** v7.1.5 ** GSE 2.0 Macro - Shadow Priest - All-in-One

Sethadon Jan 18th, 2017 (edited) 525 Never
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  1. Sequences['SPriest_All-in-One'] = {
  2.   Author="Sethadon@Shattered Hand",  
  3.   SpecID=258,
  4.   Talents = "Any Combination",
  5.   Helplink = "",
  6.   Help = "- This macro is quite versatile and should work with any talent combination.\n- Pressing the CTRL key while spamming the macro will allow you to cast Shadow Word: Pain and Vampiric Touch. If you have chosen the Misery talent, pressing CTRL will only cast Vampiric Touch.\n- Pressing the ALT key while spamming the macro will allow you to cast Void Torrent and Mindbender (if you have chosen this talent).\n- Surrender to Madness (S2M), Mind Bomb, Power Infusion (PI) and Dispersion will need to be cast manually.",
  7.   Default=1,
  8.   Icon='Spell_Shadow_ShadowWordPain',
  9.   MacroVersions = {
  10.     [1] = {
  11.       StepFunction = "Priority",
  12.       KeyPress={
  13.         "/cast [form:0] Shadowform",
  14.         "/targetenemy [noharm] [dead]",
  15.         "/castsequence [mod:ctrl, talent:6/1, nochanneling:Void Torrent] [mod:ctrl, talent:6/3, nochanneling:Void Torrent] reset=target/5  Shadow Word: Pain, Vampiric Touch",
  16.         "/cast [mod:ctrl, talent:6/2, nochanneling:Void Torrent] Vampiric Touch",
  17.         "/cast [mod:alt, talent:6/1] [mod:alt, talent:6/2] Void Torrent",
  18.         "/castsequence [mod:alt, talent:6/3, nochanneling:Void Torrent] reset=60  Mindbender, Void Torrent",
  19.       },
  20.       PreMacro={
  21.       },
  22.         "/cast [combat, nochanneling:Void Torrent] Void Eruption",
  23.         "/cast [combat, nochanneling] Mind Flay",
  24.         "/cast [nochanneling:Void Torrent] Shadow Word: Death",
  25.         "/cast [nochanneling:Void Torrent] Mind Blast",
  26.         "/cast [talent:7/2, nochanneling:Void Torrent, @cursor] Shadow Crash",
  27.         "/castsequence [talent:1/3, nochanneling:Void Torrent] Shadow Word: Void, Mind Blast, Mind Blast, Mind Blast",
  28.         "/cast [talent:6/1, combat, nochanneling:Void Torrent] [talent:6/2, combat, nochanneling:Void Torrent] Shadowfiend",
  29.       PostMacro={
  30.       },
  31.       KeyRelease={
  32.       },
  33.     },
  34.   },
  35. }
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