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Mar 23rd, 2015
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  1. <@FliPPeh> You don't exist
  2. <@fthtiyjy> i do
  3. <@fthtiyjy> we do
  4. <@FliPPeh> You do
  5. <@fthtjyjy> we do
  6. <@FliPPeh> You don't
  7. <@fthtjyjy> i dont?
  8. <@slowriot> i don't think any of you exist
  9. <@fthtiyjy> but we do
  10. <@FliPPeh> segfault: eval return where:find_user("fthtjyjy")
  11. <+segfault> FliPPeh: nil
  12. <@fthtjyjy> we do exist
  13. <@slowriot> nope
  14. <@FliPPeh> Why don't you exist?
  15. <@slowriot> prove it
  16. <@fthtjyjy> because ftht FliPPeh
  17. <@fthtiyjy> we think thereofore we exist?
  18. <@fthtjyjy> are you sure we think?
  19. <@fthtiyjy> we do
  20. <@fthtjyjy> do we?
  21. <@slowriot> so, who's good at video editing?
  22. <@fthtiyjy> michael bay
  23. <@slowriot> who here?
  24. <@FliPPeh> segfault: eval luna.send_message("WHO", where:name())
  25. <+segfault> FliPPeh: nil
  26. <@FliPPeh> segfault: eval return where:find_user("fthtjyjy")
  27. <+segfault> FliPPeh: fthtjyjy
  28. <@slowriot> who costs less than that
  29. <@fthyjyjy> not michael bay
  30. <@FliPPeh> segfault: eval return where:find_user("fthtjyjy"):respond("screw you")
  31. <+segfault> fthtjyjy: screw you
  32. <+segfault> FliPPeh: nil
  33. <@FliPPeh> Works
  34. <@slowriot> nil
  35. <@fthtjyjy> segfault: meter ftht
  36. <+segfault> fthtjyjy: ftht-meter: #----------] -1/10!!111
  37. <@McObot> (Translated from German) [fthtjyjy: ftht-meter: #-]-1 / 10!111
  38. <@fthtiyjy> noooo
  39. <@FliPPeh> Fixed'er up
  40. <@fthtjyjy> noooo more ftht is needed
  41. <@slowriot> segfault: meter segfault meter segfault
  42. <+segfault> slowriot: segfault-meter: [##--------] 2/10
  43. <@McObot> (MCS) Gabex100 splatted on the paving.
  44. <@slowriot> worth a try
  45. <@Annabell> Why did it pm ftht in the first place FliPPeh?
  47. <@fthtiyjy> WE SHALL RISE
  48. <@fthtjyjy> RISE!
  49. <@FliPPeh> Annabell: Apparently I have a bug in there that was triggered by all this bullshit nick changing
  50. <@fthyjyjy> RISE ABOVE!
  51. <@fthtiyjy> THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL
  52. <@Annabell> lol
  53. <@fthtjyjy> RISE INTO THE SKY!
  55. <@McObot> (MCS) fthtyjjy's identity is unknown.
  56. <@FliPPeh> And when segfault doesn't know a user in a channel, but is asked to respond to them, it'll privmsg thhem
  57. <@Annabell> so much ftht
  58. <@FliPPeh> I swear to christ I will kick every last fth
  59. <@fthtjyjy> hey fthtyjjy
  60. <@fthtiyjy> nooo
  61. <@fthtjyjy> noooo dont kick the ftht
  62. <@fthyjyjy> nuuuuu
  63. <@fthtjyjy> you cant stop the ftht
  64. <@fthtiyjy> nooo
  65. <@fthyjyjy> don't kick the ftht
  66. <@fthyjyjy> pls
  67. <@fthtjyjy> plsssss
  68. <@fthyjyjy> plsssssssss
  69. <@fthtiyjy> wtf is going on
  70. <@fthtjyjy> ftht is going on
  71. <@fthtiyjy> i am confused now
  72. <@fthyjyjy> flippeh is also going on
  73. <@fthtjyjy> we are confused
  74. <@fthyjyjy> we are confused
  75. <@fthyjyjy> Much confuse
  76. <@fthyjyjy> wow
  77. <@fthtjyjy> woow
  78. <@fthtiyjy> wooow
  79. <@fthyjyjy> wooow
  80. <@McObot> (MCS) Kryptoc joined the game
  81. <@fthtiyjy> stahp
  82. <@FliPPeh> This is like someone built a cloning machine that produces clones with 50% less intelligence
  83. <@fthyjyjy> no
  84. <@fthyjyjy> never stop
  85. <@fthtjyjy> you stahp
  86. <@fthtjyjy> keep going
  87. <@fthyjyjy> no u
  88. <@fthtiyjy> you stahp
  89. <@fthyjyjy> you w0t m8
  90. <@McObot> (MCS) <jimmyd93> Hey Kry :)
  91. <@McObot> (Translated from Dutch) Hey Kry:)
  92. <@McObot> (MCS) <Kryptoc> oh snap its JimmyD
  93. <@McObot> (MCS) Welcome, fthtjyiy! (confirmed irc host user)
  94. <+CanaryBot> # News from mcofacebook: Chome Saranya, Zore Manzo Duran and 235 other people like your photo. <(Link:>
  95. <@fthtjyjy> all the ftht
  96. <@fthtjyiy> halp, I've been absorbed by the ftht
  97. <@fthyjyjy> fite me irl m8
  98. <@fthtjyjy> we are rising
  99. <fthtyjjy> who you
  100. <@fthtjyjy> you me
  101. <@fthtjyjy> me you
  102. <@McObot> (MCS) <Kryptoc> oh, its jelly too
  103. <@fthtiyjy> my god
  104. <@fthtjyiy> I don't know, I'm ftht now
  105. <@fthyjyjy> me you
  106. <@fthyjyjy> you me
  107. <@fthtjyjy> we are the ftht
  108. <@fthtiyjy> Im the fth
  109. <@McObot> (MCS) fthtyyjy's identity is unknown.
  110. <@fthyjyjy> we are fth
  111. <@fthyjyjy> you will be assimilated
  112. <@McObot> (MCS) fhttiyjy's identity is unknown.
  113. <@fthyjyjy> resistance is futile
  114. <@fthtiyjy> we in fth
  115. <@fthtjyjy> all the ftht we are
  116. <@McObot> (MCS) fthttyjy's identity is unknown.
  117. <@fthyjyjy> we can into fth
  118. <fthttyjy> we
  119. <fhttiyjy> are
  120. <fthtyyjy> legion
  121. <@fthtjyjy> fthtageton
  122. <fthtyjjy> m8
  123. <@fthtjyjy> u w0t m8?
  124. <@McObot> (Translated from Croatian) in w0t m8?
  125. <@McObot> (MCS) <Kryptoc> u w0t m8?
  126. <@McObot> (Translated from Croatian) in w0t m8?
  127. <@fthtjyjy> no u
  128. <@fthyjyjy> fite me irl m8
  129. <@McObot> (MCS) fthyjyiy is associated with Derrickson1 FlyingJellyfish
  130. <@fthtiyjy> u w0t m8
  131. <@fthyjyjy> cmon br0
  132. <@McObot> (Translated from Croatian) in w0t m8
  133. <@McObot> (MCS) <Kryptoc> ill jaba ya in yo gabba
  134. <fthtjyjion> kek
  135. <@McObot> (MCS) fthtjyjion's identity is unknown.
  136. <fthyjyiy> kek kek
  137. <@fthtiyjy> fth can into croatia!
  138. <fthtyyjy> kek
  139. <fhttiyjy> kek
  140. <fthttyjy> kek
  141. <@fthyjyjy> kek kek kek
  142. <fthtyjjy> kek
  143. <@fthtiyjy> kek
  144. <@fthtjyjy> kek kek kek
  145. <fthttyjy> kek
  146. <fhttiyjy> kek
  147. <@fthyjyjy> kek
  148. <fthtyyjy> kek
  149. <fthtjyjion> kek
  150. <fthtyjjy> kek
  151. <@fthtjyjy> kek
  152. <@fthyjyjy> ke kek
  153. <@fthtiyjy> kek
  154. <@McObot> (MCS) <Kryptoc> wtf
  155. <@fthtjyjy> kek
  156. <@fthyjyjy> kek
  157. <@fthtjyjy> kek
  158. <@fthtiyjy> kek
  159. <@McObot> (MCS) <Kryptoc> drugs are you on
  160. <@fthyjyjy> kek kek
  161. <@fthtjyiy> woah ok no spam ftht
  162. <@fthtjyjy> kek
  163. <@fthtjyjy> kek
  164. <fthtyjjy> kek
  165. <fthtyjjy> kek
  166. <fthtyjjy> kek
  167. <fthtyjjy> kek
  168. <fthtyjjy> kek
  169. <@FliPPeh> All drugs
  170. <fthtyjjy> kek
  171. <@fthtiyjy> stop the spam fth
  172. <fthtjyjion> kek
  173. <fthtjyjion> kek
  174. <fthtjyjion> kek
  175. <fthtjyjion> kek
  176. <fthtjyjion> kek
  177. <fthyjyiy> or all the ftht will be kicked
  178. <fthtyjjy> kek
  179. <fthtjyjion> kek
  180. <@fthtjyjy> fthtspam
  181. <fthtyyjy> kek
  182. <fthtyyjy> kek
  183. <fthtyyjy> kek
  184. <fthtyyjy> kek
  185. <fthtyyjy> kek
  186. <fthtyjjy> kek
  187. <fthtyyjy> kek
  188. <fthtyyjy> kek
  189. <fthtyyjy> kek
  190. <@McObot> (MCS) fhttiyjy's identity is unknown.
  191. <@fthtiyjy> noooo
  192. <fhttiyjy> kek
  193. <fhttiyjy> kek
  194. <fthttyjy> kek
  195. <fthttyjy> kek
  196. <fthttyjy> kek
  197. <fthttyjy> kek
  198. <fthttyjy> kek
  199. <fhttiyjy> kek
  200. <@fthyjyjy> segfault: meter kek
  201. <fthttyjy> kek
  202. <+segfault> fthyjyjy: kek-meter: [###-------] 3/10
  203. <@McObot> (MCS) <Gabex100> everybody do /goodnight plz
  204. <@fthtjyjy> kek
  205. <@McObot> (Translated from Indonesian) fthyjyjy: kek-meter: [# # #-------] 3/10
  206. <fhttiyjy> kek
  207. <@McObot> (MCS) fthtiyjy is associated with fthtjyjy
  208. <fhttiyjy> kek
  209. <@McObot> (MCS) <Kryptoc> they are definitely not jelly
  210. <@McObot> (MCS) fthtiyjy is associated with fthtjyjy
  211. <@fthtiyjy> hey i didnt spam
  212. <@slowriot> maybe the /exec -o yes kek did the damage
  213. <@McObot> (MCS) fthtiyjy is associated with fthtjyjy
  214. <@fthtjyiy> oh rito
  215. <@FliPPeh> Yeah
  216. <@fthtiyjy> oh roit
  217. <@fthtjyjy> oh riot
  218. <@fthyjyjy> lol riotritoroit
  219. <@McObot> (MCS) Gabex100's brain was eaten by a zombie.
  220. <@FliPPeh> fthtiyjy: tbh I just "fth" tab completed all my kicks
  221. <fthyjyiy> roito
  222. <@fthyjyjy> rioto?
  223. <@slowriot> (Link:
  224. <@fthyjyjy> rorito.
  225. <@fthtiyjy> omg
  226. <@fthtjyjy> fthtriot
  227. <@fthtjyiy> hahaha
  228. <@McObot> (MCS) Kryptoc was eviscerated by a spider.
  229. <@fthyjyjy> this needs to go on the wiki
  230. <@slowriot> nice having machines with dozens of ipv4s
  231. <@fthtiyjy> wiki!
  232. <@fthyjyjy> the fthpocalypse
  233. <@fthtjyiy> yes! wiki!
  234. <@fthtjyjy> we shall rise to the wiki!
  235. <@McObot> (MCS) <Kryptoc> too bad you cant use spf records with IRC
  236. <@fthyjyjy> engulf the wiki
  237. <@fthyjyjy> overtake the wiki!
  238. <@fthtiyjy> resistance is futile!
  239. <@fthtjyjy> the fthtwiki!
  240. <fthyjyiy> absorb the wiki into our collective mind
  241. <@McObot> (MCS) <Kryptoc> at least not to my knowledge
  242. <@fthtjyjy> wikiftht!
  243. <@fthyjyjy> WE ARE WIKI
  245. <@fthtjyjy> WE ARE FTHT
  246. <@fthtiyjy> we do not forget
  247. <+CanaryBot> # News from mcofacebook: Jesus Ivan Hernandez, Santiägo Joel Väldiviezö Välarezö and 237 other people like your photo. <(Link:>
  248. <@fthtjyjy> we do not forgive
  249. <@fthtjyiy> we do not swear
  250. <@fthyjyjy> the wiki shall never end
  251. <@fthtiyjy> do not talk abou /b/
  252. <@fthtjyjy> fuck not swearing!
  253. <fthyjyiy> yeah to hell with that shit
  254. <@fthyjyjy> ain't nobody got time for dat
  255. <@McObot> (MCS) <Kryptoc> oh, children
  256. <@fthtiyjy> wat
  257. <@McObot> (MCS) <Kryptoc> you are clearly too cool
  258. <@fthyjyjy> no
  259. <@fthtiyjy> u w0t m8
  260. <@fthyjyjy> we are wiki
  261. <@McObot> (Translated from Croatian) in w0t m8
  262. <@fthtjyjy> we are ftht
  263. <@fthyjyjy> wiki is not cool
  264. <@fthyjyjy> wiki is not hot
  265. <@fthyjyjy> wiki is all temperature
  266. <@fthtjyjy> ftht is all
  267. <@fthtjyjy> all is ftht
  268. <@fthtiyjy> the FTHs shall rise
  269. <@fthyjyjy> all for fth
  270. <@fthyjyjy> fth for all
  271. <@McObot> (MCS) <Kryptoc> lets feed the troll, screw it
  272. <@fthtiyjy> fth for fth
  273. <@McObot> (MCS) <Kryptoc> what are you up to Jimmy?
  274. <@fthtjyiy> !list
  275. <@McObot> (MCS) 5 in game: Anna_28, xxWolf_Playsxx, jimmyd93, Gabex100, Kryptoc
  276. <fthyjyiy> jimmy is no more
  277. <fthyjyiy> all is ftht
  278. <@McObot> (MCS) <jimmyd93> Nothing much atm
  279. <@McObot> (MCS) xxWolf_Playsxx splatted on the paving.
  280. <@McObot> (MCS) Kryptoc got in a staring match with an enderman.
  281. <@fthtjyiy> is the real ftht even here anymore
  282. <@fthtiyjy> i am
  283. <@fthtjyjy> i am
  284. <@fthtiyjy> we are
  285. <@fthtjyjy> yes we are
  286. <@McObot> (MCS) Gabex100 was turned into a pincushion by a skeleton.
  287. <@fthtjyjy> are we?
  288. <@fthtjyiy> yes
  289. <@fthtiyjy> aye
  290. <@fthtjyjy> yea
  291. <@fthtiyjy> (Link:
  292. <+l4mRbot> fthtiyjy: Horrible Histories - Blackbeard's Song - length 2m 21s - rated 4.89/5.0 (1898) - 671,917 views - jamie932 on 2010.06.17
  293. <@McObot> (MCS) TheSpanishTwinquisition is associated with twinchicken86
  294. <@TheSpanishTwinquisition> Ello
  295. <@TheSpanishTwinquisition> !lisp
  296. <@McObot> (MCS) 5 in game: Anna_28, jimmyd93, xxWolf_Playthxx, Kryptoc, Gabex100
  297. <@McObot> (MCS) Gabex100 was eviscerated by a spider.
  298. <@fthtiyjy> ello
  299. <@fthtjyiy> hi twin
  300. <@fthtjyjy> hi twin
  301. <@McObot> (MCS) <Gabex100> do /goodnight
  302. <@fthtiyjy> hi twin
  303. <@McObot> (MCS) <Gabex100> plz
  304. <fthyjyiy> hey twinquisition
  305. <@TheSpanishTwinquisition> no
  306. <@TheSpanishTwinquisition> not this
  307. <@fthtiyjy> yes
  308. <@TheSpanishTwinquisition> not now
  309. <@TheSpanishTwinquisition> they are come
  310. <@fthtiyjy> yes this
  311. <@fthtjyjy> yes now
  312. <@fthtiyjy> yes now
  313. <@fthtiyjy> WE RISE
  314. <@fthtjyjy> yes this
  315. <@fthtjyiy> we are come
  316. <@fthtjyjy> RISE!
  317. <@fthtiyjy> we are legion
  318. <@slowriot> oh not again
  319. <@McObot> (MCS) Kryptoc left the game
  320. <@fthtjyjy> we are ftht
  321. <@slowriot> it's the grandmas
  322. <@TheSpanishTwinquisition> I WAS NOT UNEXPECTED ENOUGH
  323. <@fthtiyjy> is that a cookie clicker reference?
  324. <@slowriot> course
  325. <@fthtiyjy> lol
  326. <@fthtjyjy> TheSpanishFthtuqistion
  327. <fthyjyiy> I love cookie clicker
  328. <@fthtiyjy> we love cookie clicker
  329. <@slowriot> cookie cunter
  330. <@fthtjyiy> cookie punter
  331. <@TheSpanishTwinquisition> fth is cookie clicker?
  332. <@fthtiyjy> cookie fthter
  333. <@fthtiyjy> we are
  334. <@fthtjyjy> we are cookie clicker
  335. <+CanaryBot> # News from mcofacebook: Agus Boronat, Jean Pier Rojas Ramos and 39 other people like your photo. <(Link:> || Toby Winter, Jesus Ivan Hernandez and 238 other people like your photo. <(Link:
  336. <@fthtjyjy> cookie clicker is us
  337. <@fthtiyjy> us is cookie clicker
  338. * fthyjyiy clicks the cookie
  339. <@fthtiyjy> the fthpocalipse
  340. * @fthtjyjy clicks the ftht
  341. <@fthtjyiy> :O
  342. * @fthtiyjy clicks the ftht
  343. <@fthtjyjy> the fthpocalyjyse
  344. <@fthtiyjy> click click click
  345. <@fthtjyjy> ftht ftht ftht
  346. <@slowriot> jyjy!
  347. <@fthtjyjy> slowjyjy!
  348. <@fthtiyjy> is anyone confused here?
  349. <@fthtjyjy> not at all
  350. <@fthtjyjy> we are ftht
  351. <@slowriot> nop
  352. <@fthtjyjy> ftht is us
  353. <@fthtjyjy> simple
  354. <@slowriot> it fthts so much
  355. <@fthtiyjy> we need a ftht-o-meter
  356. <@fthtiyjy> ftht counter
  357. <@fthtjyiy> yes
  358. <@slowriot> segfault: meter fth
  359. <+segfault> slowriot: fth-meter: [######----] 6/10
  360. <@fthtjyjy> ftht tracker
  361. <@fthtjyjy> we need more ftht
  362. <@fthtjyjy> RISE!
  363. <fthyjyiy> to measure the fthts
  364. * @slowriot -> elsewhere
  365. <@slowriot> somewhere with more wine and less fthts
  366. <@fthtiyjy> lol
  367. <@FliPPeh> segfault: meter fth 11
  368. <+segfault> FliPPeh: fth-meter: [########### 11/10!!111
  369. <@FliPPeh> THERE
  370. <@fthtjyjy> lol
  371. <@FliPPeh> Enough fth
  372. <@FliPPeh> Stop the madness
  373. <@fthtiyjy> no!
  374. <@fthtiyjy> not enough fth
  375. <@fthtjyjy> more ftht is needed!
  376. <@fthtjyjy> can't have enough fth
  377. <@fthtiyjy> we rise!
  378. <+CanaryBot> # News from mcofacebook: Aries Marcos Rix, Agus Boronat and 40 other people like your photo. <(Link:> || Thanh Hoai, Aries Marcos Rix and 240 other people like your photo. <(Link:
  379. <@fthtjyjy> rise!
  380. <@fthtiyjy> FliPPeh: RESISTANCE IS FUTILE
  381. <@fthtjyjy> FthPPeh!
  382. <@FliPPeh> s/U/H
  383. <@FliPPeh> s/U/H/
  384. <+CanaryBot> <FliPPeh> s/H/H
  385. <@McObot> (Translated from French) <FliPPeh>H-H-s</FliPPeh>
  386. <@FliPPeh> Fuck
  387. <@FliPPeh> s/FU/FH/
  388. <@fthtjyjy> one of us!
  389. <+CanaryBot> <fthtiyjy> FliPPeh: RESISTANCE IS FHTILE
  390. <@fthtiyjy> one of us!
  391. <fthyjyiy> one of us!
  392. <@fthtjyjy> one of us!
  393. <@fthtiyjy> one of us!
  394. <@fthtjyjy> one of us!
  395. <@fthtjyiy> one of us!
  396. <@fthtiyjy> one of us!
  397. <@fthtjyjy> one of us!
  398. <@fthtiyjy> one of us!
  399. <@fthtjyjy> one of us!
  400. <@FliPPeh> combo break
  401. <@fthtjyjy> noooo
  402. <fthyjyiy> aww
  403. <@fthtiyjy> fuck
  404. <@fthtjyiy> booo
  405. <@fthtjyjy> y u do dis FthPPeh
  406. <@McObot> (MCS) <Gabex100> Anna do you have an xp farm?
  407. <fthyjyiy> fthtppeh
  408. <@McObot> (MCS) <Anna_28> Yea
  409. <@McObot> (MCS) <Gabex100> can i use it?
  410. <@McObot> (MCS) <Anna_28> Sure
  411. <@McObot> (MCS) <Anna_28> Remember how to get to the labs?
  412. <@fthtjyjy> ffffffffttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhhttttttttttttt
  413. <@McObot> (MCS) <Gabex100> nope
  414. <@McObot> (MCS) <Anna_28> come to spawn then follow me
  415. <@McObot> (MCS) <Anna_28> Nice armour
  416. <@McObot> (MCS) <Gabex100> thx
  417. <@McObot> (MCS) Welcome, FlyingJellyfish! (confirmed irc host user)
  418. <+CanaryBot> # News from mcofacebook: Franco Coco, Thanh Hoai and 241 other people like your photo. <(Link:>
  419. <@fthtjyjy> nooo ftht
  420. <@fthtiyjy> yes ftht
  421. <@FlyingJellyfish> the nick changes were ruining my idleRPG
  422. <@FlyingJellyfish> and I'm going to bed
  423. <@fthtjyjy> that is why you just use esper webchat
  424. <@FlyingJellyfish> night ftht
  425. <@fthtiyjy> ^
  426. <@fthtjyjy> night
  427. <@fthtiyjy> night
  428. <fthyjyiy> you say that like I'm not
  429. <@fthtjyjy> night
  430. <@McObot> (MCS) Gabex100 earned an achievement: We Need to Go Deeper
  431. <@FliPPeh> My printer sucks so badly, it turned a - into a ~
  432. <@fthtiyjy> We need to go deeper
  433. <@McObot> (MCS) <Gabex100> thx
  434. <@fthtiyjy> more fth
  435. <@fthtjyjy> we need to go fthter
  436. <@McObot> (MCS) <Gabex100> can i take things from the chest?
  437. <@McObot> (MCS) <Anna_28> Yea
  438. <@McObot> (MCS) <Gabex100> ok
  439. <@McObot> (MCS) <Anna_28> there are anvils here
  440. <@McObot> (MCS) <Anna_28> and a enchanting room
  441. <@McObot> (MCS) <Anna_28> aswell as mushroom cows for milk/food
  442. <@fthtjyjy> no such thing as too much ftht
  443. <@McObot> (MCS) <Gabex100> ok
  444. <@fthtjyjy> fithty ftht!
  445. <@fthtiyjy> filthy fth
  446. <@FliPPeh> s/ftht!/shades of ftht/
  447. <+CanaryBot> <fthtjyjy> fithty shades of ftht
  448. <@fthtiyjy> yolo
  449. <@fthtjyjy> ftlo
  450. <@McObot> (MCS) <Gabex100> thx
  451. <@fthtjyjy> fthx
  452. <+CanaryBot> # News from mcofacebook: Nalas Padilla, Franco Coco and 242 other people like your photo. <(Link:>
  453. <@McObot> (MCS) <Anna_28> To spawn more mobs, go stand up by the lift
  454. <@fthtiyjy> s/mob/ftht/
  455. <+CanaryBot> <Anna_28> To spawn more fthts, go stand up by the lift
  456. <@McObot> (MCS) <Anna_28> this one
  457. <@fthtjyjy> we need more ftht!
  458. <@fthtiyjy> ftht more we need!
  459. <@fthtiyjy> imagine riot drunk of wine reading this chart
  460. <@fthtiyjy> cha
  461. <@fthtiyjy> t
  462. <@fthtjyjy> chat
  463. <@fthtiyjy> he might get an aneurism
  464. <@fthtjyjy> riot is always drunk
  465. <@fthtiyjy> riot is sterling
  466. <@fthtjyjy> a fthturism
  467. <@fthtiyjy> i might get a fuckign aneurism from this
  468. <@fthtiyjy> we are adept to adapt to adoption
  469. <@fthtjyjy> s/ad/ftht/g
  470. <+CanaryBot> <fthtiyjy> we are fthtept to fthtapt to fthtoption
  471. <@fthtiyjy> we are adverse to asversity
  472. <+CanaryBot> # News from mcofacebook: Hiếu Công Trần, Andrae Paul and 245 other people like your photo. <(Link:>
  473. <@fthtiyjy> adversity*
  474. <@fthtjyjy> fthtversity*
  475. <fthyjyiy> (Link:
  476. <fthyjyiy> bottom of the page
  477. <@fthtjyjy> we shall take over the world!
  478. <@fthtjyjy> our fthtworld!
  479. <@fthtiyjy> hivemind!
  480. <@fthtjyjy> fthtmind!
  481. <@fthtiyjy> fthtverse!
  482. <@fthtiyjy> we shall, all togetehr exterminate stuff altogether
  483. <@fthtjyjy> fthterminate
  484. <@fthtiyjy> all ways should always be used!
  485. <@fthtjyjy> nooooo
  486. <@fthtjyjy> one ftht down
  487. <@fthtiyjy> fth is kil
  488. <@fthtiyjy> TORA TORA TORA
  489. <@fthtjyjy> fth is ded
  490. <@fthtjyjy> FTHT FTHT FTHT
  491. <@fthtiyjy> we augur augers will be used to drilling skulls
  492. <+CanaryBot> # News from mcofacebook: Trần Sang, Reynna Luna and 247 other people like your photo. <(Link:>
  493. <@fthtjyjy> we shall spread the ftht
  494. <@fthtjyjy> we are the ftht
  495. <@McObot> (MCS) xxWolf_Playsxx left the game
  496. <@fthtiyjy> we shall ftht the world
  497. <@McObot> (MCS) Gabex100 left the game
  498. <@fthtjyjy> the world shall be ftht
  499. <@McObot> (MCS) Gabex100 joined the game
  500. <@fthtjyjy> we shall be the world
  501. <@fthtiyjy> the world shall be we
  502. <@FliPPeh> (Link:
  503. <@McObot> (MCS) Gabex100 left the game
  504. <@fthtiyjy> lol
  505. <@fthtjyjy> lol
  506. <@fthtjyjy> FthPPeh!
  507. <@fthtiyjy> he probably had an aneurism from the fthpocalipse
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