Shirohebi (Redux)

Nov 28th, 2016
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  1. I remember the first night I met her.
  3. It was closing time at the office. Everyone had left a tad early, with the exception of my boss and I. However, I wasn't working. Countless scraps of paper filled a little waste bin I kept beneath the desk. I had made numerous attempts at writing the perfect love letter, but no matter what I wrote, it could never quite capture exactly how I felt. Even now, just thinking about the word “love” fills me with a kind of unease that weighs heavily upon my stomach.
  5. It soon dawned on me that I was probably not ready for a sincere, committed relationship. I mean, if I couldn't write how I felt on paper, how could I tell her in person? I was in the middle of hauling the bin of failures outside to dump it in the garbage bin around the corner, when a downpour came thundering down from the sky, alongside the frigid gust of a winter cold front. I quickly tossed my papers inside, and fought the rain as I walked back around the corner.
  7. It was then, that I saw something suspicious. A flash of lightning gave way to the silhouette of something on the other side of the valley. I couldn't quite make it out, but it looked almost like the tail of a dog, being dragged behind the wall. I quickly made my way back inside. After gathering my belongings and clocking out, I made a bee-line for my car. This would be my first mistake. As I sped along the wet asphalt, eyes focused on the drivers-side door, my vision quickly began to shift toward the ground. Thankfully, I caught myself before landing face-first in a massive puddle.
  9. But, something was amiss. The already dim street lights above me had faded. I raised my head, and saw that I had been engulfed by a towering, hungry shadow. I quickly turned to face the source of this fearsome shade. My mind scrambled to make sense of the shape before me. First, it was a mannequin, atop a strange platform, layered like a wedding cake, but I saw that it stood on no legs. Then, it took the form of a woman, sitting atop a coiled mountain of white garden hose, but I saw that the hose was also a part of her body.
  11. Finally, the truth became clear. What stood before me was a woman, or part of one, that had the lower half of a massive, scaly serpent. Seeing the danger I was in, I made a mad dash for my car, mashing the “unlock” button of my car remote frantically before throwing the door open, jumping inside and speeding away.
  13. I talked to myself on the way home, trying to convince myself that what I had seen was an illusion. Perhaps I didn't get enough sleep last night, or it was an elaborate prank. Whatever it was, I never wanted to see it again.
  15. I couldn't relax at all that night. The rain was hammering down upon the roof of my apartment, accompanied by the roar and rattle of thunder. Wind howled from cracks in an old window. I couldn't get what I saw out of my head. I must've paced a mile in front of my bed before making an attempt to sleep in it. No matter how I contorted in the bed, I could always feel something cold rolling down my back that would leave me breathless, and horrified.
  17. I closed my eyes, and prayed for whatever had come over me to pass.
  19. The next morning was eerily quiet. Nevertheless, I groomed myself, made breakfast, got dressed, and went straight to work. The hours flew by, as I had very little to do outside of the usual routine of “put data here, move this document here, make a couple charts”.
  21. At the end of my shift, I my boss paid me a visit.
  23. “Come see me in my office.” She said. In the white-collar world, it's a phrase I never wanted to hear. I followed her back into her office, where she sat down behind her desk, with an uninterpretable expression. Naturally, I took the seat directly in front of her desk.
  25. “Anon,” She began, in a cold monotone, “You don't look well. Are you coming down with something?”
  27. “Well I-” She interrupted me by placing her warm hand on my forehead.
  29. “You sound really raspy, too. How long were you out in the rain last night?” She quickly retracted her hand. “Jesus, you're on fire!”
  31. My boss is a very intimate person. After losing her husband in a war overseas, she's been treating the whole office like family, for better or for worse. I've never been fond of touchy people, but I wouldn't dare speak up to her about it.
  33. After placing her hand on her chin for a few moments, she gave her final diagnosis. “I think you may have come down with pneumonia. I'm surprised you managed to work as hard as you did today. Do you need me to take you to the hospital?”
  35. “I'll be alright, don't worry. If I feel any worse, I'll let you know.”
  37. “Are you sure?”
  39. “Yeah, I just need some rest.” I've already had enough happen to me for one week, a huge medical bill would be the last thing I wanted. However, my boss remained persistent.
  41. “Some rest? You think you can just sleep that off?”
  43. “Yeah, I had trouble sleeping last night. I'm sure I'm just tired.”
  45. “Oh, hoho. I get it.” She laughed, in a way I've never heard before. “Anon, have you been feeling a little strange?”
  47. “I already told you, I'm not feeling well. But, I just need some rest.”
  49. “I don't think you understand what I mean, Anon.” She stood up from her chair, and walked over to me. Rather, behind me. Reaching around my chair, she caught me in a compromising position. One of her slender arms held me to the chair. The other, reached below, hungrily, for my crotch. Her face was dangerously close. Hot air flowed around my neck. “You aren't feeling 'troubled', are you? If that is the case, I'll happily nurse you back to health.”
  51. This was a side of my boss that I had never wanted to see or know about. Her vulgar actions completely betrayed her previously motherly demeanor. I didn't hesitate to break free, and left without a word.
  53. The normally short drive home felt like an eternity in my mind. I had gone almost an entire day without sleep. Even the frigid leather car seat felt started to feel like a comfortable place to drift off into a deep, deep sleep. I gritted my teeth to stay awake, and endured the rest of the trip home. I made it about ten feet from the front door before I gave up on my usual nighttime routine and collapsed on the sofa.
  55. I was jarred awake by a loud noise coming from the bedroom. It sounded like the snapping and crunching of nails being torn from wood. Fearing the worst, I grabbed a glass from the cabinet, and carefully made my way down the hall. I slowly pushed open the door with one hand, the other hovering just above my head, ready to strike at whoever or whatever comes at me, but nothing did. My eyes darted from place to place as I slowly made my way across the room. I noticed that my bed frame had been completely destroyed, but the mattress remained intact. Then, another noise, something like the grimy rustle of leaves being grabbed from a storm drain. This time, from the closet. My heart began to race. My vision faded. I tightened the grip on the glass, and carried on. I held my breath as I drew closer to the closet door. Poised with my weapon, ready to strike, I braced myself. The knob turned with an indifferent squeak. I quickly yanked back the door, and flew forward with the glass, but something had caught my wrist. And lying on top of me was... a bag. A black, plastic bag, that reeked of sewage, and squirmed all over me. I quickly shook the thing off of my body, and desperately tried to free my hand from whatever had caught me.
  57. “What are you trying to do, Anon?” A voice that boomed like an angry goddess dragged me by my compromised wrist, and tossed me over on top of my destroyed bed. “You weren't really going to hurt me, were you? After all you've said?”
  59. I realize only now that the voice did not belong to any heavenly being, but to a devil, one that now walked the earth, and stared me down in my own home. I flailed, and screamed, but to no avail. She had already thrown her weight atop my body, and her hand over my mouth.
  61. “Don't fight it. I only want to make you feel good, ok?” She whispered another word or two, and moved her hand aside to take the glass from me. My body was completely frozen in place. I couldn't speak, or move, and I could barely breathe. My eyes were affixed to her in horror. As the surge of adrenaline wore off, I could see exactly what it was that had attacked me. Everything from last night had come back in a horrifying, heart-racing flash. Sitting atop me was a massive, white snake, with the body of a sickly-looking, bare-chested woman replacing it's head.
  63. “You know, I've been watching you for a while now.” She spoke with a calmness that ran chills down my spine. “But, I never thought you would notice me.” She quickly, and forcefully began undressing me, from head, to toe, like a child unwrapping a birthday gift. Quickly glancing over my exposed body with her cold amber, eyes, she muttered, “You look delicious.”
  65. “Please, don't kill me.” I finally managed to work up the confidence to speak.
  67. “Kill you?” She giggled. “I would never kill you. You mean the world to me, Anon.”
  69. “What are you?”
  71. “I'd prefer it if you'd call me your wife, Anon” Her serpentine half began coiling itself around my legs. She pressed her cold lips against my cheek before whispering in my ear. “Don't worry, I'll be very gentle.”
  73. In a lewd dance, her hips oscillated against mine. Soft, warm flesh and cold, velvety scale blended together, in an obscene assault on my groin. The pleasure was draining. The mild fever that dizzied me now sweltered into an inferno of nausea, delirium and dyspnea. I begged her to stop in broken, slurred words, but she only smiled in response.
  75. “Anon, I'm so happy you're so receptive of me.” She purred, satisfied with herself. “Normally, humans aren't so quick to be affected by magic. But, you're burning up!” Her hold on me grew tighter. “Just how long have you loved me, Anon? How long have you known me, yearned for me?” She held me down by the shoulders, shoving her hips back, and forth, grinding against me. Sweat and love mixed into a strangely aromatic puddle between our most delicate parts. “I've loved you since the moment I first laid eyes on you, watching you work through the windows of that place. No matter what I did, I couldn't stop thinking about you. I knew from the very beginning that you were made for me.”
  77. I could feel the white void of unconsciousness reaching toward the center of my eyes, but her voice kept me aware of what was happening. The more she attacked me, the hotter my fever grew. I could feel my body melting into hers. Her cold hands held my face up by the cheeks. “Every night, I dreamt about the night that I would finally get a chance to violate you. I waited, patiently, beside that same window every night, craving your touch.”
  79. She ran her forked tongue across every inch of my neck, catching little beads of sweat as they desperately tried to escape to my shoulders. Again, her constriction grew tighter, with an avaricious love that threatened to bend my bones. I was too numb from pleasure to care.
  81. Then, she stopped. “Then, you surprised me, Anon. Even though I had taken such great care not to be seen by you, you found me out. But, you didn't run. Almost as if you knew how I felt, you spent the rest of that night writing those letters to me.” Hot tears cast down from her chin, and made small, pitiful splashes on my face. Her face bore the hellish, pristine smile of a falling angel. She sniffled through the rest of her speech. “When I read them, I just couldn't hold back. I didn't mean to scare you. We were going to feel good, just like this. I would never hurt you. So, why? After I had poured all of my love into you, why?”
  83. Again, she tensed her lower half. Sharp notes of pain surged through my already aching limbs. “That's why I waited here. How long have you known her, Anon?” More pain. “Do you treat every girl you meet like this?” Everything below my waist was crying out in pain. Every part of my body was burning. I could do nothing, but scream. “Was it on purpose? Did you want me to watch? Did you want to break my heart, just like that?”
  85. She eased off of me, but I could tell she wasn't finished toying with me yet. She giggled to herself, silently. “You look so pitiful, Anon. You don't think I'm going to kill you, do you?” She laughed. “Remember~? I said I wouldn't. I hope you didn't forget.” She drew patterns on my chest with a cold finger. The pain in my legs subsided, but the fire within me remained. Glaring at my eyes with a stare that could melt steel, she grumbled, “You should have known we were made for each other, Anon.” She began drawing another pattern against my skin. “Even if you think you think you can resist me, your body knows better.” She lifted her finger, and kissed the spot she had drawn on. Blood, carrying the heat of magma, coursed through every vein in my body, flowing directly to my groin. My manhood swelled, and swelled, until it was ready to burst. What was once my chilly, drafty bedroom now felt like a broiling oven.
  87. My screams only brought the serpent greater pleasure. She raised her waist, hovering just above the tip of my now-throbbing cock. “After you taste me, you'll never go back to her again, Anon. Not that you could.” She chuckled to herself. Slowly, her lower half swallowed me. She let out a satisfied grunt as she took me, bit by bit, inch by inch, inside her tight, slippery walls. I was swept away by a sense of relief. The fire within me had grown ever-so-slightly weaker. Immediately, I craved more, but she pinned my shoulders to the bed the moment I attempted to thrust. “You can't break so soon!” She taunted. As she sank down upon the remainder of my girth, she giggled. “You're so cute, Anon.”
  89. I didn't realize it until now, but I was gritting my teeth. Although her movements were slow, her insides eagerly tugged at me, as if beckoning me to impregnate her. Even now, while she is resting squarely upon me, I can feel her insides sapping my strength.
  91. Then, she began to move. Up, and down, up and down, slowly, arrogantly. She was confident that she had completely won me over, and all I could do was fight the overwhelming pressure of an inevitable orgasm welling up within me.
  93. “Come on, Anon,” she teased, “if you cum too soon, it will only make things more painful for you.”
  95. But, I couldn't fight it. My entire body craved release. Succumbing to her might, I let out a helpless moan as she milks every last drop of my essence from my first orgasm. But, she doesn't let up. “That can't be all you've got, right Anon? I made sure you wouldn't have anyone else to share it with. Don't be afraid to spoil me.”
  97. Although I came, my erection refused to die down. Still swollen, but sensitive to the touch, my lower half begged for more, and she happily obliged. With a spark of sadism in her eye, she swallowed me once more. This time, her movements were more rough. I gasped for air, desperately fighting the mind-numbing pleasure of her assault, much to her amusement. “What's the matter, Anon? Does it feel too good?” The wet slapping of flesh against flesh filled the room. “You know, if you cum too many times, you really will be broken. No matter what you do, no matter who tries to take you from me, no matter how backed up you are, it'll never come out, unless it's inside me. Is that really what you want?” My eyes rolled back into my head. Countless waves of pleasure washed over me as she took me deeper and deeper inside her. With every motion, her insides began to feel less like walls, and more like a sleeve, perfectly fitted for my cock. Again, I could feel the pressure of white-hot orgasm welling up within my groin. As I let out my last few pitiful moans, she stopped, with me completely wrapped inside her. I was so close, so close to sweet, sweet release. I could feel the tip of my cock being kissed by the entrance to her womb, but no matter how desperately I struggled, no matter how much I cried out, she wouldn't let me go any further.
  99. “Now now, darling. The first one was free. If you want another, you'll have to do exactly as I say.”
  101. “Please, please! I'll do anything!” I begged. I was completely under her spell.
  103. “Say, you love me.”
  105. “I love you!”
  107. “Who do you love?”
  109. “You!” I flailed about, hoping to taste such a splendid orgasm a second time. But, she wasn't through with me, yet.
  111. “You don't even know my name?”
  113. “Please!”
  115. “My name is Clarice.”
  117. “I love you, Clarice!”
  119. “One more time.”
  121. “I love you, Clarice! I love you, I love you, I love you!” Like a broken record, I kept repeating myself, craving release.
  123. “Good boy!” She smiled, ruffling my hair. I sighed, and moaned as she slowly began to move. I could hardly bear it. I couldn't help but crave the ravaging she put me through before. She bit her lip, thoroughly enjoying the desperate look on my face. Then, she stopped again. I begged, and pleaded for her to keep going, and she silenced me with a kiss. Her tongue slipped its way inside my mouth, and violated my own. Although her hips had stopped, her pussy continued to stroke me. Her warm, wet tongue suffocated me with an intoxicating pleasure, as her insides beckoned me to surrender.
  125. Succumbing to her will once again, I let everything go. Her womb happily swallowed every last drop. Pulling away from her sweet kiss, she wiped off her chin, and eyed me down once more, smiling. I was completely entranced by pleasure. The fire had died down to a warm glow, but my body still craved more.
  127. “I think that was enough, don't you?”
  129. She began to free my legs from her fiendish grip, but I wasn't happy about it. I was still rock-hard, and drooling. “Clarice...”
  131. “Yes?”
  133. “I want more.”
  135. After hearing that, her devilish, cocky smile faded into a knowing grin. “You know what will happen. Do you really want this?”
  137. “Please, Clarice.”
  139. “If it's what you want...” She turned over, taking me with her. She now lay on her back, bearing everything to me, from head to tail. “Why not take it for yourself?”
  141. I was more than happy to accept her offer. Readying my tip at her entrance, I ignored the mind-numbing pain of an over-milked cock, and pushed my way inside. The once ice-cold Clarice I had come to accept as my master melted before my eyes. Her lips trembled as my now-fitted cock worked it's way in and out of her body. A predatory excitement ran down my spine. With the tables turned, I could tell that even the smallest motions were setting her on the brink of orgasm. Her eyes shook in ecstasy every time I drove it to the hilt.
  143. Almost instinctively, I began to pick up the pace. Drool ran down her mouth, as her mind went blank from my assault.
  145. “Anon, if you go that fast, I'll-” She could no longer contain herself. She moaned, like an animal helplessly in heat, completely overwhelmed by the pleasure of a perfect fit. As much as I was enjoying her helplessness, I could feel the effects of our compatibility, myself. Gritting my teeth, I continued laying into her, one thrust at a time, savoring the sweet sounds of her complete submission.
  147. “Anon!” She screamed. “Anon! Anon! Anon! I love you, love you, love you!” Her pussy eagerly pulled me in, inviting me to taste her womb once more. I could feel myself coming closer, and closer to my final orgasm. With one final thrust, it all came out. I took a moment to admire my handiwork before passing out next to her on the bed.
  149. When I came to next morning, I was still completely naked, but Clarice was clinging tightly to me. Her breasts were almost smothering me, and she had a strangely sweet smell about her. She ran her fingers through my hair.
  151. “Anon...”
  153. “Yes?”
  155. “I felt better than she did, right?”
  157. I didn't have the heart to tell her that there had been a misunderstanding, so I played along. “You said it yourself. I don't think I'll ever be satisfied with anyone else now.”
  159. “I love you, Anon.”
  161. “I love you too, Clarice.”
  163. Although it had terrified me at first, I had finally grown accustomed to the smooth feeling of her lower half being wrapped around me. It feels like being firmly tucked inside a cool, velvety blanket.
  165. After several heart-to-heart minutes of snuggling in my now-ruined bed, a very glaring question finally surfaced. “What was in that bag, anyway?”
  167. She let out a low, breathy laugh. Just when I thought I had nothing to fear about Clarice, something new had to come along and set me on edge. “Do you really want to know?”
  169. I swallowed a heavy lump. “Yes.”
  171. “They're my belongings. You don't mind if we move in together, do you?”
  173. “Of course not, but, why do they smell like that?”
  175. “The letters you wrote for me are in there, too.”
  177. “Why would you put trash next to your belongings?”
  179. “They're not trash!” She pulled me in closer. “You made them for me. I could never get rid of them.”
  181. With that kind of attitude, I don't think I'll be leaving this bed anytime soon.
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