Feb 18th, 2015
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  1. I stand upon the balcony, completely naked. A cool gust of wind blows and my greyed hair billows out behind me like a cape. Grey hair, eh? How long have I been at my early fifties? How long have I been something more than human and entirely less than a man? My father used to always tell me to never get married. When he would fight with my mother. When he would tease her. Pretty much any time he wanted to see her pout, he’d say that. But then, if he weren’t married, he wouldn’t have been able to smile like that.
  3. “A wife, huh…” I cross my arms behind my back and stare up at the luminescent moon, for who knows the how many-th time. Time would be I could see myself in its reflection, but now I see nothing but it’s elegant silver freedom, and yearn for it like some forbidden taboo. There is a stirring behind me from the silk I just left. The sound of eight footsteps and the cool embrace of delicate, high-class arms. The client. I’ve met many in my lengthy years. Many unique, many mundane. Daughters of dragons, queens of nations. Tonight it’s a sultry spider, cooled by death.
  5. Her arms wrap around my stomach, one reaching up, the other reaching down, fondling my shaft, already hardening in her presence. The stiffness in my crotch in no way helped by the softness of her large bust as she presses them up against my back. If you’d told me I’d not age a day beyond fifty, still have a full head of hair, albeit, greyed by wisdom, and the robust physique of a twenty-year-old upon my… two hundred and seventieth birthday I think it is, I’d have laughed at you.
  7. I shiver as she nibbles my ear. My weakness. The client gets a special treat if she finds it. Her breath is cool and scented far sweeter than any corpse has the right to be. Then again, if you’d have told me that I’d be thrown into a world with spider-women, living breathing and loving cadavers, humanoid dragons and fox-women, I’d have laughed again. Who am I to speak of what has what right, when I myself am not entirely human?
  9. She licks the lobe, and nibbles the tip of my ear, “Come back to bed, darling. It’s awfully cold tonight.” I like her. I’ve known her for just over a century. She comes every so often. An envoy for some far-flung undead kingdom. I say every so often, but the last time was nearly half a decade ago. Still, given the endless span of my life, it’s likely I could blink one day and find her before me again. I twist in her embrace, and wrap my arms around her hips, stroking the beautifully glossy carapace of her spider half, when it meets her soft sensual skin. Her bust presses up against my chest, deepening her massive cleavage and taking the weight of gravity off them, held up between her and myself. She all but purrs in my embrace, and I kiss the tip of her nose, making the refined lady giggle like the girl she is.
  11. “Already?”
  13. “Come now, you all but covered me in your cum last time. And there’s still plenty of room left in my womb.”
  15. I chuckle softly, “Is there now?”
  17. “I paid for the best after all.”
  19. “Oh? Then why is it me here?”
  21. She dips her head down to my neck and latches onto my clavicle, sucking hard so that an angry red mark rises to the skin. A temporary brand, marking me temporarily hers, perfect for a temporary lover like me. “Because you are the best.” She pouts, “And since you won’t let me buy you and take you away from here, I might as well make the most of the night, and have you all over me by the time I leave.”
  23. I laugh a little fuller this time. It’s not like I don’t want to leave with her, but there are reasons I must stay. “I’d hope you would shower before leaving, darling.” She grins lustily.
  24. “Well then, I guess we’ll just have to lock you up in here,” She pats her stomach, fingers tracing along her womb, as though she could really stroke it though the skin and flesh of her belly. She weaves web around my hips, and takes large steps back until she’s climbing up the web she herself slung about the room.
  26. There’s a veritable army of maids who rush around at the beck and call of the clients. Something like removing a bed so that a client can weave their own is child’s play. There’s even a compartment beneath the bed which can be filled with water laced with various relaxing and arousing herbs for the more aquatic girls. Though I don’t like using it very much. Reminds me too much of the time it was stained red with my blood at the behest of a Rusalka. She was sweet, but it’s not really my thing. She payed triple since I were so professional about it. Well… I haven’t been in this business for nearly a century for nothing. I bet I could handle anything and everything.
  28. She begins to reel my in by the waist, grinning, and when I’m within arm’s reach she yanks back, so hard I stumble forward into her arms. “But that’s not entirely fair is it? So how about I put a little of me into you?” I sigh, mentally, and make a note to apologise to the maid for the mess I’m about to leave behind.
  30. I stroke her hair as she sinks her fangs deep into my neck and pumps me full of her fiery molten lust, “If you insist, darling.” My cock grows to full stiffness, at an alarmingly youthful speed, and buries its head into her navel, making her moan with need around the flesh of my neck, where she’s still pumping it full, emptying herself in me, so that I may in turn empty myself in her.
  32. She draws her fangs from my throat with a satisfied sigh, and licks the small trail of blood and spit which slides down my neck. “Fufu, I think that’s the most I’ve ever put into you. Are you okay?”
  34. She looks at me in inquisitive concern, as I recollect my slackened jaw, and roll my eyes back down to see what’s before me. “Ah, as usual, when it comes to venom, yours is the best.” I push against her as I walk forwards, making her give a soft cry in surprise as she’s forced to back pedal.
  36. “What are y-” I seal her questions with a kiss as I push her back, and before long, her leg slips through a gap in her web, causing her to fall down so that it’s the web supporting her arachnid half and not her legs. We bounce a bit as the suspended web stretches to accommodate both our weight, and I drop to my knees, feeling my flesh sink into the soft bedding of silken weave. Like this, with her on her spider’s belly and me on my knees, our faces come level, intimately close.
  38. My hot breath mixes with her cool, and entwines in a miniature embrace, whirling about the air in tiny eddies of love. My nose touches her slightly as our foreheads meet, and one of her hands stretches out to find my own. Emotions surge against the barriers in my mind. They scream that this is my escape. To never let her go, to get on my knees even, and beg her not to leave me. The walls hold, but I’m not sure for how much longer. “Come back soon, Darling. My bed is lonely and cold without you in it. My other clients. They pay me to fuck them insensate, and toss me aside once they’ve received their money’s worth. They don’t understand love, like you and I do.”
  40. Her brows fall to a look of pitying sadness, and she raises a hand to my chin, tipping it up so that she may kiss me on the lips. “How many times have I offered to take you with me?”
  42. “I… can’t.”
  44. “I know. So forget everything else. Just you and I and the love we make. This is my service.”
  46. She holds me close and pulls me into her, an electric connection arcing between the pleasure runes we carved into our flesh just for each other many moons ago, one on the underside of my glans, the other just above her clitoral hood, hidden behind a tuft of heart-shaped pubic hair. My cock bends slightly under the pressure of her cervix before it parts, and I slide fully into her womb, our hips smacking together. I return to one of the few people I may feel at home with.
  48. With supple flexibility, she leans back down across her carapace, her icy silver hair with a tinge of blue flowing out across her abdomen. She slides a hand down the back of her neck and lifts free any of the hair which may have been trapped under her back. I slip my arms through the small-ish gap between her torso, abdomen and diminutive thorax, likely smaller because most of her once-biological imperatives were fulfilled within her human chest, the thorax needing to only bridge between girl and spider.
  50. I trail kisses up and down her belly as I thrust into her, her cool insides coiling around my shaft, her womb sucking at the head of my cock each time I pull back. She moans and cries in lustful abandon. She wraps her arms around my head as my prick kisses her womb, and I slide my tongue into her belly button, toying and nibbling at the diamond piercing she has there. It’s the one I selected and bought for her. It warms my heart to see she still bears it.
  51. Carved into the diamond is the rune of pleasure that we both share, and as I toy with her navel, the walls of her cunt constrict about me. I put more power into my thrusts, pounding deep into her despite her quivering tightness, an action likely helped by the slick trails of my cum already lining her walls from our last bout, just one of many. She slides one of her hands down her stomach and places it flat against where the tip of my cock deforms her belly. I shift to angle it further up, and thrust deeper, feeling her hand curl around the head of my pock as it pushes through her womb.
  53. With her hand in the way, I bring my ministrations higher, licking and sucking at the areola of her inverted nipples, coaxing it out to hardness. I probably love this woman. And when I say that it’s not the same lip-service I give other clients. Some enchantments and runes are whorish in their indiscrimination. The proof of what I say probably lay in the pleasure we alone share. Speared through her nipple is a ring with another diamond embedded in it. The ring itself has my name engraved on it, and the diamond has the same rune carved within as the one that lay upon her mons. It’s probably less accurate to say that she likes piercings and more accurate to say that she likes the thought that tokens of myself are permanently affixed to her.
  55. As I gently suck and massage her breasts, her nipple begins to stiffen and emerge from the flesh of her puffy areolae. As I feel it dig into the roof of my mouth, I suck hard on her breast as I pull back, and it jiggles free with a wet pop, her stiffened nipple glinting wetly in the night air, the small piercing peeking out at me affectionately. She hasn’t the hips to wiggle, but as I move onto the next nipple, nibbling and licking and coaxing it out to join its sister, she clenches the muscles of her abdomen, obscured by a thin layer of softness, milking my cock as I go through the motions of milking her. To my surprise, a cool surge of sweet milk splashes against my tongue.
  57. “W-wha?”
  59. “Hehe, how does it taste? You’re the first to try it.”
  61. “B-but how?..”
  63. “You said last time you’d like to try it, so I spoke to a Lich I know. Well, how is it?”
  65. I bring my lips back down to her breast, and knead her nipple with my tongue, sucking pressure into the area. After a moment, I’m rewarded with another pleasantly cool wash of milk. “It’s cold and sweet. Very refreshing.” She grins happily at my praise and presses a hand to the back of my head, forcing me back down onto her nipple. She begins to coo as I drain her tit of its bounty, and before long it grows empty, retaining its impressive size and weight despite having been drained.
  67. My orgasm crashes through me and I shudder a little in her embrace as I thrust my cock into the deepest parts of her womb, and blast it with torrents of my cum, painting her cool walls a hot white. She whines and clutches at my back, fingers digging in as I unload my seed deep into her fertile cunt. Her belly bulges for a moment, but her womb isn’t nearly tight enough to hold it all in. Waves of hot white cum flood her womanhood, and flood out, coating my thighs and staining her black carapace white. But then, I wouldn’t be the best if I’d merely flagged there. Harder than before, I pack her womb with my cum as I continue to thrust as thought nothing had happened. Her own orgasm approaches and in response her twat tightens. The next load I dump in her won’t be wasted so easy.
  69. Second breast drained of milk, it all sits in my stomach with a pleasant weight. She’s thrown her head back in her ecstasy, and it biting her lower lip, eyes all but rolled back into her head. I move further up, kissing her clavicle. I set my teeth in, and suck at her soft skin, drawing dormant blood up to the surface and marking her as mine, much as she did with me, temporary though it may be. Love bitten, I trail kisses up her lithe and delicate throat, and lick her jawline.
  71. Sense comes crashing back down to her, and she tips her head back down towards me, and our lips join. I relax into her arms as I continue to pound her pussy, and her arms tighten around my back. I hold her in return and swing my hips into hers as we cuddle fuck, the stiff harness of her pierced nipples poking hard into my chest, the slick wet mess of our hips cooling in the night air.
  73. She breaks the kiss to lick my face, and bury her face into my neck, absorbing my scent, “I love you.”
  75. “I love you too, darling. I wish I could leave with you.”
  77. “Some day… Some day I’m going to take you. I’ll tie you up if I have to, lock you away, but I will make you mine.”
  79. Her words enclose my heart in their embrace and I take a secret refuge within them. “Nonsense. I’m already yours.” I thrust a last time as her cunt clenches about my shaft, and join her in her orgasm. Pumping her full of my cum like the last time and the time before that, but with her pussy spasming so tightly around my shaft, the cum has nowhere to leak out from, and instead packs her womb tight, inflating her belly enough to rival the first few stages of pregnancy. I pat her wobbling belly fondly as I expend myself within her, and slump down into her arms.
  81. Even as her woman hood holds me tight in its love, her face grows serious, “No, I mean it. From here. This place. Someday, I’ll rip you from it if I have to.”
  83. I wince. Partly at her forcefulness, partly at the fact that I wish she would do it sooner. “I can’t, not yet.”
  85. “I know, that’s why I’ll do it for you. So it’s no longer your responsibility.”
  87. “You’re far too good for an old whore like me.”
  89. I thought she’d grin playfully, tell me that ‘perhaps, but you’re my whore.’ I neither expected nor saw the slap that came. Hurt and stinging, I look at her in confusion, only to see tears beginning to from in the corner of her eyes.
  91. “Don’t ever talk about the man I love like that. Even if you are him.”
  93. “S-sorry…” I am ashamed to admit that I broke down. A most pathetic sight before the client. I cried in her arms, and apologised profusely. As she cooed to me and soothed me and patted my hair, it wasn’t long until I fell asleep in her arms.
  95. When I woke, apart from the parts which had my own body heat soaked into it, the bed was cold and empty. I look around for a moment, before remembering my pathetic display last night. Even if she said she loved me, it’s understandable that a disgrace like that would turn her from me. Though for some reason, I cannot bring myself to call myself a whore. Something I had done so many times lost in self-loathing before. As I muse on this, she steps out of the washroom, stomach lithe again, no longer bloated with my seed. Despite myself, I am very happy to see her.
  97. About her is the golden aura of a satisfied woman. And she laughs seeing my despairing form. “Come now, you didn’t think I’d leave without saying goodbye, did you?”
  99. She strides closer and takes my face in her hands, gazing at it worriedly. “You’re too sensitive, my love…” She’s silent for a moment, her smile slipping. “I’m sorry I hit you. Are you okay?”
  101. I smile up at her and nod, “It’s quite alright. I think it was something which needed to be said. Besides, if I’m sensitive to you, it’s because you’ve gone and stuck yourself so deep into my heart.”
  103. “So, what? You’re telling me to take responsibility?”
  105. I grin, “Maybe.”
  107. She smiles sadly as she collects her clothes and dresses herself, the mood losing its lustre, but I know it’s not her fault. “I’ll be back soon. I’m not sure when, but soon. I’ll organise things so that I can take you with me then.” I nod, but don’t really react over much. “Besides, while you’re here, I shouldn’t keep you all to myself. I’m not so selfish as to hog the sun all to myself while he’s still in his sky.” She grins playfully, “Not until I’ve weaved a web big enough to keep him, anyhow.”
  109. I chatted and flirted with her until it came to the absolute last moment we could spend together. She gives me a lingering kiss goodbye, and as she turns to leave I utter her name for the first time in a while.
  111. “Aranea. I…love you.”
  113. As she turns back, she smiles even as a cold, crystalline tear slides down her cheek, “I know. I love you too. I’ll come back for you soon. Wait for me.”
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