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Feb 18th, 2012
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  1. 1. Just say NO!!!!
  2. 2. She makes sure all her babies/students have done their homework.
  3. 3. Should have been a motivational speaker for the deaf, dumb and mute.
  4. 4. Dena rocks my world!! And if you give her caffeine she bounces!!!! :)
  5. 5. He is strangely intriguing, like a small bunny I want to pet... in the most platonic way possible.
  6. 6. Avoid this prof like the plague, though if you must choose, go with the plague.
  7. 7. Would you take singing lessons from william hung? then dont take a class from this guy
  8. 8. Somewhere, deep within the layers of attitude and invective, there is a class straining to breath free. 
  9. 9. I thought I'd died and gone to Hell.
  10. 10. The only person to ever run away from the circus and become a teacher.
  11. 11. I F-eel these U-nderstaments C-ant make K-lear T-he H-ated I-ntolerablility S-he B-rings to class I-n T-otal C-haotic H-ated way get the picture.... 
  12. 12. Jo Ann McFall has all the allure of a pepperoni-induced burp.
  13. 13. This class is the academic equivalent to toxic waste.
  14. 14. There is nothing wrong with this class that avoiding it won't correct.
  15. 15. He eats children for breakfast, nails for lunch and puppies for dinner.
  16. 16. Bring your life jacket to every test because I guarantee you will fell like you are alone in the middle of the ocean.
  17. 17. I was more confused than Ted Kennedy in a brothel
  18. 18. A total fraud as an instructor. How she got a PhD in anything is a may even be a crime.
  19. 19. All I know is that a 300 lbs. man should not be allowed to teach a section on eating disorders and expect me to keep a straight face when he asks the class for signs of over eating.
  20. 20. With a voice that will put the guys at C-SPAN into an eternal coma, you will wish you had a sudden attack of severe narcolepsy while attending class!!!
  21. 21. His mind is like Wikipedia on steroids, and without the random vandalism.
  22. 22. I equate Rick to an ADHD squirrel. He's up, he's down, he's pounding the desk, scribbling on the board..."
  23. 23. Within ten minutes you begin to wonder: If this guy is here then who is running HELL?
  24. 24. A vile nematode scavenging upon the greasy folds of academia's outer extremities and who is drawn by inching and burrowing towards the fetid cyst of academic mediocrity.
  25. 25. Horrible, horrible, horrible. If you don't hate your life already, you will once you take his classes."
  26. 26. Tenti is a p'tarh, and speaks the lies of a tar'kegh. He is a verengan Ha'DIbaH (Ferengi dog) He teaches tu'HomI'raH (useless stuff) I'll give him his doom the Klingon way! Go mate with your targ! 
  27. 27. Reminds me of the "smoking man" from the X-Files... mysterious in a dull sort of way. I think i speak for everyone when i say that the addition of a monkey entourage would have dramatically lifted the spirits of both the class and himself.
  28. 28. Very nice, but if you dont show up, she'll send out a search party for you.
  29. 29. I thought I enrolled in calculus but all I saw were DYSfunctions ...
  30. 30. he goes thru material like Michael Jackson goes thru noses...
  31. 31. Should come with warning label cautioning students against allowing their heads to hit the table too hard when they involuntarily loose consciousness.
  32. 32. Stapled a drop slip to my first test.
  33. 33. Ever wonder what happened to the Oompa Loompas in Willy Wonka and the Cholocate Factory? One of them learned Power Point and is teaching Civ Pro.
  34. 34. Easy F.
  35. 35. Rumor has it Bobbi is part robot and has been tempered by the harsh frozen tundra of the north, leaving her almost invulernable.
  36. 36. His syllabus is like the prequel to the Satanic Bible.
  37. 37. Mr. Staff is the MAN! He knows thousands of subjects and devotes all his time to teaching. I have taken many classes with Mr. Staff and have enjoyed them all. It looks like he's not retiring anytime soon either.
  38. 38. As cold and impenatrable as an icecube in saran wrap.
  39. 39. (from a rating for a Shakespeare professor) I pray thee, leave before 'tis too late.
  40. 40. I took this course because I was interested in Robotics. I have a tip for everyone who is interested in Robotics: Become interested in something else really really quickly.
  41. 41. All Hail Satan! Queen of the English Department!
  42. 42. Asking me to rate this professor or his class is like asking me to rate Stalin's contribution to Human Rights.
  43. 43. he is having an affair with his multi-colored chalk.
  44. 44. Goatman addressing in a can chewing duration, Grades rotate along compliance, exit defecation. Vomitus laugh squeezed out through attempted humour, Sleep induced seminar renders an unyielding tumour. Suffocating pressure, minds ready to tear, As the rats await escape to the outside air.
  45. 45. I want to take another class with her. I want to marry her. I want a root canal. And I want to go to Iraq.
  46. 46. In lectures, he jumps back and forth through time more than Marty McFly
  47. 47. He’s put more people to sleep than Brahm's lullaby.
  48. 48. I would rather take the three hours i waste in her night class and take a roadtrip, picking up hitchhikers along the way, to some place that sucks, like New Jersey.
  49. 49. Classes at Foothill 300$ Food at Foothill for a semester 250$, gas money to get to and from Foothill 600$ Not having to take another class with this professor-- PRICELESS! For everything else there the Stanford Emergency Room which will help you with your anxiety and heart attacks. They can be reached at (650)555-4000.
  50. 50. Her tests are tougher than a $2 steak.
  51. 51. Its like going to the dentist twice a week.
  52. 52. Quite possible the worst classroom experience ever. I thought Ashton Kutcher was going to pop out and tell us we've been punk'd
  53. 53. She has instilled in me a deep hate for amino acids
  54. 54. Got F?
  55. 55. Oh my lord. this man could talk to a hyper hypo kid and put him to sleep
  56. 56. She teaches sociology -- study of victims... Everybody is a victim. Be a victim!
  57. 57. See the empty comments? They werent originally blank. Truth was just too much.
  58. 58. Her vocabulary of math terms comes from a doritos bag
  59. 59. One word. Vaseline. If you don't know why, you probably go to school here.
  60. 60. His eyebrows once reached out and grabbed me. I fended them off with a devious concoction of integrals and derivatives.
  61. 61. His syllabus is like the prequel to the Satanic Bible
  62. 62. Charles Manson of Math
  63. 63. He will destroy you like an academic ninja.
  64. 64. Staying true to the McDonaldland Creed, Professor handles his classroom with the iron fist of Mayor McCheese, the cunning of the Hamburglar, and the finesse of Ronald.
  65. 65. She will rip your heart out through your throat and eat it for lunch. Then she'll start her real torture.
  66. 66. If you take his class you will notice th........zzzz.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  67. 67. This woman makes me want to wear frilly pink dresses, flaunt my **** to get out of parking tickets, and do anything else that she considers to be anti-feminist just to irritate her. I loathe her. She's old and an insanely biased, crazy bra burner.
  68. 68. Just like when we were little, he reads until we fall asleep.
  69. 69. The elastic it shot against glitter spacial hemispheres helps only to leap ahead with service above self to make lectures omnisciently entertaining to all perspectives of easy marking.
  70. 70. If you are registered for a class section with this prof, get another section. If there are no other sections, wait till next semester. If you need that course to complete your major and the course will never be offered again, change your major.
  71. 71. he sucks like a hoover
  72. 72. Maybe she had a bad day or something. For five weeks straight...
  73. 73. he should have a monument to commemorate him. Maybe it could be out of cement, at the bottom of pond, with his feet firmly set in it.
  74. 74. mmeid sisdd kiiex xhsii. Does this make sense to you? If it does, take this class.
  75. 75. She gives you a name tag extra credit.SAVE YOUR NAME TAG
  76. 76. This woman needs to be fired. Soon. From a cannon. Or a rocket launcher. I can think of about 100 students eager to design the rocket launcher.
  77. 77. It's an expensive nap, that's it!
  78. 78. He represents the lollipop guild.
  79. 79. **** **** ****...thats all i gotta say.
  80. 80. she IS a greek tragedy
  81. 81. Valerie is evil concentrated in tasty juice form.
  82. 82. Given the chance to take another of his classes or dive into piranha-infested water . . . cannonbaaallll!!
  83. 83. You can't cheat in her class because no one knows the answers.
  84. 84. His class was like milk, it was good for 2 weeks.
  85. 85. Houston, we have a problem. Space cadet of a teacher, isn't quite attached to earth.
  86. 86. Three of my friends got A's in his class and my friends are dumb.
  87. 87. Emotional scarring may fade away, but that big fat F on your transcript won't.
  88. 88. Evil computer science teaching robot who crushes humans for pleasure.
  89. 89. Miserable professor - I wish I could sum him up without foul language.
  90. 90. Instant amnesia walking into this class. I swear he breathes sleeping gas.
  91. 91. BORING! But I learned there are 137 tiles on the ceiling.
  92. 92. Not only is the book a better teacher, it also has a better personality.
  93. 93. Teaches well, invites questions and then insults you for 20 minutes.
  94. 94. This teacher was a firecracker in a pond of slithery tadpoles.
  95. 95. I learned how to hate a language I already know.
  96. 96. Very good course, because I only went to one class.
  97. 97. Bring a pillow.
  98. 98. Your pillow will need a pillow.
  99. 99. If I was tested on her family, I would have gotten an A.
  100. 100. She hates you already.
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