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  1. It doesn't take a long time to reach the shop, since you are flying. You land right in front it. Kogasa doesn't look tired at all, probably as a testament that she's physically stronger than normal humans. You can bet Sanae will be panting for air if she carries you on her back.
  3. “Here, mister!” The umbrella girl gently puts you down on the ground. You pat her head to thank her. Sanae only stares at her coldly, but quickly averts her eyes when she knows you're watching, as if she wants to avoid your gaze.
  5. “Let's go inside.”
  7. *Cling!*
  9. A bell warns the shopkeeper that someone enters his shop as Sanae opens the door.
  11. “Welcome,” Rinnosuke puts down a newspaper that he's holding and greets her. “Oh, you're here too. Name's Nobu, right?”
  13. Well, the one and only Nobu around.
  15. “I'm Kogasa!” She suddenly yells, but the shopkeeper only waves her off, making her pout silently. Poor girl.
  17. “You made yourself quite a name in the village. Heard that you know how to operate stuff from the outside. Can you help me?”
  19. “Uhm, we want to buy some items here, but maybe we could help you. What do you need?” Sanae asks in your place.
  21. “It's about this...”
  23. He goes to the other room for a moment, and comes back with a personal computer. Oh no... Don't tell me that you need to fix that.
  25. “Could you show me how to operate this... 'computer'?”
  27. “It's an item that needs elec- Uh, Nobu, please explain him.”
  29. Why doesn't she explain it herself? She's the one that has a mou-
  31. “Nobu, this is for your faith, he's believes that [i]you[/i] know how those machine works, not me,” She whispers in your ear. Sigh, whatever. You write to the shopkeeper that this item needs electricity to work.
  33. “Electricity?”
  35. He goes outside and comes back with a generator. Now where the hell did he get those items... Even that thing already has a hookup and cable attached. The generator's condition looks good, and it has some fuel in it. You write that he better puts this generator outside first, because it produces a lot of noise when the thing's working.
  37. “Got it,” Rinnosuke brings it back outside, but leaves the other end of the cable behind. The voltage that the generator produces will be too much for the computer... You wait until the shopkeeper returns, then ask him if he has a device called voltage stabilizer.
  39. “Uh... Never seen a device with a name like that.”
  41. Well, you can just plug the computer directly into the generator, but if the power source is acting up weirdly it could damage the computer. If you had your tools and some raw parts, you could make a simple voltage stabilizer...
  43. ….
  45. You wait for your toolbox to drop on your head from above, but nothing happens. It seems Yukari doesn't want to help you right now. You explain the situation to the shopkeeper.
  47. “I see,” he sits back on his seat. “Are all items from the outside that need electricity this hard to set up?”
  49. “Most of them, yeah. That's why they're usually bundled up with a manual when we buy those things so we know how to set them up, but even then, it could be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. It could shock you to death if you handle it wrong.”
  51. “Just like magical items?”
  53. “Kind of... Anyway, what do you want to buy Nobu? We can't help him right now.”
  55. Back to business then. First, you write to the shopkeeper if he has a good horror story book that you can buy, then ask him to bring you a bunch of cheap parts from the outside world. Maybe you could bring some of them back to your workshop to create the much needed voltage stabilizer.
  57. “Just a moment,” Rinnosuke walks to the room in the back again. Hah... You can't really take a break, can you-
  59. “Mister!” Kogasa suddenly hugs you from behind. Her face is too close to yours... What's the matter? You wait a few seconds, but she only stares to your face, then scowls “Why don't you get surprised mister? It's a pleasant surprise, isn't it? I saw kids getting hugged from behind get surprised!”
  61. Oh, she wanted to surprise you? Nice try, it is pleasant, in one way or another, but do you have to express it?
  63. “Of course! If not how I could know that you're getting surprised?”
  65. “He's mute Kogasa, he can't go 'whoa!' or something like that, even if he's genuinely surprised. Now get away from him.”
  67. “Uuu...”
  69. Here we go again... Better lie before she gets even more disappointed. You write that you are really surprised by her act, and it is nice, so you're okay with it.
  71. “You really were surprised?” A smile appears on her face. “Thank you mister!”
  73. What a simple girl. You pat her head agai-
  75. “Here's the books, and here's the parts.”
  77. He puts a bunch of books and a box filled with parts on the counter. You take one of the books and give it to Kogasa so she can read it, then you check the parts' condition. Some of them are usable, the rest are not. Better sort them first before buying anything.
  79. “Outsider stuff grows more and more complex nowadays,” Rinnosuke comments.
  81. “That's good, that means there's advancement in their technology!”
  83. “But can they keep up with it? Don't you think their advancement is going too fast?”
  85. “There's no 'too fast' in advancement of technology. Some people can feel left behind, but they have to move on soon or later for the better future.”
  87. “Why come to Gensokyo then? This land is pretty much the antithesis of technological advancement.”
  89. “That's why we've come here, we want to make Gensokyo better through technology!”
  91. After some time, you finally sort all the usable parts that you'll buy. You ask how much all these items will cost you.
  93. “Let's see...” He pulls an abacus and starts counting. “Eight hundred yen.”
  95. “Deal!”
  97. Sanae puts the money on the counter. As usual, he puts an incredibly low price for his wares. Now you ask him if he has a 'mechanical fan',
  99. “'Mechanical Fan?'” Rinnosuke looks under his counter, and pulls out a set of fan blades, the kind that's used in ventilation systems to circulate air in a large office building. Problem is, it only has the blades, not the motor. “Will this do?”
  101. “Its missing the motor... can you work on this, Nobu?”
  103. If you have the materials- No, remember Suwako's words; Do not answer with an 'if'. You need to be certain. You nod to her.
  105. “Good! How much will it cost?”
  107. “Hum...Fifty yen.”
  109. “Deal! Is that all the items that you want to buy Nobu?”
  111. That's enough spending for one day. You ask Kogasa if she likes the book.
  113. “I can learn a lot from this mister! Thank you very much!”
  115. “Don't forget that you have to carry this stuff for him in exchange for that book,” Sanae reminds the smiling youkai about her duty. “Also, get off of him, will you?”
  117. “Uh, hey,” The shopkeeper calls. “If I come to your place tomorrow, could you set this computer up for me?”
  119. “Rinnosuke, you know that Youkai Mountain is closed to most visitors, right?”
  121. “I could ask Marisa for a ride,” he takes a glance at the computer. “I'm really curious how such machinery could help humans.”
  123. Well, with these materials you're sure you could finish the rest of the items that you have to fix tomorrow. There's one problem about showing them your workshop though: Tengu reporters. They could be suspicious if someone comes to the shrine and suddenly disappears. But then, Suwako build it on the shrine's grounds, so there probably won't be too much trouble...
  125. [] Let them come to your workshop tomorrow.
  126. [] No, you'll come to his shop later, with proper tools and stuff.
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