the advantage by Raspberry Pi running Bitcoin Core Node?
  1416. 7cve2r,2,0.55,18plusarma3,1510663978,Bitcoin,11/14/17 12:52,,,11/14/2017 4:56,1,Transaction sitting in blockchain for 96 hours
  1417. 7cveb0,10,0.62,Dotabjj,1510664053,Bitcoin,11/14/17 12:54,,,11/14/2017 4:56,0,Can any Koreans here tell us about the extraordinary interest in B----coin Cash?
  1418. 7cveg5,405,0.86,kwko,1510664101,btc,11/14/17 12:55,,,11/14/2017 4:56,0,Lets ask the Internet Archive to accept BitcoinCash donations!
  1419. 7cvewb,2,0.6,basjj,1510664252,Bitcoin,11/14/17 12:57,,,11/14/2017 4:59,0,State/government cryptocurrencies?
  1420. 7cvf2c,0,0.32,[deleted],1510664307,btc,11/14/17 12:58,,,11/14/2017 5:09,0,Watch Jihan Wu getting triggered when someone calls his coin Bcash
  1421. 7cvfbf,3,0.67,Eos_,1510664385,Bitcoin,11/14/17 12:59,,,11/14/2017 4:59,0,Electrum wallet Setup
  1422. 7cvfop,6,0.71,leiloca,1510664484,btc,11/14/17 13:01,,,11/14/2017 5:09,0,"Are you seeing those whales holding the price at 1280 - 1300 on the order book? Holy shit, some massive ammount of absorption at price range."
  1423. 7cvfou,48,0.79,bitofabitcoin,1510664485,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:01,,,11/14/2017 5:03,0,I'm addicted to GDAX
  1424. 7cvfr2,0,0.5,vulguspress,1510664503,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:01,,,11/14/2017 5:03,0,Was Satoshi a Libertarian and Anarchist?
  1425. 7cvgj8,0,0.13,Crypto_Daily,1510664754,btc,11/14/17 13:05,,,11/14/2017 5:09,0,Bitcoin Gold fights launch spam
  1426. 7cvh8c,4,0.7,VLADIMIROVIC_L,1510664965,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:09,,,11/14/2017 5:09,0,What's the best video that explains the concepts behind bitcoin? not going into detailed hash function stuff but still technically enough to really get it. A friend is interested.
  1427. 7cvhbk,0,0.5,[deleted],1510664995,btc,11/14/17 13:09,,,11/14/2017 5:09,1,"Come on guys, It needs to go over the moon!"
  1428. 7cvhf0,0,0.36,B00MD0GG,1510665019,btc,11/14/17 13:10,,,11/14/2017 5:22,0,Who gonna mine BCH now?
  1429. 7cvhj5,0,0.48,wolfwolfz,1510665055,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:10,,,11/14/2017 5:13,0,Vitalik joins forces with the other side and says he considers it a legitimate contender for the Bitcoin name
  1430. 7cvhmu,6,0.67,evisiced,1510665082,btc,11/14/17 13:11,,,11/14/2017 5:22,0,...
  1431. 7cvi5k,391,0.84,hybridman06,1510665240,btc,11/14/17 13:14,,,11/14/2017 5:22,0,Accelerating Bitcoin Cash Adoption
  1432. 7cvi69,0,0.38,BTCBCCBCH,1510665247,btc,11/14/17 13:14,,,11/14/2017 5:22,0,CME CEO says futures exchange for bitcoin will be ready 2nd week of December
  1433. 7cvi82,216,0.92,ForeverDutch92,1510665264,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:14,,,11/14/2017 5:17,0,"Officially given up on Kraken, moved all coins to Bitstamp."
  1434. 7cvi89,2,0.6,consummate_erection,1510665267,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:14,,,11/14/2017 5:17,0,I wrote a thing about new governance models made possible by bitcoin. Thoughts?
  1435. 7cviee,1,0.67,Cointelegraph_news,1510665325,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:15,,,\N,1,BREAKING: China May Cut Off Cheap Power To Bitcoin Miners?
  1436. 7cvihi,12,0.66,Cointelegraph_news,1510665349,btc,11/14/17 13:15,,,11/14/2017 5:22,0,BREAKING: China May Cut Off Cheap Power To Bitcoin Miners?
  1437. 7cviod,0,0.38,[deleted],1510665408,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:16,,,11/14/2017 5:17,1,Anyone else hoping for another chink attack?
  1438. 7cviz5,9,0.59,Egon_1,1510665510,btc,11/14/17 13:18,,,11/14/2017 5:22,0,Bitcoin Cash ????
  1439. 7cvjec,492,0.88,NxtChg,1510665638,btc,11/14/17 13:20,,,11/14/2017 5:22,0,Njalla (domain registrar from The Pirate Bay and Flattr founder) now accepts Bitcoin Cash!
  1440. 7cvjjd,2,0.55,Finasko,1510665673,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:21,,,11/14/2017 5:21,0,The Reality: Amazon Probably WonÕt Accept Bitcoin Anytime Soon
  1441. 7cvjo4,9,0.75,thescientificindian,1510665709,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:21,,,11/14/2017 5:24,0,Mastercard Seeks Patent for Instant Blockchain Payments Processing
  1442. 7cvjok,0,0.4,kfir90,1510665713,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:21,,,11/14/2017 5:24,1,Mining Offers (Genesis/Hashflare)
  1443. 7cvjv2,5,0.73,itsjevans,1510665756,btc,11/14/17 13:22,,,11/14/2017 5:32,0,UK BCH
  1444. 7cvk8l,132,0.8,jonald_fyookball,1510665858,btc,11/14/17 13:24,,,11/14/2017 5:32,0,"Reminder: Bitcoin Core developers said hard forks require 12+ months of planning , long before BTC was a $20B coin."
  1445. 7cvk8z,0,0.33,InViennaLifeIsBetter,1510665861,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:24,KnownHit,,11/14/2017 5:24,0,"Bitcoin could hit the mainstream in about six to eight months, says former fund manager | Verdict"
  1446. 7cvkfg,3,0.72,[deleted],1510665908,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:25,,,11/14/2017 5:27,1,How does bitconect manipulate its price and maintaing constant growth? By controlling the supply of liquidity as it has its own exchange?
  1447. 7cvkr2,6,0.69,Welcome2TheWhaleWash,1510665991,btc,11/14/17 13:26,,,11/14/2017 5:32,0,Genuine Question
  1448. 7cvkws,1,1,Sumiz,1510666042,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:27,not,,\N,1,Mastercard Patents Blockchain Tech For Instant Payments
  1449. 7cvky6,7,0.66,fatpercent,1510666058,btc,11/14/17 13:27,,,11/14/2017 5:32,0,"Xapo is unloading BCH again (-27,872 BCH this week)"
  1450. 7cvl52,3,0.63,knight222,1510666120,btc,11/14/17 13:28,,,11/14/2017 5:32,0,"Bitcoin surges $1,000 after tumbling all weekend - Business (Bitcoin Cash mentioned)"
  1451. 7cvl94,1,0.55,Zurbinjo,1510666154,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:29,,,11/14/2017 6:32,0,ELI5 why transcations are slow and wtf is going on?
  1452. 7cvl9q,2,0.58,knight222,1510666159,btc,11/14/17 13:29,,,11/14/2017 5:32,0,Attention bitcoin bears: You'll be able to bet against the digital currency in one month
  1453. 7cvlhv,4,0.66,spazcoin,1510666232,btc,11/14/17 13:30,,,11/14/2017 5:32,0,three cheers for goatpig and the Armory wallet!
  1454. 7cvlqz,5,0.73,XxLuuk2015xX,1510666304,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:31,,,11/14/2017 5:32,0,How does get info about latest blocks?
  1455. 7cvlw4,1,0.53,knight222,1510666350,btc,11/14/17 13:32,,,11/14/2017 5:44,0,"Bitcoin is a market for criminals and millennials, Dennis Gartman says"
  1456. 7cvlxc,9,0.84,Chris_Hansen_AMA,1510666366,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:32,,,11/14/2017 5:37,0,Is anyone working on a Bitcoin project that they'd like to share? Maybe to get feedback or find partners
  1457. 7cvm1j,4,0.66,knight222,1510666399,btc,11/14/17 13:33,,,11/14/2017 5:44,0,"After periodic drops of 20 percent, bitcoin tends to come back even stronger (Bitcoin Cash mentioned)"
  1458. 7cvm2b,0,0.39,MakeTotalDestr0i,1510666406,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:33,,,11/14/2017 5:37,0,"ELI5 Why are businesses complaining that blocks are full when there is still ~.7MB they could be using if they just start using segwit? also, why aren't all these people complaining about fees and full blocks when they dont use segwit?"
  1459. 7cvmde,381,0.8,knight222,1510666503,btc,11/14/17 13:35,,,11/14/2017 5:44,0,"Bitcoin cash (BCH) price could lead to bitcoin ""death spiral"" - Quartz"
  1460. 7cvmgv,0,0.46,dugweaver,1510666528,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:35,,,11/14/2017 5:37,0,"Just bought weed with bitcoin, 2017 has been good to us"
  1461. 7cvmiw,12,0.83,knight222,1510666544,btc,11/14/17 13:35,,,11/14/2017 5:44,0,Korean Crypto Exchange Suffers Outage During Bitcoin Cash Surge
  1462. 7cvmiv,0,0.46,modern_life_blues,1510666544,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:35,,,11/14/2017 5:37,0,"This guy is on the money as usual. After hearing this I kind of wish there would've been a fork replay protection be darned. Also, his dev team agnosticism is refreshing."
  1463. 7cvmmq,11,0.72,readish,1510666574,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:36,,,11/14/2017 5:37,0,Mike Maloney explains why he is bullish on Bitcoin
  1464. 7cvmpw,1,1,gianlucaghettini,1510666596,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:36,not,,\N,1,I had a problem and I wrote an app to solve it...
  1465. 7cvmv2,0,0.41,BTCrob,1510666642,btc,11/14/17 13:37,,,11/14/2017 5:44,0,"DAA in place. Hashpower leaving, blocks now 1.67/hr"
  1466. 7cvmxi,0,0.44,kodiak1120,1510666664,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:37,,,11/14/2017 5:37,0,What's the plan for increasing block size now that SegWit2x has failed?
  1467. 7cvn0s,6,0.75,Miz4r_,1510666698,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:38,,,11/14/2017 5:41,0,Best wallets for SegWit and fees?
  1468. 7cvn5n,0,0.43,crytorgasm,1510666741,btc,11/14/17 13:39,,,\N,1,China is banning crypto mining.
  1469. 7cvntl,0,0.5,desdeam,1510666954,btc,11/14/17 13:42,,,11/14/2017 5:44,0,Power consumption concerns
  1470. 7cvnuf,1,1,ATXENG,1510666962,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:42,not,,\N,1,"wallets that accept BTC, ETH, BCC/BCH and any other forks?"
  1471. 7cvnxy,158,0.89,bargebiscuitcandle,1510666995,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:43,,,11/14/2017 5:44,0,"6900 BTC in donations. 6 years in development. /u/Theymos forum software ""epochtalk"" is still at v0.4.0 and not in use anywhere. What happened? Does nobody care?"
  1472. 7cvo1u,1,1,Cryptoknowledge,1510667031,btc,11/14/17 13:43,,,\N,1,Confidential Transactions Will Hit Litecoin After Bitcoin - Charlie Lee
  1473. 7cvo34,12,0.83,Gregory_Maxwell,1510667044,btc,11/14/17 13:44,,,11/14/2017 5:44,0,"[True Centralization] Digital Currency Group (Blockstream's investor): We are ""The epicenter of the bitcoin and blockchain industry"""
  1474. 7cvolm,0,0.33,knight222,1510667216,btc,11/14/17 13:46,,,11/14/2017 5:56,0,"Institutional investors close to adopting bitcoin, says ex-Fortress executive Novogratz"
  1475. 7cvoml,16,0.71,gr8ful4,1510667223,btc,11/14/17 13:47,,,11/14/2017 5:56,0,Bitcoin Segwit is Bizcoin while Bitcoin Cash is P2P coin.
  1476. 7cvoua,0,0.11,[deleted],1510667283,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:48,Probably Hit,,11/14/2017 5:49,1,The man who lost $9M in bitcoin has no way to get his money back!!!
  1477. 7cvoui,2,0.62,bunuvirus,1510667285,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:48,,,11/14/2017 5:49,0,Brainwallets
  1478. 7cvoxb,3,0.66,knight222,1510667301,btc,11/14/17 13:48,,,11/14/2017 5:56,0,ÔNot for the novice investorÕ: Volatile bitcoin cuts $38 billion before roaring back
  1479. 7cvoxk,0,0.11,DesignerAccount,1510667303,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:48,KnownHit,,11/14/2017 5:49,0,"Bitcoin is Trading for Nearly US$14,000 on Zimbabwean Exchange Golix"
  1480. 7cvoxp,0,0.43,skynetSwed,1510667304,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:48,,,11/14/2017 5:49,0,Think we are on the way up again!
  1481. 7cvp87,0,0.25,priuspilot,1510667389,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:49,KnownHit,,11/14/2017 5:53,0,"Novogratz showing us why even Ver, Ayers and Jihan canÕt take BTC down"
  1482. 7cvpii,0,0.31,lkcfan,1510667473,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:51,,,11/14/2017 10:48,0,Upcoming Syscoin Masternode Release is TESTNET ONLY. Mainnet to be annoucned on Q1 2018. Please take note.
  1483. 7cvpmp,2,0.62,sorcerer86pt,1510667509,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:51,,,11/14/2017 5:53,0,Some questions from a new bitcoin user
  1484. 7cvps9,1,1,kleinebelegger,1510667562,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:52,not,,\N,1,Is there any safe way to sell your bitcoin gold?
  1485. 7cvptu,7,0.82,MoreRakeIsBetter,1510667578,btc,11/14/17 13:52,,,11/14/2017 5:56,0,DARI parity of BCH and BTC - excluding fees.
  1486. 7cvq3a,0,0.1,MakeTotalDestr0i,1510667656,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:54,KnownHit,,11/14/2017 5:56,0,Companies/participants in the bitcoin ecosystem still keep doing this.
  1487. 7cvqbb,1,0.52,metaldesign32,1510667720,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:55,,,11/14/2017 5:56,0,WTF Coinbase?? Just bought some coin. Coinbase literally said Òwill be available todayÓ then after confirming tx said Òwill be available in 7 daysÓ and then posted a nice big Network Delay Notice after the fact. This is one of the main reasons Bitcoin is going to have trouble. So many gotchas...
  1488. 7cvqhd,0,0.2,LoopyBullet,1510667770,btc,11/14/17 13:56,,,11/14/2017 5:56,0,Why is this subreddit called BTC?
  1489. 7cvqhe,1,1,DetroitGardens,1510667770,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:56,not,,\N,1,The Dawn of Digital Power
  1490. 7cvqld,1,0.56,ATXENG,1510667798,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:56,,,11/14/2017 6:01,0,what happens to coins in your offline wallet during a fork?
  1491. 7cvr03,18,0.78,atik-reddit,1510667926,btc,11/14/17 13:58,,,11/14/2017 6:12,0,Bitcoin core and community can't just ignore this
  1492. 7cvr2q,4,0.67,Dmitriyy,1510667950,btc,11/14/17 13:59,,,11/14/2017 6:12,0,"Coin Sheet - November 14, 2017"
  1493. 7cvr2y,3,0.6,Dmitriyy,1510667952,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:59,,,11/14/2017 6:01,0,"Coin Sheet - November 14, 2017"
  1494. 7cvr5k,1,1,Nizran,1510667974,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:59,not,,\N,1,"HelloGold (HGT) is undervalued. Benchmark against its competitor, DigixDAO (58x bigger in market cap), HGT deserves a value of at least $0.57 and not $0.009844. Find out how the launch of its GBT this week and the incoming institutional funds will pump price of HGT."
  1495. 7cvr68,5,0.63,chiezyyy,1510667980,Bitcoin,11/14/17 13:59,,,11/14/2017 6:01,0,Guys what are the dangers/problems of bitcoin day trading
  1496. 7cvrmt,3,0.59,gogetemboyy,1510668111,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:01,,,11/14/2017 6:06,0,What if he did it deliberately
  1497. 7cvrsw,4,0.64,diego-d,1510668160,btc,11/14/17 14:02,,,11/14/2017 6:12,0,Why do we have barely any hash power right now?
  1498. 7cvrv5,0,0.5,SpyBuffalo,1510668180,btc,11/14/17 14:03,,,11/14/2017 6:12,0,Fake orders on Bittrex keeping price down. Can anyone explain what is happening?
  1499. 7cvryr,1,1,iamagreatfan,1510668204,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:03,not,,\N,1,How does bitconect manipulate its price and maintaing constant growth? By controlling the supply of liquidity as it has its own exchange?
  1500. 7cvs7z,1,0.54,yardbeer,1510668273,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:04,,,11/14/2017 6:06,0,Might make my first trade soon!
  1501. 7cvskv,0,0.5,[deleted],1510668372,btc,11/14/17 14:06,,,11/14/2017 6:12,1,Rotten BCore: I've forgotten what I started fighting for
  1502. 7cvslh,1,1,thedesertlynx,1510668376,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:06,not,,\N,1,Explaining Bitcoins Problems To My 6 Year Old Niece
  1503. 7cvsm8,147,0.72,StaticWanderer,1510668379,btc,11/14/17 14:06,,,11/14/2017 6:12,0,"Now the dust's settled: I predict another 100% rise over the next week or so, the flippening isn't over people! Spread the word, let's keep crypto decentralized and keep it for EVERYONE. Open and factual discussion welcome."
  1504. 7cvsms,5,0.77,thedesertlynx,1510668382,btc,11/14/17 14:06,,,11/14/2017 6:12,0,Explaining Bitcoins Problems To My 6 Year Old Niece
  1505. 7cvsnx,1,1,samaritan7,1510668391,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:06,not,,\N,1,Claim your free BTG using Coinomi - BTG wallets now working
  1506. 7cvsu2,0,0.35,samaritan7,1510668439,btc,11/14/17 14:07,,,11/14/2017 6:12,0,BTG wallets are now working - Claim your free BTG now
  1507. 7cvsxc,0,0.31,knight222,1510668465,btc,11/14/17 14:07,,,11/14/2017 6:12,0,Make Big Money on Bitcoin Cash? The IRS Might Be Watching
  1508. 7cvsxf,2,0.55,batuj,1510668466,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:07,,,11/14/2017 6:12,1,Devil has peeked on BTC
  1509. 7cvsz3,27,0.87,Spice_Trucker,1510668480,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:08,,,11/14/2017 6:12,0,just received my Ledger Nano S. Should I opt for a segwit address?
  1510. 7cvtc1,1,0.53,knight222,1510668581,btc,11/14/17 14:09,,,11/14/2017 6:12,0,BITCOIN PRICE WARNING: Regulator says investors could lose EVERYTHING | City - Business | Finance
  1511. 7cvtz2,1,0.52,theworldsaplayground,1510668763,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:12,,,11/14/2017 6:15,0,I am now on day 4 waiting for 1btc to confirm. Please help
  1512. 7cvu0w,12,0.59,bitofabitcoin,1510668777,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:12,,,11/14/2017 6:15,0,Now's not the time to complain about fees. You're adding to the FUD - hard to distinguish between concern trolls and those who rightly want to improve Bitcoin.
  1513. 7cvu8i,10,0.73,myexguessesmyuser,1510668831,btc,11/14/17 14:13,,,11/14/2017 6:21,0,Ideological superiority is not a strong indicator of success
  1514. 7cvuqg,0,0.18,level_5_Metapod,1510668973,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:16,KnownHit,,11/14/2017 6:18,0,I've created a list of key figures to follow on twitter to stay at the forefront of information. Any to add?
  1515. 7cvuwp,0,0.43,uMCCCS,1510669020,btc,11/14/17 14:17,,,11/14/2017 6:21,0,Why is Bitcoin Gold's value too high ($200)? It's simple: They don't have a good SPV/light wallet and people don't even want to set up a full node to dump it. Steps to dump below (using light wallet)
  1516. 7cvuww,0,0.17,slvbtc,1510669021,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:17,KnownHit,,11/14/2017 6:18,0,All we need to do is wait. Patience is a virtue.
  1517. 7cvv0q,3,0.66,day1patch,1510669045,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:17,,,11/14/2017 6:18,0,"Got my hardware wallet delivered, need a little help"
  1518. 7cvvej,4,0.67,InkMercenary,1510669162,btc,11/14/17 14:19,,,11/14/2017 6:21,0,[Question] Where can I find places to spend and sell stuff for BCH?
  1519. 7cvvhc,0,0.5,[deleted],1510669185,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:19,,,11/14/2017 6:20,1,"Cheddur, the beginner-friendly way to get started with any cryptocurrency :]"
  1520. 7cvvje,5,0.69,JSKindaGuy,1510669200,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:20,,,11/14/2017 6:20,0,"Want to buy in BTC regularly, what amount & frequency is optimal?"
  1521. 7cvvm4,1,0.54,gianlucaghettini,1510669221,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:20,,,11/14/2017 6:20,0,I had a problem and I wrote an app to solve it...
  1522. 7cvvp8,1,1,elgreco390,1510669244,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:20,not,,\N,1,"3 Days of steadiness at $6500 , keeps most of us old timers in the green by at leat $5000"
  1523. 7cvwni,5,0.66,markitzero15,1510669497,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:24,,,11/14/2017 6:25,0,"Transaction wonÕt confirm, can I double spend to up the fee?"
  1524. 7cvwtq,0,0.38,[deleted],1510669543,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:25,,,11/14/2017 6:29,1,Idea for crowdsourced experiment with bitcoin
  1525. 7cvwuw,2,0.62,ectogestator,1510669556,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:25,,,11/14/2017 6:29,0,Attracting developers
  1526. 7cvx3u,0,0.4,[deleted],1510669620,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:27,,,11/14/2017 6:29,1,Idea for crowdsourced experiment with bitcoin
  1527. 7cvx78,5,0.67,grmpfpff,1510669647,btc,11/14/17 14:27,,,11/14/2017 6:32,0,Putting together the parts of the puzzle: The day after the Hard Fork
  1528. 7cvxgu,0,0.5,GoWestBTC,1510669725,btc,11/14/17 14:28,,,11/14/2017 6:32,0,Looks like someone's made a song about recent events...
  1529. 7cvxk3,2,0.56,jmxcursi,1510669755,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:29,,,11/14/2017 6:32,0,"Cheddur, the beginner-friendly way to get started with any cryptocurrency :]"
  1530. 7cvxp7,0,0.36,godzillou,1510669796,btc,11/14/17 14:29,,,11/14/2017 6:32,0,WhatÕs up with the DAA ?
  1531. 7cvxpb,1,1,[deleted],1510669797,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:29,not,,\N,1,What would happen if China shuts down all mining farms in their country?
  1532. 7cvy66,43,0.87,rohitkukreja,1510669916,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:31,,,11/14/2017 6:32,0,People in Singapore rushing into Bitcoins and Bitcoin Mining.
  1533. 7cvyeu,0,0.33,Blockchainico,1510669978,btc,11/14/17 14:32,,,11/14/2017 6:46,0,United Nations agencies turned to enabling blockchain to combat child trafficking
  1534. 7cvyh8,0,0.5,terr547,1510669994,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:33,,,11/14/2017 6:37,0,Idea for crowdsourced experiment with bitcoin
  1535. 7cvywk,5,0.72,sraelgaiznaer,1510670115,btc,11/14/17 14:35,,,11/14/2017 6:46,0,Taek's Feedback on Small Blocks vs Big Blocks
  1536. 7cvz27,3,0.59,xboxsold,1510670157,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:35,,,11/14/2017 6:37,0,Bitcoin Address 12K Bitcoin Transfer
  1537. 7cvzgv,7,0.7,CosmicHemorroid,1510670272,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:37,,,11/14/2017 6:43,0,Abra CEO and NYA signatory: NYA bait and switch by certain miners plus BCH migration by same miners. Does Bitcoin need a migration away from SHA256 dependency? Time to upgrade PoW. Absolute power corrupts...
  1538. 7cvzix,5,0.7,pardonmytaek,1510670291,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:38,,,11/14/2017 6:43,0,What exchanges are crypto hedge funds using and why?
  1539. 7cvzkm,0,0.5,[deleted],1510670303,btc,11/14/17 14:38,,,11/14/2017 6:46,0,"Can anyone elaborate please, what does this mean for BCH?"
  1540. 7cvzt4,0,0.12,Klutzkerfuffle,1510670371,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:39,Probably Hit,,11/14/2017 6:43,0,Lots of shills about
  1541. 7cvzu6,711,0.84,singularity87,1510670381,btc,11/14/17 14:39,,,11/14/2017 6:46,0,"Now that the debate is over, lets finally make some progress forward. We are starting a marketing fund to expand Bitcoin Cash adoption."
  1542. 7cw08i,2,0.6,readish,1510670487,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:41,,,11/14/2017 6:43,0,Will Blockchain and Bitcoin transform banking?
  1543. 7cw0dh,0,0.5,mander1555,1510670527,btc,11/14/17 14:42,,,11/14/2017 6:46,0,Is this transaction OK? Did I goof up?
  1544. 7cw0dr,1,1,fitwear,1510670528,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:42,not,,\N,1,"How Stole $65,000 from me."
  1545. 7cw0h7,3,0.72,[deleted],1510670557,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:42,,,11/14/2017 6:43,1,Jihan wants to increase fees
  1546. 7cw14v,7,0.89,vulguspress,1510670735,btc,11/14/17 14:45,,,11/14/2017 6:46,0,Was Satoshi a Libertarian and Anarchist?
  1547. 7cw1br,6,0.65,wee_man,1510670782,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:46,,,11/14/2017 6:51,0,Coinbase phone support has the weirdest hold music ever.
  1548. 7cw29o,1,1,[deleted],1510671033,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:50,not,,\N,1,[Meta] I've deleted the post about large % of txs with <10 sat/byte in mempool being the work of bad actors.
  1549. 7cw2aw,3,0.64,xblack_hunterx,1510671042,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:50,,,11/14/2017 6:51,0,Which are best mining pools for Bitcoin right now?
  1550. 7cw2p3,45,0.85,JohnJohnnyJohnsonJr,1510671147,btc,11/14/17 14:52,,,11/14/2017 7:01,0,Message to the community - toxicity kills
  1551. 7cw2rl,0,0.27,B1TROT,1510671168,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:52,KnownHit,,11/14/2017 6:55,0,"Man I should have bought at $1,000"
  1552. 7cw2rz,2,0.62,JerichoBTC,1510671170,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:52,,,11/14/2017 6:55,0,"Privacy-wise, it is wise to keep all oneÕs long-term BTC on one adress, or not?"
  1553. 7cw2uw,15,0.55,fitwear,1510671193,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:53,,,11/14/2017 6:55,0,"How Stole $65,000 From me"
  1554. 7cw2wn,1,1,jansma43,1510671207,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:53,not,,\N,1,Is a bitcoin wallet more like a savings account or more like a payment account?
  1555. 7cw350,15,0.81,HowRealityWorks,1510671268,btc,11/14/17 14:54,,,11/14/2017 7:01,0,Live #BitcoinCash interaction on Dutch National Television and other communication channels.
  1556. 7cw3f9,1,1,xparavion,1510671345,btc,11/14/17 14:55,,,\N,1,"With the BCH pump and dump scheme, how does anyone have any sort of faith in bch going forward?"
  1557. 7cw3nt,2,0.66,JerichoBTC,1510671407,btc,11/14/17 14:56,,,11/14/2017 7:01,0,(PRIVACY) - Is it wise to keep all long-term holds of BTC/BCH on one receiver adress or scatter on several?
  1558. 7cw3oy,4,0.62,increaseblocks,1510671417,btc,11/14/17 14:56,,,11/14/2017 7:01,0,Has anyone ever noticed the Shut Up and Take My Bitcoin logo is tilted left? LOL Take my BCH PLS!
  1559. 7cw3ri,0,0.28,TakinBackMyLove,1510671432,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:57,,,11/14/2017 7:01,0,Bitcoin core doesn't follow Satoshi's vision
  1560. 7cw3sg,2,0.62,saisacorp,1510671439,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:57,,,11/14/2017 7:01,0,Atomic Swaps
  1561. 7cw44c,0,0.33,[deleted],1510671528,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:58,,,11/14/2017 7:01,1,When will transaction fees drop?
  1562. 7cw4ao,1,0.57,AlessKa,1510671576,btc,11/14/17 14:59,,,11/14/2017 7:01,0,"EVENT REVIEW OF THE BLOCKCHAIN & BITCOIN CONFERENCE SLOVENIA, 12 DECEMBER 2017"
  1563. 7cw4da,3,0.66,acehobojoe,1510671599,Bitcoin,11/14/17 14:59,,,11/14/2017 7:01,0,How to sell on localbitcoins without getting arrested?
  1564. 7cw4hn,24,0.74,webitcoiners,1510671621,btc,11/14/17 15:00,,,11/14/2017 7:01,0,To those who still follow BCore: You've forgotten what you started fighting for
  1565. 7cw4k0,101,0.93,TwoWeeksFromNow,1510671635,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:00,,,11/14/2017 7:01,0,ELI5 - What exactly does the CME Futures mean for Bitcoin in December onwards. - Pros & Cons
  1566. 7cw4mh,22,0.77,gnu6969,1510671649,btc,11/14/17 15:00,,,11/14/2017 7:01,0,Some concerns on BCH
  1567. 7cw4pj,3,0.66,0hx31337,1510671666,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:01,,,11/14/2017 7:03,0,censorship-resistant money vs. short-term market manipulators
  1568. 7cw4pr,1,0.66,[deleted],1510671667,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:01,,,11/14/2017 7:03,1,I added a 24/7 full node
  1569. 7cw4uu,8,0.9,scodminer,1510671693,btc,11/14/17 15:01,,,11/14/2017 7:10,0,any ideas who this is ?
  1570. 7cw4v6,2,0.6,ElasticSP,1510671695,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:01,,,11/14/2017 7:03,0,Evil within: the Bitmain cartel
  1571. 7cw540,0,0.3,rgremill,1510671759,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:02,,,11/14/2017 7:03,0,Bitcoin Moon Buggy Desk Toy. 3D Printable Files on Thingiverse
  1572. 7cw54z,1525,0.84,revcback,1510671770,btc,11/14/17 15:02,,,11/14/2017 7:10,0,"Saw a post asking Theymos where the donated 6900 BTC is disappear before my very eyes. I am now convinced - there is obvious censorship and manipulation in /r/bitcoin. Thanks for opening up my eyes, guys."
  1573. 7cw5cm,0,0.42,nasato,1510671822,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:03,,,11/14/2017 7:06,0,r/Bitcoin is larger now than r/Economics !!!
  1574. 7cw5gw,1,0.67,[deleted],1510671856,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:04,,,11/14/2017 7:06,1,Question/concern about banks and Coinbase from a newbie.
  1575. 7cw5il,1,1,Nick7815,1510671865,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:04,not,,11/14/2017 7:06,1,Earn bitcoin with 5 simple methods
  1576. 7cw5st,21,0.78,1mpuls1v3,1510671943,btc,11/14/17 15:05,,,11/14/2017 7:10,0,My tragic Bitcoin Cash story...
  1577. 7cw5tm,2,0.58,drakmatjin,1510671948,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:05,,,11/14/2017 7:06,0,Should I join the bitcoin train or is it too late?
  1578. 7cw60d,31,0.83,redditmao,1510671985,btc,11/14/17 15:06,,,11/14/2017 7:10,0,Caixin Media clarified that Bitcoin (Bitcoin Cash) mining is not illegal in China.
  1579. 7cw6ry,2,0.62,JakeTheSnake134,1510672184,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:09,,,11/14/2017 7:09,0,Where can I get a good/legit Block Erupter?
  1580. 7cw6tn,3,0.63,myluxurybed,1510672196,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:09,,,11/14/2017 7:14,0,Use Of Electricity For Bitcoin Mining Is Illegal According to Sichuan Electric Power Company In China
  1581. 7cw6tq,0,0.4,onedarby,1510672196,btc,11/14/17 15:09,,,11/14/2017 7:10,0,"Do you think btc will hit 5,000?"
  1582. 7cw6vg,15,0.63,RG_PankO,1510672207,btc,11/14/17 15:10,,,11/14/2017 7:23,0,"I dislike Bitcoin cash and this subreddit, but /r/bitcoin is just getting fishier and fishier by the day"
  1583. 7cw74k,2,0.59,ampie_sand,1510672257,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:10,,,11/14/2017 7:14,0,"Come one, come all. Help a fellow Bit out."
  1584. 7cw765,4,0.62,myluxurybed,1510672268,btc,11/14/17 15:11,,,11/14/2017 7:23,0,Use Of Electricity For Bitcoin Mining Is Illegal In China According To Sichuan Electric Power Company
  1585. 7cw76r,0,0.11,vroomDotClub,1510672270,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:11,Probably Hit,,11/14/2017 7:14,0,Is cyber squatting?
  1586. 7cw7ev,875,0.92,Ambitious5uppository,1510672324,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:12,,,11/14/2017 7:14,0,When you're a delivery driver by day - But you don't want to miss the next drop!
  1587. 7cw7vf,5,0.73,sugarhillBABY,1510672431,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:13,,,11/14/2017 7:14,0,Coinbase Good or Terrrible
  1588. 7cw7we,0,0.5,[deleted],1510672439,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:13,,,11/14/2017 7:14,1,Chinese authorities cracking down on Miners?
  1589. 7cw82d,2,0.58,CryptoCryptic,1510672479,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:14,,,11/14/2017 7:14,0,"Aren't the ""Bitcoin"" name and logo protected by any means?"
  1590. 7cw8ea,2,0.62,dont_mess_with_tx,1510672562,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:16,,,11/14/2017 7:19,0,How could I test my wallet?
  1591. 7cw8ky,10,0.68,claytonw854,1510672601,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:16,,,11/14/2017 7:19,0,Anyone else afraid that the CME bitcoin futures (Launching 2nd week of December) will increase volatility?
  1592. 7cw8n8,0,0.46,talanhorne,1510672619,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:16,,,11/14/2017 7:19,0,I picked the wrong time to move my cold storage to Segwit addresses.
  1593. 7cw8v6,0,0.41,daveybitcoinz,1510672705,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:18,,,11/14/2017 7:19,0,You Can Buy A Fraction Of A Bitcoin in South Dakota!
  1594. 7cw979,6,0.69,tempfour,1510672767,btc,11/14/17 15:19,,,11/14/2017 7:23,0,"If you have not already done so, please consider viewing the Bitcoin 101 Series"
  1595. 7cw9e4,2,0.6,heygirlsheyboys,1510672811,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:20,,,11/14/2017 7:23,0,
  1596. 7cw9no,34,0.66,doramas89,1510672875,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:21,,,11/14/2017 7:23,1,Vitalik is objective or another crazy? think for yourself
  1597. 7cw9yk,0,0.5,mc_kingjames,1510672947,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:22,,,11/14/2017 7:23,0,Bitcoin is back! Average transaction fees down from $20 to $16!
  1598. 7cwa5p,1,0.54,BitcoinDreamland,1510673001,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:23,,,11/14/2017 7:23,0,Forbes: What Bitcoin's History Says About Its Future
  1599. 7cwaqu,64,0.8,cryptosystem,1510673162,btc,11/14/17 15:26,,,11/14/2017 7:36,0,Bloomberg: BTC's High Transaction Fees Show Its Limits - blockstream/core damaging the Bitcoin brand and crypto creditbility
  1600. 7cwb21,2,0.67,[deleted],1510673231,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:27,,,11/14/2017 7:28,1,Bitcoin proposal essay
  1601. 7cwb25,0,0.5,fanatseal,1510673232,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:27,,,11/14/2017 7:28,0,When will bitcoin collapse and what stands behind cryptocurrency hype?
  1602. 7cwbla,1,0.56,Crypto_Daily,1510673373,btc,11/14/17 15:29,,,11/14/2017 7:36,0,Could CME's futures market help Bitcoin bears?
  1603. 7cwbyo,0,0.35,gaurav_ch,1510673465,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:31,,,11/14/2017 7:32,0,What the heck! Why is bitcoin mining fees so high? What happened to segwit?
  1604. 7cwc8r,0,0.29,otjre239,1510673540,btc,11/14/17 15:32,,,11/14/2017 7:36,0,Is this /r/buttcoin or /r/bch? It's sure not /r/btc
  1605. 7cwcbq,0,0.13,[deleted],1510673560,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:32,,,11/14/2017 7:36,1,Need BTC to buy a lambo
  1606. 7cwcne,8,0.68,Coolhandcanuck,1510673640,btc,11/14/17 15:34,,,11/14/2017 7:36,0,Bitcoin cash price leaps 20 percent
  1607. 7cwcu3,2,0.56,btcnewsupdates,1510673685,btc,11/14/17 15:34,,,11/14/2017 7:36,0,"Forget LN. Sidechains, sidechains, sidechains (patentsss $$$) - Look what Blockstream is working on for BTC"
  1608. 7cwd2m,28,0.81,doramas89,1510673750,btc,11/14/17 15:35,,,11/14/2017 7:36,0,Look r/bitcoin 's opinions on what Vitalik said about the censorship and lack of free speech going on there. They are in COMPLETE DENIAL
  1609. 7cwd7p,22,0.74,road_runner321,1510673786,btc,11/14/17 15:36,,,11/14/2017 7:36,0,'Tis the season...
  1610. 7cwdd6,3,0.71,SirCharles777,1510673828,btc,11/14/17 15:37,,,11/14/2017 7:49,0,"You're Right, Blocktrickle..."
  1611. 7cwdv4,0,0.1,iiJokerzace,1510673942,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:39,KnownHit,,11/14/2017 7:42,0,Felt Bad We Didn't Thank This Generous Man
  1612. 7cwdyw,3,0.67,awertheim,1510673967,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:39,,,11/14/2017 7:42,0,Slightly misleading Wall Street Journal Article..
  1613. 7cwe11,1,0.53,backforwardlow,1510673980,btc,11/14/17 15:39,,,11/14/2017 7:49,0,Will a China mining ban hurt BTC more than BCH?
  1614. 7cwe5s,24,0.83,1cryptodude,1510674017,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:40,,,11/14/2017 7:42,0,Man Group says bitcoin futures would draw it toward cryptocurrencies
  1615. 7cwe76,0,0.33,[deleted],1510674024,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:40,,,11/14/2017 7:42,1,Transaction stuck for days
  1616. 7cwedj,3,0.64,kindessissupreme,1510674069,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:41,,,11/14/2017 7:42,0,Is bittrex okay to use? How are the charges on it and are there any other suggestions?
  1617. 7cwefq,1,0.66,1cryptodude,1510674080,btc,11/14/17 15:41,,,11/14/2017 7:49,0,Man Group says bitcoin futures would draw it toward cryptocurrencies
  1618. 7cwegc,4,0.59,sinonimboga,1510674083,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:41,,,11/14/2017 7:42,0,Bitcoin is more popular than gold in Google Trends
  1619. 7cwege,2,0.76,[deleted],1510674085,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:41,,,11/14/2017 7:42,1,Hedge fund firm Man Group will add Bicoin to its 'investment universe' if CME launches futures contract as planned
  1620. 7cwev4,34,0.68,hunk_quark,1510674183,btc,11/14/17 15:43,,,11/14/2017 7:49,0,Segwitcoin transaction fees is too damn high. That's all folks!
  1621. 7cwf0z,0,0.34,Nickoli1983,1510674216,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:43,KnownHit,,11/14/2017 7:44,0,Defeating the FUD of Transaction Fees
  1622. 7cwf33,1,1,Cryptoknowledge,1510674228,btc,11/14/17 15:43,,,\N,1,China Bans Bitcoin Mining? Rumors Fly as Notices Appear In Press
  1623. 7cwg1q,0,0.5,New2btcccc,1510674463,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:47,,,11/14/2017 7:49,1,This is a Serious Bitcoin vulnerability. What can we do to prevent a blockchain death spiral? Need opinions on the matter.
  1624. 7cwgov,15,0.83,freedombit,1510674619,btc,11/14/17 15:50,,,11/14/2017 8:03,0,Bitcoin Cash Awareness Campaign
  1625. 7cwgzc,162,0.93,Roland18897,1510674687,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:51,,,11/14/2017 7:56,0,Hedge fund firm Man Group will add Bitcoin to its 'investment universe' if CME launches futures contract as planned
  1626. 7cwh4r,4,0.65,avariciouss,1510674728,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:52,,,11/14/2017 7:56,0,Buy bitcoins using bank without wire transfer
  1627. 7cwh4w,2,0.62,Tekafranke,1510674729,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:52,,,11/14/2017 7:56,0,"Satoshi Forest Gets Permit After 3+ Years, Why The Delay?"
  1628. 7cwhav,0,0.1,TheWonderingZall,1510674772,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:52,,,11/14/2017 7:56,0,"If youÕre South African and want to get into Bitcoin, give thisÕs a read."
  1629. 7cwhhp,2,0.56,IcreateMoney,1510674813,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:53,,,11/14/2017 7:56,0,BitCoin Fees
  1630. 7cwhm7,9,0.66,Ryamgram,1510674846,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:54,,,11/14/2017 7:56,0,Are we still due for a price correction looking at the historical chart?
  1631. 7cwhnt,310,0.91,[deleted],1510674856,btc,11/14/17 15:54,,,11/14/2017 8:03,1,I just put up 50 Bitcoin Cash posters all around San Francisco
  1632. 7cwhpa,0,0.29,[deleted],1510674864,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:54,,,11/14/2017 7:56,1,Upvote if EA shouldn't accpet bitcoin
  1633. 7cwhys,1,0.57,graciousgroob,1510674929,btc,11/14/17 15:55,,,11/14/2017 8:03,0,Why is centralization due to lightning node ownership worse than centralization due to the prohibitive costs of mining?
  1634. 7cwi9s,42,0.79,Gregory_Maxwell,1510675013,btc,11/14/17 15:56,,,11/14/2017 8:03,0,New world record? 5 days and still no confirmation on Blockstream Core's Bitcoin (BTC)
  1635. 7cwitn,7,0.59,felpssantos6,1510675156,Bitcoin,11/14/17 15:59,,,11/14/2017 7:59,1,Seems legit
  1636. 7cwj6q,30,0.72,knight222,1510675234,btc,11/14/17 16:00,,,11/14/2017 8:03,0,Idea to raise awareness about Bitcoin Cash and censorship on /r/bitcoin
  1637. 7cwj9b,3,0.61,theonlyk-rci,1510675248,Bitcoin,11/14/17 16:00,,,11/14/2017 8:03,0,Welcome to Bitcoins for Startups / Intro for Investors and Start-Ups.
  1638. 7cwj9d,0,0.46,mcnicoll,1510675248,btc,11/14/17 16:00,,,11/14/2017 8:03,0,BCH is owning BTC with these new blocks: up to a huge 180kb in some of those 8mb blocks! People are buying lots of coffees! ??
  1639. 7cwjic,2,0.63,Ocarding,1510675298,btc,11/14/17 16:01,,,11/14/2017 8:03,0,"Satoshi Forest Gets Permit After 3+ Years, Why The Delay?"
  1640. 7cwjkp,5,0.63,evilgrinz,1510675312,Bitcoin,11/14/17 16:01,,,11/14/2017 15:40,0,"Bitcoin forever, glad im not a moderator right now."
  1641. 7cwjl8,40,0.73,cadencehz,1510675316,Bitcoin,11/14/17 16:01,,,11/14/2017 8:03,0,"GE CEO Flannery: I'm not surprised by our stock's 2-day loss of nearly 9 percent; we disappointed investors. Bitcoin drops 7% in a week, media: ""Bitcoin is DEAD."""
  1642. 7cwjq3,0,0.4,Datawallethq,1510675342,Bitcoin,11/14/17 16:02,,,11/14/2017 8:03,1,"Datawallet, a smart-contract powered data exchange ecosystem, [ANN] is now available on Bitcointalk"
  1643. 7cwjta,628,0.8,samYouAm,1510675361,btc,11/14/17 16:02,,,11/14/2017 8:03,0,"The Market will gravitate towards the implementation of Bitcoin that is fast, cheap, and decentralized on-chain. No amount of Roger/Jihan trash talking will stop that."
  1644. 7cwk1k,6,0.87,keaukraine,1510675410,btc,11/14/17 16:03,,,11/14/2017 8:03,0,[Noob question] BCH or BCC?
  1645. 7cwknt,4,0.55,edgar01600,1510675545,Bitcoin,11/14/17 16:05,,,11/14/2017 8:09,0,"Every transaction consumes more electricity than 8 American households need for a whole day. There are about 300,000 transactions each day. Bitcoin's Energy consumption is larger than Ireland's and represents 0.13% of the world's."
  1646. 7cwl4e,3,0.72,koudos,1510675646,btc,11/14/17 16:07,,,11/14/2017 8:15,0,Understanding hashrate and discussion.
  1647. 7cwljl,0,0.5,willroper,1510675741,btc,11/14/17 16:09,,,11/14/2017 8:15,0,Woobull Charts for Bitcoin Cash?
  1648. 7cwlm6,0,0.4,[deleted],1510675756,Bitcoin,11/14/17 16:09,,,11/14/2017 8:09,1,"So Bitcoin will fail and I know why, wondering other people's reasoning for why it will too!"
  1649. 7cwlny,2,0.6,lostnfoundaround,1510675767,btc,11/14/17 16:09,,,11/14/2017 8:15,0,Forbes Article
  1650. 7cwluu,18,0.74,doramas89,1510675812,btc,11/14/17 16:10,,,11/14/2017 8:15,0,This online shop sells Bitcoin cash stickers for $1.50. I already ordered mine for the back of my car
  1651. 7cwm9j,22,0.67,pilledblack,1510675917,btc,11/14/17 16:11,,,11/14/2017 8:15,0,Is it fair to say that BTC is the globalist shill coin and BCH is the anarcho capitalist coin?
  1652. 7cwmaq,3,0.67,ConservativeCavalier,1510675923,Bitcoin,11/14/17 16:12,,,11/14/2017 8:12,0,Confused about transferring money into my private client
  1653. 7cwmc9,3,0.66,gbitg,1510675934,Bitcoin,11/14/17 16:12,,,11/14/2017 8:15,0,Is this a viable solution to buy some bitcoins with PayPal
  1654. 7cwmg7,1,0.56,keycomsol,1510675964,Bitcoin,11/14/17 16:12,,,11/14/2017 8:15,1,Top 10 ways of Earning Bitcoin Online in 2017
  1655. 7cwmwo,3,0.8,HumanBiodiversity,1510676073,btc,11/14/17 16:14,,,11/14/2017 8:15,0,I want to spend 400Û on BCH and need a little help.
  1656. 7cwn8w,3,0.58,tummler1,1510676155,btc,11/14/17 16:15,,,11/14/2017 8:38,0,What is going on with the BCH block times?
  1657. 7cwns9,0,0.5,[deleted],1510676279,btc,11/14/17 16:17,,,11/14/2017 8:38,1,New to BTC-BCH
  1658. 7cwntn,0,0.5,RalphWiggum1972,1510676289,btc,11/14/17 16:18,,,11/14/2017 8:38,0,BCH paper wallets Base 58?
  1659. 7cwnw7,84,0.88,darbsllim,1510676303,Bitcoin,11/14/17 16:18,,,11/14/2017 8:20,0,How many teams are working on bitcoin development?
  1660. 7cwok0,533,0.77,increaseblocks,1510676462,btc,11/14/17 16:21,,,11/14/2017 8:38,0,Fixed - Bitcoin Cash moving money far better. SegWitCoin moving money with high fees and slow confirmation times!
  1661. 7cwoon,5,0.69,Turtle-0,1510676491,Bitcoin,11/14/17 16:21,,,11/14/2017 8:24,0,Longterm Hashpower/Fee. Not a real problem?
  1662. 7cwp5s,1,0.6,rmaues,1510676602,btc,11/14/17 16:23,,,11/14/2017 8:38,0,How to generate multiple receiving addresses in ledger nano s
  1663. 7cwpar,0,0.43,[deleted],1510676640,Bitcoin,11/14/17 16:24,,,11/14/2017 8:24,1,How long can Bitcoin last?
  1664. 7cwpme,262,0.87,frat_bubbles,1510676716,Bitcoin,11/14/17 16:25,Confirmed upvoted w/ internet archive,,11/14/2017 8:38,0,Transaction still not confirmed
  1665. 7cwpvz,26,0.72,increaseblocks,1510676780,btc,11/14/17 16:26,,,11/14/2017 8:38,0,rBitcoin is Bitcoin discussion extended with censorship control
  1666. 7cwqr8,4,0.67,bitcoinrookiesDR,1510676982,Bitcoin,11/14/17 16:29,,,11/14/2017 8:38,0,SegWit2x Cancelled: What Does This Mean For Bitcoin?
  1667. 7cwqyo,47,0.81,kishvier,1510677026,btc,11/14/17 16:30,,,11/14/2017 8:38,0,We need minimum transaction fee calculations in Bitcoin as well. How Cardano's transaction fees work...
  1668. 7cwr8y,1,1,[deleted],1510677081,Bitcoin,11/14/17 16:31,not,,11/14/2017 8:38,1,Binance 2FA Binding Failure
  1669. 7cwroa,1,1,LeftHello,1510677183,Bitcoin,11/14/17 16:33,not,,\N,1,"FUD From You-Know-Who Cost me money, never again"
  1670. 7cwrtr,2,0.62,AtosDosOpostos,1510677209,Bitcoin,11/14/17 16:33,,,11/14/2017 8:38,1,Fam’lia vende tudo e aposta na moeda virtual bitcoin
  1671. 7cws2x,48,0.73,peptocurrency,1510677268,btc,11/14/17 16:34,,,11/14/2017 8:38,0,"Heads-up #2: Sketchy ""Bitcoin Cash Plus"" ripoff Shillcoin is getting more attention."
  1672. 7cws62,11,0.74,jessquit,1510677285,btc,11/14/17 16:34,,,11/14/2017 8:38,0,Holistic / structural view as to why BCH represents a fundamentally better vision of Bitcoin
  1673. 7cwsw9,3,0.66,bitcoincash4eva,1510677450,Bitcoin,11/14/17 16:37,,,11/14/2017 8:38,0,What happened to the mem-pool at 8pm on November 9th?
  1674. 7cwt38,9,0.66,fudmartng,1510677499,btc,11/14/17 16:38,,,11/14/2017 8:52,0,"BitcoinCash, Dash and Litecoin replaces Bitcoin on"
  1675. 7cwt64,30,0.72,BitcoinIsTehFuture,1510677517,btc,11/14/17 16:38,,,11/14/2017 8:52,0,Things have changed... a lot since 2013-2014
  1676. 7cwtc3,3,0.67,Eric2416,1510677559,Bitcoin,11/14/17 16:39,,,11/14/2017 8:44,0,"Just bought in, what should I be wary of?"
  1677. 7cwtom,1,0.67,berryfarmer,1510677638,btc,11/14/17 16:40,,,\N,1,Dumping Bitcoin Gold?
  1678. 7cwtr2,3,0.63,ChristophSmaul,1510677655,Bitcoin,11/14/17 16:40,,,11/14/2017 8:44,0,"How much to invest into BTC, how much into Altcoins?"
  1679. 7cwty6,6,0.65,Geovestigator,1510677700,btc,11/14/17 16:41,,,11/14/2017 8:52,0,We need to better educate news media organizations so they stop misleading reporting.
  1680. 7cwudt,3,0.57,Layout_,1510677799,Bitcoin,11/14/17 16:43,,,11/14/2017 8:44,0,With SegWit being out for months now...
  1681. 7cwuj3,1,1,Cryptoknowledge,1510677831,btc,11/14/17 16:43,,,\N,1,Use Of Electricity For Bitcoin Mining Is Illegal - China!
  1682. 7cwwfi,279,0.59,Annapurna317,1510678248,btc,11/14/17 16:50,,,11/14/2017 8:52,0,"Litecoin sucks because nobody uses it. Millions of users are moving from Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash. Logically, Bitcoin will suck very soon. Get out while you can."
  1683. 7cwwqd,0,0.5,bicklenacky4,1510678321,Bitcoin,11/14/17 16:52,,,11/14/2017 8:52,1,The Elephant In The Room
  1684. 7cwwzb,269,0.8,Gregory_Maxwell,1510678380,btc,11/14/17 16:53,,,11/14/2017 9:03,0,"Reminder: Blockstream planned to take over Bitcoin and sell side chains to enterprises, charging a fixed monthly fee"
  1685. 7cwx75,4,0.67,dsettini,1510678429,Bitcoin,11/14/17 16:53,,,11/14/2017 8:57,0,BTC from Paper Wallet to Gdax?
  1686. 7cwxk6,4,0.83,[deleted],1510678517,btc,11/14/17 16:55,,,11/14/2017 9:03,1,When is the next BTC core difficulty adjustment?
  1687. 7cwy65,3,0.63,zachalfaro,1510678651,Bitcoin,11/14/17 16:57,,,11/14/2017 9:01,0,Are there BitCoin exchanges that allow minors?
  1688. 7cwyoj,0,0.36,CrimbleGnome420,1510678781,Bitcoin,11/14/17 16:59,,,11/14/2017 9:01,0,A massive Bitcoin fraud will be uncovered and thwarted that funds terrorism and war. A well-known American company will be involved in the scandal.
  1689. 7cwysx,3,0.72,crypto_bot,1510678810,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:00,,,11/14/2017 9:01,0,"Bitcoin Network Status Update Tuesday, November 14, 2017"
  1690. 7cwyzl,0,0.43,crookedkr,1510678850,btc,11/14/17 17:00,,,11/14/2017 9:03,0,Does this have any credibility? Seems under-cited...
  1691. 7cwz6p,2,0.62,The_Fourth_Wall,1510678892,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:01,,,11/14/2017 9:01,0,Question about phone wallets
  1692. 7cwzfl,17,0.8,bitcoinism,1510678944,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:02,,,11/14/2017 9:03,0,Schrodingers bitcoins. 1 Bitcoin reward.
  1693. 7cwzrm,0,0.13,BitcoinLibertarian,1510679021,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:03,,,11/14/2017 9:07,0,Bitcoin about to Overtake MMA Subreddit
  1694. 7cwzwa,2,0.62,stocksharp,1510679051,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:04,,,11/14/2017 9:07,0,Crypto Trading Platform with Arbitrage
  1695. 7cwzx6,4,0.76,[deleted],1510679056,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:04,,,11/14/2017 9:07,1,Why bitmain fears segwit and why you shouldn't
  1696. 7cx0lk,6,0.69,hanorb,1510679204,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:06,,,11/14/2017 9:07,0,Bitcoin mining in China back on. It was a mistake?!
  1697. 7cx0ru,3,0.67,optiongeek,1510679245,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:07,,,11/14/2017 9:07,0,What management consultancy has a reputation for understanding BTC?
  1698. 7cx0zm,0,0.1,accelerated_dragon,1510679294,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:08,,,11/14/2017 9:11,0,Is this guy for real? 1 million tps is bullshit. So fake!
  1699. 7cx15h,2,0.6,pecuniology,1510679327,btc,11/14/17 17:08,,,11/14/2017 9:15,0,Millennials Really Dig Bitcoin
  1700. 7cx1ao,5,0.67,xByteme,1510679364,btc,11/14/17 17:09,,,11/14/2017 9:15,0,?? Could this Bitcoin Cash upgrade push the price over $3000? Where do you see it end of the year?
  1701. 7cx279,4,0.64,idiotdidntdoit,1510679565,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:12,,,11/14/2017 9:15,0,Scalable modular mining operations.
  1702. 7cx28t,2,0.62,hafiz2009,1510679576,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:12,,,11/14/2017 9:15,0,Crypto exchange company for Germany
  1703. 7cx2dl,0,0.48,slorex,1510679605,btc,11/14/17 17:13,,,11/14/2017 9:15,0,When do Bitcoin Cash blocks start arriving every 10 minutes?
  1704. 7cx2jw,0,0.23,Kain_niaK,1510679642,btc,11/14/17 17:14,,,11/14/2017 9:15,0,"A ""Most Wanted"" money launder, a pathological liar, and convicted explosives dealer walk into a bar...."
  1705. 7cx2ou,0,0.47,asskisser,1510679670,btc,11/14/17 17:14,,,11/14/2017 9:15,0,"Assuming BTC is indeed compromised and BCH is the more ""clean"" version, why did we see those leaks from July predicting the rise of BCH?"
  1706. 7cx2pl,6,0.67,wannagetbaked,1510679674,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:14,,,11/14/2017 9:15,0,I love how diamonds and airtravel are now staples in reddit ads for this subreddit. Used to be kittens and shit.
  1707. 7cx2sz,9,0.74,doramas89,1510679692,btc,11/14/17 17:14,,,11/14/2017 9:15,0,Watch the new DAA in action - it has begun stabilizing and in a few days it will be ready for the long term
  1708. 7cx2tg,9,0.63,Mapachoyo,1510679696,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:14,,,11/14/2017 9:15,0,my just got hacked
  1709. 7cx2uj,1,0.54,aubergine455,1510679704,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:15,,,11/14/2017 9:15,0,"trying to get on r/bitcoinbeginners, but can't get to it"
  1710. 7cx2vo,36,0.75,WalterRothbard,1510679710,btc,11/14/17 17:15,,,11/14/2017 9:15,0,Eli Afram interviews Roger Ver
  1711. 7cx3cr,0,0.45,Pstadniuk,1510679821,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:17,,,11/14/2017 9:21,1,"The next big play in the energy sector since Elon's Tesla; $POWR, now listed on Bitrex and other exchanges, raised over $24 million USD overnight!"
  1712. 7cx3jq,3,0.66,stocksharp,1510679859,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:17,,,11/14/2017 9:21,0,Crypto Trading Platform with Arbitrage
  1713. 7cx3ox,2,0.58,bosilk,1510679890,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:18,,,11/14/2017 9:21,0,Worth investing?
  1714. 7cx3w8,2,0.62,[deleted],1510679934,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:18,,,11/14/2017 9:21,0,Why should I keep my API keys on Bitfinex?
  1715. 7cx3zl,0,0.5,[deleted],1510679955,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:19,,,\N,1,'Wolf of Wall Street'-style 'pump and dump' scams
  1716. 7cx4wi,1,1,[deleted],1510680168,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:22,not,,\N,1,Why b!tmain fears segwit and why you shouldn't
  1717. 7cx52d,0,0.39,bon4ire,1510680204,btc,11/14/17 17:23,,,11/14/2017 9:28,0,We use BitcoinCash & BCH ...
  1718. 7cx59f,2,0.62,not_important23,1510680249,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:24,,,11/14/2017 9:25,0,What is the best way to purchase Bitcoin in Minnesota?
  1719. 7cx5fa,54,0.82,PoliticalDissidents,1510680284,btc,11/14/17 17:24,,,11/14/2017 9:28,0,The average Bitcoin fee has reached a new all time high of $19.20 and currently sits at $16.
  1720. 7cx5mn,4,0.62,Geovestigator,1510680324,btc,11/14/17 17:25,,,11/14/2017 9:28,0,One of the main results of censorship at r\bitcoin is a culture of ignorance
  1721. 7cx5sl,0,0.19,idiotdidntdoit,1510680360,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:26,,,11/14/2017 9:28,0,Idea for a bitcoin product: space heater and bitcoin miner?
  1722. 7cx5vd,1,1,bkunzi01,1510680376,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:26,not,,\N,1,Who need bcash when there is Bcash Plus!
  1723. 7cx68w,0,0.5,KarmaPenny,1510680467,btc,11/14/17 17:27,,,11/14/2017 9:28,0,Hash ratio not following price ratio?
  1724. 7cx68x,0,0.29,Deathtobitcoin2,1510680467,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:27,,,11/14/2017 9:28,1,Is bitcoin what we all signed up for in 2012? Hell No! B>C>H is what we signed up for. B>C>H is Bitcoin!
  1725. 7cx6c6,0,0.38,manicmethod,1510680488,btc,11/14/17 17:28,,,11/14/2017 9:28,0,"Small blocker ""basic"" math is amazing..."
  1726. 7cx6gw,5,0.61,egotist2009,1510680513,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:28,,,11/14/2017 9:34,0,The IRS May Get Approval to Conduct Coinbase Tax Probe
  1727. 7cx6qc,3,0.71,Bitcoinmathers,1510680569,btc,11/14/17 17:29,,,11/14/2017 9:46,0,The IRS May Get Approval to Conduct Coinbase Tax Probe
  1728. 7cx6t3,8,0.63,smartillions,1510680589,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:29,,,11/14/2017 9:34,0,Inventors can create PATENT COINS to make their innovations immediately available to businesses and consumers while creating value for all coin holders
  1729. 7cx79v,2,0.62,gyaanpundit,1510680688,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:31,,,11/14/2017 9:34,1,How To Buy Bitcoins In India | A Step-By-Step Guide
  1730. 7cx7r3,1,1,[deleted],1510680803,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:33,not,,\N,1,Why bitmain fears segwit and why you shouldn't
  1731. 7cx85x,8,0.99,TripperBets,1510680898,btc,11/14/17 17:34,,,11/14/2017 9:46,0,"A post from a new user: Public Speaking College Class, Bitcoin Cash Presentation!"
  1732. 7cx8bj,20,0.75,Killergoldfish111,1510680934,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:35,,,11/14/2017 9:40,0,Is it safe to leave BTC on coinbase
  1733. 7cx8iw,1,0.54,Gillian_nBE,1510680990,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:36,,,11/14/2017 9:40,0,Question about Bitcoin
  1734. 7cx8n7,0,0.45,fox20012,1510681021,btc,11/14/17 17:37,,,11/14/2017 9:46,0,"Breaking: China helps Core by stepping on miners?! State Grid Corporation that has issued the decree, in a move which calls into question the countryÕs ability to sustain bitcoin mining operations."
  1735. 7cx8o9,59,0.82,CaptainPatent,1510681028,btc,11/14/17 17:37,,,11/14/2017 9:46,0,"To everybody worried or wondering about the difficulty adjustment being above/below where it ""should be:"""
  1736. 7cx8u3,5,0.57,Bulbasaur_King,1510681070,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:37,,,11/14/2017 9:40,0,Hard to make a post in here
  1737. 7cx8xu,0,0.36,[deleted],1510681095,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:38,,,11/14/2017 9:40,1,Did i just pay $50 to transfer?
  1738. 7cx91j,1,0.56,generalfinder,1510681116,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:38,,,11/14/2017 9:40,0,"I picked a bad wallet app, don't be like me"
  1739. 7cx949,0,0.13,Deathtobitcoin2,1510681134,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:38,,,11/14/2017 9:40,1,"Ladies and Gentlemen, this is what we call the SOLID TRUTH! DoesnÕt it hurt? Today is going to be a great day for those who use B>C>H What you seen a few days ago was only the beginning!"
  1740. 7cx95p,1,0.55,philipsburg,1510681144,btc,11/14/17 17:39,,,11/14/2017 9:46,0,will exchange rename bitcoin cash as bitcoin and bitcoin core as bitcoin legacy?
  1741. 7cx9dy,9,0.74,pecuniology,1510681193,btc,11/14/17 17:39,,,11/14/2017 9:46,0,Jeffrey Tucker's take on the BTC/BCH turmoil for the libertarian masses...
  1742. 7cx9kz,0,0.09,ecurrencyhodler,1510681238,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:40,Probably Hit,,11/14/2017 9:45,0,@LTCFoundation: We are looking forward to sponsoring both Litecoin and Bitcoin developers to fulfill our mission.
  1743. 7cx9l3,0,0.47,MarkTwainnn,1510681238,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:40,,,11/14/2017 9:45,0,How much tx fee to get it through in 20 min?
  1744. 7cx9ps,2,0.67,domostroy,1510681269,btc,11/14/17 17:41,,,11/14/2017 9:46,0,Price action relationship between BTC and BCH
  1745. 7cxabc,0,0.09,ElasticSP,1510681405,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:43,Possible,,11/14/2017 9:51,0,Why bitmain fear segwit and why you wouldn't
  1746. 7cxadh,4,0.83,Geovestigator,1510681421,btc,11/14/17 17:43,,,11/14/2017 9:46,0,I wonder how well the arguments For full blocks hold up to their own supporters? - People will reject their own argument 60% of the time if you present it to them later and tell them it was someone else's idea
  1747. 7cxafq,1,0.54,gozaamaya,1510681435,btc,11/14/17 17:43,,,11/14/2017 9:46,0,Repost from r/bitcoin
  1748. 7cxamj,1,1,Cryptoknowledge,1510681482,btc,11/14/17 17:44,,,\N,1,BITCOIN PRICE WARNING: EU regulator says investors could lose EVERYTHING
  1749. 7cxbnh,11,0.6,CPlusConcepts,1510681715,btc,11/14/17 17:48,,,11/14/2017 9:59,0,From now on I will be referring to bch as Bitcoin(cash). Its time to be honest with ourselves. This is Bitcoin. Period.
  1750. 7cxc1w,1,0.57,MarkCuban2020,1510681804,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:50,,,11/14/2017 9:51,1,Dip the fucking buy
  1751. 7cxcml,8,0.78,VV3T,1510681939,btc,11/14/17 17:52,,,11/14/2017 9:59,0,"Bitcoin was created to replace the need for fiat in the world economy. Thus, it is a necessity for Bitcoin to be fast, fungible, and inexpensive to transact with."
  1752. 7cxcqe,6,0.99,billionappl,1510681965,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:52,,,11/14/2017 9:55,1,It's all wallet.
  1753. 7cxcuh,2,0.75,turkeyjerkey23,1510681990,btc,11/14/17 17:53,,,11/14/2017 9:59,0,What is the next possible event to cause large volatility in the crypto market?
  1754. 7cxcvc,1,0.54,gozaamaya,1510681995,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:53,,,11/14/2017 9:55,0,What happens to BTC if it is less profitable to mine for a period of 24 hrs+?
  1755. 7cxdc0,0,0.35,hiregas,1510682102,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:55,,,11/14/2017 9:55,0,Bitcoin vs bitcoin cash?
  1756. 7cxdre,2,0.62,nzmattman,1510682198,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:56,,,11/14/2017 9:58,0,Where to buy Bitcoin in New Zealand without huge fees
  1757. 7cxdrs,138,0.72,Fast0rer,1510682200,btc,11/14/17 17:56,,,11/14/2017 9:59,0,"Theymos, linked with the panama papers?"
  1758. 7cxdti,1,1,[deleted],1510682214,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:56,not,,\N,1,Token Report: Under 1 in 10 post-ICO cryptocurrencies are actively used
  1759. 7cxdzz,1,0.54,k00pa,1510682257,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:57,,,11/14/2017 9:58,0,"Unable to withdraw from Coinbase, avoid them"
  1760. 7cxe57,1,1,[deleted],1510682296,btc,11/14/17 17:58,,,11/14/2017 9:59,1,I need advise
  1761. 7cxe5p,0,0.16,[deleted],1510682299,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:58,,,11/14/2017 9:58,1,SegWit2xÕs Failure Confirms BitcoinÕs Status As Digital Gold
  1762. 7cxek6,0,0.09,[deleted],1510682397,Bitcoin,11/14/17 17:59,Probably Hit,,11/14/2017 10:03,1,Billionaire Investor Novogratz: Institutional Investors Will Soon Adopt Bitcoin
  1763. 7cxemf,0,0.5,bitroll,1510682407,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:00,,,\N,1,Honest question - is this FUD or a real threat? Last few days were scary.
  1764. 7cxeoj,1,0.54,peemodi,1510682418,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:00,,,11/14/2017 10:03,0,Advice for a newcomer? :)
  1765. 7cxeyf,3,0.8,bitcoinchaser,1510682476,btc,11/14/17 18:01,,,11/14/2017 10:08,0,"Bitcoin 101 Infographic: Cryptocurrency v.s. Fiat money.|| The Bitcoin basics, brought to you by Bitcoin Chaser."
  1766. 7cxf49,213,0.89,gourley-,1510682511,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:01,Not targeted,,11/14/2017 10:03,0,Remember when
  1767. 7cxf78,2,0.58,CPlusConcepts,1510682530,btc,11/14/17 18:02,,,11/14/2017 10:08,0,It is very confusing for newcomers to come to r/btc and see people refer to segwitcoin as btc and say negative things. Something to think about guys....
  1768. 7cxfnf,0,0.35,Svensis,1510682615,btc,11/14/17 18:03,,,11/14/2017 10:08,0,cleaning trash
  1769. 7cxgb7,4,0.66,newhampshire22,1510682747,btc,11/14/17 18:05,,,11/14/2017 10:08,0,[Meta] Why do many posts in r/btc end up from people with deleted accounts?
  1770. 7cxgfg,3,0.61,ffxsam,1510682776,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:06,,,11/14/2017 10:06,0,When does Bitcoin charge a fee?
  1771. 7cxgiv,644,0.96,Miladran,1510682793,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:06,Not targeted,,11/14/2017 10:06,0,One of the largest hedge funds in the world is ready to add bitcoin to its 'investment universe'
  1772. 7cxgna,0,0.5,mcnicoll,1510682818,btc,11/14/17 18:06,,,11/14/2017 10:08,0,If you believe in BCH and blogger blocks you owe it to yourself to watch the entire video here
  1773. 7cxgpo,3,0.63,seleneum,1510682832,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:07,,,11/14/2017 10:08,0, shows $17016 24h VWAP for BTC. What happened?
  1774. 7cxh1t,1,1,[deleted],1510682903,btc,11/14/17 18:08,,,11/14/2017 10:08,1,"Currency of the future: ""if i want to send BTC between exchanges, is it worth my while to convert it into ETH or LTC and send that instead?"""
  1775. 7cxhfz,2,0.6,rrdrummer,1510682998,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:09,,,11/14/2017 10:11,0,Plex Server- Win 10. Considering making it a full node. Have questions
  1776. 7cxhg9,1,0.54,God_Emperor_of_Dune,1510683000,btc,11/14/17 18:10,,,11/14/2017 10:19,0,Where are the miners? They haven't mined a BCH (or BTC) block in the last 12 hours.
  1777. 7cxhgk,9,0.84,fiat_sux4,1510683001,btc,11/14/17 18:10,,,11/14/2017 10:19,0,"Currency of the future: ""if i want to send BTC between exchanges, is it worth my while to convert it into ETH or LTC and send that instead?"""
  1778. 7cxhj1,339,0.77,weaponizedstupidity,1510683016,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:10,,,11/14/2017 10:11,0,The attack we witnessed over the last few days was only possible because bitcoin mining has become too centralized. Core needs to take action.
  1779. 7cxhpf,9,0.79,RealityCrusher,1510683058,btc,11/14/17 18:10,,,11/14/2017 10:19,0,Is BTC a deathtrap?
  1780. 7cxhy7,1,0.55,rogue30,1510683109,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:11,,,11/14/2017 10:11,0,CryptoCurrency Funds
  1781. 7cxi8k,0,0.4,Breadwallethelp,1510683177,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:12,,,11/14/2017 10:16,0,how to get BCH out of bread wallet?
  1782. 7cxiav,138,0.66,Annapurna317,1510683191,btc,11/14/17 18:13,,,11/14/2017 10:19,0,My first meme. How did I do?
  1783. 7cxinx,3,0.61,fudmartng,1510683261,btc,11/14/17 18:14,,,11/14/2017 10:19,0,Stainless Steel Army Ring for Sale: Pay with BitcoinCash and enjoy FREE Shipping to your location
  1784. 7cxip8,1,0.56,lefttothebody,1510683270,btc,11/14/17 18:14,,,11/14/2017 10:19,0,Genuine Question From Someone New and a Believer in BCH
  1785. 7cxipr,10,0.86,cryptohoney,1510683273,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:14,,,11/14/2017 18:59,0,Get ready for a more decentralized bitcoin. This could be a game changer.
  1786. 7cxira,0,0.44,#NAME?,1510683283,btc,11/14/17 18:14,,,11/14/2017 10:19,0,Is SegWit safe as a Hard Fork?
  1787. 7cxj5f,0,0.26,nyaaaa,1510683370,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:16,Probably Hit,,11/14/2017 10:19,0,During the last 3 months almost all periods of increased fee were due to a drop in hashrate. The normal 6 blocks/hour rate would have kept the mempool close to empty instead of resulting in 200+ fees. Roger Ver et al. are literally responsible for what their propaganda machine complains about.
  1788. 7cxja9,42,0.76,evilrobotted,1510683395,btc,11/14/17 18:16,,,11/14/2017 10:19,0,Why is Bitcoin valuable? Because it's valuable. Why is Bitcoin Cash valuable? Because it's useful.
  1789. 7cxjbf,6,0.79,hardward123,1510683403,btc,11/14/17 18:16,,,11/14/2017 10:19,0,When can I expect to be able to send a few dollars of bitcoin without paying a 200% fee?
  1790. 7cxjll,191,0.78,HODLeroftheDoor,1510683475,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:17,,,11/14/2017 10:19,0,My wife wanted an IPhone X for her birthday....I? got her a future house on the moon instead
  1791. 7cxk0s,1,1,dexreddit,1510683564,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:19,not,,\N,1,ELI5: How is BCH a bad coin?
  1792. 7cxk3q,57,0.87,astyfoo,1510683586,btc,11/14/17 18:19,,,11/14/2017 10:32,0, now lists Bitcoin Cash as BCH instead of BCC
  1793. 7cxkej,1,1,[deleted],1510683655,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:20,not,,11/14/2017 10:22,1,Please help my bitcoin wallets are losing their mind.
  1794. 7cxkic,0,0.5,pinhead26,1510683679,btc,11/14/17 18:21,,,11/14/2017 10:32,0,"When the Bitcoin Cash community gets as large and diverse as the Bitcoin community, what will prevent it from splintering into quarreling factions?"
  1795. 7cxku1,1,0.55,tldr-hodl,1510683753,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:22,,,11/14/2017 10:22,1,How's their new EDA(DAA) doing?
  1796. 7cxkuz,402,0.87,bitbug42,1510683759,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:22,,,11/14/2017 10:22,0,How bitcoin's price is made on the markets
  1797. 7cxl7w,0,0.5,BTC_StKN,1510683834,btc,11/14/17 18:23,,,11/14/2017 10:32,0,Any reason DAA Algorithm is running around 2.5 Blocks/Hour?
  1798. 7cxlcr,3,0.8,coinfeller,1510683862,btc,11/14/17 18:24,,,11/14/2017 10:32,0,What's the easiest way to buy and store safely BCH? Where can I spend it?
  1799. 7cxlew,4,0.74,postmeeuw,1510683875,btc,11/14/17 18:24,,,11/14/2017 10:32,0,Can shapeshift just do this?
  1800. 7cxlh3,3,0.71,ajithisaac,1510683889,btc,11/14/17 18:24,,,11/14/2017 10:32,0,Southeast AsiaÕs respected tech portal reporting on the rise of BCh!
  1801. 7cxlu2,47,0.69,porkcylinders,1510683970,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:26,,,11/14/2017 10:31,0,"One day after the other chain's DAA change, BTC has 90+% hashrate and growing"
  1802. 7cxm8z,3,0.66,therumhammer,1510684061,btc,11/14/17 18:27,,,11/14/2017 10:32,0,Help claiming bch and btc
  1803. 7cxmam,0,0.5,quin24,1510684073,btc,11/14/17 18:27,,,11/14/2017 10:32,0,looking for open source code to generate deterministic wallet (in relation to this topic)
  1804. 7cxmgc,2,0.58,Woodsuck,1510684113,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:28,,,11/14/2017 10:31,1,"How to quickly claim {Forked Bitcoin}, if you had Bitcoin 25 October 2017 and own the private keys."
  1805. 7cxn1b,5,0.85,maff1989,1510684245,btc,11/14/17 18:30,,,11/14/2017 10:32,0,Question about Bitcoin (Cash) fungibility
  1806. 7cxn4c,2,0.76,flowtnarg,1510684266,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:31,,,11/14/2017 10:31,1,What exchange in USA will let me sell my Bitcoin Cash?
  1807. 7cxn4i,24,0.79,RadicalEucalyptus,1510684268,btc,11/14/17 18:31,,,11/14/2017 10:32,0,Chat With NewEgg Customer Support and Request Bitcoin Cash Be Added as a Payment Option
  1808. 7cxn5k,7,0.71,InTheBreadbasket,1510684274,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:31,,,11/14/2017 10:31,0,"The Kevin Rose show - Bitcoin's true potential, with Andreas Antonopolous"
  1809. 7cxnbj,2,0.58,samajomari,1510684309,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:31,,,11/14/2017 10:31,0,Did I miss the hard fork?
  1810. 7cxnro,0,0.5,[deleted],1510684413,btc,11/14/17 18:33,,,11/14/2017 10:43,1,Is China banning Bitcoin mining
  1811. 7cxnx5,1,0.54,Cyanide814,1510684452,btc,11/14/17 18:34,,,11/14/2017 10:43,0,Is BCH going to go back up at all?
  1812. 7cxoe8,1,0.56,dexreddit,1510684568,btc,11/14/17 18:36,,,11/14/2017 10:43,0,ELI5: How is BTC a bad coin?
  1813. 7cxog6,2,0.62,theorioles,1510684579,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:36,,,11/14/2017 10:37,0,Hexabot ... Scam or Real.
  1814. 7cxorq,1,0.53,nimdaadmin,1510684649,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:37,,,11/14/2017 10:37,0,What's the main reason not to increase Bitcoin block size? Does main mining companies want it more centralized?
  1815. 7cxoue,2,0.62,ghostlinkz,1510684662,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:37,,,11/14/2017 10:37,0,Bittrex Error: connection is not secure
  1816. 7cxow7,1,1,anakonda18,1510684676,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:37,not,,\N,1,Bitcoin and Litecoin?
  1817. 7cxp82,0,0.38,DarkSpace-Harbinger,1510684753,btc,11/14/17 18:39,,,11/14/2017 10:43,0,BCH blocks 1+ hours apart even after DAA fork. What's going on?
  1818. 7cxpmm,5,0.69,cashening,1510684840,btc,11/14/17 18:40,,,11/14/2017 10:43,0,"ÒNow that the debate is over, lets finally make some progress forward. We are starting a marketing fund to expand Bitcoin Cash adoption.Ó"
  1819. 7cxpt8,0,0.16,murf43143,1510684881,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:41,KnownHit,,11/14/2017 10:48,0,Can't make this up. Someone logged in to my Reddit account to upvote every post in r/btc and downvote every post in r/bitcoin.
  1820. 7cxpvj,1,0.54,chek2fire,1510684897,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:41,,,11/14/2017 10:48,0,Is Bitcoin mining the number 1 problem of the network right now?
  1821. 7cxpz2,3,0.58,Ptolemy222,1510684925,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:42,,,11/14/2017 10:43,0,Question: is it possible that Bitcoin can reduce its fees and increase transactions/second?
  1822. 7cxqgg,1,1,Cryptoknowledge,1510685039,btc,11/14/17 18:43,,,\N,1,One of the largest hedge funds in the world is ready to add bitcoin to its 'investment universe'
  1823. 7cxqh9,5,0.69,CoreSkeptic,1510685044,btc,11/14/17 18:44,,,11/14/2017 10:58,0,Is it alright for me to say that I want both chains to survive?
  1824. 7cxqpg,13,0.88,661,1510685095,btc,11/14/17 18:44,,,11/14/2017 10:58,0,Coinbase Theory
  1825. 7cxqpp,0,0.5,Notapolicemanatall,1510685097,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:44,,,11/14/2017 10:48,1,Someone should start Bitcoin Cash 2
  1826. 7cxr3v,0,0.38,LN_question,1510685180,btc,11/14/17 18:46,,,11/14/2017 10:58,0,Was the Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm (DAA) change not effective?
  1827. 7cxr4c,1,0.56,bionicballer,1510685183,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:46,,,11/14/2017 10:48,0,Learn More about Bitcoin and Blockchain and Get Crypto Certified Today!
  1828. 7cxraz,0,0.43,whitecompass,1510685220,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:47,,,11/14/2017 10:48,1,I was offered bitcoin today...
  1829. 7cxrur,5,0.78,[deleted],1510685335,btc,11/14/17 18:48,,,11/14/2017 10:58,1,Bitcoiner thought
  1830. 7cxry1,2,0.6,turdddit,1510685356,btc,11/14/17 18:49,,,11/14/2017 10:58,0,Knowledge priced into market: Ratio of BTC/BCH price is equal to ratio of subscribers to bitcoin/btc. It's hard to hide the truth forever.
  1831. 7cxs6o,2,0.6,ThaiKarma,1510685413,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:50,,,11/14/2017 10:53,0,Has anyone bought anything directly from Bitmain? Is It seems a little doggy that they only accept BCH.
  1832. 7cxsc1,85,0.75,_mrb,1510685444,btc,11/14/17 18:50,,,11/14/2017 10:58,0,"People think Bitcoin's mempool was spammed these last few days... Wrong. The mempool surge is from users rushing to send BTC to exchanges to panic-buy BCH, as evidenced by the waves of transactions PERFECTLY matching BCH's price boom."
  1833. 7cxsos,7,0.71,TheSalvadoria,1510685529,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:52,,,11/14/2017 10:53,0,Is there a way to get around the Coinbase network fee?
  1834. 7cxsvq,5,0.78,DisdainfulPolo,1510685571,btc,11/14/17 18:52,,,11/14/2017 10:58,0,Separating BTC and BCH
  1835. 7cxsyb,0,0.44,[deleted],1510685589,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:53,,,11/14/2017 10:53,1,I wrongfully transferred my Bitcoin to bitcoin cash a few days ago and started a mess need help!
  1836. 7cxt6f,20,0.88,Coolhandcanuck,1510685635,btc,11/14/17 18:53,,,11/14/2017 10:58,0,Etoro
  1837. 7cxt6s,1,0.66,cryptothrewaway,1510685637,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:53,,,11/14/2017 10:57,1,"I'd like to sell some BCH I got from the Aug fork to help pay for a new gaming/mining rig. I've only ever used coinbase/gdax to buy bitcoin, so i'm not sure where to sell BCH. Any suggestions? (US based)"
  1838. 7cxtc8,0,0.35,mcnicoll,1510685664,btc,11/14/17 18:54,,,11/14/2017 10:58,0,The truth behind BTC fees ...
  1839. 7cxtd9,4,1,[deleted],1510685671,btc,11/14/17 18:54,,,11/14/2017 10:58,1,remember HDDVD vs BLUERAY?
  1840. 7cxtf3,0,0.5,ragequitCaleb,1510685683,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:54,,,11/14/2017 10:57,1,Over 2000 BCH wall just popped up
  1841. 7cxtje,0,0.32,DarthVR6,1510685711,btc,11/14/17 18:55,,,11/14/2017 10:58,0,WhereÕs Roger Rabbit?
  1842. 7cxtr9,1,0.53,araque615,1510685747,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:55,,,11/14/2017 10:57,0,Stuck tx please help
  1843. 7cxtrv,14,0.73,Oto-bahn,1510685751,btc,11/14/17 18:55,,,11/14/2017 10:58,0,"90,000 Unconfirmed BTC transactions stuck in mempool w/ $19.3 million in fees... that's $213 average per transaction!!!!"
  1844. 7cxu2f,0,0.47,LightsOut2910,1510685825,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:57,,,11/14/2017 10:57,1,I need someone to explain to me the fundamental differences between Bcore and Bcash.
  1845. 7cxu7v,2,0.6,Nynjah808,1510685857,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:57,,,11/14/2017 10:57,0,Bitcoin Wallet
  1846. 7cxu7z,2,0.74,sijuiniseme,1510685858,btc,11/14/17 18:57,,,11/14/2017 10:58,0,Does Jaxx Wallet store BCH?
  1847. 7cxucy,1,1,thebloodmaster123456,1510685891,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:58,not,,\N,0,Bitcoin gold wallet
  1848. 7cxud6,1,1,biglongleg,1510685892,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:58,not,,\N,0,Bitpay(paying service) is asking way too much... bug?
  1849. 7cxuf7,2,0.59,trptman,1510685902,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:58,,,11/14/2017 11:02,0,Mining Contracts
  1850. 7cxufx,2,0.62,jamiejay64,1510685907,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:58,,,11/14/2017 11:02,0,Bittrex graphs not updating - alternatives?
  1851. 7cxuii,11,0.85,NxtChg,1510685923,btc,11/14/17 18:58,,,11/14/2017 11:21,0,The first Bitcoin Cash wallet to integrate coin mixing:
  1852. 7cxurn,2,0.6,Bitcoin_Bug,1510685984,Bitcoin,11/14/17 18:59,,,11/14/2017 11:02,0,"Some good old Mtgox stories: ""I recall the dev's (and Mark) playing Oblivion, super meat boy and other games while shit was hitting the fan."""
  1853. 7cxv4a,0,0.39,jumpyourjacks,1510686044,Bitcoin,11/14/17 19:00,,,11/14/2017 11:02,0,Did a $1 worth of bitcoin transaction.
  1854. 7cxv93,39,0.66,throw4out,1510686070,Bitcoin,11/14/17 19:01,,,11/14/2017 11:02,1,Transaction fee .007094 BTC/Kb. WTF
  1855. 7cxvn6,805,0.76,jaber2,1510686149,Bitcoin,11/14/17 19:02,,,11/14/2017 11:02,0,Attack continues on bitcoin
  1856. 7cxvyz,22,0.76,privpub,1510686205,Bitcoin,11/14/17 19:03,,,11/14/2017 11:15,0,"Honest question, what changed these points of view?"
  1857. 7cxvzb,0,0.33,bionicballer,1510686206,btc,11/14/17 19:03,,,11/14/2017 11:21,0,Learn More About Bitcoin and Blockchain and Get Crypto Certified Today!
  1858. 7cxwgy,0,0.5,Hebrews,1510686297,Bitcoin,11/14/17 19:04,,,11/14/2017 11:15,0,Can anyone Help me sort out this mess? I've transferred some coins around and did it in the wrong way with Jaxx wallet and now my bitcoin are stuck.
  1859. 7cxx0x,0,0.42,KayRice,1510686403,btc,11/14/17 19:06,,,11/14/2017 11:21,0,"How Blockstream Stole $65,000 From me"
  1860. 7cxx2k,2,0.6,1948Orwell1984,1510686417,Bitcoin,11/14/17 19:06,,,11/14/2017 11:15,0,Should I use a random non associated email when I sign up for coinbase?
  1861. 7cxxyu,2,0.74,rustykatz,1510686617,btc,11/14/17 19:10,,,11/14/2017 11:21,0,HIVE Blockchain Technology
  1862. 7cxycs,2,0.66,[deleted],1510686712,Bitcoin,11/14/17 19:11,,,11/14/2017 11:15,1,Anyone interested in a bitcoin.ccTLD?
  1863. 7cxyhy,0,0.46,CP70,1510686748,Bitcoin,11/14/17 19:12,,,11/14/2017 11:15,0,"That's what Bitcoin is about. Hard, central, controlled, no one can change, money. - Craig Wright (Fake Satoshi)"
  1864. 7cxyio,0,0.29,Stallzy,1510686754,Bitcoin,11/14/17 19:12,KnownHit,,11/14/2017 11:15,0,Someone hacked into my reddit account from Brazil and upvoted tons of posts in /r/btc and downvoted them here..
  1865. 7cxyu8,3,0.64,[deleted],1510686821,Bitcoin,11/14/17 19:13,,,11/14/2017 11:15,0,Verification on QuadrigaCX pending after a week
  1866. 7cxyu9,5,0.78,[deleted],1510686821,btc,11/14/17 19:13,,,11/14/2017 11:21,1,New argument from small blockers: prudent and unrushed network upgrades (fork) preserve the Store of Value feature of BTC and avoid spooking the market. Quote inside.
  1867. 7cxzn8,13,0.84,KayRice,1510687008,btc,11/14/17 19:16,,,11/14/2017 11:21,0,A reminder that all darknet activity usually uses cryptocoins and they are certainly talking about the increase in Bitcoin fees and why it's happened (you will likely be put on a list for commenting in that subreddit)
  1868. 7cy02p,3,0.8,ShatosiMakanoto,1510687108,btc,11/14/17 19:18,,,11/14/2017 11:21,0,"Currently, is reporting that over 40 transactions are being created per second."
  1869. 7cy0o5,164,0.78,hunk_quark,1510687240,btc,11/14/17 19:20,,,11/14/2017 11:21,0,Another not so subtle hint. Bitpay now has a BCH block explorer!
  1870. 7cy0qm,94,0.69,ConalR,1510687262,btc,11/14/17 19:21,,,11/14/2017 11:21,0,"Please boycott bitfinex and any service calling bitcoin cash ""bcash"". It is a misinformation campaign. As are lies about bitcoin cash being controlled by jihan wu or roger ver."
  1871. 7cy0xn,1,1,[deleted],1510687304,Bitcoin,11/14/17 19:21,not,,\N,1,fucked up
  1872. 7cy13w,188,0.77,theantnest,1510687345,btc,11/14/17 19:22,,,11/14/2017 11:35,0,Showerthought: High fees and HODL culture has turned BTC into a pyramid scheme.
  1873. 7cy157,13,0.89,slowsynapse,1510687354,btc,11/14/17 19:22,,,11/14/2017 11:35,0,Interested in Crowd Funding Bitcoin Cash Software? Here Are The Issues Merchants Face Adopting Bitcoin Cash.
  1874. 7cy1ix,0,0.36,ThrowawayForPF22,1510687450,btc,11/14/17 19:24,,,11/14/2017 11:35,0,Noob question. People that held BTC before the fork - I heard they can exchange it for BCH. ie - Free Money. Can someone ELI5 how that process works? Or if that's even a thing?
  1875. 7cy1sc,21,0.79,leiloca,1510687507,btc,11/14/17 19:25,,,11/14/2017 11:35,0,"Anyone watching the fight on BCH order book? I mean, holy shit, some huge whales keeping BCH in place and buying 200 - 1000 BTC walls in seconds. This is crazy."
  1876. 7cy228,17,0.71,terr547,1510687564,Bitcoin,11/14/17 19:26,,,11/14/2017 11:27,0,"We need a bitcoin onramp that's as easy to use as, but with lower fees."
  1877. 7cy31m,0,0.43,GoldSilver-com,1510687796,btc,11/14/17 19:29,,,11/14/2017 11:35,0,"Bitcoin is History (making it, that is)"
  1878. 7cy3yx,4,0.58,CraigWatson1987,1510688006,Bitcoin,11/14/17 19:33,,,11/14/2017 11:35,0,Kraken Disables Withdrawals ...
  1879. 7cy430,6,0.5,8412risk,1510688031,Bitcoin,11/14/17 19:33,Upvoted by bots; Triggered BashCo Post,,11/14/2017 11:35,0,21 hours still zero confirmations
  1880. 7cy43d,3,0.8,quin24,1510688033,btc,11/14/17 19:33,,,11/14/2017 11:35,0,Types of deterministic wallet
  1881. 7cy43v,13,0.74,cryptoauthority,1510688036,btc,11/14/17 19:33,,,11/14/2017 11:35,0,"Says expecting reasonable fees for transferring small amounts of BTC is like expecting a cell phone in the 90s to fit in your pocket, and yet BCH, ETH, and LTC all do it just fine."
  1882. 7cy4a0,0,0.14,ElasticSP,1510688074,Bitcoin,11/14/17 19:34,KnownHit,,11/14/2017 11:35,0,Big blockers spreading propaganda on here
  1883. 7cy4ij,0,0.46,TechCynical,1510688124,btc,11/14/17 19:35,,,11/14/2017 11:48,0,Going to be giving a presentation over Bitcoin Cash
  1884. 7cy4iy,0,0.09,truman731,1510688126,Bitcoin,11/14/17 19:35,Probably Hit,,11/14/2017 11:39,1,r/btc
  1885. 7cy53e,6,0.99,LovelyDay,1510688252,btc,11/14/17 19:37,,,11/14/2017 11:48,0,"Vitalik Buterin - Hard Forks, Soft Forks, Defaults and Coercion (repost)"
  1886. 7cy5op,19,0.83,k1uu,1510688394,btc,11/14/17 19:39,,,11/14/2017 11:48,0,"I couldn't find these charts online, so I made them! Price history for Total Bitcoin, with Core and Cash components."
  1887. 7cy5ox,2,0.55,cosmicnag,1510688395,Bitcoin,11/14/17 19:39,,,11/14/2017 11:45,1,Bitcoin Cash Plus - Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash [DaFuk]
  1888. 7cy5wf,1,0.54,MarketAhab,1510688444,Bitcoin,11/14/17 19:40,,,11/14/2017 11:45,0,Why You Need a Hardware Wallet
  1889. 7cy67v,1,1,BubbleWrapBeast,1510688527,Bitcoin,11/14/17 19:42,not,,\N,1,What does your portfolio look like?
  1890. 7cy6gv,0,0.08,sasaji123,1510688587,Bitcoin,11/14/17 19:43,KnownHit,,11/14/2017 11:45,0,I see a BTC pump!
  1891. 7cy6xo,0,0.5,jonathansnbr,1510688689,Bitcoin,11/14/17 19:44,,,11/14/2017 11:45,0,"Just bought my TREZOR, comes in Thursday. Just wanted to know will it hold multiple types of crypto at the same time? Or will I only get to carry the one I choose."
  1892. 7cy75h,1,0.57,Bitcoinmathers,1510688741,btc,11/14/17 19:45,,,11/14/2017 11:48,0,Are 2017's Network Attacks ÓRealÓ or Are Bitcoiners Growing Paranoid?
  1893. 7cy76d,12,0.75,DLSS,1510688746,btc,11/14/17 19:45,,,11/14/2017 11:48,0,I want to start promoting BCH in Belgium.
  1894. 7cy77j,0,0.45,datogio,1510688751,Bitcoin,11/14/17 19:45,,,11/14/2017 11:48,1,60+ hours 0 confirmation
  1895. 7cy79n,0,0.26,Ce_ne,1510688767,btc,11/14/17 19:46,,,11/14/2017 11:48,0,...
  1896. 7cy7e3,0,0.5,ElvisBitcoinLover,1510688796,Bitcoin,11/14/17 19:46,,,11/14/2017 11:48,1,Are 2017's Network Attacks ÓRealÓ or Are Bitcoiners Growing Paranoid?
  1897. 7cy7hs,1,0.53,RobotsCantBePeople,1510688821,Bitcoin,11/14/17 19:47,,,11/14/2017 11:48,0,How do we get fees down or when to expect to fees get lower?
  1898. 7cy7io,3,0.56,ChuckSRQ,1510688828,Bitcoin,11/14/17 19:47,,,11/14/2017 11:48,0,LetÕs do a UASF that rejects blocks without 50% SegWit transactions.
  1899. 7cy7iv,10,0.76,meta96,1510688830,btc,11/14/17 19:47,,,11/14/2017 11:48,0,"You want spend a little on Black Friday/Cyber Monday, then get your BTC out, now!"
  1900. 7cy7s5,0,0.38,gdoumanian,1510688885,btc,11/14/17 19:48,,,11/14/2017 11:48,0,Banks Control Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. We Are Being Played
  1901. 7cy7wq,107,0.87,Eneshanerd,1510688920,Bitcoin,11/14/17 19:48,,,11/14/2017 11:52,0,"Currently watching a game of CSGO esports between NiP vs Astralis, and something cool happened"
  1902. 7cy7xf,3,0.64,bcredeur97,1510688924,Bitcoin,11/14/17 19:48,,,11/14/2017 11:52,0,I miss mining... it was fun. good times.
  1903. 7cy7yq,0,0.44,cyeedar,1510688933,btc,11/14/17 19:48,,,11/14/2017 11:56,0,Why are blocktimes still kinda irregular?
  1904. 7cy83h,1,0.57,LeftHello,1510688964,Bitcoin,11/14/17 19:49,,,11/14/2017 11:52,0,Bitcoin tracking app that lets you import coinbase / GDAX transactions?
  1905. 7cy85f,5,0.6,truman731,1510688978,btc,11/14/17 19:49,,,11/14/2017 11:56,0,/r/bitcoin
  1906. 7cy85x,5,0.67,sharkrazor,1510688981,Bitcoin,11/14/17 19:49,,,11/14/2017 11:52,0,How to use Segwit address and How to make a Segwit transactions?
  1907. 7cy8rh,0,0.43,CelibatePower,1510689111,Bitcoin,11/14/17 19:51,,,11/14/2017 11:52,0,Regarding Coinbase Bitcoin buys
  1908. 7cy8z4,2,0.62,[deleted],1510689162,Bitcoin,11/14/17 19:52,,,11/14/2017 11:55,0,"Thursday is the best day to buy Bitcoin, at least according to this clickable infographic chart"
  1909. 7cy902,1,1,ryanroof7,1510689168,Bitcoin,11/14/17 19:52,not,,\N,1,Binance
  1910. 7cy92i,2,0.6,cryptoninja,1510689184,Bitcoin,11/14/17 19:53,,,11/14/2017 11:55,0,Ledger and Segwit Warning
  1911. 7cy92u,0,0.08,ChronicTheOne,1510689185,Bitcoin,11/14/17 19:53,Hit,,11/14/2017 12:40,0,My votes are being manipulated?
  1912. 7cyabn,47,0.82,sasaji123,1510689440,Bitcoin,11/14/17 19:57,,,11/14/2017 11:59,0,The next bitcoin fork will be called...
  1913. 7cyahh,2,0.66,abercrombezie,1510689486,Bitcoin,11/14/17 19:58,,,11/14/2017 11:59,0,"Ask the guy with no 401k since 2014, been banking on cyrpto."
  1914. 7cyal1,2,0.55,[deleted],1510689510,Bitcoin,11/14/17 19:58,,,11/14/2017 11:59,1,Help! My bitcoin is actively doing what it's supposed to do!
  1915. 7cyb3e,99,0.85,cool1007,1510689631,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:00,,,11/14/2017 12:02,0,I was robbed on Blockchain wallet and not so sure how it happened.
  1916. 7cyb52,100,0.67,Geovestigator,1510689638,btc,11/14/17 20:00,,,11/14/2017 12:05,0,Why I think Bitcoin Cash is wwwwaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy better than legacy bitcoin
  1917. 7cybg2,11,0.75,slbbb,1510689701,btc,11/14/17 20:01,,,11/14/2017 12:05,0,It was a no-brainer
  1918. 7cybs7,1,0.6,MarketAhab,1510689787,btc,11/14/17 20:03,,,11/14/2017 12:05,0,Why You Need a Hardware Wallet
  1919. 7cybte,1,0.57,karmatiger,1510689793,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:03,,,11/14/2017 12:05,0,Bitcoinpool signup is down?
  1920. 7cyc0r,0,0.14,imsoulrebel1,1510689836,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:03,"Hit,",,11/14/2017 12:05,0,Looks like another attack brewing
  1921. 7cyc4g,0,0.5,neohash_com,1510689858,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:04,,,11/14/2017 12:05,1,neohash com
  1922. 7cyc5p,0,0.44,findaschool,1510689865,btc,11/14/17 20:04,,,11/14/2017 12:05,0,V O L U M E?
  1923. 7cyc94,44,0.85,PurpleBeamz,1510689885,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:04,,,11/14/2017 12:05,0,Trezor only $86 on Amazon! IÕve seen it anywhere from $104-140
  1924. 7cyccs,1,0.57,fuckinmagician,1510689910,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:05,,,11/14/2017 12:05,0,"I was reading an article on the Canadian housing market when suddenly the author has a bone to pick with BTC. ""...bitcoin, an imagined currency with no floor value."""
  1925. 7cyciz,15,0.83,alwaysAn0n,1510689946,btc,11/14/17 20:05,,,11/14/2017 12:17,0,Bitcoin is teaching other coins how to NOT do governance.
  1926. 7cyciy,0,0.2,legalizeact,1510689946,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:05,,,11/14/2017 12:09,0,Had a dream thinking Bitcoin went up to $7.1
  1927. 7cycuy,254,0.8,knight222,1510690021,btc,11/14/17 20:07,,,11/14/2017 12:17,0,The Bitcoin Cash tipping bot usage just grows and GROWS!
  1928. 7cycvi,3,0.66,fokhunov,1510690024,btc,11/14/17 20:07,,,11/14/2017 12:17,0,CEX.IO
  1929. 7cycw4,0,0.36,Bitcoin-Yoda,1510690028,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:07,,,11/14/2017 12:09,0,News! Archaeologists found the origins of Bitcoin mining!
  1930. 7cycz9,0,0.5,blossbloss,1510690045,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:07,,,11/14/2017 12:09,1,Tasty blockchain design concept
  1931. 7cyd16,438,0.93,Brotein195,1510690056,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:07,,,11/14/2017 12:09,0,Locked out of Coinbase after phone change
  1932. 7cyd1t,0,0.5,AnythingIsBad,1510690061,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:07,,,11/14/2017 12:09,0,Daily Bitcoin Update (11/14/17) + Technical Analysis:
  1933. 7cyd4e,0,0.41,blossbloss,1510690083,btc,11/14/17 20:08,,,11/14/2017 12:17,0,Tasty blockchain design concept
  1934. 7cyd8r,5,0.66,Achan002,1510690110,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:08,,,11/14/2017 12:09,0,Public service announcement
  1935. 7cydcv,10,0.58,dragondenfulltime,1510690135,btc,11/14/17 20:08,,,11/14/2017 12:17,0,Why do you defend BitcoinCash?
  1936. 7cydhs,0,0.17,xayan123,1510690160,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:09,,,11/14/2017 12:09,1, available for purchase
  1937. 7cydia,0,0.47,linkd22,1510690163,btc,11/14/17 20:09,,,11/14/2017 12:17,0,New and I honestly want to understand this community. Please help
  1938. 7cydl1,0,0.03,[deleted],1510690174,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:09,Probably Hit,,11/14/2017 12:09,1,BTC Trading for $12.5K In Zimbabwe
  1939. 7cydmr,0,0.41,[deleted],1510690183,btc,11/14/17 20:09,,,11/14/2017 12:17,1,This kills the legacy bitcoin.
  1940. 7cydsx,1,0.66,[deleted],1510690220,btc,11/14/17 20:10,,,\N,1,Core Dev Jonah Schnelli admits Core lied about the reason why Gavin's commit access was revoked
  1941. 7cydtx,2,0.75,[deleted],1510690224,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:10,,,11/14/2017 12:13,1,Are 2017Õs Network Attacks ÓRealÓ or Are Bitcoiners Growing Paranoid?
  1942. 7cydtr,0,0.06,legalizeact,1510690224,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:10,Probably Hit,,11/14/2017 12:13,1,"Bitcoin on its way to $7,100"
  1943. 7cydts,0,0.44,axorusa,1510690224,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:10,,,11/14/2017 13:10,0,Where to keep my BTC ?
  1944. 7cydz5,103,0.77,cyounessi,1510690251,btc,11/14/17 20:10,,,11/14/2017 12:17,0,Core Dev Jonas Schnelli admits Core lied about the reason why Gavin's commit access was revoked
  1945. 7cye01,120,0.85,jeffrexsave,1510690256,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:10,,,11/14/2017 12:13,0,Adam Back: Bitcoin Block Size Increase in Mid-Term is Possible
  1946. 7cye6n,3,0.8,JonathanSilverblood,1510690297,btc,11/14/17 20:11,,,11/14/2017 12:17,0,Statistics needed!
  1947. 7cye8c,1,0.55,[deleted],1510690311,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:11,,,11/14/2017 12:13,1,BCC block times are still 10minutes. With no real future scaling it is a horrible technology for payments.
  1948. 7cyea6,27,0.82,GreatCompromiser,1510690324,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:12,,,11/14/2017 12:13,0,Thoughts on BTC futures from CME and institutional money incoming
  1949. 7cyeas,0,0.5,Thenosestream,1510690328,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:12,,,11/14/2017 12:13,0,Quantum computing
  1950. 7cyeof,0,0.4,quin24,1510690406,btc,11/14/17 20:13,,,11/14/2017 12:17,0,SD wallet code
  1951. 7cyeze,0,0.46,TheAlmightyGawd,1510690475,btc,11/14/17 20:14,,,11/14/2017 12:17,0,Ya'll like bot responses?
  1952. 7cyf0d,7,0.88,f-s0c13ty,1510690481,btc,11/14/17 20:14,,,11/14/2017 12:17,0,Confused user here. I am pretty new to crypto and I really do not know what to do now.
  1953. 7cyf23,2,0.57,stevev916,1510690495,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:14,,,11/14/2017 12:17,0,"How rich are these Jihan, Roger, and Fake Satoshi?"
  1954. 7cyf7k,118,0.79,cyounessi,1510690530,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:15,Not,,11/14/2017 12:17,0,Core Dev Jonas Schnelli explains the real reason Gavin's commit access was revoked.
  1955. 7cyfah,22,0.73,[deleted],1510690549,btc,11/14/17 20:15,,,11/14/2017 12:17,1,Posting on reddit is now an attack on bitcoin
  1956. 7cyfpk,6,0.71,ithacus,1510690636,btc,11/14/17 20:17,,,11/14/2017 12:28,0,How will bitcoin segwit and bitcoin cash be affected by CME group/wall street entering into this space?
  1957. 7cyfxe,50,0.82,Produktivitaet,1510690685,btc,11/14/17 20:18,,,11/14/2017 12:28,0,"Bitcoin Class of 2013, represent: 'Transfer money instantly Ð No (or close to zero) Fees'"
  1958. 7cyfyp,1,1,neohash_com,1510690692,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:18,not,,\N,1,Bitcoin GOLD mining!
  1959. 7cyguw,3,0.62,CRIMExPNSHMNT,1510690903,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:21,,,11/14/2017 12:23,0,WhatÕs the best way to gift Bitcoin?
  1960. 7cyhdj,0,0.25,BalancedPortfolio,1510691017,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:23,,,11/14/2017 12:25,1,"Bitcoin Cash Blocktimes are still 10mins, without Segwit it has no chance of competing as a decent payment network. Without decentralisation, big cap and following it will always be a terrible store of value."
  1961. 7cyhre,1,1,[deleted],1510691105,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:25,not,,11/14/2017 12:25,1,Buy bitcoin as present for nephew
  1962. 7cyhtj,0,0.5,FunkyBerrry,1510691116,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:25,,,\N,1,Do you hate Roger Ver?
  1963. 7cyid3,0,0.49,ieatdurt,1510691240,btc,11/14/17 20:27,,,11/14/2017 12:28,0,"@mcuman on Twitter ""Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is far superior to legacy Bitcoin (BTC). Big blocks = better blocks."""
  1964. 7cyigk,0,0.5,[deleted],1510691262,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:27,,,11/14/2017 12:28,1,Nearly a third of people think bitcoin will collapse in the next six months
  1965. 7cyizp,1,0.57,LJWJ,1510691399,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:29,,,11/14/2017 12:34,0,Future of Bitcoin valuation
  1966. 7cyj7o,2517,0.79,BashCo,1510691445,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:30,,,11/14/2017 12:34,0,I just got -257 downvotes in 8 minutes for calling out hardcore vote manipulated FUD (+169 upvotes in 6 minutes). I'm sharing this because some people still deny the desperate astroturfing campaign against Bitcoin for the past several days. Weak!
  1967. 7cyj8t,0,0.5,[deleted],1510691452,btc,11/14/17 20:30,,,11/14/2017 12:40,1,"If the pump ""manipulation"" is true, we need a pump as fast as possible"
  1968. 7cyj95,3,0.63,SatoshiRealist,1510691455,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:30,,,11/14/2017 12:34,0,Satoshi's bitcoin
  1969. 7cyjah,19,0.73,LocalCoinDealer,1510691463,btc,11/14/17 20:31,,,11/14/2017 12:40,0,Me and my friend promoting bitcoin cash where we can Pubg edition.
  1970. 7cyjq4,34,0.75,SeymourBits,1510691558,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:32,,,11/14/2017 12:34,0,"Meet The Bitcoins is an animated show about a family of Bitcoins in Cryptoville. The mission is to educate, entertain and promote the ideas and values of Bitcoin in a fun way."
  1971. 7cyk03,1,1,[deleted],1510691623,btc,11/14/17 20:33,,,\N,1,"Hahaha, r/hailCorporate calls out the censorsed subreddit and declares 'Bitcoin is now known as Bitcoin Cash'"
  1972. 7cyk6z,1,0.53,Wisewoodwon,1510691664,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:34,,,11/14/2017 12:34,0,"And now for something completely different. We are now accepting bitcoin. What do you think? We are a green building materials company. Trying out a new product. Please be careful with the quantity part of bitpay, I cannot figure out how to change it. ("
  1973. 7cykjb,0,0.46,Skank_cunt_42,1510691736,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:35,,,11/14/2017 12:36,0,When will Bitcoin fees begin to decrease?
  1974. 7cykof,40,0.88,xentagz,1510691770,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:36,,,11/14/2017 12:36,0,The biggest weapon of Bitcoin is the community (video)
  1975. 7cykv8,19,0.79,newhampshire22,1510691809,btc,11/14/17 20:36,,,11/14/2017 12:40,0,"The narrative that is pushed is that miners control bitcoin. Well, thanks to's contracts, I am now a miner. After the DAA I can set it (on BCH) and forget it."
  1976. 7cyl3q,4,0.69,coinsprinkler,1510691871,btc,11/14/17 20:37,,,11/14/2017 12:40,0,I can't seem to withdraw my BCH tips
  1977. 7cyln7,0,0.5,wittysoul76,1510691998,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:39,,,11/14/2017 12:40,0,Difficulty Adjustment question
  1978. 7cylog,0,0.47,intertron,1510692006,btc,11/14/17 20:40,,,11/14/2017 12:40,0,Why do you think Roger and Jihan aren't striking now while the iron is hot?
  1979. 7cylxe,0,0.08,00WELVAERT,1510692058,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:40,Probably Hit,,11/14/2017 12:45,0,downvoting bots from /btc
  1980. 7cymbg,0,0.24,[deleted],1510692140,btc,11/14/17 20:42,,,11/14/2017 12:55,1,Serious Noob question. Why is this sub called BTC or Bitcoin?
  1981. 7cymeq,0,0.38,xPoW3Rx,1510692166,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:42,,,11/14/2017 12:45,0,how do you get 1 bitcoin without money
  1982. 7cymjf,26,0.74,bchbtch,1510692193,btc,11/14/17 20:43,,,11/14/2017 12:55,0,Soft-Support trolls incoming.
  1983. 7cymyr,489,0.92,certainlyheisenberg1,1510692291,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:44,,,11/14/2017 12:45,0,Going through my old Coinbase transactions. Kinda wish I didn't do this...
  1984. 7cynfo,0,0.5,DSLAMM,1510692390,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:46,,,11/14/2017 12:50,0,How do I access the BTH that was given to hodlers before the fork?
  1985. 7cynt7,0,0.18,jonstern,1510692478,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:47,,,11/14/2017 12:50,0,Last good chance to dump your BCH for BTC.
  1986. 7cynxy,0,0.4,fractiouscolonel,1510692509,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:48,,,11/14/2017 12:50,0,Electrum fee
  1987. 7cyocn,13,0.8,StarQQ,1510692601,btc,11/14/17 20:50,,,11/14/2017 12:55,0,Will BCH be tradeable on Coinbase after they released the BCH in January?
  1988. 7cyocq,31,0.79,poorbrokebastard,1510692602,btc,11/14/17 20:50,,,11/14/2017 12:55,0,"Clueless Tone Vays with yet another horrible prediction...Bitcoin Cash: ""Will go to zero, tomorrow."" You can't make this up."
  1989. 7cyoph,0,0.5,[deleted],1510692676,btc,11/14/17 20:51,,,11/14/2017 12:55,1,How South Koreans reacted the BCH dip?
  1990. 7cyoqd,0,0.3,DanMeister21,1510692682,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:51,,,11/14/2017 12:55,0,Transaction unconfirmed for 3 days
  1991. 7cyoxh,7,0.81,Shopawl,1510692733,btc,11/14/17 20:52,,,11/14/2017 12:55,0,Shopawl 2.0 - Peer to Peer Bitcoin Shopping
  1992. 7cyp5m,7,0.66,b1gl3b0wsk1,1510692790,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:53,,,11/14/2017 12:55,0,What's the best website to check the Bitcoin price realtime?
  1993. 7cypag,0,0.18,ElasticSP,1510692817,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:53,Possibly Hit,,11/14/2017 12:55,0,r/BTC are throwing a tantrum(through the use of voting bots)
  1994. 7cypns,0,0.42,opticalbliss,1510692907,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:55,,,11/14/2017 12:58,0,"Help What is the best transaction fee option to use ? l really donÕt want to spend 40 usd to send my coins Òin the first blockÓ. Will using the lowest fee option work just fine, waiting a few hours is fine. Also, should replaceable be checked ? And what does Òsign Ò mean?"
  1995. 7cyqe4,2,0.63,SailorMarzzz,1510693077,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:57,,,11/14/2017 12:58,0,ELI5 : CME Futures & ETF
  1996. 7cyqnc,704,0.95,coinmeatm,1510693133,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:58,Not targeted,,11/14/2017 12:58,0,Set up a Bitcoin ATM in the Mall of Louisiana
  1997. 7cyqnm,0,0.23,fhgshfdg,1510693138,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:58,,,11/14/2017 13:10,0,WARNING: My Reddit account was hacked by an /r/btc promoter
  1998. 7cyqpl,0,0.5,RainmanMcmillin,1510693149,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:59,,,11/14/2017 13:10,0,Crypto Explained Using Comic Book Logic
  1999. 7cyqu2,0,0.5,cotani,1510693178,Bitcoin,11/14/17 20:59,,,11/14/2017 13:10,0,Which exchange do you recommend?
  2000. 7cyscn,2,0.62,richardkane89032,1510693505,Bitcoin,11/14/17 21:05,,,11/14/2017 13:10,0,Could Segwit2x fork still happen on Nov. 16th or near?
  2001. 7cyshw,14,0.65,[deleted],1510693540,Bitcoin,11/14/17 21:05,,,11/14/2017 13:10,1,"Scaling ""debate"" (*attacks) ELI5 for newbies:"
  2002. 7cyso8,26,0.72,BitcoinXio,1510693581,btc,11/14/17 21:06,,,11/14/2017 13:16,0,I'm up $582 mining with Bitcoin Cash on the Mining pool
  2003. 7cysvg,11,0.75,camereye,1510693629,Bitcoin,11/14/17 21:07,,,11/14/2017 13:10,1,Kraken is dying ?
  2004. 7cysyz,0,0.24,ElasticSP,1510693648,btc,11/14/17 21:07,,,11/14/2017 13:16,0,r/BTC is nothing but a proxy for bcash
  2005. 7cyt6r,1,0.57,bitsteiner,1510693698,Bitcoin,11/14/17 21:08,,,11/14/2017 13:10,0,Former Bundesbank Head: Central banks should be more open to creating digital versions of their currencies
  2006. 7cyu3b,0,0.41,mgbyrnc,1510693905,btc,11/14/17 21:11,,,11/14/2017 13:16,0,Slow down our voting
  2007. 7cyu7r,4,0.58,Exogamy20,1510693935,btc,11/14/17 21:12,,,11/14/2017 13:16,0,"Please, stop comenting obvious North Corean submissions"
  2008. 7cyuex,0,0.24,bitbat99,1510693983,Bitcoin,11/14/17 21:13,Probably Hit,,11/14/2017 13:16,0,An attack on this subreddit. Score of -247 downvotes in 15 minutes.
  2009. 7cyug8,14,0.81,NxtChg,1510693989,btc,11/14/17 21:13,,,11/14/2017 13:16,0,Tippr Stats now show you a list of all tips on each particular day.
  2010. 7cyuyi,4,0.61,[deleted],1510694094,btc,11/14/17 21:14,,,11/14/2017 13:16,1,Bitcoin Cash Beanies (Pre-Order) -Bitcoin Cash Accepted! Only 16 left!
  2011. 7cyv0f,0,0.44,barnbarns,1510694108,Bitcoin,11/14/17 21:15,,,11/14/2017 13:16,0,Will coinbase still honour the b2x split
  2012. 7cyv9p,1,1,TheBitcoinDotLawyer,1510694167,Bitcoin,11/14/17 21:16,not,,\N,1,"Wallet algorithms are setting fees too high. Costing 5btc per block. Best solutions: set custom fees, or use Litecoin."
  2013. 7cyvjf,15,0.7,Kooonur---,1510694220,btc,11/14/17 21:17,,,11/14/2017 13:29,0,Put some BCH posters up around my town.
  2014. 7cyvl9,2,0.62,i0i-655321,1510694229,btc,11/14/17 21:17,,,11/14/2017 13:29,0,Is bitmain liquidating it's S9 supply?
  2015. 7cyvns,105,0.95,SoonToBeAsked,1510694245,Bitcoin,11/14/17 21:17,Not targeted,,11/14/2017 13:21,0,Raspberry Pi 3 Lubuntu Bitcoin Full Node Guide
  2016. 7cyvqt,0,0.36,logan2284,1510694265,Bitcoin,11/14/17 21:17,,,11/14/2017 13:21,0,Where has all the volume gone? I donÕt see much in anything.
  2017. 7cyw0g,2,0.74,Sarah_Rodriguez,1510694333,Bitcoin,11/14/17 21:18,,,11/14/2017 13:21,0,Differentiation of cryptocurrencies
  2018. 7cywse,0,0.5,GoonZ666,1510694512,Bitcoin,11/14/17 21:21,,,11/14/2017 13:23,0,Transaction fees from Coinbase
  2019. 7cyx5y,8,0.8,SilencingNarrative,1510694596,Bitcoin,11/14/17 21:23,,,11/14/2017 13:23,0,bitcoin mining profitable in the US? Where are my calculations off?
  2020. 7cyxjs,41,0.76,Neutral_User_Name,1510694686,btc,11/14/17 21:24,,,11/14/2017 13:29,0,Some whales are in the process of swallowing large quantities of BCH...
  2021. 7cyxk1,0,0.36,atik-reddit,1510694688,Bitcoin,11/14/17 21:24,,,11/14/2017 13:29,0,"Back to 100,000 unconfirmed transactions"
  2022. 7cyxoo,4,0.76,[deleted],1510694716,btc,11/14/17 21:25,,,11/14/2017 13:29,1,BashCo accusing vote manipulation. Did he forget that all those little blue arrows show us that he actually downvoted every comment himself?
  2023. 7cyxr3,1,0.6,ryan4588,1510694732,Bitcoin,11/14/17 21:25,,,11/14/2017 13:29,0,CMV: Wyre is a good place for buying Bitcoin.
  2024. 7cyxu5,21,0.7,Superiorspiderman11,1510694753,Bitcoin,11/14/17 21:25,,,11/14/2017 13:29,0,Was taking to a friend today and he says he expects Bitcoin increase up to half a million in 15 years..what do you guys think about this?
  2025. 7cyy02,0,0.47,HasselbladHasABad,1510694788,Bitcoin,11/14/17 21:26,,,11/14/2017 13:29,0,Coinbase outrageous transfer fees
  2026. 7cyy2a,0,0.5,SteveBozell,1510694801,Bitcoin,11/14/17 21:26,,,11/14/2017 13:29,0,"Lawyers - Chime in: Coinbase waiting for judge's written decision - she may allow them a final appeal. If so - approx. time allowed for them to appeal, and approx. time for her response?"
  2027. 7cyyco,0,0.23,i0i-655321,1510694873,Bitcoin,11/14/17 21:27,,,11/14/2017 13:29,1,Guys how can I buy bitcoin cash?
  2028. 7cyyws,0,0.19,Pixels3D,1510695011,Bitcoin,11/14/17 21:30,"Hit,",,11/14/2017 13:35,0,"Holy Shit, the amount of spam against BTC in the ""New"" section is insane. Everyone please be very cautious what you read."
  2029. 7cyz87,5,0.72,DeezoNutso,1510695081,btc,11/14/17 21:31,,,11/14/2017 13:41,0,The Hackening
  2030. 7cyzcx,0,0.33,JCryptoman,1510695115,btc,11/14/17 21:31,,,11/14/2017 13:41,1,BitcoinCashPlus - is it for real?
  2031. 7cyzlq,0,0.38,KateDass,1510695177,Bitcoin,11/14/17 21:32,,,11/14/2017 13:35,0,Will quantum computing destroy Bitcoin?
  2032. 7cyzon,1,0.57,Ryamgram,1510695195,Bitcoin,11/14/17 21:33,,,11/14/2017 13:35,1,How do I make an argument against BCH?
  2033. 7cyzwf,2,0.57,LoopyBullet,1510695240,btc,11/14/17 21:34,,,11/14/2017 13:41,0,Was this weekend FOMO? Or was it orchestrated?
  2034. 7cz094,38,0.78,BitcoinXio,1510695315,btc,11/14/17 21:35,,,11/14/2017 13:41,0,Some traffic stats for /r/btc
  2035. 7cz0qf,2,0.63,Sniperzip90,1510695420,Bitcoin,11/14/17 21:37,,,11/14/2017 13:38,0, is scam
  2036. 7cz16b,0,0.25,gegemos,1510695516,Bitcoin,11/14/17 21:38,,,11/14/2017 13:38,1,"Hi I am new to Bitcoin and I want to buy Bitcoin Cash, the real Bitcoin, is it here the right place?"
  2037. 7cz19g,13,0.67,moresourdough,1510695537,btc,11/14/17 21:38,,,11/14/2017 13:41,0,/r/Bitcoin users are not so subtly encouraging physical violence against Jihan and Roger
  2038. 7cz1fa,3,0.56,TiarnanSS,1510695567,btc,11/14/17 21:39,,,11/14/2017 13:41,0,"Danish Article calling BTH ""pump and dump"""
  2039. 7cz1ue,0,0.4,Deathtobitcoin2,1510695662,Bitcoin,11/14/17 21:41,,,11/14/2017 13:41,1,"Can someone here direct me to where I can buy Bitcoin Cash, the real Bitcoin. Please help."
  2040. 7cz2dg,4,0.66,__R_r_,1510695784,btc,11/14/17 21:43,,,11/14/2017 14:00,0,Amazon dipping it's fingers into bitcoin
  2041. 7cz2je,0,0.5,blessdd,1510695821,Bitcoin,11/14/17 21:43,,,11/14/2017 13:50,0,Bitcoin
  2042. 7cz2lf,1,1,Cryptoknowledge,1510695833,btc,11/14/17 21:43,,,\N,1,BTC Blazers capture second place
  2043. 7cz2md,1,0.53,atik-reddit,1510695839,btc,11/14/17 21:43,,,11/14/2017 14:00,0,Please tell the guys in that forum to just ignore this
  2044. 7cz2zj,0,0.22,[deleted],1510695916,btc,11/14/17 21:45,,,\N,1,"16th of December my lil brother turns 26. One of the first person who told me about BTC. I told him I donÕt believe in BTC. Now I know better, but what I regret is that he listened. I will give him 90Û in BTC. But I wish I could give 1 BTC. I hope some can help 1Jbin7oW2apvKVNioTN5qXv86fGAVcvHwr"
  2045. 7cz2zp,0,0.25,Swanupping,1510695916,Bitcoin,11/14/17 21:45,,,11/14/2017 13:50,0,blockchain wallet will not allow me to transfer btc
  2046. 7cz39g,0,0.5,psofe,1510695974,btc,11/14/17 21:46,,,11/14/2017 14:00,0,constitution : whitepaper :: blockstream : ??
  2047. 7cz3cd,0,0.43,Epochhhhh,1510695990,btc,11/14/17 21:46,,,11/14/2017 14:00,0,Do any of you people run your own nodes or host your own wallets?
  2048. 7cz3m0,0,0.36,ericjlima,1510696051,Bitcoin,11/14/17 21:47,,,11/14/2017 13:50,1,Bitcoin can't scale well and it has high fees. I don't feel optimistic of it's longterm future when compared to other things.
  2049. 7cz3og,0,0.44,DumpingForLife,1510696066,Bitcoin,11/14/17 21:47,,,11/14/2017 13:50,0,Should i invest now or..?
  2050. 7cz3x5,36,0.71,i0i-655321,1510696122,btc,11/14/17 21:48,,,11/14/2017 14:00,0,Woah just woah.
  2051. 7cz3zf,1,0.6,Killcraft69,1510696138,Bitcoin,11/14/17 21:48,,,11/14/2017 13:50,0,"I'm thinking about getting a usb miner, and I had a few questions"
  2052. 7cz4ch,1,1,pjrib,1510696221,Bitcoin,11/14/17 21:50,not,,\N,1,Btrash supporters need to get a r/BCH subreddit and stop messing with our subreddit
  2053. 7cz4dv,18,0.76,leiloca,1510696229,btc,11/14/17 21:50,,,11/14/2017 14:00,0,"This has never happened for so long. BTC mempool > 100k transactions. Transactions take 24+ hours to complete with absurd fees. Do you think this will normalize the next days? Or is this a ""Houston, we have a problem""?"
  2054. 7cz4fh,2,0.6,makinit1212,1510696237,Bitcoin,11/14/17 21:50,,,11/14/2017 13:54,0,Is using a Swegwit wallet helping the cause or hurting the cause?
  2055. 7cz4ij,0,0.5,Rudem3,1510696260,Bitcoin,11/14/17 21:51,,,11/14/2017 13:54,0,Last transaction on Bread disappeared?
  2056. 7cz4jj,0,0.43,cgminer,1510696269,btc,11/14/17 21:51,,,11/14/2017 14:00,0,It indeed Bitcoin is History!
  2057. 7cz4vq,1,0.54,freekw6,1510696348,Bitcoin,11/14/17 21:52,,,11/14/2017 13:54,0,I guess this is a pretty Noob question
  2058. 7cz504,1,0.54,syn999,1510696384,Bitcoin,11/14/17 21:53,,,11/14/2017 13:54,0,total bitcoin and bch hashrate just drop a lot
  2059. 7cz587,3,0.63,mothh9,1510696439,Bitcoin,11/14/17 21:53,,,11/14/2017 13:54,0,"PSA: Do NOT click ANY Blockchain links in advertisements, advertisers can put w/e they want in there and redirect you to their scam site!"
  2060. 7cz5fj,2,0.58,some1elsie,1510696483,Bitcoin,11/14/17 21:54,,,11/14/2017 13:54,0,Is there any way of finding out how many bch have been claimed?
  2061. 7cz5gk,0,0.4,TripperBets,1510696491,btc,11/14/17 21:54,,,11/14/2017 14:00,0,He doesn't even accept BCH :(
  2062. 7cz5zq,0,0.44,Greely,1510696625,btc,11/14/17 21:57,,,11/14/2017 14:00,0,Just a couple questions. Need a bit of clarification.
  2063. 7cz639,1,0.6,[deleted],1510696646,Bitcoin,11/14/17 21:57,,,11/14/2017 14:00,1,Kim Dotcom showing his true colors
  2064. 7cz643,5,0.69,[deleted],1510696652,btc,11/14/17 21:57,,,11/14/2017 14:00,0,Did the DAA cause both BCH and BTC's hashrate to stabilise? What are ongoing DAA based prospects?
  2065. 7cz6ir,4,0.83,BitcoinPrepper,1510696744,btc,11/14/17 21:59,,,11/14/2017 14:00,0,Does Shapeshift not accept Copay adresses for Bitcoin Cash?
  2066. 7cz6un,0,0.32,[deleted],1510696822,Bitcoin,11/14/17 22:00,,,11/14/2017 14:04,1,FACT: 3.4 million BTC lost FOREVER!
  2067. 7cz6v0,2,0.6,[deleted],1510696826,btc,11/14/17 22:00,,,11/14/2017 14:11,1,Accepting Bitcoin Cash. 16 left. Thanks you guys.
  2068. 7cz70g,3,0.66,bomtom1,1510696855,btc,11/14/17 22:00,,,11/14/2017 14:11,0,The mining community has strange ways
  2069. 7cz75u,1,0.6,kashmirbtc,1510696887,Bitcoin,11/14/17 22:01,,,11/14/2017 14:04,0,User controlled miner pick
  2070. 7cz79k,0,0.36,Antranik,1510696914,btc,11/14/17 22:01,,,11/14/2017 14:11,0,"Ozzy ""The BS Filter"" explains the who, when, where, and why on THE WAR ON BITCOIN"
  2071. 7cz7bu,0,0.5,[deleted],1510696932,Bitcoin,11/14/17 22:02,,,11/14/2017 14:04,1,Nearly a third of people think bitcoin will collapse in the next six months
  2072. 7cz848,1,1,CryptoKirby,1510697113,Bitcoin,11/14/17 22:05,not,,\N,1,?? BITCOIN ABOUT TO ROCKET ?!!! @CRYPTOKIRBY ASK ME ANYTHING - Q &
  2073. 7cz909,2,0.59,MatroixBeats,1510697321,Bitcoin,11/14/17 22:08,,,11/14/2017 14:11,0,Will I make a profit from the antminer S7
  2074. 7cz936,0,0.46,petrasbut,1510697342,Bitcoin,11/14/17 22:09,,,11/14/2017 14:11,0,Is this a paid post by b-cash?
  2075. 7cz950,2,0.6,misconfig_exe,1510697352,Bitcoin,11/14/17 22:09,,,11/14/2017 14:11,0,Cryptocurrency coming under increasing malware attack by North Korea : South Korea Internet & Security Agency says [x-post /r/cyber]
  2076. 7cz971,1,0.55,healthytits,1510697365,Bitcoin,11/14/17 22:09,,,11/14/2017 14:11,0,Where do you guys keep your hardware wallets?
  2077. 7cz993,0,0.23,ChronicTheOne,1510697379,btc,11/14/17 22:09,,,11/14/2017 14:11,0,/r/btc has usually been on the right in the debate but after personally being attacked with vote manipulation I have to say you should be ashamed
  2078. 7cz9fz,0,0.5,iwasbannde,1510697424,btc,11/14/17 22:10,,,11/14/2017 14:11,0,Can we admit there are shills in BOTH subreddits?
  2079. 7cz9pu,33,0.82,ivalenci1,1510697486,Bitcoin,11/14/17 22:11,,,11/14/2017 14:14,0,Bitcoin stolen from wallet even with 2FA activated
  2080. 7cz9rn,25,0.85,hodlerforlife,1510697498,btc,11/14/17 22:11,,,11/14/2017 14:21,0,Bitcoin Fees are Skyrocketing. Now Almost Double 7 Day Average.
  2081. 7cz9s1,323,0.91,Diabolicus666,1510697502,Bitcoin,11/14/17 22:11,,,11/14/2017 14:14,0,"Dear Kraken, we need to talk."
  2082. 7czahz,0,0.42,CryptoTimeYT,1510697669,btc,11/14/17 22:14,,,11/14/2017 14:21,0,Crypto Nick HACKED! Mt Gox CEO got away with BILLIONS!
  2083. 7czaib,43,0.75,luisbv23,1510697671,btc,11/14/17 22:14,,,11/14/2017 14:21,0,BCH now available to buy in Latinamerica via SurBTC
  2084. 7czajr,0,0.26,rconscious,1510697681,btc,11/14/17 22:14,,,11/14/2017 14:21,1,Send your BTC to this address for fast conversion to BCH!
  2085. 7czapi,18,0.67,segregatedwitness,1510697716,btc,11/14/17 22:15,,,11/14/2017 14:21,0,Breaking News: new bitcoin core attack vectors discovered
  2086. 7czb22,1,0.53,TheBitcoinDotLawyer,1510697803,Bitcoin,11/14/17 22:16,,,11/14/2017 14:17,0,Spamming the Bitcoin Network is a tort.
  2087. 7czbib,167,0.72,Mariohead1234,1510697911,btc,11/14/17 22:18,,,11/14/2017 14:21,0,The fact that r/Bitcoin talks so much about Bch shows that it is an actual threat.
  2088. 7czbjp,1559,0.93,sleepersleeper,1510697922,Bitcoin,11/14/17 22:18,,,11/14/2017 14:21,0,Remember McAfees promise!!
  2089. 7czbni,0,0.49,WhereisMcTeams,1510697946,Bitcoin,11/14/17 22:19,,,11/14/2017 14:21,0,I spent $8 4 days ago to send ~$50 in BTC and still have 0 confirmations
  2090. 7czbsr,0,0.5,yoshuakaleb,1510697978,Bitcoin,11/14/17 22:19,,,11/14/2017 14:21,0,Why segwit tx percentage still low? Even after 3 months after activation?
  2091. 7czbxg,37,0.79,gocats06,1510698007,Bitcoin,11/14/17 22:20,,,11/14/2017 14:21,0,"Roger will never sell BTC, itÕs his only leverage."
  2092. 7czbzv,0,0.5,iwasbannde,1510698022,Bitcoin,11/14/17 22:20,,,11/14/2017 14:21,0,Can we admit there are shills in BOTH subreddits?
  2093. 7czc0h,2,0.62,_scotty2hotty,1510698026,Bitcoin,11/14/17 22:20,,,11/14/2017 14:21,0,Distributed Consensus Mechanism Design
  2094. 7czc39,9,0.71,Romeo-X,1510698044,Bitcoin,11/14/17 22:20,,,11/14/2017 14:21,0,"If Satoshi returned, but he no longer had his private keys, how could he prove who he was?"
  2095. 7czc57,3,0.61,PeteDaKat,1510698059,Bitcoin,11/14/17 22:20,,,11/14/2017 14:21,0,How long will the traffic jam last?
  2096. 7czc82,0,0.4,[deleted],1510698077,Bitcoin,11/14/17 22:21,,,11/14/2017 14:27,1,"ItÕs a pump scheme of BCH et all made to join the reddit. Though legal, it may not be ethical. Proved the open source platform has moral crisis problem. My twitter is awesome, Democracy offers by reddit is beautiful."
  2097. 7czce9,2,0.62,[deleted],1510698115,btc,11/14/17 22:21,,,11/14/2017 14:34,0,Electrum went from Low fee to Unconfirmed?
  2098. 7czcv5,43,0.77,Sir_Shibes,1510698227,btc,11/14/17 22:23,,,11/14/2017 14:34,0,anyone else get the feeling the vote cheating going on over in the other subreddit is actually carried out by those in control of it (in other words that a false flag attack is being carried out)?
  2099. 7cze1k,1,0.57,txjacksonmiller9,1510698516,Bitcoin,11/14/17 22:28,,,11/14/2017 14:30,0,low fee :/
  2100. 7czebc,7,0.69,Dysexlic_Panda,1510698579,btc,11/14/17 22:29,,,11/14/2017 14:34,0,Made my first dollar
  2101. 7czevb,0,0.33,repetenz,1510698712,btc,11/14/17 22:31,,,11/14/2017 14:34,0,ASICBoost
  2102. 7czfmi,1,0.6,Beng197,1510698908,Bitcoin,11/14/17 22:35,,,11/14/2017 14:39,0,What is the best exchange for trading in the US?
  2103. 7czfux,0,0.44,BTCBCCBCH,1510698965,btc,11/14/17 22:36,,,11/14/2017 14:46,0,Why Has Absolute Hash Rate Fallen by 30%
  2104. 7czh4q,1,0.6,nitrofire32,1510699278,Bitcoin,11/14/17 22:41,,,11/14/2017 14:43,0,Question regarding using the armory wallet
  2105. 7czhhi,0,0.26,Darius510,1510699366,btc,11/14/17 22:42,,,11/14/2017 14:46,0,ArenÕt you guys concerned about how confusing the naming of Bitcoin Cash is to the general public?
  2106. 7czhns,5,0.62,WalterRothbard,1510699406,btc,11/14/17 22:43,,,11/14/2017 14:46,0,Free_Ross on Twitter: You can donate Bitcoin Cash to FreeRoss at 3EGA5JiKDeXWS1NTrNeuuk5147vq4uiMQY
  2107. 7czhq2,0,0.5,treefingerz,1510699422,Bitcoin,11/14/17 22:43,,,\N,1,"Honest question - if BCH was a pump & dump attack against Bitcoin, why has it been showing stability above $1200?"
  2108. 7czi1a,10,0.69,AbrahamSTINKIN,1510699502,Bitcoin,11/14/17 22:45,,,11/14/2017 14:46,0,Relative newcomer to cryptos....can someone explain to me why Bitcoin is better than Bitcoin Cash? The only real difference I know is the block sizes are different.
  2109. 7czi9b,2,0.62,hunk_quark,1510699550,btc,11/14/17 22:45,,,11/14/2017 14:46,0,BTC has been more profitable to mine for last 12 hours. Can someone with better understanding of difficulty adjustment explain?
  2110. 7czic9,5,0.73,coincalendar,1510699570,Bitcoin,11/14/17 22:46,,,11/14/2017 14:46,0,Kraken Exchange Issues Ruin Another Weekend for Cryptocurrency Traders
  2111. 7cziqd,3,0.71,spukkin,1510699664,btc,11/14/17 22:47,,,11/14/2017 15:07,0,Mempool question: Why so many 5-10 sat/B tx's ?
  2112. 7czise,1,0.56,MatroixBeats,1510699680,Bitcoin,11/14/17 22:48,,,11/14/2017 14:51,0,What Bitcoin miner should I buy?
  2113. 7czj5y,12,0.85,Pink-Fish,1510699773,btc,11/14/17 22:49,,,11/14/2017 15:07,0,Who is Adam Back?
  2114. 7czj7p,55,0.85,crypto__jesus,1510699786,btc,11/14/17 22:49,,,11/14/2017 15:07,0,Censorship is the tool of those who have the need to hide actualities from themselves and from others.
  2115. 7czjgx,0,0.27,onenessup,1510699856,btc,11/14/17 22:50,,,11/14/2017 15:07,0,Will BCH lose market cap with likely several BTC forks in 2018 that will compete with it?
  2116. 7czjnb,3,0.71,sph44,1510699901,btc,11/14/17 22:51,,,11/14/2017 15:07,0,Bitcoin Cash mobile wallet
  2117. 7czk12,0,0.5,[deleted],1510700002,Bitcoin,11/14/17 22:53,,,11/14/2017 14:55,1,Tell me 10 reasons why I should buy Bitcoin now.
  2118. 7czk3p,0,0.43,HotWine,1510700018,Bitcoin,11/14/17 22:53,,,11/14/2017 14:55,0,Pre-Fork BTC-BCH Conversion Question
  2119. 7czkbe,15,0.78,[deleted],1510700078,btc,11/14/17 22:54,,,11/14/2017 15:07,1,Do you want to destroy a Peer-to-Peer electronic Cash system? Buy the main social media &amp; news networks and use them to spread propaganda while silencing anyone who disagrees. Buy off half the development team and get them to change the focus of the project. (Crosspost from /r/ShittyLifeProTips)
  2120. 7czkbv,24,0.82,Gregory_Maxwell,1510700082,btc,11/14/17 22:54,,,11/14/2017 15:07,0,"The [Bitcoin] system worked perfectly and built up a backlog which paid fees - Blockstream CTO, Bitcoin Core developer"
  2121. 7czkeu,5,0.86,timjoestan,1510700101,btc,11/14/17 22:55,,,11/14/2017 15:07,0,Newbie help
  2122. 7czkog,1,0.55,coincalendar,1510700167,btc,11/14/17 22:56,,,11/14/2017 15:07,0,Cybersecurity legend John McAfee partners with Hacken to chase new cryptocurrency
  2123. 7czkuw,0,0.4,FinexThis,1510700211,btc,11/14/17 22:56,,,11/14/2017 15:07,0,Il just leave this here.
  2124. 7czkzm,0,0.38,iamphoenix1,1510700240,btc,11/14/17 22:57,,,11/14/2017 15:07,0,Historic Week for Bitcoin Cash! I HODL to support the movement to #1 and WERE CLOSER EVERY DAY!
  2125. 7czl0n,2,0.6,Lukelid,1510700247,Bitcoin,11/14/17 22:57,,,11/14/2017 15:07,0,Can you mine on a GTX 1050ti
  2126. 7czl7l,0,0.5,[deleted],1510700298,Bitcoin,11/14/17 22:58,,,\N,1,Convince me Bitcoin is better than Bcash
  2127. 7czl94,0,0.5,OvrWtchAccnt,1510700310,Bitcoin,11/14/17 22:58,,,11/14/2017 15:07,0,I know this is selfish but due to hurrican maria and me not having any power/internet until now can anyone fill me in on the last 2 months?
  2128. 7czlb3,0,0.5,ellahammadaoui,1510700325,Bitcoin,11/14/17 22:58,,,11/14/2017 15:07,0,China crack down on mining a day after DAA
  2129. 7czljq,0,0.16,spajn,1510700391,btc,11/14/17 22:59,,,11/14/2017 15:07,0,Did i get the new forked bcash? Stuck confirmations
  2130. 7czlki,0,0.09,alebtc,1510700397,btc,11/14/17 22:59,,,11/14/2017 15:07,0,what's the link to segwit2x unofficial fork?
  2131. 7czlnc,1,1,[deleted],1510700411,Bitcoin,11/14/17 23:00,not,,11/14/2017 15:07,1,Does coinify require ID to buy bitcoin? (UK)
  2132. 7czm88,11,0.71,jubsascrub,1510700530,btc,11/14/17 23:02,,,11/14/2017 15:07,0,I saw a post about a billboard for BCH and I had some fun
  2133. 7czmmb,28,0.83,Gnellac,1510700610,Bitcoin,11/14/17 23:03,,,11/14/2017 15:07,0,Correletion between BTC / BCH (not mine)
  2134. 7czmnc,0,0.33,doramas89,1510700618,Bitcoin,11/14/17 23:03,,,11/14/2017 15:07,1,Bitcoin and how it's going to change our world for the better!
  2135. 7cznbq,1,0.6,StevenRad,1510700779,Bitcoin,11/14/17 23:06,,,11/14/2017 15:07,0,Getting New Phone. Migrating Google Authenticator (Coinbase) question.
  2136. 7cznkt,0,0.36,FinexThis,1510700845,btc,11/14/17 23:07,,,11/14/2017 15:07,0,Part 2 of the Buttcoin showcase Artwork.
  2137. 7cznpb,2,0.67,TylerEMCO,1510700878,Bitcoin,11/14/17 23:07,,,11/14/2017 15:13,0,My review of Magnr and Bsave Bitcoin savings accounts
  2138. 7cznrc,2,0.56,Paralyze_132,1510700889,Bitcoin,11/14/17 23:08,,,11/14/2017 15:13,0,What are these attacks people speak of?
  2139. 7czo5b,2,0.62,RealCoinDaddy,1510700978,Bitcoin,11/14/17 23:09,,,11/14/2017 15:13,0,What's really going on with Novogratz (CoinDaddy - Bubble God (ft. NOVOGRATZZ))
  2140. 7czo7g,0,0.33,crl826,1510700995,btc,11/14/17 23:09,,,11/14/2017 15:19,0,Isn't this an argument for small blocks?
  2141. 7czo7o,0,0.37,FinexThis,1510700997,btc,11/14/17 23:09,,,11/14/2017 15:19,0,Part 3
  2142. 7czokl,7,0.82,coincalendar,1510701081,Bitcoin,11/14/17 23:11,,,11/14/2017 15:13,0,Mastercard Seeks Patent for Instant Blockchain Payments Processing
  2143. 7czosp,0,0.43,FinexThis,1510701140,btc,11/14/17 23:12,,,11/14/2017 15:19,0,Part 4 Finale
  2144. 7czoww,24,0.82,bolaz,1510701168,Bitcoin,11/14/17 23:12,,,11/14/2017 15:13,0,Meanwhile in LA
  2145. 7czoxc,37,0.78,Gregory_Maxwell,1510701172,btc,11/14/17 23:12,,,11/14/2017 15:19,0,"/r/ShittyLifeProTips announcement:""Do you want to destroy a Peer-to-Peer electronic Cash system? Buy the main social media & news networks and use them to spread propaganda while silencing anyone who disagrees. Buy off half the development team and get them to change the focus of the project."
  2146. 7czpaq,3,1,[deleted],1510701262,btc,11/14/17 23:14,,,\N,1,"This is what they are posting over r/Bitcoin, praising MasterCard is making some patent to profit on Bitcoin. Isn't this exactly why Bitcoin should exist in the first place? To stay out of the ""middle man"" taking out money and banks? Aren't you all tired of this centralized huge corporations shit?"
  2147. 7czpct,2,0.67,OCTO13ER,1510701278,Bitcoin,11/14/17 23:14,,,11/14/2017 15:16,0,Bitmain / Genesis VS Buy & Hold?
  2148. 7czpdh,12,0.73,momagic,1510701283,btc,11/14/17 23:14,,,11/14/2017 15:19,0,I hate not being able to add my opinion on /r/bitcoin
  2149. 7czpx3,0,0.17,jayvechi,1510701392,Bitcoin,11/14/17 23:16,,,11/14/2017 15:16,1,is bitcoin really dying a slow death?
  2150. 7czq3s,2,0.66,ceinguy,1510701432,Bitcoin,11/14/17 23:17,,,11/14/2017 15:19,0,"If a lot of mining power joins, how long for a correct difficulty re-adjustment?"
  2151. 7czq5m,184,0.7,Davidflynn21,1510701443,Bitcoin,11/14/17 23:17,,,11/14/2017 15:19,0,Me right now
  2152. 7czqhz,2,0.56,mr-oblivious,1510701535,Bitcoin,11/14/17 23:18,,,11/14/2017 15:19,0,There can only be one!
  2153. 7czqif,1,0.54,agaase_infinity,1510701538,Bitcoin,11/14/17 23:18,,,11/14/2017 15:19,0,What is Bitcoin & Blockchain anyway?
  2154. 7czqto,0,0.33,TortiousTroll,1510701613,Bitcoin,11/14/17 23:20,,,11/14/2017 15:24,0,Just a 24.23% transfer fee on coinbase
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