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  1. One-Tail - Estate access, Project material delivery, Stabling chocobos, Train chocobos, Deposit Gil.
  2. Two-Tail - Box 1 access, Crystal access, Garden access.  
  3. Three-Tail - Executing Actions, Discarding Actions, Short Message, Box 2 Access,
  4. Four-Tail - Invitations/Applications, Company Projects access
  5. Five-Tail - Spend Company Credits, Promotion/Demotion, Company Board, Gil Access, Exploratory Mission Embarkation
  6. Six-Tail - Member Dismissal, Aetherial Wheel Use, Box 3 Access, Furniture placement, Paint Furniture
  7. Seven-Tail - Airships
  8. "Matriarch" - All the powers you wanna give them
  9. Nine/Top-Tail - You.  All the powers.
  11. Notes: One-tail is the "probationary" rank.  Should be promoted after about a week of active play
  12. Two through Four tails are "normal" ranks.  Generally, promote people when you feel they deserve it.
  13. Five-tail is the "Junior Officer" rank. People who have earned enough trust to take care of some administrative actions.  
  14. Six-tail is the "senior officer" rank. Old guard.  
  15. Seven-tail is the "Administrator" rank.  Mostly just powers other people don't need or care about.
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