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  1. [10:17] Aleksanra Vanguard (blasphemysangel): Okay, thank you. I appreciate you guys looking into it
  2. [10:17] Aleksanra Vanguard (blasphemysangel): I still feel that it seems fishy but I respect the ruling and such
  3. [10:19] Luther Merrick (perrin.silvercloud): no problem, all the admins went over it. Tried to keep personal preferences out. I rarely push for character death personally as an example. We agreed that while it is plausible that ooc may have potentially influenced ic to an extent, we can't determine that with certainty so had to go by the details presented.
  4. [10:19] Aleksanra Vanguard (blasphemysangel): Did Gab include the excerpt I sent her about the conversation regarding me not telling Virgil who told the Tribunal?
  5. [10:20] Luther Merrick (perrin.silvercloud): yes, she sent over that and a number of logs between various parties.
  6. [10:22] Aleksanra Vanguard (blasphemysangel): Okay, because that's the biggest issue for me. Virgil made more of a snide comment when I questioned him the first time and he had told me that Hex was basically throwing a shit fit about it when it all happened the first time. That is what bothers me the most. Coming back with a response " To prevent meta, I'd rather not say" After that is what I was doing when refraining from telling him and Hex
  7. [10:24] Luther Merrick (perrin.silvercloud): It did seem to us that there may have been a bit of ooc tension, and that is why we can't specifically rule out that ooc has had zero influence in this matter. However, the ic is there to support that character death is plausible. It's not something we're pushing for them to do, but if they go that route the criteria has been satisfied.
  8. [10:24] Aleksanra Vanguard (blasphemysangel): I understand
  9. [10:24] Luther Merrick (perrin.silvercloud): cant specifically rule out that ooc has had influence*
  10. [10:25] Aleksanra Vanguard (blasphemysangel): Well I hope that he goes through with what he told Gab that they'd just dump her charred but alive body back to Murbrook
  11. [10:25] Aleksanra Vanguard (blasphemysangel): The OOC side of this sucked the fun out of it and it sucks for it to just end abruptly
  12. [10:27] Luther Merrick (perrin.silvercloud): hopefully so, I've made no secret of my personal preferences regarding character death, but we'll have to see how this proceeds. If there are further issues, feel free to reach out to us again.
  13. [10:27] Aleksanra Vanguard (blasphemysangel): Will do, thank you for taking the time to look over it. I dislike that it came to the death but consequences are consequences
  14. [10:28] Luther Merrick (perrin.silvercloud): no problem, and I understand. Hopefully it won't, but it is possible.
  15. [10:28] Aleksanra Vanguard (blasphemysangel): Gonna bounce for now, need food
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