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  1. "Be nice to *protag*, will ya? We'll be back tonight?"
  2. Chloe closed the passenger-seat door, and joined her husband Ian in the car, where she started waving. From my porch, we were waving back, myself and the two Hendricks' kids, Taylor and Erin. As their old Volkswagen drove off in the distance, the engine's noise was replaced by the wind's rustling in the trees.
  3. "Don't think you're safe just because they're not here."
  4. I couldn't quite tell if Taylor was teasing or threatening me, but he was right. Being a freelance developer, I'd found a very cheap, rural place, where I could be myself as much as I wanted. Not like I was a total recluse, I had several friends in a nearby city, and it wasn't uncommon for me to be away from home for more than a week in a row. It was actually pure coincidence that the Hendricks even came by, they were traveling to a nearby hotel as a part of a longer hike they were going on, but the hotel had double-booked them, and our mutual acquaintance was out of time, and had redirected them to me. It all went downhill from there.
  5. "I'm barely safe when you're gone. How will I know if you've deleted it?"
  6. "How about the fact that the police doesn't show up?"
  7. Erin was the schemer of the two, but she was distinctly... Well, calling her dumb would be an exaggeration, but she could barely figure out the smart phone that her parents had given her. She might just be technologically illiterate, but her brother certainly wasn't. The twins went back inside, and I had no choice but to follow suit.
  8. "How about beer?" Yelled Taylor, as he set a course for my kitchen. Well, at least they're starting kindly.
  9. "Sure, go ahead. And get one for me as well."
  10. I figured my only chance to prevent this from going wrong was to try to be reasonable with them wherever possible, and negotiate whenever they were going over the line. Taylor looked at me confused as I entered the kitchen, but he still put three cans on the desk.
  11. "You're... Not angry? Annoyed?"
  12. "No." I begin, as I take out three of my finer beer glasses. An old gift, from a beer-happy friend of mine, that's seen a lot of use over the years. "Kids should learn what alcohol is, especially as you enter your teens."
  13. Erin scowled at me as she went past, taking a seat by the dinner table.
  14. "You're not here to lecture us."
  15. "No, but I like teaching. And I think one very important thing you should learn is..."
  16. Taking a seat across from Erin, I grab a beer off the table. As Taylor takes a seat besides Erin, the distinct noise of a can being opened is heard, and hold the can demonstrably in front of the twins.
  17. "It's quite simple actually. Angle the glass, like this,"
  18. I lift my glass up in front of me, and lean it sharply towards the can in my other hand.
  19. "And pour like this."
  20. Putting the opening of the beer near the glass' opening, I start pouring. One long, gentle motion, gradually angling the glass back to neutral. As the final drop falls, the foam settles just below the edge.
  21. "Perfect, every time. Can you do it?"
  22. They open each theirs in unison. With a few small corrections, they get it mostly right, only Erin's beer overfoams a little.
  23. "Well, cheers!"
  24. I lift my glass, and meet theirs. I take a mouthful, but Erin only takes a sip, and Taylor tries to do like me. Erin does not seem pleased.
  25. "Adults like this?"
  26. I nod. Taylor has to spend several attempts swallowing before his mouth is empty.
  27. "It's an acquired taste, but once you've had a few, the bitterness becomes... Unique, an-"
  28. "Whatever, I don't want this. Do you have any candy?"
  29. "I, uhh, bottom drawer, next to the fridge. But never leave your drink, you either take it with you, or give it to someone else."
  30. Taylor takes a smaller mouthful, and tries again, as I find myself ogling Erin as she walks. I mentally scold myself, it was this thinking that got me into this mess, and yet, I don't stop. Her white summer dress clings to her slightly sweaty back, leaving her pure-skinned shoulders and upper back exposed. Although I know she had another layer covering her lower half, I couldn't stop entertaining the thought that she had nothing, and that the wind would conveniently lift it, like Marilyn' Monroe's skirt. I took another sip in an attempt to divert my train of thought.
  31. "Your candy sucks."
  32. "You didn't ask for good candy."
  33. "Do you have good candy?"
  34. "No."
  35. She slams the drawer shut, and walks back to her seat.
  36. "What about your drink?"
  37. "You can have it, I guess. What's in your room, mom and dad said we couldn't go there."
  38. I see, it begins. At least I have an excuse to delay. I grab her beer, and place it next to mine.
  39. "Hey now, one thing at a time. Taylor seems like he likes his beer, so let's drink first. Do you want an ice cream?"
  40. "Is it good?"
  41. "I think you'll like it, yeah. Top drawer, in the freezer."
  42. She gives me a very skeptical look, but none the less leaves her chair. As she returns shortly later with a Magnum in her hand, she almost seems happy again.
  43. "Am I gonna get drunk?"
  44. Taylor had made significant progress on his beer, but was still not even halfway like me.
  45. "No. You might get a little tipsy, but you'll need a stronger drink to become drunk from one glass."
  46. "What about you?"
  47. I giggle lightly. I might not be the biggest fan of (interacting with) kids, especially in this moment, but their willingness to ask about everything will never stop amazing me.
  48. "Not at all. The bigger you are, the more you need to drink, and the more you drink, the more hardened you get. I need to drink a lot more than you."
  49. Erin sits in her own thoughts with her ice cream, following the conversation.
  50. "Why do you want to fuck my sister?"
  51. I damm near choked. Struggling not to cough my lung up, Erin voices her 'take' on the situation.
  52. "Because he's a pervert who likes little girls."
  53. "But why?"
  54. Clearing my throat, I present my case.
  55. "Erin's right. Sort of. I like girls, not just the little ones, so when you were flirting with me, I just kinda' thought you were sincere."
  56. "Too bad I was boy."
  57. Taylor tried teasing me. It didn't work.
  58. "Well... I would still have done it."
  59. I felt rather embarrassed, but at the same time, not embarrassed enough to stop talking. My head definitely felt warmer, so I guess I was getting red, and it probably wasn't because of the beer I just emptied. I grabbed the next glass, as I continued.
  60. "I don't like boys in 'that' way, but you look as cute as your sister."
  61. Taylor joined the red-faced club.
  62. "M-me?! But the others only wanted my sister."
  63. ... The others? This wasn't the first time they've pulled this? Did their parents know? I had way too many questions, but knew better than to ask. It'd be better if I knew as little as possible about this, in case they're ever busted.
  64. "Because they're all perverts.", Erin interjected. Taylor resumed.
  65. "Why would a boy be interested in other boys?"
  66. When they started threatening me yesterday, I did not expect to have to explain them about sexuality. And we haven't even reached my room yet...
  67. "Well, some people are just... Different. Some people like boys and girls, some people only like their own gender, some people don't like any genders."
  68. "How do I know what I like?"
  69. "Hard to say. Some people never find out, some people think they know, but realize they were wrong later. Have an open mind, but most importantly, ask yourself. But also realize, just because you like one boy, doesn't mean you have to like all boys. Same goes for girls."
  70. Taylor nodded to himself, and started gulping down what little remained of his beer.
  71. "You ready?"
  72. I lifted my glass and took a quick look. Still almost a fourth left, but nothing I couldn't handle, and in one fell swoop, I chug it down.
  73. "Ready."
  74. Erin was still eating her icecream, but she should be done eating it by the time we got to my room, and I have a trash bin up there. The three of us set off together, and as we get to the staircase, I find myself inspecting Taylor. A pair of shorts made of denim, and a black t-shirt with a cartoon I haven't heard of. Although his clothes don't invoke the same set of thoughts in me that Erin's did, seeing him this close does remind me of yesterday. Of how ready I was to ravage his small body.
  75. Erin opened the door to my somewhat messy room. A large, 1½ person bed, a desk with three computer monitors, and a large TV by the end of the bed. By the wall near the door, an old wardrobe left behind by the previous owner, a few drawers under my bed, and some shelves with various merchandise. Erin seemed to start searching for something, and Taylor was immediately entranced by my computer. Figuring I'd have no way of knowing what Erin was searching for, I followed Taylor.
  76. "You like it? Top of the line, for the most part. Net's a bit shit out here, but should be fine as long as you aren't streaming."
  77. I typed my password on the lock screen, and Taylor stared in awe, unspeaking, at the sight.
  78. "Try, uhh... Not breaking something, and whatever you do, don't delete anything. There's also a lot of porn on it."
  79. "Can we watch it?"
  80. Erin's voice from behind me almost made me jump, I hadn't even noticed her return.
  81. "Uhh... There's a lot of it. Like, alot alot."
  82. "Then pick something good."
  83. She turned around to take a seat on the bed behind me.
  84. "Let's watch it on the TV, easier to see there."
  85. I think the last time my heart pounded this hard was the first time I had sex. Not like I was about to do anything extra illegal or anything, but watching porn with kids? It just felt... Very weird.
  86. I took the mouse from Taylor, and started clicking around. Being my private computer, the porn wasn't exactly hidden, but it was still very well categorized. I went with something vanilla, full HD, but the moment I had pressed 'cast', I couldn't even remember what I had put on. As I turned around, however, my heart skipped a beat. Erin was holding my imported full sized loli-onahole. Instinctively, I swallowed. Where did I even leave it?
  87. "Why is this shaped like me?"
  88. "Be-because you use it while you watch porn."
  89. She started staring into the two penetrable holes.
  90. "But how? Do you wear it?"
  91. Taylor took a seat next to her, to get a closer look, and I realized my TV was muted. It automatically turns on when I cast things to it, but apparently, I left off the audio. I went to tap the audio buttons on the side.
  92. "No, you make it wet, and then you stick your dick in it."
  93. Taylor took the onahole from his sister, and started looking closer?
  94. "Can I try it?"
  95. "I guess. But you'll need, uhh..."
  96. As I went to find my lube, the slurping sounds from the TV meant that the porno was well underway. I handed him the lube, but he barely acknowledged my presence, eyes glued to the woman giving a blowjob on the screen before him.
  97. "This. It's lubrication, both men and women produce it naturally, but it's a lot easier to just have some around."
  98. "Is it like pee?"
  99. I frowned, Erin's question catching me off-guard. She was apparently not so interested in what went on on-screen.
  100. "Not at all. It's more like... Oil to a car. It makes sex easier, and better."
  101. "Does it taste as good as that woman says?"
  102. The porno-star had only talked about how his cock tasted, but I guessed that Erin was just quick to put two and two together.
  103. "Not really. But it doesn't taste bad either."
  104. "My... Penis feels hard."
  105. Taylor was still fully entranced by the TV, holding the onahole in one hand, and the lube in the other.
  106. "That means your body wants to have sex. Well, sometimes. Other times, it's just your brain testing if everything works. But it also means that you can use my toy now."
  107. "R-really?"
  108. He looked at me with the eyes of wonder. I nodded, but noticed that Erin was pouting.
  109. "How come you don't have any toys for me?"
  110. "Uhh..."
  111. She did have a point. I don't often have girl-company, but a vibe, a wand, or a dildo would be nice for a kinkier visitor.
  112. "Because I'm not a girl. You don't expect boys to have dolls, do you?"
  113. She went back to staring at the screen, still pouting, but a thought struck me. A part of me told me 'no', but the other... Well, in for a penny, in for a pound.
  114. "But I have the real thing. The thing that toys are made after."
  115. She stared at me, intrigued. Her silence was broken by the moans of the pornstar, who was now getting tongued on-screen.
  116. "Okay, but don't do anything I don't tell you to."
  117. "Uhh... We all have to undress first."
  118. "We do?"
  119. I nodded. "Not much point in just getting our clothes dirty."
  120. I was the first to throw off my clothes, but the two kids soon followed suit. As I unveiled my semi-hardon, I could feel their eyes on it. I took a seat on the edge of the bed, centrally to the TV, and Taylor sat down right next to me. His penis was rather small, but it should be big enough that he could use the onahole. My eyes were temporarily stuck on Erin, however. Her puffy pussylips fully hid the pink underneath, from where I was sitting. I avert my gaze, but my semi quickly grows into its full size. I gestured Erin to sit on my lap.
  121. "Come here, while I help Taylor."
  122. She obeyed without a word. Seems like they've forgotten that they're supposed to be the ones in charge. But oh-boy, if I thought my heart was pounding before, I was setting a new record, every time Erin stopped closer. I quickly grabbed the lube and the onahole, and poured some lube in the vaginal hole. I gave the bottle to Taylor, and told him to pour some in his hand, and smear it over his penis. He obeyed, meekly, his tiny testicles nearly invisible, but his penis standing fully erect.
  123. "Here, hold it like this."
  124. The pornstar moans as he puts it in, her pussy taking his massive girth without any issues. Taylor moves a bit awkwardly, but after some guidance, he starts experimenting, trying to find what feels best for him.
  125. "As for..."
  126. "Lay down."
  127. Erin pushes my chest, and I let myself fall over backwards into the bed.
  128. "And don't. Move."
  129. She climbs up on the bed, and straddles my belly, facing the television. Although I'd prefer the other side, seeing her cute little butt was hardly a bad thing. She grabbed the lube from the bed, and as I felt the cool liquid running down my shaft, I knew what was about to happen. My cock throbbed, and my heart raced, this was so much more intense than my first time. And illegal.
  130. Both her hands started exploring my meat, as they spread the lube she had poured. I couldn't quite tell, but it felt like she hadn't poured enough.
  131. "I think you need to use a bit more."
  132. Taylor's moans started forming a choir with the pornstar, though his were distinctly less loud. I felt the lube against my dick once more, and her hands once again got to work. There was gonna be lube stains all over this before we're even done, but I had accepted that price. Have to do the laundry anyways.
  133. "You're not gonna fit."
  134. Feeling her crotch against the tip of my cock made me throb again, and my heart pound even harder.
  135. "Lengthwise, no. But I think you can handle the girth."
  136. She hesitated. It was obvious from her body language. But after a short wait, she started moving, and I felt her pussy against the head of my cock.
  137. "You're warm."
  138. I remained silent. Let her take things at her pace. But also because every fiber of my being told me to impale her, and fill her with my seed. With a bit of effort, she managed to get the entire head of my cock in, before she stops for a breather.
  139. "You're... Hah, hah, you're so big."
  140. I observed, and felt, as she started lowering herself, her scorching little honeypot enveloping me, and her body gradually obscuring my cock, inch by inch. I realized there was no blood, but based on her hesitation earlier, and her complaints about my size, this was definitely her first. I guess she lost her hymen to physical activity.
  141. "You're doing great Erin."
  142. After panting for what seemed like ages, she started pivoting herself with her legs, slowly lifting herself up, and lowering herself down. Her tightness was maddening, a part of me was thinking that the only reason I wasn't ejaculating this very instant was that she was so tight, she acted like a cockring.
  143. Taylor's sudden cry caught me off guard, and I turned my head to see him unload inside my onahole, before he collapsed on the bed besides me, pleasure struck and panting. The onahole fell aside as he stopped holding it, and his semen fell upon his belly, and my bed. I returned my attention to... 'My' onahole.
  144. "What-... What's the white stuff?"
  145. Erin was clearly at her limit, but she tried her best to remain composed and superior. It was almost convincing.
  146. "Semen. That's what babies come from."
  147. "Are you gonna shoot your, hah, semen in me?"
  148. "If you let me. You're too young to become pregnant."
  149. "Do it then."
  150. "If you, aah, move faster, it'll happen sooner."
  151. She stopped moving for a moment, and repositioned herself slightly, with my cock still inside her. With a deep breath, she doubled her pace from before, somehow effortlessly taking my girth. As I watched from behind, I noticed how every time she thrust herself against me, the distance between her buttocks and me lessened. Truth be told, I was ready to cum minutes ago, but seeing her determined to do her best, I held back as well as I could. As she finally slammed her heinie against me, I felt the pressure build in my shaft. Although I could resist at one point, now it was definitely too late. Wanting to enjoy the moment as much as possible, feel her body slam against mine, I fought the urge, applied pressure for as long as I could.
  152. "I'm gonna cum."
  153. "DO IIIIIIIT!"
  154. Her scream almost frightened me, but my resistance finally wore down. My cock erupted, unleashing wave after wave of semen, as she impaled herself upon me. She shook like an earthquake, only further adding to the sensations of my already overstimulated cock. She, too, collapsed, falling over backwards, and landing on my chest. I felt my own semen drip onto me, and as my cock fell out of her, another two jets of semen was fired. The room fell silent, as the three of us remained panting on the bed, only the TV continued, the pornstar searching for her next man to bang. Erin was the first to break the silence.
  155. "That was amazing."
  156. I felt... Actually embarrassed. I never liked being complimented.
  157. "Th-thanks."
  158. I leaned over to look at my computer. There was still an hour before I should start making dinner, and another 4 before their parents were back.
  159. "Do you want more?"
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