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  1. 1 a person you work with: colleague or co-worker
  2. 2 the time or date before which a task or job must be finished: deadline
  3. 3 a doctor who helps sick animals: vet
  5. 2 Uzupełnij zdania właściwymi wyrażeniami
  6. 1 I’m going to find some seasonal work just for August and September, maybe as a fruit picker on a farm.
  7. 2 He’s going to change his job because it’s badly-paid and he would like to earn more.
  8. 3 If you’re lucky, you could turn your passion into a money-making activity. It’s great to do what you love and earn money for doing it.
  10. 3 Wybierz właściwą odpowiedź: A, B or C.
  11. 1 I don’t want to work for someone else. I’d rather be self-employed (B) and run my own small business.
  12. A made B employed C worked
  13. 2 I sometimes wonder (C) if I’ll still be doing the same job in 10 years’ time.
  14. A think B guess C wonder
  15. 3 At the moment she’s in charge (A) of the marketing department in our company.
  16. A charge B responsible C head
  17. 4 A lot of people look forward to holidays because they need a break from the daily routine (C) of their jobs.
  18. A regularity B practice C routine ___
  20. 4 Przetłumacz fragmenty zdań na język angielski
  21. 1 First, the situation seemed dangerous but eventually everything was fine.
  22. 2 I thought he was arrogant. To my surprise, he was actually very friendly and helpful.
  24. 5 Wybierz włąściwy wyraz w zdaniu.
  25. 1 The money is going towards my summer vacation.
  26. 2 I try to do what I’m told to do.
  27. 3 The job is really interesting and it pays well!
  29. 6 Uzupełnij poniższe minidialogi 1–2, wybierając brakującą wypowiedź jednej z osób. Zakreśl literę A, B albo C.
  30. 1 X: Are you going to look for a summer job?
  31. Y: I might (B). I haven’t made up my mind yet.
  32. X: Let me know when you’ve made a decision. We could try to find something together.
  33. A I will.
  34. B I might.
  35. C I can’t.
  36. 2 X: The company called me yesterday to say I hadn’t got the job I applied for.
  37. Y: That's a pity (A). It sounded like a really good offer.
  38. X: I know. I’ll have to look for something else, now.
  39. A That’s a pity.
  40. B Never mind.
  41. C How embarrassing!
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