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  1. Key-Daquann1
  2. Ic Name-Saeko
  3. Transformation-Alpha Form
  5. Saeko mind his business training as he waited another peaceful day that didn't last as long as he hoped it to be one of his fathers friends Artic told him of some disturbing news that young Saeko was not expecting to hear right now. He was told of his mothers death she came just as fast as he left his heart pounded as his body was filled with emotions that he yet understood. His eyes would begin to flood with tears as his body would begin to tense up from the shock of the news. Drips could be hear hitting the ground as the young boy would begin to cry.
  7. He would cut his eyes back towards Artic as this was not a funny joke if that's what Artic was going but he reassured the boy that he was serious. Saeko snapped his mother that showed love gave him pieces of her and items she held dear to her heart. Saeko would pull out the robe she gave him as he would burry his face into it crying out as loud as he could howls would get worked into his mixed emotions as his power would begin to raise.
  9. He would punch the ground full of anger he didn't understand why it had to be him to loose such a wonderful person why did she have to die and leave him alone in this world. Saeko heart was broken beyond repair his was angry while tears would fill the ground under him he would shout out.
  11. "Why did it have to be her? Is this what life is a game? it takes when it wants whenever it wants because it like to seem me cry out in pain. DANMIT"
  13. He would stand up as his aura would surround his body his power growing he would wipe his eyes as this was the first time he felt such emotions inside of himself. He would lost in thought he was blacked out and fully of rage as he would destroy the wall in front of him his power would still begin to rise as his body would begin to grow fur around it. Could this be the same state his father used against him when they battled one could only wonder right.
  15. In his darkened state he would let out a howl that would shake the tower everybody would feel it tears could be seen running down his face as he would look at Artic. he was confused but he was also full of rage he didn't know what to do his bones felt as though they were reshaping as his form would shift he would lean back against the wall. He would look down at his hand but his vision was clouded by his tears and his aura he would stand on two feet as he would take a gulp.
  18. "Why here? Why? this should have not happened we had so much more to do so much more and that all has been taken away from me I will find who did this I will make them pay for taking here away from me. I will take from them what they took my me a life"
  21. He stood there with his head looking down at the ground his body twitching his aura grown sending out burst of energy cutting through the tiles of the tower.
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