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  2. The original Death Drive was a popular console released 30 years ago made by John Winter that Travis himself played during his youth. Juvenile and her partner Klark were tasked in creating the Death Drive Mark II, but this time it was a joint project with the CIA in order to clone humans for a population project in Mars that would kickstart the new space craze like the Moon Landing. The plan was to send player data like their DNA through these machines and use it to print clones with a machine already set-up on Mars. However, the CIA changed gears and wanted now to use it to make them weapons for war.
  4. Juvenile sees through the scheme of the CIA, but her deep hatred of the american's government makes it so that they run away while locking up the Death Drive Mark II by riddling it with bugs, putting the project on hold. She went on the run with Klark for 30 years
  6. However, after all this time, and with the use of John Winter's new machine, the Death Drive AAA (read Death Drive Triple-A) , clones would be printed with the ability to see every enemy or environment like a video game environment, meaning they would make excellent soldiers free of any issues like PTSD because they're only thinking they're killing video game enemies. Juvenile tries to stop this by locking herself inside the system so that it that could only be reactivated by finding the six Death Balls (the video game cartridge equivalent for the Death Drive). However, Juvenile remains stuck in here and slowly succumbs to madness. With her hatred of America fueling her, she decides to strike back at America by using this technology against them.
  8. During that time, Travis and Badman goes into a fight as Badman wants to take revenge for Travis killing his daughter (Bad Girl, an opponent in the first NMH game), but finds themselves sucked in the Death Drive. Travis goes through all 6 Death Balls and beats all the video games, unlocking the DDAAA. The seventh Death Ball turns out to be the CIA HQ. Travis is not transported in the video game world but in real life. Travis was cloned and as the Death Drive would have it, he sees everything as if it was a video game. He goes on a rampage in the CIA HQ, that he sees as bugs until he finds Juvenile who he sees as a white sheepman. Travis recognizes her and begs her to stop this but ultimately eliminates her as she only proceeds to attack Travis. The clone of Travis enters the Death Drive AAA, transporting the clone of the clone of Travis into Mars, where he sees John Winter himself, that Travis refers as his hero making his favourite games. He is given the choice to remain here in Mars but politely refuse, and ends up getting killed by John Winter telling him to never come back. Travis himself is still alive, with a clone of himself still in the possession of the CIA.
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