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  1. on fishing
  2.     cancel event
  3.     set random integer between 1 and 4
  4.     if between 1
  5.     give fish named "&b&lフナ" with lore "&f&l普通の魚"
  6.     if between 2
  7.     give fish named "&b&lブラックバス" with lore "&f&l普通の魚"
  8.     if between 3
  9.     give stick named "&b&l木の枝" with lore "&f&lゴミだが何かに使えそう"
  10.     if between 4
  11.     give string named "&b&l少し固い糸" with lore "&f&lゴミだが何かに使えそう"
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