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  1. Hello, I just want to tell you why I want whiteout. If you don’t want to read the whole thing, I’ll cut to the chase. My discord is “the milk man#8417” and I have subscribed to your channel, whiteout’s channel, liked the video, and joined the whiteout official discord.
  3. Now, why do I want whiteout so badly? Well, it’s been a problem for me for the longest time. I am still in high school and am under 18. I don’t have a PayPal and I can’t really make one. Also, whiteout as nearly tripled in price so I can’t really just buy it even if I had an online wallet. My family is working hard for more money and I don’t want to waste their money on something like this. However, I really want this client. If I had it, I would play Minecraft a lot more than I do now. I’m not the best player and I always looked up to people like bcz. I unfortunately know the truth that he cheats and I realized that mostly everyone cheats now. It such a pain when I hop on velt and there’s someone reaching me 6 blocks away. If I had whiteout, I could match to these other people and I could start having a lot of fun again. Yes, there are servers like lunar with barely no cheaters. I play on there a lot but the problem is, I live in asia and usually the time I play is when most people are offline. Nearly no one queues ranked and I have to waste time for nothing. Instead, if I had whiteout, I could go to any server I wanted. And cheat my balls off. It would be so fun. I dream of it. I tried looking for free clients, and I got ratted 3 times. I almost quit Minecraft from it. And even when I did find some decent free clients, I would get banned in 10 minutes. Even with only 3.1 reach on pvptemple. PVPTEMPLE I tell you. How bad does a cheat have to be to get banned on pvptemple?! I am so frustrated and I just want whiteout to solve my problems. Since it is the best client, I could bypass everything I wanted. I would even change my discord status to whiteout and I would literally dedicate my whole online persona to whiteout. It would kinda be the religion of whiteout. I know it sounds silly, but that’s how much I want it.
  5. I hope you understand me and I hope to get this client. Thank you. I wish you all good luck.
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