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  1. [10:28] Action: KayZee Landed on the balcony, his hoof fully healed and his spirits high. {What a night..} The fillie he'd met before, there was something about her yet he couldn't place a finger on it. Either way, it was convenient that the loft was where it was, a place he could rest and recharge before continuing.
  2. [10:29] Action: RainbowDash^ loosk to "Oh>.. heyya" she smiles before look to Viltage "Ohh... sheesh.. what happened?"
  3. [10:31] Action: Voltage blinked few times before looking at a nearby mirror. Yep, his eyes were pretty red still and the blood stains surrounding them didn't look all that good "I uhm.. just removed a bandage that had been covering my eyes. Long story short, we didn't know about some spell's all requirements and then this happened to my eyes... fun. Anyway, enough about myself. What brings you to the loft, miss Dash? Yeah, you're pretty well known, you know."
  4. [10:31] Action: Voltage ".. What brings you to the loft, miss Dash? Yeah, you're pretty well known, you know."
  5. [10:34] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles and chuckles, almost showing off "/Well/... of course ponies have heard of the fastest flyer in equestria /AND/ the only pony to do /two/ sonic rainbooms..."
  6. [10:34] Action: RainbowDash^ giggles "It is raining outside so..."
  7. [10:35] Action: KayZee trotted into the living room and noticed that weird pony from before. He sure was a strange one, but there was a new pony on the couch he'd never seen before. {Must be one of his friends.}. Trotted around the pair and entered the kitchen only to see another new pony stirring some tea.
  8. [10:36] Action: Voltage nodded "Yeah, figured that would be the reason.. Anyway, there isn't much to show of this place. The personal rooms are that way." he pointed his hoof towards the stairs "And the kitchen is that way." he pointed his hoof at the kitchen's direction, where KayZee had just went "Not much to it."
  9. [10:39] Action: KayZee "Well now.. I don't think we've met" he said walking past the pony. Opening the fridge, he frowned, turning to see the mare still idling with her teacup. {must be the quiet type} he mused, as we walked towards the liquor cabinet.
  10. [10:39] <KayZee> ((Crestfallen still there?))
  11. [10:39] <Crestfallen> (I'm here)
  12. [10:39] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles and lookign ot him "Yeah..." she lokos to the kitchen "I could do with some food" she giggles and walks into the kitchen
  13. [10:40] Action: Voltage shrugged and decided to return to the same room. He had really nothing better to do anyway.
  14. [10:40] Action: Crestfallen "Sorry.. didn't see you there", she said without any energy continuing to stir the spoon round the cup, "you can call me Crestfallen if you like but most just call me Crest", with the same lack of energy as before
  15. [10:41] Action: Voltage "Crest.." he now had finally noticed her in the room. probably due to her lack of energy, he hadn't noticed her "What's wrong?" He still hadn't done anything to his newly revealed eyes, so they looked rather red.
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  17. [10:44] Action: KayZee Rustling through the cabinet, he picked out a bottle of hard cider and closed it. He walked over to the mare, plopping the bottle by her tea cup. "I'd guess that tea isn't going anywhere, care for a drink?" He'd had a long day, and it seemed this pony needed some cheering up.
  18. [10:45] Action: Crestfallen "Hey Volt... it's nothing, i should be over it soon", picking up the cup and pouring the tea into the sink it looks like she never actually drank any returning back and seeing the bottle smiling a little at the offer, "maybe a little, thanks", putting a little effort into what she was saying
  19. [10:46] Action: Voltage "Crest.. ah alright. But let me know if you want to talk about it, okay?" he said, walking over to a sink and begun to wash his face.
  20. [10:46] Action: KayZee turned to Voltage, "I see you're back in action" Noticing the removed bandages. He popped open the bottle and filled Crestfallen's cup half way.
  21. [10:47] Action: KayZee walked to the cabinets and fetched a few glasses. "Volt, care for a drink?"
  22. [10:48] Action: Crestfallen takes a small gulp of it, she either hadn't drunk much or wasn't paying attention as it seems to be a shock to her system like putting a battery against your tongue, she eyes up it before taking another sip
  23. [10:49] Action: Voltage lifted his face up as the closed the tap, looking at the mirror. Apperently his left eye was red again, but he didn't have any type of degeneration in him. He was little confused by this "I.. no thanks I don't drink." He then looked at RainbowDash^ "What about you? Care for a drink?"
  24. [10:50] Action: RainbowDash^ shrugs "Not really... I am just lounging baout..."
  25. [10:50] Action: KayZee pours only one glass of the three before him. "Guess it's a part of two" he gestured to Crestfallen, raising his glass then taking a sip.
  26. [10:51] Action: Voltage "Okay then.. just to let you know, I'm kinda a doctor.. well have the papers and all, just lack a job.. But anyway, if you have injuriesor things like that, I can help with those."
  27. [10:52] Action: Crestfallen "This is some really nice apple juice", she definately wasn't paying attention to the bottle as she finishes the glass off, "could i have another please?"
  28. [10:53] Action: Voltage now turned to look at Crestfallen, looking littl concerned "No, you've had enough of that. That's no applejuice."
  29. [10:55] Action: KayZee raised and eyebrow. He didn't think crest could handle this much. Hearing Voltage's words, he let out a chuckle, "This is some pretty strong stuff her miss" He swooshed around his glass, savoring as the liquid burned down his throat.
  30. [10:55] Action: Crestfallen "I thought it tasted funny... what was it then?", giggling a little
  31. [10:56] Action: KayZee "Hard apple cider, from appolusa" he said, eying the label. To wonder it tasted so good, he had thought the cabinet was all emptied out of the good stuff.
  32. [10:56] <KayZee> ((No wonder))
  33. [10:58] Action: Voltage figured that was now KayZee's problem so he returned back to RainbowDash^ "Anyway, you came here just for a snack or something? I don't mind cooking actually now. I just got rid off that bandage so I'm in a good mood."
  34. [10:58] Action: Crestfallen "That would explain why i am giggling and have cheered up a little", walking over to the sink getting her some water
  35. [10:59] Action: RainbowDash^ "I.. I am just lounging around.. waiting for somepony..."
  36. [10:59] Action: Voltage "May I ask who exactly?"
  37. [11:02] Action: RainbowDash^ "i dont knwo..."
  38. [11:02] Action: Voltage "You don't know?" he tilted his head, many questions and thoughts surging into his head "Well.. guess we all don't know what we're waiting for either.."
  39. [11:04] Action: KayZee downed the rest of this glass. "Well now, it's good to see a simile on that face." He smiled as the warmth from the liquid filled his belly. "how are you today?"
  40. [11:05] Action: Voltage "Oh right, never told my name. It's voltage by the way, Volt for short, miss Dash."
  41. [11:07] Action: Crestfallen "I'm feeling better than earlier which is good as when i'm like that for really no reason i get worried...", she started trailing but stops when she realises it, "sorry about that, good, and you?"
  42. [11:11] Action: Voltage gave RainbowDash^ a little quizzed look since she didn't seem to be saying much anything. Was he annoying her? "Hm... I've actually never flown myself.." he peered over at her wings "What is it like being up there?"
  43. [11:12] Action: KayZee wasn't exactly sure what was going on with this pony. His thoughts currently reminiscing the night before. "We all get scatter brained some times..." His voice clearly distant, but with a happy tone to it. "Why worry about what's not under your control?"
  44. [11:12] Action: RainbowDash^ looks to him "its.. kinda... I dont know how to describe it... cool? awesome... one of those two.."
  45. [11:14] Action: Voltage "Hmm.. I bet it gives you better feeling of freedom. I mean you're not forced to move by using your hooves. If there's a gap in front of you, it's no obstacle at all. Just thinking about how everything looks from up there.. I've always been jealous of those with wings.."
  46. [11:15] Action: RainbowDash^ nods "pretty much..."
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  49. [11:16] Action: Crestfallen starts drinking before putting the cup down and sitting across from him, "I'm not usually like this i just have these days", laughing a little, "i just realised i don't even know your name"
  50. [11:17] Action: Voltage noticed that she didn't seem to talk, which almost confirmed his thoughts that he was annyoing her "Yeah.. well, I got pretty much nothing else to say right now, so if you need me, I'll be reading a book by that couch." He said and walked out of the kitchen "Later, miss Dash."
  51. [11:17] Action: RainbowDash^ "here.. wait.. sit down.. perhaps we can chat?"
  52. [11:18] Action: Voltage stopped heading out and walked back into the kitchen "Ah.. misdecoded your.. lack of talking.. but okay then." he said and sat down next to a nearby table.
  53. [11:18] Action: KayZee "Ah, a fault on my part" he said bowing his head towards Crestfallen. "You may call me KayZee, or Kay for short." He opened his saddle bag and after some rummaging, pulled out a dusty tome, placing it on the table.
  54. [11:19] Action: Crestfallen sees the book and gets excited being an avid reader, "Oh a book.. looks old, what is it exactly?"
  55. [11:20] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles and chuckles "SO... I dont think I got your name did I?"
  56. [11:21] Action: Voltage scratched his head "Oh.. probably not then. It's Voltage, Volt for short." he smiled faintly.
  57. [11:21] Action: KayZee hooved through several pages as looked up. "It's the Xiam Chronicles, an ancient work" He checked the corners of each page, trying to find his annotated section. "Had it since I was a young foal.."
  58. [11:22] <KayZee> ((as he))
  59. [11:23] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles "nice to meet you Voltage.... I bet you were a bit /shocked/ to meet me? right?" she laughs
  60. [11:24] Action: Crestfallen "It certainly looks old its good that you have taken such good care of it as it would be a shame if it were to be damaged", carefully inspecting it from a distance, "the oldest one i have is a book called 'The Grim Reaper's Handbook' a couple of generations old in itself and it is in worse conditiion than this"
  61. [11:25] Action: Voltage chuckled softly, inside feeling more unamused really, so he decided to come up with same type of bad pun to have his revenge "Yeah, not very often you meet someone as /Dashing/ as you.." He blinked after he had said that, it definately wasn't what he was planning on saying... and now his mind was empty.
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  64. [11:28] <KayZee> looks to her and eyes her interest, there were few other ponies out there that partook in the same interest as he. Pausing, he gave the name she mentioned careful thought, it certainly han't heard that name before. "The grim reaper's handbook?" he inquired.
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  66. [11:30] Action: Voltage felt himself blush a little as he waited for RainbowDash^'s reply to what he said. It definately didn't come out as he had planned..
  67. [11:32] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles and blshes. she walks over to him and smiles, sitting next to him "You can call me Dashie... if you want...l."
  68. [11:32] Action: Crestfallen "It is a book that contains every known detail about him from the various trips he has made into our world along with spells on how to summon him", she says enthusiatically as she continues looking at Kay's book before looking up to him,"He has a fondness for cats is an example"
  69. [11:34] Action: Voltage And the fact that she was now sitting next to him and he didn't have a red mark, looking like a hoof on his cheek, was a sign that the result was better than he had expected. He nodded slowly, now wondering if he had said it like that on purpose or not "Uhm.. sure, Dashie. Umm.. where are you from?"
  70. [11:34] Action: KayZee found the annotated section and quickly jotted down a few notes into the corner of the tome's page before closing it. "You can summon the reaper? ... and he likes cats?" He'd never read spell books before, and certainly none which could claim to summon something so etherallay beyond this world.
  71. [11:35] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles "Ponyville..." she says shyly, her attitude completely changing around the colt
  72. [11:36] Action: Voltage "Oh that place.. Think I moved there three months ago.." he said, trying to fight the feeling of nervousness.
  73. [11:36] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles and shuffles closer to him
  74. [11:36] Action: Crestfallen "I can... and have", blushing a little, "he's my coltfriend actually", giggling a little as she says it casually and with no hint of irony
  75. [11:38] Action: Voltage Apperently what he had blurted out had been more effective than he had ever imagined. But why? How had it happened and why? He was confused, so he decided to tell what he remembered "Uhm.. moved from Fillydelphia to there. That city was a rotten place.. The decision to move away from there, was the best decision I've ever made."
  76. [11:38] Action: KayZee "Fascinating, but who manages the souls of the departed while summoned" lingering spirits were a dangerous thing to leave about, the reaper wouldn't dare leave them to meander without guidance for long, surely.
  77. [11:39] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles "OH? So.. what do you do?"
  78. [11:40] Action: Voltage scratches his head "Well.. lately haven't really done anything.. though i heard there's an open place for a doctor in the hospital."
  79. [11:40] Action: KayZee tucked away his tome back to his bag, the scroll he'd obtained earlier yeilded a new translation, perhaps it would reveal more about that artifact he had found.
  80. [11:40] Action: Crestfallen "He can be here with me & deal with the souls of the departed at the same time he is that powerful, you would be if you have been around since the creation of the world"
  81. [11:42] Action: KayZee pondered on that statement. "You said that book was several generations old? do you know who wrote it?"
  82. [11:42] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles "I like doctors... so kind.. helpfull.."
  83. [11:43] Action: Voltage "So.. yeah. I probably should attend there.." he then looked at her, forgetting about how visible his blush was "Uhm.. so what do you do?"
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  85. [11:45] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles "Weather team..."
  86. [11:47] Nick change: Commander_Hurricane -> ^RainbowDash
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  88. [11:47] Action: Voltage "Oh? Seems to be pretty popular job among the pegasi.. Probably what I'd do if I was a pegasus." he said, noow feeling little more confident about her presence but not by much.
  89. [11:48] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles, bllushing slightly more "Hey... I could do with some dinner.... but do you want to go out?"
  90. [11:49] Action: Voltage "Outside? Sure, it's kinda gloomy in here.. I need fresh air anyway." he said, completely forgetting about the other meaning of those words.
  91. [11:50] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles "Cool... canterlot? restaurant?"
  92. [11:50] Action: Voltage blinked now, the realisation hitting him "Wha.. uh sure. I'll.. pay."
  93. [11:51] <KayZee> ((k, back))
  94. [11:51] Action: Crestfallen "I only know its old, there are no names anywhere on it or any indication of the authors possible identity and i've read it cover to cover, why do you have an idea of their identity?" looking at KayZee
  95. [11:54] Action: Voltage "Wait.. why exactly in Canterlot, Dashie? Aren't there good ones in Ponyville?"
  96. [11:56] Action: KayZee scratched his mane with his left forehoof. "The Chronicles are authorless as well, except for a few symbols here on the back" He pulled the book out again the pointed them out on back. The tome certainly was a sight to be hold, it was covered from top to bottom in arcahic runes both inside and out.
  97. [11:57] Action: RainbowDash^ looks to him "Well... Uh.. we are going out... arent't we?"
  98. [11:58] Action: Voltage nodded slowly, trying not to look nervous "Um.. yeah. Guess we should visit Canterlot then."
  99. [11:58] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles and hugs him
  100. [11:59] Action: Crestfallen looks at the symbols, "They do look familiar, i'll be right back", running off to her room returning with a big black book the name 'The Grim Reaper's Handbook' on the front above a pony in a black robe and a scythe in one hoof with underneath that the words 'Non Timetis Messor', "Here it is" placing it down on the table
  101. [12:00] Action: Voltage hugged her softly back, looking at her mane. He couldn't help but wonder how it was coloured like that. What kind of genes did she have? "Okay.. should go there by land or.. I actually know a teleportation spell which we could use as way of transportation."
  102. [12:02] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles "teleport.. I am not walking int hat weather..."
  103. [12:03] Action: KayZee walked over to Crest and looked over her mane. "Latin, .. do not fear the reaper" Upon careful study of the cover, he noted the craftsmanship of the cover. It was of a later era, but the symbology was far different from his own.
  104. [12:04] Action: Voltage nodded, his horn beginning to cast a small pruple aura around itself first, than the two "Kay then.." The aura around the two soon turned brighter and the flashed as bright colour, making the two seem absent. The flash happened again in the streets of Canterlot, scaring few random citizen who happened to be nearby "Here we are.."
  105. [12:04] Action: RainbowDash^ looks around "eh.. hehe..." she says to the people they scared "So..."
  106. [12:05] Action: Crestfallen "Let's take a look shall we", opening the book revealling careful notes by the previous owners next to the original text along with illustrations ever couple of paragraphs detailing some point or other
  107. [12:05] Action: Voltage "Yeah.." He pulled his hooves back from her and stood up, offering her a hoof to get up as well "You know any good places in here, Dashie?"
  108. [12:06] <KayZee> "The Chronicles are far older, but it's been magically imbued to never age or wither" he said studying as Crest flipped though the pages.
  109. [12:07] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles and hodls his hoof, getting up and not letting go
  110. [12:07] Action: KayZee "ah..." he to pointed at the symbols "What does this passage say in relation to them?"
  111. [12:08] Action: Crestfallen "That would explain the quality, this was in the Manehatten National Library hidden in some backshelf where nopony goes"
  112. [12:09] Action: Voltage "Hmm..?" He looked at her hoof, the one that was holding his. He could feel its warmth "From what I've seen, you seemed like one heck of a daredevil. Didn't think I'd ever be holding the daredevil's hoof like this.."
  113. [12:10] Action: KayZee "I don't even know where mine came from.. it was given to me as a gift from my late uncle. My parents never spoke much of it other than to say that one day I'd know why"
  114. [12:12] Action: Crestfallen "I hate it when someone says that, they are obviously hiding something"
  115. [12:13] Action: RainbowDash^ blushes and lets go... "Oh.... o-ok..."
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  117. [12:14] Action: Voltage chuckles slightly as he looks at her expression "Anyway.." he noticed a restaurant nearby, which seemed to be high class. Then again, they were in Canterlot. What wasn't high class there "How's that for dining?"
  118. [12:15] Action: KayZee "I never thought much of it then, it wasn't until my teen-colt years that I started to seriously study the contents" he was digressing, but he pointed back at the passage she indicated before. "Whats this say about the symbol, can you read these inscriptions around it?"
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  120. [12:16] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles and nods "I like it... looks posh..."
  121. [12:17] Action: Voltage "Heh.. Again words that didn't expect a daredevil to say.." he chuckled slightly as he offered his hoof to her again "Shall we?"
  122. [12:18] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles and holds his hoof "come on~" she giggles "I could have been eating by now~"
  123. [12:20] Action: Voltage nods "Yeah, you would've been.. If this was a quick food place." he said as he walked with her into the restaurant. The waiter who greeted them, looked like he was thinking twice if he should let the two in, or call the guards to throw them out. Luckily he decided just to sneer and guide them to an empty table for two.
  124. [12:20] Action: Crestfallen "ummm.. let me check", paying careful attention to it flipping pages back and forth and mumbling non-sequiters, "It is a phrase relating to the harvest season,'Lord, what can the harvest hope for, if not for the care of the Reaper Man? ', rather nice i think"
  125. [12:21] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles and nods, walking in and giiggles, saying under her breath "Doofus..."
  126. [12:23] Action: Voltage "Yeah.. they tend to be.." he whispered to her as they were given menus and the waiter offered them the house's wine "Uhm.. Sure we can.. take it I guess. Fits for the mood, I think." The waiter nodded and walked away.
  127. [12:23] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles and leans against VOltage
  128. [12:25] Action: Voltage "Mh?" He almost eeped as he felt her suddenly leaning against him "Uh... I think you should.. check what you'll eat.." he said, unable to hold his sudden blush back and hide his slightly stammering voice.
  129. [12:25] Action: KayZee frowns slightly... "What does that have to do the chronicles I wonder. "walking to opposite side again, he lifted the tome. For its size, it was surprisingly light weight. "The dots don't connect.." putting it down down he stared at the table {well it was worth a shot.}
  130. [12:27] Action: RainbowDash^ looks to him and giggles, she glomps him
  131. [12:27] Action: Crestfallen "I'm sorry to hear that, i could have helped out more if it was", putting her hoof on his shoulder, "If your parents were right, you will eventually understand it as you said earlier what's the point in worrying about things you have no control over"
  132. [12:29] Action: Voltage "Uh..." He found it little emberrasing to be suddenly almost penetrated by so many dissapproving gazes from others, but luckily they didn't stare at them for long. He hugged her back, sinking his muzzle into her rainbow mane. He had missed this feeling "You're so breaking the norms of a posh restaurant." he whispered teasingly.
  133. [12:30] Action: RainbowDash^ whispers "You have to live outside the box" she says and nuzzles into his neck
  134. [12:30] Nick change: Squintz -> Squinty-Games
  135. [12:31] Action: KayZee let out a sigh. "I've spent the last 15 or so years trying to find that answer" he looked to the Crestfallen, sullen. "But sometimes you feel lost, for all my traveling I was only able to locate 3 of the described relics."
  136. [12:31] Action: Crestfallen "How many relics are there?"
  137. [12:32] <KayZee> ((why do I magically prefix 'the' to nouns subconsciously?))
  138. [12:32] Action: Voltage "Uh... yeah.." he said. The nuzzling on his neck made him shiver slightly. He could almost sense the affection from the gesture "Were you waiting for.. someone who would take you out?" He asked, referring to what she had said before in the loft.
  139. [12:35] Action: KayZee "To my knowledge, 18 or so" The mental ratio didn't help to put him at ease. "That being an underestimate, there were still segments that I haven't been able to translate."
  140. [12:36] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles and nuzzles him
  141. [12:37] Action: RainbowDash^ "I.. I am... um... you know..."
  142. [12:37] Action: Crestfallen "That is a lot of artifacts... i have an idea, i'll ask Grim see what he knows next time he is here as he is sure to be able to either translate this or get someone who can"
  143. [12:39] Action: Voltage "Hm? You're what?" he asked, giving her a soft nuzzle on her cheek.
  144. [12:40] Action: RainbowDash^ blushes and looks to him. She couldnt deal with the preasure.. she leans in and kisses him
  145. [12:42] Action: Voltage 's eyes went wide. The questions filled his head and there were too many others thoughts there already, turning it into a pure mess. The shock was immense, but his eyes closed down slowly, as he responded softly into the kiss.
  146. [12:43] Action: RainbowDash^ snuggles ontop of him, kissing him more passionatlye
  147. [12:44] Action: KayZee "Thats ok crest" he picked up his head and and tucked away the tome. "Everypony has that one quest in their lives, and I believe this burden is mine alone to carry" shaking his head. "Thanks Crest, you've given something to think about."
  148. [12:44] <KayZee> ((given me))
  149. [12:45] Action: Voltage The ponies around them gave them again very disapproving looks, the waiter seemed to be thinking if he should ask them to leave or just throw them out without asking anything. But he didn't care. To him, there was nothing else, other than her at that moment. The soft response turned into more passionate one about the same time as did hers.
  150. [12:46] Action: Crestfallen "It was nice talking to you and good luck in finding all of these artifacts, what do you plan on doing when you have them all"
  151. [12:48] Action: KayZee what an odd question "I...I don't know" He thought back to the three that were acquired, each of which had their own enigmas to be unraveled.
  152. [12:48] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles and and flares her wings to cover them
  153. [12:49] Action: Crestfallen "Collecting for the sake of collecting, there is sense in that i find more than most others hopes and dreams"
  154. [12:50] Action: Voltage The waiter had seen enough of this and was soon next to the two, asking politely them to leave "Uhm..." Volt chuckled slightly, as he looked at the waiter "Ohm.. guess we kinda overdid it, huh Dashie?"
  155. [12:52] Action: KayZee "What do you mean by that?"
  156. [12:54] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles and giglgles "yeah..."
  157. [12:55] Action: Voltage nodded and stood up, his hooves still holding her so she wouldn't fall over nor anything "Well.. guess we eat at someplace else then.."
  158. [12:56] Action: Crestfallen "I don't know exactly, it was just some random muse left over from the cider... i liked it though it sounded.. right" she said wistfully trying to see if there was any meaning behind her musing
  159. [12:57] Action: KayZee glomps Crestfallen
  160. [12:58] Action: Crestfallen is taken aback by KayZee, "What was that for?" definately shocked by his actions
  161. [12:58] Action: KayZee "It's the thought that counts." walking to the living room, he noticed the two ponies gone and plopped himself down on the couch, the show was about to start!
  162. [13:02] Action: Crestfallen still a little surprised and now red after that stays in the kitchen wondering if she should have another glass of cider
  163. [13:03] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles "or just hang in an ally..."
  164. [13:05] Action: Voltage smiled as well, giving her a soft kiss on her cheek "Yeah.." He was still holding her hoof as they left the restaurant. The moment they were outside, he gave her a tight hug, his head leaning against hers "You ca't believe how much I've missed being like this.."
  165. [13:05] <Voltage> (can't*)
  166. [13:07] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles and hugs him tightly "how about having some one say "I love you..."
  167. [13:07] Paintblush ( left irc: Quit: Isn't being alive what live is all about?
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  169. [13:09] Action: Voltage blinked as he heard those words. He was quiet for a short time "... Wha.. I haven't anyone say that in years.. but.. why would you say that now?"
  170. [13:13] Pocky (Pocketguns2@Tally.ho.old.chaps) joined #lunasloft.
  171. [13:13] #LunasLoft: mode change '+v Pocky' by Celestia!Celestia@The.Sun.Princess
  172. [13:13] Action: RainbowDash^ giggles and look to him blankly "Uh... why else would I say it?"
  173. [13:13] Nick change: KayZee -> thunderlane
  174. [13:15] Nick change: Pocky -> Pocky|DeadIsland
  175. [13:15] Action: Voltage "I mean.. why? I.. just want to know why.."
  176. [13:16] Nick change: thunderlane -> ThunderLane
  177. [13:18] Action: RainbowDash^ "Cant a mare love a colt?"
  178. [13:20] Action: Voltage "I.. yeah, I'm not saying you can't.. I'm just wondering why.. there's usually a reason, which I fail to notice at the moment."
  179. [13:23] Action: RainbowDash^ "you are kind.Caring... everything I want out of a colt..."
  180. [13:24] Action: Voltage "I..." He looked away, unsure what to say in response "I.. thanks..."
  181. [13:27] Action: RainbowDash^ hugs him "I am sorry... if... I.. I am sorry." she looks down and away
  182. [13:28] Action: Voltage "No, no reason to be.." he said, petting the back of her head with his hoof "It's just that.. I need to spend more time with you, in order to truly return those feelings.. If that's alright, Dashie."
  183. [13:28] Pocky|DeadIsland (Pocketguns2@Tally.ho.old.chaps) left irc: Ping timeout: 121 seconds
  184. [13:29] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles "you know more about me than I do you..."
  185. [13:30] Nick change: ThunderLane -> KayZee
  186. [13:30] Nick change: Squinty-Games -> Squintz
  187. [13:31] Action: Voltage "I.. kinda doubt that.. but anyway.. we still haven't eaten anything." he said, trying to make the mood lighter "Know any place where we wouldn't get glared badly if we did kiss each other?"
  188. [13:31] Paintblush ( joined #lunasloft.
  189. [13:32] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles "the loft?"
  190. [13:33] Action: Voltage chuckles "Yeah probably.." His horn begun to glow brightly, the light making the two impossible to see for short time, until it vanished in bright flash, leaving nothing behind. They were now back in the loft.
  191. [13:35] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles and glomps him the moment when they get back
  192. [13:37] Action: Voltage 's hooves clenched tightly around her, seemingly not letting her go "I have to say, your mane has a very unique colour."
  193. [13:37] Action: RainbowDash^ hugs him tightly "colours"
  194. [13:38] ThunderTranscript (Thunder@EquestrianAirforce) left irc: Connection closed
  195. [13:39] Action: Voltage "Kinda weird to see so many in one.." His belly grumbled loudly, almost waking him up from the moment "Ah... yeah, food. the kitchen is right there.."
  196. [13:44] <Voltage> (I gtg for a while now. I'll be back later on. Bye)
  197. [13:44] Voltage ( left irc: Connection closed
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  204. [14:31] Nick change: Haycloud_Pony -> Chocolate_Pegasus
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  207. [14:35] Action: Voltage looked at RainbowDash^, a faint smile on his face "Anyway.. you want me to make something? I'm.. a decent cook... I think."
  208. [14:35] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles and nod
  209. [14:37] Action: Voltage "Kay then.. uhm.. what do you want me to make?" he asked as he walked into the kitchen.
  210. [14:37] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles "Food?"
  211. [14:38] Action: Voltage chuckles, his horn lighting up, followed by the fridge's door opening "Uhm.. little more detail, thank you. We have.. plenty of stuff here."
  212. [14:43] Action: Voltage "Dash?" he turned his gaze back to her as he had checked over the fridge "C'mon, name what you want to eat."
  213. [14:44] Action: RainbowDash^ loosk to him "Uh... Daisy sandwith..>"
  214. [14:46] BlacklightShining (blackl@cloud-4c2ins.Cape-Sunrise.Equestria) joined #lunasloft.
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  216. [14:46] Action: Voltage chuckles, but is at the same time little relieved that he doesn't really need to cook anything "Right-o, miss daredevil." Bread and other items begun to float away from the fridge. At the same time plates settled down onto the table "Oh yeah, I'm definately calling you that." he chuckled as he closed the door.
  217. [14:49] Nick change: KayZee -> rumble
  218. [14:50] Nick change: rumble -> Rumble
  219. [14:50] Nick change: Rumble -> KayZee
  220. [14:52] Action: Voltage It didn't take much time until there were two sandwhiches done and set on the plates, other one havaing daisies in it, other with an omelette, which Volt had decided to make with the aid of magic. He sucked at using frying pan. He levitated the plate with the sandwhich, containing daisies over to RainbowDash^ "There you go."
  221. [14:52] BlacklightShining (blackl@cloud-4c2ins.Cape-Sunrise.Equestria) left irc: Quit: It's funny how a pony that seems so cold can be so warm&
  222. [14:52] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles and takes the sandwich "thanks sweetie" she sas warmly, looking up to him "Anyway... what do you do in your free time?"
  223. [14:54] Action: Voltage "Uh..." He looked at his sandwhich, not taking a bite as he begun to think the answer. The word 'sweetie' had brought faint blush on his cheeks which was the reason he was avoiding eye connection now "Not much really.. read books, mainly fiction since I've read all the spell books here.. and just interract with others in here. Sometimes help them with their problems."
  224. [14:56] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles "I bet you have your own problems that dont get fixed?"
  225. [14:57] Action: Voltage "Uh..." Again, no bite taken from the sandwhich. She hit a little sore subject "Yeah.. but one was fixed, thanks to you."
  226. [14:58] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles "I can help you... if you want... am sure I can do something?"
  227. [15:00] Action: Voltage looked at his uneaten sandwhich again, letting out a small sigh "Maybe some other time.. It's not really something you might even want to know. It'd ruin your day for sure.."
  228. [15:09] LightningCrash ( joined #lunasloft.
  229. [15:09] Action: RainbowDash^ chuckles "You think trying to replicate a sonic rainbom at will and failing for 15 years and then doing it when you need to save a friend... not so good..."
  230. [15:10] Enms ( joined #lunasloft.
  231. [15:10] #LunasLoft: mode change '+h Enms' by Celestia!Celestia@The.Sun.Princess
  232. [15:11] Action: Voltage "That's a case of being motivated by the moment.. I.. just aren't in mood of telling about my past right now. I'd rather live the moment now.." he said and finally took a bite of his sandwhich.
  233. [15:12] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles and nods "I understand..."
  234. [15:16] Action: Voltage coughed and spitted out the food from his mouth into the dumpster "Gahh... what the heck did I put into this.. Gah." The snadwhich flew into the dumpster as well "Ah... what you wanna do?"
  235. [15:16] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles "um... Do you want to snuggle?"
  236. [15:18] Action: Voltage "Huh... again, you seem quite different from what I've heard.. Thought you might've wanted to do something more.. actionish. Like flying stunts or something.. Then again.. many things have happened to Flutters so... Ah what ever.."
  237. [15:19] Action: Voltage "Wait..." he scartched his head "Think I saw a wing spell in one book.. can't be much harder to cast than the revival spell.."
  238. [15:22] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles and nods "sure!"
  239. [15:25] <Voltage> ACTION nodded ad stood up from his seat, walking over to a book shelter. His horn flashed in bright blue colour for few seconds and after that a book floated from the shelf over to him, opening its pages in front of him "Hmm... think its this one.. Yeah, not that bad.." He closed his eyes as the glow turned into purple one. First it was dim, but it soon got brighter, creating a vortex of colours around him. After few seconds the vortex dissape
  240. [15:27] Action: RainbowDash^ watches him "..."
  241. [15:28] Action: Voltage turned to look at his back, which seemed to have now wings. But they weren't physical looking. More like some kind of bright projections made of pure light. He flapped them few times, noticing that they actually created some wind "Huh... interesting."
  242. [15:29] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles and looks to him. she walks over and strokes his wing, seeing what would happen
  243. [15:30] Action: Voltage 's expression flicnhed slightly, blush almost exploding on his cheeks "Gah... what are you doing?"
  244. [15:31] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles "seeing if they work~"
  245. [15:32] Action: Voltage "Yeah.. they do work." He pulled his wings away from her and walked over to the door leading out "So.. let's test these bad boys!" he said and ran outside.
  246. [15:33] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles and nuzzles him "Your wings are not the only bad boy~" she winks and takes off
  247. [15:35] Action: Voltage grumbled silently "When is she going to stop making me blush so much.." he flapped his wings few times on the ground. Everytime increasing strength and speed. It didn't take long until he was off the ground "Huh.. guess the spell makes flying easier or something.."
  248. [15:36] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles and takes off to a cloud, laying donw on it
  249. [15:37] Action: Voltage Indeed it didn't take him long to learn the basics of flying to his surprise. Then again, the spell might've had something to do with it. He landed next to her, his smile almost as wide as was physically possible "This is freaking awesome!"
  250. [15:40] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles nad looks to him "I know right?!"
  251. [15:41] Action: Voltage sat down next to her on the cloud. Apperently the wing spell also included cloud walking spell as well "No wonder I've been so jealous of pegasi! I would spend all day up in the air if I had wings.. Just look at down there." he pointed down at the ground "Everything looks so small.. like they could fit on top of our hooves.."
  252. [15:47] Action: Voltage He sighed happily, placing his hoof on her back, not much paying attention if he hit her wings with it or not "I really like it in here.."
  253. [15:54] Action: Voltage gave RainbowDash^ a soft kiss on her cheek "Hmm... What do you usually do when you have free time?"
  254. [15:54] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles and blushes "I-I.. I fly..."
  255. [15:56] Action: Voltage "Do tricks and have naps along those things, according to what others have said. They talk about you like you're a living legend. Then again, you've pulled out a rainboom so.. can't really say they do it for nothing."
  256. [15:57] Nick change: Enms -> Entertaining_Showers
  257. [16:00] Action: Voltage "Hmm.." he gave RainbowDash^ a look, like he was wondering something "I have to say, I thought you would've wanted to date someone like from the Wonderbolts.."
  258. [16:01] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles shyly "I also heard it was bad to date work collegues..." she smiles "Plus.. if I did... I wouldnt be able to do it.. keep my hooves off them..."
  259. [16:02] LightningCrash (LightningCras@the.lightning.comes.before.the.crash) left irc: Quit: Goodbye!
  260. [16:05] Action: Voltage chuckles "Yeah.. I can relate to that feeling. Though the collueges I've known haven't really been that fun.."
  261. [16:08] Action: Voltage "One actually stabbed me in the back.. quite literally. With a needle. Was too afraid to lose her job for a mistake she did.. made me look like the culprit... She was a bitch.." he said.
  262. [16:09] <RainbowDash^>  /me nods "oh... outch..." she says, holding him close "well... I wouldnt backstab you..."
  263. [16:11] Action: Voltage chuckles "You better not.. though I probably wouldn't make you pay for it.. revenge isn't really my game.."
  264. [16:12] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles and kisses his cheek "So..."
  265. [16:12] Nick change: Chocolate_Pegasus -> BlacklightBusy
  266. [16:14] Action: Voltage "So... well, now she's a doctor with great career.. and I got fired thanks to her.. Great friend she was.."
  267. [16:16] Action: RainbowDash^ hugs him "Well... I.. I am getting my uniform soon.. y.. you can be.. my doctor?"
  268. [16:16] Action: Voltage chuckles and nudges her "Oh? You want me to be your personal doctor? Well.. that sounds like a fun job."
  269. [16:18] Souless_Queen ( joined #lunasloft.
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  271. [16:18] Nick change: Souless_Queen -> Cakeness
  272. [16:20] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles "I.. I got my place int he WOnderbolts" she squees
  273. [16:21] Action: Voltage "Really?" He exclaimed "That's great! You definately deserved it!" His hoof pulled her closer to him, allowing him to hug her tightly.
  274. [16:21] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles and losko to him, hugging him tight "and your my doctor!"
  275. [16:23] Cakeness ( left irc: Quit:
  276. [16:23] Action: Voltage "Well.. more of nurse in that case.. or caretaker? No.. I don't know the term.. let's go with doctor then." He said, wrapping his bright wings around her "And wow.. I like these wings a lot."
  277. [16:31] Action: Voltage "Seriously, these are incredibly to use for hugs!" He exclaimed again, sounding almost like a schoolkid being over happy, as his wings were keeping him and Ranibowdash^ in a tight and warm embrace.
  278. [16:32] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles and hugs him tigthly "I love you so much."
  279. [16:33] Action: Voltage "Uh.. you know, that still sounds a little weird to my ears, considering how long you've known me.. Have you taken a love potion by accident today?"
  280. [16:34] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles and looks to him. she shrgus
  281. [16:35] Action: Voltage perks an eyebrow "You don't know.. how about we check that? There are some disabling spells out there. I mean, if you're under an effect of one.. it's not really right."
  282. [16:36] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles "try it~" she wasnt under one
  283. [16:38] Action: Voltage nodded "Think it's in one of the books in the loft.. care to fly back down?"
  284. [16:41] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles "nah.. I havent had one.."
  285. [16:42] Action: Voltage let go off her with his hooves and wings "Sorry, but I can't get that thought off my head now... Usually the victim of said potion cannot control his or her actions.. Sorry but I need to know for sure." He said and flied down, running into the loft. Soon he returned with a book and flied back up to her "Okay.. just stand still for a while.. okay?"
  286. [16:45] Action: RainbowDash^ loosk to him "O-Ok..." she was slightly saddened by the fact he didnt believe her. there was a tear in her eye as she looked away, frowning.
  287. [16:47] Action: Voltage "Sorry but... I just need to be sure.. I don't want to force you onto anything against your own will.." He said as his horn lid up, creating an aura around her for short time "I've been kinda sceptic always when someone has said taht they have feelings towards me.." he said as the aura flashed brightly around her, vanishing soon afterwards "There... how.. are you feeling?" He was looking little sadas well.
  288. [16:48] Action: RainbowDash^ looks to him "Oh.. I love you... just... feel sad..."
  289. [16:49] Action: Voltage blinked "You.. actually do..." He could feel his heart drop down, almost like it had ben striked heavily "I'm.. sorry that I doubted you."
  290. [16:51] <Voltage> (been*)
  291. [16:53] Action: RainbowDash^ sniffles slightly, looking down "I.. its ok.. if... you dont love me..." she bites her lip and walks to the door, tears rolling down her cheek.
  292. [16:55] Action: Voltage "Wha.. wait!" He ran after her, stopping right in front of her "I.. never said that, now did I? I just.." he sighed, looking down between his front hooves "I.. do have feelings towards you but love.. It's little bit too early for that.. but if we stay together, along time I might be able to say it in return. What do you say?"
  293. [16:57] Action: RainbowDash^ sniffles and looks down "L... love... at first sight..>" she closes her eyes as tears roll down them. she sniffles "n... not... to me..." she says, walking into the main room and laying on a couch, laying her wings over her face.
  294. [17:01] <Voltage> ACTION "No..." he watched as she walked away, still not feeling like giving up. He walked after her, sitting down next to the couch onto the floor "Dashie.. I'm not abandoning you nor anything.. I just.. I was dumbed about a week ago by someone who I loved.. I just.. aren't comfortable with that word yet.. I mean.. My emotions are still a mess.. but I'm willing to be with you. Willing to.. be able to return those feelings. That's something, ri
  295. [17:01] Action: Voltage ".. Willing to.. be able to return those feelings. That's something, right?"
  296. [17:03] Action: RainbowDash^ looks to him "Did she ever say I love you?"
  297. [17:04] Action: Voltage shook his head "No.. she never did. The moment I said that to her, she wasn't ready yet, but she didn't leave me either. We stayed together and kept on evolving our relationship.. but then at the end it fell apart... Because of me.."
  298. [17:06] Action: RainbowDash^ looks to him "And... I say it on the first day... i am bored of living alone... I want love... but I have tried all my friends... and they say no.. and I trie somepony else.. who knows my name... and... we get close.. we kiss.. Your doing to me what she did to you... now.. I know I am gonna break the relationship" she cries loudly into her hooves
  299. [17:08] Nick change: Entertaining_Showers -> Entertaining_Moments
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  301. [17:09] Action: Voltage "Dashie.." He stood up and pulled her into a tight hug, letting her cry against his shoulder "No, I'm not allowing that to happen.. I won't..."
  302. [17:10] Action: RainbowDash^ doesnt hug back "I.. I dont want to... do anything... untill I am loved..." she cries. she keeps herself huddled in her wings, she was really heart broken.
  303. [17:11] Action: Voltage "Dashie.. you are.. There would be no one here right now, if you weren't loved.. I.." He smiled faintly "Guess that means that I do love you then.."
  304. [17:13] Action: RainbowDash^ takes a deep breath. her wings wrapp around him tightly as she holds him close "I love you voltage!" she cries into his shoulder. she hadnt cried so much in her life.
  305. [17:14] Action: Voltage didn't say anything anymore, just kept his hooves tightly around her, not letting go until her grief was taken away.
  306. [17:17] Action: RainbowDash^ hugs him tightly, not letting go, not wanting to let go, she cries into his neck "I... I love you..."
  307. [17:19] Action: Voltage nibbled her ears softly, keeping his hooves tightly around her back "Let it all out.." He said witha  reassuring voice.
  308. [17:19] <Voltage> (with a*)
  309. [17:19] Action: RainbowDash^ looks to him and kisses him passionatly, holding him tightly
  310. [17:20] Action: Voltage responded into the kiss shortly afterwards, trying return it with equal passion.
  311. [17:21] Action: RainbowDash^ knees turns to jelly as she turns to jelly "ooh wow..."
  312. [17:22] Action: Voltage chuckles softly to her response "Why do you sound like no one has kissed you before?"
  313. [17:24] Action: RainbowDash^ looks to him "b.. Because... nopony.. has..."
  314. [17:24] Action: Voltage chuckles "But you said yourself that you have kissed others.. oh they have never responded.. that's odd."
  315. [17:25] Action: RainbowDash^ "what? I have been with others..."
  316. [17:25] Action: RainbowDash^ "they never kiss back..."
  317. [17:26] Action: Voltage "Yeah, that's the odd part. You are quite dashing after all.. sorry for the pun."
  318. [17:26] Action: RainbowDash^ blushes and snuggles into him
  319. [17:27] Action: Voltage "Hmm... So.. the next question is, what now?"
  320. [17:29] Action: RainbowDash^ looks to you and shrugs
  321. [17:34] Action: Voltage scratched his head "Well.. just cuddle on a cou.. no, cloud. they were comfortable."
  322. [17:35] Action: RainbowDash^ looks to him "Bed?"
  323. [17:35] Action: Voltage 's eyes went wide, expression blank "Say what?"
  324. [17:35] Action: RainbowDash^ "Snuggle in bed?"
  325. [17:35] Nick change: Entertaining_Moments -> Entertaining_Dinners
  326. [17:36] Action: Voltage "Uhm... you are indeed the fastest flier in Equestria.. and apperently in relationship as well." he chuckled, teasingly.
  327. [17:37] Action: RainbowDash^ looks down "I am doing it wrong.. I KNEW I WOULD GO WRONG!"
  328. [17:39] Action: Voltage chuckles slightly, not allowing her to take it too seriously "Hey, cheer up!" he placed his hoof under her chin, lifting her muzzle up to face his "You didn't do anything wrong, just moved little too quickly. You just did a simple mistake that can be forgotten quickly. So.. how about something else then?"
  329. [17:39] Action: RainbowDash^ looks to him "I still went wrong.. I cant forgive myself fot that!"
  330. [17:41] Action: Voltage "Okay, you're taking this too heavily. How's this for change?" He planted an immensily passionate kiss on her lips. He was little surprised actually, having no idea how he just did that.
  331. [17:45] Action: RainbowDash^ eyes widen as she holds him back, kissing him passionatly in return, melting into it
  332. [17:46] Dreamsweet ( joined #lunasloft.
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  334. [17:47] Action: Voltage pulls back from the kiss just to catch air "Wow.." Small cough "As I was saying.. don't worry about mistakes. I'll let them slide, since I will make those as well."
  335. [17:47] Paintblush ( left irc: Quit: Isn't being alive what live is all about?
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  338. [17:48] Action: RainbowDash^ "wow..." she says, looking to him "I... wow..."
  339. [17:49] Action: Voltage "Uh..." he gave her a little concerned look "Uhm.. you did hear what I just said right?"
  340. [17:49] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles "t-that was /so awesome!/
  341. [17:50] Action: Voltage tilted his head "I'm.. going to take that as yes.. But yeah.. and that's not going to be the last one."
  342. [17:51] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles and blushes, kissing him again "wow!"
  343. [17:52] Action: Voltage "Uhm.." he blushes slightly, being happy that there was no one around looking at them "It.. anyway.. what do you want to do?"
  344. [17:56] Nick change: Entertaining_Dinners -> Entertaining_Moments
  345. [17:57] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles "Snuggle in bed..."
  346. [17:59] Action: Voltage chuckles "No seriously.. Is.. that what you really want?" His teasing smile turned into more of serious one.
  347. [18:00] Action: RainbowDash^ "I.... I want you ... to be as close as possible..."
  348. [18:01] Action: Voltage blushed heavily "I uhm.. okay then.. The private rooms are upstairs.."
  349. [18:01] <Voltage> (And with that #loftafterdark will be entered.. it seems)
  350. [18:02] Action: RainbowDash^ climbs up onto hi sback and nuzzles him "not to close mind you... I dont feel right jst yet..."
  351. [18:04] Action: Voltage "Uhm.. kay." He said as he headed upstairs, carrying her on his back. He didn't seem to have any trouble with carrying her. He entered his room, closing the door behind them.
  352. [18:05] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles, hops on the bedd and lets him sit next to her
  353. [18:06] Action: Voltage was now sitting next to her, leaning softly against her "So.. just cuddling like this? Sounds good to me."
  354. [18:07] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles "U.. Unless you can to go further..."
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  357. [18:07] Action: Voltage chuckles "No seriously.. Is.. that what you really want?" His teasing smile turned into more of serious one.
  358. [18:07] Action: RainbowDash^ "I.... I want you ... to be as close as possible..."
  359. [18:07] Action: Voltage blushed heavily "I uhm.. okay then.. The private rooms are upstairs.."
  360. [18:07] <Voltage> (And with that #loftafterdark will be entered.. it seems)
  361. [18:07] Action: RainbowDash^ climbs up onto hi sback and nuzzles him "not to close mind you... I dont feel right jst yet..."
  362. [18:07] Action: Voltage "Uhm.. kay." He said as he headed upstairs, carrying her on his back. He didn't seem to have any trouble with carrying her. He entered his room, closing the door behind them.
  363. [18:07] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles, hops on the bedd and lets him sit next to her
  364. [18:07] Action: Voltage was now sitting next to her, leaning softly against her "So.. just cuddling like this? Sounds good to me."
  365. [18:07] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles "U.. Unless you can to go further..."
  366. [18:08] Action: Voltage "You're not comfortable with the idea.. and I think it's little too early.. so is to say those three words too.. but that's beside the point." he said, giving her cheek soft nuzzles.
  367. [18:10] Action: RainbowDash^ smiles and looks to him "ok" she says, nuzzling him
  368. [18:12] Action: Voltage "Besides, you still seem to be rather new to this dating concept.. Kinda weird that you haven't dated anyone else before me.."
  369. [18:14] Squintz ( left irc: Connection closed
  370. [18:14] Folker ( joined #lunasloft.
  371. [18:15] Nick change: Folker -> Pony_2726
  372. [18:15] Nick change: Pony_2726 -> RainbowDash^^
  373. [18:15] Action: RainbowDash^^ smiles "Yeah... I liked you... I saw you in hospital once"
  374. [18:15] Squintz ( joined #lunasloft.
  375. [18:16] Action: Voltage "Oh you did? I've seen you.. well rarely, usually flying in the sky or something, always heading somewhere."
  376. [18:16] RainbowDash^ (Joe@I.Love.Prius) left irc: Ping timeout: 121 seconds
  377. [18:18] Action: RainbowDash^^ smiles "No.. In the hopsital.. you walked past my door.."
  378. [18:18] <Voltage> (oh... kay)
  379. [18:18] <RainbowDash^^> (XD)
  380. [18:19] Action: Voltage "Oh? I didn't know that.. wait, then you had been hurt.. what had happened to you?"
  381. [18:23] Action: RainbowDash^^ smiles nad looks to him "broken wing..."
  382. [18:24] Action: Voltage nods "Ah.. should've figured. I haven't broken any bones in years actually.. no much of an athlete anyway."
  383. [18:24] Paintblush ( joined #lunasloft.
  384. [18:24] Action: RainbowDash^^ smiles and nods yeah..."
  385. [18:25] Action: Voltage chuckles slightly, giving her side a soft nudge "Oh, you agree that I'm not much of an athlete? Well thanks!" he chuckles.
  386. [18:28] Action: RainbowDash^^ smiles and nuzzles him "Yeah... But You will be soon"
  387. [18:29] Action: Voltage "Wait.. are you seriously going to train me to become one?" he grinned "Good luck with that, I barely got through teh sports classes back in school."
  388. [18:29] <Voltage> (the*)
  389. [18:31] Action: RainbowDash^^ smile "fact is... you will do it for love~"
  390. [18:32] Action: Voltage "Uh.. damnit, yeah I will.." he looked away muttering silently.
  391. [18:32] Action: RainbowDash^^ giggles
  392. [18:32] Action: Voltage "Okay... guess I need to ask you.. ever faced off with a dragon before?"
  393. [18:36] Action: RainbowDash^^ "yeah..."
  394. [18:36] Action: RainbowDash^^ giggles "fluttershi sorted it our.."
  395. [18:37] Paintblush ( left irc: Quit: Isn't being alive what live is all about?
  396. [18:38] Action: Voltage tilts his head "Wha.. oh wow, that's amazing.. My meeting with one didn't go all that well.."
  397. [18:39] Action: RainbowDash^^ "oh?"
  398. [18:40] Action: Voltage "I was 15 back then.. my school.. mates told that their friend was in trouble on a mountain and.. well I wanted to help. It turned out there was this angry black dragon who.. was in mood of killing a foal and.. well I was the target... Luckily it had a brain stroke before it made it's last finishing blow.."
  399. [18:40] <Voltage> (its*)
  400. [18:42] Action: RainbowDash^^ nods, her face droping slightly and hugging him tightly "No... It didnt... it was just too scared off you..
  401. [18:43] Action: Voltage "I.. nearly died that day.. I still can't believe I'm alive now.."
  402. [18:45] Action: RainbowDash^^ looks to him "I can..." she smiles nad kisses him
  403. [18:46] Nick change: Squintz -> Squintz|Squintz
  404. [18:46] Action: Voltage returns the kiss softly back to her "Dashie.. you're amazing.." he said, smiling to her.
  405. [18:47] Action: RainbowDash^^ smiles and nuzzles him. she squees and hugs him "thanks!"
  406. [18:48] Action: Voltage chuckles at her squeeing "You're kinda cute one.."
  407. [18:49] Action: RainbowDash^^ smiles and blushes, nuzzling him sofly
  408. [18:50] Action: Voltage chuckles softly "You got nothing to say in return?"
  409. [18:52] Action: RainbowDash^^ smiles "Your everything... handsome... perfect..."
  410. [18:52] Pocky|DeadIsland ( joined #lunasloft.
  411. [18:53] Action: Voltage looks away, blushing softly "No I'm not."
  412. [18:53] Nick change: Pocky|DeadIsland -> Pocky
  413. [18:53] #LunasLoft: mode change '+v Pocky' by Celestia!Celestia@The.Sun.Princess
  414. [18:57] Action: KayZee Woke up from his slumber on the sofa, it appears the show was over. That Daring Doo adpaption on PBO really did grasp one's attention, he'd have to remember to record it back in cloudsdale when he got back.
  415. [18:57] Action: KayZee The light hurt his eyes, but that was just the cider working he thought, sulking off to his hooves. {What time is it anyhow.} It couldn't have been more than a few hours, he was quite the light sleeper, even if it was just for a few hours. He'd need some refreshments to clear his head.
  416. [18:57] Action: RainbowDash^^ smi//me smiles "you are."
  417. [18:58] BlacklightBusy (blackl@cloud-4c2ins.Cape-Sunrise.Equestria) left #lunasloft ("SingForTheMoon (#LunasLoftOOC)").
  418. [18:58] Action: Crestfallen is still in the kitchen the book having been replaced with a manga comic
  419. [18:59] Action: Voltage shooked his head and looked at her, looking at her blush "You know, that red really suits you."
  420. [18:59] Action: KayZee looks at Crestfallen. "Hey there, what have you been up to?" He let out a yawn,and re-adjusted the headband before walking over to the sink.
  421. [19:01] Action: Crestfallen "Not much really, put the book back in my room and on my way here i found a couple of these scattered by someponies room and since they weren't in i started reading them and so far they have been quite entertaining"
  422. [19:01] Nick change: Dreamsweet -> afksweet
  423. [19:03] Action: RainbowDash^^ loosk to him and blushes more "Oh..."
  424. [19:03] Action: KayZee splashing water on his face, he slapped his cheeks for few times before grabbing a napkin with his wing to dry himself off. "M-an-ga?" He'd never heard of such a think, was it some kind of pony magazine he wondered?
  425. [19:03] <KayZee> ((typo police))
  426. [19:04] Action: Voltage chuckles at the sight "Yeah, makes you look more cute. Does the same for every other mare as well.. and man does it fit for you."
  427. [19:05] Action: Crestfallen "Yes, it is a type of comic originating from Japoni never read one until today and i'll probably be reading more if they are all like this one", drinking some more of the cider not caring much for earlier
  428. [19:05] <Voltage> (Japoni xDDD Best ponified country name ever!)
  429. [19:06] Action: RainbowDash^^ looks to him and blushes "stop it"
  430. [19:06] <RainbowDash^^> (prance)
  431. [19:06] <Voltage> (xD)
  432. [19:07] <Crestfallen> (Germare)
  433. [19:08] Action: Voltage chuckles more as he places his hoof on her cheek, feeling the warmth of it "Why would I? If it makes you look cuter, why the heck would I stop?"
  434. [19:08] <Voltage> (Amarecan)
  435. [19:08] <Voltage> (Amareca*)
  436. [19:09] <RainbowDash^^> (Germaneigh)
  437. [19:09] Action: RainbowDash^^ smiles and loosk to him "Its embarising~"
  438. [19:09] Action: KayZee "....You've been drinking more of that it seems" the once shy pony seemed to consume it as if it were apple juice. "Japoni... they sure have some strange things over there" he recalled reading about it once in one of his books.
  439. [19:09] Action: Voltage "You're here with me and me only. I don't think it's emberrasing at all.."
  440. [19:11] Action: KayZee Poured himself a glass of water and padded over behind Crestfallen, peering over her shoulders to glimse the book of interest.
  441. [19:13] notscootaloo ( joined #lunasloft.
  442. [19:13] Action: Crestfallen "They do but they do know how to tell a good story", flipping the page,"oh, the cider of course it is rather nice"
  443. [19:14] Action: Voltage "Besides.." He leaned little against her as he kissed her cheek "Is it really so emberrasing to look cute?"
  444. [19:15] Action: RainbowDash^^ smiles and pushes into the kiss "No... i prefer to look awesome.."
  445. [19:15] Action: KayZee looked at the various images on each page and squinted to read the text which was too small to read from his vantage point. "What's it about?"
  446. [19:16] Action: Voltage "Well, then you need that unifrom of yours.. Otherwise, you look like a beautiful and cute mare to me."
  447. [19:18] Action: Crestfallen "It's about a town which repeats itself every couple of weeks with no-one remembering it but each time someone there are a series of murders that are solved in the end, i don't know much as this is only the third book"
  448. [19:18] Action: RainbowDash^^ smiles and blushes "You want me~?"
  449. [19:19] Action: Crestfallen taking another drink, "It's called Higurashi no Naku Koro ni"  
  450. [19:20] Action: Voltage blushed heavily "I uhm.. yeah.."
  451. [19:22] Action: KayZee "So the day repeats itself but each time somepony goes missing? "such a strange story." he sat at the opposite end of the table, drinking from his glass through a a straw.
  452. [19:23] Trixy ( joined #lunasloft.
  453. [19:23] #LunasLoft: mode change '+h Trixy' by Celestia!Celestia@The.Sun.Princess
  454. [19:24] Nick change: Trixy -> Prius
  455. [19:24] Action: Voltage could feel his heart beat like the last day, but he nodded slowly "Yeah.. I do.." there was no denying it.
  456. [19:25] Action: Crestfallen "It is a little strange but everytime an arc finishes i find myself wanting to find out more"
  457. [19:27] Action: RainbowDash^^ smiles and climbs ontop of him, kissing him
  458. [19:28] <Voltage> (RainbowDash^^, #Loftafterdark, now)
  459. [19:28] <Crestfallen> (Oh dear god....)
  460. [19:28] <Voltage> (xDD)
  461. [19:28] <RainbowDash^^> (^^)
  462. [19:28] Action: KayZee leaned back in his chair and stared at the ceiling for a moment. "Ah the excitement of adventure.. speaking of which, I may have one of my own it seems." pulling out a map, he laid it on the table, marking a few points of interest on the map. I've recently gotten a tip from a mare in fillydelphia of some ruins in a cave not far by.
  463. [19:28] <KayZee> ((Uh ohss)
  464. [19:30] <Voltage> (Never mind, my eyes are barely staying up.. xD)
  465. [19:31] <Voltage> (Guess this is g'night ya'll)
  466. [19:31] Action: Crestfallen "That is good to hear but i am sorry to say that i will not be helping you as i am not one for adventure and excitement i would rather stay here and finish this off"
  467. [19:31] <KayZee> ((and voltage passes out where he stands?))
  468. [19:31] <Voltage> (xD Pretty much)
  469. [19:32] <Voltage> (Bye ya'll)
  470. [19:32] <KayZee> ((later))
  471. [19:32] Voltage ( left irc: Connection closed
  472. [19:36] Action: KayZee seemed disappointed at her statement.He pulled out a green marker and circled one of the earlier marked points, pondering his next move. {It would have been nice to not be alone for once, but never the less..} He continued studying the map, cross referencing it with the conversation notes he took earlier on the corners.
  473. [19:38] Action: KayZee folding the map up, he sat for a moment in careful thought, noting Crestfallen's stoic demeanor with curiosity.
  474. [19:38] Pocky (Pocketguns2@Tally.ho.old.chaps) left irc: Ping timeout: 121 seconds
  475. [19:38] Action: Crestfallen "Please don't give me that i'll have to come with you", she says playfully
  476. [19:39] Pocky (Pocketguns2@Tally.ho.old.chaps) joined #lunasloft.
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  478. [19:41] Nick change: SingForTheMoon -> Wandering_Bard
  479. [19:41] Action: KayZee "I don't know what you're talking about" tucking the map away into his bag. It still surprised him that the pony was able to down that much hard cider.
  480. [19:42] Action: KayZee winked at her and continued to sip at his water. Tomorrow would be an interesting day indeed.
  481. [19:43] Cakeness|MAG ( joined #lunasloft.
  482. [19:43] Pocky (Pocketguns2@Tally.ho.old.chaps) left irc: Ping timeout: 121 seconds
  483. [19:44] Action: Crestfallen "Don't play coy with me i know what your doing, the facial movements tell it all along with your tone of voice... you are lonely... crap i shouldn't have said that"
  484. [19:44] Pocky (Pocketguns2@Tally.ho.old.chaps) joined #lunasloft.
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  486. [19:50] LightningCrash ( joined #lunasloft.
  487. [19:52] Nick change: afksweet -> Dreamsweet
  488. [19:53] Action: KayZee let out a nervous laughter and looked to the side.. "Well.. you're a good mind reader" he put his hooves into the air. "You've caught me read hooved!" dropping them down an moment later, silence following.
  489. [19:57] RainbowDash^^ ( left irc: Quit: From the naturalistic point of view, all men are equal. There are only two exceptions to this rule of naturalistic equality: geniuses and idiots.
  490. [19:57] Nick change: Entertaining_Moments -> Entertaining_Games
  491. [19:57] Action: Crestfallen "I'm sorry.. i'm a pyschology student and i've learnt to read what people do and say and what it says aout their personalities and every now and again it just comes out"
  492. [20:01] Nick change: Entertaining_Games -> Entertaining_Moments
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  496. [20:03] Nick change: Freelancer_Louisiana -> Pony_66122
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  498. [20:04] Action: KayZee "Know what, I don't even know why I try any more" his said softly "I've gone 15 years with noponyelse and no solace other than to chase these shadows" pausing he reflected on the night before. "You know what, it was silly of me, what a foal I am, to think that things would be better off.. different from what I've always known them to be."
  499. [20:06] Action: KayZee closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "You're right, I am loney, and I'm better off this way." He pulled away from the table, the atmosphere too stuffy for him to remain.
  500. [20:07] Action: Crestfallen "Come with me" offering him her hoof
  501. [20:08] Dreamsweet ( left irc: Connection closed
  502. [20:08] Action: KayZee pulled himself up, and turned to leave, ignoring the fille's request.
  503. [20:10] o-Braeburn-o ( joined #lunasloft.
  504. [20:11] Action: Crestfallen slumps back down in her chair, "I guess i'll see you later then" she said the happy enthusiasm from before has gone and is just like as it was when they first met
  505. [20:12] Nick change: Entertaining_Moments -> Entertaining_Games
  506. [20:19] Action: KayZee trotted over to the balcony and laid his forehooves on the rail. {Why did I even come back...} he rubbed his left cheek and looked down to the city lights below a mare and her stallion were walking hoof and hoof."Perhaps that was the last I'll ever see of her, and anypony else for that matter."
  507. [20:19] Nick change: LightningCrash -> Lightning|Hurricane_Fluttershy
  508. [20:29] Action: KayZee the night air, usually refreshing, now felt blister cold upon his wings. Running wasn't going to solve anything, and apparently would be deadly as well if he were to lose his balance.
  509. [20:29] Action: KayZee  k whistling k off into the night, he slumped over on the railing, numb to his surroundings.
  510. [20:30] Nick change: Lightning|Hurricane_Fluttershy -> LightningCrash
  511. [20:34] Nick change: Cakeness|MAG -> Nuben
  512. [20:34] Nick change: Nuben -> Pony_39002
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  516. [20:35] Nick change: Cakeness -> Nuben
  517. [20:36] Nick change: Entertaining_Games -> Enms
  518. [20:38] Nick change: Prius -> Kembe
  519. [20:38] Nick change: Nuben -> Souless_Queen
  520. [20:47] Action: Enms can be seen leaving the Academy for equestrian arquitecture, it was odd, it's rather dark and late in time, he is usually stuck into the loft practicing until he just falls from exhaustion by this time around, he probably spent too much time into his last project.
  521. [20:48] Action: Enms 's known for being a little too detailed.. At least, we can't really think it's any more odd, most unicorns don't aim at this kind of pony-work, his mane looks rather messy, his eyes look as tired as nopony has ever seen them, his scarlet darkened red frekled face looked almost as if he was still on his full senses, but;
  522. [20:48] Action: Enms ' half-closed eyes would tell him otherwise, but, good thing he had formal attire on, or else the canterlot ponies would think he's a drunkgard, or a bum. He started trotting towards the boundaries of the cheerful and most beautiful capital of equestria.
  523. [20:48] Action: Enms shakes his head constantly, unable to know if he'll bump into somepony, or just step on somepony's hoof, but; That wasn't in the young unicorn's mind at the moment, he just wanted to be with his piano.
  524. [20:49] o-Braeburn-o ( left irc: Ping timeout: 121 seconds
  525. [20:53] Action: KayZee {Alone with not but a pegasus and his thoughts} He tried to laugh but found he couldn't. It hurt to feel, it hurt to think, it hurt to... love.. love what? Rolling his head to the side he let the sounds of the city wash over him. Crestfallen had touched on something that he'd been hiding all these years.
  526. [20:53] Action: KayZee The heart on window, the scent of her mane, the carousel dangling 5000 hooves in the air. It all didn't make any sense yet at the moment.... he was happy; happy just to be there, with her, hoof in hoof with the moon smiling upon them. {Memories..} memories, were all he had left..
  527. [20:54] Nick change: Souless_Queen -> Cakeness
  528. [20:56] Action: Cakeness flashes into the Loft, a weird happy look on his face. This was the moment he has been waiting for months ago. Hes been so depressed... but now he feels so happy. Firez is on a journey, Alterego is roleplaying again, it seems like most old connections are staying strong, his friends are gather closer than ever before. All was right in the world, even Tabitha was happy... It was almost
  529. [20:56] Action: Cakeness weird to be this happy... strange.
  530. [20:59] Action: KayZee hears his sudden pop into existence and looked over to see Cakeness smiling. He turned back and resumed the solemn vigil over the night lights below.
  531. [21:00] Action: LightningCrash walks down the path, towards the capital city. He noticed that it was quite a warm night, and fairly humid. In fact, walking outside was one of the last things that he wanted to do right now.
  532. [21:01] Action: LightningCrash thought it would be a lot easier to just take off to the sky, but the injury on his front right hoof would have made landing difficult and painful, if not impossible. And he could not afford another injury.
  533. [21:01] Action: LightningCrash looked ahead. He saw the silhouette of a pony that was trotting along at a rather quick clip, shaking his head constantly. "He must be having a rough night too," he thought.
  534. [21:02] Action: Cakeness waves at KayZee and trots by him. "Hey." He nods in his direction solemnly. Checking out the night life of Canterlot that sprawled before them. It was weird they never transversed the city, probably so much to offer in this large city. He would have to ask Moonlight and Enms if there were any good music halls around here... maybe he could get the Loft some tickets?... yeah, that
  535. [21:02] Action: Cakeness sounded nice.
  536. [21:03] Action: LightningCrash decided that going to talk to this pony was the right thing to do. What could it hurt, right? If things went right, maybe he could meat somepony new. If things didn't, then it wouldn't matter; he would most likely never see this pony again.
  537. [21:03] Action: LightningCrash comes up from behind the unicorn, making sure to talk as nonchalantly as possible; he didn't want to scare the poor guy. "Hey! Are you okay? You look troubled."
  538. [21:07] Action: Crestfallen sighs heavily as she finishes the book the joy she thought she would find in it has long gone walking up to the roof she starts looking up at the nights sky looking around not paying attention to what is around her entranced to much by the nights sky she falls of the roof landing onto the balcony KayZee & Cakeness are on smiling at them awkwardly, "Hey there"
  539. [21:07] Berry_Frost (berryfrost@I.Love.Prius) left irc: Ping timeout: 121 seconds
  540. [21:08] Action: KayZee looked over at Cakeness on the balcony, only to turn back. "quiet night. --" suddenly Crestfallen falls out from the sky between the two.
  541. [21:09] Action: KayZee stared in disbelief at the pony and lifted her up to her hooves. " should be more careful"
  542. [21:09] Action: Cakeness looks at Crestfallen and then around her to KayZee. "Hey Crestfallen. And yes, very quiet night. These nights are so... reflective." He concludes, looking out into the stars.
  543. [21:10] Berry_Frost (berryfrost@I.Love.Prius) joined #lunasloft.
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  547. [21:10] Nick change: afkshi -> RD-Z
  548. [21:10] Action: Crestfallen "I should.. but the night sky was so beautiful i lost track of were i was and fell"
  549. [21:11] Nick change: Wandering_Bard -> SingForTheMoon
  550. [21:11] Action: KayZee once assured the pony was to her feet, he gazed out over the balcony again, not to the stars, but to the pony made lights below.
  551. [21:11] Action: KayZee remained silent to Crestfallen's statement
  552. [21:12] Action: Enms ran a hoof across his face, his walk began to be tipsy, his mane and rather unsettling pair of floopy ears would flop and sway as he shaked his head constantly, his head felt like it was getting bucked hard by a stubborn mule.
  553. [21:12] Action: Enms stops for a moment, leaning one of his scarlet-frail looking hooves into a wall, ponies only looked at the colt with an impudent look. ''D-Damn, M-My hooves.. I-I need to rest..''
  554. [21:12] Action: Enms was about to lean his whole body into the shaggy and rough surface of the multi-colored wall of a rather well adorned building, he noticed a shadow roaming across his field of sight, yelps and meeps as
  555. [21:12] Action: Enms heard LightningCrash's voice echoying through the panorama, he quickly turns around and stands still, looking at the pony with worry. ''-I, I-I'm o-okay.. D-Don't worry.. I-I have to g-get going...'' He looks downwards to the fine-paved ground. ''T-Thank y-you for y-your concern..'' Looking as with aims of instant dismissal.
  556. [21:12] Action: Cakeness looks over at KayZee. "Did you enjoy last night?" He asks curiously. Unsure of his answer.
  557. [21:16] Action: KayZee {last night...} "It was nice, I found a few more translations for my tome" he said absent mindedly. "I hear you drove everypony to the fair, the that was quite nice of you.."
  558. [21:17] Action: Crestfallen is lost looking at the city at night having moved from the stars canterlot looking like paris you see in all those photos glittering in the night, "I think i'm going to explore.. maybe find a bar or two"
  559. [21:18] Action: Cakeness shrugs. "Its what I do." Then looks over to Crestfallen. "You mind some company? I was just thinking the same thing~"
  560. [21:19] Nick change: SingForTheMoon -> Sing|GoneToGetTomatoes
  561. [21:19] Action: Crestfallen "The more the merrier and you probably know it better than i do..", looking towards KayZee, "do you want to come with us?"
  562. [21:19] Action: LightningCrash begins to wonder whether this was such a good idea. Momma always said that you should try to be amicable and make a good impression, but it seemed that this pony was in his own world, and didn't want to be bothered.
  563. [21:20] Action: LightningCrash glanced at the unicorn, who seemed to just want to be left alone. He wasn't going to give up yet, though. 'Time to call on your inner social self! Let's start this new life by taking risks and gaining trust!' he thought.
  564. [21:20] Action: KayZee remains stoic. The lure of good booze was tempting, but not tempting enough it seemed. {Too cold to run, too weak to drown it all out it seemed}.
  565. [21:20] Action: LightningCrash decided that if anything, it would be an exercise in the type of life that he was going to have to get accustomed to. He was moving to /Canterlot./ Social skills were a must.
  566. [21:20] Action: LightningCrash "So, are you heading to the capital city too?" he blurted out. 'Damn,' he thought. He must have sounded stupid. Canterlot was the only city that this road led to. 'Let's hope he doesn't think I am a dunce.'
  567. [21:20] Action: Cakeness nods, slinging a hoof around KayZee. "It will be fun~ Your filly friend might be there~" He teases.
  568. [21:20] Action: KayZee "What.. what are you talking about, I have no filly friend" That certainly elicited a response from him.
  569. [21:22] Action: KayZee "W-we were just hanging out and.." he paused, the situation was too embarrassing to try to cover it, perhaps it was best to remain silent.
  570. [21:22] Action: Crestfallen "Cake we want him to come with us and if he does find her that is always a bonus", lightly teasing him but seriusly wanting him to come
  571. [21:23] Action: KayZee "You see.. um there's uh.. yes the expedition tomorrow that I need to prepare fore" It was a lie, well partially, he did have one planned, but it wasn't finalized.
  572. [21:24] Action: KayZee turned away, uncomfortable at all the attention he was getting.
  573. [21:24] #LunasLoft: mode change '-qo RD-Z RD-Z' by Celestia!Celestia@The.Sun.Princess
  574. [21:24] Action: Cakeness chuckles. "He he. Where is the expedition located?"
  575. [21:26] Action: KayZee "Fillydelphia, along the rocky slopes just south of the city" That was true, "There are some... inscriptions I need to investigate.. and If I dolly now I might not get the chance to inspect them."
  576. [21:28] Action: KayZee nervously hooved the railing for excuses.. {could she really be there?.. no.. even if she was it would only beckon more trouble.}
  577. [21:28] Action: Cakeness "Oh~ I can teleport you there in a jiffy! So we have plenty of time to hit a few bars! Cmon Crestfallen! Let's go!" Obviously not taking no for an answer, he grabs KayZee's hoof and drags him out of the Loft itself and to the streets...
  578. [21:28] Action: Cakeness now all we need is music, sweet music... and perhaps some chocolate books?
  579. [21:29] Action: KayZee "waha ahahadsha" his forehooves clawed at each surface they crossed.
  580. [21:29] Action: Crestfallen wait for me grabbing a coat and chasing after them gleefully, "Where to first?"
  581. [21:30] Action: Enms started to brush a hoof against one of his shoulders, his darkish hazel eyes lock themselves into the figure of LightningCrash. He smiles and laughts for a tiny amount of seconds, shaking his forehooves.
  582. [21:30] LightningCrash (LightningCras@the.lightning.comes.before.the.crash) left irc: Quit: Leaving...
  583. [21:31] Action: Cakeness the city was a bustling, lights everywhere, a Saturday night to boot, the streets were packed. "Hmmm. I dont know... I heard there are some swanky places in the rich part of Canterlot, any bars you know of Crestfallen?
  584. [21:31] LightningCrash ( joined #lunasloft.
  585. [21:32] Nick change: LightningCrash -> Pony_97590
  586. [21:32] Souless_Queen ( joined #lunasloft.
  587. [21:32] #LunasLoft: mode change '+o Souless_Queen' by Celestia!Celestia@The.Sun.Princess
  588. [21:32] Nick change: Sing|GoneToGetTomatoes -> SingForTheMoon
  589. [21:32] Action: KayZee continued to be dragged, his eyes half open, having given up on struggling
  590. [21:32] Nick change: Souless_Queen -> Chocolate_Pages
  591. [21:32] Nick change: Pony_97590 -> LightningCrash
  592. [21:33] Action: Crestfallen "Well i know of a Jazz Bar that has a nice alchohol collection and the music isn't too bad, in a old bank in the old town"
  593. [21:33] Action: Enms started to brush a hoof against one of his shoulders, his darkish hazel eyes lock themselves into the figure of LightningCrash. He smiles and laughts for a tiny amount of seconds, shaking his forehooves.
  594. [21:34] Action: Enms wasn't really uncomfortable at standing on his hind legs, since he'd spend enourmous amounts of time sitting abnormally.
  595. [21:34] <Enms> N-No.. Y-You got it all w-wrong.. I-I'm heading t-towards t-the end of Canterlot, T-This road leads towards a-a old library of Luna's but now it's m-more of a haven or hangout p-place for some ponies w-who were friends with the princess, a-and her wife. I-I'm r-really sorry if I confused y-you.. Y-Your name.. ?
  596. [21:34] Action: Enms stops while tapping the tip of one of his free hooves against the lower end of his muzzle. ''O-Or were you looking f-for a place to s-stay in h-here? Y-You don't exactly l-like you're a r-resident here. '' Looking quite shocked against his injured hoof. ''A-Are you h-hurt? ''
  597. [21:35] Action: KayZee the thought of good booze  was a welcome thought. Well at least one of his inhibitions would be satisfied tonight. Looking back, we saw Cake pulling his hind legs with his... tail?
  598. [21:35] Berry_Frost (berryfrost@I.Love.Prius) left irc: Ping timeout: 121 seconds
  599. [21:37] Nick change: Lumindia -> Lumin|Sleep
  600. [21:37] Action: Cakeness nods. "That sounds like the perfect place! Take the lead Crest!" He smiles, still pulling KayZee's hind hooves with his hoof, walking backwards through the crowds.
  601. [21:37] Action: KayZee "I'm sorry crestfallen" He managed to mumble, looking away as he continued to be dragged.
  602. [21:37] Berry_Frost (berryfrost@I.Love.Prius) joined #lunasloft.
  603. [21:37] #LunasLoft: mode change '+v Berry_Frost' by Celestia!Celestia@The.Sun.Princess
  604. [21:38] Action: KayZee didn't know why he said it, but he knew he'd been quite cold to her as of late.
  605. [21:40] Action: Crestfallen laughs as she quickly walks through the streets heading through with some purpose but stoping every couple of streets for directions, "Don't blame me if we get lost but i think it's this way..", looking left then right walking onwards she ends up reaching the bar she was aiming for near a small courtyard that is semi packed a band is playing if you look up you can see the stars as waiters walk around serving patrons, "here we go"
  606. [21:42] Nick change: SingForTheMoon -> Sing|Cooking
  607. [21:43] Action: Cakeness offers a brohoof for CrestFallen. "Aw snap. this place looks awesome!" He picks up KayZee. "Oh! and since you're here now, a few drinks before your expedition doesnt sound too bad does it?"
  608. [21:44] Action: LightningCrash is surprised that he got the timid pony to talk. "Heh, not from around here& truer words never spoken. I'm essentially from everywhere but here. I decided to move to Canterlot to see if I could make it big in the big capital. I was born in Cloudsdale, but I've moved around ten times since then&"
  609. [21:44] Action: LightningCrash extends his injured hoof. "This? I cracked it while climbing up that rocky mountainside back a couple miles. The ironic thing is that I am studying to become a doctor& I guess that I really am nothing without medical equipment. Hopefully I'll find somewhere to stay once I get into town, so I can clean this up.
  610. [21:44] <LightningCrash> ACTION looked up at the Canterlottian skyline, which towered above him and his acquaintance. "We're nearing the city limits, it seems." He hoped in the back of his mind that perhaps this unicorn would invite him to spend just one night at this "library." He then immediately felt guilty. He shouldn't expect some unicorn he'd never met to provide a place sleep for the night. He couldn't be greedy. He couldn't. Momma said
  611. [21:45] Action: Chocolate_Pages meanwhile was waiting patiently. Her soul connection with Cakeness told her to be here now and be patient. But for what? She was down in the dumps again... Diamond left... she cried again in her napkin at the thought of her. The wedding was going to be so beautiful... and now... its not even going to have a flower petal fall.
  612. [21:46] Action: KayZee "I suppose it doesn't" the atmosphere, the music, and the band playing in the backdrop all seemed to put him at ease. He walked up to the bartender.. "Gimme the strongest stuff you got" he slammed 20 bits on the counter and shoved them forth.
  613. [21:46] Action: Crestfallen "Thanks Cake, i was taken here a while back by a friend of mine barely remembered they way here to be frank", taking a seat near the band looking up at the stars a trellis of flowers above her not bothering to order anything just yet just enjoying the enviroment
  614. [21:48] Action: KayZee --- " sure thing boss" the scrambled under the counter the pulled forth 3 classes, "enough for 3?" he inquired "or is it four" funny, he didn't think there were four ponies.
  615. [21:48] Action: Chocolate_Pages sits next to Crest, obviously keeping an eye out for something or someone. "Hmmm. She's not here... Where could she be?"
  616. [21:49] <Chocolate_Pages> ((face hoof. Damnit. This is what happens when you're watching the episode and you type in the wrong character.))
  617. [21:49] Action: Cakeness sits next to Crest, obviously keeping an eye out for something or someone. "Hmmm. She's not here... Where could she be?"
  618. [21:50] Action: Chocolate_Pages is at the bar, with her head down and her pink bow droopy. She was currently drinking an appletini. Drowning her emotions in fruity flavored drinks. Maybe if she drunk enough, she could throw up enough into unconciousness.
  619. [21:50] Action: KayZee waved and gave a stout node, he didn't care -- "4 then it is sir" The bartender used a number of contraptions to mix the drinks. The saxophone player let out into a smooth solo..
  620. [21:50] Action: Crestfallen "Who are we expecting Cake, and how do they know where to come?" she asked him as she started eating a some bread that was in a bowl in the middle of the table
  621. [21:53] Action: Cakeness looks at Crestfallen and gives a wave of his hoof. "Don't worry about it~"
  622. [21:54] Action: Crestfallen "Sure i was just curious", finishing what was left of her bread relaxing in her seat
  623. [21:55] Action: KayZee stared at the 4 drinks before him. 4 times the solitude, 4 times the loneliness, well this time he'd share. He called in the direction of Cakeness and Crestfallen "Hey you guys.. drinks on me!"
  624. [21:55] LightningCrash (LightningCras@the.lightning.comes.before.the.crash) left irc: Quit: dinner. Back by 7:10)
  625. [21:55] Action: Cakeness takes a drink and downs it. "Sick! thanks dude!"
  626. [21:56] Action: KayZee that's a one... he swirled around his glass, not sure why he didn't happily consume it.
  627. [21:56] Action: Crestfallen takes the drink taking some small sips not wanting a repeat of earlier and having already drunk quite a bit "thanks for the drink"
  628. [21:57] Action: KayZee that's two, the remaining glass remained before him, withstanding his own of course...
  629. [21:58] Action: KayZee "It appears we're one pony short of party..." he stared at the glass and looked around the bar.
  630. [21:58] <KayZee> ((of a party))
  631. [21:59] Action: Chocolate_Pages feels Cakeness soul close by. His over confidence really the only thing keeping her standing. "Where are you?" She meeps out, nopony can really hear her. She looks up from her spot at the bar, and then her eye comes across KayZee... that really nice pony from last night. Oh~....
  632. [21:59] Action: KayZee out of the corner of his eyes he spotted a pink ribbon.. {I know I'ts just your imagination}
  633. [22:00] Squintz|Squintz ( left irc: Connection closed
  634. [22:00] lightIRC_3810 ( joined #lunasloft.
  635. [22:01] Action: KayZee swirled the glass around in circles, the last one not to have consumed his drink. Ironic
  636. [22:01] Action: Crestfallen standing up from the table walking over to the bar ordering a bottle of wine what kay ordered not her type returning with the bottle and a couple of glasses returning to her seat with them pouring herself a glass, "Would any of you like some i hear this is a good vintage"
  637. [22:01] Nick change: lightIRC_3810 -> Squintz
  638. [22:02] Action: KayZee still staring at the as of yet claimed shot glass before him.. "I'm... I'm ok..."
  639. [22:03] Action: Chocolate_Pages tries to wave, but it she looks like she's more drowning and sinking in the water than a wave. So she tries to call his name, but can only squeak out a "K...Z..."
  640. [22:03] Action: Cakeness smiles at Crestfallen. "I could never take a drink paid for by a mare! It is ungentlecolt like!" He giggles taking the shot glass anyways and downing it.
  641. [22:05] Action: Crestfallen giggles a little, "That's good i don't want to drink this all on my own as that would be greedy and you would probably need to carry me back to the loft"
  642. [22:06] Action: Cakeness "Oh~ Wouldnt you be too heavy from that alcohol?" snickering, teasing her.
  643. [22:07] Action: KayZee heard a few sounds, if they could called that, and turned around to see a stuttering brown unicorn with a ribb-- "Chocolate?....." There was an immediate shock to his system, as he galloped forth, pushing aside other patrons to reach her. Once at her side, he scooped the small fille up before she slipped, holding her in his arms.
  644. [22:08] Action: KayZee "It appears we meet again..." he looked at her half-drunk features and smiled.
  645. [22:08] Action: Crestfallen "That wouldn't be my problem" teasing back as she starts drinking noticing as Kay runs through the crowd, "wait what is he doing...." as he starts talking to a filly, "..oh i get it now, that is who you were waiting for"
  646. [22:09] Action: Chocolate_Pages was more shocked then anything that she was picked up first of all~ But to think that this was the reason... Cakeness, you bitch! I look totally like a flipping mess! I dont even have make up on! He's seeing me all naturale~ A heads up would have been nice! She just "eep!" and then hides behind her mane.
  647. [22:09] LightningCrash ( joined #lunasloft.
  648. [22:10] notscootaloo ( left #lunasloft.
  649. [22:10] Action: Cakeness nods. "They looked happy together last night. I think that colt just needs somepony to hold." He comments, like a wise drunk sage, stroking an imaginary beard.
  650. [22:10] Action: Enms pushes his hoof against the softness of his cheek, he seems to have forgotten about his own tiredness, which he really shouldn't try to recall, or he'll start putting up a scene as earlier, if it wasn't for this rather in-need pony he would find himself in a bind, or even spending the night in the equestrian soil of Canterlot.
  651. [22:10] Nick change: Sing|Cooking -> SingForTheMoon
  652. [22:10] <Enms> Oh, y-you're a medic? T-That's great! I-I'm s-sorry for m-my unrespectful a-approach! I-I am Entertaining Moments! I-I usually spend my time studying and practicing on m-my piano over at /Luna's Loft/. I p-play on certain ocassions over i-in ponyville for some m-money. Y-Yes..
  653. [22:10] Action: Enms takes a couple of hoofsteps towards the Loft's direction, he usually rovers his way into getting there by his own. But I guess he's compromised of taking this fellow new folk to there, He should put a good example.
  654. [22:11] Pocky (Pocketguns2@Tally.ho.old.chaps) left irc: Quit: Tally ho old chaps!
  655. [22:11] <Enms> I-I hope y-you don't mind if I ask y-you to stay for the night? W-We definately could N-Need your medical s-skills. A-And you could u-use the practice.. W-We got the t-tools. S-So.. W-Would you.. ?
  656. [22:11] Action: Enms awaits LightningCrash's reply while he flickers his black and white extravagant scarf, his messed mane and hat weave themselves at the wind's will, his indolent and laze inducing eyes stare at him with a feline-like look.
  657. [22:13] Action: Crestfallen "They say alchohol makes people smarter... that our the distinction between smart & bumbling fool blurs", as she watches as Kay & Chocolate act like someone watches rhinos& tigers on a safari
  658. [22:14] BlacklightShining (blackl@cloud-4c2ins.Cape-Sunrise.Equestria) joined #lunasloft.
  659. [22:14] #LunasLoft: mode change '+ao BlacklightShining BlacklightShining' by Celestia!Celestia@The.Sun.Princess
  660. [22:15] Action: Cakeness "We're ponies, not apes Crest." He comments on her safari like gaze at Kay and Chocolate.
  661. [22:16] Action: KayZee He brushed aside her mane and gazed into her eyes, still cradling her in his forehooves. Suddenly he felt his confidence falter. {Whaaaa whatta whaat amd I doing omgoshomgosh}. He held his sanity just long enough to swiftly spin her around once and place her gently onto a seat at the nearby vacant table.
  662. [22:17] Action: Chocolate_Pages giggles at KayZee, nodding for him to continue. "Go on~"
  663. [22:17] Action: Crestfallen "I know but i'm doing psychology and this is to me what a football game is too others, a spectator sport"
  664. [22:18] Action: Cakeness giggles. "Wanna discuss love?" He smiles at her.
  665. [22:19] Action: KayZee hooved the floor with his left foreleg, stopping, only to look back up towards Chocolate_Pages. "Y-you were about to slip there... ahh how fortunate that I was there to pick you up, are you ok?
  666. [22:20] Action: Crestfallen "No because i will end up with an answer i don't like", looking at him with a smile, "and that is never a good thing"
  667. [22:20] Action: KayZee sweat beaded down his mane, {now what....} He was a loner after all, was his fortitude cracking?
  668. [22:20] SingForTheMoon (SongCaster@bard.of.Equestria) left #lunasloft.
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  671. [22:21] Action: Cakeness sighs. Stupid Alterego, complicating his love life. Firez is in love with Flare, so why did all of his other characters have to be single? Souless Queen got special treatment... well I guess she deserves it after 1000 years of solitude. He sighs again. "Sorry Crest." He nods at her in understand.
  672. [22:21] Action: LightningCrash tries to restrain a jubilant expression from sketching its way onto his muzzle. 'He asked if I wanted to stay the night! Being friendly seemed to have worked! Momma was right!
  673. [22:21] SingForTheMoon (SongCaster@bard.of.Equestria) left #lunasloft.
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  675. [22:21] #LunasLoft: mode change '+ao SingForTheMoon SingForTheMoon' by Celestia!Celestia@The.Sun.Princess
  676. [22:21] Action: LightningCrash immediately had another thought creep into his head. 'He didn't say, "You seem nice, why don't you stay the night?" He said, "We definitely could need your medical skills."
  677. [22:21] Action: Chocolate_Pages giggles at KayZee. "Well thank you my knight in shining armor, what would I ever do without you?"
  678. [22:22] Action: LightningCrash decided to put that out of his head; only focus on the positive. "That would be great! Er... if you don't mind. It sounds like a pretty neat place."
  679. [22:22] Rariti (ae3100ac@dont_touch_my_cookies_O.o) joined #lunasloft.
  680. [22:22] Action: LightningCrash immediately became conscious of how awful he must have appeared. His dilapidated climbing vest was covered in tears and scratches, his light teal coat was covered in mud and grime, his wings' feathers were all ruffled and wild, and of course, the bandaged up hoof. He would most likely look like a downright fool in some place that was the former haunt of a princess.
  681. [22:22] Action: LightningCrash had to ask. "I hope you don't mind me asking, but does this library have a place where I could clean myself up? I look like one of those cave dwellers in that recent Daring Do movie."
  682. [22:24] Action: Crestfallen "It's okay, love is definately an interesting topic that i think is left for some other time with another bottle.. or two of this vintage", already halfway through her second glass
  683. [22:25] Action: Cakeness "A bit weak for your taste then?" He inquires. "If you want a real good time, have you ever had Moon Tea?"
  684. [22:26] Action: KayZee blushes immensely. "Ah... well.. you.. and... I... welll" he broke eye contact, and looking at the waiter near by, swiftly snatched a drink; placing it before Chocolate_Pages. "How about a drink?..." he flicked a few bits back to the waiter's plate.
  685. [22:26] Nick change: Rariti -> Diamond
  686. [22:26] <Diamond> (dat choclate )
  687. [22:27] Action: Chocolate_Pages soul immediately twinges. "Whoa..." Was it the drink or something more?
  688. [22:27] <Diamond> ):jizzface:)
  689. [22:27] <KayZee> ((I sense truuuuble))
  690. [22:28] <Diamond> (FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU- I MIXED WHO WAS WHO)
  691. [22:28] <Cakeness> ((you think?))
  692. [22:28] <Diamond> (TOO MUCH CHOCOLATE)
  693. [22:28] <Diamond> (RICNJVRIOJGNVRIJFNV)
  694. [22:28] <Diamond> (:3)
  695. [22:29] Action: Crestfallen "No, this is just perfect for me as i like to savour it and it has a nice taste to it but this moon tea sounds interesting, tell me more?"
  696. [22:30] Nick change: SingForTheMoon -> SingInTheShadows
  697. [22:31] RD-Z (Fluttershi@Warrior.of.the.Gods) left irc: Quit:
  698. [22:31] Action: Enms shakes his head, he was about to shake the pony's hoof but.. He prefered to keep his own hooves germ-free for now, with a loud grin across his face, he moves his head up and down many times in agreement. ''N-No I don't mind a-at all! We could h-help eachother, it's a w-win-win s-state! ''
  699. [22:31] Action: Enms scratches the side of his mane, like he was one to talk, he looked really tired. ''You 'll m-most likely f-find a refreshing r-respiteful w-way of cleaning yourself up in t-the Loft, S-So.. I-If I may.. ?'' He turns a bit and resumes his walk towards the loft. Glancing over his shoulder.
  700. [22:31] <Diamond> hmm, hey BL, i wanna try sompthing, can you give me a temporary OP status? i wnat to try one thing, and then you can de-mote me.
  701. [22:31] <Enms> W-Wow.. Y-You look like you g-got beaten up b-by a huge herd of p-parasprites
  702. [22:31] <Diamond> (dernit)
  703. [22:32] <KayZee> ((wtf))
  704. [22:34] Kembe ( left irc: Quit:
  705. [22:34] Action: Cakeness giggles. "Moon Tea is a tea with pure vanilla, sugar cane and magic mixed in it. The magic gives you all the positive effects of alcohol with no negative consequence. And the positive effect is in the eye of the beholder, the magic reads your mind on how you wish to feel at the moment."
  706. [22:36] Action: Crestfallen "That sounds like it could be dangerous in my hands though it does look appealling maybe i should try some, do you know where yo get any of this?" asking him losing interest in the pair at the bar
  707. [22:41] Action: LightningCrash chuckles. "Parasprites might have been preferable. This has been quite the difficult journey." He points out his injured hoof again. "I've walked on this while injured so long that it has no feeling left."
  708. [22:41] Action: LightningCrash glances at his companion. There really weren't enough words in the dictionary to express his gratitude to him. Hey! That sounds pretty good. "There really aren't enough words in the dictionary to express my gratitude to you," he says enthusiastically.
  709. [22:45] Diamond (ae3100ac@dont_touch_my_cookies_O.o) left #lunasloft.
  710. [22:46] Action: Cakeness "Vanilla Valley~ I can take you sometime. It was Firez hometown~" He smiles.
  711. [22:47] Action: KayZee put forth a confident face, and drowned into her eyes "What brings you here?..."
  712. [22:48] Action: Chocolate_Pages "Erm... you?" She says nervously. "You seemed really sad the other night, I wanted to cheer you up." Wow, that was ironic. She was the sad one~
  713. [22:50] Action: Enms smiles happily, without letting any noise leave his muzzle, he looks towards him. ''S-Say, T-That was r-really nice. I'm S-Sure you'll m-make a lot of f-friends over at the L-Loft.'' As the loft started to be closer and closer, he sounded a bit more worried.
  714. [22:50] <Enms> Although, A-As soon as we get there, y-you should check out y-your hoof, j-just in case. A-Alright, F-Friend.. ?
  715. [22:50] Action: Enms quickly rushed for the last couple of miles, the loft was closer, he was still feeling a bit crippled over what he'd do first, practice.. Or just.. Lay down for a bit, he begins walking slowly towards the door, and waits for LightningCrash. ''W-We're here! '' He waves a hoof in the air in indicational manner.
  716. [22:50] Action: Crestfallen "That would be good but i think i should go as it is getting a little late for me and i might head back to the loft", the second glass now finished, "that and this alchohol is taking effect and i am already considering doing several stupid things"
  717. [22:54] Action: Cakeness laughs at Crest. "Let me walk you home, or at least teleport you there so you dont do anything too stupid on your way back~"
  718. [22:54] Action: LightningCrash looks up at the Loft. It was rather impressive, and it had a sort of rustic charm. 'This is going to be the best night's sleep I've had in months,' he thought. "After you, friend."
  719. [22:56] Action: Crestfallen "Which would you prefer, i have time for both"
  720. [22:58] Action: Enms finds his spare key on one of his saddlebags, and opens the door, it gave off a loud creak as he entered, he quickly layed flat on one of the pony-cushions, it was so soft, he rolled on it a couple of times, stroking his tired head against it, as he looked up at LightningCrash. Beckoning him to get it.
  721. [22:59] Action: Cakeness "Walk is fine with me." He gets up and holds out a hoof for Crest. "KZ! Chocolate! We're going! Yo Bartender! Drinks on me for those two tonight." The Bartender raised his glass in understanding. "Ready crest?" He asks her.
  722. [22:59] <Enms> M-Make yourself at h-home, the bathroom's over there.. A-And you can find the medikits in-inside as well.
  723. [22:59] Action: Enms pointed out the locations with his magic, he felt too lazy to use his hoof.
  724. [23:01] Action: Crestfallen "Ready as i'll ever be", taking one last gulp from the half empty bottle leaving it for the pair or someone else who is lucky enough to find it walking next to Cake
  725. [23:03] Action: KayZee without saying a word got closer, pulling her hoof into his own, covering with the other. "I... no... Chocolate, I used to believe that one's own 4 hooves, were all that were needed to get by in this world. Be it through toil, anger, sorrow, and heartache.. But upon meeting you." looking deep into her eyes "I've learned that no matter how strong, or swift, or brave, a pony is, they can never achieve as much as two ponies can."
  726. [23:05] Tyler ( joined #lunasloft.
  727. [23:05] Action: Chocolate_Pages giggles at KayZee's sudden closeness. "Its something I learned the hard way so recently." She sighed sadly. "I had somepony... and she disappeared... and beyond my own knowledge, I know she might be back... but Im unsure of how things are going to be~... Love is just confusing." She sighs, hugging KayZee. "Im unsure of what to do."
  728. [23:07] Action: Cakeness they trot through the town. A lot of ponies still out and about, enjoying the night. "So. First few times we met, you were pretty sad, why?" He asks her.
  729. [23:08] <LightningCrash> ACTION sauntered over to the bathroom and grabbed the medical kit with his mouth. He was immediately surprised by the condition of the restroom; he could see his reflection on every single surface, and everything seemed to sparkle. He took off his vest, grabbed a wipe in his wing and quickly wiped himself down. He threw the coat in the saddlebag, and, once he decided he was somewhat presentable, took the kit out of the
  730. [23:08] Action: LightningCrash restroom.
  731. [23:08] Action: LightningCrash sauntered over to the bathroom and grabbed the medical kit with his mouth. He was immediately surprised by the condition of the restroom; he could see his reflection on every single surface, and everything seemed to sparkle.
  732. [23:09] Action: LightningCrash took off his vest, grabbed a wipe in his wing and quickly wiped himself down. He threw the coat in the saddlebag, and, once he decided he was somewhat presentable, took the kit out of the restroom.
  733. [23:09] Action: LightningCrash sat down on a single-seat couch across from the unicorn. He slowly undid the bandage around his hoof, and what he saw almost triggered a gag reflex. 'Worse than I remember,' he thought. He hoped with all might that his friend wasn't watching. Something told him that the sight of bone might unsettle the poor fellow.
  734. [23:10] Action: Crestfallen "Severe Depression", she put it bluntly not trying to skirt round the topic in anyway, "had it since i was a filly apparantly it was in my genetics all along and until recently every attempt to fix me has failed, now i've spent time in the loft things have got better and i've had less of a need for medication and i haven't tried to..." she chokes on this topic quickly becoming silent
  735. [23:13] Action: Cakeness nods and stops trotting to hug Crestfallen. "Its cool dudette. No need to say anymore~" He holds her at arms length and sighs. "The Loft though... it does some amazing things huh?" Speaking about how it can just transform you into somepony else... somepony better for the furture.
  736. [23:13] Folker (berryfrost@I.Love.Prius) joined #lunasloft.
  737. [23:13] #LunasLoft: mode change '+v Folker' by Celestia!Celestia@The.Sun.Princess
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  739. [23:13] Nick change: Folker -> Berry_Frost
  740. [23:13] Action: KayZee her closeness was comforting, but somewhere deep inside, he knew that her heart belonged to another. "I.. I.. see" his grip loosened slightly as looked down at their entangled hooves. {hoof in hoof... and not to be} He withdrew his left and softened his eyes.
  741. [23:14] Action: KayZee "Well if there's one thing i've learned, it's that if you want it, you must chase it with all your heart" a lone tear streaked down his cheek. "Now... that's one lucky fille out there, I'm sure you'd hate to leave her waiting..." he withdrew his remaining hoof and placed them both on her shoulders.
  742. [23:15] Action: Chocolate_Pages "Hey." she takes her own hoof and grabs a hold of one. "Theres something a brave colt once told me... I didnt think it was possible, nor could it be true. But I feel what he said all that time ago. Did you know what he told me?"
  743. [23:15] Action: Crestfallen "Thanks, it's okay", she starts crying slightly not heavily but just enough to get noticed, "my life has a purpose and i have friends who care for me, my life has definately changed"
  744. [23:16] Action: Enms looked over to LightningCrash. Peering his head out of the couch to see him, but, as oblivious as the colt is in all natural ways, he just smiled. ''T-That was fast, I-I barely managed to nap a l-little. '' He thought it wouldn't hurt to listen to the pegasus for today, it was too late to start practicing, and they'd be most likely talking for a good while.
  745. [23:16] <Enms> S-Say, w-what brought you to canterlot? A-Are you looking to find g-good labor as a doctor h-here?
  746. [23:16] Action: Enms lets the colt answer in due time, as he tries to take out his apparel, and set it aside by his saddlebags.
  747. [23:16] Action: Cakeness nods. "I know we dont talk much. But if there's anything. ANYTHING. You can come talk to me..." ((I mean it~))
  748. [23:17] Action: KayZee wiping the tear away, "Yes, what is it Cakeness?"
  749. [23:18] <KayZee> ((Er that would be akward))
  750. [23:18] <Cakeness> ((I think you mean Chocolate KayZee XD))
  751. [23:18] Action: KayZee wiping the tear away, "Yes, what is it Chocolate_Pages?"
  752. [23:21] Action: Crestfallen "Thanks Cakeness, if i ever do need someone to talk to or some help with something i'll come to you", sticking her hoof out of to his shoulder before putting it down, "now i think we should continue on as it is getting cold", walking on slowly towards the loft
  753. [23:22] Action: Cakeness nods. Casting a quick spell to kepe them warm enough where they weren't shivering. His horn lit up, warming them both to a comfortable temperature. His hor stayed a lit and was a beacon to those who needed some warmth as well.
  754. [23:23] Action: Chocolate_Pages "You can love more than one pony. Different layers of love though. You can love everypony if you needed to. And I love you. For helping me when you could have just said no. Thank you." She hugs him tight. "And I dont want you to ever feel lonely. We might not be able to ship~ But we can still be best friends~"
  755. [23:24] Action: LightningCrash begins talking to his new friend while working on his bandaged hoof. "Looking for work, furthering my studies, I'm doing everything. My goal is to start life anew here." He used a vice to hold one bone in place while popping the other into the correct socket. He winced while doing this, it was quite painful.
  756. [23:24] Action: LightningCrash "This city seemed to present itself with opportunities, and I have been living life aimlessly for too long." He injected some anti-coagulant into his hoof while pressing hard on the other end.
  757. [23:25] Action: LightningCrash "Already, I find myself in a difficult position, considering almost all doctors are unicorns," he continued, while doing everything but performing full on surgery onto his hoof.
  758. [23:25] Action: LightningCrash "So I really am at a loss for what to do. AHA!" he finished, and finished his splint at the same time. He took a couple seconds to admire his hoofwork, and placed the bloodied towels in his bag, away from the sight of anypony else.
  759. [23:26] Action: Crestfallen "I always find using magic in these situations as cheating but the warmth is a nice change", walking onwards at the same pace
  760. [23:26] Souless_Queen ( joined #lunasloft.
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  764. [23:27] Nick change: Souless_Queen -> Pony_93778
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  766. [23:29] Action: KayZee felt the warmth of her embrace and smiled. {This will be enough...} Her mane still smelled the way it did in that carrousel, her eyes just as brilliant. "Thank you.. Chocolate,...." releasing from the embrace he let her go. "It's getting pretty late now, I think we should start heading towards the left?"
  767. [23:29] Nick change: Pony_93778 -> Cakenesss
  768. [23:29] Nick change: Cakenesss -> Cakeness
  769. [23:29] #LunasLoft: mode change '+o Cakeness' by Celestia!Celestia@The.Sun.Princess
  770. [23:29] <KayZee> ((left = loft))
  771. [23:29] Action: Cakeness smiles. "I dont see it as cheating, just keeping us warm while we talk and walk~"
  772. [23:31] Action: Enms scratched the side of his head with a hoof, looking at the pegasus who was in a bit of pain. Couldn't help but feel the wander slowly creeping against his being. ''W-What are y-you doing, you j-jumped from that last t-thing you did.. ''
  773. [23:31] Action: Enms then felt symphatethic to the pegasus.
  774. [23:31] <Enms> I know right.. M-Most ponies seem to be fit for certain jobs.. I-It's hard to find opportunities under our race for said proffessions, all architects in t-this town a-are earthen or pegasi, they u-usually say they could use the extra hoof-work. B-But.. I think They miss s-something.. I can still use my M-Magic, but they've gotten so u-used to have these ponies doing t-the job so they're a-afraid of changes. It's a p-perfectly normal r-reaction.
  775. [23:31] Action: Enms looks over to the now hopefully healthy pegasus.
  776. [23:32] Action: Crestfallen "Well call me a cheater then as i think i prefer the heat", smiling
  777. [23:32] <Enms> You just have to l-let yourself know for your m-mastery at first, A-After that yo-you can easily get opportunities in t-this town.
  778. [23:32] Action: Enms smiled rather mischievously for an instand, as he lifted his mane bang with his muzzle. ''M-Most opportunities in h-here come from k-knowing certain p-ponies, y-you mostly need c-connections, B-But don't w-worry, You'll find some s-soon. If y-you put your mind on it.''
  779. [23:32] Nick change: Tyler -> Star
  780. [23:33] Action: Star walks in, singing "like a bird from these prisin bars ill fly, ill fly away, fly away~"
  781. [23:33] Nick change: BlacklightShining -> BlacklightAway
  782. [23:34] Action: Star walks over and happile sits down, a smile on his face
  783. [23:38] Action: Chocolate_Pages giggles at KayZee. "Sounds swell." Looks over at the bartender who waved his hoof to them to go. She holds KayZee's hoof and leads him out into the streets.
  784. [23:38] Emmis ( joined #lunasloft.
  785. [23:38] Enms ( left irc: Connection closed
  786. [23:39] #LunasLoft: mode change '+h Emmis' by Celestia!Celestia@The.Sun.Princess
  787. [23:39] Action: Star clears his throat a bit, and smiles as he sings "one evening when the sun went down and the jungle fires was burnin' down thw track was a hobo hiking and he said boys im not turnin' im headed for a land thats far away, beside the crystal fountainsQ so come with me and weel go see, the big rock candy mountains!"
  788. [23:40] Action: KayZee was quickly pulled along by the energetic pony, and it wasn't long before they caught up to Crestfallen and Cakeness, the two bathed in a golden glow.
  789. [23:41] Action: Cakeness smiles at Crest and turns around to see Chocolate and KayZee catching up. "How about we race them home?" He suggests at Crest. "For fun~"
  790. [23:42] Action: Star walks to the door, and looks back "ill see you all in the coming fall, in the big rock candy mountainsL eft toen he left to go to the tuxedo shop, tipping his hat to the three as he passed, whistling a happy tune
  791. [23:42] Action: KayZee quickly found that it was easier to fly rather than to trot along at the pace she was pulling him.
  792. [23:43] Action: Crestfallen "I don't see why not... maybe lose them in the alley ways", smiling a little as she runs off
  793. [23:43] Action: Cakeness giggles and runs next to Crestfallen, away from the two ponies in hoof linked.
  794. [23:43] Action: LightningCrash gets up, trying out his hoof. He'd get used to the bulk. But the important thing was that he'd be able to fly, and feel that he would be able to land safely. "Thank you again. I think I'll be hitting the hay quite soon."
  795. [23:44] Action: LightningCrash pauses, as he hears a ruffling from up above. He decided that those must have been the other inhabitants of this library. What really impressed him was how this former library now looked like a welcoming home, almost like a hotel. The wood finish on some of the furniture was charming to say the least.
  796. [23:44] Action: Chocolate_Pages looks at KayZee. "They're getting away!" She puts on a pirate hat. "After dem! Argh!" She says, while offering KayZee an eyepatch.
  797. [23:44] Action: Crestfallen "I think it's not the best time to tell you i have no idea where i am going"
  798. [23:44] Action: Star dances around, gathering a crowd as he sings [] with a deep, old timey voice, that makes the older peapole smile and reminiss, and the younder ones appreciate their elders
  799. [23:44] Action: LightningCrash paced around still. The place was rather dim lit, but that wasn't surprising, for it was nighttime. There were a couple of candles next to a propped open magazine, but the candles had been out for more than an hour now. He also noticed that there was a pleasant smell wafting about....
  800. [23:44] Action: LightningCrash felt like he was in a home away from home. 'Stop thinking that. Stop. You are just spending the night. Don't get too cozy. Come morning, you'll have to start the real battle: testing your mettle against the city,' he told himself.
  801. [23:45] Action: LightningCrash couldn't help it. This place.... "The Loft," he thought the unicorn called it, felt so... /comfortable./ The building's warm air seemed to wash about him, caressing him in a blanket of protection. It was surreal. As if the real world didn't exist here. His heart was telling him to enjoy it, but his brain knew he shouldn't.
  802. [23:45] Action: KayZee gave a smirk as the two took off, hovering as Cakes pulled him. He put on the patch and quickly lifted Chocolate on to his back, following the two ponies threw the allyways.
  803. [23:45] <KayZee> ((through))
  804. [23:50] Action: Chocolate_Pages giggles feeling KayZee's muscles. "You're so strong and big KayZee~" Saying it seductively whilst squeezing his neck softly.
  805. [23:50] Action: Cakeness "I do~ We're going the right way~" Actually they werent, but they were having fun, so it didnt matter where they were going.
  806. [23:51] Action: KayZee blushed as she held on, darting past Cakeness and Crestfallen.
  807. [23:51] Action: Crestfallen "That's good", making a right turn followed by a left
  808. [23:51] Action: Cakeness "Quickly! After them!" He said. Too bad Winter is Wrapped Up, they could throw snowballs at them.
  809. [23:52] Action: Chocolate_Pages looks back at Crestfallen and Cakeness, sticking her tongue out. "Seeya at home! Loser makes hot chocolate!"
  810. [23:52] Action: Crestfallen "We need to beat them, i know a shortcut... i think"
  811. [23:53] Action: Emmis looked at LightningCrash, as he paced and paced restlessly on the loft's common room, the twilight of the almost drawn out candles would barely lit the place, although, if the unicorn really felt like it,
  812. [23:53] Action: Emmis 'd just use his magic to re-light the place in all it's concealing glory. The rustic smell of the fine wood and some of Fluttershi's inceses was probably the cause of the colt's uneaseness, it usually happens when new ponies are in the loft. While keeping himself on his side, his right hoof and forearm keeps his head up, while the other makes a gesture as if calling for his attention.
  813. [23:53] <Emmis> H-hey, what's up? Y-You look like you've s-seen a ghost. A-Are you okay? A-And how's that hoof of yours, you seemt to b-be walking better. If you want to find a bed room I'm a-afraid most are t-taken.. You can always take one of these couches.
  814. [23:53] Action: Emmis flops and then stands up to move them together. ''I don't really l-live here so I can just leave w-whenever. But I mostly keep myself awake all n-night.''
  815. [23:53] Action: Crestfallen rushing through a still opened window of a nearby restaurant coming out the other side in someone elses washing but ahead of Chocolate_pages & KayZee
  816. [23:54] Action: KayZee realized the flying though the alleyways was stupid, and soared above the buildings, her hooves holding on to his neck, he looked around for the loft in the sea of lights below.
  817. [23:54] Action: Cakeness nods at Crestfallen and folows in suit, he grabs a glass of chardonay and downs in, throwing the glass into the sink, it luckily not break, and falling into trot next to Crest. "That was awesome!" He said, nudging Crest with his head.
  818. [23:54] Nick change: Star -> Diamond
  819. [23:55] Action: Chocolate_Pages "There it is!" She yells as she sees the familiar balcony.
  820. [23:56] Action: KayZee Swooped down and after a few flaps they found themselves at the loft, where KayZee gently landed on to the  balcony.
  821. [23:56] Action: Crestfallen "I may be drunk right now because that seemed like a smart idea that and i think i have someone elses pants on my head", she did, "there it is", spotting the loft
  822. [23:56] Action: Diamond wakes up, stretching slightly, untill a glint wakes her fully, she smiles and looks at the rind on her hoof, and cant help but think that she has the best mare anypony could wish for
  823. [23:56] kivic_the_dragon ( left irc: Quit:
  824. [23:56] Action: Cakeness trots up ahead and opens the door for her. "Quickly! Into the Loft!"
  825. [23:57] Action: Chocolate_Pages trots up ahead and opens the door for KayZee. "Quickly! Into the Loft!"
  826. [23:57] Action: Crestfallen runs into the loft, "We did it we beat them"
  827. [23:58] Action: KayZee trots inside, seeing the other two equally just make it as well. "It seems we have a tie" he smirked.
  828. [23:58] Action: Chocolate_Pages growls at the two when they entered... but then feels her presence inside the loft. "Cakeness!?! Is that her?!"
  829. [23:58] Action: LightningCrash "No, I haven't seen a ghost. This place just brings back... Memories. Fond memories..." He looks around the place. "Yeah. I'll just crash on a couch. I'm a fairly deep sleeper, don't mind me..."
  830. [23:59] Action: Cakeness enters the loft and sees the two, laughing. That was fun~ and they seem to have two new ponies... and yes... that was her. He nods at her.
  831. [23:59] Action: Diamond happilt trots dowh the stairs, thinking about things she shouldent
  832. [00:00] --- Sun Mar 25 2012
  833. [00:00] Action: Crestfallen "Well thats one way to get home", removing the pants from her head after feeling something up there, "where did these come from... oh that shortcut we took, oops"
  834. [00:00] Action: Chocolate_Pages squees so loud, the squee fairy probably just got paid triple for that~ She leans into KayZee and gives him a peck on the cheek. "Remember~ I love you too. And it would make me very sad if you left~" She does a pouty face with puppy dog eyes and tries to guilt him into staying. They she sees her. Diamond, in all of her beauty, "Seeya KayZee, I gotta kiss my waifu now."
  835. [00:01] Action: KayZee feeling uplifted, he trotted back over to the balcony. "Thank you, Cakeness, Crestfallen,.... and my sweet Chocolate....... for everything" he spread his wings, and with a single hop, he was gone.
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