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Aug 22nd, 2018
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  1. what the fuck is this
  2. i don't even know, i guess you could say it's an attempt to expand on the "everything went to shit starting in 2007" theory that's prevalent in these parts. i'm doing this to try to see just how the world (especially the internet) was made into what it is today.
  4. legend
  5. c = chan culture
  6. g = somethingawful culture, its derivatives (shitredditsays, weird twitter, chapo trap house, etc.), and (ex-)goons themselves
  7. h = hacking/trolling culture
  8. i = general internet/tech
  9. n = misc. "nerd culture" (for lack of a better term)
  10. p = politics/real-world stuff
  11. v = video game culture
  12. * = note
  14. 2001
  15. [p] September 11 attacks
  16. The events on this day create justification for varied government surveillance programs in the name of fighting terrorism, the first being the Patriot Act later that year
  18. 2006
  19. [ch] Great Habbo raid
  20. [c] Jake Brahm messes with football
  21. Anon posts about bombing football stadiums and gets v&; likely 4chan's first appearance on the news
  22. [ch] /b/day happens, driving most raids to dedicated /i/nvasion boards on small chans
  23. [gv] Let's Play kicks off on SA forums
  25. 2007: Beginning of the End(tm)
  26. [ch] Alex Wuori saga
  27. Kid keeps snitching on /i/ and spoiling their raids, gets constantly raided for it, doesn't know when to quit
  28. [ch] /i/ gets organized
  29. Partyvan W/i/ki and various IRCs like #insurgency and #raid are born, attracting the attention of more serious and seasoned security groups and causing them to mingle with chan culture
  30. [c] Fox 11 "Hackers on Steroids" report happens (thanks Wuori)
  31. [v] Release of several AAA games that become wildly popular: Portal, COD:MW, TF2, Bioshock, AssCreed, etc.
  32. [n] First season of The Big Bang Theory kicks off
  33. [i] iPhone released, smartphones explode in popularity
  34. [i] Twitter becomes relevant
  35. Microblogging format catches on and the cliquish hellhole we know it as today soon takes form
  36. [i] Facebook takes over Myspace's role as the biggest social networking site
  37. [p] Great Recession starts
  38. [*] Internet society is at least halfway merged with real-world society at this point
  40. 2008
  41. [ch] Chanology as we know it springs up, paving the way for mainstream hacktivism
  42. Quick note: in its infancy Chanology was just your basic anon raid (prank calls, DDoSing, vandalism, etc.); it wasn't until the moralfags caught hold that it turned into what we know it as today
  43. [ch] "Anonymous"-based infosec groups come into existence
  44. [gv] Retsupurae started
  45. Goon-run channel that makes fun of bad Youtube LPs; initially had a goon-only audience, but later attracted /v/ and others who were tired of shitty LPs; introduced "self-aware" gamers to SA goons and their LPs
  47. 2011: shit starts getting political
  48. [pv] Anita appears and starts her long con
  49. [p] Occupy movement starts
  50. [p] #ineedfeminismbecause hashtag starts
  51. [cp] /pol/ created
  53. 2012
  54. [cv] 2012 /v/GAs
  55. Spoof of the Video Game Awards, basically one big meme-laden tripfag circlejerk in video form; drew attention to /v/ upon its release
  56. [p] Sandy Hook shooting
  58. 2013
  59. [ip] Snowden does his leaks on the NSA, spreading awareness of government surveillance
  60. [gv] Dangan Ronpa LP
  61. SA LP of a visual novel called Dangan Ronpa, whose translation was only available on the forum; attracted the attention of Tumblr and introduced them to SA's gaming culture
  62. [cv] Depression Quest incident
  63. Quinn falseflags on wizardchan for pity points; people fall for it hook, line, and sinker because every post on the internet is completely genuine (especially anonymous ones)
  64. [v] The Dina Disaster
  65. Drama on Mighty No. 9 forum revolving around their community manager, who gets defended by goons and game journos and all the people we'd come to call "the usual suspects"
  67. 2014: critical mass
  68. [p] Elliot Rodger does his thing
  69. Dude conveniently representing the perfect "bitter virgin" stereotype writes a manifesto, kills a bunch of people, gives feminists ammo
  70. [i] Brendan Eich (Mozilla founder) gets pressured into stepping down because he donated to an anti-gay organization many years ago
  71. [i] Code of conduct bullshit starts taking hold in the open source world
  72. [cp] /pol/intelpro
  73. /pol/ tries falseflagging as opposing ideologies to discredit them; fails for obvious reasons such as planning everything on a publicly visible website and not an IRC or something like everyone else
  74. [p] The transplosion
  75. Starting this year, many male nerds (especially those into retro/obscure games and computing) begin identifying as female; theories range from autogynephilia to availability of hormones to conspiracies and beyond
  76. [cpv] GAMERGATE
  77. [ci] The Fappening
  78. Shitload of celebrity nudes get leaked and spread around; 4chan, being the internet's boogeyman, takes the blame
  79. [p] Ferguson shitshow
  80. Cop shoots a black dude for stealing cigarillos; riots happen, city goes nuclear, BLM is born
  81. [cp] /pol/ Harbor
  82. Moot, wanting to show that he's part of the tech cool kid clique now, shits all over /pol/ and renders it unusable for a while, sparking another exodus to 8chan
  83. [i] Major websites start using the recent shitshows to justify censorship policies
  85. 2015
  86. [c] Moot steps down from admin of 4chan, giving the wheel to 2ch founder Hiroyuki
  87. [p] US 2016 election season begins
  88. [p] "Alt-right" becomes a thing in mainstream politics (primarily as a boogeyman)
  90. 2016
  91. [p] DNC email leaks
  92. From here we learn that Hillary basically picked her opponent...
  93. [p] Trump elected
  94. ...and yet she STILL lost
  96. 2017
  97. [cp] He Will Not Divide Us (technically true, it's other people doing the dividing)
  98. [cp] /pol/ does its little IOTBW op, leftists throw shitfits because muh dogwhistles
  99. [p] #MeToo
  100. Over the following months, many Hollywood figures and male feminists get outed as abusers
  101. [v] NeoGAF founder Evilore gets hit with the #MeToo train, users form an even worse site called ResetEra
  103. 2018
  105. todo
  106. Trace origins of spite marketing, aka "whoa look at these bigots who don't like our game/movie/show! be a good corporate bootlicker and buy/watch it to spite them, ok?"
  107. 2009: EA stages protest against their game Dante's Inferno
  108. 2016: Ghostbusters bullshit where Sony was caught removing comments on their trailer that weren't explicitly sexist
  109. 2017: Fake FarCry 5 petition that all the "heh gamers" types circlejerked over
  110. Put together all the information about SA-derived communities and how they influenced the internet as it is today (need that one pic about the origins of SRS)
  111. Groups of interest: SRS, LP (both actual LPers and their fan communities), Chapo Trap House, Weird Twitter
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