Chalice Concerns

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  1. Abstract: Blood Magic is very cumbersome to deal with and differentiate right now, so there must be a solution to solve it unless we want confusion between players whenever Chalice is played.
  3. Intro:
  4. There are many problems with the current method that is used for Chalice's Blood Magic right now, and none of them are actually with the power or functionality of the move.  All of them stem from the unclear nature of how exactly to make a circle, and how much of a clutter it makes on the map.  This is for several reasons.  Firstly, the circle is made out of Cursed Ice in its current, which could theoretically exist in any EX match if a Cryokinetic is playing.  Also, the tiles on the map get covered up by the blood circle, making it impossible to tell what is under it unless someone memorizes what is under it, which requires extensive knowledge of the map, or at the very least, good memory.  Another problem with this is these tiles don't have any indication of who they belong to, which is a really important thing to consider when there are two or more Chalices in a game.  Finally, it is both cumbersome to make with %settile over and over again, as well as not standardized.
  6. Discussion:
  7. What could the solutions to these problems be, and are they even problems?  Well, the severity of the problems depends on your outlook, but I think this should be considered at the very least.  A command would easily fix the standardization issue and make it a lot easier to host, and would likely appropriate the settile command to create four tiles to indicate the bounds of the circle.  There should also be a dedicated blood tile, though I have no idea what colour it should be.  However, is this enough?  There isn't any efficient way to move a circle if the user creates another one, and there is still no indication of which circle is which.  This is why another thing that could be done is tying the circle to the player, and having some sort of indication on at least one of the corners of who owns it.  This is just a rough idea, and likely not effective, but its still a problem that I would like to see considered, even if its deemed not necessary to act upon.
  9. Conclusion:
  10. Blood Magic is a very clever and interesting use of map control to create a really sick weapon, but the tools are just not there to make it very hostable, and there are (common) edge cases that make it hard for players.  For this reason, I would like to at least see a command made for ease of hosting (which I might draft up soon), but possible other solutions to be found.
  12. Thank you for your time.
  14. - Meri
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