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Jun 14th, 2011
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  1. <evolvedatheist> fuck you guys, i gave my arguments and they keep cutting me off
  2. <chrishorrie> Nicely handled by Matt
  3. <evolvedatheist> they were just cutting me off
  4. <evolvedatheist> i was telling my points
  5. <evolvedatheist> and they cut me off
  6. <AnonymousAtheist-1> Evolvedatheist, because your a prick and your not answering the question
  7. <evolvedatheist> i was making my points and they put me on hold
  8. <scottandelli> EPIC FAIL!
  9. <evolvedatheist> i "failed" because you didnt give me a chance to talk
  10. <MikeTheInfidel> evolvedatheist: you have no right to complain about being put on hold if you constantly fucking TALK OVER THEM
  11. <CaptainJackHarkness-1> You have nothing to say evolvedatheist
  12. <evolvedatheist> i have everything to say
  13. <evolvedatheist> they were ignoring all my points
  14. <evolvedatheist> fuck u all
  15. <evolvedatheist> ya'll cant argue for shit
  16. <MikeTheInfidel> evolvedatheist: boo hoo, an irrational bigot doesn't like me
  17. <Antibodies-1> Evolvedatheist.. read and understand this..Marriage is a social union or legal contract between people that creates kinship
  18. <evolvedatheist> definition of the word in my eyes defins mariage between man and a woman
  19. <evolvedatheist> follow the definition of the dictionary
  20. <tctheunbeliever> Or you could just mind your own fucking business
  21. <CrimsonBlade117> Is that your hypo thesis evolvedatheist?
  22. <bribase> definitions change.
  23. <evolvedatheist> follow the definition of the dictionary, union between a man and a woman. boom problem solved
  24. <CaptainJackHarkness-1> SO what evolvedatheist? SO WHAT? You have a definition stuck in your craw, that's no excuse to deny a group of people equal rights EVER
  25. <atheisttv-1> there's nothing magical and sacred about your notion of the word "marriage"
  26. <evolvedatheist> the dictionary says there is
  27. <MikeTheInfidel> go worship the dictionary then
  28. <evolvedatheist> changing the definition would be ruining american culture
  29. <The_evout> Lol what?
  30. <rokudaime622> LOL!
  31. <evolvedatheist> my acnestors worked on plantations to keep the definition of marriage
  32. <MikeTheInfidel> FUCKING REALLY
  33. <MikeTheInfidel> that's it, show's over, evolvedatheist is a complete fucking idiot
  34. <Raborn> evolvedatheist: Just like changing the definition of citizen form white, land owning, male to anyone including women and blacks destroyed american culture?
  35. <MediumDave> no evolvedattentionseeker... your ancestors worked there because they were forced to
  36. <golgar-1> Your battle of semantics is a very poor attempt to disguise your true bigotry, evolvedatheist. You obviously have a completely different issue with gay marriage & your refusal to be honest is tiring
  37. <GravityFoxx> Shut the FUCK up you fucking idiot, I'm black too you piece of shit.
  38. <GravityFoxx> Dont use our ancestors for your bigotry.
  39. <MikeTheInfidel> your ancestors were polygamists, evolvedatheist
  40. <MikeTheInfidel> hate to fucking tell you
  41. <MikeTheInfidel> most African tribes were polygamist
  42. <evolvedatheist> my ancestors worked on plantations to keep the definition of marriage between a man and a woman, taking that away would be violating the constitution
  43. <atheisttv-1> the constitution doesn't say anything about marriage
  44. <GravityFoxx> Those were my ancestors too, they didn't work for that.
  45. <MikeTheInfidel> my ancestors were slaves, too, but I'm not going to pull this stupid shit about definitions
  46. <bribase> Do you have any idea how underhanded it is to brandish the hardship of your ancestors civil rights struggle as a means to fuck with other people's civil rights?
  47. <dabigq> fingers in ears, lalalalalala
  48. <RationalJen> The claim that gay marriage will fundamentally change American culture is a religious argument.
  49. <evolvedatheist> its not a religious argument, is a clutural argument
  50. <SpacePod-1> Your ancestors weren't allowed to vote because of a lack of legal equality and YOU want to restrict the rights of gays?
  52. <cbrgreg> Culture evolves, just like anything else
  53. <cbrgreg> LET IT EVOLVE
  54. <RationalJen> It's exactly the argument theists like Maggie Gallagher make.
  55. <The_cake_is_a_lie1> gay people get married in germany and society still functions
  56. <atheisttv-1> evolvedatheist - "marriage" used to mean only between people of the same race too
  57. <MikeTheInfidel> evolvedatheist: 50 years ago my parents would've BROKEN THE LAW by getting married
  58. <CrimsonBlade117> Evolvedatheist, I'm white and I have a black girlfriend, I love her, my grandmother will not see us because while she isn't racist she is bigoted and supports the preservation of different races.
  59. <evolvedatheist> fuck you all, im gonna go play grand theft auto and fuck up some gay bitches trying to get married and you cant stop me thanks to the constitution you dirty fags
  60. <evolvedatheist> fuck you all for being racist bigots, your just hating cus im black
  61. * RationalJen sets ban on *!*
  62. * RationalJen has kicked evolvedatheist from #the-atheist-experience (RationalJen)
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