End of PokEvangeliOn: SIDE A

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  1. [19:50:49] <Paradox> Ok so
  2. [19:51:02] <Paradox> Last time we left off our intrepid heroes
  3. [19:51:17] <Paradox> They had just returned from the Land of Cracks and Doubt
  4. [19:52:08] <Dr_Floyd> (And got more terrible news :<)
  5. [19:52:56] <Paradox> And indeed they'd just received more terrible news.
  6. [19:53:11] <Paradox> It is not happy times.
  7. [19:53:51] * Tsvai slowly walks over to Aileen, carrying Juni in her arms. She's just had to break the news to the other Pokemon.
  8. [19:54:00] <Tsvai> Juni, in particular, is taking it the hardest.
  9. [19:54:22] <Bokor> (oh you scared the fuck out of me plutonis thinking 'i gotta go' or something, not that. @_@)
  10. [19:54:37] <Dr_Floyd> (ohahahaha sorry)
  11. [19:54:57] <Paradox> Aileen just looks at Tsvai. "You've got to get moving. You don't have much time, do you?"
  12. [19:55:06] <Tsvai> "Why wasn't I there?"
  13. [19:55:47] * Bokor looks to inform the young man's family of their son's demise, before gathering his possessions and heading back to the airship. He's little time to dwell on the issue.
  14. [19:56:48] <Paradox> "Because you were busy doing more important things."
  15. [19:57:05] * Dr_Floyd smokes a pipe, looking pensive. He would hurry the others, as they have not much time but... His decency gets in the way of his pragmatism.
  16. [19:57:16] <Tsvai> "Did he tell you anything?"
  17. [19:58:25] <Wyl> (Should I just assume freedom from pokeballdom here?)
  18. [20:00:00] <Paradox> "... Last thing he said was to hustle and delay the leftmost beedrillmecha squadron as long as I could, he'd provide suppressive fire. ... It was sudden ... there wasn't time for the sort of thing you're looking for. I'm sorry."
  19. [20:00:09] <Alcyone> (yes because alcyone will set anyone who tries shit on fire >:I)
  20. [20:00:38] <Dr_Floyd> (Tsvai is still with her ball though :3)
  21. [20:00:39] * Alcyone hovers, trying to think of a way to be helpful OH GOD WHAT DO ;___;
  22. [20:01:04] <Bokor> When he returns to the ship, he takes a seat and just waits for the others.  
  23. [20:01:44] * Tsvai sighs.
  24. [20:01:47] <Tsvai> "Alright."
  25. [20:02:28] * Wyl is very quiet as he's busy treating people who got injured.  Never a break for a doctor
  26. [20:02:51] * Tsvai walks back over to the ship, feeling particularly unsure of herself.
  27. [20:03:02] * Dr_Floyd is meanwhile examining the Pancake and devising a strategy against Urmabutt!
  28. [20:06:40] <Paradox> Chief Ezrel approaches Bokor as he waits.
  29. [20:06:41] * Alcyone skitters after Tsvai. D: D: D:
  30. [20:07:29] <Paradox> "I think all is set. I'd like to offer you my aid ... but we're not sure what'll happen to the other planets once you reach The Terror."
  31. [20:07:41] <Paradox> "I should wait here with my people."
  32. [20:08:29] <Bokor> He gives a knowing nod.  "That's probably for the best.  We'll see to takin' the fight to the creature."
  33. [20:08:49] <Dr_Floyd> "I... Do ve 'ave everything ready?"
  34. [20:09:37] <Tsvai> "Anything you need to do to prepare on board, do so."
  35. [20:09:42] <Paradox> "I hope you can. And I hope so, good doctor."
  36. [20:09:49] * Tsvai checks over the flight panel, making sure all systems were ready for flight.
  37. [20:09:54] <Paradox> The Chief steps away from the Pancake. "Good luck."
  38. [20:10:13] <Bokor> "Same to you, Warchief," he nods again.
  39. [20:10:59] <Alcyone> "...ohmygoodnessTsvaiI'msosorry"
  40. [20:11:09] * Alcyone latches onto Tsvai and sniffles.
  41. [20:12:03] * Dr_Floyd holds firmly on his seat and starts looking at the horizon. "If anyone 'ere 'as any regrets... If anyone vants to stay, i vill not blame you."
  42. [20:12:09] * Tsvai pats Alcyone's hand, and adjusts her hat. "No time to mourn, unfortunately."
  43. [20:12:33] <Tsvai> "Gotta take the fight to Urmaresheron so all of this will be worth it."
  44. [20:13:04] <Alcyone> "But..."
  45. [20:13:30] * Wyl gets up from what minimal aid he's been able to provide during the break and stetches out, packing things back up quickly and heading to The Pancake, though he is a little hesitant.
  46. [20:15:43] <Bokor> "The only regret I got at the moment is not chucking that Ditto we bottled off a cliff," he says with a uncomfortable laugh.  "Now...well, best get movin' soon as we can."
  47. [20:16:47] <Paradox> A certain ditto, trapped in a bottle, wedged at the bottom of a cliff, is not around to hear the irony of this statement.
  48. [20:17:10] * Alcyone sniffles again, then nods. "O-okay."
  49. [20:22:05] * Wyl just kinda stares back out over the crowd once more.
  50. [20:31:27] <Paradox> Anyway, there isn't really much left to do but head out
  51. [20:31:37] <Paradox> Anything last minute to do, or Y for go?
  52. [20:32:03] <Tsvai> Are we healed up?
  53. [20:32:04] <Bokor> Y
  54. [20:32:24] * Wyl just finishes looking for someone who isn't likely there, sighs, and boards.
  55. [20:32:38] <Alcyone> y to go
  56. [20:32:42] <Wyl> (Wyl needs to Talent Theft some people on ze way but yes)
  57. [20:32:53] <Paradox> ( yes you're healed up )
  58. [20:33:25] <Bokor> "Hey, Wyl, let Nurse out so I can borrow some of her healin' powers before we get there."
  59. [20:34:02] <Dr_Floyd> "I 'ave been planning tactics lately. I believe ve shall use zhem vell on our battle, gentlemen."
  60. [20:34:11] <Alcyone> (do you need to borrow Joy as well, bobcor?)
  61. [20:34:15] <Wyl> "Mmm," Wyl nods, letting Nurse out on board here.  "I suppose now's the time to get ready..." he seems ponderous for a few moments.
  62. [20:34:21] <Bokor> (can only do it to one target, so no)
  63. [20:35:09] * Bokor channels her, borrowing Heal Pulse, Heal Bell, Softboil. "Ah, there we go. I'll have some back up healin' ready in a pinch myself, then."
  64. [20:35:23] <Wyl> And then he turns to Floyd.  "Oy, Floyd, mind turning this way for a moment?  I wanna... attempt something."
  65. [20:35:48] <Dr_Floyd> "Eh, be my guest."
  66. [20:36:33] * Wyl staaaares at Floyd, and then...
  67. [20:36:38] <Wyl> (Should I bother making the rolls for Imposter?)
  68. [20:38:47] <Paradox> ( nah )
  69. [20:40:58] * Wyl 's form shifts and does THINGS and they really don't look smooth at all; they're kind of jerky like certain parts of him are lagging behind in the process and then trying to speed up.  Until, after a few moments, there are now two Dr. Floyd - complete with the same outfits.
  70. [20:41:43] <Paradox> ( roll san loss )
  71. [20:41:57] <Paradox> ( everyone but wyl that is! )
  72. [20:42:15] <Bokor> (what dice is that 3:)
  73. [20:42:18] <Wyl> "...Man zis is vierd," Wylfloyd shivers a little as he tries to get used to this.
  74. [20:42:38] <Wyl> He has even picked up Floyd's accent
  75. [20:42:39] <Alcyone> (even if I was too busy violating Tsvai's personal space to look?)
  76. [20:42:41] <Dr_Floyd> "Vat."
  77. [20:43:00] <Bokor> "Uh."
  78. [20:43:07] <Dr_Floyd> "I don't 'ave a stupid accent like zhat!"
  79. [20:43:09] * Bokor double takes
  80. [20:43:49] <Tsvai> "What is GOING ON back there?"
  81. [20:43:58] <Wyl> "You vould be surprised~"
  82. [20:45:30] * Alcyone slowly turns around.
  83. [20:45:35] <Alcyone> "...."
  84. [20:45:42] * Alcyone fails the san roll ;_;
  85. [20:45:43] <Bokor> "I'll just pretend I didn't see that," he looks over the edge of the ship.
  86. [20:46:13] * Dr_Floyd still looks pretty offended by that mockery of an imitation!
  87. [20:46:34] <Tsvai> "Buckle up! We're going to break the sound barrier!"
  88. [20:46:45] <Tsvai> "And tell the good Doctor to stop arguing with himself!"
  89. [20:47:04] <Wyl> "Alright, alright," Wyl detransforms!  ...Back into himself, not a ditto, he's not even sure he COULD turn back into just a normal ditto at this point.
  90. [20:47:11] <Wyl> (But he takes Dual-Wielding with him)
  91. [20:48:33] <Paradox> and then suddenly FWOOOOSH
  92. [20:48:46] <Paradox> You're diving right at the sun!
  93. [20:49:49] * Wyl shuts and covers his eyes oh god
  94. [20:50:04] * Tsvai lowers her goggles over her eyes.
  95. [20:50:05] * Dr_Floyd is composed even though a normal person would defecate their insides in the situation. "Hm, must be some turbulence."
  96. [20:50:13] <Paradox> As you get closer and closer to the glowing orb .. everything sort of seems to become white, but not particularly brighter. And sound ... it's really hard to hear anything. There's this heavy muffling SILENCE.
  97. [20:50:21] <Dr_Floyd> He also takes a puff of his pipe.
  98. [20:50:38] * Bokor cracks his knuckles. "Well, it's now or never."
  99. [20:51:23] <Paradox> Chapter 4
  100. [20:51:29] <Dr_Floyd> "Ze calm before ze storm... Get ready everyone." The doctor lifts from his chair, hand on the ball belt.
  101. [20:52:20] <Paradox> You all find yourselves in a shiny, silvery surface.
  102. [20:52:30] <Paradox> Above you is an infinite expanse of pure white.
  103. [20:52:42] * Alcyone pokes at the ground with her foot.
  104. [20:52:55] <Paradox> it's pretty hard!
  105. [20:53:15] <Paradox> There's a green shimmering in the air in front of you
  106. [20:53:17] <Dr_Floyd> "Urmaresheron?"
  107. [20:53:20] * Wyl lands on what is clearly the final battleground though it is decidedly bright for one.  "Huhn."
  108. [20:53:45] * Tsvai "parks" the Pancake, making sure the engine stays warmed up.
  109. [20:53:46] <Paradox> And then suddenly Yulia and Celebi appear, in a tangled crash landing.
  110. [20:54:01] * Bokor climbs off the ship slowly, looking around. "Well, never expected the inside of the sun to be li- oh what the hell."
  111. [20:54:08] <Paradox> You're just kind of standing there. The Pancake isn't there.
  112. [20:54:15] <Paradox> You're not sure where it is. It doesn't even occur to you.
  113. [20:54:21] <Dr_Floyd> "If zhey are ze goddamn God i am eating my hat."
  114. [20:54:33] <Dr_Floyd> "Vait, sorry, am not." He reassures Dittohat.
  115. [20:55:56] <Alcyone> "So. Uh."
  116. [20:56:03] <Alcyone> "Do you two know what's going on?"
  117. [20:56:05] <Wyl> "...!?" Wyl's mouth kinda falls open
  118. [20:56:37] <Paradox> "... Ow."
  119. [20:56:53] <Paradox> They slowly untangle themselves.
  120. [20:57:23] <Paradox>  < U-uhm ...I ... I think we got here in time ... uhm ... you haven't fought The Builder yet h-h-have you? >
  121. [20:57:49] <Bokor> "Urmaresheron? No, we have not."
  122. [20:58:10] <Paradox> "Ow. No, of course they haven't..."
  123. [20:58:19] * Wyl is too shocked to do much.  And conflicted oh god nevermind what they're talking about.
  124. [20:59:17] <Dr_Floyd> "Ve jut arrived actually..."
  125. [20:59:31] <Paradox> Yulia dusts off her skirt, and stands up straight. She looks at Wyl. "Well, I guess I can't avoid you anymore. Hi ... er ... yeah."
  126. [20:59:36] <Paradox> She waves awkwardly at Wyl :T
  127. [21:01:00] <Wyl> "...I'm sorry," Wyl seems no less awkward about this and looks like he's torn between running over to hug her and breaking down into tears, or something.
  128. [21:01:52] <Paradox> "Oh, uhm, it wans't your fault. I can't imagine how terrible it must be to be forced to inherit someone else's life. Their friendships, their loves, their fears ...."
  129. [21:02:49] <Paradox> "But you're not my Wyleena. Even if you remember everything she did. So I don't ... but I don't hold it against you that you do. I hope that's enough? I just ... wanted to make sure you knew that before I left."
  130. [21:03:37] <Paradox> "Because of Celebi I've been able to delay for a long time but..."
  131. [21:04:17] <Paradox> "Now that you're here, I guess I've got to go back to that day. And uhm, so, I'll really have been dead for quite some time, so you shouldn't feel bad about what you're going to have to do! He's just using my body to trip you up. Don't fall for it!"
  132. [21:04:43] <Wyl> "..." Wyl takes a long deep breath, and nods.  "I... I see."
  133. [21:05:10] <Alcyone> "Waitwait wait."
  134. [21:05:12] <Paradox> She scampers up to Wyl and gives him a big hug.
  135. [21:05:16] <Alcyone> "What's this about using your body?"
  136. [21:06:04] * Bokor scratches his head, a bit confused, but this isn't exactly his ordeal, so just stands by.
  137. [21:06:24] <Dr_Floyd> "...Don't ask, fräulein."
  138. [21:06:30] <Paradox> "... You remember ... how when you fought urmaresheron that one time, on the Misty Mountain ... he was a young girl? Well ... it's uh, me. Just ... different clothes, hair done differently ... but you should be able to recognize me..."
  139. [21:06:37] * Wyl hugs her with five years of slightly misplaced brotherly love D:
  140. [21:07:51] <Paradox> "It's a fixed point in time, so not even a Celebi can stop it ... so don't bother arguing with me."
  141. [21:08:02] <Paradox> She squeezes Wyl again and lets go.
  142. [21:08:25] <Paradox>  < Okay .. we should leave before ... it uhm .. starts. Y-yeah. >
  143. [21:08:47] * Wyl doesn't look like he wants to let go but does anyway ;-;
  144. [21:08:56] <Dr_Floyd> "Oh. It vill... Now, right?" Floyd steps back from the girl. "COME HERE, 'ERR VYL!"
  145. [21:09:36] <Paradox> Celebi bops her on the head, and they both POOF in a flash of green ligt.
  146. [21:09:56] <Paradox> light, even
  147. [21:10:08] * Wyl returns to the group's side, looking all sorts of miserable
  148. [21:10:15] * Alcyone awkwardhugs.
  149. [21:11:37] <Paradox> And then the sky turns black.
  150. [21:11:55] <Dr_Floyd> "It begins."
  151. [21:11:59] * Wyl hugs back awkwardly, and tries to collect himself as the sky goes black for dramatic finale
  152. [21:12:38] * Bokor draws his spear. "Indeed, it does."
  153. [21:12:47] <Alcyone> "Is everyone ready?"
  154. [21:13:12] <Paradox> 1d5
  155. [21:13:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d5: 4 [1d5=4]
  156. [21:15:31] <Paradox> From the infinite blackness above you, a dark bolt of green energy strikes!
  157. [21:15:35] * Tsvai loads any remaining chambers in the Quick Switch module. "Old man, you still have that ball?"
  158. [21:16:05] <Dr_Floyd> "I gave it to you. Vant to throw Vyl at 'im?"
  159. [21:16:13] <Bokor> "Yup.  Don't think it's gonna do us much good, though..."
  160. [21:16:13] <Dr_Floyd> (And yes i know you are referring to zoof)
  161. [21:16:28] <Paradox> Just as Tsvai finishes her question
  162. [21:16:49] <Paradox> She's struck by an arc of green energy from above, causing her to throw her head back.
  163. [21:17:09] <Paradox> Her mouth and eyes begin glowing with dark purple and green energy.
  164. [21:17:33] <Paradox> Dark shadows manifest around her, and slowly gain form; Treide. Her Parents. Vera.
  165. [21:17:53] <Paradox> But they all look ... wrong. Evil.
  166. [21:18:27] <Bokor> "Ah, shit.  It' that time with the corrupted one, only worse."
  167. [21:18:27] <Paradox> </session> Because no way we can finish all this combat starting now
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