Can I use spinned content in my post?

Jun 30th, 2020
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  1. Can I use spinned content in my post?
  2. Is there any effect on my rankings if I use 50-60 percent spun content with correcting all grammar mistakes in content?
  3. Till now I am ranking with spun content? will google find it or not?
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  15. Honestly, I did not come across this, but I can assume that he should find it, but how he will appreciate it - one algorithm knows)
  16. Sure you can get improvements on ranking, but the ranking is not permanent in google it will get affect your ranking any time in google updates.
  17. A used a spinned content on my site and now I am ranking ahead of the site with the original post.
  18. if it 100% copyscape safe and pass, be no probs at all.
  19. any problam just use grammerly
  20. no content will get you ban if it copyscape passed .
  21. Honestly, I wouldn't take any unneccsary risk on my website, and I think you shouldn't too.
  22. It might provide you good results for a short time..however if you are looking for long term results i would suggest not to use them. With ever improving google algorithym it could affect your ranking any time. So better to avoid risking for short term results.
  23. Better to use handwritten for money site , less risk and higher click thru
  24. If you have money site, try to have hand written article they will help you for long time.
  25. spun contents may make your site spammed when google update their algorithm
  26. A used a spinned content on my site and now I am ranking ahead of the site with the original post.
  27. Do you mind sharing with us the tool you used?
  28. Yes, you can if its 100% unique. You might even be ranked well but its all about conversion. Using Spun content, I don't believe you can get your expected conversion. Also, it will not good for the long-term purpose.
  29. Spun content works well for use n throw websites. Forget AdSense
  30. may I know the spinning tool that you are using?
  31. you can use spun with copyscape passed content. but you cant get readable content on spun software
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  36. I think you can get away with this if it passes copyscape and you correct the grammar and readability as you suggest. I would try to keep it to less than 50% of the article though to be safe.
  37. Personally, I think this may work for you for the short term. If you want long-term possibilities sans the risks, I'd recommend making original content that you can tailor to be better than your competitors. :)
  38. Doing that you can get ranking! But, that ranking will be not be permanent
  39. Can I use spinned content in my post?
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  52. But the prices are based on fantasy & almost nobody is dumb enough to pay those sorts of prices.
  53. Anyone dumb enough to pay that would be better off buying their own registry rather than a single name.
  55. Amazon vowed to invest $5 billion in India & they have done some remarkable work on logistics there. Walmart acquired Flipkart for $16 billion.
  56. Other emerging markets also have many local ecommerce leaders like Jumia, MercadoLibre, OLX, Gumtree, Takealot, Konga, Kilimall, BidOrBuy, Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Shoppee, Lazada.
  58. If you live in the US you may have never heard of *any* of those companies. And if you live in an emerging market you may have never interacted with Amazon or eBay.
  59. It makes sense that ecommerce leadership would be more localized since it requires moving things in the physical economy, dealing with local currencies, managing inventory,
  61. shipping goods, etc. whereas information flows are just bits floating on a fiber optic cable.
  62. If the Internet is primarily seen as a communications platform it is easy for people in some emerging markets to think Facebook is the Internet. Free communication with friends
  64. and family members is a compelling offer & as the cost of data drops web usage increases.
  65. At the same time, the web is incredibly deflationary. Every free form of entertainment which consumes time is time that is not spent consuming something else.
  66. Add the technological disruption to the wealth polarization that happened in the wake of the great recession, then combine that with algorithms that promote extremist views & it
  68. is clearly causing increasing conflict.
  69. If you are a parent and you think you child has no shot at a brighter future than your own life it is easy to be full of rage.
  70. Empathy can radicalize otherwise normal people by giving them a more polarized view of the world:
  71. Starting around 2000, the line starts to slide. More students say it's not their problem to help people in trouble, not their job to see the world from someone else's perspective.
  73. By 2020, on all the standard measures, Konrath found, young people on average measure 40 percent less empathetic than my own generation ... The new rule for empathy seems to be:
  75. reserve it, not for your "enemies," but for the people you believe are hurt, or you have decided need it the most. Empathy, but just for your own team. And empathizing with the
  77. other team? That's practically a taboo.
  78. A complete lack of empathy could allow a psychopath to commit extreme crimes while feeling no guilt, shame or remorse. Extreme empathy can have the same sort of outcome:
  79. "Sometimes we commit atrocities not out of a failure of empathy but rather as a direct consequence of successful, even overly successful, empathy. ... They emphasized that
  81. students would learn both sides, and the atrocities committed by one side or the other were always put into context. Students learned this curriculum, but follow-up studies showed
  83. that this new generation was more polarized than the one before. ... [Empathy] can be good when it leads to good action, but it can have downsides. For example, if you want the
  85. victims to say 'thank you.' You may even want to keep the people you help in that position of inferior victim because it can sustain your feeling of being a hero." - Fritz
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  88. News feeds will be read. Villages will be razed. Lynch mobs will become commonplace.
  89. Many people will end up murdered by algorithmically generated empathy.
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