Planting Seed [Story Commission]

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  1. Planting Seed
  2. --------------------------------------
  3. “Ya’ll take good care of the farm now!” Applejack shouted over her shoulder.
  5. “We will!” Applebloom and Babs shouted back from the front door of the Apple’s house.
  7. The three adults, Applejack, Big Mac, and Granny Smith, decided to let Applebloom stay home at Sweet Apple Acres while they took a large shipment of apples over to the Crystal Empire. It was bound to be a long and particularly boring trip, so Applebloom convinced the three of them to let her watch the farm with her favorite cousin, Babs Seed.
  9. As the Apples take their produce to the lands beyond the farm, Applebloom and Babs send them off with their best wishes. Little does the family know, however, that Applebloom and Babs have been hiding a bit of a secret.
  11. “So… wanna go upstairs and find yer sister’s stallion toy?” Babs smirks over at Applebloom.
  13. “Ah got somethin’ even better fer tonight… c’mon!” The little crimson tail leads the way back into the house.
  15. The cousins had been very close since the reunion. After some long conversations and mutually expressing a familiar curiosity with one another, the two found that they had a lot more in common than just their blood. They had found a special bond in sharing their sexual sides with one another, something that they wouldn’t dare tell any of their friends. Through steamy letters and frequent ‘sleepovers’, the two had forged a very strong relationship over the past few Summer months.
  17. The fillies plopped down on Applebloom’s bed, locking their lips together and caressing one another’s ears. They found themselves taking turns as the ‘top’, rolling across the sheets as they played. This was the first time they would be alone together for a few days, so Applebloom had something special planned for that night. The fillies spent the afternoon kissing, caressing, and rubbing themselves against each other, following their increasing excitement into the evening. They only take breaks to snack and catch their breaths, enjoying themselves far too much to let a single moment go to waste.
  19. While the two licked each other out in the fading light of the evening sun, Applebloom gives her cousin a sloppy, wet kiss on the flank.
  21. “H-hey, Babs… w-wanna see what ah g-got f-fer us?” The nervous filly quivers as Babs licks between her haunches. Babs eventually comes up for air, but not before thoroughly enjoying her cousin’s slippery slit.
  23. “Shore. I’ll bet it can’t beat this, though.” Babs rolls off of Applebloom to let her dig into the bedside drawer. She brings out an oddly shaped bottle, like a donut with an arrow sticking out of the top.
  25. “Check this out… it’s a mare-to-stallion potion ah got from Zecora. It’ll make one o’ us a colt for a day!”
  27. Babs gives the potion a skeptical look. “A colt for a day, huh? Like, with the goods an’ everything down there?”
  29. “Yup! That’s what Zecora said, anyways. You shoulda seen the look she gave me when ah asked for it!” Applebloom grins.
  31. Babs stares at the bottle, then up at Applebloom. “Well, whaddya waitin’ for? Try it!”
  33. “Oh… uh, ah guess ah could be the colt, sure…” She licks her lips, tasting her cousin’s sweet juices before uncorking the bottle. She hesitates. “Welp, here goes nothin’…”
  35. As she gulps down the bitter solution, she does her best to keep from coughing. The thick liquid pours down her throat and eventually clears out of the bottle. Applebloom gags and coughs as she finishes it off. “Blech! Gross!”
  37. Babs jerks back. “Whoa… Applebloom, say somethin’ else.”
  39. “What? Wh… whoa.” Applebloom notices the tone of her voice has been given quite a bit more bass. She swallows again, then rolls her lips, trying to get the weird flavor out of her mouth. A tingly feeling shoots through her muzzle as it changes shape, becoming more squared and elongated. The same tingly feeling erupts in her stomach, tightening her teats up until they shrink and disappear. It continues to pour down into her nethers. She shivers as the skin shifts and rearranges. The prickly, fizzy feeling makes her shudder against the sheets as her sex transforms. Babs picks Applebloom’s flank up off the bed to watch as her vulva morphs into a set of testicles and a sheath. She laughs in wonderment.
  41. “Lookat that!” She puts a hoof gently on Applebloom’s new sex. “Yer a boy now!”
  43. Applebloom looks down her longer snout to see the sheath between her legs. The tingly feeling still persists as the potion continues working it’s magic. She feels her penis taking shape inside of her. No sooner than the tingling sensation stops, she feels the wonderful sensation of her new penis grow erect. It slowly slides out of the sheath, exposed and gently throbbing.
  45. She pants lightly. “W-whoa… this feels amazin’, Babs…”
  47. Babs runs her tongue up the length of Applebloom’s shaft. She gives the tip a kiss. “Tastes pretty amazin’ too.”
  49. They laugh and begin to explore Applebloom’s new genitals, gingerly playing with her balls and keeping her shaft tense. They each take turns trying the pre that drips from the tip, enjoying the new flavor as they pamper the unfamiliar anatomy. As the night carries on, they eventually feel daring enough to try something else. Babs lies down on her back, her flower practically dripping with anticipation. Applebloom follows a strange instinct in the back of her head. She mounts her cousin’s hips, letting Babs’ tail dock guide her into her slippery sex. They stare into each other’s eyes as Applebloom hilts. A strange, new feeling rushes into their chests. They have played and fooled around before, but nothing was quite as erotic as this single moment. What was this warmth they felt?
  51. Applebloom’s hips buck and hilt against Babs. The Manehatten-ite coos and moans as she takes her first stallion, quivering and pulling on Applebloom as she pushes deeper and deeper. They had both played with Applejack’s toy before, but it felt nothing like this. This warmth, their closeness, this rush of emotions… it only builds as Applebloom pounds away into the sloppy, wet mess of her cousin’s sex. It’s not long before a sudden, very powerful urge rises in Applebloom’s stomach. Her hips push faster and harder into Babs. Her breath has become short, sharp panting. She swallows hard.
  53. “Babs, ah… Ah’m…”
  55. Babs simply pulls her in for a kiss. As their lips lock, Applebloom shudders against Babs. Her cock throbs and ropes inside her cousin, filling the filly with hot, sticky love…
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