livelyraccoon Mar 20th, 2017 92 Never
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  1. ayy what's good
  3. School
  4. Spring Break was nice. Just chillin, enjoying being outside of the constant cycle of homework, quizzes, tests. Hung out with some buds, played games and talked, was a fun time. Almost done with freshman year! Pretty much just gotta get through the rest of March and all of April, then finals week is first week of May. Hoping I can keep my 4.0, cuttin it close with one class atm. Won't be too crushed if I lose it tho.
  6. Speedruns
  7. I dunno what I'm gonna focus on speedrun wise. Might be 120 cards/TSA. BM64 Any% improvement is still possible but I don't think I'm gonna work on it atm. WiiU is wack. If it's faster then that sux b/c I don't have it here.
  9. March Madness
  10. My bracket was pretty ok after the first round for a guy who had no idea what he was doin. 28/32. Fell apart in the round of 32 tho. oop
  12. Baseball
  13. Been watching some WBC games. It's nice but not as good as the regular season. Just wanna see white sox players develop even though the white sox are gonna suck. WBC has Matt Vasgersian tho and that guy owns. Also Adam Jones is an american hero.
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