Harvey Street V-Day

Apr 15th, 2019
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  1. It was another Valentine's day on Harvey Street, All of the kids where out and about giving boxes of candy and cards to the one that they loved or at least had feelings for.
  3. We get a close up of Frufru sitting on a bence in the middle of the park by herself, She wore her usual fancy school uniform complete with a black scarf wrapped around her neck.
  5. She was staring down at a card that she was holding, On the front of the card was a small kitten angel on it which had the words “I came down from heavens just to meet you!” crossed out and “You’re a devil!” written over them with a red marker with the angel’s eyes being crossed out as well. She opened it up to reveal a photo of herself winking at the camera however the photo itself was ripped in half and was being held together by some tape. She picked up the photo and stared at it.
  7. “I told him how much he meant to me, Did I not give him the biggest box of chocolate I could find?” She questioned herself with a bit a sadness coming from her voice. A single tear started to fall from her eye. “I mean if he doesn’t like me then that’s fine!” She yelled out loud. “I don’t need him or anyone else!”
  9. She closed the card and held it up, Her expression changed from that of sadness to anger as she ripped up the whole card into pieces and threw them into the wind.
  11. She watched as the pieces flew away. “Hmp! That’ll show him!” She said trying to sound like she proud of what she just did. She placed her hands on her hips as she looked up at the clouded sky, She tried to smile but found that it pretty hard to do so which was odd since she was pretty good at faking smiles for her parents gala’s but in this instance it was impossible for her to do so.
  13. Putting her head down and placing her face into her hands she started to cry. Her sobs being muffled by her own scarf. She felt something tap her on the shoulder.
  15. “Go away!” She yelled in between sobs.
  17. She felt it again.
  19. “I said GO AWAY!” She yelled while raising her head up for her hands.
  21. “Not until I find what’s the matter with you!” A familiar voice said to the girl.
  23. Recognizing the voice she turned her head to see that it was none other then one of the Harvey Girls, Lotta! Who had on her usual light blue hoodie with long light pink sleeves complete with a red scarf that matched the ribbons in her hair. The large girl had both of her hands in her hoodie and had a stern look on her face as she continued to speak.
  25. “Frufru what happened?”
  27. “I said go away!” Frufru said wiping her tears away with her jackets sleeves.
  29. “Did Melvin do this?” Lotta questioned.
  31. “Why aren’t you going away?”
  33. “I bet it was Melvin who did this to you!” Lotta said putting her hands on her hips.
  35. Frufru got up and started to poke the girl in the belly.
  37. “Is there a off button to this thing?” She asked.
  39. Lotta grabbed the girls hand with her own and placed it on to her chest. Frufru could feel the heartbeat of the bunny lover.
  41. “Thup! Thup! Thup! Thup!”
  43. Frufru didn’t know why but for some reason this made her feel a bit better, Looking up at Lotta she smiled and said “I guess you want me to be your valentine, Is that right?”
  45. Lotta just gave the girl a warm smile.
  47. “I just want to know who did this to you.”
  49. “Well too bad! Frufru said while yanking her hand away from the girl’s chest which surprised Lotta a bit.
  51. “I got tons of suitors waiting for me and I don’t have anytime to be wasting it on some poor fat lesbo like you!” She said as she closed her eyes and turned around to wiggle her hips around to taunt her.
  53. Lotta raised an eyebrow as she folded her arms together and gave the girl a disappointed look while shaking her head.
  55. “So it that why you’re sitting in the middle of the park, Crying about how some boy your really liked didn’t like you back and wrote mean things on the card you tried to give him? The very same card that you ripped up into a million pieces?”
  57. Frufru turned to back to Lotta with a confused look on her face.
  59. “How did you know? Where you spying on me?” She asked while squinting her eyes at the girl.
  61. “This isn’t my first valentines day heartbreak I had to deal with.”
  63. “Ah Gerald broke up with you uh?” Frufru asked with a smug expression on her face.
  65. “Actually I was just coming from his house, We had a nice lunch and in a few hours we’ll be watching one of my favorite movies of all time “Body Swap! It’s a japanese animated movie about two teenagers who swap bodies and have to learn how to live each others lifes. It’s very Romantic!” She said putting her hands together and putting them on the side of her face while she swoons at the thought of body swapping.
  67. “Well good for you, I’m gonna go home and cry myself to sleep.” Frufru said as she started to walk in the other direction, She felt Lotta grab the side of her arm. Turning her head towards to girl to see that she had a concerned look on her face.
  69. “Look I know you probably don’t want to hang out with me and Gerald but can I at least walk you home?”
  71. Frufru thought about it for a moment before deciding that she might as well have her walk her to her house since she could see her slip and fall on some ice which would amuse her, That and she knew that if someone tried to attack her, She would protect her with her ridiculous super strength.
  73. “Fine, But can you please let go of my arm?”
  75. Releasing her hold on the girl, Lotta started to walk alongside her, The walk was quite as both of then had nothing to say to each other, Lotta thought of asking Frufru if she had gotten any valentines gifts from anyone on the street but it was clear that she didn’t or at the very least she did but was too embarrassed to tell anyone, Either way the walk to her house was silence. Not counting the light sounds coming from the little bit of snow that was being stepped on as they walked.
  77. When they arrived to her house they walked up to her door and turned to each other, They just stared at each other for a bit before Frufru opened her mouth.
  79. “So would you like to come in or something?” She awkwardly asked while rubbing the back of her head.
  81. “Uh sure I have a few hours to kill before I have to meet back up with Gerald.”
  83. Frufru turned to the door and unfliped a small scanner right under the door knob and pressed her thumb against it, A female robotic voice spoke to her.
  87. “Whoa that’s cool!” Lotta exclaimed while putting her hands on her own face.
  89. “Yeah my parents bought this and had it installed since they say keys are outdated.” Frufru said as she took her thumb off the scanner and turned the door knob.
  91. Both of the girls walked into a small room that had row of all kinds of shoes arranged neatly in order from type, size, color, and how wore they were. Frufru got down on one knee and proceeded to remove her shoes but not before turning to Lotta.
  93. “Well are just going to stand there? Or are you going to take off your shoes?” She said while raising an eyebrow.
  95. “Oh sorry, I was too busy admiring the collection of shoes that your family has!”
  97. “Oh that’s nothing, My Mother has a shoe closet that makes my shoe closet look like that small boy that you always hang out with! What was his name again? Shorty?”
  99. “Tiny, His name name is Tiny, I knew him ever since I was Little Lotta.”
  101. “Little Lotta hmmmm that sounds like an old comic book that my grandma use to read to me.” She said removing the other shoe.
  103. “Yeah, My growth Spurt was all so sudden that-” Frufru interrupted her.
  105. “OK yeah I really don’t care, Just take off your ugly shoes and place then far away from our pretty looking ones, Maybe you should place then over by the guest section!” She said pointing to corner that had an fancy if old sign that said “guess section” over it that had cobwebs around it.
  107. Ignoring her comment about her shoes being ugly, Lotta removed her shoes and placed in the corner and removed the cobwebs with her hoodie shelve and shook them off.
  109. Frufru cringed at this as she got up and opened the door to her living room. The room in question had white fur rug that looked like it reached all the way to the kitchen. There was a large couch with a large assortment of pillows that ranged in size and color and on the other side there was a large fireplace that had some firewood burning inside of it, The glow of the flames where beautiful and had nice orange tint to them.
  111. Frufru removed her coat and threw it onto the couch and started to head to the kitchen.
  113. “Make yourself like if you were to live here or at least rent out a single room here.”
  115. “You mean make myself at home?” Lotta asked while she raising an eyebrow.
  117. Frufru turned to Lotta and gave her a weird smirk.
  119. “I mean if you think you could even afford it.”
  121. “Well the rent might be late since I had to call out sick due to the extreme weather conditions, That and the alien attack.” Lotta said while she laughed a bit at that last part.
  123. Frufru’s smirk chanced to that of confusion.
  125. “The hell are you talking about?”
  127. “I was making a joke, Like how you where, Wait that was a joke right?”
  129. Frufru just stared at the girl in silence before heading to the kitchen. Lotta just shook this off and sat down on the couch, The softness of it felt very pleasurable to the young girls bottom, She let out a low “hmmmm “sound as she started to softy but quickly rub herself all over the couch. Her hands felt the texture of the couch thoroughly as she started to press the lower half of her back on to the cushion, She raised her head up as she let out an “OH!” of pleasure.
  131. Frufru heard this and got a bit concerned, Something that didn’t happen very often unless it befitted her in some way.
  133. “Hey so are you like OK in there?” She asked in a unsure tone, Not knowing if that was a appropriate question to ask.
  135. “Yeah i’m fine, I’m just really enjoying the quality of your couch! Where did your parents get if from?”
  137. “Heck if I know! My maids are the ones who do all of the shopping for well just about everything in the house, Food, Clothes, Furniture, Birthday gifts, You name it!”
  139. Frufru walked back into the room holding a tray with two glasses of unknown liquid, She sat down on the couch next to Lotta while slowly setting the tray down and handing her glass of the unknown liquid.
  141. “Here, My personal caretaker taught me how to be a good host, It’s apple juice BTW.”
  143. Lotta took the glass and stared at it for a bit before taking a small sip. Smacking her lips together to get a good taste of the drink, It had a richer taste to it then any of the other apple drinks she had before, It’s flavor was more grand, Like if it had been made by a honest hard working farmer that had thing for all things apple, Apple Pie, Apple Cider, Apple Pancakes, Apple Turnovers, and Apple Whiskey.
  145. In short she loved the drink, She took a bigger sip before placing it back down onto the tray. Frufru looked offended by this action.
  147. “What you’re not gonna drink the rest of it?”
  149. “Oh I actually got to get going, Gerald likes to meet up early but thanks for letting me in your home, It was very lovely and you where a very good host. She said while getting up off of the couch and bowing to the girl.
  151. “I thought you said you wanted to find out what was wrong with me? And why I was crying in the middle of park alone!”
  153. Frufru placed her drink back on the tray and got up to face the large girl. The expression on her face was that of sadness.
  155. “You didn’t even ask me if I was going to be OK here by myself, Not wondering if I would do something! She said as she started to move closer to the large girl.
  157. Lotta gave the girl a worried smile as she got down on one knee. “Do you want me to stay here until your parents get home?” She asked as she put a hand on the rich girl’s shoulder.
  159. Frufru put her hand on Lotta’s and started to caress it as she looked into the girls eyes, She noticed that they where a nice shade light blue. Deciding that she wanted to get a closer look, She started to move her face closer to Lotta’s.
  161. Lotta quickly looked away before looking back at Frufru who was already super close to her face, Frufru placed both of her hands on the sides of Lotta’s face as she opened her mouth.
  163. “You have very beautiful eyes.” She said in a low tone. “And your skin is so soft.” She continued as she slowly started to rub the girl’s cheeks which started to turn red.
  165. Lotta felt odd, She didn’t know what was going on or at least she knew what was going on and she didn’t want it to stop, She knew was going to happen next so she placed both of her hands around the rich girl’s head and pulled her into a deep and passionate kiss. Frufru’s eyes widen as she was taken back by the girl’s action but at the same time she was glad she did it.
  167. She simply decided to let herself really get into it. After a few more seconds they broke the kiss as they started to breath heavily, Both of their eyes meant as the looked up at each other and smiled.
  169. “So do you think you’ll be fine here by yourself? Or do I need to make you feel better?”
  171. Frufru smirked at the girls comment. “I mean I wouldn’t want to ruin your date night with Gerald.” She lied to the girl.
  173. Lotta pulled out her phone and started to call her boyfriend.
  175. “Hello? Gerald? Yeah we need to talk.”
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