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Jun 23rd, 2011
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  1. ----------------------------------------------------
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  5. In this pdf tutorial I will be demonstrating as well as teaching you how to use Tor'shammer.
  6. Begin by downloading Tor, if you already don't have it, and Tor'shammer from
  7. 98831/Tors-Hammer-Slow-POST-Denial-Of-Service-Testing-Tool.html
  8. Although the download information claims to be linux only, it will also work for unix or Mac OS X.
  10. Once you have downloaded and saved the file to your desktop or any other directory, open it
  11. and it should automatically extract. Once it is extracted, you should see a folder called "torshammer".
  12. Inside that folder there will be three python files: "", "", and "
  14. Now depending on your OS, if you are on a Mac OS X, your right click it and run it with "Python Launcher 2.X"
  15. In this context, I will demonstrate how to use it on a linux/terminal environment.
  16. Now open terminal and we are going to go into the folder where the 3 files are kept. For me the location was in,
  17. /applications/torshammer/. Now I will type "cd /applications/torshammer/", now press enter. You should now be
  18. in the directory, to make sure type in the command in the same terminal window "ls", you should see the three files
  19. inside.
  20. Since we would like to open "" now type in, while still being in directory of the folder,
  21. "python". You should now see a terminal-based GUI interface.
  22. Tor'shammer interface has it's own basic help menu that tells you how to run the script according to your target.
  23. They already provide an example, but I will provide you another example simply for the context,
  24. "./ -t -r 100000 -T", the larger the thread count, the more efficient and effective the attack
  25. will be. -T adds the Tor function which provides security, as well, as providing a new identity in case the site is
  26. programmed to ban IP addresses which leave an open connection for "x" amount of time. Tor'shammer's method of
  27. combacking this is clever and effective, making it the powerful tool it is. However, Tor'shammer is only effective to
  28. apache servers which do not run nginx.
  29. Please enjoy this tutorial, this tutorial should not be posted on public domain or we will begin to see an increase in
  30. nginx servers, making this tool useless.
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