Undyne and Alphys go to the track

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  1. “On your mark!” Alphys calls, running her eyes over Undyne’s behind, now jutting up in the air, quivering with potential energy, muscle slabby and smooth and god, Alphys thinks, hot as hell. She’s staring unabashed now, looking at those long blue legs, the generous swell of that hip, the way she tapers up and up and up that long sinuous torso to those two –
  2. “Alphys.”
  3. “Huh? What?”
  4. “Were you going to say ‘go’ any time soon?” Undyne asks, and Alphys blushes a furious red, kicks her feet, accidentally starts the stopwatch and begins to panic when she realizes she doesn’t know how to stop it. She tries all the buttons and finally gets it into lap mode before Undyne takes it from her (hands warm and webbed and moist with sweat or seawater and ah she smells like heaven and she’s so tall and cool and -) and clicks it off, amused smile playing across her stern face. Alphys is suddenly very interested in her own fingernails, is suddenly acutely aware of the sweat beading across the back of her pudgy neck, of the wind flapping her skirt, of the goosebumps standing out in neat rows across her knees.
  5. “I just zoned out,” she mumbles, staring out over the track, red-brown tarmac extending in a long looping oval, football field in the middle, white lines, smell of fresh grass, fresh paint. Undyne reaches down, caresses Alphys’ cheek and Alphys giggles, she can’t help it.
  6. “You hit this button to start it,” Undyne says again, smiling to herself. Alphys nods, head buried in the face of the stopwatch, brow furrowed. ‘She was totally checking me out,’ Undyne thinks as she continues. “And hit it again to stop it.”
  7. “Oh…I’m sorry –“
  8. “No, hey, stop that,” Undyne says, crouching down in front of Alphys, raising her chin up to peer into those watery eyes. She smiles and Alphys hesitates, smiles back. “It’s okay, you dork. It’s cool.”
  9. “You’re sure?”
  10. “Positive,” Undyne beams, and then she traipses back over, gets in her lane again. Alphys flashes her a quick thumbs-up, readies the stopwatch.
  11. “On your mark…set…go!”
  12. And then she is off like a flash of blue lightning, legs pumping, eyes narrowed in determination, and Alphys blows out a breath, watches as Undyne roars through one, two, three laps. On the third she grins at Alphys, reaches out and tousles the little lizard’s fleshy horns as she passes and Alphys grins and grins and grins, although she  takes care to wipe it from her face before Undyne passes again. As she slows down, comes to a stop, chest heaving, sweat trickling from her brow, she gusts out a hello at Alphys, tells her to walk with her.
  13. “So, what was the time?” Undyne asks once she’s caught her breath.
  14. “Five thirty-two.” Undyne pumps a fist in the air, lets out a victorious whoop.
  15. “A week ago I was doing a six-minute mile and now look at me!” She nudges Alphys as they pass the bleachers, waggles her eyebrows, red like spikes. “Wanna come celebrate with me?” she asks, thick hint of danger in her voice, but Alphys doesn’t get it, she grins and bubbles and nods and Undyne grins a wide predator grin and takes her hand and leads her off beneath the bleachers.
  16. “What are we going to –“ Alphys starts to ask but Undyne is suddenly pressing against her very close and Alphys can no longer think straight, Undyne smells so strong and musky and she is so tall and her lips are blazing hot and Alphys has to stand on her tiptoes to reach and Undyne places one of Alphys’ hands on her round firm breast and Alphys lets out a little squeak of muted shock and pleasure and Undyne lets out a growly moan, rattling deep in the back of her throat and as Alphys mumbles excuses and apologies because she’s blushing and she’s sweating and oh god I wasn’t expecting to – Undyne takes Alphys’ hand and slowly slips it into her shorts and Alphys gets the hint and shuts up.
  18. Out on the track someone runs by and Alphys stops, burbles a little panicked laugh, and Undyne, about to come, hisses in disapproval; Alphys feels the hair on the back of her neck stand up and she starts again, watches Undyne’s mouth flash open in the beginnings of a moan, watches the way her teeth catch the light, shining like steel.  When she comes she clings to Alphys, hips bucking against Alphys’ fingers, and then lets out a long, slow breath, slowly loosens her grip, flops back against the bleachers. She grins a slow, lazy grin at Alphys, takes a step towards her, and Alphys, in spite of herself, feels a stab of mixed terror and excitement as Undyne’s long, webbed fingers make their way down Alphys’ chest and up her skirt.
  20. “O-oh my god,” Alphys breathes as Undyne’s fingers tweak her clit again, and the fish-girl lets out a sloppy giggle, mouth still full with Alphys’ nipple. The backs of the bleachers are pressing hard against her back and she feels like she’ll have a bruise when this is over but she is so far past caring that it doesn’t occur to her to complain or to press Undyne back, get into a different position. When she looks down Undyne grins at her, eyes wide and lustful, gold like streaks of meteors across the sky. She tightens her grip around Alphys’ waist and Alphys feels so warm and tight and encircled that she could just die of bliss right there, under the bleachers, cigarettes and wine bottles on the ground, cool fresh breeze swaying through the metal stalks.
  21. She can feel Undyne prodding at her wet entrance and she angles her hips, tries to thrust herself against Undyne, impale herself on the fish-girl’s fingers, but Undyne grins wider, deftly avoids Alphys’ efforts, and as Alphys lets out a strangled moan of frustration, eyes wide and urging, Undyne leans in and kisses her and Alphys can taste herself on Undyne’s lips and they are so soft and warm and sweet that she surges forward, all four feet of her, catches Undyne by surprise with the sudden weight and as the fish-girl’s eyes pop open and she gives a mumbled yelp of shock and steps backward to catch herself, arm wrapped tight around Alphys, one finger slips inside of the little lizard and her eyes roll back and she moans and Undyne grunts with surprise at the tight wetness around her finger and Alphys, blushing hard, feels herself tighten and shake and thinks oh no not already not already I haven’t even I haven’t I I I ah! and when she comes she shudders and clings tight to Undyne who runs a gentle finger over Alphys’ clit and feels her quiver like a frightened rabbit and she smiles a dark wide smile like the night, kisses the top of Alphys’ head, and as Alphys rides out the shocks of the orgasm flooding through her brain Undyne leans down and nips at her cheek, her shoulder, her neck,  licks at the tear of pleasure leaking from beneath Alphys’ shut-tight lids, and when they are done Undyne, eyes wide and innocent and so full with lust they could burst, licks her fingers clean and watches Alphys blush.
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