A SPIRITUAL Adventure TG (Ruby Rose TF) Chapter 8

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  1. It was the night before the first day of school. I barely managed with what I had as food and money. It would probably be a good idea to get a job after school tomorrow. I could transform into a character to get me a part time job that could hopefully give me a tiny bit more money than minimum wage. I wonder if I could transform into girls from other series. It is a possibility, but I am a bit too scared to do it. Sure, I am constantly transforming into random characters already, but they are all from the same series as the character that is my main body right now. Maybe I can try another time. I don’t think that changing into a bunch of more new characters would be a bad thing though. It seems I have had no problems so far with the amount of characters I have become. My main worry is that I can forget myself if I start transforming into to many characters or that I may run into problems overusing my new power. On the other side of the coin however, I don’t want to say as a single character for too long since I might get used to that character and may be fine staying as I am in the end. This is one major dilemma, but that is nothing I don’t already know. It’s already been about a week since I transformed into Maya and I am already am starting to forget my own face. If it has only taken that amount of time to start forgetting how I look, I fear for how much I forget about my appearance by the end of the month.
  3. I should try to stay more positive. If I can find out about all that is happening and figure out who that woman who impersonated my mom is, I may have a chance of going back to my old lifestyle. I am not scared to admit that so far this adventure has been fun though. Well, except for the fact that my mom has been kidnapped by some supernatural force or being. With how my life is right now, I would even seem like I am living the story of what a weird teenage boy came up from in the back of there head and can’t even think of a more logical plot for my life.
  5. One thing that intrigues me from all the transformations is that each and every one of them are so real as a living human being can look. Even with the fact that I walk around with a kimono everywhere as Maya or wearing a magician’s uniform as Trucy, I look like a normal human being. I still get weird looks, but I assume that is from when I transform into characters with a little less than normal fashion sense. I could change my clothing if I wanted since I have tested out that I can between transformations, but I choose not to. I don’t know why, but when I where the characters clothing, I feel a bit better. It’s not because I am being taken by there personalities slowly. It is because nothing else feels right for that character. Call me crazy, but I just look more natural in this kimono as Maya than if she were wearing a skirt and a shirt. I will have to where those when I go to school though sadly.
  7. I wonder ho my life would be after I change back to my old self. I mean if I change back to my old self. I will admit my life has gotten interesting in the last few days. It has given me this sort of excitement, not to say I get a pleasure out of this. I am for sure tat what I am feeling is the new changes to my life that a an extreme difference to what my old life was like. I still play video games and watch anime, but with the added mystery of all that has happened and will happen in the future. It gets me thinking about all the different things that make up my life at the moment. Even noe, all I am doing is staring at the celling and thinking about every little thing that my brain can come up with.
  9. I guess I will lead off with one last question. One that has been haunting me ever since the moment I realized that I was Maya Fey, or more importantly, a girl. What will the future hold for me? I’ve been thinking for a bit now about a small amount of possibilities, but what do I know? There might be this even bigger life changer up ahead of me that out weigh all that has already happened.
  11. I decided that I had thought enough about the issues at hand since I can’t get anywhere right now being in my room. I went to turn off the lights when I noticed something was off. There was this smell that I couldn’t put my finger on. Actually, that was easily proven false. I raised my arm and sniffed.
  13. It was so bad that I actually made myself cough. “Do…do I really smell that bad?” I may be able to change at will and change clothes so that they are clean every time, but for some reason my B.O. transferred along with my transformations. What an odd aspect to carry over. Of all the things that wouldn’t change during the transformations, it had to be that. I though about changing into Trucy to just magically get the odor to go away, but I decided to just take a shower as a normal human being. “…” What did I think? A normal human being? I really hope I don’t start thinking of myself as less of human.
  15. I guess the time has come. I must now see how my body looks, at least one of them for this matter. I was still scared to do it, but it was inevitable with my current situation. I was already going to the bathroom everyday to go to the bathroom. I must be strong and not get a nosebleed like in anime. Thinking like that makes me a bigger weaboo than I want others to believe. I got out a pair of pajamas that I bought over the last few days and a towel then ventured into the bathroom. Like usual, the cold floors gave a shiver down my spine the second I walked in. I know that the sandals are part of what makes Maya who she is, but I am not going to walk around the house with them on so I walk barefoot everywhere. I didn’t even have socks until yesterday since I needed them for school. I doubt the school board would have allowed me to where sandals all year. Even I wouldn’t want to when winter comes.
  17. I got back to what I was doing. I hanged the towel and put my pajamas on the toilet lid. I went over to the shower and turned on the water to hot. Since I was so nervous when taking my clothes off, I went a bit overboard. Fearing that I would stop midway at my current speed, I just quickly through everything off. If you saw me do that in public, I would’ve looked like a flasher, and someone on the anted list for disturbing the peace.
  19. I looked in the mirror that was started to get blurry from the steam. There I stood, a naked girl. I looked so beautiful. I noticed the two parts of my body that made me an official female. I made sure to not stare down there for long and instead just analyzed every single detail of my body that changed. It was my first time really understanding how soft I was, and I am not talking about my chest, but my skiing in general. My arms were smooth and soft and so were my legs. I was really slim and made me have a nice figure even though I wasn’t curvy. I wasn’t someone who cared much about how the girl looked on the outside as much as how she was on the inside. I’m not saying that I don’t look for any physical details since I am a guy, but I think it is best to go in and get to know the person before judging them by there appearance. I don’t know if anything I am thinking about is weird, but I know that I shouldn’t be blushing by my own body, which was the case. I really hope this doesn’t mean I am a pervert.
  21. After I was done observing myself, I took a step in the shower. When I first touched the water, a shiver went down my spine, but it was different form before. This one was a more pleasurable feeling since the water was hot and the floor was cold. I slowly got my whole body in. “Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh.” That felt so nice. All the hot water is what I really needed to release all the tension I’ve been getting from stress. I made sure to wash my body and not play at all, which was easy on a count of me being a wuss. I took the shampoo and put it through my long black hair. It was my first time noticing just how smooth and thin my hair was. Once done, I turned off the water and excited the shower. The floor wasn’t cold this time since the steam was still lingering. I grabbed my towel and dried off. . I grabbed my pajamas and underwear and got dressed. My pajamas were for the most part bland with no special features to them other than being gray, which I hardly think is special.
  23. Once done all that, I excited the bathroom and turned off the lights. I also grabbed my Magatama necklace and put that on. I was too anxious to leave it out since I didn’t want anyone to take it. I was probably being a bit paranoid since I am the only soul in the house at the moment, but when you have a teleporting supernatural being out there for your head, anything could happen.
  25. I lied down and thought about my experience in the bathroom briefly. I finally came over my fears, at least most of them. I know I was still too nervous to explore my special places, but I at least can finally look at my body with minimal thoughts. One thing I noticed while looking in the mirror is that even though I am an exact copy of Maya, since I am like a normal person, I don’t give away the thoughts of being a made up character. If someone who has played the game before saw me, they would probably just think as me of weird for dressing like that instead of putting together I was from a game they’ve played. I guess that explains why no one has asked why I’ve been cosplaying as Maya, Trucy, or even Athena. My powers continue to baffle me with the entire weird attribute they bring to the table.
  27. Whatever. One small random thought entered my brain for a second. It was that I couldn’t wait for the fourth season of RWBY to start in October, les than two months away. It was a weird thought after all that I’ve been thinking, but what are one or two thoughts of mindless wondering? With that shower out of the way, I felt a bit relived and found it much easier to fall asleep. In fact, I was out cold the second I closed my eyes.
  29. I was dreaming about random stuff when something unexpected started happening to me in the middle of the night. My Magatama glowed brightly, yet I was unfazed and continued to count sheep. My height was the first to change. I grew, but only by about an inch making me go from five feet and one inch to five feet and two inches tall. My arms and legs looked the same, but in actuality, they were getting stronger and stronger. My breast increased in size to about a BB-cup. My face changed to look about a year younger. My eyes changed color to a piercing silvery color. My hair shortened a whole lot. It went from my butt back up my back. It stopped at my shoulders and started to change color with the top being reddish black and the ends being a red like roses.
  31. My clothing changed slightly. My pajama bottoms were the same except a bit longer. My pajama top changed into a tank top and turned black with a red heart like symbol in the middle. Out of thin air, a sleeping mask appeared on my head when it should’ve been over my eyes, but that didn’t matter since I was asleep either way.
  33. I woke up the next morning and yawned as I stretched. “Wow. That was a good sleep!” I failed to notice the change to my voice since I was still half asleep. I walked to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Is that Ruby? Must be my imagination. I splashed cold water in my face to wake myself up. I look at the mirror to notice tat my vision was quite consistent.
  35. “Wh-wh-what!?” I couldn’t let out any other words. In the mirror was indeed Ruby Rose from my favorite show RWBY. Or I was in fact Ruby.
  37. “What the hell is going on!?” I yelled in my new squeaky voice.
  40. To Be Continued…
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