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  1. Last time on Minecraft falling
  2. [Shows clips]
  3. [intro]
  4. ----------------------------------------
  5. Emily: Everyone we need a group meeting
  6. *Everyone goes to meeting room*
  7. Jake: Whats wrong?
  8. Brandon: Jake be quiet
  9. Emily: As you know Landon is coming back
  10. Jake: What?! He is?!
  11. Brandon: Yea
  12. Jake: How do you know
  13. Emily: Jones was here he told us Landon is coming
  14. Jake: Oh crap I dont wanna be taken
  15. Emily: We wont be taken we have a better camp with more people we will win
  16. Jake: All we have is Jackson and Troy those are the only new people.
  17. Emily: Jackson can fight but Troy well he will be fine
  18. Jake: We havent see Jackson fight
  19. Brandon: I see Jackson stab some zombies
  20. Jake: Thats not enough we need to see him fight some more that are alive.
  21. Emily: Hmm we could give him the test
  22. David: Whoa the test is really dangerous
  23. Jackson: ill take the test
  24. Emily: Ok meet us at night
  25. Jackson: Ok ill be there
  26. [At night time]
  27. *Jackson walks up to Emily and Brandon*
  28. Jackson: Hey guys
  29. Emily: Oh hey
  30. Brandon: are you ready for the test
  31. Jackson: Of course what do I have to do
  32. *Emily gives Jackson a bow*
  33. Emily: just shoot those zombies we chained to a fence..Remember always aim for the head
  34. *Jackson aimed right for the head*
  35. Emily: Dont shake keep your cool.
  36. *Jackson shoots the bow*
  37. *The arrow lands in the zombies neck*
  38. *The zombie dies*
  39. Emily: Good job
  40. *Emily pats Jackson's back*
  41. Emily: Your better at aiming then Brandon
  42. *Brandon Gives Jackson a mean look*
  43. Brandon: Ok Jackson
  44. *Brandon gives Jackson a iron sword*
  45. Brandon: Go up to that zombie at kill it
  46. Jackson: Any tips
  47. Brandon: If a zombie is running toward you just stab it in the head. Plus if one is just by you just stab the zombie normally.
  48. *Jackson walks up to the zombie*
  49. *Jackson stabs the zombie*
  50. *Jackson walks back to Emily & Brandon*
  51. Emily: Good job
  52. *Jackson and Emily high five*
  53. Brandon: Good for you
  54. *Emily looks at Brandon with a mean look*
  55. Brandon: Sorry
  56. Emily: Anyway that was your training
  57. Jackson: That was easy
  58. Emily: Anyway good night guys
  59. *Emily goes into a tent and goes to bed*
  60. Brandon: Jackson are you hitting on Emily
  61. Jackson: Heck no I dont like her?!
  62. Brandon: Is that an insult
  63. Jackson: No why do you care anyway.
  64. Brandon: She's mine stay away from her
  65. Jackson: No
  66. *Brandon slaps Jackson*
  67. Brandon: Go to bed
  68. Jackson: Oh yea your my boss I forgot
  69. *Brandon punched Jackson*
  70. *Jackson falls on the ground*
  71. *Jackson kicks Brandon in the stomach*
  72. *Brandon pulls Jackson up and keeps punching him in the face*
  73. *Jake runs over and punches Brandon right in the jaw*
  74. Brandon: Oh god
  75. Emily: Whats happening out here
  76. *Emily runs over to them*
  77. *Brandon starts punching Jake*
  78. Emily: Stop Brandon
  79. Brandon: NOO
  80. *Emily stabs Brandon in the shoulder*
  81. *Brandon falls on the ground*
  82. Brandon: Ahhh Why?!
  83. Emily: Thats what you get thets get to bed everyone
  84. *Everyone goes to bed exept for Brandon which is just laying there with blood running down his should*
  85. [The screen goes black]
  86. Episode 4 ends
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