Xenos Hunters Session 13

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  1. Session Start: Sat Jul 02 20:00:30 2011
  2. Session Ident: #XenosHunters
  3. 03[20:00] * Now talking in #XenosHunters
  4. 03[20:03] * Derek58 is now known as Cadmus
  5. [20:11] <antoine> As the last of the swarm of tyranids dies all that remains is the glow of your weapon barrels partially illuminating your forearms. The deathly silent room is suddenly punctuated by the bark of a vox transmission the deep resounding voice of a Dark Sons marine coming through "This is Captain Jorega, status report squad leaders.". A series of vox transmissions come through, "Objective...
  6. [20:11] <antoine> ...Completed", "300m to our objective", "Propulsion destroyed, falling back to the Thunderhawk". But one is more important to you than all the others, "This is squad Omega with Deathwatch attachments, we are besieged, brothers Kitos, Pertithon and Mavres are all dead, we are being overwhelmed and cannot currently make it to the pyro batteries"..
  7. [20:12] <Balmung> *how far is their position?
  8. [20:13] <@Cadmus> "Brother Leader, should we move to aid them?"
  9. [20:18] <@Cadmus> ++Omega, this is Beta. What is your current location so we can move to assist?++
  10. [20:20] <antoine> ++Mid-ship, port side, 200m towards the interior from the edge of the hull++
  11. [20:20] <@Cadmus> ++We're on our way. Hang in there.++
  12. [20:21] <Sinbad> ++...Brothers, which way is port?  Are we still facing "right-side up"?  Void-combat is disorienting.++
  13. 03[20:22] * Marklon_Wahlberg is now known as Bellerophon
  14. 10[20:22] * Anselm grumbles. ++A single Battle-Brother is worth a planetary system. They must survive.++
  15. [20:23] <Bellerophon> ++Our Captain and brothers must take priority.  They are not far.  With them we can breach the perimeter to reach the Steel Talisman.++
  16. [20:23] <Balmung> ++I thought our duty was to defend the Imperium Brother++
  17. 03[20:23] * fleur ( has joined #XenosHunters
  18. [20:24] <Bellerophon> ++I do not follow.++
  19. 01[20:24] <Omniel> ++Even the dead sshouldbe retrieved if possible The loss of so many relics would be unfortunate, to say the least.++
  20. [20:24] <Sinbad> ++Then that speaks to go rescue our brothers and the besieged mortals.++
  21. [20:24] <Bellerophon> ++Their geneseed must be recovered.++
  22. [20:24] <@Cadmus> ++The Talisman is closer than our beleagured brothers, Leader. Do we assist them before finsing the ship?++
  23. [20:25] <Anselm> ++I say we should.++
  24. [20:25] <@Cadmus> *meeting
  25. [20:25] <Sinbad> ++...Cleaning out an entire voidship could take hours.++
  26. [20:25] <Sinbad> ++Depends on how far the xenos have penetrated their hull.++
  27. [20:25] <Balmung> ++Brother Bellerophon I mean that we as Astartes were formed to protect humanity against all that want to destroy it++
  28. [20:26] <Balmung> ++I would gladly give my life so that a planet might survive++
  29. [20:26] <@Cadmus> ++We can save the Brothers and still slaughter the Norn Queen.++
  30. [20:28] <Anselm> ++A single one of us is more able for battle than a thousand mortal souls. Each one who survives this day escapes with invaluable experience against the Tyranid threat. We must save our Brothers, for they are worth a thousand times more than the Navy's Armsmen.++
  31. [20:29] <Sinbad> ++...What heroes of men are we if we should choose?++
  32. [20:29] <Sinbad> ++We are His Astartes, His Angels.  We are beyond mortal means, and yet were born of human flesh.++
  33. [20:29] <Sinbad> ++I suggest we do /both./  Albeit with haste.  We are lagging.  I grow /impatient./++
  34. 10[20:30] * Sinbad paces about the spawning pools, crushing corpses and eggs
  35. [20:30] <Balmung> ++To turn our backs on humanity though would also cost us our own humanity++
  36. [20:30] <Anselm> ++Very well, I agree with Brother Sinbad on this point.++
  37. [20:30] <Bellerophon> ++You worry too much.++
  38. [20:31] <Balmung> ++I agree also but we shouldn't forget about those we have sworn to protect++
  39. [20:31] <Bellerophon> ++The Talisman will not be breached in the time it takes us to reach Oeris and Omega team.  With them we will fall upon the hordes preying upon the ship and destroy them, one foul organism at a time.++
  40. [20:33] <@Cadmus> ++A fine plan, Brother Leader.++
  41. [20:33] <Balmung> ++I agree we must make haste though++
  42. [20:34] <Bellerophon> +Agreed.  We move, now.++
  43. 10[20:34] * Bellerophon follows their vox signal on his cartograph
  44. 10[20:35] * @Cadmus follows behind, sweeping the area.
  45. 10[20:35] * Anselm falls in with Bellerophon.
  46. 10[20:35] * Balmung falls in line
  47. 10[20:36] * Omniel heads out with the others, gun at the ready.
  48. [20:40] <antoine> You sweep towards the port, following winding flesh enclosed tunnels, fluids leak from the roof and drip inconsistently, the 'hull' under your feet squelches as your ceramite boots squish the semi soft chitin and flesh amalgamation. There is little resistance, the Tyranids seem to have something better to do than stop a small team of space marines headed away from the core of the ship....
  49. [20:40] <antoine> ...Suddenly you hear the familiar bark of a bolter and the smell of flycene reaches your olfactory senses.
  50. [20:41] <@Cadmus> ++We're nearly there!++
  51. 10[20:42] * Sinbad readies his cloak and multi-melta as the sounds become louder
  52. 10[20:43] * Anselm prepares his swords and makes sure his jump pack is prepared.
  53. [20:44] <antoine> You round a few more corners before you reach the marines at a multiple tunnel junction. The Dark Sons in their dark green and white livery with Oeris and Decimus fighting in an all-round defensive formation.  
  54. [20:45] <antoine> You see three dead marines and another that is wounded badly, his leg shorn off and his helmet long gone. He lies down in the middle of the group, spitting up blood.
  55. 01[20:46] <Omniel> ++Thank the Emperor we've arrived in time.++
  56. [20:46] <@Cadmus> ++I need to get to that wounded Brother so i can stabilize him.++
  57. [20:46] <Balmung> ++Let us make haste then
  58. [20:49] <antoine> Watch Captain raises his powersword in a salute as you approach, the marines fire off the occasional botler round to keep a Tyranid at bay. The fallen marine is cradled by his squad leader.
  59. 10[20:50] * @Cadmus starts towards the group, giving any xenos that look at him funny a taste of his heavy bolter.
  60. [20:55] <antoine> Watch Captain Oeris voxes through his greetings, ++Brothers, our thanks for your timely aid we have dead and many in different states of injury.++
  61. [20:57] <Bellerophon> ++We are to help, Captain.  Brother Cadmus, begin your Apothecary duties.  The rest of us will secure the area.++
  62. 10[20:57] * @Cadmus nods and kneels down next to the wounded man and instantly determies the grave nature of his injury. Getting right to work, Cadmus deftly seals off the marine's artery.
  63. [20:58] <@Cadmus> ++Captain, this one is out of immediate danger, but he will still need time to recover and assistance to move at all.
  64. [20:58] <@Cadmus> ++
  65. 10[20:58] * Anselm begins to evaluate the current status of the combat, attempting to discern any part of fighting that requirs him.
  66. 01[20:59] <Omniel> ++Is anyone in need of field maintenance? I may be able to lend a hand.++
  67. [20:59] <antoine> The Dark Sons sergeant nods his thanks as he holds his wounded marine.
  68. [20:59] <Bellerophon> ++We have destroyed the spawning pool.  Perhaps just a spawning pool.  Regardless, pressure will be relieved.  For now.++
  69. [21:00] <Bellerophon> ++The Steel Talisman has become entombed inside this foul ship.  My thoughts were towards its immediate rescue, combining Omega and Alpha teams.++
  70. 10[21:00] * Sinbad goes to survey the downed masses of xenos of the squad's handiwork
  71. [21:01] <@Cadmus> ++We could move the wounded there to recover while we go for the Queen.++
  72. 10[21:01] * Omniel sets up in a defensive position, covering Sinbad with his multi melta.
  73. [21:01] <Sinbad> ++...A brilliant idea, Brother Apothecary!++
  74. 10[21:01] * Sinbad looks back, dawning on the idea
  75. [21:02] <antoine> The Watch Captain add "Captain Lyons is in danger then, unfortunately we were unable to complete the destruction of the Pyro-acdic batteries however."
  76. [21:03] <antoine> You feel a sudden shift in weight beneath your feet
  77. [21:03] <Balmung> ++What was that?++
  78. [21:03] <antoine> Like you being pulled in two directions at the same time.
  79. 01[21:03] <Omniel> ++Brothers, I do not wish to alarm you, but we are currently heading down. At a rapid rate.++
  80. 10[21:03] * Sinbad raises his sword as if to ask a question
  81. [21:03] <Sinbad> ++Does that mean to start hacking at things?++
  82. 01[21:04] <Omniel> ++I do not believe that would worsen the situation.++
  83. [21:04] <Bellerophon> ++It means we must move quickly.  Time us running out.++
  84. [21:05] <Bellerophon> ++We will escort Omega team to the Talisman, there we may lay the fallen and the wounded.  From there we may reasses the situation and determine whether the Talisman is viable as an escape route.++
  85. 01[21:06] <Omniel> ++Understood. Let us make haste, then.++
  86. 10[21:07] * Bellerophon leads the two teams towards the Talisman
  87. 10[21:08] * Omniel assists the wounded Marine, with his Servo-arm if necessary.
  88. 10[21:08] * Anselm follows once more.
  89. 10[21:08] * Sinbad aids Omniel and follows along
  90. [21:08] <antoine> Most of the Dark sons are busy carrying their dead and cover the rear as you head back towards the Steel Talisman.
  91. 10[21:09] * Omniel tries to raise the trapped ship over the vox as they approach. ++Steel Talisman, what is your status?++
  92. [21:11] <antoine> ++We have lost all lower decks and ~80% of the crew are thought to be lost, I am having what men that have survived head towards the bridge++
  93. [21:11] <Bellerophon> ++Do they respond?++
  94. 01[21:12] <Omniel> ++They respond, Brother Leader. Steel Talisman, assistance is underway.++
  95. 10[21:12] * Bellerophon tries to raise it personally
  96. [21:13] <Bellerophon> ++Talisman, this is Killteam Alpha and Omega.  Is your position stable?++
  97. [21:16] <Bellerophon> ++Their situation is dire.  But perhaps we can help.++
  98. [21:16] <@Cadmus> ++Then we shall.++
  99. [21:21] <Bellerophon> ++There is some good news.++
  100. [21:22] <Bellerophon> ++The torpedo systems remain intact, but not functional.++
  101. [21:22] <Anselm> ++Well?++
  102. [21:22] <Bellerophon> ++I believe Brother Omniel can restore functionality.++
  103. [21:22] <@Cadmus> ++Can we be sure that firing them will kill the Queen?++
  104. 01[21:23] <Omniel> ++I believe they would, yes. Compared to our weaponry, a naval torpedo is exceedingly powerful.++
  105. [21:23] <Anselm> ++I severely doubt that firing contact-explosive torpedoes at point-blank ranges would accomplish much, apart from damaging the Talisman.++
  106. 10[21:24] * Balmung Stomps his foot on the ground ++The inside is squishier than the outside, it should cause more damage++
  107. [21:24] <Sinbad> ++...Then we take a warhead, walk it a kilometer away, then set it off.++
  108. [21:24] <@Cadmus> ++The Queen is also likely in the heart of the ship, very well protected from outside damage.++
  109. [21:25] <Bellerophon> ++I lack experience with ship based weaponry, but I understand the principles apply regardless of scale.  Increasing speed will allow it to tear through multiple bulkheads before detonating.++
  110. [21:25] <Balmung> ++But damage coming from the outside and not within++
  111. [21:25] <Sinbad> ++I thought this was the Queen?  This fleshy mass around us is not the Queen proper?++
  112. [21:25] <Bellerophon> ++Idle talk, Brothers.  We must secure the ship first.++
  113. 01[21:26] <Omniel> ++Agreed. Once inside we may take stock of the situation, and decide on a course of action.++
  114. [21:26] <@Cadmus> ++No, it is just the ship. The Queen is a separate xenos within it.++ Cadmus explains as he follows Bell.
  115. [21:26] <Sinbad> ++Indeed?  Cunning, these xenos scum.++
  116. [21:27] <Balmung> ++When hunting a beast that flees into a cave is it not wise to smoke them out?++
  117. [21:30] <antoine> You make your back toward the Steel Talisman. As you walk the Xenos corridors a sudden reflection of light comes down the tunnel before a sudden gaping hole is punched in the tunnel 50m in front of you. Everyone bar Sinbad, Balmung and Decimus is picked up off their feet at the internal atmosphere starts rushing out into space.
  118. [21:30] <antoine> as the*
  119. 10[21:31] * @Cadmus draws his combat knife and tries to jam it into the fleshy walls to halt himself.
  120. 10[21:34] * Bellerophon follows Cadmus' motions and so too draws his knife, stabbing it into the ship with all of his might
  121. 10[21:35] * Sinbad gently shifts his posture into what is almost a sprint pose
  122. 10[21:35] * @Cadmus manages to find purchase in a chunk of bone or tendon and manages to come to a halt as the air whips by.
  123. [21:35] <Sinbad> ++What in the Holy Name is going on?++
  124. [21:35] <Balmung> ++Are you alright over there?++
  125. 10[21:35] * Anselm , caught off-guard, slips and nearly plungers into the hole. Unwilling to let his life end in such an insulting manner, Anselm stabs his own sword deep into the flesh of a wall and determinedly clings on.
  126. 10[21:36] * Sinbad grabs flesh with his hands and digs in with his boots until xenos blood bubbles out into spheres
  127. [21:36] <Anselm> ++When I find out... who... is responsible for that shot!...++
  128. 10[21:37] * Omniel instinctively clams his servo-arm down on the nearest outcropping, clamping tightly to the wall.
  129. 10[21:37] * Anselm snarls in his struggle. ++I will jam my pistol into their nostril and fire off the damned clip!++
  130. [21:39] <antoine> The Dark Sons manage to hold on, using each other as anchors to stop themselves from being taken. Bellerophon and the Oeris scramble to get a hold to something but they continue being sucked out into space, they are at the end of the corridor near the gaping hole. The charred flesh near the lance strike burns brightly as the atmosphere gives the fire new life.
  131. [21:40] <@Cadmus> ++Anselm, Balmung, save them!++
  132. [21:40] <Balmung> ++Roger++
  133. 10[21:41] * Balmung lights up his jump pack and goes for Bell
  134. [21:41] <Anselm> ++Captain!++ the Knight screams, pulling his sword free to attempt to save Oeris.
  135. 10[21:45] * Sinbad watches the unfolding scene of space acrobatics in horror
  136. 10[21:46] * Anselm gets a grip on the Watch-Captain. ++I won't let you die! No!++ he shouts, gunning his jump pack to pull away from the hole.
  137. 10[21:47] * Bellerophon is floating in space, so alone and confused ;~;
  138. [21:48] <antoine> Balmung grabs Bellerophon in a bear hug before doing a back flip and gunning his jet pack's engines, flying back towards the group where he and Bellerophon manage to plant combat knives into the internal hull and hold on.
  139. [21:49] <antoine> Anselm catches the hand of Oeris and attempts to head back to the group, he ends up doing a spiral flight path as the weight of Oeris throws off the balance of air resistance. They finally crash into the ship where their deathwatch brethren grab their arms and haul them into the ship where they can anchor themselves.
  140. 10[21:51] * @Cadmus lets out a sigh of relief as the 4 get back safely.
  141. 10[21:51] * Anselm backs up against a wall, trembling. ++Are we all here?...++
  142. 10[21:51] * Sinbad shoves them back into the flesh as the air still rushes past
  143. [21:52] <Sinbad> ++Down!  The storm is not over yet!  We must ride it out just a bit longer!++
  144. [21:52] <antoine> The rush of air continues for a few more seconds before sphincters and valves shut and the flow of air stops, leaving you in a vacuum but still inside the ship.
  145. 10[21:52] * Sinbad stands gingerly, testing out the depressurized gravity
  146. [21:52] <Anselm> ++These creatures...++ Anselm wheezes, ++do we know if they can survive without oxygen?++
  147. 10[21:52] * Bellerophon collides with a wet thud against the ship
  148. [21:52] <Bellerophon> ++Thank you brother.++
  149. 01[21:53] <Omniel> ++Considering that the ship is pressurized, I would assume they require oxygen or some substitute.++
  150. [21:53] <Balmung> ++You're welcome I don't think the beasts inside the ship can survive in a vacuum though so we might have easy going for a bit++
  151. [21:53] <@Cadmus> ++I believe they can adapt to survive in vacuum.++
  152. [21:54] <Anselm> ++Then we mustn't give them the time.++ The Knight prepares his weapons again. ++We should... get moving.++
  153. [21:54] <Bellerophon> ++Quite.++
  154. 10[21:54] * Bellerophon takes point once more and leads them the rest of the way to the ship
  155. 10[21:55] * Sinbad readies his multi-melta to blast gateways as necessary
  156. 10[21:55] * @Cadmus follows, keeping an eye on the others for any signs of armor rupture.
  157. 10[21:56] * Omniel keeps his servo-arm to the wall as they advance, unclamping and reclamping it as necessary.
  158. [21:58] <antoine> The gap left by the lance strike is 50m wide and as you look up the gap expands rapidly in size, it seems you caught only the very edge of the hit after it had been mitigated by the main hull.
  159. [21:58] <@Cadmus> ++Impressive hit.++
  160. [22:00] <Anselm> ++Is there any tell of what ship that shot originated from?++
  161. [22:02] <Bellerophon> ++Outside.++
  162. [22:03] <Anselm> ++Evidently.++
  163. [22:03] <Sinbad> ++There are several ships aiding our mission, Brother.  You are free to exact revenge on whichever you feel is most deserving.++
  164. 01[22:03] <Omniel> ++It's dangerous to remain here any longer than necessary.++
  165. [22:03] <Anselm> ++Indeed, we need to keep moving.++
  166. [22:04] <Balmung> ++lets get going then++
  167. [22:05] <Bellerophon> +Verily.++
  168. 10[22:05] * Bellerophon clomps on
  169. 14[22:12] * fleur ( has left #XenosHunters
  170. [22:15] <antoine> The two assault marines make running jumps, hauling a marine in each hand over the cavernous gap beneath them and landing on the other side. They repeat the task several time, having to take Omniel by himself at the end due to his extra weight. You all now stand on the charred ground in the tunnel on the other side of the gap.
  171. [22:16] <Balmung> ++Shall we move on to the ship now?++
  172. [22:17] <Bellerophon> ++Yes.++
  173. 10[22:17] * Bellerophon leads the way!
  174. 10[22:17] * @Cadmus follows along.
  175. 10[22:17] * Omniel stomps along, weightily.
  176. 10[22:18] * Balmung follows
  177. [22:18] <antoine> Continuing along the tunnel it takes a sharp turn upwards which you climb deftly, following Omniels internal auger.
  178. 10[22:18] * Anselm moves along, warily glancing back at the hole.
  179. 10[22:19] * Omniel clamps himself to the wall. ++Brothers, we have arrived.++
  180. 01[22:19] <Omniel> ++The Talisman is below us, according to my sensors.++
  181. [22:19] <Balmung> ++Burn a hole to get us there then?++
  182. [22:19] <Sinbad> ++Shall we burn or walk downwards?++
  183. 10[22:19] * Sinbad points his multi-melta muzzel downwards in a helpful manner
  184. 10[22:20] * Anselm stabs his power sword into the flesh. ++I say burn.++
  185. [22:20] <Bellerophon> ++Do it.++
  186. [22:20] <Sinbad> ++Stand back.++
  187. 01[22:21] <Omniel> ++They are 20 meters or so down, be wary of a drop.++
  188. 10[22:21] * Sinbad steps back slightly and shoots down into the floor with a sustained burst
  189. 10[22:21] * @Cadmus stands back and lets his brothers entertain their destructive impulses.
  190. 10[22:22] * Sinbad fires just enough with his first burst to open the floor to the next
  191. [22:23] <Sinbad> ++We can climb down floor by floor.  It's more time consuming, but I'd rather that than a 20m drop.++
  192. [22:23] <Balmung> ++Sounds reasonable++
  193. [22:23] <Anselm> ++Will the flooring sustain our weight, though? That, is the question.++
  194. [22:24] <Sinbad> ++Just land far from the edge of the hole, I assume?  Throne willing, it will hold.  And how can the Throne not support furthering the death of this beast?++
  195. [22:25] <@Cadmus> ++Is their gravity on the floors below us?++
  196. 10[22:25] * Sinbad grabs the edge of the new hole and swings himself downwards
  197. [22:25] <Sinbad> ++I shall find out!++
  198. 01[22:25] <Omniel> ++Report back as soon as possible, Brother.++
  199. 10[22:25] * Sinbad lets go after a swing and disappears
  200. [22:27] <Sinbad> was dark...but you can just jump down the hole.  ...By my is a 3m drop.  Just brace.++
  201. 10[22:27] * Sinbad moves off to the side a bit in the new floor and creates a new hole
  202. 10[22:27] * Anselm hops down.
  203. 10[22:28] * Omniel carefully lowers himself by means of his servo-arm.
  204. 10[22:28] * Balmung jumps down
  205. 10[22:28] * @Cadmus follows down once the area's clear.
  206. 10[22:28] * Bellerophon hops down
  207. [22:30] <antoine> After 3 floors of cutting through with the melta you suddenly see the hull of the Steel Talisman, 11 meters below you. The cracked and scarred metal is swarming with tiny tyranids attempting to break down the ship for digestion inside the hive ship.
  208. [22:32] <@Cadmus> ++Let's get down there and show those xenos the folly of daring to attack a ship of the Imperium.++
  209. [22:32] <Balmung> ++Let's++
  210. 01[22:32] <Omniel> ++Let us, yes.++
  211. [22:32] <Bellerophon> ++Yes.++
  212. [22:33] <Sinbad> ++KILL THE XENOS!++
  213. 10[22:33] * Anselm drops down into the hole, firing his jump pack's thrusters to land without harm.
  214. [22:40] <antoine> As you land the rippers continue about their business, uninterested. As you look around you see the entire ship is covered in them.
  215. 10[22:40] * Sinbad appears beside Anselm
  216. [22:40] <Sinbad> ++This isn't good.++
  217. [22:41] <Balmung> ++Flame weapons?
  218. [22:41] <@Cadmus> ++That or frag grenades.++
  219. 10[22:41] * Anselm hefts his swords. ++I'd rather not waste the ammunition... but we must get to work.++
  220. [22:41] <Sinbad> ++These small vermin will find a way in soon, if they have not already.  ...Also, you should be more aware brother.  I rode down hugging one of your legs.++
  221. [22:41] <antoine> Everyone bar Anselm would see Sinbad silently grab onto Anselm as he descended, detaching himself before he landed. The sneaky marine landing behind the Knight Teutonic
  222. 10[22:41] * Sinbad pulls his bolter and starts firing into the mass of rippers
  223. [22:41] <Sinbad> ++For the Emperor, Brothers.++
  224. 10[22:42] * Anselm is perplexed for a moment, but ultimately ignores it, and charges into the mass.
  225. 10[22:44] * Bellerophon flips his fire selector to "Genocide."
  226. 10[22:45] * Sinbad dons his camo-cloak and readies for battle
  227. [22:45] <@Cadmus> ++We need to kill these xenos quickly before we're overrun by sheer numbers.++
  228. 01[22:46] <Omniel> ++Brothers, perhaps a tactical withdrawal would be prudent. I estimate we are outnumbered by a significant factor.++
  229. [22:46] <Anselm> ++Cut through, find an entry.++
  230. [22:46] <Sinbad> ++I think the latter is more than likely possible.  I shall withdraw, with the order, Brother Leader.++
  231. 10[22:46] * Sinbad pulls back a few steps, firing cover for Anselm
  232. [22:46] <Sinbad> ++Brother! Pull back!++
  233. [22:47] <Bellerophon> ++Avoid engagement.  We will be overrun.++
  234. [22:47] <Bellerophon> ++We need a better position.++
  235. [22:47] <antoine> The rippers turn and rush towards you, the tens of thousands of little creatures scratching the surface of the hull to get at you.
  236. 01[22:47] <Omniel> ++Brother-Leader, perhaps we could contact the Talisman and inquire as to gaining entrance?++
  237. [22:48] <Bellerophon> ++SUch would be prudent.  Make it happen.++
  238. 01[22:48] <Omniel> ++Understood.++
  239. [22:48] <Sinbad> ++Brothers!  Can anyone tell me if...these rat-creatures...are particularly well aware of their surroundings?++
  240. 03[22:49] * antoine changes topic to 'Cadmus, Sinbad, Belle, Anselm, Omniel, Oeris, Decimus, Balmung, Darksons, Rippers'
  241. 10[22:50] * Omniel activates his vox once more. ++Steel Talisman, this is Brother Omniel of the Deathwatch. We are currently located on your hull, on the exterior of the bridge. Requesting permission to board.++
  242. [22:51] <antoine> ++We have no external access points near to you, you would have to climb down 120 meters to get to the closest external airlock.++
  243. 01[22:52] <Omniel> ++Understood, we will take that under consideration.++
  244. 01[22:53] <Omniel> +Brother Leader, the airlock is 120 meters down from here. It may be difficult to gain entrance.++
  245. [22:53] <@Cadmus> ++What is our plan of action, Brother Leader? I could fire my weapon dry and barely make a dent in thsi horde++
  246. [22:55] <Bellerophon> ++We need to get into the access hatch.++
  247. [22:55] <Bellerophon> ++Engage your magboots.  We will walk down.++
  248. 10[22:56] * @Cadmus nods in understanding, engages his mag boots, and heads straight for the hatch.
  249. [22:56] <Balmung> ++Roger++
  250. 01[22:56] <Omniel> ++Understood.++
  251. 10[22:56] * Sinbad clicks his heels
  252. [22:56] <Sinbad> ++It is done!++
  253. 03[22:57] * Cadmus is now known as Derek58_driving
  254. 10[23:02] * Sinbad fires a single shot in defiance at the Xenos hordge
  255. 10[23:02] * Anselm leaps forward and drops, firing his jump pack to slow and reach the airlock.
  256. 10[23:03] * Sinbad grabs onto Anselm's leg in a desperate manner as he flies off
  257. [23:03] <Sinbad> ++DeathtoHERETIIIIIIIIIIIIIICS++
  258. [23:06] <antoine> The group charges towards the airlock, mag-boots making *shunk*, *shunk* noises as they keep the marines attached to the ship. The assault marines engage their jump packs to take them to the airlock, which is over the edge of this section of the bridge, a 90 degree angle. They land at the lip of the drop, Balmung lands hard though and scrambles to haul himself up edge and re-clamp his feet...
  259. [23:06] <antoine> the ship.
  260. 10[23:08] * Sinbad lays down covering fire as the assault marines ferry others to the airlock
  261. [23:09] <antoine> Omniel, Decimus and Oeris are all overcome by the ravenous tyranids, they all driven into the deck as they are swarmed and held down by the mass of creatures.
  262. [23:09] <Bellerophon> ++No!++
  263. [23:10] <Anselm> ++Captain!++
  264. 10[23:10] * Bellerophon turns back, albeit slowly, and begins to pound the horde with metal storm rounds
  265. [23:14] <antoine> The horde is punished heavily but the innumerable masses take their place and charge ever onwards.
  266. 10[23:17] * Anselm launches for Captain Oeris and the others with his jump pack gunned.
  267. 01[23:17] <Omniel> ++Brothers, we will join you shortly.++
  268. [23:24] <antoine> Oeris breaks free with he powersword, contemptuously slaying the rippers attacking him while Decimus is held in place by the swarm.
  269. [23:31] <antoine> Balmung runs his force axe through the rippers nibbling at the hull near the airlock, clearing the general area
  270. [23:32] <antoine> The Dark Sons continue forward, carrying their dead and wounded in a mad dash towards the airlock
  271. 10[23:34] * Sinbad silently stows his bolter and begins to attempt his arts of concealment on the airlock
  272. [23:34] <Sinbad> ++Bisal-Malik, Glory to your Name, I ask you for aid...++
  273. [23:36] <antoine> Decimus is repeatedly stuck and bitten by the beasts, their toxins entering his system as he tries to hold them off.
  274. 10[23:38] * Anselm flies for Oeris, taking him by the arm and moving on to attempt to save Decimus from his fate...
  275. 10[23:39] * Anselm successfully takes the both of them, and flies away before his jump pack can overheat.
  276. [23:39] <Anselm> ++I've got the both of you, worry not!++
  277. 10[23:40] * Omniel braces both his arms on the hull and pushes, flinging off rippers in all directions as he rises to his feet, beginning the march towards the airlock once more.
  278. [23:41] <antoine> Decimus and Oeris steady themselves after the landing before assisting balmung in clearing the general area.
  279. [23:45] <antoine> The Darksons continue their run across open ground, barreling through swarms of tyranids attacking them.
  280. 10[23:45] * Balmung grabs the lever on the airlock and wreches it open and gestures for the wounded marines to go first
  281. [23:47] <antoine> Omniel is again stopped by the incessant attacks from the tiny creatures, they seem to have a taste for both ship hull and bionics it seems.
  282. [23:49] <antoine> Cadmus continues his run, throwing himself into the airlock and clearing the other side.
  283. [23:50] <Sinbad> "أعوAl-Malik من الشيطان الرجيم
  284. 10[23:50] * Sinbad scrambles to return on his attempts to conceal the door
  285. [23:51] <Balmung> ++What was that++
  286. [23:51] <Sinbad> ++Home language! Explain later! Get in!++
  287. 10[23:53] * Anselm takes flight for Omniel.
  288. [23:54] <Anselm> He takes the Techmarine by the arm, compensating for his weight, and safely flies over the swarms for the door.
  289. 10[23:54] * Bellerophon turns and runs as fast as he can towards the hatch now that Omega team is free
  290. 10[23:55] * Anselm tosses the Techmarine in before landing and running in himself.
  291. 10[23:55] * Sinbad closes the door with a prayer after the last marine and himself has entered
  292. 10[23:55] * Omniel lands on his feet calmly and brushes his armour off.
  293. [23:56] <Sinbad> "!Al-Malik توكلنا على "
  294. [23:56] <Anselm> ++I trust that was everyone?++
  295. [23:56] <Balmung> ++We better tell the captain of the ship we've arrived++
  296. [23:57] <antoine> The interior of the ship is haphazardly illuminated by flickering lights and discarded lamp packs, the sound of the creaking hull and skittering rippers outside are the only sounds you hear. The corridor you are in leads towards the bridge, or so the gold plates on the wall you have you believe.
  297. [23:57] <Sinbad> ++We must hurry.  The beasts may not detect the door I've hidden, but soon they will.  Or worse, other doors.++
  298. 03[23:57] * Derek58_driving is now known as Cadmus
  299. 10[23:58] * Bellerophon disengages his magboots
  300. [23:58] <Bellerophon> ++To the bridge.  We will consider our options there.++
  301. 10[23:58] * Bellerophon follows the gold plates
  302. 10[23:59] * Sinbad readies his bolt pistol and sword as he follows
  303. [23:59] <antoine> Decimus patches his armor and readies his weapons once more. Oeris leads the Dark Sons and Decimus behind you.
  304. [23:59] <Sinbad> ++Careful...we know already the hull has been breached by xenos.  I know they skulk yet in the shadows, like the hell-vermin they are.++
  305. 10[23:59] * @Cadmus follows along, wary for ambushes.
  306. [23:59] <Anselm> ++Keep weapons ready, then.++
  307. 10[23:59] * Omniel draws his bolt pistol for the cramped conditions.
  308. Session Time: Sun Jul 03 00:00:00 2011
  309. 01[00:02] <Omniel> ++These conditions are far from ideal. The ship's structure makes scanning difficult. Be on guard.++
  310. [00:04] <antoine> You follow the bridge directions for several metres before coming upon a good 100 navy armsmen blocking the corridor with discarded materials and shotguns at the ready.
  311. 10[00:04] * Bellerophon clomps towards leadership!
  312. [00:05] <Balmung> ++Well at least there are survivors
  313. 10[00:05] * Sinbad waves at the men
  314. [00:05] <Sinbad> "Hello."
  315. [00:06] <Sinbad> "You have lots of xenos on your ship."
  316. 10[00:06] * @Cadmus barely supresses a sigh at the witty statement.
  317. [00:06] <Balmung> ++Cadmus is it safe to remove our helmets?++
  318. [00:08] <@Cadmus> ++This area is contaminated, but not heavily, so it won't kill you.++
  319. 10[00:08] * Bellerophon unseals his helmet, enjoys the cooler air
  320. 10[00:09] * Balmung takes off his helmet and reveals a long bushy white beard
  321. [00:09] <Balmung> "It was getting stuffy in there"
  322. 10[00:09] * Sinbad leaves on his helmet
  323. [00:09] <Bellerophon> "At ease, corpsemen."
  324. 10[00:10] * Anselm keeps his helmet on.
  325. [00:10] <Sinbad> ++I shall leave mine on for now.  I shall hold it's spirit's auto-senses for you, Brothers.  Be at ease.++
  326. [00:10] <antoine> The men lower their weapons and dismantle part of the barricade for you.
  327. 10[00:10] * Omniel would take his helmet off, but it wouldn't really help things anyway.
  328. [00:10] <Sinbad> "My thanks, mortals.  The Throne be with you this day."
  329. 10[00:10] * Bellerophon corrects himself
  330. [00:10] <Bellerophon> "Corpsmen."
  331. 10[00:11] * Balmung smiles at the Corpsmen as he walks by showing his large canines.
  332. [00:12] <Bellerophon> "Why are you beyond the barrier?"
  333. 10[00:12] * Bellerophon address the corpsmen
  334. 10[00:12] * Anselm eyes the soldiers at a distance.
  335. [00:13] <antoine> The men give salutes, fear is obviously gripping them tightly, the way to the bridge is through the next bulkhead that is currently closed. A navy rating heads over to the bulkhead and talking into the intercom  ++Sir, the Space Marines have arrived++
  336. [00:13] <@Cadmus> "Is anyone here injured? Don't worry, i'm an Apothecary." Cadmus says, gesturing to the helix on his shoulderpad.
  337. [00:14] <antoine> The men appear to be the survivors, "Uh, no sir, the ones that were injured or died were left behind"
  338. 10[00:14] * @Cadmus sighs sadly and says "I'm sorry to hear that."
  339. 10[00:15] * Sinbad makes the sign of the Aquilia
  340. 10[00:15] * Anselm snorts. "No sense of camaraderie."
  341. [00:15] <Bellerophon> "Relax, Brothers."
  342. [00:15] <Sinbad> "Their deaths will not be in vain!  Do not fear, and fight to your end, and the Emperor will hold their souls and yours!"
  343. [00:16] <antoine> The Bulkhead doors open to reveal the Captain and his command bridge crew milling about, a dead man with a cloth over his forehead lies at the captains feet, a burnt hole where his nose should be.
  344. 10[00:16] * Bellerophon stands up straight. "Captain."
  345. 10[00:16] * Bellerophon walks through the bulkheds
  346. 10[00:17] * Anselm steps in, noting the body. "What happened there?"
  347. 10[00:17] * Sinbad enters after Bellerophon with his sword drawn as an impromptu honor-guard for Watch Captain Oeris
  348. 10[00:17] * @Cadmus follows them in
  349. 10[00:18] * Balmung enters the room and surveys it
  350. 10[00:18] * Omniel strides in slowly after the others.
  351. [00:19] <antoine> "When we were *swallowed* the Navigator couldn't take the presence of the hive mind any longer and went insane. I had to put him down."
  352. [00:19] <Bellerophon> "Regrettable."
  353. [00:20] <Anselm> "Did you have any astropaths onboard?"
  354. [00:20] <@Cadmus> "I have heard of the xenos' Shadow doing such things."
  355. 10[00:20] * Sinbad stays silent, hiding his aversion to the body of the Navis Nobilitite
  356. 10[00:20] * Bellerophon turns towards the Dark Sons, "Find a suitable place for your brothers. We are safe, for now."
  357. [00:20] <antoine> "The astropaths died in the last battle before we had to retreat." he spits the last word.
  358. [00:21] <antoine> The Dark Sons place their wounded and dead down, and forming a protective semi-circle.
  359. [00:22] <Balmung> "I assume I wont need my jump pack on board?
  360. 10[00:22] * Anselm looks to Cadmus. "Brother-Apothecary, perhaps you should tend to their geneseed?"
  361. [00:22] <Bellerophon> "Captain Lyons, Captain Oeris.  Now is the time to determine a new plan of action."
  362. 10[00:23] * @Cadmus turns to the Dark Sons leader and asks "Have you harvested their geneseeds?"
  363. 10[00:24] * Sinbad pulls back, sheaths his sword, and removes his helmet, awaiting on a sideline for Captain Oeris to address the Captain
  364. 02[00:24] * antoine ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  365. 03[00:41] * antoine ( has joined #XenosHunters
  366. [00:48] <antoine> Watch Captain Oeris takes over at this point, "Captain Lyons, how can we use your ship to destroy the enemy, can you overload the plasma engines or detonate some torpedoes?"
  367. [00:49] <antoine> Lyons opens his arms displaying the state of his bridge, "We have no direct link to either of those, as I told your fellow marine, only a manual override is an option now."
  368. [00:50] <Bellerophon> "Omniel could possibly restore fire control for the torpedo systems."
  369. 10[00:50] * Omniel nods. "It may be possible."
  370. [00:50] <Bellerophon> "If we had the equipment we could superboost a torpedo to penetrate further into the hiveship before detonating, ensuring maximum destruction without harming the Talisman."
  371. [00:51] <antoine> "The connections have been physically cut, including the main, secondary and backup." he looks dejectedly at his ships holo-projector, wiring coming out of cracks on its surface.
  372. [00:52] <Bellerophon> "Will a datalink not suffice?"
  373. [00:52] <Anselm> "Do you at least know if the drive's containment system is functioning?"
  374. [00:52] <Bellerophon> "Or does it need to be a datacable."
  375. [00:52] <antoine> "There are safeguards to prevent datalink intrusion, your techmarine may be able to overcome them but I doubt it."
  376. 01[00:53] <Omniel> "It is worth a try, at the least."
  377. [00:53] <@Cadmus> "Agreed."
  378. [00:53] <antoine> "The plasma drives containment system's status is unknown. For all we know it may be already on it's way to an overload."
  379. [00:54] <Anselm> "We need to get down there now, then. I'd rather know if it's going critical."
  380. [00:55] <Sinbad> "I am not skilled in the way of Technomancy, but even the Machine Spirit's will cannot be told of from the bridge no longer?"
  381. [00:56] <antoine> "We have lost all system diagnostics and the only way we knew the vox system worked was from your transmission and survivors from the crew informing us."
  382. [00:57] <Bellerophon> "We must be there physically, then."
  383. 01[00:58] <Omniel> "And with haste."
  384. 10[00:58] * Anselm readies his swords. "Let us go. Now."
  385. [00:58] <Bellerophon> "I would advise using the torpedos to blow the hiveship apart.  The rest of the fleet will be able to excise the hiveship from the Talisman like a cancer."
  386. [00:59] <antoine> "If you can save my ship, you will have the Navy's eternal gratitude."
  387. [00:59] <Anselm> "Indeed. Torpedoes matter not if the ship explodes."
  388. [00:59] <@Cadmus> "We shall do our very best to save it."
  389. 10[00:59] * Sinbad grunts in approval and makes a prayer gesture to the Throne
  390. 03[01:07] * Retrieving #XenosHunters modes...
  391. 14[01:09] * Sinbad ( has left #XenosHunters
  392. 14[01:11] * Bellerophon (MarkyMark@TheFunkyBunch.rap) has left #XenosHunters
  393. 02[01:12] * Balmung (Cromwell@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) Quit (Quit: Balmung)
  394. 03[01:12] * Cadmus is now known as Derek58
  395. 03[01:12] * Anselm is now known as Staffen
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