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  1. Dear Waitrons of 2020,
  3. Some of you have noted from our 2020 Camp Packet that we have made the decision to significantly reduce phone use at camp, including the Waitron year. This is true, and we’ve done so to make your summer better in every way. Technology is overwhelming everything, with usage becoming virtually constant and without the ability of many users to moderate their screen time—both how much and especially when.
  5. Our camp leadership team agrees on this: we must change the way we balance screen use at camp. Not only is Waitron screen time being addressed, but our total staff will also see changes in what will be deemed acceptable at camp. Everyone’s screen time must go down by a big percentage. Those who work at camp in any capacity (yes, even in the kitchen) need to be 100% “present” when they’re on.
  7. We know the relief people feel when we temporarily (for the summer) give them this needed respite from screen domination in life—but when you say it beforehand it’s very unpopular. While few may agree at first, the results are crystal clear—and positive! Cell overuse continues long into the late-night hours, and exhaustion is rampant. People function better without phones because they actually sleep!
  9. Here’s what we see as workable: You will have your phones on Days Off, and at a few other times as we think it can fit into camp life. At other times we assure you that if you need access to technology in order to pursue educational goals, or for other important matters, we will make that access easy for you and without stress. Otherwise, enjoy your time with one another at camp as you have for all these great years! Regular office phone privileges as you have always had will still be respected, and we will work with you all upon arrival at camp to assure sufficient access to calling that respects both your age and seniority at camp. We truly love you all and want you to keep on loving camp!
  11. Camp life and the fun of Waitron summer is not—and never was—about cell phones. To the contrary it’s better not having them. Based on our recent experience we are sure that phone overuse has conspired to diminish the Waitron year. It is our goal to maintain the integrity of this great program, and we need your help. We will all greatly appreciate your faith and trust in us on this, even if you disagree now. We promise this will be yet another unforgettably great summer! You’re in for a great treat working with the amazing people in our kitchen—and in every other way. This plan will cause no harm yet will maximize all the good in this experience. We are all looking forward to seeing you soon!
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