Mobsters Paradise Staff Application

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  1. Basic Information
  4. Steam Name: Trader Joe
  7. SteamID: STEAM_0:1:42744104
  10. What rank are you applying for?: Admin
  13. How long have you been playing on Mobster’s Paradise: 3 months
  16. How long have you been roleplaying in general?: Since 2012.
  19. What previous experience do you have as a staff member, either here or on other communities?: From 2014 to 2016 I owned, operated, and moderated Eagles Gaming EpochRP, a custom DayZ Epoch server. In 2015, I also worked as a content developer for GOAT Dark RP.
  21. Staff Knowledge Section
  24. Have you received any punishments or citations on the server? If so, what were they for?: No.
  26. Why should we choose you over other applicants for this position?: I believe that I am a qualified applicant because after running and maintaining a roleplaying server I understand that in order to have a positive roleplaying experience, it must be maintained by a dedicated staff that renders an unbiased and impartial decision. I was reintroduced to serious roleplay through the Mobsters Paradise server, and I would like to assist in its growth, whether that be with resolving a dispute with a player or assisting a new player in understanding how the server operates. Lastly, currently my only character on the server with any faction affiliation is my police character (Detective Patrick McGlover), allowing for an unbiased approach to moderation situations.
  28. Please summarize the duties of a staff member: The primary duty of a staff member is to maintain the quality roleplaying that occurs on the server, this is done by reinforcing the rules set by the server as well as ensuring that all players have their disputes settled both fairly and in such a way that both parties understand why the decision was made. Furthermore, whenever a request for a staff member is made, it should be dealt with in a timely manner. This could mean that the staff member would have to sacrifice some in–character playing time to answer it. Lastly, the staff member must be professional and approachable, as they are representing the server and should strive to make the roleplay experience as positive as possible.
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