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  1. <align="center"><size="20"><color=#0000FF>[EU-West]</color><color=#7289DA> Official Server</color></size>
  2. <page>
  3. <b>Location:</b>  <i>Gravelines, France</i>
  4. <b>Slots:</b> <i>25</i>
  5. <b>Discord:</b> <i></i>
  7. <color="red"><size="15">Rules </size></color>
  9. <size="10">General Rules</size>
  11. <size="8">Everyone deservers respect. Keep you on your best behaviour</size>
  13. <size="8">Always follow staff directions</size>
  15. <size="8">No SCP:SL or Server Staff impersonation.</size>
  17. <size="8">Cheating result in a global ban from the game.</size>
  20. <size="10"><u>Server Rules</u></size>
  22. < SCP:SL (In-Game) Rules >
  24. <size="8"># 1. Always follow staff directions.</size>
  25. <size="8"># 2. No SCP:SL or Server Staff impersonation.</size>
  26. <size="8"># 3. No cheating, Doing so will result in a global ban from all SCP Secret Laboratory servers.</size>
  27. <size="8"># 4. Don't exploit.</size>
  28. <size="6">> Don't use game exploits in your favour. Like jumping down the pole of 939 spawn or standing on top of shelves.</size>
  29. <size="8"># 5. Do not close doors on teammates or lock them in rooms!</size>
  30. <size="8"># 6. Spawn camping/killing is forbidden.</size>
  31. <size="8"># 7. Camping is forbidden. Do not delay the round longer than necessary.</size>
  32. <size="8"># 8. No racism or personal harassment.</size>
  33. <size="8"># 9. Do not play music in spectator or on the intercom and don't mic spam in general.</size>
  34. <size="6">> keep soundboards to a minimum</size>
  35. <size="8"># 10. Teaming is not allowed (Except between Chaos and SCP)</size>
  36. <size="6">> Sparing someone's life is not considered teaming. Just make sure you go your separate ways.</size>
  37. <size="8"># 11. No extended talk in any other language than English.</size>
  38. <size="8"># 12. Do NOT kill scps as SCP-079.</size>
  39. <size="8"># 13. No advertising youtube/twitch/discord etc in any way.</size>
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