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  1. You've seen many puzzles, and tried to prevail
  2. Some were right, and many were wrong.
  4. You'll have to be flexing every last muscle,
  5. Searching high, low, all around.
  7. For the solution to this vexing verse
  8. Lies not within this page
  9. You'll have to search outside, or worse:
  10. Farther in... how strange?
  12. I've laid the base of helpful clues
  13. Although you never knew it
  14. Just one more clue to light the fuse
  15. So don't you look straight through it!
  16. You know me as the meta-puzzler
  18. At least, some of you do..
  19. Those of you who've known me longer
  20. Have a bit less work to do.
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