Fuckfest 2.0

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  1. Guest_marissa1241: 3li are you taken
  2. Guest_KunAli: I was
  3. Guest_marissa1241: Oh ok how about now
  4. Guest_KunAli: I broke up with her
  5. Guest_marissa1241: Ok I’m srry
  6. Guest_KunAli: I hate overacting
  7. Guest_marissa1241: Yeah how come
  8. Guest_KunAli: Mmm idk
  9. Guest_marissa1241: I’m here for ya
  10. Guest_KunAli: Thanks
  11. Guest_KunAli: Mari
  12. Guest_marissa1241: Yeah I think we supposed to switch places
  13. Guest_KunAli: Yes u look like u are the daddy
  14. Guest_marissa1241: Lol let’s switch
  15. Guest_marissa1241: Better
  16. Guest_KunAli: Mmmm its tasty now
  17. Guest_marissa1241: Yeah it is so tasty like grapes
  18. Guest_BriannaTurner: Tell him I said don’t forget me and I love him with all my heart even tho he hurt me that is what she told me to tell you 3li
  19. Guest_KunAli: Love ur lips
  20. Guest_marissa1241: Aww
  21. Guest_marissa1241: Same
  22. Guest_KunAli: Spit on my mouth
  23. Guest_marissa1241: Spits in your mouth
  24. Guest_KunAli: Mmmm
  25. Guest_KunAli: Delicious
  26. Guest_marissa1241: Twirls tounge around
  27. Guest_KunAli: *suck ur tounge
  28. Guest_marissa1241: Mmmmm yes bites your tounge
  29. Guest_KunAli: Ouch
  30. Guest_KunAli: Ouch
  31. Guest_marissa1241: Srry
  32. Guest_marissa1241: Babe
  33. Guest_marissa1241: I meant to gently
  34. Guest_KunAli: Its ok
  35. Guest_KunAli: Set on my face
  36. Guest_marissa1241: Bite tounge gently like cotton
  37. Guest_KunAli: I miss ur ass
  38. Guest_marissa1241: Aww ok
  39. Guest_KunAli: Down here
  40. Guest_marissa1241: Sit on your face
  41. Tryslvaaxian: This RP is absolutely horrid....
  42. Guest_KunAli: Come here
  43. Guest_KunAli: Ahhhhh
  44. Guest_marissa1241: I’m here
  45. Guest_KunAli: I like this heavy ass
  46. Guest_KunAli: *kiss it
  47. Guest_marissa1241: Awww
  48. Guest_KunAli: Twerk
  49. Guest_KunAli: Girl
  50. Guest_KunAli: Ahh
  51. Guest_KunAli: 😳
  52. Guest_marissa1241: What
  53. Guest_marissa1241: Srry
  54. Guest_KunAli: هلا لينا
  55. Lina995: هلا فيك
  56. Guest_KunAli: تفضلي فوقي
  57. Guest_KunAli: هههه
  58. Lina995: هههههههه:)
  59. Guest_KunAli: يلا تعي
  60. Guest_KunAli: جربي
  61. Lina995: اجرب وش؟
  62. Guest_KunAli: الجلوس فوقي
  63. Lina995: اهلين فحل الكره الارضيه شعندي؟
  64. Guest_KunAli: انضفلك المحرك
  65. Guest_KunAli: ههههه
  66. Lina995: اخ مره عنيف
  67. Guest_KunAli: ما راح تخسري شي اوعدك
  68. Lina995: والله انا الي ضيعت وقت عشان اشكالك
  69. Lina995: وع
  70. Guest_KunAli: وك باي
  71. Guest_KunAli: اسف
  72. Guest_Raquel803471: Hey
  73. Guest_KunAli: Hey
  74. Guest_KunAli: Welcome
  75. Guest_Raquel803471: My seat?
  76. Guest_KunAli: Yes
  77. Guest_KunAli: Ahhhh
  78. Guest_KunAli: Dont twerk
  79. Guest_KunAli: Ok ?
  80. Guest_Raquel803471: If you want I do
  81. Guest_KunAli: But that will hurt my face
  82. Guest_KunAli: U have a big ass
  83. Guest_Raquel803471: I think not
  84. Guest_KunAli: Ok try
  85. Guest_Raquel803471: You want I twerk?
  86. Guest_KunAli: Yes if that doesn't hurt
  87. Guest_Raquel803471: I do it slowly
  88. Guest_KunAli: Ok
  89. Guest_Raquel803471: I need be with the feets on the floor
  90. Guest_KunAli: Do it
  91. Guest_KunAli: Come here
  92. Guest_KunAli: Up beside the bed
  93. Guest_Raquel803471: Here better
  94. Guest_KunAli: Yes
  95. Guest_Raquel803471: *start move my ass slowly
  96. Guest_KunAli: Ahhhh
  97. Guest_KunAli: Cool
  98. Guest_Raquel803471: Like it babe?
  99. Guest_KunAli: Yes
  100. Guest_KunAli: Yes
  101. Guest_KunAli: Faster
  102. Guest_KunAli: Plz
  103. Guest_Raquel803471: Imagine with a dick inside if you think this😏
  104. Guest_Raquel803471: *start move my ass faster*
  105. Guest_KunAli: U want my dick
  106. Guest_Raquel803471: No, for the moment
  107. Guest_KunAli: Ouch u hit my face in the wall
  108. Guest_KunAli: U want my face,lol
  109. Guest_KunAli: Stop fat girl stop
  110. Guest_Raquel803471: Yes, this yes
  111. Guest_Raquel803471: And if I don't want stop? 😏
  112. Guest_KunAli: Mmmm
  113. Guest_KunAli: I will bite ur ass
  114. Guest_Raquel803471: I want you do it😏
  115. Guest_KunAli: Ouch
  116. Guest_KunAli: I cant
  117. Guest_Raquel803471: *I reduce the speed*
  118. Guest_KunAli: Ouch
  119. Guest_KunAli: Ouch
  120. Guest_KunAli: Stop
  121. Guest_KunAli: Plz
  122. Guest_Raquel803471: Okey Okey
  123. Guest_Raquel803471: *I stop of twerk
  124. Guest_KunAli: Thx
  125. Guest_KunAli: *bite ur ass
  126. Guest_KunAli: Hahaha
  127. Guest_Raquel803471: Mmm.... Good
  128. Guest_KunAli: U will make me ur slave ?
  129. Guest_KunAli: Or what
  130. Guest_Raquel803471: If you want
  131. Guest_KunAli: Yes i love to be ur slave
  132. Tryslvaaxian: ugh...
  133. Guest_Raquel803471: And what you do For me?
  134. Guest_KunAli: Obey u
  135. Guest_Raquel803471: U will kiss my feets?
  136. Guest_KunAli: Yes
  137. Guest_Raquel803471: Eat my piss?
  138. Guest_KunAli: Yes
  139. Guest_Raquel803471: Mmm.. Okey
  140. Guest_KunAli: Ok
  141. Guest_Raquel803471: I think yes you can be good
  142. Guest_KunAli: Let me breathe now
  143. Guest_Raquel803471: Okey
  144. Guest_KunAli: Move ur ass
  145. Guest_KunAli: *run away
  146. Guest_Raquel803471: *I put your nose in The space between buttock and buttock
  147. Guest_Raquel803471: Breathe now
  148. Tryslvaaxian: jeebus fuck...murder me
  149. Guest_KunAli: Ok.miss
  150. Guest_KunAli: *breathing
  151. Guest_KunAli: Now i can't run
  152. Guest_Raquel803471: Sorry men
  153. Guest_KunAli: U are heavy here
  154. Guest_KunAli: Why am shaking
  155. Guest_KunAli: Lol
  156. Guest_Raquel803471: I don't know jajajaja
  157. Guest_KunAli: Are u gazzy ?
  158. Guest_Raquel803471: Gazzy?
  159. Guest_KunAli: Mean u have to fart or make a poop
  160. Guest_Raquel803471: No specialy, but if you want
  161. Guest_KunAli: Thanks god
  162. Guest_KunAli: I dont want
  163. Guest_Raquel803471: Okey
  164. Guest_KunAli: *run away
  165. Guest_Raquel803471: I'm on you
  166. Guest_KunAli: * push u
  167. Guest_KunAli: *hide
  168. Guest_KunAli: Shet
  169. Guest_Raquel803471: Come here slave
  170. Guest_KunAli: Am here my queen
  171. Guest_KunAli: U cant hurt me now
  172. Guest_Raquel803471: I think..... And if I want I can fart on you, you have to obey me
  173. Guest_KunAli: In twerk
  174. Guest_KunAli: Yes miss u can
  175. Guest_KunAli: U can fart
  176. Guest_Raquel803471: *do a little fart *
  177. Guest_KunAli: *smile iit
  178. Guest_Raquel803471: Like it slave?
  179. Guest_marissa1241: Raqueal
  180. Guest_KunAli: Yes miss
  181. Guest_marissa1241: Off my boyfriend face
  182. Guest_marissa1241: Bitch
  183. Guest_KunAli: Am here slave mari
  184. Guest_marissa1241: Now
  185. Guest_Raquel803471: Is my slave
  186. Guest_marissa1241: Heck no
  187. Guest_marissa1241: Off now
  188. Guest_BigMike2: Raquel you can have my face
  189. Guest_marissa1241: Fine ill go over to mike face
  190. Guest_marissa1241: Bitch
  191. Guest_KunAli: Gtg
  192. Guest_KunAli: Bye
  193. Guest_Raquel803471: Mmm..... Maybe you want a bit of ass too?
  194. Kezcat: . hahahahaha
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