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  1. 2100s- Balkans in chaos, ATE Balkan states form
  2. Early 2200s- Great rivalry between the King of Serbia and the Tsar of Bulgaria eurpts into the bloodiest conflict in the region in centuries
  3. 2231- Great Balkan Wars end abruptly when an earthquake wipes out thousands during the siege of Sarajevo. Half of Bosnia's nobility including the royal family are killed.
  4. Late 2231- In the ruins of Sarejevo a young man named Kain, claiming to be a peasant drafted into the army organizes the survivors from all sides and rebuilds Sarajevo. He even convinces the wandering bandits, ex-soldiers all, to lay down their arms and help rebuild.
  5. 2232- Word of a man who has "Made the River Run Upwards" spreads throughout the land. Peasants and lower ranked nobles travel to Sarajevo to see the Man and are taken in by his charm, kindness and humility.
  6. 2234- Sensing weakness, the King of Albania marches his armies to Bosnia. In the eve of the attack he is visited by Kain, who convinces him to lay down his arms. The two become fast friends and sworn brothers.
  7. 2235- Tens of Thousands of peasants are fleeing their fiefs to Sarajevo, which is rapidly rebuilding thanks to support from Albania.
  8. Late 2235- Fearing further instability in their realms, the Kings of Serbia and the Croats also begin to send their forces to Sarajevo to suppress Kain and set up a puppet leader. The two Kings are promptly assassinated by Kain's supporters within their realm, ruining their plans of conquest.
  9. 2240- Serbia is absorbed into the nascent Jugoslav union. More rulers align themselves with Kain, who has now begun to convince the Balkan Patriarchs of his righteousness.
  10. 2242- The Greeks in the South, ruled by Queen Theodora send assassins to kill Kain and return the Balkans to its status quo. The plan seemingly succeeds with the help of a traitor in their ranks.
  11. 2243- The traitor gathers Kain's supporters in a large rally to declare himself King of the Serbs, but in reality is a puppet to Greece. As the traitor puts his crown on he is shot to death with a crossbow by a hooded figure, who reveals himself to be Kain.
  12. 2243- Seeing their plan foiled, Greece calls upon their allies in Bulgaria to invade Sarajevo and end the insurrection. The two armies march into Albania with light resistance.
  13. 2243- As the two armies rest in their camps, the Jugoslavian forces attack. The Bulgars betray the Greeks, who are wiped out in the ambush.
  14. 2245- Kain is crowned Emperor of Jugoslavia, and takes the Princess of Bulagaria as his bride.
  15. 2250- Greece is forced to capitulate to the new Balkan Empire in exchange for special privileges for their nobility.
  16. 2278- Kain dies. His eldest son abdicates immediately after to become a priest, setting up the Elective system used by the Empire today before leaving for a monastery.
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