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  1. 7:12 pm est 09/21
  5. testing play
  7. Klavier: Yesterday, we got a call, from the local prison and detention center, as you know, it was... murder.
  8. Klavier: The victim was prisoner, by the name of Redd White.
  9. Klavier: He was found, stabbed to death in his cell, by the Warden of the prison, on top of that
  10. Klavier: The warden also found in the cell with him, his killer.'
  11. Klavier: The new warden in training,  Belle Dunkeld
  12. Klavier: According to him, they got into a fight, and before he could stop it, it ended in death
  13. Klavier: Apparently it was a close fight though, as the defendant was heavlily injured, and is currently in the hosptial.
  14. -so can't ask for the defendant
  16. Klavier: I have some information on that to present to the court after this opening satement
  17. Klavier: We have an eyewitness, as well as someone whos saw the defendant acting strangly before the muredr
  19. Klavier: *Presents victim's conditon*
  20. Phoenix: (Decisive evidence? We'll see about that.)
  21. Judge's Bro: Alright then, you may present whatever it was you spoke of
  22. Klavier has played a song: Questioning.
  23. Klavier: That will be all.
  24. Klavier: As well as some decisive evidence, of course.
  26. Atmey: *I mean*
  27. Atmey: *defendant
  30. -strangled- cut bruised
  33. is it the same watch?
  35. any distinctive points? can we add pen and cellphone to the evidences?
  37. do wardens not wear guard uniforms?
  39. cannot read watch at alll?
  41. how many cells total? which cell was prisoner's? is atmey still a current prisoner? how recently released if not?
  44. whose skin is it? test results?
  46. how do you know the nail file was the murder weapon?
  49. clarification: was she cut and bruised, or was the victim's body in the condition?
  51. who is your partner? and why isn't he here to testify if he was a witness? IS BEING ADDED
  53. how do you arrest an unconscious person?
  55. she got HIM into a choke hold? Then why doesn't the autopsy report mention any signs of strangulation there?
  57. who is watching? Any video or audio evidence?
  59. [Scot: His partner was another refereance tothat case
  60. Scot: the partner was the victim in it
  61. Super: Oh, okay. Then this comes first?
  62. Scot: yeah ]
  64. what time call? 2 pm, from the warden
  66. Which prison cell letter was it? cell block C How many cells are there total? Marshall: And, there are around 100 cells in that block, but everyone else was at lunch. The court record doesn't supply that information as far as I have seen.
  67. Marshall: He wasn't a danger to others, like others in those cells usually are.
  68. Marshall: Though, I suspect that wasn't the case with White.
  69. Marshall: Well, each block has one... bigger cell, and farther away, usually used for people who... are not safe to keep close to the others
  71. Phoenix: I see. He has enemies?
  72. Phoenix: You said that it's been a bad few years? Does this mean something else previously occurred in the recent few years?
  73. Marshall: And go on?
  74. Marshall: The warden says he was in that cell because HE was the one in danger, for further clarificatoon
  75. Phoenix: I have another question about this.
  76. Phoenix: ... Okay.
  77. Marshall: I mean serial killers.
  78. Marshall: Thats not what I mean when I say.. dangerous.
  79. Phoenix: You say he's not dangerous, yet he was found guilty for murder?
  81. Marshall: Anyway he did have enmies.
  82. Phoenix: No, I have amnesia after getting hit by a lightpole if you can believe it.
  83. Marshall: ((AAI2 reference))
  84. Marshall: A man held in detention was killed there, two years ago.
  85. Marshall: Don't you rememebr, your friend Edgeworth was involved in that case
  87. Marshall: He was a man who was rumored to have had a lot off... dirty information, after all.
  89. Phoenix: Can we know more about this blackmailing?
  90. Marshall: Rumors for White say he had a hand in the pocket of many powerful people.
  91. Marshall: Well, Luke Atmey was only blackmailing one person, and not one with much power.
  92. Phoenix: Hmm... as much as a certain Luke Atmey from the court record?
  94. Marshall: Well, it never got proven in the court of law, but he was able to put pressure on a lot of people, you see.
  95. Phoenix: Oh, really. I am totally amnesiasic, and so I totally don't recall anything.
  96. Marshall: You did get him for the murder of your boss thogh.
  98. Marshall: Once he was put away, he lost his information
  100. Pat Nare
  101. --Open and shut--
  102. 1: What we have here, is what I’m glad to call an open and shut case.
  103. 2: My partner and I got a call about a murder in a prison cell of all things. Seems it's been a bad few years to be a prisoner.
  104. 3:  When we got to the scene of the crime, we found the victim, dead in a pool of his own blood.
  105. 4: We arrested the defendant, who was also in the cell, on the spot.
  106. 5: As for motive, You see,the victim’s actions caused the defendant to have to resign from an old job, many years ago.
  107. 6: We believe, after lunch, she snuck off, and stole a guard uniform, entered the cell block, and attacked White in his cell.
  108. 7: White however, was a strong man, and fought back, and nearly won, in the end, getting the victim in a chokehold.
  109. 8: Right before she fell unconscious from the lack of air, she managed to grab ahold of her nail files..
  110. 9: And stabbed the victim multiple times in the neck, before passing out herself. All in front of the warden.
  113. Scot: 100 cells in the block
  114. Super: Okay, not that it really matters.
  115. Scot: Iyeah
  116. Super: That's also an AA4 reference.
  117. Scot: Yeah I got that, lol.
  118. Super: Should I press on the detention killed person or does it not matter?
  119. Scot: if you want but it doesn't matter
  120. Scot: you might get AAI2 spoilers
  121. Super: Lol, I forgot this was supposed to be incorporated into the canon somehow.
  122. Super: So this happened after AA2 at the least?
  123. Scot: yeah
  124. Scot: its 2021
  125. Scot: AAI2 ends in april 2019 right around when you got your badge taken away
  126. Scot: So yechincally your light poll reference doesn't really work.
  127. Scot: Unless that was a common issue
  128. Scot: for him
  129. Super: Okay, so you're going by chronological dates, which I never really paid attention to.
  130. Scot: I am, mostly picked at random, too be honest.
  131. Scot: Just so the canon stuff its at the least
  132. Scot: You technically dont even have a badge right now
  133. Scot: lol
  134. Scot: The canadnian judge doesnt know that yet.
  135. Super: That cardboard badge is coming through for me.
  137. mia fey murder bla from redd white
  139. Scot: He just managed to get a light sentance
  140. Scot: Mostly because he was being threatened by the person he killed, lol
  141. Super: Lucky d00d.
  143. atmey is in block a, not full life sentence
  145. Marshall: Well, of course.
  146. Phoenix: And the defendant, right?
  147. Marshall: *
  148. Marshall: Just the warden, the rest of the block was at lunch.
  149. Phoenix: Who else was there?
  150. Marshall:   When we got to the scene of the crime, we found the victim, dead in a pool of his own blood.
  152. partner also saw it
  154. Phoenix: So at what time was this? 12:30 to 2:30 was lunchtime
  155. Marshall: A and C were at lunch at the time that day.
  156. Marshall: He told us he spoke to her.
  157. Marshall: The way the prison works, is that two blocks at a time, eat lunch together, and atmey was at lunch.
  158. Phoenix: Where was he and when? How did you know that he spoke to her since she's still unconscious?
  159. Marshall: He did, but not in his cell
  161. Phoenix: I see. So he never gets let out?
  162. Phoenix: ((Solo cell doesn't initially explain that he wouldn't be let out ever, especially since he's part of block C. ))
  163. Marshall: His lunch was hand deleviered to him at 12:15, before the others left.
  164. Marshall: Solo cell, rememebr?
  165. Phoenix: Why wasn't Redd White in the lunchroom if he was part of block C?
  167. Marshall: According to the warden, he only ever leaves alone. He claims, again, its for his saftey.
  169. Marshall: Apparently, he either gets lucnh given to him in his cell, or gets to eat before eeveryone else.
  170. Phoenix: Are there any video or audio recordings?
  172. Phoenix: Any evidence is better than none.
  173. Marshall: *partner.
  174. Marshall: One second, partnet.
  175. Marshall: Even prison get budget cuts.
  176. Marshall: However during lunch, only one camera is active in cell blocks currently eating, and thats the enrance camera.
  177. Phoenix: Could you add them to the court record?
  178. Marshall: That's a mighty fine question, of course there are.
  179. Marshall: Apparently, he either gets lucnh given to him in his cell, or gets to eat before eeveryone else.
  180. Phoenix: Are there any video or audio recordings?
  182. Super: A prison without videos is unheard of these days.
  183. Super: It figures that they can't even get footage when their inmates are going out on their own.
  186. skin is from the defendant
  187. stab wounds- belonged to the nail file even though not sharp
  189. everything says BD
  191. blade- had blood of defendant and victim on it
  194. warden says she came at him with a knife
  195. and he got it out of hers, and then she got it back
  197. Phoenix: Okay. And did you do a fingerprinting or gloveprinting test on the nail file? Any further prints on the blade?
  198. Marshall: But he did see her holding the knife when he first saw her.
  199. Marshall: Yes, as far as the warden saw, he didn't see the start of the attack, apparently.
  200. Phoenix: *grappled
  201. Phoenix: So... she came at the victim, who grappbled with her? Not the warden to clarify?
  202. Marshall: And later she got it out of his.
  203. Marshall: But he later got it out of her hands
  204. Marshall: from what the warden tells us, she came at him with the knife first,
  205. Marshall: Mutiple cuts on both parties.
  206. Phoenix: Very well... What about the knife? Which wounds were traced to that?
  207. Marshall: It's as sharp as your average nail file, you would be suprised what a person can do when their life is on the line.
  209. Marshall: The nail file was very smudged up with blood, but we did manage to lift one print from the defendnt on it.
  211. Phoenix: Can you add that?
  212. Marshall: As well as one from the warden, who tried to pull it away from her as she was stabbing the victim.
  213. Marshall: The nail file was very smudged up with blood, but we did manage to lift one print from the defendnt on it.
  216. Phoenix: Who was her superior?
  217. Marshall: It created a scandle that resulted in her having to resign
  218. Marshall: Information came out about her superior
  219. Marshall: However, when Redd White was arrested
  220. Phoenix: Interesting.
  221. Marshall: She used to be a very high ranking member of the police, you  see.
  223. Phoenix: I see. That much I recall from my addled memories.
  224. Marshall: Second to only old Gant, and we know what happened to him.
  225. Marshall: Her superior was actually the second in command of the police department
  227. Marshall: Anyway, I should also say that nothing directly about her ever leaked.
  229. Marshall: He can tell you more about that
  230. Marshall: She was eating with her friend, Atmey.
  231. Marshall: And he was also about but not with her
  232. Marshall: Well, as warden in training she has free reign to got to all lunches
  233. Phoenix: Why was the warden there too? Would he have been at lunch?
  234. Phoenix: How long is a guard's lunch? Or employee?
  235. Phoenix: You said that she snuck off after lunch.
  236. Phoenix: I suppose I can ask on this statement, #7.
  238. Marshall: Only in the courtyards and lunchrooms.
  239. Phoenix: Are prisoners able to move freely during the lunch hour or no?
  241. Phoenix: And where was it found?
  242. Phoenix: Also, who owned the set of keys in the record?
  243. Marshall: Not at all, no.
  244. Phoenix: So hypothetically, they wouldn't be able to move around to other blocks?
  245. Marshall: Some like to eat outside.
  247. Phoenix: Are all keys there or is something missing? The ring is broken.
  248. Phoenix: Did you test it for prints?
  249. Marshall: Apparently she stole it from him.
  250. Marshall: It was the Warden's set.
  251. Phoenix: And where was it found?
  252. Phoenix: Also, who owned the set of keys in the record?
  254. Marshall: Yes, we did, and we found both her and the wardens prints.
  256. Phoenix: Would anyone else have keys?
  257. Phoenix: Does she have her own set as a warden trainee or no?
  259. Marshall: She does too, yes, but not for *that* cell. And thats the key thats missing, see?
  260. Phoenix: Would anyone else have keys?
  262. scot: His own cell has a key
  263. Super: That's confusing because the record says cell block C keys are still there, and he is technically C even though he has his own key.
  264. Super: *cell
  265. Scot: Thats to get into block C
  266. Super: So he has a key in addition to the normal block C keys?
  267. Super: Rather, his cell does.
  268. Scot: yeah
  270. Phoenix: Can you add that the key is missing? You didn't happen to find it anywhere else, did you?
  272. scot: His own cell has a key
  273. Super: That's confusing because the record says cell block C keys are still there, and he is technically C even though he has his own key.
  274. Super: *cell
  275. Scot: Thats to get into block C
  276. Super: So he has a key in addition to the normal block C keys?
  277. Super: Rather, his cell does.
  278. Scot: yeah
  279. Scot: special cell, remember?
  280. Super: Well, that would be more clear if he wasn't part of block C.
  281. Super: Because you didn't mention 99 other keys for block C.
  282. Scot: I suppose, but juust having a random cell not in a block is a bit sttrange
  283. Scot: You do have a point
  284. Scot: One second time to rectify!
  285. Super: Okay.
  287. Phoenix: Oh, you found the key to the victim's cell? Could you add it to the record?
  288. Marshall: he can explain in more detail later but...
  289. Marshall: We did, the warden had it.
  292. Phoenix: So... how did he grab the nail file?
  293. Marshall: She locked herself in with the victim, so he couldnt escape
  294. Marshall: When he got to the cell when the fight was going on, it was locked
  296. Marshall: But he as able to get in
  297. Marshall: Accidently yanking it off in the process,
  298. Marshall: The keys were on the defendants person, he reached into the cell and grabbed at the key
  300. Marshall: (Didn't expect that to be pushed on this testiony)
  301. Marshall: Let me put that in for you (Also wasn't ready yet, lol))
  302. Phoenix: Is there a reason the key hasn't been included in the record?
  303. Marshall: Yes.
  304. Phoenix: You found the cell open when you arrived?
  305. Marshall: thats why he didn't intervene sooner
  307. Super: Open all the cells in each respective block still doesn't clear up the fact that his cell doesn't open even though it's in C from that C key.
  308. scot: Yeah, I need to be more clear about that
  309. scot: It should be more obvious when the other key is in there
  310. scot: all I had was the image for it though at the time so I removed it from the evidence on your doc
  311. Super: Maybe you could write it opens the communally shared cells? Or cells with roommates? Not sure. Many ways to put it.
  312. Scot: Yeah, I will
  314. ~~~~~~~~~~
  316. Marshall: And in the case of Ted, his was not the usual guard unirform.
  317. Phoenix: So... no one was watching the victim, however?
  318. Marshall: And the warden sets their own dress code
  319. Marshall: The warden was, apparently, going to after eating, watch him until lunch ended.
  321. Phoenix: Do you happen to know why the defendant would steal a uniform when she already had high authority in the prison?
  322. Marshall: No, there was no one before that.
  324. Marshall: Well unluckily for her she didn't seem to find a hat included
  325. Phoenix: ((It says defendant on there.))
  326. Phoenix: It clearly didn't fool any one in that case.
  327. Marshall: She was, yes.
  328. Phoenix: Was the defendant wearing the guard uniform in the entrance footage?
  329. Marshall: She did have acess to the offices where uniforms are kept, however.
  330. Marshall: She wasn't supposed to be able to go into the blocks without the warden
  331. Marshall: I assume to trick the cameras.
  333. Phoenix: Could you add that?
  334. Phoenix: But she didn't have it?
  335. Phoenix: One hat short?
  336. Marshall: Alroght then
  337. Marshall: It seems they were one hat short in the office, for whaever reason.
  338. Phoenix: I'll move on.
  339. Phoenix: Well, that's interesting...
  340. Phoenix: Oh, I see. ((I thought someone else stole it, lol.))
  341. Marshall: No, because they were one hat short, she didn't get one, and yes, I will
  343. Marshall: We believe, after lunch, she snuck off, and stole a guard uniform, entered the cell block, and attacked White in his cell.
  347. Super: Hmm, I thought it said previously that she got him into a chokehold at first. But now that statement's gone, so I guess I won't ask about that.
  348. Scot: I don't think that was ever a statement?
  349. Super: I just remember writing a note about that, but it doesn't matter.
  350. Super: This is why I should ask for everything to be written down, haha...
  352. Marshall: But never managed to
  353. Marshall: According to the witness, she made to snatch it back after he dropped it
  354. Phoenix: Then I suppose you did.
  355. Marshall: Did I say that, I might have stumbled on my words.
  356. Phoenix: So my question now, is, why would she need the nail files if she was already holding the knife?
  357. Phoenix: I recall you said that she had it first, then he grabbed it, and then she grabbed it back.
  358. Marshall: She had it first, though.
  359. Marshall: According to the witness, White had it last, and it was knocked away from him.
  360. Phoenix: So you're claiming that she had the knife last?
  362. Scot: I'm very disorganized on that whole front, I wasn expecting to need to go over this part today, lol
  363. Super: I see.
  365. Scot: ahk more unfinished evidence
  367. Super: Okay, so should I not ask about the pen?
  369. scotsoulgem: Just know its subject to change between sessions
  370. Super: Okay.
  372. scratched out initials on it, soaked in blood, old and commonly used
  373. supposedly defendant's according to warden
  374. mixture
  376. Marshall: Sorry, partner.
  377. Marshall: There were prints found but we were unable to use them as they were too smudged.
  378. Marshall: The blood was a mixture of both parties at the scene.
  381. Phoenix: Then why is only the defendant's blood on the nail files?
  382. Marshall: So it made rather distinct patterns
  383. Marshall: As you pointed out, its not a very good stabbing weapon.
  384. Marshall: According to our expert, the massive barage of stab wounds in his neck was indeed caused by the nail file.
  385. Phoenix: So you maintain that this was with the nail files?
  386. Phoenix: Can you go to statement 9?
  388. Phoenix: Then why is only the defendant's blood on the nail files?
  389. Marshall: So it made rather distinct patterns
  390. Marshall: As you pointed out, its not a very good stabbing weapon.
  391. Marshall: According to our expert, the massive barage of stab wounds in his neck was indeed caused by the nail file.
  392. Phoenix: So you maintain that this was with the nail files?
  393. Phoenix: Can you go to statement 9?
  395. Marshall: *years*
  396. Marshall: *he leaves because yes its been 10 uears(
  397. Phoenix: Good, then. I am done with the CE ((after 10 years)).
  398. Marshall: *he takes the package
  399. Marshall: I'll look into it then.
  400. Marshall: I see.
  401. Phoenix: Yes, I have a feeling it might be the medium-sized object the warden was holding.
  402. Marshall: Dammit, it's not really my day.
  403. Phoenix: It was found in the trash can of the cell block office.
  404. Marshall: A package?
  405. Phoenix: Could you please analyze this package?
  406. Marshall:  
  407. Phoenix: *presents torn brown package*
  408. Marshall: Alright?
  409. Phoenix: I have a request, Detective.
  410. Marshall:  
  411. Klavier: lol pay cut.
  412. Marshall: I'm sorry, its been a long night.
  413. Marshall: I... will.
  414. Marshall:  
  415. Phoenix: Detective. Please do your job more completely next time. The court record should be complete as possible.
  416. Marshall: Obviously the murder weapon had the victims blood on it.
  417. Marshall: Well, it wasn't ONLY the blood of the defendan.
  419. Super: I'm going to object because I feel like it.
  420. scot: See I knew I fucked up somewhere.
  421. Super: LOL.
  422. Super: Rest in pieces.
  424. Klavier: He's a second hand detective, you see.
  425. Phoenix: (That explains a lot about Dick Gumshoe.)
  426. Klavier: Goodwill.
  427. Phoenix: Yeah, seriously, where do you even find them...?
  428. Klavier: I really need better detectives.
  429. Marshall has played a song: Prelude(AJ).
  430. Marshall: *years*
  431. Marshall: *he leaves because yes its been 10 uears(
  432. Phoenix: Good, then. I am done with the CE ((after 10 years)).
  433. Marshall: *he takes the package
  434. Marshall: I'll look into it then.
  435. Marshall: I see.
  436. Phoenix: Yes, I have a feeling it might be the medium-sized object the warden was holding.
  437. Marshall: Dammit, it's not really my day.
  438. Phoenix: It was found in the trash can of the cell block office.
  439. Marshall: A package?
  440. Phoenix: Could you please analyze this package?
  441. Marshall:  
  442. Phoenix: *presents torn brown package*
  443. Marshall: Alright?
  444. Phoenix: I have a request, Detective.
  446. Phoenix: Yes, you sure do.
  447. Klavier: THey won't shut up.
  448. Klavier: It's a real problem.
  449. Klavier: A record low for this trial, 7 statements. I really need more consince witnesses.
  450. Phoenix: Okay, I'll hear it then.
  451. Klavier: Shorter than our detective friend
  452. Klavier: Hopfully not, his testimony is slightly sorter.
  453. Phoenix: Do you believe the next witness will have fewer holes? Or will it be another pressing fiasco?
  454. Klavier: Well, herr Wright?
  455. Klavier: So I must ask, do you wish to go any further right now?
  456. Klavier: Anyway, I know time is a commodity.
  458. Klavier: I mean more
  459. Klavier: Witness, name and occupation, in no less than 10 words, for the love of god.
  461. scotsoulgem: I plan on splitting the detectives in two
  462. Super: Interesting.
  464. scotsoulgem: As well as the wardens first one
  466. scotsoulgem: As well as the wardens first one
  467. scotsoulgem: Thats all I'm up to at this point
  468. Super: That's okay, I guess.
  470. Super: I'm not sure if this case can be considered easy because there are so many witnesses.
  471. Scot: There are only 2
  472. Scot: sans the detective
  473. Super: The detective usually counts in my book.
  474. Scot: Fair point
  475. Super: Also, that secret witness that no one needs, the partner.
  476. Scot: Well that was mostly a reference
  478. Super: He still saw the end of the crime, so I think it counts as a witness.
  479. Scot: If someone actually calls him, they will need to be pretty desperate
  480. Scot: Since he only saw what the detective saw
  481. Scot: if not even less
  482. Super: Then that'll be me. Because I asked for his profile.
  484. Scot: Well there is a difference between being through and being a mess
  485. Scot: a large one
  487. Atmey: (Don't think I have forgotten you)
  488. Phoenix: (I am surprised that he didn't Zvarri the heck out of me.)
  490. Super: Prison has changed him.
  491. Super: Jk. It's probably because we're taking a long time.
  493. Atmey: (I just don't have TIME to be mad right now)
  495. scot: I was wrong
  496. scot: its only 6
  497. Super: That's more reasonable.
  499. scot: Wait
  500. Super: For a shortest statement, that is.
  501. scot: Thhats ebcause I'm using the wrong testimony
  502. scot: Lol
  503. Super: Wow.
  505. scot: I'm doing his testiony from my other case
  506. Super: This is what you call disorganization.
  508. Scot: Indeed
  509. Scot: I also need to restart my computer, further disorganization is great
  510. Super: Super.
  512. Phoenix: ((J00j is dead.))
  513. Klavier: ((fuck the judge))
  514. Klavier: ((now I am too))
  515. Phoenix: ((Okay.))
  516. Atmey: Back.
  520. ~~~~~~~~~~
  523. ATMEY
  525. saw the defendant
  526. wrote to her she would be at the prison that day for training- joined him and some friends for lunch
  527. phone alarm went off- she left the room, left some things behind
  528. 1:15 pm
  530. Phoenix: Very well. Please describe it.
  531. Atmey: I don't as it was sent a few days ago, I can just tell you what it said though.
  532. Phoenix: Do you have that letter available? It is correspondence from the defendant, after all.
  533. Atmey: Yes, if you must know... Ace Attorney.
  534. Phoenix: That was at the lunch room?
  535. Atmey: Why, I did see the defendant before the scene of the crime, yes.
  537. Phoenix: Also, can the testimony be added to the record? Thank you.
  538. Atmey: 'Hello, Atmey. In a weeks time, I wish to dine with you at lunch time, during training. Please make time, I have some stuff I wish to talk about'
  540. Phoenix: (So they're not on a first name basis, eh? How friendly can they be? Oh, then again... Edgeworth and I are the same way.)
  542. Atmey: Some news does. Ace 'Attorney'
  543. Phoenix: Anyway...
  544. Phoenix: He's off to Europe. I suppose the news doesn't reach you in the cells so well, huh?
  545. Atmey: Are you and Edgeworth finally together?
  547. scot: I'm all sorts of disorganized.
  548. scot: Atmey is a lot more to the point though, I feel
  549. Super: Idk what the heck this timeline is.
  550. scot: Atmey didn't sem very mad (well he was mad in the crazy way_ after being caught s
  551. scot: So I assume he doesnt hold too much of a grudge
  552. scot: just say whatever
  553. scot: lol
  555. Super: If I asked about the friends, would it lead to anything?
  556. scot: Not really, mosty just some references to people
  557. scot: who have been put behind bars
  558. Super: Okay, then I won't press that if it'll just complicate everything.
  560. Atmey: Her being ex police after all.
  561. Atmey: I thought she was just nervous about all the criminals aroundher
  562. Phoenix: I see. And how was she suspicious, including what questions did she ask?
  563. Atmey: And she was a bit shifty, and all.
  564. Atmey: She was wearing her usual day clothing.
  565. Phoenix: How so? Also, what was she wearing?
  566. Atmey:  I do have to admit, she was acting a bit suspicious at the time. She asked some strange questions too.
  568. yes it includes the questions
  569. Phoenix: Does that include the strange questions she was asking or can you tell me about those now?
  570. Atmey: Of course.
  571. Phoenix: Very well. Please leave that for the end of questioning.
  572. Atmey: But I think it warrents its own testimony.
  574. Super: Ah, I forgot to ask about the phone. I think I meant to, but then just wanted the det test to end. Maybe I'll ask for it to be added later after Atmey.
  576. Phoenix: Or do I have to ask for the detective to give it?
  577. Phoenix: I see. Do you have any of these items in your possession?
  578. Atmey: Well, her purse, for one.
  579. Phoenix: What things did she leave behind?
  581. Phoenix: Anything else she left behind?
  582. Phoenix: I see.
  583. Atmey: I gave the purse to a guard after she ran off.
  585. Atmey: I'm sure if anything of note was in it , it woud be in the record.
  587. Atmey: She was only picking at it anyway.
  588. Phoenix: I see.
  589. Atmey: Well, she left behind a lot of uneaten food as well.
  591. Phoenix: Why was it strange?
  592. Atmey:  This was at about 1:15 PM. A bit of a strange time to have some kind of appointment, if I have to be honest with you.
  593. Phoenix: You can move on
  595. Atmey: Well, for one, lunch wasnt due to be over for over an hour after that point
  597. Atmey: None of the guards left at the time, so it couldn't have been a meeting.
  599. Phoenix: Did you see any keys?
  600. Phoenix: Please add that you didn't see anything like that.
  601. Atmey: I didn't see what was in there.
  602. Atmey: Pretty sure I would have noticed a weapon though, maybe in her pocket.
  603. Phoenix: Could you please add the information about the notebook and purse?
  604. Phoenix: A notebook? Hmm.
  605. Phoenix: Anything small? Watches, weapons?
  606. Atmey: She had a notebook and something to write with, for training.
  607. Atmey: She had her phone
  608. Atmey: Like what?
  610. Phoenix: Those keys?
  611. Phoenix: Hmm, interesting. Is that because she's a warden trainee?
  612. Atmey: But I'm sure she didn't have *those* keys on her yet.
  613. Atmey: Well, I'm sure she had keys on her.
  614. Phoenix: Did you see any keys?
  616. Atmey: *offices*
  617. Phoenix: (Those could have been in the purse. We will have to see if we can ask for the detective to bring it forward at some point.)
  618. Atmey: To all the guard areas and office.
  619. Phoenix: So, what keys would she have had?
  620. Atmey: What else?
  621. Atmey: The warden's keys.
  623. Super: Am I supposed to be able to find a contradiction in this staement? Or am I just waiting for the strange question testimony?
  624. scot: You might be able to, but you can also move on
  625. scot: A lot you have asked him is adgressed in later ones aling with clarifications
  627. Phoenix: Just wondering. Do you know if she has a lot of engravings on her personal items?
  629. Super: Am I supposed to be able to find a contradiction in this staement? Or am I just waiting for the strange question testimony?
  630. scot: You might be able to, but you can also move on
  631. scot: A lot you have asked him is adgressed in later ones aling with clarifications
  632. scot: I'd say change though for the sake of the test run, if you are done, unless you see a big contra
  633. scot: that you need to object to
  635. Atmey: A lot of the upper force apparently did.
  636. Atmey: She does, on a lot of her items from her days on the police force.
  637. Phoenix: Just wondering. Do you know if she has a lot of engravings on her personal items?
  639. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  641. Atmey: I suppose my deduction was rather spot on, I just couldn’t have predicted what the alarm was for.
  642. Atmey: After she ran out, I, of course, deduced that she was simply antsy about whatever the alarm was for, and kept checking the time on her phone.
  643. Atmey: She also seemed spooked whenever there was a loud noise.
  644. Atmey: She seemed… antsy, and kept pulling out her phone every few minutes.
  645. Atmey: There was, other… strange behavior, of course, though.
  646. Atmey: I don’t think my testimony would really matter much, otherwise, so I suppose that must be obvious.
  648. Atmey: Well, for one, she asked me a lot about the prison warden, as well as the victim.
  650. Atmey:                 --Strange behavior--
  652. Atmey: As well as the victim's status in the prison
  653. Atmey: Well, she seemed interested in the warden's movments, and past,
  654. Phoenix: Could you describe in detail what your conversation entailed?
  655. Atmey: Well, for one, she asked me a lot about the prison warden, as well as the victim.
  657. scot: you can always try and see
  658. scot: No pentalties since judge is dead
  660. Atmey: Something was for sure going on there, that's all I'll say on that matter.
  661. Phoenix: Which was...?
  662. Atmey: The truth.
  664. Phoenix: Did you know the warden and victim well?
  665. Atmey: between the victim and warden, I mean
  667. Atmey: The warden and I have known eachother for a while.
  668. Phoenix: Something going on? Could you elaborate?
  669. Atmey: The victim, not personally
  670. Phoenix: Did you know the warden and victim well?
  671. Atmey: between the victim and warden, I mean
  672. Atmey: Something was for sure going on there, that's all I'll say on that matter.
  674. Atmey: I'd say I consider him a friend, I know he considers me one
  676. Phoenix: How come?
  677. Atmey: But I don't quiet trust the man
  679. Atmey: Because, of how well he treats white.
  681. Phoenix: I see. Can you add a summary of these to your testimony?
  682. Atmey: Everyone knows something is up there.
  684. Atmey: Well, I have to say.
  685. Atmey: . . .
  686. Phoenix: Why would she only check her time on the phone and not her watch, and why didn't you notice this smart watch?
  687. Phoenix: It was found on the defendant when her body was discovered in the cell.
  688. Atmey: What about it?
  689. Phoenix: *presents watch*
  690. Phoenix: Then how do you explain this?
  691. Atmey:  She had no other devices on her at the time.
  692. Atmey: Ok.
  693. Phoenix: Please state that 4b.
  694. Phoenix: Please add that.
  695. Atmey: No, not at all.
  696. Phoenix: Again, I ask you: did you notice any other device on her being?
  698. scot: He does in my other case as well
  699. Super: Idk if this will lead to anything. Possibly not. It's just a discrepancy.
  700. Super: Oh, so blue shows up automatically but not orange.
  701. Super: With asterisks anyway.
  702. scot: Thats something DRO people made first I think
  703. scot: so its moreso based around that system
  704. scot: They adopted a lot of dRO stuff
  705. scot: like being able to swap between areas and music
  706. scot: instead of them being together
  708. Phoenix: Oh, really? Then please add that to your testimony, and yes, please give me more testimony.
  709. Atmey: It seems like its time for more testimony.
  710. Atmey: I'm SURE she didn't have a watch on her.
  712. Super: So was that a main contradiction or was there something else?
  713. scot: it was
  714. scot: Yes
  715. Super: #7 is suspicious but Idk what to ask about that.
  716. Super: Nice.
  718. scot: 7 was just him tooting his own horn
  719. Super: Okay, because him admitting that he couldn't predict something feels out of character.
  720. scot: He was stating how he was *mostly* right
  722. ~~~~~~~~~~~
  723. Atmey:  Oh what a twist that would be. How delightfully devilish , I do hope I am right, it would be ever so interesting.
  724. Atmey: In fact, I deduce that it was *planted* on her. Does my theory intrigue you?
  725. Atmey: As a result, I don’t think the watch belongs to her at all.
  726. Atmey: Although I do think… having a watch as expensive as that in your pocket isn’t likely, you wouldn’t want to damage it.
  727. Atmey: At least, those are the only things I can confirm she had on her… I’m sure she had some stuff in her pockets.
  728. Atmey:  That being her phone, a pencil and notepad, and I suppose, based on the uniform she was found with her office keys.
  730. Atmey: I’m sure she didn’t have one on her when she ran off either, since she left her purse, taking only what she had in her hands.
  732. Atmey: She did not have a watch on, no, I’m sure she only used her phone for the time.
  734. scot: Here is where a prsoecutor needs to fucking step in
  735. Super: Oh, really.
  736. scot: I mean he's theorizing aginst their case
  738. scot: I wanted to do something to get the prosector to have to actually do a CE or something
  739. Super: Oh, a DE?
  740. scot: yeah
  742. Atmey: Shush, prosecutor, thats what I think too, attorney
  743. Phoenix: Perhaps she wasn't the fiend in this story.
  744. Phoenix: Well, that is interesting, I suppose.
  745. Klavier: Herr Penguin..
  749. scot: try and get that ommited
  750. Super: I see.
  752. Phoenix: And the detective never mentioned anything regarding a notepad either.
  753. Klavier: He should at least remmove that last statemen-
  754. Phoenix: Why was a notepad never mentioned to be found when the witness claimed twice over now that he did see her with one?
  755. Atmey: An issue?
  756. Klavier: AtOh?
  757. Phoenix: I have another issue, however.
  759. Phoenix: Your detective should have been able to undercover it, though, shouldn't he have?
  760. Klavier: Perhaps she left it somewhere between the lunchroom and guard office.
  761. Phoenix: That would go along with the watch planting theory.
  762. Phoenix: Could it be that someone is messing with the evidence?
  764. Phoenix: Good.
  765. Klavier: He's doing your test right now.
  766. Klavier: I'll give him a quick call.
  767. Phoenix: I request that you bring him in now to settle some matters.
  768. Klavier: Perhaps not for much longer.
  769. Phoenix: Yes, and I agree that he's a dolt. But he is still on your payroll.
  770. Klavier: Second hand detective.
  771. Klavier: You've met the guy.
  773. Klavier: *he does the call to look for the notepad*
  775. Phoenix: Is it possible to retrieve the purse from a guard?
  776. Phoenix: I would also like him to present the cell phone.
  777. Klavier: That was turned into a guard.
  778. Phoenix: It might bear further clues.
  779. Phoenix: Also, how about the purse?
  780. Klavier: (astricks are green on DRO's client))
  783. Phoenix: ((*she was))
  784. Phoenix: ((If you are trying to say that she had  keys that he thought were to the office based on her uniform that was was found wearing?))
  785. Atmey: ((I just added that statement while doing the testimony a minute ago in a rush lol
  786. Phoenix: ((I guess add a comma after with? Not sure exactly.))
  787. Phoenix: ((Gosh, that grammar kills me.))
  788. Atmey: The dress code for trainies is just jeans and a sweater.
  789. Atmey: No, she was wearing norma day clothing at the time.
  790. Phoenix: So she wasn't wearing it but had already taken a uniform?
  791. Atmey: The guard uniform she was found in.
  792. Phoenix: What uniform?
  793. Atmey: That being her phone, a pencil and notepad, and I suppose, based on the uniform she was found with her office keys.
  795. Atmey: ((He's saying, based on the fact she was found in a guard outfit, which she wast in at the time, she had to have had her office keys to get a uniform))
  798. she already had her freaking keys
  799. she was in normal clothes
  801. presumably she went to the office before hand
  803. Atmey: For me to get from A to the lunch room.
  804. Atmey: Well, I don't know about C, but since they are equal distant, I'd say no more than 5 minutes
  805. Phoenix: How many minutes does it take to get from the lunchroom to the block C cells?
  808. Atmey: Alright.
  809. Phoenix: I see. Could you add that?
  810. Atmey: The guard offices, however, are in a different direction, so it would have to be over that for her to get there and back.
  813. scot: I think there are two big things you should be asking though only one matters in the end
  814. scot: One is easily able to be used in a form of a contra, I will say that
  816. scot: One is easily able to be used in a form of a contra, I will say that
  817. scot: maybe even three
  820. Atmey: No, I was stating what I knew for fact she left with.
  821. Phoenix: Wait, I thought you said the keys were in her hand.
  822. Atmey: I really didn't think to check.
  823. Atmey: And I don't know if she had a weapon on her or not.
  824. Atmey: Like I said, I assume she had her keys in there.
  825. Phoenix: Stuff in her pockets? Do you know what they could have been? What she usually might have? If she usually carries any weapons or tools?
  827. Phoenix: Do you know where the warden was at the time?
  828. Atmey: She was also holding her phone, obviously.
  829. Atmey: And she had to have those keys on her too.
  830. Atmey: She had the paper and pencil in her hands when she ran off, thats for sure
  831. Phoenix: I see.
  832. Atmey: No, I was stating what I knew for fact she left with.
  833. Phoenix: Wait, I thought you said the keys were in her hand.
  834. Atmey: I really didn't think to check.
  835. Atmey: And I don't know if she had a weapon on her or not.
  836. Atmey: Like I said, I assume she had her keys in there.
  837. Phoenix: Stuff in her pockets? Do you know what they could have been? What she usually might have? If she usually carries any weapons or tools?
  840. Atmey: The courtyard, talking with some guards, I actually spoke with him after she left.
  841. he spoke to the warden b4 he left
  843. Phoenix: Small? Could you add that to the testimony?
  844. Atmey: A small brown paper bag.
  845. Phoenix: Could you describe them?
  846. Atmey: Yes, he was.
  847. Phoenix: I see. Was he holding anything?
  848. Atmey: Like I said before, I don't trust the guy.
  849. Atmey: We just caught up, we talk a lot. And he always acts strange to me
  850. Phoenix: Did you notice anything strange about the warden? What did you talk to him about?
  851. Atmey: The courtyard I spoke to him in is almost right outside the lunch room.
  854. hoenix: ((Wow, you changed that to small to medium to keep it ambiguous.))
  855. Atmey: The warden, when I spoke to him after this, had a small to medium size brown paper bag on his person.
  857. Super: I doubt it's a time contradiction since there were 40 ish possible minutes for the actions leading up to the crime.
  859. Phoenix: I see. And would the warden always carry his master keys or is there a special place he puts them in?
  860. Atmey: Well, I'd say about 20 minutes? Depends on how quickly everything is done.
  862. the pen initials could be scratched out with the nails
  864. Atmey: He's a bit of a klutz, he tells me, he's left them behind more than once.
  866. Atmey: Not a very good warden.
  867. Atmey: Usually the offices, and such.
  870. Atmey: The thing she had in her hand, with the notepad and phone, was a simple wood pencil, no more, no less.
  874. Phoenix: Now, why is that?
  875. Klavier: The witness was allowed to look around the crime scene with the detective.
  876. Klavier: Well, I think I should mention, then.
  877. Phoenix: Yes, it took me 10 years.
  878. Phoenix: ((Witnesses aren't supposed to see the record AFAIK, btw.))
  879. Atmey: Oh, it took you this long to ask?
  880. Phoenix: How do you know she was found with it?
  882. Super: Hmm, I forgot to ask about key A since Atmey is cell block A if I remember right.
  884. Atmey: No, it was only really high up people a few years back.
  885. Phoenix: ((This is where the rabbit hole led me.))
  886. Phoenix: On any chance, could that have been the partner of our current detective? He is a policeman after all.
  887. Atmey: None of them went to jail but her direct superiour though, and he was executed some time ago.
  888. Atmey: Someone else high up in the police force, I suppose?
  889. Phoenix: Do you know who could have been the owner?
  890. Klavier: The warden and other prison officals said he was trustworthy, and we needed that knowlage.
  891. Klavier: Since he knew both the defendant and warden so well
  892. Phoenix: Now, why is that?
  893. Klavier: The witness was allowed to look around the crime scene with the detective.
  894. Klavier: Well, I think I should mention, then.
  895. Phoenix: Yes, it took me 10 years.
  896. Phoenix: ((Witnesses aren't supposed to see the record AFAIK, btw.))
  897. Atmey: Oh, it took you this long to ask?
  898. Phoenix: How do you know she was found with it?
  899. Atmey: She didn't bring it with her
  901. Atmey: Those were hers, yes.
  902. Phoenix: Did you recognize the nail file and blade as hers since you were at the crime scene?
  904. Atmey: Failed to be found by that cowboy.
  905. Atmey: And I assume the pencil went the way of the notepad
  906. Atmey: Not really, it was in her pocket.
  907. Phoenix: And you didn't see the pencil anywhere?
  908. Phoenix: Did you notice anything else strange about her phone?
  909. Atmey: It didn't have a name, no.
  910. Phoenix: You said you couldn't "predict", but since you investigated...
  911. Phoenix: I see. Did you notice what the phone alarm was named since you were at the scene after the crime?
  914. scotsoulgem: I'll tell you your contra was not it.
  915. scotsoulgem: You DID have the right statement though
  916. Super: Well, that's interesting.
  918. Atmey: I mean, obviously she went to White.
  919. Atmey: Well, the warden never said he saw her until the murder. I still don't see why this matters.
  920. Phoenix: However, if she were using that notepad for training, wouldn't she have instead gone to the warden?
  921. Phoenix: You were suggesting that White was the one she might have made the appointment with considering she ended up in his cell.
  922. Atmey: Maybe she was just reading notes.
  923. Atmey: Why would she be carrying the notepad? W-What does that matter?
  924. Phoenix: Why do you think she would carry her notepad to the so-called meeting with White when you said the notepad was for training with the warden?
  925. Atmey: That being her phone, a pencil and notepad. Also, based on the uniform she was found in, I’m sure she had her office keys too.
  926. Phoenix: Statement 3 again.
  929. Klavier: The detective just called.
  930. Phoenix: I see. Could you add this?
  931. Klavier: In the trash can in the office, we found the notepad and pencil.
  934. Super: My next question is why was she wearing a uniform based on his suppositions. I asked the det.
  935. Super: Not him.
  936. Super: SO.
  937. Super: Could ask that.
  939. Phoenix: Anything about the brown package?
  940. Klavier: The detective just called.
  941. Phoenix: I see. Could you add this?
  942. Klavier: In the trash can in the office, we found the notepad and pencil.
  944. Atmey: It's not like there is any way to figure out what was on that page, if anything at all.
  945. Atmey: I... don't know... why would I know?
  946. Phoenix: ((Too lazy to use colors.))
  947. Atmey: . . . .
  948. Phoenix: *presents it*
  949. Phoenix: Then why do you think there is a torn page in the middle?
  950. Atmey: Zvarri!
  951. Atmey: Such stuff does not interest me
  952. Atmey: Her notes were just training stuff, as far as I'm aware.
  953. Phoenix: On her notepad?
  954. Atmey: How do you mean?
  955. Phoenix: Did you ever glimpse at her notes?
  956. Atmey: Good for you, Ace Prosecutor.
  957. Klavier: I added the notepad and pencil
  958. Atmey: How should I know.
  959. Atmey: Perhaps I should go back to my roots as well, Zvarri!
  960. Phoenix: Why do you think she would be so scared, would want to avoid cameras, and also have a timed appointment with White? It seems less like she was a predator and more like the prey.
  961. Atmey: Asking the obvious is not unlike you though, I suppose.
  962. Atmey: Isn't that obvious?
  963. Atmey: I mean she wanted to trick the cameras, and avoid the wardens attention.
  964. Phoenix: And that would be?
  965. Atmey: Well, I assume the same.
  966. Phoenix: I have heard from the detective but I would like your take on it.
  967. Phoenix: Mr. Atmey. Why do you think she was wearing a guard uniform?
  968. Phoenix: Okay, then.
  969. Klavier: He said he would be here soon, though.
  970. Klavier: He's still working on that.
  971. Phoenix: Anything about the brown package?
  972. Klavier: The detective just called.
  973. Phoenix: I see. Could you add this?
  974. Klavier: In the trash can in the office, we found the notepad and pencil.
  975. Klavier: Well, I have some good news.
  976. Phoenix: Yes.
  977. Klavier: Can I inturrpt?
  978. Atmey: I mean, obviously she went to White.
  979. Atmey: Well, the warden never said he saw her until the murder. I still don't see why this matters.
  980. Phoenix: However, if she were using that notepad for training, wouldn't she have instead gone to the warden?
  981. Phoenix: You were suggesting that White was the one she might have made the appointment with considering she ended up in his cell.
  982. Atmey: Maybe she was just reading notes.
  983. Atmey: Why would she be carrying the notepad? W-What does that matter?
  984. Phoenix: Why do you think she would carry her notepad to the so-called meeting with White when you said the notepad was for training with the warden?
  985. Atmey: That being her phone, a pencil and notepad. Also, based on the uniform she was found in, I’m sure she had her office keys too.
  986. Phoenix: Statement 3 again.
  987. Phoenix: I see. Please add that statement.
  988. Atmey: Not sure what happened to it though, too be honest.
  989. Atmey: Yes it was.
  990. Atmey: Oh, that?
  991. Phoenix: The brown bag?
  992. Phoenix: When you saw it?
  993. Phoenix: Atmey, was the package intact?
  994. Klavier: Is that all?
  995. Klavier: Well, there was nothing else in her pocket, no.
  996. Phoenix: I'm just wondering where the nail file and knife could have come from, after all.
  997. Phoenix: Did it have any other possessions?
  998. Klavier: Which was a locker, yes.
  999. Klavier: She left them where the guard clothes were.
  1000. Phoenix: Was there a particular place she left them in? Like a locker?
  1001. Klavier: Of course. I'm just happy to be able to answer a question.
  1002. Phoenix: Additionally, the clothing.
  1003. Klavier: It seems she didnt bring them with her when she left the office.
  1004. Phoenix: Please add them to the court record so that we know about this.
  1005. Klavier: They were with the clothing she wore that day, in the office
  1006. Klavier: Yes, we did.
  1007. Phoenix: Oh, you found them?
  1008. Klavier: Oh, for once I have good news.
  1009. Phoenix: So where would they have gone?
  1010. Phoenix: *defendant's condition, presented*
  1011. Phoenix: In fact, we didn't find her office keys. Only the Warden's.
  1012. Atmey: That being her phone, a pencil and notepad. Also, based on the uniform she was found in, I’m sure she had her office keys too.
  1014. Phoenix: 3.
  1015. Atmey: I would never get another chance to, after all.
  1016. Atmey: I did take the time to look around his cell when I investigated the scene
  1017. Atmey: Chessboards, and other such things.
  1018. Phoenix: (So he does know that much about him.)
  1019. Atmey: Lavish furnature, and the likes of that
  1020. Atmey: Which is silly, if you ask me, considering he commited a murder with ablunt object
  1021. Phoenix: Like what?
  1022. Atmey: But he had plenty of things that were blunt.
  1023. Atmey: Not sure about anything... stabby.
  1024. Phoenix: Do you know if White would have had anything that could be used as a weapon in his cell? You do know the gossip, after all.
  1025. Atmey: And I don't, it seems as if it was with White though
  1028. scotsoulgem: I might need to make it more clear
  1029. scotsoulgem: for times sake though Ill give you a hint
  1030. scotsoulgem: you need to ask WHY
  1031. scotsoulgem: about something
  1032. Super: The spooked thing is kind of weird because the warden was shown to be spooked as well at some point.
  1033. scotsoulgem: Fair
  1034. scotsoulgem: Its about something already in the testimony
  1035. scotsoulgem: likr
  1036. scotsoulgem: from the start
  1037. scotsoulgem: like
  1038. scotsoulgem: Nothing you added is really needed
  1039. scotsoulgem: I can give you the statement you can ask it on if you want
  1040. Super: Hmm, I'm reading over things again. I don't think I know yet.
  1041. scotsoulgem: Again, a matter of 'why' an even occured as it did
  1042. Super: I'm still at a loss, but I'm still trying.
  1043. Super: Well, I do have a small contradiction I think but it's probably not what you're looking for.
  1044. scotsoulgem: just do it
  1045. scotsoulgem: I'll tell you your contra was not it.
  1046. scotsoulgem: You DID have the right statement though
  1047. Super: Well, that's interesting.
  1048. scotsoulgem: it doesnt have to be an objection, remember
  1049. scotsoulgem: Ask Why
  1050. Super: Okay, then.
  1051. scotsoulgem: There are other statements this can be asked
  1052. scotsoulgem: But three is for sure one of them
  1053. Super: Seems to not be quite the Wright thing either.
  1054. Super: My next question is why was she wearing a uniform based on his suppositions. I asked the det.
  1055. Super: Not him.
  1056. Super: SO.
  1057. Super: Could ask that.
  1058. Super: Well, that was yet another why question that led to nothing. Hmm.
  1059. Super: Why, indeed, was that paper torn out.
  1060. Super: Probably has something about the murder on there. Idk how to use this right now, though.
  1061. scotsoulgem: I wonder if there is a way of finding out
  1062. scotsoulgem: I will say you did ask the right thing
  1063. scotsoulgem: Thats why you got the detective advancment
  1066. Super: Atmey's profile doesn't make any sense. His info is useless. Great...
  1067. scotsoulgem: it basically says he knows all there is to know about the prison and those in it
  1068. scotsoulgem: but also that hes the one who claims he is, lol
  1069. Super: Yes, I just find it ironic.
  1073. Phoenix: Okay. Please add that somewhere on the record.
  1074. Atmey: That is what he had.
  1075. Atmey: Yes.
  1076. Atmey:  
  1077. Phoenix: Does this look like the package the warden had?
  1078. Klavier: Oh Herr Penguin, you are a strange one.
  1079. Phoenix: *presents torn package thumbnail*
  1080. Phoenix: Hmm.
  1082. Atmey: Perhaps she just accidently tore it out
  1083. Atmey: Well, maybe...
  1084. Phoenix: Why do you think someone would throw away a paperpad of just training notes? Isn't it unlikely to be the defedant herself?
  1087. Phoenix: Add that to the testimony please.
  1088. Atmey: Yes, right after.
  1089. Phoenix: Right after?
  1090. Atmey: Impossible, he went right to cell block C after I finished speaking with him
  1091. Phoenix: And perhaps he was also the one to rip out the page.
  1092. Phoenix: So perhaps, he took the pad and threw it away with the package for whatever reason.
  1093. Phoenix: The package the warden was holding was also in the trash.
  1095. Super: Yeah, I thought it went like this:
  1096. Super: -atmey meets warden
  1097. Super: -they talk, he sees intact brown package
  1098. Super: -he goes into lunchroom from courtyard
  1099. Super: -and then has lunch with friend
  1100. Super: -until 1:15
  1101. Super: -friend leaves and then things happen
  1102. Super: But it seems like you're saying Atmey talked to him after the friend left. That fact wasn't estabilished well, I guess.
  1103. Super: *blished
  1104. scotsoulgem: I misunderstood what you asked earlier
  1105. scotsoulgem: you asked where he was at the time, and I said the courtyard
  1106. scotsoulgem: because I had spoken to him
  1107. scotsoulgem: You thought before
  1108. scotsoulgem: I meant after
  1109. scotsoulgem: I being Atmey
  1110. Super: Oh, so you're saying he talked to him 1x and knew he was in the courtyard before but did not talk to the warden until after the friend left?
  1111. Super: Gosh, that's confusing.
  1112. Super: But that makes it not a contradiction for now then.
  1114. scotsoulgemy: you have two ways of advancing foward on the same way
  1116. Atmey: ((I thought you meant after the meeting))
  1117. Phoenix: ((Hmm, I thought when I asked where the warden was, Atmey talked to him before the meeting. But I guess not.))
  1118. Atmey: *not 220
  1119. Atmey: *120
  1120. Phoenix: Okay, very well. Add that to the testimony, please.
  1121. Atmey: After she ran off, and I cleaned up, at about 2:20 something, I met with him
  1122. Atmey: He stopped talking to me around 1:45 andit was after
  1123. Phoenix: And didn't you say that you were talking to him before the meeting with the defendant? Or was that not clear?
  1124. Atmey: She could easily have gotten through to C while we were talking
  1125. Phoenix: Still, explain why he was there after the defendant and not before.
  1126. Atmey: We had a lot to catch on.
  1127. Atmey: As long as was possib- until the conversation died.
  1128. Atmey: Maybe even more.
  1129. Atmey: I was talking to him for around 20 minutes.
  1130. Phoenix: "Later, the warden enters".
  1131. Phoenix: *presents cell block c entrance tape*
  1132. Phoenix: Take a look at this and tell me that he didn't leave cell block C at some point before the defendant went to the cells, which was sometime after 1:15, after you had lunch with her.
  1133. Atmey: *
  1134. Atmey: After I spoke to him, he went right toward Cell Block C. No way he could have gone to the office before that.
  1135. Phoenix: 4bbb, please.
  1137. scotsoulgemy: Either push hard on something or do something with the paper and pencil
  1138. scotsoulgemy: I think I need to make it a bit more obvious\
  1140. scotsoulgemy: you were close before when you pushed on a thing but you didn't push enough
  1141. scotsoulgemy: The easiest route is doing something with the pencil and paper evidence, or suggesting something anywya
  1144. Klavier: Alright, we have the results.
  1145. Phoenix: Thank you.
  1146. Phoenix: Yes, I do.
  1147. Klavier: *time skip*
  1148. Klavier: If thats what you want
  1149. Phoenix: Could you get the detective to do an analysis on the impressions to see if any words can be found?
  1150. Klavier: But it was just smudges and indents, and the like.
  1151. Klavier: No writing is on them, other than some marks that I assume went through the missing page.
  1152. Phoenix: Anything suspicious or anything at all (as in is there still writing)?
  1153. Klavier: Oh, well, they don't have anything on them no.
  1154. Atmey: Well I don;t
  1155. Atmey: I see
  1156. Atmey: Sandwich?
  1157. Phoenix: I am also directing this to the prosecutor.
  1158. Atmey: I happen to have an amazing no-.
  1159. Phoenix: On the pages that sandwich the one torn out, do you know if they say anything suspicious?
  1161. Super: That is not what I would call easy to obtain by any means.
  1163. Phoenix: You know this is an additional crime on top of your current legal weight.
  1164. Atmey: Well, I...
  1165. Atmey:  
  1166. Phoenix: Were you hiding information from the court?
  1167. Atmey: S-So?
  1168. Phoenix: ... This is directed to you, Atmey.
  1170. Found in the trashcan of the office. The notepad is full of training notes.
  1171. A random page in the middle is torn out. Why could that be?
  1172. Using a pencil to sketch along the page belong the missing one reveals what a few of the words on it were, it goes as follows.
  1173. ‘Atm~~, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ me here, I’m ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ my goal. Thank ~~~~~~ the information ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ l~~h. ~~~~~~~~~~~sh, don’t let the~~~~~~~~le know~~~~~~~~~~.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~distract~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~courtyard~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  1175. The last half is harder to read, and nothing can be made out aside from one or two words.
  1178. Atmey:                        --What really happened--  
  1180. Atmey: *presents Atmeys note*
  1181. Atmey: I... figured it would come to this.
  1182. Atmey: *he pulls out a note from his pockcet*
  1183. Atmey:        -end
  1184. Atmey: And just my luck, he headed right the block his cell was in. It seems he had some kind of package for White.
  1185. Atmey:  She gave me a mission. To distract. However, I failed in my mission. After 20 or so minutes he excused himself.
  1186. Atmey: I knew her plan beforehand, so when Ted announced he needed someone to replace him, I recommended her.
  1187. Atmey:  She wanted to strip him of what he had left, it seems.
  1188. Atmey: It was her goal to find it, and get it away from him, and to get that information released publicly.
  1189. Atmey: The information White still has on people, only he knows where it is. Odds are he keeps it on his person.
  1190. Atmey:  She didn’t trust the warden, she assumed he was under White’s control, and I can confirm, he is, without a doubt.
  1191. Atmey: She was investigating White… he still had control, and power in the prison, everyone knew it.
  1192. Atmey:  I admit, I knew what she was planning from the start, I even helped it come to pass, but I didn’t think it would end in...
  1195. right-handed note
  1197. Atmey: To get White to admit he still had blackmail, find out where, and get rid of what power he had left.
  1198. Phoenix: What exactly was it you thought she planned?
  1199. Atmey:  I admit, I knew what she was planning from the start, I even helped it come to pass, but I didn’t think it would end in...
  1200. Atmey: Fine then
  1202. Atmey: I also helped distract him for her
  1203. Phoenix: I see.
  1204. Atmey: He trusts me, so he went with my suggestion
  1205. Atmey: I recccomended her as the new warden to Ted
  1206. Atmey: She told me about the plan weeks in advance.
  1208. Atmey: I also helped distract him for her
  1210. Atmey: and, we didn't find the blackmail no.
  1212. Atmey: Our resident warden.
  1213. Atmey: There can only really be one person who could have taken it.
  1214. Phoenix: Who is that?
  1215. Phoenix: Someone else?
  1216. Atmey: I think someone else did first.
  1217. Atmey: But I couldn't find it... but
  1218. Atmey: I asked the be let in the investigaiton so I could try and find it.
  1219. Atmey: and, we didn't find the blackmail no.
  1221. Phoenix: The possibility still exists, and we haven't heard from him yet, Prosecutor Gavin.
  1222. Klavier: You claim there was something there, but how can you be so sure.
  1223. Klavier: Alright, you have no proof of this.
  1224. Atmey: ((It was gone though))
  1225. Phoenix: ((Okay.))
  1226. Atmey: ((it was))
  1227. Phoenix: ((It said blackmail no and I assume it has to be a physical object because otherwise how could it be taken.))
  1228. Atmey: ((I mean any dirt))
  1229. Phoenix: ((Oh, you mean note?))
  1230. Atmey: Our resident warden.
  1231. Atmey: There can only really be one person who could have taken it.
  1233. Atmey: There was an envolope I found in the cell. It was empty.
  1235. Phoenix: *nized
  1236. Phoenix: Yes, indeed.
  1237. Phoenix: Judging by the camera, I think anyone would have recognnized her.
  1238. Atmey: But clearly she failed to find a hat.
  1239. Atmey: It was mostly so Ted wouldn't know it was her.
  1240. Atmey: Oh, I know she was.
  1241. Phoenix: So do you still maintain that she was trying to distract the cameras with her guard outfit?
  1245. Atmey: She knew the warden usually ate lunch around 2 pm.
  1246. Phoenix: Why was she so jumpy if she had an ally such as you with her?
  1247. Phoenix: Why did she pick that time in particular? 1:15?
  1248. Phoenix: So she really did have an appointment with White? Did he allow for it?
  1249. Phoenix: *nized
  1250. Phoenix: Yes, indeed.
  1251. Phoenix: Judging by the camera, I think anyone would have recognnized her.
  1252. Atmey: But clearly she failed to find a hat.
  1253. Atmey: It was mostly so Ted wouldn't know it was her.
  1254. Atmey: Oh, I know she was.
  1255. Phoenix: So do you still maintain that she was trying to distract the cameras with her guard outfit?
  1258. Atmey: As long as I had him disracted until 2.
  1259. Atmey: She figured if she left at 1:15 she could get rhe unfirm and confront white without him catching her
  1260. Atmey: And, I think she was just nervous, what she was doing wasnt exactly legal.
  1262. Phoenix: With an inmate?
  1263. Phoenix: What's illegal about a warden trainee investigating a case?
  1264. Atmey: ANd she usually is on the straight an narrow
  1266. Phoenix: She wasn't allowed in cells yet even though she was a trainee of the warden?
  1267. Atmey: Stealing an outfit and sneaking into a cell
  1269. Atmey: She had to act like that though, since she didn't trust anyone of power
  1271. Phoenix: Okay, then. So White was not expecting her to your knowledge?
  1273. Atmey: Without a doubt he wasn't, she made sure he never saw her.
  1275. Atmey: And I'm not sure why she didn't have a key
  1277. Atmey: Hardly any guards are even allowed in block C
  1278. Phoenix: What do you mean exactly by "key"?
  1279. Atmey: I suppose that proves that something was up witht he warde, since he was so hesitant to give keys to her
  1280. Atmey: And I'm not sure why she didn't have a key
  1282. Phoenix: From the warden?
  1283. Phoenix: Do you know if she swiped the block C keys then?
  1284. Atmey: It was very fishy.
  1285. Atmey: By key I mean key to block C
  1286. Phoenix: I see.
  1287. Atmey: Hardly any guards are even allowed in block C
  1289. Atmey: I think she took them then
  1290. Atmey: Her and the warden were in the offices before lunch.
  1292. scotsoulgemy: I for sure need to cut some stuff out of this case
  1293. Super: Lol, I'm incriminating her as a thief if not an actual murderer.
  1295. Super: Yeah, this is turning out to be a medium to hard-ish case? Not sure. Not what I would call easy though.
  1298. Phoenix: But why the nail files? They weren't sharp at all.
  1299. Phoenix: So you still don't know the circumstances of those. I see...
  1300. Atmey: That might be why she was shifty.
  1301. Atmey: I didn't know at the time, but clearly she felt she needed them if she brought the
  1302. Atmey: Well given what we found at the crime scene, it seems she was.
  1303. Phoenix: Since you do now confess to being privy to her plans.
  1304. Phoenix: Do you know if she was carrying weapons?
  1306. Atmey: And I think it was a backup plan.
  1307. Atmey: I only knew a little of what she told me before some others joined us and what was in the note
  1309. Super: Am I supposed to find a contradiction here, by the way?
  1310. Super: Or is it just a confession testimony?
  1311. scotsoulgemy: getting a bit exhausted lol
  1312. scotsoulgemy: also yeah its a confession
  1313. Super: Understandable.
  1314. Super: Okay.
  1315. Super: Good to know.
  1317. Phoenix: ((Okay.))
  1318. Atmey: It's also not the first time something like this has happened ((AAI2 reference))
  1319. Phoenix: So for statement 4, are you saying that the warden probably keeps it on his person?
  1320. Atmey: Lets just say I know when someone is being blackmailed, as both a blackmailer and someone who has been blackmailed
  1321. Phoenix: Okay, then.
  1322. Atmey: The large cell, the expensive items.
  1323. Phoenix: ((I'll just ask)). How can you confirm the warden is under White's control?
  1324. Phoenix: ((I meant in the what really happened testimony)).
  1326. Klavier:  
  1327. Atmey: Yeah.
  1328. Phoenix: I see.
  1329. Phoenix: Oh, but White is dead now.
  1330. Atmey: I think the warden went in before the cops came and stole it though
  1331. Atmey: No, I'm sure White usually keeps it on his person or in his cell when hes alone
  1332. Phoenix: And by statement 6, do you mean strip White of what he had left?
  1334. Atmey: And by that I mean, White still had some sway with what information he had
  1335. Atmey: Some powerful people he could tug around
  1336. Atmey: She wanted to take that from him.
  1338. Phoenix: Do you have any idea of what the package the Warden held was?
  1339. Atmey: It seems he had much more than that taken from him.
  1340. Atmey: She wanted to take that from him.
  1342. Atmey: Well, it was obviously for white, so I assume some expensive object.
  1343. Atmey: Of small to medium size.
  1345. this was a confession testimony
  1346. ~~~~~~~~~~~
  1348. scotsoulgemy: I think, despit there being one more testimony, I wanna stop for now, lol.
  1349. Super: That's fine with me.
  1350. scotsoulgemy: Its not even finalized yet
  1351. Super: I know.
  1352. scotsoulgemy: I need to rework the case alot to make it easier
  1353. Super: I guess you also had to impromptu a lot.
  1354. scotsoulgemy: I did
  1356. Super: Because all of those could be asked to lead to useless witnesses.
  1358. 1 AM ending
  1360. scotsoulgemy: Cell Block C
  1361. Entrance, Notepad and
  1362. Pencil
  1363. ,Empty Envelope, and Office Key were all improvised too be honest
  1364. scotsoulgemy: and yeah Ill cut down on that
  1365. Super: We've been playing for almost 5 hours, by the way.
  1367. scotsoulgemy: The Pen and the other key were also empty in terms of text but existed
  1368. scotsoulgemy: As was clothing
  1370. scotsoulgemy: yeah I wasnt expecting it to be that long
  1371. Super: I knew it would take a while due to questioning, but yeah, this is still not what I would call an easy case because of the length.
  1374. Phoenix: *stares at the weirdness of it all*
  1375. Klavier: *He calls atmey*                *omit*
  1376. Atmey: *he waddles away*
  1377. Atmey: If you need me again just ask.
  1378. Phoenix: I see. That'll be all for now. Thank you.
  1380. Ema: the question was 'Why did she have them out'
  1381. Ema: The big thing to find was the fact that she for some reason had the notepad in her hands of all things when she ran out
  1382. Phoenix: Gosh, these sprites are so abrupt.
  1383. Phoenix: Either shorten it or hike up that rating.
  1384. Phoenix: Yeah, I think that's how it goes for "easy" cases.
  1385. Ema: I plan to shorten it a lot.
  1386. Ema: That was hectic.
  1388. Phoenix: Okay. I think I did ask that, but not in that wording.
  1389. Ema: There was a lot to unpack in his second to last testimony though.
  1391. Phoenix: The fact that I have to push even more than this suggests this needs to be changed.
  1392. Ema: Whenever he sweated he was hiding something.
  1393. Ema: You did but didn't push.
  1395. Ema: You asked why and he said 'How should I know'
  1397. Ema: My issue is that I either make it too easy or too hard
  1398. Phoenix: This was before we knew he knew about her plans.
  1399. Ema: I suppose you have a point.
  1400. Phoenix: Well, I accepted it because I did ask.
  1401. Ema: You asked why and he said 'How should I know'
  1403. Ema: he also sweated when you asked why he was talking to Ted
  1405. Phoenix: Engrish, for real.
  1406. Phoenix: *omit is
  1407. Ema: Again, very true.
  1408. Phoenix: The fact remains is that they're still "friends".
  1409. Ema: Why would he go out of his way for a 20 minute conversaiton with a man he didn't like
  1410. Ema: You shoulda poitned out how he said he didn't even like or trust him
  1411. Phoenix: Technically, I already pressed.
  1412. Phoenix: I mean, technically, yes, he can.
  1413. Ema: Always break upon the lighest press
  1414. Phoenix: He just said, "can't I talk to my friend"?
  1415. Ema: Shattered witnesses, aside from getting the lsat nail in
  1416. Phoenix: I saw him sweating, but I mean, if he doesn't say anything when I ask him, I don't know exactly how to improve upon that.
  1418. Phoenix: You're welcome.
  1419. Vasquez: I did make a lot of progress though, so thank you.
  1421. Vasquez: Honestly, a bit of improv is fun.
  1423. Vasquez: It helps the development be more natural if some is alloted for, I feel
  1424. Phoenix: Well, good for you.
  1426. Vasquez: For the first time ever, I mean.
  1427. Vasquez: Though you always get a bit, no matter how fleshed the case is, whenever someone first gets to a testimony.
  1429. Phoenix: Yeah, sometimes, anyway.
  1431. Vasquez: I mean, shattered was a full on improv, and I honestly don't like it, so too much is an issue.
  1433. Vasquez: You do have a point.
  1434. Phoenix: Improv is not my favorite. It's hard to vet for consistency in such a short amount of time.
  1435. Vasquez: The middle and begining are fine, it's the final nail that I don't like.
  1437. Phoenix: Yeah, it was.
  1438. Gant: True, that was stressful as hell.
  1439. Phoenix: Well, at least you got to relax.
  1440. Gant: 'Nothing came up.
  1441. Gant: And I thought 'Well, what if something comes up tomorrow and I can't make it'
  1442. Phoenix: Yeah, because it's tedious to let it drag.
  1443. Gant: I mean you set the whole 'Finish it within 24 hours'
  1444. Phoenix: Oh. You mean Moose.
  1445. Gant: *canadian*
  1446. Phoenix: You mean tomorrow or you mean in general?
  1447. Gant: Commodity and I coulda made candadian history.
  1448. Gant: I was just worried that I wouldn't have time the next day due to some unforeseen event
  1449. Phoenix: My RL would die if I cased all the time still.
  1450. Phoenix: I won't have time until 2 weeks later to do anything.
  1451. Gant: I still regret stopping
  1452. Phoenix: I would like to.
  1453. Phoenix: However, maybe I won't make substantial changes.
  1454. Phoenix: I was actually thinking of changing Moose up since that last time was Tyrell-ble.
  1455. Gant: Will you ever CM again?
  1456. Gant: By run I mena playObviously
  1457. Phoenix: Well, that's the first case I've done in forever.
  1458. Gant: I still wanna run Moose again one day, I'm sure it will go swimmingly.
  1460. Adrian: Given I don't even know your timezone I can't even imagine how it was for you.
  1461. Phoenix: There are a bunch of new servers up in addition to some old ones.
  1462. Adrian: I was too
  1463. Phoenix: I see.
  1464. Phoenix: I am still periodically sleep-deprived.
  1465. Adrian: Anyway, I'm a bit worried about finding a new community.
  1466. Phoenix: I was sleep-deprived to the max.
  1468. Adrian: Like if you're GMT or something, that woulda been awful since it was like, 2 PM that time zone when we finished
  1470. Phoenix: Well, it was Badd enough that I thought it was regrettable.
  1472. Adrian: Everything about that I regret
  1474. Phoenix: I guess you would care more than I do.
  1475. Adrian: I regret both not going longer and going as long as I did.
  1477. Adrian: Well, you told me how close I was the next day.
  1479. Adrian: Yeah, we really were.
  1480. Phoenix: So. Oh, well.
  1481. Phoenix: Everyone was going mad, though.
  1484. Phoenix: I had some maps that were quite enjoyable for me to make. A shame they haven't had a finished case attached to them.
  1485. Miles: Which one?
  1486. Phoenix: I wish I could finish one of my newer cases.
  1488. Miles: I actually did get a dm from someone inviting me to there community.
  1489. Phoenix: Next year, I might be dead. Who knows.
  1491. Miles: Well, I might.
  1492. Phoenix: Nice. Go join them.
  1493. Miles: Then don't be dead.
  1494. Miles: I actually did get a dm from someone inviting me to there community.
  1495. Phoenix: Next year, I might be dead. Who knows.
  1497. Miles: I only recognize like, Deflubber.
  1498. Phoenix: I think you should try if you really want to get back into AO.
  1500. Phoenix: Ah. Well, too Badd.
  1501. Phoenix: Oh, I liked that user.
  1502. Miles: And they weren't even active
  1504. Miles: I played with them a lot on DRO. They were fun there too.
  1506. Phoenix: Nice. I still haven't warmed up to that fandom.
  1508. Miles: You should still check out that DR2 LP. Mostly so I can make references to a spesific charcter or two.
  1510. Miles: DR2 has way better people.
  1512. Phoenix: Everyone dies way more easily in that game, though.
  1513. Miles: A less creepy setting though.
  1516. Franziska: Well, that's the payne.
  1517. Phoenix: Can't get attached without your faves dying, unless they get lucky.
  1518. Franziska: Why is that?
  1519. Phoenix: Kind of.
  1520. Franziska: Is that such a problem
  1522. Franziska: I mean, thats fair.
  1523. Phoenix: Still not a fan of their art, either.
  1525. Phoenix: The gameplay was more tedious than "fun", to me.
  1527. Franziska: Every character had a different amount.
  1528. Phoenix: Okay, then.
  1529. Franziska: Freetime events sucked in DR1
  1531. Franziska: In 2 everyone has 5
  1533. Franziska: Like, Sayaka has 2.
  1534. Phoenix: I never went back that game.
  1536. Phoenix: Nice.
  1537. Gumshoe: For this case I pretty much started with 'Ok so Atmey is there, but he didn't do it' that was literally all I had come up with.
  1539. Phoenix: I think I usually have something more thematic than that.
  1541. Gumshoe: Atmey's wasn't bad in this one though
  1542. Gumshoe: Honestly, testimonies are hell
  1543. Phoenix: Those always are a Wrighter's block for me.
  1544. Phoenix: Same, regarding testimonies.
  1545. Gumshoe: I have a whole plan I just don't know how to implament it
  1546. Gumshoe: like Homeless
  1547. Gumshoe: I do for some of mine
  1548. Phoenix: I think I usually have something more thematic than that.
  1549. Phoenix: Nice.
  1550. Gumshoe: For this case I pretty much started with 'Ok so Atmey is there, but he didn't do it' that was literally all I had come up with.
  1553. Valant: Witness 2: Manfred Von Karma
  1555. Was a flower tosser at the wedding and knew about what happened.
  1557. Phoenix: I thought you were referring to my actual Moose docs.
  1558. Valant: Witness 5: Weird Guy Wellington
  1560. Also a possible accomplice to the murder. He loves bananas.
  1562. Phoenix: Ah, nice.
  1563. Valant: That hasn't changed in literally years.
  1564. Valant: Very close friend of Phoenix and has something to say.
  1565. Valant: Anonymous Moose.
  1566. Valant: Like what it shows on the top
  1567. Phoenix: My doc name?
  1568. Phoenix: Hmm?
  1569. Valant: What the hell is this shit.
  1570. Valant: Your doc name is Moose.
  1571. Valant: Who allows that
  1572. Valant: What the hell
  1573. Valant: Co Pro Matt Engard
  1574. Phoenix: I'm barely here.
  1575. Valant: I suppose I also haven't gotten much better.
  1576. Valant: Oh my.
  1577. Phoenix: Maybe somewhat.
  1578. Phoenix: Not really.
  1579. Valant: Was he.. any better?
  1580. Phoenix: A non-vanilla one.
  1581. Phoenix: I saw GP on another server last year.
  1582. Valant: I wonder where the hell he is these days
  1583. Phoenix: That was sad.
  1584. Phoenix: I remember now.
  1585. Phoenix: Oh.
  1586. Valant: I was reffering to GPs case
  1587. Phoenix: I know it's a comedy, though.
  1588. Valant: I didn't either
  1589. Phoenix: I actually never saw that movie.
  1590. Valant: Same.
  1591. Phoenix: For me.
  1592. Phoenix: Literally every case's blockage is the testimony.
  1593. Valant: What we really need is a case like weddin crashers
  1594. Phoenix: It always was.
  1595. Valant: that's the question now isn't it.
  1596. Phoenix: It's just how can I finish the testimonies?
  1598. Edgeworthw: I called the police, then I went to where I found the body, and found the body.
  1599. Phoenix: The Butz is literally a dead@ss.
  1600. Edgeworthw: What he hell kinda testimony was that though
  1601. Phoenix: That's okay.
  1602. Edgeworthw:               -end-
  1603. Edgeworthw: I saw Larry dead with a tuxedo on next to Wright.
  1604. Phoenix: Good job.
  1605. Edgeworthw: Then I went to the wedding.
  1606. Edgeworthw: I called the police
  1607. Phoenix: I would not disagree.
  1608. Edgeworthw:   Edgeworth Testimony 1:
  1609. Edgeworthw: Wellington likes bananas.
  1610. Phoenix: Just say it, don't spray it.
  1611. Edgeworthw: I have to say, Wright.
  1612. Edgeworthw:  
  1613. Phoenix: Powers?
  1614. Miles: I WILL
  1615. Phoenix: Go ahead, Miles.
  1616. Miles:  Here is the autopsy report. We will call Miles Edgeworth to the stand as a witness to the crime. The reason we arrested him was because he was the only conscious at the time of the murder.
  1618. Klavier: I didn't add that
  1619. Phoenix: Wynaut?
  1620. Klavier: the Gay [homosexual] Ninja photo (why does this photo exist?)
  1621. Phoenix: I have a ninja sword? Cool.
  1622. Miles:  
  1623. Miles: IT WAS YOUR NINJA SWORD  
  1624. Phoenix: Yeah, I'm the murderer. Arrest me, thanks.
  1625. Miles: We found Larry Butz dead in the garden. We are certain it was Phoenix Wright who killed him with a ninja sword found in his chest.
  1626.  Here is the autopsy report. We will call Miles Edgeworth to the stand as a witness to the crime. The reason we arrested him
  1628. Phoenix: So Larry committed die? Yeet.
  1629. Klavier: It was ninja.
  1630. Phoenix: Good for him.
  1631. Klavier: But I put it on larry and tranfer the stab to him
  1632. Phoenix: I guess you can ask Apollo for a favor.
  1633. Klavier: It was my tuxeto, I got stabbed
  1634. Klavier: I just wanted to get laid.
  1635. Klavier: But not the stab
  1636. Phoenix: Good job.
  1637. Klavier: I was the one who did the drug
  1638. Klavier: I have the ninja stars.
  1639. Phoenix: Fanny, would suit her.
  1640. Klavier:  
  1641. Phoenix: Yes.
  1642. Butz: FRANNY??
  1643. Phoenix: Franziska knows what happened to those.
  1644. Butz: If you give me the ninja clothes then I can buy a house with the pay
  1645. Butz: Yes, you can
  1646. Phoenix: So I can bum off of you, right?
  1647. Phoenix: Note to self: Butz is rich.
  1648. Butz: I was at my expensive hotel
  1649. Butz: I didn't make drugs.
  1650. Butz: AFTER I GOT MY PAY
  1652. Phoenix: You're in the body, though.
  1653. Butz: I also don't have the ninja sword.
  1654. Butz: Well, I haven't found the body yet.
  1655. Phoenix: Is there even a reason to be in court right now with you alive?
  1656. Butz: -end)
  1657. Butz: I didn't do stab
  1658. Butz: Now I got called to court
  1659. Butz: Then I told the flower boy that my flight was landing soon
  1660. Butz: I then went to the bathroom and found the body in the church
  1661. Butz: And called the police
  1662. Phoenix: Seems legit.
  1663. Butz: Then I had a drink
  1664. Butz: Then I got the ninja cloths and gave them to Enagrd
  1665. Phoenix: Congratulations.
  1666. Butz: So, I got stabbed by shadowing ninja figure
  1667. Phoenix: That ended not so great. It was an improv gone in a completely weird direction.
  1668. Phoenix: This is reminding me of Turnabout Doritos.
  1669. Franziska: I DIDN'T DO THE STAB I SWEAR
  1670. Phoenix: Where'd you get ninja clothes and why?
  1671. Franziska: to go call the police
  1672. Franziska: Before finally leaving my house
  1673. Franziska: And gave him the ninja clothes
  1674. Franziska: I then found the body, so I went to the wedding
  1675. Franziska: I called the police, you see. Then, I got to the phone.
  1676. Franziska: I have decided that I am now witness two.
  1677. Manfred: Witness 1:
  1678. Witness 2: franziska von karma
  1679. Witness 3: Scruffy-Hobo Phoenix
  1680. Witness 4:
  1681. Witness 5:
  1683. Manfred: He apparently does, according to the testimony
  1684. Phoenix: I would call Sahwit as a witness, but he doesn't exist on this version.
  1686. Payne: *puts on the stab(
  1687. Payne:  
  1688. Phoenix: Did you marry a neck? Because you are a Payne in one.
  1689. Payne: I WAS THE FLOWER MAN
  1692. Payne: Heh. Heheheh.
  1693. Phoenix: That was Payne to my ears.
  1695. Phoenix: It hasn't. Obviously.
  1696. Phoenix: I wish the case with Gant would come to fruition for me.
  1698. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  1700. Phoenix: My puns are Super Awful.
  1701. Phoenix: Is it in my verison?
  1702. Phoenix: In the case its based on its a dead end.
  1703. Phoenix: Because of me forgetting what I was doing I started with the new case, TELLING myself all I could,you know, actual notes like you have always done
  1704. Phoenix: Carl Pitter didn't lead to anywhere really so far.
  1705. Phoenix: you did
  1706. Phoenix: -- end---
  1707. Phoenix: Ah, I played that for you.
  1708. Phoenix: I know because I was busy doing it
  1709. Phoenix: I did not do it
  1710. Phoenix: Maybe I'll make the testimonies SUPER short so then I'll be done quicker.
  1711. Phoenix: That test run is still technically not done.
  1712. Phoenix: Also there was this one
  1713. Phoenix: I need to evaluate how much of this I have left
  1714. Phoenix: Despite that, it's still over 60% done.
  1715. Phoenix: I have 11 more testimonies to fully finish for Staging. I have granules here and there.
  1716. Phoenix: For confirming
  1717. Phoenix: Thanks future me.
  1718. Phoenix: I see.
  1719. Phoenix: Yep.
  1720. Phoenix: I think I do.
  1721. Gant: Oh do you not have editing perms anymore?
  1722. Gant: AHAHAHAHAH
  1723. Gant: This one here is only 5
  1724. Gant: My testimonies were far less pact here
  1725. Phoenix: I guess you can.
  1726. Gant: and the one before it
  1727. Gant: I wanna keep homeless
  1728. Gant: A distant reltitive
  1729. Gant: I might make it a two part thing, with my new case as like,
  1730. Gant: It limits me too much
  1731. Phoenix: In my opinion.
  1732. Phoenix: That takes too long.
  1733. Gant: yeah
  1734. Gant: That ties loose ends
  1735. Phoenix: You mean a full game?
  1736. Gant: In order with a finale
  1737. Gant: I remember my concept for my cases was that they would be structured like a game.
  1738. Phoenix: Yeah, apparently.
  1739. Gant: He's just my man, apparently.
  1740. Gant: Patt Narr is in this case too. Wow.
  1741. Phoenix: Nice.
  1742. Gant: ;p;
  1743. Gant: I forgot about that
  1744. Gant: the concept behind this case was the detective being killed'
  1745. Gant: Or without a home I should say
  1746. Gant: Homeless is supposed to be hard to medium I think
  1747. Phoenix: A familiar last statement.
  1748. Phoenix: Staging might not be a medium if it takes people too long either. Such a shame.
  1749. Gant: The defendant. At first glance, he may look like any old dirty hobo, but if you look closer, you will see he is actually an ex attorney. The more you know.
  1751. Accused of stabbing the victim after the two got into a fight.
  1753. He won. Clearly.
  1755. Phoenix: Yeah, I was. Not that this led anywhere.
  1756. Gant: I think mainly of puns.
  1757. Phoenix: I have to read through 32 pages to Wright myself.
  1758. Gant: Oh yeah, you were co gm.
  1759. Gant: Homeless, oh god what am I to do with you
  1761. Phoenix: That line literally made the case we just did.
  1762. Phoenix: 'A self proclaimed private detective, recently released from jail.
  1763. '
  1764. Phoenix: Like, Luke Atmey, GROSS>
  1766. Phoenix: The defendant was his assistant in his part time job, as a magician that acts in the park. However, the group had not met in a while, since his magician partner is currently being charged with a theft, and can’t perform.
  1767. '
  1768. Phoenix: See, this is where my stupid whole game shit fucks things up
  1770. Phoenix: Because I added that detail into without a home first and was like 'HUH I SHOULD CONNECT IT TO THE OTHER CASE FOR NO FUCKING REASON'
  1771. Phoenix: 'A local magician who does his act on the park’s stage. Was getting in some late night practice when he witnessed the murder.
  1773. Phoenix: Well, you can, pun intended.
  1774. Phoenix: And make  totally unconnected case, like Shattered.
  1775. Phoenix: I might open a whole new one
  1776. Phoenix: Can of worms.
  1777. Phoenix: "PATT NARR TIME"
  1779. Phoenix: Since Gant is around in this case but not the prequil.
  1780. Phoenix: Well, that sucks.
  1781. Phoenix: Also I already have like, canon errors
  1782. Phoenix: It checks out.
  1783. Phoenix: It had Damon Gant in it.
  1784. Phoenix: No, not really.
  1785. Phoenix: Kiddinh
  1786. Phoenix: IT HAD CALLIE LECTOR IN IT>
  1787. Phoenix: Did you figure out what was with thebrown packge?
  1789. Phoenix: Like, he's already in jail
  1791. Phoenix: Well, that's absolutely odd.
  1792. Phoenix: Since you could direct presses and stuff
  1793. Phoenix: I remember on AAO, I was writing cases this way, and honestly it worked better there
  1794. ~~~~~~~
  1796. Miles: You have a point there.
  1797. Phoenix: I mean, that's the point. Otherwise I don't get up.
  1798. Miles: I feel I would wake up in a state of 'Oh fuck I'm going to die'
  1799. Phoenix: I've acclimated too much to it, so now I have to use an even louder ringtone.
  1800. Miles has played a song: Announce The Truth.
  1801. Miles has played a song: Announce The Truth.
  1802. Phoenix: Not really.
  1803. Miles has played a song: Character Themes.
  1804. Miles: Did I spook you?
  1805. Phoenix: That's my alarm tone.
  1806. Miles has played a song: Hotline of Fate.
  1807. Miles has played a song: Crises of Fate.
  1808. Miles: Man, that brings me back.
  1809. Phoenix: If I finish it.
  1810. Phoenix: It's going to get longer.
  1811. Phoenix: Catoctin was 31, this is 33 pages.
  1812. Phoenix: I hate improv for a reason. There are just too many details to vet for me.
  1813. Miles: That is just one example
  1814. Miles: Like, the whole office key thing.
  1815. Miles: and later down the line because of that, I can fit two things togther
  1816. Miles: Build on top of that filled in hole.
  1817. Miles: Its literally small things you ask sometimes, that fill a hole, and I can like
  1818. Miles: But I feel way more better off now in times of the missing links in my WIP case.
  1819. Miles: Well, thats also fair, and was the unintended result of my test run
  1820. Phoenix: If you try staging again with a  better defense you might fill in some of the missing links.
  1821. Phoenix: Yeah, I'm sure it happened.
  1822. Phoenix: on one of your cases.
  1823. Phoenix: I just remember accidently getting important information as the judge
  1824. Phoenix: I'm going to turn my old Sims record into a case-writing booklet.
  1825. Phoenix: I don't remember what case it was
  1826. Phoenix: That might have been in victim, actually.
  1827. Phoenix: As the judge
  1828. Phoenix: I remember literally pressing on a testimony for them
  1829. Phoenix: Oh, yeah. I forgot.
  1830. Phoenix: The defense sucke
  1831. Phoenix: Well, if I remember right
  1832. Phoenix: Well, I did do a test run, but I don't like going beyond what I have.
  1833. Phoenix: It helps fill in some of those pieces.
  1834. Phoenix: The doc is 32 pages long, so that is wonderful.
  1835. Phoenix: Thats why I do the test runs.
  1836. Phoenix: Hah, I know the feeling.
  1837. Phoenix: I have the pieces, it's just how can it flow.
  1838. Phoenix: Staging.
  1839. Phoenix: Or one of mine
  1840. Phoenix: Staging?
  1841. Phoenix: Which one?
  1842. Phoenix: Hmm, it's really difficult to piece this case together.
  1844. Phoenix: Yeah, it does.
  1845. Phoenix: Most of them migrated.
  1846. Ema: This song reperesents this server more than it does Phoenix Wright
  1847. Ema: every day
  1848. Ema: Like when it had over 100 people
  1849. Ema: I stopped playing when it got really bad
  1850. Phoenix: Including this one. It got cancerous with all of the spammers.
  1851. Ema: I see.
  1852. Phoenix: When every other server turned into cancer.
  1853. Phoenix: I used to play on VLS.
  1854. Ema: They all lose.
  1855. Phoenix: You snooze, you lose.
  1856. Ema: AO - Competitive Casing.
  1857. Ema: No one is currently ON though
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