booty call

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  1. ← Kian
  2.       looked at her with intensity. While she looked like she was fresh from a party, Kian seemed like he'd been stuck at home all day, especially with the ghostbusters shirt, and the green and red plaid pajamas. Felt her embrace around nape, eyes glued to her plush lips. " Not a-- not a mistake." Fuck, Kian as already lost. Favorite mistake though? Fuck, he was tenting. "That's-- that's a good idea." Brought her in, pressing lips against her's before he could even shut the door closed with a foot.
  3. → Kian
  4. it was evident by the short skirt of her dress and those treacherous heels, she was either fresh from a party or a date. Possibly both. The distance closed between them at a sensual pace, before slender arms were tossed around his neck and chest would be dragged flushed to his. "Is that anyway to talk to your favorite.. mistake? Why don't you invite me in, Kian?"
  5. ← Kian
  6.       nearly jumped. Well, no, he actually jumped. Clutched his chest. "JESUS FUCKING CHIRS-- What-- what are you doing--" Cleared throat. "--what are you doing here?"
  7. → Kian
  8. swung around the corner of the hall, "Boo!"
  9. ← Kian
  10.       great. Looked don on his phone. "Kendra, you-- I'm in the middle of something important. I don't have time for games." He needs to play his games after all.
  11. → Kian
  12. annnnnnd no one was there.
  13. ← Kian
  14.       stumbled right off of his bed. WHAT THE FU-- took the doorknob and swung it open.
  15. → Kian
  16. smirked a bit, before replying "Then let me in."
  17. ← Kian
  18.       "I am." And yes, she ruined his very important video game. "Why?
  19. → Kian
  20. wondered if she interrupted something important, hoped she did. He'd deserve it. "You home?"
  21. ← Kian
  22.       blinked. His game of Tap-Tap Revenge was suddenly ruined by a text. Oh Fuck. Ah shit, it's Kendra. "Nothing, why?"
  23. → Kian
  24. incoming text, it's a little after 1am. "What are you doing, papi?"
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