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  1. # Are you in a department at the moment, if so explain what the department does. If not, tell us why you are not in a department and what department you want to join.
  2. #### Well, as for my current contributions to the Foundation, I have unfortunately done any major acts in developing the Foundation as of now. However, in the near and forseeable future, I plan to invest both my time and effort into providing the Foundation with the best my capabilities extend to. As for my current department, I am not in one as of now, however I do plan on joining either a Civil or Combative Department due to my extensive experience with gun-combat along with my intelligible grammar and morally upright standards within the Foundation. As for specifically what department I plan on joining, I intend to get inducted either into the Department of External Affairs, Mobile Task Forces, the Security Department, or if it piques my interest, an Intelligence Department. Along with this, I also intend on obtaining a commendable and reputable rank for both myself and the Foundation as a whole amongst other Foundations, which would improve the growth and development of the Foundation as a whole in both it's skills and reputation during my time and career within the Foundation as a Level-1.
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