New World - 80

Sep 11th, 2020 (edited)
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A Wonderful New World

Notable Characters:

Name / Hangul Description
/ MC
/ FMC²
/ Glasses
/ Bitch
/ VP
/ Blonde

고손작: Author (Kosonjak)

윤곤지: Artist (Yoon Gonji)

Script Information:

Lee Ho-Seung MC
Kim Mi-Jung FMC
Kim Hyomin D
Yoo Sook-Young SY
Seo Jeong-Sook JS
Na So-Ri NS
Cha Joo-Hee VP
Jin Seo-Rin SR
Random R
Secretary / Assistant S

Dialogue / linked bubbles
{Inner talk / Thought}

Note and other stuffs

Chapter - 80

VP: You're going to work, right?

VP: Get in.

SY & MC: ...


VP: What're you doing? Quickly, get in.

VP: Let's go together.

VP: The cars behind us are waiting, hurry up.

Honk honk

SY: Can we really go with you...?

MC: ...

VP: Going to work like this is so nice~

MC: {What the hell is she up to...}

VP: There's a lot of talk about global warming these days, so I always wanted to try carpooling, to be a good citizen.

VP: It also allows me to talk freely with my staff.

VP: By the way, you look familiar.

SY: Well, I-I'm working at the reception.

VP: Oh~ Right!
VP: That's why I thought I have already seen you somewhere.


VP: Nice to meet you.

SY: Ah, nice to meet you too Vice-President.

VP: The standard of our company must be very high to have a girl as pretty as you as receptionist,
If I didn't know you were working for us I'd have taken you for a flight attendant.


VP: By the way...

VP: Did you get home safely the other day, Mister Ho-Seung?

MC: ...

MC: Which day are you talking about...?

MC: {What are you trying to do...?!}

VP: Oh you know, the day we'd a drink in my 'room'...

MC: ...!

VP: It really surprised me...

VP: I never thought I'll be able to meet a man bold enough to do what you did in front me,

VP: And that was against two women...

VP: Every move of Ho-Seung were so thrilling and exciting, such an unyielding personality...



VP: In the end, even I almost joined the fun.

MC: I don't know what you're talking about...


MC: {Why did you have to say this in front of Sook-Young...?!}

VP: So let's meet often from now on.

VP: Just you and me, drinking in a nice and cozy place.


VP: Then, see you next time~


MC: M-Miss Sook-Young...

MC: What the Vice-President said earlier was...

SY: It's okay,
If you're going to meet her for your job or for personal business, it's fine...

SY: Anyway, I'll go first~

MC: ...

Tighten Clench

MC: Vice-President...

VP: Hahaha~!
Lee Ho-Seung, he looked so embarrassed~

VP: In his own way, he has pure love


FMC: {I can't believe I've no picture with only the both of us on it...}

FMC: {She must be home...}






FMC: ...

FMC: {I wonder if she's sleeping...}



FMC: ...

FMC: {I...}

FMC: {I don't deserve her.}

FMC: ...

*Knock knock knock

FMC: Come in.

MC: Here is the data you requested.

FMC: Leave it there.

MC: {Did something annoying happened to her too...?}
{She looks so dispirited...}


FMC: C-can you...

FMC: Can you comfort me?

FMC: Don't ask me why, just answer me...

MC: ...!

To be continued...|

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