10 Shots Of Alcohol TG (Tifa Lockhart TF)

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  1. It was raining cats and dogs outside. The lightning lit up the gloomy sky while the crackle of thunder could be heard all around.
  3. A man walked through the storm in a business suit and pants, caring not for his drenched clothing. He carried a black briefcase that tried its best to block any water from slipping through the cracks, but it couldn't prevent whatever contents were in it from being soaked.
  5. The man wore a face of defeat. He was someone who had given up on life. Someone who didn't care about the problems that occurred in the present. He was young, a bit too young to have an expression like that. Around 20, the man looked like his life was already decided upon. That his life would be an endless road of failures.
  7. As he walked, he saw a building with bright lights that highlighted the name. He stepped and took a seat at the counter, a trail of wet footsteps left behind him.
  9. His head collided against the counter and stayed there as some water left his hair. His briefcase created a pool of water as it rested on the chair to his right.
  11. Over his shoulder, he could hear the whispers that were triggered from his soggy entrance. A man sporting stylish black overalls, a white long sleeved dress shirt, and a black tie walked over with a yellow sign and mop. Gently placing the sign down to warn customers of the slippery floor, he took his mop and slowly cleaned up the watery mess.
  13. Once the customer's drink was poured, few seats to his left, a young woman walked over silently on her shiny red high heels to the dripping fellow. When she reached him, she crouched slightly, leaning her elbow on the counter and placing her chin in the palm of her hand to survey the situation.
  15. She sighed as she pulled out a cloth with her free hand and cleaned the water around him. "So Ed, how did the interview go today?"
  17. Without raising his head, he responded, "Take a guess." She could feel a dark aura leak out from him.<br/><br/>
  18. She knew the answer, but tried to think optimistically. "Well, I see you got a briefcase. That must mean you were hired, right?"
  20. "Pick it up."
  22. Despite how she wore black leather gloves, she could feel the water seep through by just grabbing the handle. She noticed that the briefcase was really heavy. Her eyes lit up. "Oh! They must have you working hard right off the bat with a case this heavy! That must be why you're so gloomy right now. You're just exhausted."
  24. He neither agreed or disagreed. He flatly said, "Open it up. The code combination is 1037."
  26. She complied and turned the dials to match the given numbers. She heard a click and opened it up. A pool of water flowed out onto the counter, then her dress. The woman gasped at her now cold and soaked dress. She was angry, but quickly let it go when she looked down at the depressed Ed.
  28. "See? I got a huge workload from the company that hired me today." His low voice overflowed with sarcasm and dejection. "Can you just get me the usual Vivian? I really need to drink away my worries tonight."
  30. Vivian listened as she twisted her dress to allow the water to go from her outfit to the floor. "Actually, I got a little gift for you." She grabbed his hand making him look up at her for the first time that night. "Follow me to the storage room."
  32. Before he could reject her invitation, she pulled the leaking Ed out of his seat. He couldn't find the effort at that point to escape Vivian's grasp so he went along with it.
  34. She silently whispered to the man on the way, as he still cleaned Ed's mess. He nodded. She left along with Ed after she told the man with the mop about the spill behind the counter.
  36. She pried open the door to the storage room and yanked him in. Closing it behind her, she started searching around the vast assortment of drinks.
  38. Ed was astounded by the tremendous supply of liquors on the wooden shelves. Most of them weren't even on the menu if memory served him right. Vivian knew what to say without even seeing his face. "We got all sorts of rare alcohols here. They're extremely expensive and can only be bought on request. Very few people know about it."
  40. As she returned to her pursuit, Ed asked, "Why are you giving me a gift?"
  42. "You'll see." She said as she grabbed an oddly constructed bottle. "Found it!"
  44. She lightly slammed the bottle on the ground. He'd never seen a bottle of that shape. It was in the shape of Venus, the symbol of femininity. In the transparent, smooth concoction rested a mysterious pink liquid.
  46. Ed sat down as he quietly inspected the curious beverage laid out in front of him. Vivian joined him on the comfy gray cemented floor, lightly swatting off some dust while collecting an abundance more to her damp dress. "This is my gift to you."
  48. Ed was a bit skeptical of the sudden offering. "I've seen my fair share of pink liquors," and looked back at her with an index finger pointed at the ambiguous fluid. "But something feels off about this. It looks like the female symbol with pink extract in it."
  50. "Before you question the design choices surrounding the drink," Vivian pulled out a clear shot-glass with the company name on it, "I want you to take 10 shots of this."
  52. Ed raised an eyebrow at her. "You know that makes me even more suspicious, right?" He concluded his question with crossed arms.
  54. She gave him a questionable wink. "I haven't even gotten to the best part." She popped open the container, the stopper luckily avoiding all the other alcoholic contents. "I wanna make a little deal with you."
  56. Certainly intrigued, he inquired, "What's this 'little deal'"
  58. Happy that he took the bait, she explained, "If you can drink 10 shots of this without throwing up before the last drink, you'll get a job working here."
  60. That sounded too good to be true! He was this close to getting a full time job! He was quizzical though. "What's the catch?"
  62. She frantically waved her arms in denial as if she was trying to create a whirlwind in the storage room. "No catch! It's just 10 shots equals one job!" She sweated bullets. "It's as simple as that!"
  64. As incredulous as she sounded, he just couldn't give up this chance that she had just laid out for him. He'd be a fool if he did. Plus, he had a pretty good alcohol tolerance to boot. "You're on!" What's the worst that could happen?
  66. Vivian deluged the intoxicant into the modestly sized cup. He slowly watched the clear pink liquid spill into the shot glass like a waterfall had taken place. She nudged the tiny beverage in his direction. "Drink it so I can pour you your second glass."
  68. "With pleasure." He took the swig in hand, then threw himself back with the glass to his mouth. In one swift motion, he downed the contents of the glass.
  70. Returning to his neutral position, he reeled back a bit. The fluid trickled down his throat, leaving a burning sensation along with it. He took a deep breath, "Now that's some good stuff! You've been holding out on me Vivian!"
  72. She fiddled her thumbs. "Y-yeah."
  74. He was about to ask for his second shot when he almost fell over. Was he already drunk? This stuff must've been really strong to already make him that tipsy that quick. He was so dazed that he could've sworn his pants felt tighter, but he blamed that on the dampness of his pants since they started to dry.
  76. Vivian smiled and poured Ed another glass. He had to carefully pick it up this time since his hand was unsteady. He gulped down his second cup. The pain in his throat felt oddly pleasurable as it sent a tingly sensation throughout his body.
  78. Once again, his pants felt even narrower. Being a bit too snug for his liking, he unfastened his belt. He still felt stiff, so he undid his button and zipper. Finally, he had enough space to stretch his legs. Despite being on the rigid, brisk floor, he almost mistook the ground for a fluffy canvas. He looked down to reassure himself that the ground hadn't changed, which made him question something else.
  80. Hoisting himself up, he reached down to clutch his bottom, the alcohol restraining any common sense he might have had when in the presence of a dazzling lady. She simply looked amused at the current scene that unraveled before her eyes, since she'd never seen the effects of the potion up close before.
  82. Ed continued to squeeze and pinch his butt like it was the silkiest and spongiest marshmallow. He'd never in his entire existence felt an ass like that, however, the only one he'd ever felt was his own, but could that really be the same one? He even felt a bit of pleasure with every squish, making the motion more enticing every instant.
  84. It couldn't have been bigger, could it? With his inebriated mind still playing games, he accepted the new discovery.
  86. Heartbroken by the fact that he needed to take one palm off his luxurious butt, he reached down to grab the already filled cup for his third shot, as his other hand continued to venture his soft behind. He made haste and guzzled down the elixir faster than he'd ever been denied a job in his life!
  88. He laid down the glass and went back to having his hindquarters compressed by his grasp, however, something felt peculiar, but not in a damaging way. In fact, it felt exceptionally stimulating! What could be causing the extra pleasurable sensitivity in his bottom?
  90. He led one hand to his field of vision and was slightly startled. His fingers were so thin and lithe. He marveled at the form, and took his other appendage off his butt so that he could feel the two intertwined. Sure enough, it felt magnificent. The tiny digits were amazingly supple and creamy, to the point that he wished that his whole body felt like this.
  92. He rolled up his sleeves and peered across his arms. They were doubtlessly not the same hairy limbs he possessed in the morning. He now sported smooth and succulent arms absent of all hair.
  94. Still completely flushed, he glanced down at the bottle, as Vivian lifted it to pour him another sip. His befuddled imagination produced a strange theory, one that disregarded all of the universe's common sense.<br/><br/>
  96. What if his body was transforming into that of a female's anatomy?
  98. His brain suggested the most impossible of solutions ever to be thought of, however, it might hold a possibility. With how drunk he was, anything was possible in the confines of his creative thought. The mixture in that femininity symbol forged bottle could be the root cause of Ed's unusual shift.
  100. Vivian had started getting concerned from his increased observation over the changes to his form. She got ready to pour him another shot. "Are you ready for your fourth glass?"
  102. Tipsier than ever, Ed denied, "No." Vivian feared for what would come forth from his mouth. "I want the bottle."
  104. Dread turned to confusion. "Um, Pardon me?"
  106. He hiccuped, his voice raising in pitch, then pointed at the drink in her hands. "I want the bottle." He clutched a nearby shelf to retain balance. "Whatever that drink is doing to me, I love it! I want to experience more!"
  108. Vivian was bewildered from what escaped his lips. Regardless, she complied with his demands and ceded the pink fluid over to him.
  110. He placed the opening of the container to his mouth and drained the solution. Each swallow delivered pleasurable reactions throughout his body, with every one exceeding the previous. The drink went from an alcoholic beverage that generated a burning adrenaline deep in his esophagus to a rich grail that bestowed immense sensations that hugged his body all over.
  112. He stopped guzzling down the delicious elixir with only half of it still intact to take a well deserved breather. Even though he was balls to the wall wasted, and explored every nook and cranny of his butt right in front of the stunning girl, he still had a bit of basic human decency in him. "If it doesn't make you uncomfortable, can I get undressed to observe myself change?" Well, at least he asked.
  114. She nodded her head in approval. "Sure. This is a life changing experience for you after all."
  116. He could hardly follow what she tried to convey to him because he was remarkably drunk, however, he managed to grasp her first word at least. And with understanding that piece of information, he hurriedly started to undress himself.
  118. He begun to shed his clothing starting with his pants. With his belt previously undone and fly zipped down, he effortlessly jerked off the clothing covering his legs. He followed with his boxers that were a tad stretched, and wedged in his crack from the earlier swelling of his derriere. Bringing his now slender hands up, he loosened his tie and unbuttoned his suit. Lastly, he kicked off his shoes with his socks accompanying them.
  120. In the storage room stood a naked grown man with a few body alterations, a woman in a wet dress situated on the ground, and a monumental variety of liquor.
  122. The preceding sensations returned to Ed, enveloping his entire being with absolute pleasure. He looked over all his body, analyzing every part to identify his next development.
  124. He perceived that his epidermis was establishing a new identity. His original rough and hard skin from head to toe had softened and smoothed to complement his already altered arms and butt. His skin was pearly all over and fluffy to the touch.
  126. Something tickled the back and sides of Ed"s neck. He would've ordinarily assumed it was a spider or bug crawling on his skin, but the booze preoccupied his mind, so he alternatively nudged the annoyance, but whatever it was, it resumed its primary position. He attempted to delicately lift what was on his neck, although, he wounded up with a lot more in his palm than he anticipated.
  128. He hadn't a clue about what he had captured, but he brought it around to his face. He wasn't any less astounded by his revelation than he was with his previous encounters. It was hair, each strand virtually translucent on its own, but both silky and free when all huddled together as one. Even more, it handily seeped through his fingers like water exploring small cracks. He gaped as he eyeballed the flourishing hair accelerate in velocity, awarding his cranium with stellar titillation, as well as the color being converted to a dark brown, relatively adjacent to black. The loose strands elongated down his back making way til they all gathered at his knees.
  130. He"d never felt so good in all his years, and despite a dashing beauty being seated right in front of him, her irises burning their way into his, he couldn't help but reach down to play with himself.
  132. When he grabbed his member, he was aghast when he discerned that it wasn't erect, however, the pleasurable sensations recurred and silently informed him that his manhood wasn't necessary anymore. Ed couldn't determine if the voice in his mind was his psyche or some other being, but he auscultated nevertheless.
  134. To keep the spotlight away from his penis, the sensitivity his head acquired amplified, shifting his focus away from his nether region upwards, as that locality experienced a lifestyle revolution. Undeterred by the bliss his head obtained, his shaft started to shrink down, as his testicles began to shrivel away simultaneously.
  136. To further prolong Ed's ignorance to his dick and balls, his skull resolved it was time to start modifying too. His eyebrows and eyelashes expressed vast interest in the dye used to permanently evolve his hair so they mimicked the new color. His eyebrows trimmed, becoming subtle and lighter as his eyelashes thrived, becoming enhanced and heavier. To properly burnish his eyes, they adapted into a russet color that roughly sparkled in the light.
  138. As his eyes concluded their transformation, his body settled part of his once in a lifetime change when his testicles both withered into nothingness.<br/><br/>
  140. His head had begun other changes all over, beginning with his facial structure, which diminished in size, the circumference decreased and the radius even more on the sides as his cheekbones raised. Ed"s nose dwindled in capacity as it became a small and adorable sniffer, while his lips plumped up making them lush and excessively kissable.
  142. With the head of a fully fleshed woman both charming and gorgeous, his existence's metamorphosis also settled with his manhood completely vacuumed into his body, morphing into tight lips that demanded entry.
  144. Ed had become a woman inside and out, however, her transfiguration was far from over.
  146. "I see that you're finally a girl." Her voice echoed throughout the room, but all the sensitivities Ed felt muted her ears. "Now that you're a girl, Ed isn't a fitting name. Hmm-ah! Your new name will be Tifa! Tifa Lockhart! Where do I come up with these names?"
  148. With her head and gender both entirely rewritten, the pleasurable sensations left Tifa. Still as tipsy as ever, yet perfectly on her feet, she asked, "W-where's all the feel-" but was interrupted by the new sensitivity that her torso picked up.
  150. She wrapped her slender arms around her waist, bequeathing herself the tightest embrace she'd ever received, while letting out deep breaths of pure euphoria. As she cuddled herself, her svelte arms twisted beyond with the assistance of her midsection collapsing inwards, and her shoulders crashed in to supplement her limbs to give herself an even greater hug.
  152. The feeling of her body's softness and tenderness sent arousing shivers down her spine, and while that tangibility remained, it simply didn't maul her like it had moments prior. She ceased nestling her body, and immediately established the new base of operation for her sculpting.
  154. From the tip top of her hips, all the way down to her toes, that delightful phenomenon encased her entire lower half, the most prominent area being her feet. She gawked at the sudden waning of her toes and they became itsy-bitsy sized, as well as her toenails conforming with the new changes by becoming well manicured, just like her fingernails had. Tifa stretched out her feet as they concluded their shrinking, and allowed the innovations to move upwards.
  156. The tingly feeling took over her legs, Tifa not able to fight the urge to touch them as she bent down to lightly stroke them. Her palms felt as her originally rough and dirty legs, slowly softened and smoothed, losing any unnecessary fat, and making the pleasurable feelings multiply extravagantly.
  158. All the excess meat that was extracted from her feet and legs had built up and was ready to move to its newly appointed location, so it traveled up to her thighs, making each thigh slowly plump up with lovely womanly fat. Each pump made her thighs vibrate and jiggle, each one larger than the last as they were bigger each time. Tifa buckled her knees, the sensations making her legs feeble, but not enough to prevent her from holding her own weight.
  160. As the activities in her now juicy thighs vanished, new excitement erupted in her hips, to the point that she lost her balance. To regain her stability, she immediately placed her right foot to the side. The moment it connected to the ground, that side&#8217;s hip cracked outwards. Almost tumbling over from that, she used her other foot in hopes up gaining some support, with her left hip cracking outwards as that foot collided with the floor. Finally harmonizing her sense of gravity, she placed her palms on her large hips, marveling at how captivating they were, and having a place to store children if need be in the future.
  162. Vivian decisively got up from her sitting position, ready for the final changes to happen. Tifa was way ahead of her, hands placed over her nipples in anticipation of the final part of the transformation.
  164. On cue, her nipples started enlarging, the sensitivity skyrocketing, making her bite her lower lip slightly. Earlier, her waist had lost a ton of mass, well, that mass has to go somewhere, so it concentrated under her nipples. Her heart pounded, each bump increasing her chest's size, as her hands were pushed away by a few millimeters every time.
  166. Not being able to help herself, she gently squeezed her breasts. Along with the already immense quantities of pleasure her body, specifically her breasts, radiated, a single clutch from her tiny fingers left so much more, as if electricity ran down her body. She started groping herself passionately, the electrifying feeling never relenting, in fact, the feeling intensified the larger her breasts got.
  168. Already at a large C-cup, her voice broke through her lips, enveloping the room in high-pitched, and erotic moans. Never before in her life had she felt this good, not as a man for all her years. She never wanted to be male again, and why would she want to anyways? After experiencing the pleasures women feel when touching themselves, there's no going back.
  170. Her breasts concluded in size as they reached monstrous proportions, them being at an exaggerated DD-cup size, either a volume woman would envy, or laugh at by the impracticality of them getting in the way of everyday life.
  172. Ed, or the new Tifa Lockhart, was now 100% female.
  174. She ended up fainting as Vivian rushed forwards to catch her. "What a beautiful new waitress we have now."
  176. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
  178. Several days had passed, and the new Tifa Lockhart was having a blast working her new job. After she had woken up that night, she was greeted with open arms to her job, though, she was still a tad befuddled by the management's choice of clothing for her, but she didn't complain. While she might look like a fighter with her gloves and outfit, rather than an elegant lady in a dress, she'd never felt so complete in her life and that's all that mattered in the end.
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