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  1. In Gorgoroth, there was an Olog called Ar-Henok the Guardian, and he was the captain for a warchief I don't remember. Ar-Henok was very big, and had a kickass hat made out of bones. I wanted him for my army, but there was one problem: Iron Will
  3. I beat him, and shamed him. This did not break his will, but it certainly affected him. He ambushed me so frequently that I could basically guarantee him showing up in the middle of any big fight. Every time he did that, I shamed him but it didn't break his will. Eventually, he was lvl1 and I went after his warchief. In the fight, the other captains went rogue and killed their boss, and cut off Ar-Henok's head while the Gravewalker watched from a nearby rooftop. Ar-Henok got set on fire then 1-shot and went down like a chump. For a moment I was sad at losing out on an olog with a cool hat, but then I moved on.
  5. A couple of hours later, a familiar face ambushes me. I say familiar, but Ar-Henok's face is fucked up. Half of it is a ragged mess of burns, and it appears he's stitched his own head back on. He's lost his hat, but he hasn't lost his iron will. Despite his loss of a hat, he'd proven to me that he had what it took to be in the bright lord's army, so I shamed him to try and break him.
  7. This was apparently one shame too many. Ar-Henok the Stitch is now hatless, lvl49, and communicates only via high-pitched screams. He loves to ambush, but now I cannot deal with him. He has no major weaknesses, he's enraged by everything (not "enraged by everything" the stat, like he's enraged by five different common individual things and he will rage every single fight) and he can down Talion in a single hit. I'll be Gravewalkin' along minding my own business, and Ar-Henok the Stitch will come screaming out of the bushes and utterly destroy me. He's killed three bodyguards and shows no sign of stopping. He still has his iron will and hopefully he's on his way to acquiring a new hat. He's a train made out of flesh, catgut and screams. He puts every other orc utterly to shame and I made him.
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