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Imagine this on the Nexus Corp. Pre-recorded coms

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Aug 25th, 2019
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  1. For the safety of the Nexus Corporation, ensure your IQ is lower than eighty in case of Zeds developing a conscience from your corpse if a casualty occurs.
  3. When lifting heavy objects, remember to lift with your back to avoid straining.
  5. To all persons with weapons training: It is mandatory to take regular meditative activities to ensure your work is not hindered by fear, remorse and self-preservation. Remember, your life given could lead to a life saved.
  7. Please regularly check your weapon is primed and ready to fire. An emergency does not give time for preparation.
  9. If you encounter any priority targets, contact your present head of office immediately. If you survive the encounter, keep calm, hold your post and await your termination.
  11. Keep your quarters, uniform and equipment tidy. Always prepare for the audit as if it were everyday.
  13. Remember to report any questionable ethics or meetings amongst staff to your auditor. Dissenters will not be tolerated.
  15. A filthy gun is a worthless gun: Always give your weapons the maintenance they deserve.
  17. A filthy gun is a worthless gun: Gunpowder burns could result to a bullet in your head as protocol of disciplinary action.
  19. Please refrain yourself from drinking the waters of Nevada. There is a reason that there are water imports provided.
  21. Welcome to the Nexus Training Course. If you are here for your movement and agility training, take the west door to the outdoor obstacle course.
  22. If you are here for the marksman and weapons training, take the south-east door to the firing range booths and store rooms.
  23. If you are part of the Nexus Authentic Experience Tour, please assemble through the south door to the {tape skips} firing lanes.
  25. Welcome to the Rejuvenation Chamber. Today's process of the day involves.. classical jazz. Rejuvenation initiating in three, two..
  26. {one second pause before blaring simulated saxophone note}
  27. Congratulations. You now have a cleaner mindset. Feel free to check again tomorrow for the new process of the day.
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